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Blonde fucking and BBC Worship

It felt so good to show off but I was more interested in dragging my black daddy Randy into one of the guest bedrooms. I wanted everyone to eventually hear me screaming as I rode his black anaconda with my ass. This white anal sex whore knows that she’s owned by his black cock.  I really loved when we started making so much noise of Randy’s hands wrapped around my neck telling me to come bitch come bitch for your fucking black daddy’s cock! I swear everyone at that party must have heard me because I am so loud when I scream with that big fat nigger cock deep in my little snow bunny cunt!

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Trashy Milf Beverly Shares a Teenage Boy with His Mother

trashy milfThe only thing better than a trashy milf is two trashy milfs, LOL. I have a new friend who is about 15 years younger than me. She is in her early 40s, but she is just as wild as me. We were getting stoned at her place Saturday night when her son came home. He was not supposed to be home yet. He was with his father for the weekend. He came home and found the two of us with a black guy. The black guy was just some random stud from the trailer park, but he got spooked when her son interrupted our festivities and he fled the trailer. He must have thought her son was a husband or something. The boy tried to slut shame his mother, but I stopped him. The boy needed to know that even if his mother is a trailer trash whore, he still has to respect her. He settled down, but I saw the bulge in his pants. It was huge. This was a teenage white boy. I asked him if he had a sock in his underwear. He laughed, unzipped his pants, and out came a huge dick. “Does this look like a sock, slut, he said to me? I started sucking it. I mean I never did get the cum I wanted. My friend, his mother, fell to her knees and started helping me blow her son. I assumed that since she never even paused, she had blown his dick before. I figured she was a dirty MILF like me. It was her first time. Hell, she had not seen his dick since he became a teenage boy. She had no clue that she had a stud in her house. Her son owned us for the night. We were high and horny. He had scared off the only chance we had at getting laid. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the boy was a stud with a big cock. Turned his mother and I each into his personal cum dumpster. I am liking my new friend more and more each day.

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white trash phone sexI put the trash in white trash phone sex. I have a smoker’s voice. Mature and gravelly. I am what I am. I am not polished. I am a raw and dirty whore. What did I do this Friday night? I crashed a teenage party. I do it often. I live in a trailer park. Most of the women in this place are single moms. Many work in strip clubs or as escorts. Friday night is a busy night for sex workers. I guess I am sort of a sex worker. I do have a dirty talk line. I take off most Friday nights though, even though my sexline can be very busy. I need to make money, but I also need young cocks for my mature pussy. I take off Friday nights and either whore myself out for coke at the local truck stop, or I crash a teenage kegger in my trailer park. I did the latter last night. I walked  right up to the bonfire where a bunch of teenagers were partying and said I wanted to join the fun. I am a hot cougar. Young boys love me. Even younger girls love me too. I was the one to crank up the heat at that party. I started dirty dancing by the fire. I grabbed a beer and teased all the teenage boys with my milf body. The boys surrounded me with their cocks out. The girls just watched and sighed relief that I would take care of the horny boys. Boys are horny. They will pressure young schoolgirls to fuck them. No need to pressure a trashy milf. We want to fuck young boys. It was cool outside, but that bonfire and the teenage cocks warmed me up. I drained young balls, drank beer, smoked weed and even ate some young pussy too. I love my wild Friday nights. Fridays are for fucking.

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You only dream of being a Big dick sucker for sexy Shemale prostitutes. We cannot help how much you are attracted to us. You just cannot resist a sexy woman with a big dick. I know for a fact that my cock is bigger than the average males 6 or 7 inches. As it is I am nearly 9 inches.

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A Creampie Slut is Made Not Born and I Can Help You

creampie slutI am not the only creampie slut in the family. Not by a long shot. All my daughters are cum guzzlers. That is because I have raised my girls on cum. You can turn your daughter into a cum whore too. I have a philosophy. I think if you start girls out on cum from their entrance in this world, they grow up to be great whores like me. Too many women are sexually repressed and do not get wild in the bedroom. All men love a whore in the bedroom. Many do not have a whore in their bed, so they either hire one or call a sexline like mine to fantasize about it. If more parents were like me and my husband, there would be more cum whores in the world. Want to know our process?

When you are nursing a little one or bottle feeding, you introduce cum. You put daddy’s fresh jizz either on that lactating titty or daddy dumps a fresh load into the bottle. Jizz mixed in with mother’s milk helps girls grow up big and strong with a healthy love for cum. When a little girl starts eating solid foods, you mix cum into those whipped potatoes or  cream of wheat. You put cum on the pancakes. You get the picture, right? If a baby girl is crying or upset, instead of a binky to soothe her, you put daddy’s dick in her mouth. She will suck on daddy’s dick just like a bottle or a pacifier. She will get a belly full of cum too and that will soothe her right to sleep.

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Hot stripper sexHot stripper sex makes you weak in the knees. I know baby you can’t handle all this ass flying at you when Im twerking it back so hard. Drink up and drink in my hot body as I grind and slip and slide on that pole. Wish that was your fuck rod don’t you? You just want a few minutes alone with me you say as you set up your lap dance. Private time just to give this dirty stripper whore a second to understand what kind of man you are. You promise me it’s worth my time, and I giggle.  But as I begin to gyrate and bounce around with only a thin layer of cloth between you and my pussy, I notice something. Your cock is growing and it’s really looking like your a big-league batter! One whisper that you are not even half erect has me taking your hand and pulling you to a private booth. Let me see!  I beg, on my knees.  Let me worship that big white cock the way it should be. Whipping it out to slap my face I am so fucking impressed. My mouth swallows you down like a melting jello shot. As the mushroom disappears between my lips you smack my face telling me what a good big dick sucker I am. Do you have that big white dick ((B.W.D.))that should be worshiped by a trashy stripper?

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I am a dirty phone sex whore that loves to push the envelope and go beyond the limits. Bring me anything and I will make you ejaculate with a most intense orgasm and thick gooey load. However, I may expect you to lick every drop of sperm up for me to prove you are, indeed, a pervert like me.

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phone sex lineMy phone sex line stays busy as most of you can tell. Guys tell me all the time they struggle to reach me because I am always on the phone. I get a lot of long calls. I love to party with men and swap nasty stories. I talked to a guy last night for 6 hours. He blew his tax return on this dirty old whore. What can I say? I love to milk wallets, as well as cocks. I had a fresh batch of coke too. My daughters were out of the house with daddy dates. I was home with my boys. They ate mommy’s pussy and ass, fucked me too, then went to bed. So, I signed on to have some dirty phone sex until my husband and daughters came home. When Will called me, he said you will never meet a dirtier pervert than me. I told him to hold my beer. I can out dirty the dirtiest man. His dirty secrets were nothing compared to mine. I told him about being a super young hooker who was brought into this world just to be a cash cow for meth head parents. I told him about meeting my husband when I was jailbait and him buying me from my parents so he could make me his bride and knock me up with little ones he could fuck. I told him all about our profitable home brothel. What did he have to tell me? He fucked his sister once when they were still living with their parents back in 1978.  Just once. That’s not dirty. That is normal horny teenage hormones at work. Anyway, we both snorted lines of coke for hours. I told him about my dirty life as we rubbed one out together a few times over. I even told him how to fuck his own daughters. My sexline is always no taboos, dirty fun for us both.