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Nice guys finish last

cum eating phone sex

I had a guy once be so smitten with me he would do everything in his power to make me smile. I, of course, never paid him any mind. I don’t really like submissive men. I like men who will take over and show me what a nasty whore I am. After an atrocious date, I agree with going back to his place to have a drink, and once I would be done, Id goes my merry way. I was quite the guest because both his roommates were all horned up at just my presence. I was pleasantly surprised his roommates were actually handsome and interesting.

My date ended up spilling some liquor all over him. I think he was all jittery and nervous with me around. While he was away getting cleaned up in the shower, I acquainted with his roommates. I got on my knees like the perfect cum eating phone sex slut and ended up deep throating and swelling those loads. My date had no clue.

BBC Phone Sex Cuckolding

bbc phone sexI am full of BBC phone sex stories. I love black cock and I make no apologies for it either. I was entertaining a hung black fellow last night in my trailer when this junkie white dude showed up. He busted right into my trailer looking for some coke. He saw me blowing a black man and called me a race traitor and a nigger loving whore. That shit dose not fly with me. I mean yeah, I am a nigger loving whore, but I was not letting some white tweaker loser call me names in my own trailer and neither was my black stud. Terry jumped up to defend me with his big black cock swaying between his legs like a vine. He grabbed the little loser by the throat and pinned him against the wall. He demanded that he apologize to me. He looked like a bug being squashed on the wall. I was laughing. The little loser begrudgingly apologized but when my hung stud let him drop to floor, he started his bullshit again. Terry shut him up with his big black cock. Shoved his 11-inch Python down his throat to teach him some manners. Sometimes, you must get rough with these little white losers. I have discovered that sometimes it is the tiniest dick losers who need to be forced into submission. I love me some interracial cuckolding, especially when it is forced because some asshole does not know his place. The tweaker was fighting sucking Terry’s trouser snake, but he settled down when he started gagging. After a good skull fucking from a real man, he was singing a different tune. He started acting more polite like a good little bitch. That fucking tiny dick loser better not show his face in my trailer again or he will get hardcore anal sex from one of my big black lovers next time.

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In need of a cum dumpster

cum dumpster

The boys love to have game night and watch their favorite sports team battle it out. Unfortunately, this particular night isn’t a great one. Their team has lost, and they are each so bummed out. Not even my delicious treats can cheer them up. My boyfriend and all his closest friends, however, have something else in mind. They want me to do the honors and cheer them up.

How can I possibly say no to being their cum dumpster? I want that more than anything, so I am all in for their pleasure. My holes are each fucked and filled. I’m certain I will be sore for weeks on end.

I am enjoying all the attention, and I won’t stop till I get them all to turn those frowns upside down. I am one heck of a cum slut and enjoy it all and can’t stop begging for it. I’m a cum obsessed girlfriend and want to please all the time.

Cum Eating Phone Sex Sissy Slut

It’s not every day that I get calls from perverted sissy sluts. I do get them and I do enjoy them. That instance of seeing your new sissy slut taking a big black cock in both of her fuck holes, for the first time… It’s awesome. I enjoyed watching this sissy get her sissy cunt taken by big black for the first time and how she screamed! She was just as was expected … a little bitch.

This slut was getting bent over the couch and a nice big cock waited for her mouth on the other side. That’s right slut is about to become one of the nigger cock loving sissy sluts of the world. She felt that cock pop into her man pussy and had a mouthful of BBC so she couldn’t make a peep. It was great to be a part of this sissy sluts first time.

Cum eating phone sex

Full of BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories. I have been a bbc whore since I was a young schoolgirl compliments of my mommy. I lost my virginity to a black man who was a client of my mother. I wanted to help her raise money so we could leave my mean old daddy. When he saw me lurking around the corner watching my mother blow him, he made her an offer she could not refuse. A black cock whore was born that day. I had not seen that man since that day. I ran into him at the Piggly Wiggly. He was old now, like in his early 70s. I did not recognize him. I was surprised he recognized me because I am an old whore now. He said I was the spitting image of my mom, which is how he knew it was me. He was getting around just fine for an old fart. Now, I am known as a cougar in this town, but a girl never forgets the man who made her a woman, right? I asked him if he was still hung like a horse and in aisle 5, he grabbed my hand and put it between his legs. I could feel the horse stirring. I took him home to show him what a blonde fucking BBC whore he turned me into. He had aged everywhere but his dick. Seriously, I know boys a third of his age with cocks not that hard. If he sat on a toilet his cock would drag on the bottom of the bowl. I helped myself to some geriatric big black cock and he fucked me better than I remembered way back when. The old man still has it. He gave me the biggest cum shot I have had in forever. Of course, the poor guy has to been inside a cunt in over a year. He had a lot of built up fluid in those balls. I was happy to give him release. I need his cum as much as he needed to unload it.

