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Sexy Prostitutes Have Dicks

sexy prostitutes

I am a t-girl prostitute and here to tell you that Sexy prostitutes do have dicks. Yeah, not all are so well endowed as I am though. I am a sexy feminine bitch with a sexy she-cock. You know I am a whore, but don’t be mistaken. I am not a submissive little girl. I am a powerful top. Dominating perverts like you is my pleasure.

Some guys get off on sucking a shecock and being owned by a sexy tranny. If you are one of them then the two of us will get along famously. Now you will be directed to get on your knees like a good boy and start worshiping my she cock. That’s right suck my tranny dick like a good bitch! See how easy that is? Let me fuck that man cunt of yours once you get my cock al slobbery with your saliva and spit.

Mommy & Me

Freaky Phone Sex

The truth is my mom is a porn star. My mother was a b-list porn star back in the day, she was beautiful with a huge set of tits so I can understand why she started doing porn. I grew up watching her movies as fun for the costumes, then one day I noticed that as she was getting fucked on screen, my little pussy was getting so wet. Naturally I started fucking very young because I loved watching her movies. Then one day my boyfriend saw me masturbating to her and found out that she was a porn star, he was immediately obsessed with us. He couldn’t stop watching her movies and fucking me until one night he finally asked if he could fuck the both of us. What could I say but yes? It has always been a dream of mine to share a cock with my mom. So we did it, I saw my mother in action for the first time but certainly not the last. To Be Continued…

Side Bitches are the Best

nasty phone sex

I get such a rush when we sneak around and have a whole bunch of nasty phone sex right under your wife’s nose. bitches scoff at the idea of being a sidepiece but I love having a man that sends me money, flowers, and expensive gifts without having to lay up under him all day every day. That’s your homely ass wife’s job. When I let someone else’s man plow this gushy wet twat, I get all the perks of dating without being held down. Honestly, your wife should be thanking me for keeping you happy in bed. Shouldn’t she? When I do a split on that dick and ride your cock with no hands that’s another day you can stomach going home to an unkempt whore.

While you were eating dinner with your family last night, I wonder if she noticed your hand under the table squeezing your dick as you read the messages I kept sending to your phone. Every vibration revealed a photo of my shaved bald pussy spread across your screen or my fat black ass Twerking in front of the camera. I know how much your pole loves when I shake like a stripper! It was no surprise that you left your family and rushed to our special hotel room. As soon as I opened the door you tried to bury yourself in the first hole that your cock could get to. “ I hate my fucking wife” you moan as you plunge your dick down my throat. Being your mistress makes my mouth water as it wraps around your mushroom tip and drips down to your nuts. Your wife doesn’t suck you off like she is supposed to and I’m happy to pick up her slack! This sloppy wet head always makes your dick explode. You sprayed your load all over my face and tits coating me with your cum. I know how much you want this pussy but your phone is blowing up! Looks like hubby is getting called back home. I guess you’re gonna have to get this slutty honey pot another day!

Tranny Phone Sex Cock Worshipping

Cock worshipping is why you are interested in Tranny phone sex right now and I know it bitch. You are a hungry little cock whore and I have a big dick for you to suck and worship. Be my bitch and you will get the best fucking you could ever handle. Maybe you can’t quite handle me but nevermind, you will learn. My dick is nearly nine inches and uncut. My balls are smooth and heavy. I have a nice tight ass and a great set of tits. As you can see in my pictures I am also a blond. It’s true about blondes when it comes to me. Well my twist to it is that blonde t-girls do certainly have more fun. I know what I want and will more often than not get it.

Tranny phone sex

Fuck Me-Get High

Druggy Porn Bobbie

I been partying all line doing lines off dicks and sucking boofs out of assholes. I forgot how big the last cock was or if I had two in my cunthole- but I knew I could feel the sticky seeds dripping own my leg. The last hotel I came out of I remember stumbling over toward the loveseat while trying to rub some blow against my inner pussy walls. I had a good bit mix in with the cum I was full of. You been begging me for a fix all night so I gave you two in one. Get on your fuckin knees and suck their cum out of my cunt. Once I feel satisfied I want you to spit onto your cock and stuff it inside my ass while the man behind you fills my cunt with his huge fat cock. I want you both to fuck me like the filthy drug-whore I am. Don’t pull your cock out until you feel me shit on your cock with those deep thrusts. Within moment I know you feel the euphoria kick in. Fucking just feels so much better when you get fucked up together!

