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BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexI have a secret love for bbc phone sex. I am not like an exclusive black cock whore. I love all kinds of cocks. Variety is the spice of life, but I fucked this black dealer last night to score some coke. O M G. His cock was huge. It was hard to swallow it all and I think I have some awesome cock sucking skills. He made me work for my weekend party supplies too. He said he had a thing for blonde whores who party. Before I tried to swallow his cock, I had to snort a line off his dick. Let us just say that was the longest line of coke I have ever snorted. His cock was almost 13 inches long. He was hard to swallow even for a big dick sucker like me. He took a few pictures of the blonde whore gagging on his anaconda and shared it on his snap chat. Before long he had friends coming over to share the party girl’s holes. I could not say no. I wanted that coke. I wanted those big black cocks too. I needed their cum. Sometimes, a girl just needs to be treated like a whore. And no one treats me more like the whore I am than a black man.

BBC Phone Sex Loving Whore


bbc phone sexDo you enjoy BBC phone sex? I know you can tell I do from my photos and blogs. It is no secret that I love big black cocks. Now, I am just a whore, so I fuck plenty of white dick too. I met this white guy at the Piggly Wiggly who wanted to fuck. I thought, why not. He was not ugly, and his body type suggested he was likely endowed. Once we were fucking, the BLM protests came up. Why would you bring up politics while fucking a broad is beyond me, but he was the one who opened the can of worms. I told him I do not discriminate and think they have a right to protest. He tossed me off his cock so fast my head spun around. He started calling me a nigger loving whore and demanded to use my shower so he could wash my dirty juices off his cock. While this racist piece of shit was in the shower, I texted my trailer park neighbor Antonio. He is a black bull with a foot-long cock. By the time, my racist piece of shit hook-up gone wrong was out of the shower, I was bouncing on Antonio’s big black dick. I told him this trailer trash whore loved big black dicks. The look on his face was priceless. Antonio’s cock was more than twice his size. This racist asshole was mesmerized as he watched my old cunt slide up and down a foot long cock. He went from appalled to awed pretty damn quickly. So, I made him a black cock faggot. Antonio pulled his wet dick out of my pussy and shoved it in the loser’s mouth. I made sure to take lots of pictures. I saw the ring on his finger. I checked his wallet while he was in the shower. I knew who he was, where he worked and where he lived. I told him if he did not make a sizeable donation to the BLM group and suck my dirty cunt juices off Antonio’s big black dick, everyone would know what a nigger loving faggot he really was. It was fun to turn the tables on the dude. My guess is the ones making the biggest racist stink have the smallest white dicks and are  just jealous of what the black man can do for the white woman.


Selling Pussy In A Vegas Brothel

black stripper sex
My first experience with a legal brothel in Vegas was too scandalous to write home about. I went out to a ranch that had 6 other girls. We all were prostitutes. Guys would come out to the ranch and pick which one of us they liked. We would go back and fuck in a lavishly decorated VIP room. Most of the men were 6 figure ballers. We made a lot that weekend sucking and fucking. Of course our pimp collected a share of our money we made selling pussy. But the ranch was so exquisite I felt just excited to be there. We had free lodging and meals. Tanning and hair and make-up team keeping us looking good. So if you ask me how the brothels are in Vegas I’ll say come out and let me show you what this mouth do. I may sell pussy on a ranch but I’m the most popular hooker on these streets. I’ll fuck any man I meet for the right price.

Silvia’s BBC Phone Sex


I’m sitting here thinking about BBC phone sex and I’m getting so fucking wet. I am sure I’ll leave a wet spot in the chair I’m sitting in, but oh well. My white man servant will clean up after me later. He LOVES cleaning up after me, especially after I’ve been fucked by a big black cock and have a juicy black creampie in my pussy. And I love talking down to him and degrading him the whole time he does it. That’s the only time I will let him near my pussy. It’s too perfect to be fucked by a tiny white nub like he has.
And yes, he does get down on his knees and suck cock for me sometimes. He resisted doing it at first, but now he loves it. I do still force his head down on that monster chocolate dick sometimes just because I like to do it. It makes me happy when he gags and his eyes start to water. Oh, and the first time he got fucked was spectacular. He just kept whining about how much it hurt. And the more he whined and cried, the more I laughed at him. Do you wanna hear more about how much I love big black cock? Just call me.

