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BBC Sex Stories Boy do I have them!

I am a BBC whore and have so many BBC sex stories going back to my teens. The fact that I was stripping and hooking before I was legal should give you a good idea. It’s the filthy hot times that I have had in the 90’s with so much cocaine, micro dots and ice in my system I was going at those big dicks to fuck my pussy and ass into a gape like it was the last day on earth. My holes got so obliterated at times and I was so barely able to dance. Those days I just danced on the laps of big black dicks and cocaine was keeping those holes operational. The thought of doing some of the shit I did in my teens now really makes me sad. I had such great times being gangbanged and stretched. Nowadays in my 40’s things just don’t recover so quickly. However I am still doing the gangbangs but not like a few a night like I used to!

BBC sex stories

Trashy Milf Nigger Cock Lover

Trashy Milf

This Trashy Milf is a true size queen and nigger cock lover. No little dicks for me and that No short dick man song came out in the height of my addiction for Big Black Cocks. I was a trashy little stripper cunt and really was getting down and dirty with those thug niggers that frequented my ghetto stripper joint. I was working there before I was legal. It was hot. This little tight bodied white trash trailer park bimbo doing whatever it took to make a living while being a young teen. Mama was a pill head and had an abusive fuck wad of a husband.

Her husband wasn’t my daddy and he like to beat me up. I was done with that when I met Jerome. Jerome was an older black guy from the Hood that surrounded my trailer park. He was always saying some sly shit to me and we became friends. He wasn’t gonna fuck me but he gave me a place to stay. He was a good guy but I soon begged him to fuck me and we became a but of a thing, but he was a pimp and drug dealer. 

That is how it all started for me. 


Trashy Milf BJ is a Size Queen

Mama BJ is a trashy Milf and a size queen. The other day my son came to me and asked mama if white men just don’t have big cocks. I told him that some do, but it’s quite rare. He then asked how white men can get any pussy at all when they are so small? I just couldn’t help myself. I told my son that some woman are just not aware of what they are missing out on.

In this line of work we deal with many white men that just need to watch that white pussy get destroyed by BBC. These men have learned their place well and will be a cucky slut cum eater because of this fact. It’s so true. Many white men in their 50’s start to realize things and end up cross dressing and submitting to that black king cock too. Luckily my son already realizes all of this and is a good creampie eating faggot for the BBC.

Trashy Milf

Nasty Phonesex Stripper Whore

I’m the Nasty Phonesex stripper whore that fucks in the VIP room. I fuck like a druggy whore because that is exactly fucking what I am, a druggy whore for big nigger cocks. I don’t feel ashamed for my fixation. You should not feel ashamed for yours either. Embrace it and embrace me and we will have the best time ever. My whore pussy is filled with that nigger seed. The very gooey goodness that makes your cock throb and mouth water. You are a filthy little cum eater that luvs a nasty creampie from a nasty stripper prostitute that only fucks big black dicks. We can get filthy, uninhibited and down right fucking southern style dirty. You will worship my gaped and filled dirt hole. Enjoy that spunk covered brown shitter treat like a good nasty pervert.

Nasty Phonesex

BBC phone sex

Gangbang Whore Is Full Of Cum

Gangbang whore BJ is a nasty fucked stripper that cannot get enough cum. Truth is I had too much fun Friday night through one in the morning I guess today. It was a haze of drugs dick and cum. But honestly that is all about who I am anyway, right? It’s not an unusual thing. However is it a hot fucking thing to share with my perverts.

I took about twenty big nigger dicks in that time period of fucking. These guys came and went. I was in essence their cum and go. Haha, the best of times is getting so many cocks in one hole that I start feeling my cunt meat tear. I am not into all that ripping me open shit. But i am all about stretching the limits lol. Lets stretch some of your holes as I tell you to pleasure my big nigger lovers for me. You are a nasty freak? You want to clean my overstuffed holes and eat my ass? Mmmm I have a feast for you lover.

Gangbang whore

Trashy Milf BJ

I’m a trashy milf and i have no qualms about it. Spreading my legs for that big fat cock and spreading my legs for my teen son, it’s a daily thing. I take big bull black cocks and they gape and fill my holes up good. My son awaits and enjoys the views so dirty and taboo.

