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Trailer trash whore is a Druggy whore for BBC

BBC is a drug as much as the crack, cocaine and anything else for this trailer trash whore. First thing in my waking up I am dripping with black seed from the night before. Then the need to get that first hit off the crack pipe comes on. So with two fingers in my cunt playing with that nigger cum I am reaching with my other hand for the remnants of ice on the mirror.

As I masturbate the black seed in my breeders hole I am snorting up some ice. Laying back then I work that jizz from my crack whore pussy and start to lick it up. This is when I start thinking about you. I go out to the living room naked with my sperm covered milkers bare and glistening and find my cunt licker passed out.

Now it is time to be a good little cunt licking slave. Mama BJ is going to Queen you and push all of this nigger jizz out of these sloppy fucked out holes. Pushing my prolapsed anus covered in jizz right into your mouth. Come on and be a good boy for Mama crack whore BJ.

Trailer trash whore

BBC Phone Sex is Where the Filthy Fun is At with Trashy BJ

BBC Phone sex with this trashy stripper is where the filthy hot times are. A little crack and alot of cum. This is what BJ craves for making me feel alive. Being gangbanged out by all that big blak bull cock is living.

At first we just get high and watch some porn. Then I become so damned high and excited I start to play with my cunt. Soon there are big black hands all over these stripper tits. And kissing those black lips as their anaconda’s start to grow stiff and throb.

Finally down on my knees and taking care of five big black cocks is my place. Sucking and soon fucking them all. We are getting super high and fucking super hardcore with out fucking. This is really what you want too white boy. Maybe its my cracker pussy stuffed with that nigger seed that you crave.

Well come and get some.

BBC Phone Sex

Trashy Milf BJ Has Been Fucking BBC All Night

I’m BJ and I am a trashy milf. My son and adopted daughter’s know that I love to fuck big black cocks. My daughter is part black too. She knows mama loves to use the nigger word alot.

Obviously I say nigger and yes it is true I am a red neck whore from the slums. My daddy was a klans man and mama was just a pass around girl for the klan. I watched mama get used one night by a bunch of niggers.

Ever since seeing those massive black cocks pounding out my white whore mama I was intrigued. So in my coming of age I set off to finding myself working the streets.

Conclusively when I became a prostitute my world expanded. Furthermore I soon met my own nigger pimp. And this daddy figure for me was who really assisted me in the rest of my life. 

Finally I knew what my place was and sure I was stuck fucking little dicked white men at first. One night I begged to get high with the good stuff.

After all a Crack whore is what I became soon. My craving for the black dick led me to begging my pimp to fuck me.
And that was how it all started.

Trashy Milf

Big Dick Sucker Stripper Cunt BJ

Big dick sucker stripper cunt BJ loves being a BBC whore. In fact I cannot get off with little white dicks. Obviously as druggy stripper cunt my holes have been stretched. Even my ass has been ruined by that monster black meat.

As a well fucked cum slut that gets used in BBC gangbangs all the time I cannot even feel dicks smaller than 8 inches. Sometimes I can’t even feel that 8 inch cock in my cunt. My ass gets prolapsed regularly taking two big nigger dicks in my hole at once.

Cucking my white man daddy was so much fun in my teens. He really set the stage for his trailer trash slut in the teens. I was used by daddy’s friends for his debt payments. 

It wasn’t long before I just went out started hooking. Soon I was owned by a Black pimp. Drugs were hot and so were those BBC’s I begged for a chance with. That was the end of my taking white dick.

Big dick sucker

Druggy Phone Sex Gangbang w/ Trashy BBC Lover Crack Whore BJ

Druggy Phone Sex Gangbang with trashy whore BJ is a party. Let’s smoke some crack and get into that filthy talk. My holes are so swollen and oozing with nigger cum. As a matter of fact I took on like ten big black niggers last night. These guys knew how to get me high and fuck the shit out of my holes.

Just now I was squatting over my biggest black dildo and covered it in that nigger spunk. I wanted to use it to lube up and push it into a little sissy bitchs ass. This little sissy slut here is my son and is about to get owned by mama.

Once I am done fucking my sissy son I have some of that nigga cock coming by.

Druggy Phone Sex

Sloppy wet pussy what pervs want with trashy druggy milf BJ

Sloppy wet pussy is what the men crave when they see me with at big black dick. The way I work and take all the BBC I can get at once will drive you crazy too. Worship Mistress BJ’s cunt  and lap up all tat creamy black cock cum up. These fucked holes brings all the perverts begging for a taste.

