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Golden showers sex 4 stepdaughter

golden Showers sex Golden showers sex with my new step-daughter proves Orgasm inducing. Y’all know I come from that trashy life. I have fornicated in just about every bar, dive and bathroom in this town, and many others! I have been deemed the piss queen on many occasions. I didn’t plan on pissing all over her in the shower when the day started. I just wanted to finger bang her and make her eat my cooter. My new daughter is a sexy little young vixen and I needed to fuck her! My Husband and I have been talking dirty about her while we fuck. He has held back for so long. It’s my duty as a newlywed to help give my man some of that young cunt. The best way to start daddy and daughter fucking is by fucking the daughter myself. I’m sure many P-mommies would agree.
Coming up behind her in her shower I grabbed her tits and pushed her against the wall. Oh she did squeal a little as I asked if the young pussy had seen cock yet. Oh, she is feisty as she tells me it’s none of my damn business. Well, then my fingers inside her pussy shouldn’t be a problem if she has already gotten laid. That little bitch soon turned into a crying and moaning girl on mommas fingers. “Mommy…” and that’s when I knew. Her late mother had been playing with her and I was going to take over!
I pushed her down under my pussy as she greedily licked my cunt in the shower. I began pissing down her face much to her displeasure! I was her mommy now and I have to show her all the dirty things men like! I have many golden shower sex stories to help me teach my daughter now.

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I am Josie and I am a sexy Blonde fucking T-Girl. Blondes have more fun when they have a dick like mine. I love to flaunt my shit and take no shit. I am a hot babe with a nice rack and sweet fucking nearly nine inches of pleasure. My pleasure wand will ram into that man cunt without hesitation and take you all the way.

You like a hot blonde with a tight body and feminine curves and a special package below the waist. My cock feels so good buried down your warm moist throat. Inside that tight puckered fuck hole is truly blissful. Pounding you like a bottom bitch is what makes me hardest.

So if you are partying 🎉🍆 and need to blow a load with a nasty tranny whore then ring up Josie for a good High time.

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Sexline tales: Snuff Girl fight


Sexline tales: Snuff Girl fight.  My friend Lisa and her momma love to go down to Mexico and try to win a girl fight for cash. These are extreme fights where one of the women might not make it out alive. I was trying to text her all day, The day of the fight she had set up to try to bring home some money to her family. Her mother went with her and I knew trouble would be brewing. Instead I got a call from a strange man saying he called her emergency numbers since Lisa couldn’t call me. Figures her shitty mother would leave it up to a man to tell me what happened to my friend. Now Lisaa worked the whore house with me a time or two, we worked out together often.

I believe you have to have some strong ass leg muscles to bounce on cock all night long. I’m pretty muscular and have often wondered what I would do! But I know with one of those Zingers that are in these Mexican lady fights I would be dead meat. Oh how callous of me my Friend Lisa died in that fight! But the way Peter told me how she was killed was extremely sexy and my pussy started to pulse with every detail of girl on girl killing action. I’m such a whore that even extreme phone sex tales of killing another female fighter (my friend) got me off!

Sexline for Perverted Age Play Family Fun

sexlineMy sexline was super busy over the weekend. That surprised me. So many men were naughty this year. It is okay. I am always naughty. I told Santa what a naughty whore I had been. I thought I was getting a lump of coal for Christmas, but instead I got to talk to all sorts of perverts who like to play with little ones just like me. And I got some quality, kinky family time. Even though I had to work some in the daytime, we had a wonderful Christmas weekend. My little whores are here for daddy and me to use until New Year’s Eve. That is when they go back to making daddy and I lots of money being young hookers for hire. We give them the week of Christmas off, even though Lolita whores are always in demand. Before we opened presents on Christmas day, my girls took care of daddy’s package. The boys took care of their sexy mommy. I made us a hearty breakfast and that was followed by an orgy. I blew a few cocks to get a white Christmas. My daughters did the same for daddy. My boys all fucked their horny mommy, and daddy fucked all three of his baby girls. We are often so busy being whores, that we forgot what is important. Taking care of mommy and daddy takes a backseat to taking care of Johns. Daddy and I get wrapped up in planning the dates and making sure the girls get where they are supposed to be at the right time, that we forget to make time for family fun. That is why over the holidays we make sure that we have quality hardcore orgy porn fun with our offspring. Maybe this coming year, daddy and I will pimp the girls out less, so we can take advantage more of the whores under our roof. They do seem to love to please daddy and I. That seems like something we should take advantage of while we can.

Too Cold to Stroll

Freaky phone sex

It’s really fucking cold and snowy outside, your best bet for a fun Christmas is some festive freaky phone sex with me and my hot trailer court whores.  We’re not going anywhere, us southern girls aren’t used to all of this frozen bullshit.  None of us are going out on the stroll in this weather, we’re going to stay put and sell our slutty pussies here in the park.  If you want to bang us out this weekend, you’re going to have to come to us.  

I’ll be honest, we don’t even own winter clothes.  What would a streetwalker wear in winter weather that would entice a john to rent their slits for a bit?  Staying warm and advertising the goods don’t really go hand in hand and I don’t want my girls to get frostbite on their fuckholes just to turn a trick.  I’m perfectly fine with my hos only humping on the horny hypothermic slut hounds that come to their door.  It’ll get warmer soon and we make plenty of cash when there isn’t a negative ten degree windchill outside, we’re going to be fine.

