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Trashy Milf BJ Loves a Creampie

I’m a Trashy Milf and happily embrace every part of being such. It’s exciting to have my son watch mama Bj getting banged by many big throbbing nigger cocks while smoking their crack. I’m a whore of conviction. It’s too bad not everyone gets into the filthy shit I am and in a way it’s great. I love to get all the action in my trailer park and all the young boys around want some of this too. I’m trashy, trampy, cum hungry panty soaking for that big black cock and it really is a black cock matters kind of thing for me. I just wonder if you can handle all that cum filled pussy and ass after so many guys pounding me. Can you get down and clean mama BJ up, pretty please.

Trashy Milf

Trashy Stripper Cum Filled Cunt

I’m a retired stripper. My tits are fake and my pussy and ass have been used hard. I have been throat fucked a million times and my lovers enjoy my cum filled cunt more than any other filthy whores. I’m the Queen of blowjobs and I live up to my name. I give the best down right filthy stripper sex and will do almost anything for drugs or drug money. I am trash and I am a cum dump. I am the dirty seedy street walker of the 90’s that would do anything for a grand. The whore in me needs the reckless libido you have to get off with. I am the answer to your filthy crack fueled and viagra enhanced night of jerking off. I am the lap dance that gives the happy ending, bareback and cum filled stripper cunt you crave in that filthy smoke filled mind of yours.

Cum filled cunt

Trashy Milf BJ Loves Anal Sex

Trashy Milf

Crack whore pimp mommy of the strip club is what makes me the trashy milf of my trailer park. I’m a foster mama to the off spring of junkie whores. I pimp their little junk addicted spawn out like they were being popped from a pez dispenser. These bratlings had no idea what was coming their way when they got in my whore house custody. Fuck they are just dumb addicts like their mama’s and that is just the road they will follow. I enjoy helping perverts get their fix at the expense of jail bait prostitutes. I run the sex trafficking trade in my hood and will take all the p daddies down with me if they even think to say a peep about the debauchery that goes on in my trailer.


Big Dick Sucker Whore BJ

There’s no reason for me to deny the fact that I am a Big dick sucker whore. Hell my name is BJ and that is kinda an earned pseudonym. It’s fitting for this trashy stripper cunt that loves servicing BBC. Big black cocks are amazing to get my bitch lips wrapped around. The feeling of a black cock, well any big fat fucking cock for that matter.. but the feel of it growing hard in my mouth is just the best feeling. I love working it nice and hard with my lips and tongue while stroking the base. I get it pulsatingly hard with my mouth and take it in my whore slit. My cunt has taken so many big fat cocks that there is a permanent stretched out gape going between my legs. Let’s see if you can stuff your hard cock in this gaping hole and feel the walls of my pussy.

Big dick sucker

Druggy Phone Sex Whore Loves Dick

I’m so fucking high right now and all I can think about is that black cock that just delivered. A druggy phone sex whore is what I am and I live for paying my dues for my fix with pleasing the BBC that comes with my crack delivery. I’m always testing out that rock when it’s a new batch and testing out those big dicks that are new to the gang. They know they get the best input and the best white whore cunt when they visit with BJ. I’m the gangs main hag for a quick release because this bitch takes no shit, and I give no fucking shit either. They deliver, I deliver and we all end up happy and carry on our ways. It’s just a thing we have as I have been serving their boss since my teens and he was my boss for years also. I was a teen stripper prostitute and got my start in the deep south. I’m a Midwestern corn raised dame from Iowa. I left home when I was young and took off out of the flatlands to the West coast and ended up down south later and now Eastern US is my home. These prostitution and drug rings are national and I always had my hook-up wherever I landed. So if you like a gal that’s been around then I’m the trashy slut you need.

