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Shemale Phone Sex Mistress Josie

Shemale Phone Sex

I’m a Mistress with a cock. Shemale Phone Sex crack slut is what I am proud about being. I love stroking my cock and making you worship it. Teasing you with the bulg in pretty panties exciting you. My breasts, pert, full, and sexy pressed against your back is best. My joy stick slipping into that man pussy is exactly what will fill you with Joy this season. Josie’s Joy Stick brings Holiday gayness. I’m going to be spending this X-mas making it my XXX-mas of fucking. It’s a tranny cock fuckathon and you are my conquest. I want to fuck as many mouths and assholes as I can on XXX-mas and I am offing you the best deal ever! You get to suck my big tranny dick and I promise to put the cream inside, where it belongs.

Druggy phone sex

Being without family on the Holidays is no problem for me. I get to do all on my own free will and I get to spend my time making money off of fellow loner druggies like me. We have our own untold bond and familyness. I would always visit my regular club that was 24/7. This pandemic has killed that fun and family gathering of misfit sex hungry drug addicts like me. It was the best times. Well I am going to be celebrating with you guys instead and it will be an all day party!

My Sexline is No Limits or Taboos

sexlineMy sexline is no taboos or limits. I love talking dirty because I live dirty. My world was XXX since I came into it. I make the most innocent things dirty like a neighbor’s birthday. I was invited to her daughter’s sweet birthday. Those are so special to girls. Just a few other neighbors because we cannot have parties like we once could. Not that a bunch of mature women is who a young girl wants to ring in her sweet teen birthday with, but better than being alone, right? I made her a cake, and I got her some swag for a birthday bag. Gift cards and a pretty pink vibrator. Every girl needs a sex toy. She cannot rely on a teen boy to get her off and if she does not have an older man in her life like my husband, she needs a sex toy. I was not sure how the gift would go over with her mom and the other moms, so I told her to hide it in her room. It was a party like I expected. Boring and brief. I was not home for 30 minutes when the girl texted me a thank you for her gift. She texted me a nude selfie with her using it. I was sexting with a teen girl. I sent her a video of me using the same model I got her. An hour later she was at my back door wanting to play with this horny trashy milf. It is no secret that I enjoy pussy. I have adopted girls to be my sex slaves. I have turned other neighborhood girls into my private lesbian tricks. I just added another hot teen slut to my black book too. This girl has a killer body. Barely any peach fuzz on her pussy because she is a natural California blonde. Tight holes. The birthday girl is all mine though. My husband caught us in the 69-poistion, but I denied him access to her young body. I knew he was wanting to put her to work. Sometimes, a horny mommy just wants a young girl all to herself.

Druggy Phone Sex Trashy Tranny

There’s a need as great as your favorite druggy phone sex poison stirring inside. You start to crave dick as you get high and reach those desires. Mmmm… baby I am the kind of sexy gal that loves to party. I am also the kind of gal that has a little something extra. You don’t need to be a fag to crave a cock. You love tits and ass and just wish to have a nice sexy slut with a nice shemale surprise stuffed in pretty panties. I want you to slide your hands in my panties and explore that special extra in the silky bikinis. Oh, that is a surprise for you. Mmm… come here big boy and kiss me. Go ahead and stroke my meat rod and get it throbbing for you. I whisper in your ear as I press my perfect tits against you. “I think you should get down and suck my sexy shemale cock”. You don’t even respond. You are slithering my snake from its panties and on your knees taking it in your mouth. You like that don’t you baby?

Druggy phone sex

Hot Tranny Phone Sex Fucking

Tranny Phone Sex

Doesn’t that just mesmerize you baby? Tranny phone sex is dirty hot fun. Yeah he is wearing a condom because he is a fucking wuss. Hahah… I have some really high end on the income bracket Johns and they want it dirty but at the same time they play it safe. Mostly. I had this guy who fucks me with a condom. He will suck my cock and eat my cum. He lets me fuck him bareback with my beautiful tranny cock. But he will only put his dick in me with a fucking glove. I refuse to wear condoms when I fuck. Nothing makes this big dick Ladyboy limp like a condom does. I’m about pleasure baby and a fucking sausage sheath is not sexy for me. I want to bare back fuck that backdoor pussy of yours baby. I promise to give it rough. But I will start easy.

