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Highways, Truckers and Hot Stripper Sex

Hot stripper sex on the highway is what Trucker Tom got. I was caught in some Holiday weekend traffic on a rural narrow part of the highway where it was just two lanes and construction. We were at a standstill for at least 20 minutes. Next to me was a big rig with a fairly handsome driver. I was sitting there rubbing one out with my foot hiked up on my seat legs parted and my blouse open. I pulled out a tit and started rubbing at my nipple. I may as well give him a show I figured. I made sure he was watching as I went at my pussy and exposing my big stripper tits. He was certainly enjoying the show and making some lewd comments. Once traffic got to moving again we took to the shoulder once we got past the construction. I hopped up in his truck and blew that cock like the filthy hooker I am. He ate my pussy, we smoked some crack and fucked like rabbits as traffic flew by. It was the hottest fuck I’ve had since this whole quarantine has started. I think I might try being Highway hooker more it’s quite a rush.

Hot stripper sex

Trashy Milf Stripper For Daddy

One of the things I have done since my early teens was service men. I love cock and became a trashy milf stripper early in my life. I was an addict to may things, guess I have a addict personality. I love what I love and have little restraint. When I discovered I loved to suck cock between my daddy’s legs I was doomed. I started whoring and got into things that made me feel good. It was alcohol first in the early years since it was always around. I discovered cigarettes and loved puffing on them. The pot was awesome but I really got into all kinds of pharmaceuticals to make me feel good. I loved white crosses because I could keep up all night and be drunk. Later when I was owned by a pimp I got into crack rock and cocaine. I tried ice but didn’t care for it. mescaline was my love drug of desire but it’s become harder to come by. It was cum though that I craved allot when I was high. I craved to feel that cock in my pussy, my ass and to suck them off. I am an addict to all that is perceived as filthy and I am ok with that!

So this guy wanted what I had to offer but he wanted me young and to be daddy’s dirty little cock lover slut. I love it. I never have an issue with ageplay or the likes it’s enticing to be young again and taking cum like a filthy little whore. Daddy loved the creampies I brought home for him when I would be out Junky-ing around town. It was his thing to have his baby doll sit on his face with my gaping fucked holes dripping and oozing jizz out of them. I bet you want a filthy whore little girl to tease you about all the cocks that fucked your babygirls pussy.

Trashy Milf

BBC Sex Stories From a Stripper

The thing about BBC sex stories is that they are fucking hot! I’m never going to deny my love for big cocks and that BBC is really fucking exciting for me. I’ve been taking dick for money since my teens and I a a few decades past those days. I’ve been stripping near as long and I say I won’t ever give that up, but reality is, well… I do better at the strip club working the VIP room dedicated to the BBC. It became such a thing at the club that I am the Mistress of the room and I only let in a select few girls to join in the ass and pussy assault of that big throbbing thick nigger cock. I get requests from my clients for certain girls and if they really want it they pay good for it. I had this young blonde with a tight tiny body that one of my vip’s of the VIP room really wanted. He was a high roller and I talked to her about it. He was massive and she was still very inexperienced, in stripping and in fucking. She was a college girl down on her luck and needed the money. She was extremely shy at first but I trained her to let loose and got her hooked on crack. She hits that glass dick before going out on stage and she lets loose. This young thing was under my wing and she decided to try the BBC as long as I was there to help her with it. I felt like a mommy helping my young take her first big black dick. In a way I am. I am kind of the mama for these girls and also for the strung out ones’ little brats. The most amazing thing is helping that BBC stretch open a young tight hole.

BBC sex stories

Crack Whore Anal Pimp Mama BJ

Sometimes it’s a crack whore anal kind of week for this trashy trailer Milf. I have a few foster brats and my teen son home all the time now. I have to make them help out and service some big dicks. It’s just how things go around here and mama needs rent for this doublewide. I took the bratty fuck dolls back to my bedroom where there where a couple of mommy’s friends. These two guys had really big dicks and mama owed them money. So the only thing that would satisfy them is something fresh and new. I got these two sweet tight young pussies just the other day and I think their sweet little asses and cunts need a good welcome. I need to turn them into little prostitutes just like their new mama. I got them from a crack whore that was worried about their safety. Little did she know the things that they will have to do to earn their keep in my home. It’s always good to be a filthy trailer trash coke whore of a stripper. I have my dibs on young unwanted pregnancy offerings. I even get to take in a young preggo once in a while. They usually do real good for me. I’m a very entrepreneur kind of druggy ex stripper. I learned from the best. Street life was my life and now I am the warden to the needy and to the perverse.

