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BBC Sex Stories I Might Have a Lot To Share with You

bbc sex storiesA trashy blonde whore can tell some BBC sex stories. In honor of 4.20 day, I went to the truck stop to get some weed. Of course, I wanted some coke too. Nobody gets better coke or weed than black truck drivers. Although Big D did not come through town last night, he CB’d this younger black trucker that I would fuck and suck for some good shit. So, when my skanky ass walked through the truck bays, Trayvon came looking for me. However, he did not appear alone.

I love it when a trucker brings a pal with him. The more the merrier for me. Devan accompanied Trayvon to learn the ropes. And I guess that training included tag teaming a druggy porn star. As I snorted some primo coke and puffed on some good ganja, those two black studs railed my ass and pussy. I could feel two big full ball sacks slapping against my ass at once.

Happy 4/20 Day with Weed and Big Black Cocks

Huge young black cocks snaked deep inside my fuck holes. Hell, I think they hit some spots that no one has ever found, LOL. I mean I felt like my body experienced an earthquake. All of me quivered. Perhaps, they found that elusive G-spot. I get a lot of big black cock. But it is not often I get two at once. This did not appear to be their first time sharing a mature whore.

When their cocks appeared drained dry, I brought them back to life with my oral skills. Like Mick Jagger sings, I can make a dead man cum. I am that good. And I did not care that their cocks looked coated in my cunt and ass juice. I wanted more BBC phone sex fun. So, I pumped those big black cocks back to life. And got tag teamed some more. By the time I got home, I smelled like a gang bang porn star. But what a great smell. And what a great way to spend 420 day.

Lot Lizard Sex Whore Beverly Welcomes New Trailer Park Teens

lot lizard sexEven a lot lizard sex whore appreciates young cock. I mostly hustle my ass down at the truck stop so I can pick up big black cocks and party. But when it comes to jailbait cock, I do not need to leave the house. How lucky am I that a school bus stop is in front of my trailer. All the local boys and girls know me. But one of the glorious things about trailer park living, is all the new meat that comes through. Young meat too.

I looked out at the bus stop this morning and saw about 4 new boys and girls I have never seen before. One boy and girl appeared to be siblings too. A black boy and his sister ready for their first day of a new school. I hollered out at them, and some of the older boys and girls said hi to the trashy milf they love so much. I could tell the pair seemed nervous, so Johnny, a seasoned teen stud who I have fucked for years, brought them to my trailer for a proper introduction.

Trailer Park Living Comes with Many Perks

I love young cock and pussy. Add in the young cock and pussy are black too, well I am in heaven. Johnny got things going for me when he pulled out his cock. I went down like the Titanic and began sucking his teen cock. The new boy I eyed appeared to be a quick study because he pulled his young black cock out for me. He slapped my face while I fingered his sister’s bald cunt. Nothing sweeter than a chocolate cunnie. I licked my fingers to confirm what I already knew.

Johnny stepped away and let the newest teens on the block get the trailer trash whore treatment. I ate the girl’s pussy while her brother fucked my ass. With every thrust in my asshole, my tongue went deeper into her bald chocolate cunt. Brought back memories of when my son and daughter were their age. If I can stay home and the big black dicks cum to me, I may never leave my trailer again. Hopefully I welcomed the newest trailer park residents appropriately. There are perks to living in a trailer community.

BBC sex Stories From Bobbie’s New BBC friend

BBC sex stories are hot. Especially when you hear a big black cock tell you how it is from his perspecitve. His big, black cock is a sight to behold. It stands at an impressive 13 inches long and thick as a soda can when fully erect. The head is large and veiny, with a slight curve that adds to its intimidating appearance. The shaft is smooth and glistening with precum, inviting others to touch it or take it deep inside them.

BBC phone sex A lot of guys often watch him fuck their girls with envy in their eyes, wishing they could experience the raw power of his huge cock for themselves. Some even offer to suck on it themselves, eager for even just a taste of the pleasure he is providing their partners. As he thrust into my tight warm pussy, creating wet slapping sounds that echo through the room, the other guys around can’t help but be drawn in watching him ram my cunt with that big black cock They will watch us together like it’s some sort of museum exhibit.

The girls he’s been with often comment on how unique his cock would feel inside them; it stretches them wider than any other man they’ve been with yet still fills them up completely. They moan around his shaft as if it were an extension of their own bodies, begging for more as he pounds into them without mercy. It’s not uncommon for me to hear whispers about wanting to feel me inside themselves too, even though they know better than to act on such desires in public settings like these parties or gatherings where we find ourselves engaging  the most. Despite this taboo attraction towards each other, there exists a strange bond between us all – one fueled by lust and curiosity but also tainted by shame and secrecy – that keeps us coming back for more night after night under the cover of darkness

BBC Phone Sex Whore Deanna Sucks Big Black Cocks

Oh fuck, the hottest BBC phone sex? Well I know the hottest big black cock I ever had in my mouth was at this wild house partyBBC phone sexlast summer. It belonged to this guy named Marcus – he must have been at least 14 inches long and as thick as my wrist! He was one of those guys who just oozed confidence and sex appeal; you could tell he knew exactly how much power he held over women like me.