Daddy Loves His Shecock

I have this pervert that loves to play with me, and when we play he likes me calling him Daddy. He likes to have his cock sucked by me and he loves taking me with our shemale phone sex fun. I am also face fucking him with my big tranny dick. Usually I am fucking the shit out of daddy then inviting a bunch of my tranny girlfriends with big dicks over. They want to fuck the shit out of daddy too. I get on and ride daddy’s cock and pull his legs back for my girls to all get their turn with daddy’s holes. I will take a big shecock also as I ma riding daddy’s cock and shooting my load all over daddys face. We do have fun and I know you want this shecock to daddy.

Shemale phone sex

I’ll Take Yo Man


black phone sex

Have you ever had an ebony girl fucking you while your white wife watches? My last caller said that his cracker wife called a hot black chick a “nigger whore” right in front of him! That was the first time that he had ever heard his wife speak that way and he was appalled. He wanted to show her how a “nigger whore” could make her husband come 10 times harder than she ever could. One day he tricked her into spicing things up with some light bondage and tied her hands and wrist to the bed. After making sure she was nice and secure, I walked in. This sexy brown nigger slut was about to rock her husband’s world! She could not believe her eyes as I walked right up to her husband and gave him a sloppy wet kiss before easing my way down to his bouncing cock. “ you see how hard I make your husband, bitch?” I gargle in between his deep dick plunges down my throat. She tried to break free and kept screaming slurs and profanities as he inched his cock into my delicious wet hole! Hubby bent me over on top of his wife and rammed his big dick right into my ebony pussy. My twat was so wet that each thrust made cunt juice splash onto his wife’s face. I came so hard taking his cock and rubbing my twat in his wife’s face. I made her drink all the cum out of my coochie cup. I bet that bitch will never forget how a nigger whole stole her man!

Four Dicks One Girl

Crack Whore AnalLet’s go back to the first gangbang I enjoyed. I met up with my brother’s friends because he was supposed to take me home-but we fucked instead. I always found Chris attractive, and I knew he knew because he would always flirt back. It was when he slipped out his cock by the subway that I knew how much he really liked me. He had three of his other guy’s meet us- but he was already balls deep in my cunt when they arrived. When his friends came by-they asked no questions, just hopped on me or should I say into me hehehe. One stuck his cock straight down my throat, the other up by ass and the last waiting for the right moment to double cock my ass. Chris knew I was already loaded up on crack so I wasn’t feeling anything but euphoria. I just didn’t expect the trip to escalate from a simple flirt into a subway gangbang.



Dice and Dicks

Druggy Porn Bobbie

Suck cock, get fucked in the bathroom, whatever it takes to keep this sugar daddy. Looking back to the boys I dated no cock compares to his. Go to Vegas-know I’ll count all his chips, Bitches wanna judge me but I don’t give a fuck. The popular boys are overrated- I need to go on big trips, fucking bigger dicks. I love when he watches me count and slobber on all his friends’ dicks. I fuck him because my cunt can’t be empty long. Got cum, you need to fill me- don’t make contact unless you’re ready to whore me out honey. All other girls hang around to look pretty but I don’t care because they don’t know how to get nasty like me. He picked me to be his bitch because I love the rocks you can’t wear. But never mind what I had to do to get these rocks babe, crush them up and eat my pussy like he tells you to. Gucci, Prada, these sheets are comfy time to get cum stains on them. Bring those fellas over and stretch me out while he records us. “I bet you didn’t expect me to be this kind of whore huh daddy?” I moan while you fuck my cunt and your brother rails my ass deep. Smack me in the face with your cocks again he likes that,! Ohmmmm, I can’t hardly wait for the cum shower he has in store for me tonight!!

Fuck My Hairy Cunny!

Hookers For Hire

I like to grow my pussy hair out so guys can fuck my cunt and cover my bush with their hot creamy cum! I usually keep my pussy nice and bald but occasionally I like to grow out a bush for the a few of my fuck buddies who love eating and fucking a nice hairy cunt. It takes a while to get it to the perfect length but once I have a full bush guys can’t resist the temptation to fuck my bushy wet pussy! It feels amazing to ride a guys face while he sucks on my sloppy wet hairy twat, I think the bush makes it more fun to cum all over their cocks as they are surprised at how sexy I am and how hard they cum with my wild hairy pussy.

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