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A Fuck To Give

Creampie slut bobbie

All dicks need love- the biggest fear I have- is not finding a good fuck for this long weekend. I always have something in mind or pre-planned; Every morning I wake up, my cunt is throbbing begging for a nice, hot warm tongue to fill me up- followed by a hard thick cock. I am a fucking cum whore, what more did you expect? Some pillow princess that just lays there and gets dicked down?! No honey- I like to work my angles and If I can snort a line off your dick before you shove it up my ass. I’ll share the rocks I got with you once you cum in me, Why would you want it any other way? Better yet, we can go for another round and invite your plug, I don’t mind showing him what a deep cunt I have- promise it’ll make it worth the price honey, and if not- I won’t leave until he fucks me straight!

Ryan’s Anaconda Filled Me Up

Big Dick Sucker

He is suck a clit tease! Ryan is always chatting about his big black anaconda but a stripper slut like me has heard it all. My fat wet pussy has gotten some of the biggest dick out there so when he told me I wouldn’t be able to take it I brushed him off as another arrogant motherfucker. I brought him to my hotel and told him to show me what he got. He told me to shut the fuck up and suck his dick. I like an aggressive man so my snatch began to drip from his tone as I lowered down to my knees. His big thick cock bounced out of his drawers like a pogo stick! It was so heavy in my hands that I wanted to admire it but before I could say anything I hear, “ don’t say shit. Just suck it!” he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his big dick in my mouth. My deep throat was being stuffed with his big black anaconda! He fucked my throat so hard my eyes began to water! Just when I through he was going to suffocate me with that BBC, he throws me onto the bed and pulls me back on his cock. That dick stretched me out like no other! His grunts and moans made my twat soak as he plowed my slut hole. I never had a dick this fucking big stuffing my hole. My cunt soaked his shaft and balls as he stroked me. I couldn’t stop the wave of ecstasy that came over me as my pussy leaked down my thighs. As he got closer to cumming I could feel his balls and rod throbbing. I could tell by how hard it was pulsing that he was about to unload a heavy batch into my pussy. He grabbed my hips and rammed his big dick into my juicy black ass. I screamed as he stretched my shit hole out! “Make me your fucking cum slut” I beg as he rips me open. He busted a nut so deep in my belly I skipped my next meal! I am still full of his seed and it makes me so horny as I feel it oozing out. I can’t wait to get stretched out again.

Cum Dumpster Party Whore

I was drunk at a party with all my friends acting like fucking whores. My friend dared me to pull out my perky tits out in front of everybody at the table. My friend started sucking on my nipples and all the black bulls in the room started cheering her on. I looked around and could see their BBCs poking through their pants. My friends and I talked amongst us and made a bet on who could take the most dick. I know I am the best whore so I went up to the biggest cock I could see poking out and whispered in his ear to meet me in the bathroom.

Big dick sucker


There I was waiting bent over like a slut with my legs spread open. He came in right away pulling his big black cock out and pushing it inside my wet ass hole. One after another my friends and I made a trip to the bathroom with a different dick to fuck every time. We talked again and took count. I was neck to neck with my best friend so I went up to two best friends and told them to pull their dicks out so I could suck them. As I sucked their big black dicks everyone cheered, that is when they bent me over and fucked me in front of everyone. When they filled my holes up with their thick nuts, I looked at my girls and told them I won! I’m the best cum dumpster.

Born for BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is my jam. My comfort zone. I am good at it because I am a BBC slut. My mom was one in the 70s. She was a big whore. My dad would be on the road for weeks at a time and my mother would fuck black men in our trailer. For years, I watched her in awe of her big dick sucking skills. When I got older, I helped her with those black cocks. My mom took money from black men for sex. She also took money from them so they could fuck me. My cherry was popped by a much older black man with an 8-inch cock. My mom said he was the smallest she fucked and my tight little cunnie would make him feel like a king. It made me feel like a Queen. A Queen of spades. Although, I never got a tattoo, I am still a dirty bbc whore, full of bbc sex stories. One of my mother’s old lovers, Tyrone came looking for her. I live in the same trailer I was born in. Of course, I have updated it. I told him my mother died a few years back. He thought maybe I was her. We look alike. She got knocked up with me when she was in high school. When he realized I was her daughter, his dick came alive in his pants. I could tell he had a monster cock. I told him I was a BBC whore just like my momma. He told me he offered my momma money to fuck me, but she declined because his dick, which is 12 inches, would have destroyed my schoolgirl cunt. He is in his late 60s now, but his dick still works. I fucked him. Of course, I did. I let him turn me into a cum dumpster. Why wouldn’t I? Age is never a factor for me. I mean a hard cock is a hard cock!