We snuck off into a spare bedroom where we couldn’t be disturbed, and before I even got on my knees to start sucking that monster king size chocolate bar off like it was my job. He pulled out his massive thick oozing cock and slapped it against my face. “Take it all in,” he growled, giving me an order that sent shivers down my spine.

And so I did: opening wide enough for him to fit every inch inside my mouth while still taking deep breaths through my nose. His skin was smooth yet rough against mine as I bobbed up and down on him like a proverbial hoe trying desperately not to gag on all that delicious meat. Although he liked the gagging and was super hard the few times I couldn’t help but choke on that big black

As if reading my mind (or maybe just sensing how far gone I already was), Marcus grabbed a handful of my hair and started guiding my head up and down his shaft, grunting with pleasure each time I took more of him into my throat.

It felt like he was fucking me from the inside out – which was exactly what I wanted! My cheeks hollowed as I tried to take even more of him in; every now and then, he’d pull back just enough for me to catch a breath before pushing forward again.

I was ready for him to explode in my mouth. Hoping I could call everyone up to watch me tak his big fat load in t

Druggy Phone Sex Prostitue Loves Draining Balls

Druggy Phone Sex sessions are my favorite kind of fun. As a nigger dick loving whore nothing goes better together. Crack, cocain and cock.

Ultimately being a part of a gangbang while getting high is how I like to party. More black cock, more white powder, and more thick creamy jizz. All for me is how I want it. Yes I am a greedy cum dump for all that black dick cum.

When I get completely wasted and high, all I want to do is fuck. Explicitly, I fuck nigger dicks and let my husband watch. In fact He loves to get me my blow and even allows the BBC to stay at the house he got me. 

Coincidently, as a stripper that did the BBC in the back rooms I met my husband. He is rich and wanted to buy me everything. I fucked him to get pregnant. Then my son and him are enjoying me being taken and owned black. 


Druggy Phone Sex

BBC Phone Sex Deanna is a Sucker For The Big Black Cocks

BBC phoBBC Phone Sex has shown me I’m a slave for big black cocks,  I sure do love them! There’s something about the thickness and girth that just makes me crave it. Whenever I see a well-endowed sexy brother at a party, my pussy gets all wet and my mouth starts watering. And you know what? I don’t even care if they’re married or taken – as long as their dick is huge, it belongs in my slut holes!

I mean, there was this one time at the last house party where this dude pulled out his massive meat stick and started grinding against me on the dance floor. At first, I thought he was joking around until he whipped it out and shoved it right down my throat! It was so fucking hot choking on all that dark meat while feeling every inch of him stretching my tight little throat. And let me tell ya’, when he finally came inside me, it felt like warm honey filling up my belly button – so damn good!

Another time at a club banger with some friends from work; we were all getting turnt up when this fine brotha approached our table with his monster cock straining against his pants. Without hesitation (or any kind of introduction), he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me into the bathroom stall where we didn’t have much space but who needs privacy when you got an animalistic craving for black dick? He barely fit through those tiny stall doors but once he did… oh man…it felt incredible taking every single inch of him n …down my throat.

I could feel his balls slapping against the back of my head as he pounded away, filling me up with every last drop of his cum. It was messy and hot as fuck – just how I like it! And you know what? Afterward, we went right back out onto the dance floor like nothing happened. That’s how much of a slut I am for those big black cocks!

Anal cum dumpster Carrie is selling that hole for fun!

Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster Carrie is selling that hole for fun! I know you can’t resist my tight body and my insatiable craving for that sweet, sweet crystal meth. And I know that you’re just itching to get a taste of my hot, wet holes.

You know what I need, Daddy? I need that good stuff. That crystal meth that makes me feel like I’m on top of the world, ready to take on any dick that comes my way. And I know you’re more than willing to help me get it. Because you know what comes with that sweet meth? Me. Ready to be your little fuck puppet.

I bet you’re already salivating at the thought. Seeing me on my hands and knees, my ass up in the air, just waiting for you to fill it with your hard, throbbing cock. You love watching me take every inch of that BBC, feeling it stretch me open while I scream in ecstasy. And don’t worry, Daddy, I know you’re not just gonna leave it at that. You’re gonna make sure I get my fill of those dark, thick, manly cocks. You’re gonna line them up and watch as I wrap my lips around each and every one, taking them in deep and swallowing every thick, creamy load.

I love feeling your cock slide out of my tight little hole and straight into my waiting mouth. I don’t care if it’s been in my pussy or my ass, I’ll lick it clean and beg for more. And you get to watch it all, Daddy. You get to see your little meth whore getting fucked hard and dirty by a bunch of big black dicks.