Party Sexline

sexlineWhen you call my sexline, we can talk about anything. We can party too. Friday was a busy night on and off the phone. My daughters had a gang bang. I was trying to get them dressed like little Lolitas. I was trying to do some lines to fuel me for a Friday night marathon. The phones were ringing. My sons were horny, and my daughters were needy. They wanted my make-up and my lingerie. Eventually, daddy got them out of the house, and it was me, three horny boys, my callers and a big bowl of coke. It was only about 9 PM and the phones had slowed down a bit. I was coked up and my boys were horny. I was buzzed, so I thought why not blow my boys. Get the party started. Of course, I got a call mid blow. Teen boys do not understand that some random stranger on the phone gets to cum before they do. I paused them for my caller, but my sons did not want to be paused. They started pushing their cocks in my mouth while on a call. I was too fucked up to fight them. My caller was getting off thinking I was blowing my husband for him. My boys were cumming and I was trying to muffle their voices, so my caller did not realize there was more than one cock I was blowing. My caller was partying too. He did not seem to realize I was getting skull fucked by three horny boys. In fact, he did not believe I was even sucking on my husband’s cock. This caller does not even believe I am married because he thinks no husband would let his wife do live phone sex. I laughed so hard because my husband loves pimping me out on and off the phone. This is the modern world guys. Women are not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. We are talking dirty, doing lines and being whores.

Creampie sex stories For fall

creampie sex storiesCreampie sex stories will never get old for me. Fall is special for a cum loving slut like me. It brings back my first cum deposit memory. And I mean it’s only natural for a whore who gets her pussy and ass filled with that hot seed as much as I do to be nostalgic. I have taken thousands of loads by now. I can’t even keep up. My baby daddy gets off on me telling my nightly score of ejaculate loads. But to be honest, I was fucking long before he met me. And do I count each man different, no, I have fucked the same dirty bikers dozens of times equaling hundreds of loads between just them. Sometimes I do feel a little ashamed and then I have a big bowl of some good crystal or a fat line and those thoughts disappear. I swear it’s magic. I do some pretty whorish things that much is true. But growing up with a daddy and mommy like mine, I knew my only way to get by in life was going to be slinging my ass. So, don’t mind me getting high with you with about four loads of ropey cum I am playing with in my pussy. I tried to be innocent once, but that was taken from me without my consent, one fall night years ago. I don’t blame daddy, he was just showing me that a sweet girl isn’t what men want. They need a cum dripping whore. It was my choice to pursue being a filthy tramp and Gangbang whore. Do you want a creamy taste of fall? Or do you want to add to my cum deposits?

Phone Sex Sluts Know How to Have Fun

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts know how to have fun. I am the type of woman who can have fun in a closet. It is more fun with someone, but even alone I know how to enjoy life. My husband is very wealthy. He is well known in our community for his business endeavors. Very few people know what we do behind closed doors. The ones who do, have too much to lose if they expose us. We like it that way. Less risk. We attended a political fundraiser Friday night. I got to dress up and socialize with other rich trophy wives. I do not really get into politics. It is always the lesser of two evils to choose from anyway. My husband networks at these events and I get into trouble which is what I do best. Another hot trophy wife had some blow to share with me. We went off to another part of the mansion. With as many people there, we knew no one would miss us. Most of the women and men at the party were boring goody two shoes types who would be shocked at a fraction of the shit I have done. Melissa and I got naked. Coke goes straight to our pussies. We started eating each other out. We tribbed our pussies. We might have inserted some objects in the room up each other’s pussies too. We were having fun. More fun than we would have if we stayed in our dress clothes socializing with the stuffed shirts. We were naked playing with each other for a couple hours and no one missed us. We touched up our make-up and went back to the party to join our husbands. Mine told me I smelled like sloppy wet pussy. I just winked at him and licked my lips.

