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Used By Friends At Amusement Park


Gangbang Whore

I went to an amusement park with 3 of my male friends. We decide on the tunnel ride, and I laid back to enjoy the long, slow ride. Once we got inside the tunnel and it was pitch black, the friend sitting next to me started rubbing my clit. The friend behind me started bouncing my breasts and tweaking my nipples. The friend next to him covered my mouth to keep me from screaming. I was powerless to stop them as they each used me like a little cum whore. One of them pulled my dress off, grabbed me and rammed his cock into my pussy, telling me to bounce on his fat cock like a good little slut. The other guys pulled out their cocks and told me to suck them dry. I bounced on that big fat cock as while alternating between sucking off one guy and jerking off the other. The two guys came on my tits and face while the guy I was riding came in my pussy. As we came to the end of the ride, they tossed me my dress and told me to clean myself up. When the ride was over, I begged them to go on the ride again.

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I get this sissy whore that loves chicks with dicks. She aspires to be a sissy slave porn star for shemales. She begs for my girlfriends and I to make her our gangbang whore. She was such a willing and eager cock sucker. On her knees in the sluttiest lingerie. This faggot sissy knows her place. I got 12 of my t-girls come with me and we showed up at sissy’s suburban house.

This was an absolute great fucking time. We all wore the hottest little dresses and panties that would surely stand out. But those fucking stiletto heels we wore truly wrapped up the look. Thirteen hot tranny prostitutes in suburbia to own one of their own. Fuck every suburban neighborhood is filled with dark secrets.

We barged in the sissy faggots home and took ownership. That slut was immediately obedient and on her knees. Thirteen hung shemales surrounded sissy and the rest is truly filthy history.

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Trashy MILF Loves Immigrants Day

trashy milfThis trashy milf celebrated National Immigrants Day with a young Mexican stud named Rico. I live in California. There are immigrants everywhere. My daughters and I go to the parade every year in hopes of picking up some beautiful brown boys with some beautiful brown cocks. Most of our staff that works for us are immigrants from Mexico. We sponsored them and they got green cards. I am always looking for a beautiful brown cock to sponsor. Rico came on to me. My daughters were eyeballing him too, but he had milf fever. He wanted nothing more than to fuck this dirty old woman. I am a trashy milf. Of course, I wanted to fuck him back. After the parade, we invited him back home with us. I found out that he is in the country on an expired school visa but wants to stay in the US. California is a sanctuary state. He would never be turned over to ICE here but being legal has many more benefits.

trashy milfHe knew why I invited him home. I mean you do not need to be a rocket scientist to know when a sexy mature woman is hitting on you, right? My daughters were happy for me, but sad for themselves. They love big brown cocks. If he had shown an interest in young teenage pussy, I would have stepped aside, but he was all about this sexy mommy. I fucked him. I fucked him for hours. He tore my pussy up too. And let me tell you how hard that is to do because I am a seasoned whore. I was brought into this world to fuck. I have had 1000s of lovers in my 42 years on this planet. But this Mexican stud was one of the best fucks of my life. His cock was a foot long. It was thick and it was hungry for some mature pussy. He told me young girls are afraid of his cock. No way a trashy milf like me would shy away from a big brown cock. He gave me a hot squirting pussy because he hit spots most men can never find.

trashy milfAfter a three-hour fuck fest with my Latino lover, I was drenched in cum and walking funny. I wanted him to not only stay in the country, but to stay in my house. I told him that I would sponsor him, give him a job and help him become legal. The catch was he had to fuck me every day. I want that brown cock as much as possible. Funny, he has no problem being my live in lover in exchange for his citizenship. I know no better way to celebrate Immigrants Day than fucking a hung brown boy and helping him become a legal citizen of this fine country of ours.

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Big dick trannies like me need some good bitches for our anal cum dumpster. It’s ok that you are craving my big Shemale dick, and even whack off looking at big black dicks. Craving these taboo elements of perversions is what I help with, cock sucker.

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Most married men fantasize about getting with a Tranny Phone Sex hooker. The fact so many men crave dick must prove that society is so busy fucking people with their mind fucks and non-literal dried anal fucking. These guys and gals just figured they can’t get any more fucked and that well may as well find some pleasure in it.

I offer pleasure and the escape from all the dried raw hardcore ass fuckings that aren’t desireable. I bring you my beautiful nearly 9 inches of fleshy real and ejaculating she cock. Don’t miss out on this offer that will end when I log out. But it is renewable just like my cum. Stay tuned for when I return to fuck a few more throats and man cunts tomorrow! You can experience me also and it’s fairly painless well the initial pain becomes deeper penetrating pleasure.

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It’s the best pleasure ever to have a hot violating session of Hardcore anal sex. The idea of taking this nearly nine inches of shecock really is exciting for some. I know a few men that crave me so bad that they just cannot cum enough thinking about me inside of their man cunts.

I love to tease men and get a rise out of their timidness to approach me. I will be waiting for you at the lounge of the highrise. I am the one smoking the long slender cigarettes and looking exceptionally feminine and hot. I am going to mislead you into believing I am a woman, and it’s not intentional. You are too fucked up to really put it all together.

Personally I don’t think the fact I have a dick should be a problem. Hell, most men secretly crave to get fucked. A man’s cunt has a g spot just like any bitch. I will allow you to fuck me too if you are a good lover for me.

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Phone Sex Line is A Different Kind of Party Line with Me

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is always a party line. Just not the old school kind of party line. Do you remember those? Back in the pre cell phone ages, you could pick up your landline and hear others talking? My line is now a different kind of party line. I like to snort lines of coke and talk about little boys and girls. Sometimes, while I am on the phone, I enjoy a game of truth or dare. Mostly, guys ask me questions about my past or what I have done with and to little ones and I must answer truthfully. I do answer truthfully. I have no shame. I have no secrets from fellow perverts like me. A guy last night was in a party mood like me. Life is just so much more fun not sober. Do you agree? I mean I do love to get nasty with men and little ones. After a few rounds of no taboo phone sex questions, he asked me a dare. I was thinking he was wanting me to shove something big in one of my fuck holes, but it was something more dangerous. Well not dangerous, just risky. I was game. I am always game for nasty fun. He asked if I had neighbors. I have them on all sides. I do have a spacious yard, but it is exposed. We have fences, just not privacy fences. He wanted me to masturbate outside and show my fuck holes off to the neighbors. It was super early in the morning my time, but the sun was up. I marched my trashy ass outside and got on all fours exposing my ass and pussy. I could see lights coming on all around me, so I knew I had an audience. I was rubbing my pussy by the pool, coming over and over while still playing truth or dare. Anything can happen on my sexline. Call and find out.

Secret stash of coke

sloppy wet pussy

My stepdad loves coke so much. Since I got into doing lines of blow, I’ve gotten addicted. I will tell you that I am spending recklessly and have gotten away with stealing some of my mom’s money. My dealer was out of town one weekend, so I needed coke severely. The mollies weren’t doing it for me. I know how crazy molly is with such a fucking vibe, but I wanted some angel dust. The numbing effect was what I was chasing. I went into my stepdad’s stash and did some blow. I got so fucking horny that I began to rub my sloppy wet pussy and had no idea he was behind me, jerking himself off to me. It was then that I knew that this fucker would be using me for his pleasure, so I made sure to use it from his stash.