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BBC Sex Stories of One Sexy Crack Whore

If you may have noticed I have been missing in action for a couple of weeks. I went to dose up on vitamin BBC sex stories and some beach time. Enjoying the sea and sand I was soon in for a real big surprise. As it were the beach had these fresh off the boat BBC’s roaming about.

I am the sexy crack wore one was calling me a sexy Banana. That made me laugh and he didn’t know very much more English and laughed and continued to say it. I found it sweet and showed him my cunt. I spread my legs as I was already topless. This guys banana was big and boy was he getting hard for some white pussy.

I went with him and a couple of other guys and the four of us did some blow and they too what they needed from me. I gladly gave it up spreading my legs and letting those big island niggers fuck my crack whore pussy, ass and mouth.

BBC sex stories

Trashy Milf Stripper Cunt Druggy

Trashy Milf stripper cunt druggy really does sum up all that I embody. It’s my life to get high and fuck all the black cocks I can get at. I live to get high and turn tricks. Growing up on the streets really brought me to what I am now. That is a truly dirty crack whore that craves the BBC. Working the circuit of strip clubs as a special service kind of gal was something I started ages ago.

Just the other day I was invited out to a two week trip out to the keys. Seems I will be performing for lots of bbc fresh from abroad. I’ll be part of the special Welcumming committee. Likely a couple of other gals from the Gold Club line of Adult entertainment.

It’s great for me to really embrace these BBC’s and show them they are appreciated. All I want is to be fucked into oblivion by big black cocks.

Trashy Milf


Toilet Sex with a Trashy Stripper

Trashy Stripper BJ knows how to get filthy and hot with some Toilet sex. Push my big bare tits against the wall and finger bang the fuck out of my cunt wile being pushed against the urinal. Telling me to piss in the Urinal as this cunt gets banged. Slam that big cock inside my cunt from behind. That’s right get down and eat my ass out too. I am the trashy stripper whore that kneel before you and be your urinal. Piss on my tits and down my throat.

I once had a client that hired me to shit on his hooker date’s face while he banged her. In fact he paid me to make it a show and had an audience. I was merciless with this little fucking crack head cheap hooker. Best part was his cock pissing inside her after he came all over her whore face mixed with my cocaine shits.

Toilet sex

Golden Showers Sex One Night Stand

As an drunk off my ass stripper chilling at the bar post set, I get approached with all kinds of propositions. I accept most of them without a thought. And Golden Showers Sex is certainly a popular one when drunk. The ones I don’t accept is usually that the guy wouldn’t even be able to walk out of the joint much less enjoy my filthy company.

So I was getting completely pissed and searching for my cocaine connection. My normal guy was away for a bit and my other guys had been out of town or down sick. So I was looking for some of the regulars around the club. I was lucky while I waited that one of the patrons had a bit on him. He wanted a little trade. He wanted me to piss on his face while I snorted lines off of his six pack, then let him piss on my stripper tits.

This was certainly right up my alley and I told him I had to piss like a beast, and we all know that he got more than he bargained for!

Golden Showers Sex

Cum Guzzling Slut and Blowjobs for BBC

You know I became a great giver of BJ’s at a young age. The name stuck with me I was Bobbi Jo but we can just say Blow jobs is what I stand for. I can be the nastiest cum guzzling slut out there with the love I have for thick sperm loads of jizz. So it makes it obvious that my favorite is big black cocks. BBC. I enjoy the size weight and of course the load size from those nigger dicks.

My favorite thing is to have my tits ass and face covered in cum. Smoking my cigars and rubbing that jizz in my pussy while on the phone with my pimp telling him I need another 5 BBC’s and an eight ball to get me motivated today. It’s fucking cold out and the only snow I want part of is the snow that goes up my nose.

I hear a knock at my door now, think the delivery is here.

Cum guzzling slut

Big Dick Sucker For BBC

Some things really can’t be changed, and that is why I am still a Big dick sucker for that Big black dick. Cum guzzling and taking big nigger dicks in every fuck hole is this cock whores favorite way to be.

The other day we had a little celebration at the trailer park. It was an community thing and boy did I get some new neighbors. I have a crack house trailer two doors down that has five big nigger dick males living there. Three of them are teens and the other two are a father and Uncle to these teen black cocked boys. Of course mama is around but mama is busy working the white men over with her whore cooch for cash games.

I got to finally meet them with this little gathering and these five BBC men really became fond of this big titted trashy whore of the trailer park. I managed to get it on with all of them.

Big dick sucker

Trashy Milf BJ Takes Cock Bareback

Bareback me and fill me with cum. This is what a trashy milf like me loves. Lot’s of pussy, ass and mouth pumping and filling me up. I am a trashy gangbang whore that craves bukkake and I expect to take lots of it. Most white guys are too small, I said most, and well frankly black men are mostly all hung. I say most there as well, I had a little dicked black man once.. acted and big and thought that loving black cock was my thing. He missed the big factor. I laughed at him and brought in another brother to show him what a true BBC was and how he needed to be shamed. This pathetic fuck became my bitch boi a pathetic creampie eater with a big wallet and small dick. I had my uses for him, his bank account and clean up services. lol

Trashy Milf

Trashy Milf Fucks BBC Over the Phone

It’s not everyday that a guy gets to hear a trashy milf get fucked while on a call. Well, on some days when I have been partying all night, this just might happen. The reality is I am a druggy whore that is addicted to more than drugs. It’s that big nigger cock that can really make me want more, non stop fucking.

It’s the truth, in that my drug fixes feed into the cock cravings. The cock cravings are for big black cocks. The craving is to make this pussy and ass stretch and feel fucking great. I’m a horny addicted whore and won’t be slowing down baby cum get me and lets get dirty and high.

Whipping away at this pussy while I watch the maintenance man fix my sink is making me really get that feeling. The uncontrollable feeling for a hard pounding. I would say, by sizing him up, this one has got to be one great fuck for me….

Trashy Milf

Hot Stripper Sex For a Gangbang Party

Today’s phrase is Gangbang and who does a gangbang better than a whore. It’s all about hot stripper sex and gangbangs to be exact! A stripper works off the clock entertaining a clients bachelor party. Paid well shows up and is the center of attention. The married man to be will not get first dibs on this stripper pussy. He will get the final dibs on the dipping and dripping.

It’s amazing how many types of guys get into that filthy whore creampie. The married man to be or Bachelor for a final night… well he got his dream of fucking a whore’s creampie of all of his big black cocked friends cum. This was fucking hot.

This was fifteen bbc cocks fucking and pounding the fuck out of my holes and filling me up. White man with a decent cock gets to feel the mess. He was letting his filthy cravings out. He was sucking BBC and taking them too. Something tells me this guy won’t be showing up at that alter!

Hot Stripper Sex

Anal Sex Whore BJ Get’s Ass Pounded Out

This trailer will be rocking and vibrating pretty hard when I’m being an Anal sex whore. The fact is that gangbangs are always happening at my place. Sometimes it isn’t me getting banged out though. I am always boarding crack whore sluts that run away and become addicted.

But when I am having my good times and lighting up that crack pipe it’s all going down and hard. I will be getting all of my BBC guys over and letting them have their way. They love to use this ex stripper white girl cunt as a BBC fuck doll. I get off on that so hard and the higher I get the harder I fuck.

When that massive 12 inches starts to slide in my whore ass I am lubed up and anticipating the initial bit of shock then bam right into pure back the fuck up on that black cock and fucking back. My hole gets so damned juicy and gaped. I will start taking those big nigger cocks in every hole and becoming that gangbanged ass flowering good times.

Anal Sex Whore