Unrestricted Sexline

sexlineWe can talk about anything on my sexline. I mean it when I say I am no taboos and no limits. Let me tell you what I did yesterday. I came home from an all night sex festival. I had been hired for a private party and it went into the wee hours of the morning. I was still horny, however. I saw the house keepers’ little angels playing in the yard. One of the benefits of having illegal help is you get access to their little ones whenever you want. We have several members of her family employed with us. They are all grateful for how well we treat them. I am not being facetious. They live in a 4-bedroom carriage house. Everyone is paid well above minimum wage. They have health benefits and get to take vacations with us and spend holidays with us too. Every now and again, I help myself to the help’s little ones. The maid has a big brood. They have been with us for years. We paid for the two oldest to go to college, and now the two youngest are just starting private school. Twins. An adorable boy and girl who love to play with this gringa. We played in the pool naked, before I took them upstairs to my bed to fuck. I sucked the boy’s hairless cock. I ate his sister’s hairless cunnie. I let the little stud muffin hump inside me. No swimmers yet, but he does the best he can with what he’s got. I still felt amazing. It was just the little taboo tryst I needed to be able to fall asleep. They curled up with me in my bed and we napped a few hours before I had to sign on to my phone sex line. If you treat people really well, you can do anything you want with their angels.

Blonde Fucking A Slutty Whore!

Blonde fucking

I know I am nothing but a blonde fucking whore, but when I get a boyfriend he is supposed to be devoted to me. I can fuck whoever I want, but his cock is reserved for me. Double standards apply to men who worship big titted beautiful blondes. I can get away with anything I want point blank. I work in the sex industry I have to fuck for a living. The back room at the club after dancing and teasing men. The nights I feel like slinging my pussy on the boulevard. Or a paid Gangbang. I used to have a hot boyfriend that loves that he could  fuck me after all the cock I took for the night. I need a cock to stroke as I fall asleep and a hard dick between my ass cheeks when I wake up. I had a man recently fuck my so called best friend. We were at a decent bar and she was fucking him on the dance floor. 

I know what you’re thinking, how does a gangbang whore have such audacity? Well, I am a nice piece of ass and since my boyfriend’s Twin was with us, I decided to get revenge publicly. I pulled out my tits and sank to my knees at the side of the bar stool. “Fuck my tits! And I will suck you cock!” I yelled loudly making the patrons of the bar turn around. I was right in sight of that boyfriend stealing whore. Maybe she didn’t think anything of it because I am such a whore. But what is mine is mine.  I now have my ex’s Twin at my beckon call. He has more money and a bigger dick and I fuck him in front of his loser brother every chance I get now! I still fuck who I want, but I have a big dick to fuck when I am done being a cock skank now. Oh the good life. Cock , coke and cum will always be my great loves! 

Live Phone Sex: Anything Can Happen

live phone sex

Live phone sex means anything can happen. Last night, I was home alone. That almost never happens. I was partying and taking calls late. I had this one guy who just wanted some one to party with. I get it. I do not judge. I like talking to high men because their true self comes out. Same can be said for women. It is that coke or whatever your drug of choice may be lowers your resistance. You speak more freely. This guy was not home alone. He moved back home after the pandemic to help his folks out. We got to talking and he admitted he called me because I am a trashy milf who fucks her sons. He revealed his longings for his mommy’s pussy. Incest thoughts lurk in us all somewhere. I told him how I came to be the son fucker I am and gave him some tips on how to be a mother fucker. He added Fireball into his mix and that liquid confidence, made him bold. He was whispering. But I understood he was going into his sleeping mother’s room, naked with his cock out. The plan was just to jack off and look at her for a few. Maybe, steal a pair of dirty panties. His father takes Ambien at night and would sleep through a bombing he said. I was quiet, but I was speaking to him on an earpiece so no one could really hear me. He was so fucked up. He ended up cumming on his mother’s sleeping face. She woke up and I heard yelling from a woman. I think I heard something break too, LOL. We got disconnected. I was hoping to hear back from him, but I think his mother did not respond like he hoped. It was still hot for me to be along for the ride even if it ended abruptly. With druggy phone sex, anything can happen.

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