Hot Stripper Sex Makes Life More Exciting

In the first place, Hot stripper sex is amaxing with the right whore. Essentially if you get a hot whore like me, then obviously things are going to get wild.

Granted I am in my 40’s now, that doesn’t mean shit. All that means is that I am truly more experienced. Secondly it means I can handle my drugs, booze and all the rough sex that comes my way. With this all in mind this also means that I am one hell of a freak. While I know what men want, I also know what I want.

Consenquently, when guys call me and tell me they want a filthy whore, they really need to undestand in what effect. Obviously filthy means something different for everyone. And some of the most compelling evidence follows. Like when I get told to get filthy without any input. Nor on what fashion of filthy. Then obviously I will go straight to the scat.

Adversly, when I get asked what the filthiest thing I have done. Well I will go right to what is true filth, shit, piss and bukkake. This leads to the bathtub of shit, piss, vomit and sperm that I enjoyed rubbing all over my whore body.

Hot Stripper Sex

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