You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl. This is a true statement, and I am the living proof. I grew up in the back woods of West Virginia were everyone is related. I am the product of inbreeding; the offspring of horny siblings. My parents never concealed my heritage. In fact they celebrated it. I was proof positive that an incestuous relationship could produce perfect pretty progeny. I became their breeding whore. A beautiful young girl who could birth babies was a precious commodity in my community. Cherry popping ceremonies were a cash cow too. Ever since I can remember, my body has never belonged to me. My folks bred me; pimped me out; traded me for food, booze and drugs; even sold my virginity a few times. I’ve been bred so many times, I’ve lost count. Some of my offspring I kept, some were ripped from my pussy and sold to the highest bidder.

One of p-daddies that paid for my tight cunnie a few times bought me outright for a large amount of cash. He moved me to California, married me and pimped me out. My pussy and ass is why we have nice things he always says. Now we have a huge brood of brats and a big house to accommodate us all, and all the extra little ones we borrow from time to time. I clean up nice, but I am still that dirty little girl from the sticks. I’m drunk or high, usually both, most of the time. And when I am not trading sex for drugs or making my brats my personal sex slaves, I’m at home throwing wild kinky parties for nasty minded folks like me and my husband. Drug parties, swinger parties, breeding parties, lactating parties, gangbangs, BDSM parties, porno shoots, p-parties…. The only thing classy about me, is my zip code. I am the definition of a trashy milf!

I have several brats for hire, and of course my p-mommy pussy is always for sale too. I play with my brats, why shouldn’t you? My boys have tight little asses and my girls fertile, taut twats. Despite having a trashy, druggie, mouthy mommy, they are well behaved. They do ANYTHING they are told. Just like I did when I was young too. They are always in attendance at our parties, sometimes even the stars. I may look like a PTA mom, but I am far from it. While other mommies are making cupcakes, I’m making amateur prostitution porn with my rugrats and snorting coke off of bathroom floors. I love my life. My husband suggested I add phone sex whore to my list of skills. He enjoys knowing I share our wicked, dirty, incestuous lifestyle. He gets off on sloppy seconds, and this is just another way he can share me. I may look like the MILF next door, but trust me, I am nothing more than a cheap dirty whore for hire. Call my phone sex line if you crave super nasty no limits conversation!

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