I’m not even opening my door and selling my cooze for cash this Christmas.  My space heaters are working hard, I’m not trying to kill them by fanning the door for all of my cunt craving customers and letting that frigid air inside.  I’ll be here under my blankets, nice and cozy, hanging out on my cell and having taboo phonesex with like minded men who aren’t into freezing their balls off for a little freaky fuck action.  Sounds like the perfect plan to me.  Drunk Santa might come by to pay a visit to all of us homebound whores bearing liquor and drugs for everyone he fucks, but I won’t be letting him into my place.  The other girls can have him if they want, I just want to stay warm!


BBC Phone Sex will Always Be In Style

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex seems to be on white men’s minds lately. It is a growing fetish. I was fucking big black dicks, however, long before it was in fashion. My first big black cock was when I was a schoolgirl. There was no Internet back then. Hell, DVD players were not even around yet. Now, they have come and gone, but big black cocks are here to stay. My daughter had a wonderful idea to raise some extra cash. She thought she should film me fucking black men for cam sites. I told her that I could not work for a cam site and have this sexline too because I signed a non-compete contract. It was a great idea, so I suggested she be the cam star. She needs extra money like we all do, and if she had a better paying job, she could help me out with the bills. I love my son and daughter, but everything has tripled since they moved back home. My daughter is a BBC whore just like me and just like my mother was too. I knew the perfect guy for her first cam show too. Big D. He loves to show off his monster black cock and he has been dying to fuck my daughter so he can say he had mother and daughter bbc whores. My girl was down for it. I texted Big D since he was in town, and he said hell yes. I felt like a porn director. I got to direct my mini me riding my favorite black cock. My daughter is skinny like me. And blonde too. I signed her up on one of those cam sites, and even though it was her first night, she made a lot of money. Guys were tipping her big bucks to see her choke on that big black cock. One gave her a grand to be an anal sex whore for that anaconda cock. She is sore today because Big D has damn near 14-inches of black meat on his bones. But when she saw how much richer her bank account was, she decided to do it again tonight. My baby girl is going to be an Internet sensation.

Sexy Prostitutes Know How to Party

Some of you guys know the secret. It’s a little known thing that kinky prostitute loving perverts know. The ones that party hard know that Sexy Prostitutes with an extra package of goodies also means she has all kinds of other goodies too. All to enhance the experience.

This sexy Shemale is always holding. My poisons are blow, ketamine, heroine and poppers. But when guys request something special I am usually able to get it. That is part of the secret underground of tranny prostitutes. Not only do t-girls know how to drain your balls we also know how to party and cum hard to. A hot session of partying and fucking is always something of a good time with me.

I love a nice big dick in this tranny pussy of mine. Sucking a big dick while I shove my big nearly nine inches of shecock is a great warm up. Suck my balls you sexy little bitch and take my shecock in that married mans mouth. Look at Mr. Straight married man suck a tranny dick. You do so well, but understand this much, I will fuck you. I will fuck you deep in that man cunt.

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I have a cyber lover and he loves that I have a shemale surprise for him. J, let’s call him, is a truly great cock sucker for my big shecock, and boy he has become a hot little Anal sex whore. I just love to have him lay back for me and spread those legs.

Stroking my shecock and grabbing his small dick with mine I stroke them together and drive J wild. He gets so excited with me rubbing my big dick on his little one. I tease for a little bit and then it’s time for me to take him. I slide my big dick head in that tight puckered hole. Oh he struggles a little to give in to me but then he just opens nice and wide.

When my shecock is buried in J’s ass I just smile down at J and thrust in and out. I hold his gaze and really know how badly he wants my cum to explode in that sweet ass cunt. I will shoot a huge load and he will eagerly be ready to suck his ass off of his She Goddesses cock. A good boy and hot lover is what I adore.

Kisses Lover xx Josie

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Married Sexy Prostitutes are dirty!

Sexy ProstitutesThere’s no taking the whore out of this Sexy Prostitutes life.  My new husband loves bringing me to hotel rooms to get fucked by strangers. I live the same life, only I get a little better accommodations sometimes. Instead of taking five guys meat in the back alley for a few grams of coke, I now have a bed and a mirror full of blow! Hubby is discreet man and not wanting anyone to know he jacks his white dicklette off to me getting fucked by BBC. I mean running strip clubs/ Hooker paradise with a small dick just wouldn’t sit well for business’. So we get to go a couple twins over and get me fucked. I did feel bad when my son came out of the shower and my husband saw his dick was smaller than my little boys! I had no clue what to do with man tears. So I sent my teen daughter in to service that little weenie. And while she made new daddy happy mommy made sure my boy was still feeling confident about his own dick size! Becoming his creampie slut wife is the best decision I ever made.

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My cunt is going crazy. I woke up this morning in a puddle of all my juices. It was yet another productive night of partying and fucking and getting my pussy all coked up.

The dealer and his friends came around and used me up, but after hours of getting high and fucking like crazy, I still felt I needed more. So I went with some friends to the local sex lounge. We all look like cheap hookers with heels and stumbling all over high, drunk, and fucking horny.

We knew we would get fucked well in the lounge. More drinks, more coke, and some X, and we all were a part of a massive orgy. The whole place was filled with hot whores and horny men who gave in to our desires and cravings. I always end the night with a cum filled cunt.