BBC Sex Stories From a Stripper

The thing about BBC sex stories is that they are fucking hot! I’m never going to deny my love for big cocks and that BBC is really fucking exciting for me. I’ve been taking dick for money since my teens and I a a few decades past those days. I’ve been stripping near as long and I say I won’t ever give that up, but reality is, well… I do better at the strip club working the VIP room dedicated to the BBC. It became such a thing at the club that I am the Mistress of the room and I only let in a select few girls to join in the ass and pussy assault of that big throbbing thick nigger cock. I get requests from my clients for certain girls and if they really want it they pay good for it. I had this young blonde with a tight tiny body that one of my vip’s of the VIP room really wanted. He was a high roller and I talked to her about it. He was massive and she was still very inexperienced, in stripping and in fucking. She was a college girl down on her luck and needed the money. She was extremely shy at first but I trained her to let loose and got her hooked on crack. She hits that glass dick before going out on stage and she lets loose. This young thing was under my wing and she decided to try the BBC as long as I was there to help her with it. I felt like a mommy helping my young take her first big black dick. In a way I am. I am kind of the mama for these girls and also for the strung out ones’ little brats. The most amazing thing is helping that BBC stretch open a young tight hole.

BBC sex stories

I Love Being A Hoe

Black stripper sex
I get so wet when I fuck random men I meet on the street corner. I have become your favorite hoe. Every weekend you know I’m going to be out on the corner and you can’t wait to hit this pussy again. I always wear them stockings and heels you like. I send you sexy photos when I’m getting ready so you know when to come pick me up. I sometimes bring another hot girl with me. And we do a two for one special. There are no limits to how freaky I will get. I will let all your homeboys fuck me too. I like having them run at train on me. One time I fucked five guys in a row. My pussy was so sore afterwards that it was hard to walk. I am a whore with no shame. I will fuck married men and when their wife is calling on their cell phone looking for them. I will keep fucking on they mans.

Carmel Likes It Rough

Black stripper sex I’m so horny tonight. I just want to fuck you again. You were my favorite cock. The size was incredible. Haven’t been able to get satisfied by these other men. I remember that night you took me back to your place and was fucking me so good I could barely walk afterwards. My pussy gets wet just remembering all the good times we had together. Please fuck me like that again I want to be filled with your cum. I want it dripping out of my pussy. And I will moan as you slide that big dick I’m and out of me. I just want to roleplay with you again. You say you want to handcuff me to the bed and treat me like your little slave. I love being told what to do. I just get ever more what when you call me your little black bitch. Keep fucking me hard and smacking my ass. I want you deep inside of me and making me cum all over that dick. Tell me I’m the best little slave you ever had. I just want to fuck you all the time.

Carmel Likes Wild Sex

black stripper sex I never hold back my feelings towards someone I want. No matter the circumstances. You met me in the club on a friday night. I was wearinng a skimpy little stripper outfit. I came over to your table to keep you company.You said there was a reason you couldnt take me home that night even though I was the hottest stripper you ever saw. You told me your girlfeind didnt know you were here and you didnt want to risk her finding out. I said well if we cant go back to your place lets at least fuck in the vip room. I can show you a much better time than she can. You got a lttle tipsy and were easy to persuade you took me back to the private room and tipped me very well. I got down on my hands and knees and arched my back while you fucked me hard. My pussy is too juicy and tempting for these tricks.

BBC sex stories of a Tranny Whore

BBC sex stories

I have been a very bad shemale slut! I have a few BBC sex stories but my most recent is a doozy! I am working down in the red light district. I guess you can say I’m an essential worker helping my blue-collar boys get those dicks off with a tranny crack whore. I really love burly men who never knew they needed a chick with a dick before they got a hold of my fine ass! Now Jerald is a pimp down here and the only time I associate with him is when he has some of that good go-go juice. I sell my ass just fine on my own! But tonight I just needed his big Black dick and told him as much as I smoke my glass dick in the back of his Trap house. I wanted him to ream my ass out. All this stay at home bullshit cramping my style. I needed a white boy ass to pop his cherry or to be used like the druggy lady boy I am. It took no time for that nigger to get his big trouser snake out and test my dick sucking skills, I would have thought I was auditioning for his whore squad. I did show him that I have a deep throat set of skills that will make even the blacked and biggest cock give me a big cum load. I don’t remember how I got on top all I remember is him tearing my ass open and me squealing like a little pig as he fucked my tight tranny ass and filled me with so much cum, it was leaking down my legs as I walked home. I would love to know how I could bring BBC into our shemale phone sex roleplays tonight baby!  

Carmel Needs Dick

black stripper sex I have to get some cock tonight. I’m known for walking the streets as a nasty prostitute. It isn’t always about money or drugs for me I just need some dick. Guys love how good I am at sucking cock. I can deep throat like a champ. Nothing is more satisfying than meeting up in a sleazy motel so I can get fucked from behind and my hair pulled. I have such an obsession with men who are 9 inches or better. I’ll take all the cock I can get. Doesn’t matter to me if the whole block knows how I have spent the whole weekend sucking and fucking someone else’s boyfriend. I’m proud to be a whore. It’s so much more fun when you don’t give a fuck about being a prostitute. I never wanted to be anything else but the sleaziest hooker in town and everyone knows me name. Let’s see how much dick I’ll be taking in the ass tonight.

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