Druggy Phone Sex

Creampie Phone Sex Stripper MILF

Yeah I am that creampie phone sex stripper milf you heard about. I’m the one that takes in young crack hoe offspring and turn them into good little whores. Meanwhile I am laying back spreading my legs and getting this sloppy snatch pounded into a sloppier gooier fucking mess. This cunt and ass is so full of cum and my cuckold hubby can just sit by and watch it get sloppier. You see he isnt allowed to fuck me, hell he ain’t even allowed to touch his wee wee. I have it caged and my son makes daddy suck his teen cock off after it’s dipped into mommy’s messy fuck holes. Are you going to be one of the big cocks that fuck me good and leave that creampie for my son to pound and my pathetic loaded hubby to clean? Or are you the pathetic hubby that gets to watch his trashy trailer whore wife take much more satisfying BBC? I bet you are dying to be y son who whacks off to me taking that dick and then gets to fuck mama’s cream holes. I have a sloppy wet pussy that needs to be fucked or cleaned and you can be a part of it or be the voyeur that gets humiliated by it.

Creampie phone sex

Trashy Milf Scatology of Chocolate

It was a sexy hot afternoon with this trashy milf when my son showed up with a case of hard cider and some candy bars. They were Baby Ruth candy bars and we got into the discussion about the Caddy Shack scene. It was a hot day and rightfully thought about taking a dip in the pool. We did some blow and downed some ciders and got pretty kinky. I had been fucking a few guys right before he came home. I had my ass and pussy filled with jizz and son decided to get really dirty with mama. He wanted to stuff a chocolate bar in my ass and have me push it out, covered in cum into his mouth and let him eat that cum coated Baby Ruth bar directly from my juicy brown cum filled asshole. That got me hot and I really couldn’t resist pumping my cunt with one of the chocolate logs and making it shit brown and messy. It was hotter than Satan’s butthole after eating a bowl of 10 degree Chili. Now this how things get in the Summer around my trailer.

Trashy Milf

Crack Whore Anal Orgy

Crack whore anal

 Every bad girl needs a good orgy.  I’m a crack whore anal sex fanatic that thrives on lots of drugging and fucking. I love cock. I love big black cocks penetrating, violating and fucking the shit out of my trashy cunt and ass. I will gobble down loads of hot jizz and take as many loads as I can and gargle that spunk into a mess of bubbles. I like it best when I am swapping the man goo with other cum junkies. You are a filthy cum junkie reading this blog right now, I know it. I bet you crave to feat on Aunt or Mommy BJ’s big nasty creampies. My ass dripping and oozing with mancream for a little faggot mouth of yours to lap up. I will put my feet on your head and pull your face deep inside this messy jizz filled cunt of mine. That’s right boy, clean mama BJ’s spunk holes up like a good boy.


Always Time For BBC Phone Sex

It’s just how I roll mother fucker and if you don’t like it take it outside. I’m all over the BBC phone sex cock and making little bitches like you take it down your little cock sucking throats for me. I love sharing that glass dick with a rock and a ft black cock with a dirty boy. I know that secret desire that comes out when you get high. You start craving to suck a big black dick and then you want more. More crack hits and that desire gets deeper. You see that’s just like me and my addiction to that taboo fucking. I love incest, a big ole nigger dick and some hot k-9 rocket. There’s always time to train you on BBC and you will be as addicted as me on that, I guarantee!

BBC Phone Sex

Fisting Whore Prostitute Foster Daughter

I have mentioned how I often find myself fostering some crack whores offspring. It’s common as I am essentially the mama of the strip club I’ve danced at for decades. I help the young girls out and it’s far too often many turn to crack and become addicts. Some get knocked up and continue their habit and having addicted offspring. Some are young mothers turning to stripping to make ends meet and other’s go straight into hooking and come dance to try getting away from that. It’s a circle. I am there always assisting. I will often be stuck with a couple young teens that need a home and guidance. I have to make ends meet as well. I have no shame playing pimp. This newest Foster daughter was a real handful and started stealing fro the club and from me. The only thing I could do is make her pay it all back. This is what happens when you steal from the Queen of this trailer park. Megan got just what she deserved. Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Fisting whore

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