He will pump in my cum filled pussy for hours after I have been on my cock bender. Drugging up and getting down on some big black dicks is my daily ritual. My son’s is feasting on the creampies I have for him. This is the good shit I tell you. I get down on that dirtstick and gag on a few more this hot trashy whore is the real deal. Trashy and perverted.

Trashy Milf

Trashy Milf Cum Whore For BBC

The idea of this trashy milf doing anything but fucking big nigger dicks is outrageous, I know. My poison is nigger cum, crack, cocaine and spiced gin. My passion is spreading my legs and fucking. The only other thing I can’t resist is torturing pathetic dicked white men. It’s like a fucking high of another kind. The ability to put my landlord to his knees and worship that nigger cock was so fucking good. It gave me a power over a scumbag like no other kind of power. I had this fucker bound and gagged by BBC. He whimpers and sputtered around that dick but boy did that little man dicklett spurt. I laughed and took pictures. After all payback is a bitch and so am I.

So understand that if you are looking for some creampied cunt full of nigger cum then I have a treat for you. My pussy is sloppy and gaped. While my ass is oozing and fraped with the chocolate cream treat that is nice and musky. My filthy holes are unwashed and fucked well with a weekends worth of filth, cum and sweat. This is exactly how I paid my landlord after he got served with the BBC. He got the best  payment a bitch ass slumlord like him deserves.

Dirty Phone Sex

Gangbang Whore BJ full Of BBC Cum

 I’m BJ and live up to the name I acquired at a young age. A sexy trashy gangbang whore that is completely mad for cum. I am madder and excited for the biggest fucking cocks I can get. Furry friends and BBC are the taboo fucks that get me off the most. Fuck I barely let my white man husband get near my cunt except for a good close up view of it’s beauty gaped and stuffed. The stench of this tuna factory after a night out servicing all nigger cock is what he lives for. Bury your nose in there lover and take in that crusty cum fucked and filled hole. That’s like a good boy lap up the ooze and suck me clean.

Gangbang whore

Black Power Fucking BBC Phone Sex

I’m a white girl whore and I have been most my life. My introduction to Black power fucking was with the BBC phone sex I started having at a ripe teen age. Getting this cunt turned into a trashy fuck hole for all those big black dicks was a true lesson in what reigns supreme and superior. That black dick is what owns this white trash milf whore pussy, ass, big stripper tits and my whore talking mouth.

BBC Phone Sex

Seriously man if you never watched a white girl get destroyed by a monster black dick then you are fucking missing out. When I first took a BBC I was fucking hurt’n and that lasted for days. It was hot as fuck the pain though. I was still bouncing my stripper cunt on that big black cock like nobody’s business. And I made great money serving their creampies up to the white boy bitches.

A good white boy is a bitch boi. A good bitch boi is a creampie phone sex eating mother fucker that begs for nigger cum. I have a few of those and I love my bitch bois dearly. It’s ok to have a need to bounce on that big nigger dick like a good fucking slut whore white girl.

Creampie Phone Sex

Certifiably Filthy Druggy Phone Sex Whore

Certifiably filthy is right. Damned fucking down and out Druggy phone sex whore BJ does damned fucking near anything to make rent and get a fix. That slumlord piece of shit really got what he was due and boy did I enjoy fucking him up. I sent his filthy ass to the slammer and as I get around I knew a couple of guards there. I made sure that rat bastard got what was due him and in turn got myself a favorable amount of smack in return.

It was like this. I found the asshat lurking around my trailer and stroking off while taking pictures when I was entertaining some of my favorite BBC’s. Filthy fucking bastard was completely unhinged on crack and just really fucking disgusting. My guys offered to beat the crap outta him but I had other ideas.

I made sure the guards got their hands on this fucking p-daddy pussy ass crack head. They made special arrangements for his ass, and boy was that literally. Some of the biggest baddest black men in the prison were recruited for this fun. They got their way with him with just a little information they were all ready and a little candy too.

They really made a fucking example of this loser and destroyed him so badly that the fucker ended up in the infirmary for about a week. It was great the BBC gangbang video that was shot of this altercation and put right into my hands. I have the tools to further ruin him and make plenty off of him. Needless to say my trailer was signed over to me and he has a restraining order from ever coming near me again.

When some loser think he is going to get his little penis off watching me fuck things are not going to go well. I am a bad ass bitch and my thug nigger cocks I fuck have my white whore cunt’s back.

Druggy phone sex

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