BBC cum guzzling slut, Hadley

cum guzzling slutThis cum guzzling loves telling you all about how I suck off BBC! I do like fine chocolates and the bigger and darker the better as this white whore likes to say. Just think if I never had to sell my ass for my cocaine addiction, I would have never felt how good a black dick feels! Daddy turning me into a coke slut really helped me out in this life. I do what I do best and that is fucking. I like fucking black cock but as a true whore I try to service all the cock I can! I believe in quantity when it comes to my cunt and ass hole. Who am I kidding? I love sucking just as much cock as I can. I Deepthroat like the pro I am. Let me google all that cock right down and let you wrap this big man’s hands around my throat so you can jack off with my esophagus. Or you cna watch me struggle to suck that Coke dealers black cock and fuck my tigt ass hole. Don’t worry like a good gangbang whore I suck all my shot right off that cock. I am a lover of all nasty sex! Do your cock a favor and Let this blonde trashy Whore service your cock!

I Love BBC

BBC sex storiesI love Big Black Cock the bigger the better. I love how it throbs and feels like it is ripping you open. My first taste of black cock got me addicted, his cum was sweet and gooey. When he finally decided to stick his massive cock in my it was pulsing, it felt like it was in my stomach just ripping my walls open but it felt so good. As he pumped me his dick reached places in me no one ever had before, all I could do is play with my clit and enjoy the pounding he gave me as he humped me hard and fast. He held me down and used my pussy biting at my shoulder and gripping at my hips, he had me so open and before I knew it, he made squirt making my body shake hard. When he felt that he started going harder and finally started filling me up with cum, from that moment on I became addicted to BBC. 

A Cum Filled Cunt full of Nigger Seed

cum filled cuntI came home with a cum filled cunt last night. I was gang banged at the truck stop. I thought I would come home to an empty trailer, but my daughter was waiting for me. It was like she had some sixth sense that I had a huge cream pie for her. She had a fight with her boyfriend and thought she would come over and spend the night with her mommy. She is always welcome to come over. She was smoking a bowl and watching TV when I stumbled in smelling like cum, weed and beer. Her three favorite scents. She asked me what I had been up too. As if she had to ask. I knew she could smell the black cock cum on me. She is a nigger loving whore like her mother. She is also a creampie slut, so she buried her face between my legs and lapped it all up. She cleaned my pussy out and my asshole too. It took her a good hour to get up all the cum inside me because I did like 20 guys and some of them twice. I pushed out the cum from my ass and twat straight into her mouth. She stuck her tongue out like I was dripping chocolate in her mouth. It was creamy chocolate. Nigger seed straight from mommy’s cunt to her daughter’s mouth. Then we snowballed what she did not swallow. After she cleaned me up, we smoked some grass, watched some TV and fell asleep. I miss having my baby girl at home with me. We always have so much dirty fun together.

Chocolate lover

bbc sex stories

If you love Bbc sex stories well, hold on to your seat. I am all about being fucked by a big cock and didn’t have my first chocolate dick till recently. Oh my, was I missing out on some fun fucking. I can’t believe how delicious big black cock is in its entirety. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I locked my eyes with my first one. I have always been interested in fucking a big juicy black dick, but I didn’t get my wish till recently when I met the perfect guy. He wanted no commitments. He wanted a big tit sexy slut who would be ready to fuck and want no strings attached. Honestly hoe can I say no to that? It’s the dream to invoke that type of pleasure. I was so ready to take on that challenge. I wanted to be pounced and used like a dirty slut. We would smoke some weed, drink some Hennessy and fuck for hours and then say goodbye.

I Have Lots of BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories. I am a black cock whore. My ex-husband is a racist piece of shit. He left me because he found out I was fucking black guys. He called me a race traitor. My ex was a dick. He was just jealous that the black men fucking me had much bigger dicks than he did. For years, he was my cuckold and just did not know it. He would eat and fuck my sloppy seconds. He would ask me why his dick fell out of me and I would remind him I gave birth twice. Then one day he came home early and found a big black stud hammering the shit out of my holes. He called me a nigger loving whore and I told him to get out. He put up a fight and my stud lover did not appreciate his disrespect. He forced his big black cock down my husband’s mouth. Oh man, for a racist, sucking a black man’s big dick that tasted like your wife’s pussy had to be the worst thing ever. I just laughed. My husband left with his tail between his legs but came back later that night and had a fit. A huge fit where he threatened to take our son and daughter away from me because I was a race traitor. He played dirty in our divorce but being a black cock whore does not make a woman an unfit mother. He lost and I had my revenge. I sent three black studs with 10-inch cocks and bigger to have a talk with him. The did not talk as much as they made him star in a hardcore orgy porn where they fucked him with their big black dicks. Now I had video proof that he was a nigger loving bastard. I held that over his head for years and he never gave me a bit of trouble again. I am full of interracial cuckolding stories if that is your thing.

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