So come on, Daddy. Let’s make this happen. Let’s get that meth and get me all hot and horny for some wild and dirty BBC phone sex. I guarantee you won’t find anyone else like me, ready and willing to fulfill your every twisted fantasy. Because I am Carrie, the hot methed whore, and I am here to please.


Creampie slut ends up drenched in piss and high

It is easy to be a Creampie slut. But sometimes when I party hard with some nasty freaks, I get a full warm golden shower. My dealer dropped me a baggie of my favorite nose candy. “Let’s party baby” I said since I was taking the night just to party and play. We did a few lines of blow and it got me hot and horny. Therefore, I started to undress. My dealer and I fuck often. We do sex parties together.

So, it doesn’t surprise him seeing my body. Actually, it makes his big black cock rise. He pulled my camera out and started filming me. “Shake that ass for the camera,” he says. Since I am high and blown, I shake it and spread it for him. He takes his finger and rubs my asshole with blow. It right away makes my rose bud numb. My hooker pussy always gets wet and gooey when he rubs blow on my ass. Then I get on my knees and right away suck his big dick.

Creampie slut

It gets big and hard, and I am ready to get fucked. His cock starts to leak pre-nut and I just bend over. He keeps filming as he starts to ram his BBC in my ass. “You asshole swallows my cock so well” he moans out while holding the camera and fucking me hard. I just do more blow and rub my clit. It doesn’t take much for me to squirt and just drop to the ground.

“I need more rails to get my energy up” I say as he keeps fucking me. Big black cock started to pump semen inside me, and he filmed the whole thing. After he pulled his cock out he said “i need to drain my bladder” he laughs. Then starts pissing all over me showering me until he was empty. “Wow you are still a hot Trailer trash whore pissy and wet” he compliments me before we do more blow.

BBC phone sex cheating whore wife for white master

BBC phone sexBBC phone sex cheating whore wife goes wild when the dealer cums over!  So wild that Told my husband I had an interview for a new Position out of town so I could have a train run on me for My master. 

My husband has no clue that I am a submissive milf to a powerful Alpha who likes me being a bbc cum dump. My husband likes me being a creampuff slut, why shouldn’t my Master like the same? Wife, Mistress and BBC all rolled into one.  My master loves hearing me beg for a big black cock. He makes me do things I never thought possible like cum with just my asshole being pounded by a huge BBC! 

BBC phone sex cheating whore wife goes wild

Master has me in a motel room waiting for a train of big Negro dick. This man always has his whore wanting more of him! I love white dick too, but a white man having me be a BBC gangbang whore for him has me on my knees sucking his cocaine covered cock! Spoiled by a Master who keeps my hoes fed by Big black dicks is the most amazing life. My husband knows about some of my cheating ways, but he doesn’t know everything. And with this Master, My husband better be careful. He might just lose me and make me his slave for the best BBC gangbangs around. 

I’m addicted to this lifestyle and I don’t want to leave. I’m willing to give it all up for this BBC gangbang Master, and I’m not looking forward to going home. I just might call my whore mother and teen stepdaughter to fly up here and be nasty whores with me! Wouldn’t that just be the BBC icing on my creamy pussy

BBC Phone Sex Requires a BBC Faggot to Clean Up My Messy Cunt

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex makes me so horny. I love talking to bbc faggots. And I get those kinds of calls every day. Tiny dick white men see me with these big black cocks and get greedy and weak. They want them all for themselves. I get it. Big black dicks harness a special appeal and power. My ex-husband left me because of all the black cock I got on the side. I tried to cuckold him, but he had no interest. Too bad I did not marry you right?

I met a new man recently. Although I knew he was not fuck material, a girl needs to eat right? We have gone on a few dates. But I quickly figured him out. He just asked me too many questions about some of the black men in my social media pictures. Now, I am clothed in all of them. My social media presence is all PG. But this guy did not ask about all the pics of me and my daughter and son.

I Know a BBC Faggot When I See One

He only asked me about the black men. Wanted to know the biggest black cock I ever took and things like that. Well, I am full of bbc sex stories. So, I shared some. And the more I talked about those black bull dicks, the more interested he seemed. I talk to BBC faggots all day long. And they ask similar questions and show the same sort of interest in my stories.

So, I decided to test out my theory. I invited him over last night. And Big D was there too. Simon only had eyes for Big D. I don’t think he even said hello to me, LOL. He beelined straight to Big D, fell to his knees and begged to worship his huge bull cock. I knew it!!! Now Big D has no gay or bi tendencies. But he is very dominant and loves to shame loser white boys. So, he whipped out his huge dick and slapped Simon in the face.

Face It, You Want That Superior Black Meat Too

But Simon loved it. Turns out he is quite the big dick sucker too. Although he gagged and drooled on Big D’s monster meat, he took most of him in his mouth. But the cum, Big D saved for my shaved cunt. He stuffed me full of his creamy seed. And guess what? Yep. Simom nosed dived between my legs to lick up all that superior seed. Looks like I finally have a little white boy cuckold in my life. Are you jealous?