My best calls are the guys that want to clean out my well fucking and swollen cunt. It get really messy and gaped. All that messy creampie make some guys really go at it with their tongues licking deep in mama’s cunt. 

Honestly guys often want me to just piss all the cum into their mouths. Of course the many loads of jizz in my pussy will ooze and mix with that urine. Finally all of it a cocktail pouring into their mouths.

Maybe you should take my cum laden golden nectar too. For example let me shower you with body fluids from my stripper holes. Indeed this is gong to really make you jizz. Obviously I am a dirty milf stripper cunt that fucks a lot.

Sloppy wet pussy

Sloppy wet pussy a BBC Cum eaters Dream Mama BJ

Sloppy wet pussy from a BBC gangbang is what I have right now. But wait, I have even more… like a gaped out asshole from those big black cocks. My holes are a dirty little cum eaters dream feast. I love cucking little white bois and making them into BBC addicted cum dumps.

In the light of all the dick I have taken, and all that cum, you will certainly enjoy tasting it. My holes are really messy right now and if you could just see them. My pussy and asshole are dripping with gooey jizz. All I need right now is a good little cum eating cucky to lick me clean.

Finally I just hope I get the dirty cum eater that I am seeking today before it’s time for me to take some more of that beautiful black cock. Are you the cum eater mama BJ the trashy Milf needs?

sloppy wet pussy

Sloppy Wet Pussy of a Druggy Whore’s Ruined Cunt – Trashy BJ

The sloppy wet pussy of mine is what you will clean up. My pounded out cunt was destroyed by the BBC gangbang last night. I know what you are craving right now cum eating cuck.

Obviously you like to get good and high and be a filthy little cum dump like mama BJ. In fact you call me up craving to know that there a few of those black bull nigger dicks here for you to suck off. Maybe if your lucky even they will make you suck their big bull cocks clean.

Of course it is my cunt and ass that is the main focus here. Mama needs her holes licked and soothed after so many hours of being pounded out. Are you the cunt licker for mama BJ?

Sloppy wet pussy

Trailer Trash Whore BJ Fucks BBC for Two Days Straight

Trailer Trash Whore BJ Fucks BBC for Two Days Straight. This is exactly what happened on my two days off. Just like a good  whore. A good whore gets her holes used, and that is exactly what I got.  Yes, it’s true that my holes got fucked raw, gaping and swollen by BBC. And now mama BJ has a sloppy pussy for son to cum and eat out.

I have to say I was having the time of my life. Going to the strip club after my shift of calls was a great plan. I got to meet up with a Bachelor party of BBC at the strip club Wednesday night.

As it came to happen, these guys were off the hook for my hot trashy body. Evidently  these guys heard all about how well BJ knows how to handle the big black cock. Of course I had to fulfill the gossip I took all twelve of these guys on.

Firstly we started out in the VIP room. Once the club had to close and we needed to move to a hotel. We got a Motorlodge suite and banged through the next two days into the nights. The dealers hung in the parking lot. The liquor store and convenience store along with some fast food were next door. We had all we needed for the festivities to carry on.

Subsequently we had lines of blow filling our noses. Followed by shots or tequila and lime to fuel our nastiness. Meanwhile I consumed so much cum and piss. At one point even vomiting on the BBC that was gagging me. Of course Mama BJ just slurped it all up and continued to suck and fuck cock.

Trailer trash Whore BJ is ready for her sons tongue and cock

Finally, Mama BJ is home and messy now. Be a good boy for mama and be ready to give me a tongue bath. Clearly it is now the time to get your filthy fix. No need to wait to get this creampie on your face.

trailer trash whore

Gangbang Whore BJ Can Never Get Enough BBC Big Dick Sucker

As a Gangbang whore for BBC, I am always hungry for more. And a Big dick sucker is what I am and I sure do love a lot of cock. My prostitution days and being a stripper may be done.

But fucking for a few bucks and for my drugs will never stop. It’s BBC phone sex that makes the bucks mostly. However, of course I fuck at the parties and raise a few more bucks and drugs. It’s what a coked up cock whore for BBC does. It is all that I know after all!

True, this still makes me a prostitute I guess. Making men cum is my favorite thing. Well that is next to all those big nigger dicks that please me so well. 

So obviously when it comes to big dicks all I want to do is fuck, suck and cum all over them. Gangbangs for drugs, rent and spending money is always how I make a living now.

Gangbang Whore