Crack whore anal

Perversions of A Trashy Milf

This trashy milf is always a filth loving deviant. I’ve been in the sex industry before I was legally of “age”. I’m a little jaded and a whole fucking lot of experienced. Sometimes this stripper gets to play with dirty daddies who wish me to be their filthy little daughter and that gets me hot. I love to be the trashy young slut that I was some decades ago and quite enjoy the ageplay. I have the best times getting high and fucking, but don’t we all? I’m a kinky milf that can really let loose of that golden nectar on a filthy perverts cock, in his gaped ass that my BBC lovers fucked or in that hungry fucking mouth. I will make you be my bitch and be the bitch for my big nigger cocked lovers, and I will enjoy every second of it. You love to be my filthy cum filled ashtray and I love to watch those big black dicks fuck you into a gaping cum filled mess that I get to hose down with my golden stream of piss.

Trashy Milf

White Trash Phone Sex Stripper Milf

White Trash Phone Sex

This white trash phone sex whore ex stripper milf is ready for that throbbing dick. I was on a binge Friday night and all day Saturday. I binged on taboo sex and lots of fucking drugs. I got stoned, fucked, geeked and blasted out of my mind. I love to party hard and take all kinds of cock. This quarantine has some folks fucking off their rockers with the cabin fever and I got the keys to the strip club and texted a few VIP’s to come on down for some private fun. My son was bartending and mommy cunt tending between clients. I had the regulars and dealers pounding my trashy mommy holes til they gaped and oozed with jizz. I had my son taking his times in my pussy and keeping me going with that crack pipe, lines, and shots. It was one hell of an unholy and illegal bash for the Easter weekend, the way I like doing things. Going against every law and moral standard. I ain’t living if it ain’t taboo.

Trashy Milf

Trashy Milf Cum Dump

It all started at a young age for me and has only gotten more extreme. You know when you get that high and you can’t live without it, the adrenaline rush and every cell on your body is awakened? Well that’s how it is for me with fucking. I need it extreme. I need it Taboo. I need that high the way those extreme body builders need their steroids and body building morphs. The way those extreme sports fanatics need their fix with reaching the highest altitude and that feeling of such a high they thrive off of it. I need that high. I achieve that with my drugs and the cock I take. I have tried some really insane things that you really should not try yourself. One of the things is to take two BBC’s in my ass while I am fisted in my pussy by someone with a rather large hand. I’m talking some massive ass gaping action there and yeah I take some crushed up ex in my ass first, add a little of that desensitizing lube and oh how the ass can really stretch. I have had my share of rather large sized beast cocks also and let me tell ya, I am wrecked by that shit, all of it. Small and average sized cocks just can’t do it for me, and hoenestly never really have since many years.

Trashy Milf

BBC Phone Sex Fantasy MILF Stripper

Many white guys get hard watching that nigger cock fucking a hot white chick. If those BBC phone sex fantasies turn you on and you love it dirty like Little Dave does then you best call the trashiest trick in the trailer park for that down and dirty fucking. I’m a trashy mama that has been stripping since I was able to get a fake ID. I had ok tits back then but it didn’t matter because I was hot Y. You know hot little trashy fucking jailbait? Little Dave took me under his wing back then and gave this trailer trash a place since I ran away from my cramped shithole apartment with an alcoholic mother. Fuck I didn’t change too much from her except I took to working the streets then the strip clubs. I gained an addiction and started putting out for the crack dealers that came by the club. They all loved that I was a hot piece of white girl ass. I got myself some big ole fake titties in my twenties when one of my clients sent me down to Mexico to get them done. If you are looking for a trashy Milf that loves BBC and making little dicks pulsate and squirt talking about it then you best give me a call.

BBC phone sex

Hot Stripper Sex Means Lots Of Cum

When your mamma is a trashy whore and hot stripper sex is how you were conceived then what does one expect? I have a son and a couple of dirty little cum whore foster daughters. These little sluts in the making were recently granted to me due to their stripper/ hooker mother being an addict and unable to provide for them. I was a long time co-worker of hers and she made me their god mother. I had no choice than to bring them into my home and raise them to be little whores. You see they have to pay their keep and the only way these little brats will be able to earn anything is to be my personal little hookers to pimp out. My guys are always in store for some tight little cherries to pop and holes to destroy so game on!

Hot Stripper Sex

Freaky Phone Sex Midget Fucking

Freaky phone sex

Freaky phone sex  is what i love best! I had a midget at the club last night and he and some of his dwarf friends wanted to party. I had never had a midget/ dwarf cock before. It was exciting for me. It was hot to have 3 midgets bang me with their surprisingly big cocks. I have been fucking for over 3 decades and man oh man this gang bang with three midgets was fucking hot. These little bodies with nice fat and hard fucking dicks protruding from them like pussy searching divining rods was damned near the hottest fun ever. These guys knew how to please a hot stripper. I felt like an amazon standing over them as they begged me for my golden showers on their dicks. I had the best fucking time with these guys.

Hot Stripper Sex

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