Stretch My Ass

Anal Cum Dumpster

There’s something Devilish about this new dress; I could almost taste those two cocks across the street. My senses are quicker than before-maybe it’s because I’m a cum whore, but I really want to know what they taste like. I walked right up to them like no other bitch would, I know what I want and make sure I get it before another cunt could. “Shoulda, coulda, woulda and did fuck that cock” is my motto. My friends are always telling me to let my pussy rest for a little, but I’m addicted. I took the last drag of my cigarette and took a quick line from my necklace vile. Today I chose to listen- I sucked on their light skin cocks and fit them both up my ass. OMG was I glad I pulled them into the alley onto that old couch hehe. They were stunned at first-but their dicks couldn’t say no. One up my ass-one in my mouth-fucking the daylights out of me. I love that they couldn’t help but moan while they both fucked and filled my asshole.

BBC Sex Stories Boy do I have them!

I am a BBC whore and have so many BBC sex stories going back to my teens. The fact that I was stripping and hooking before I was legal should give you a good idea. It’s the filthy hot times that I have had in the 90’s with so much cocaine, micro dots and ice in my system I was going at those big dicks to fuck my pussy and ass into a gape like it was the last day on earth. My holes got so obliterated at times and I was so barely able to dance. Those days I just danced on the laps of big black dicks and cocaine was keeping those holes operational. The thought of doing some of the shit I did in my teens now really makes me sad. I had such great times being gangbanged and stretched. Nowadays in my 40’s things just don’t recover so quickly. However I am still doing the gangbangs but not like a few a night like I used to!

BBC sex stories

becoming the number one fisting whore

Fisting whore

I love to work at the strip club I’m at; we always hang out, do a couple of lines, and by the end of the night, battle out between who is the ultimate fisting whore. As a stripper in a big city, plenty of well-known celebrities pops by. My energy is unmatched compared to the other girls. It is always showtime when we work with the men. The difference between the other girls and me is that I know how to make a man’s cream and get addicted. The right concoction is what I have. I know what kind of uppers and downers to get that fat tip and a nice dick. I’m a freaky slut that has all the cravings of doing coke and snorting lines out of assholes. There are a lot of tequila and some good drugs, and I will let you fist me.

BBC Loving Stripper

black phone sex

I absolutely fucking LOVE black phone sex calls because I get to tell you the stories about when I get my white cunt filled up with BBC. And trust me, I do it all the time. Especially down at the strip club where I dance. There’s this one dude who comes in there and he’s got the biggest black cock I have ever seen in my life. When I was dancing for him, I could see that his bulge was going to be something I’d need to see close up. It was something that I needed to play with.

So, I walked over to him and started grinding up against him and instantly I could feel that I’d made a good choice. I knew that his cock was going to really stretch me out. If you have kept up with me at all, you know that’s a big deal because I’m a pretty big fucking whore. Do you want to hear about the fucking fantastic time I had with that big black cock? Call me and I’ll tell you about the first time he fucked my ass. This sloppy white girl cunt has been pumped full of BBC baby batter more times than I can count.

Trashy Milf Nigger Cock Lover

Trashy Milf

This Trashy Milf is a true size queen and nigger cock lover. No little dicks for me and that No short dick man song came out in the height of my addiction for Big Black Cocks. I was a trashy little stripper cunt and really was getting down and dirty with those thug niggers that frequented my ghetto stripper joint. I was working there before I was legal. It was hot. This little tight bodied white trash trailer park bimbo doing whatever it took to make a living while being a young teen. Mama was a pill head and had an abusive fuck wad of a husband.

Her husband wasn’t my daddy and he like to beat me up. I was done with that when I met Jerome. Jerome was an older black guy from the Hood that surrounded my trailer park. He was always saying some sly shit to me and we became friends. He wasn’t gonna fuck me but he gave me a place to stay. He was a good guy but I soon begged him to fuck me and we became a but of a thing, but he was a pimp and drug dealer. 

That is how it all started for me. 


Want to Hear Some BBC Sex Stories?

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories. I swear just about every day, I create a new one. Friday night, I went to the truck stop for some more. That is the best place to find big black cocks in my city. So many black truckers driving through on their route, and they need to stop, rest and fuck. Hookers and lot lizards are always hanging out at the truck stop looking for guys willing to pay for pussy. I do not charge. I trade my holes. That is what makes me so popular. The black truckers just need to trade coke to fuck me. They can keep their green. I am all about black and white if you get my drift. I met this new black guy at the truck stop Friday night. Younger guy. Told me he got into trucking school after the shutdowns. He needed a job and thought this was an easy way to make an honest living. He lives in his truck. He had a nice cab too. He was 25, which is not too young for me. Nothing is too young for me. We got to know each other a bit, and he pulled out some coke. He was not like most of the black truckers. He was a tad freaky. I like freaky though. I really do. He wanted me to eat his ass. Most black men will not let me get anywhere near their assholes. Rimming is not a problem for this trailer trash whore. I tossed his salad for hours. He never wanted to fuck me. He did not mind sharing coke with me, but his thing was having his back door played with. I had a dildo in my purse. I always have one in case a guy wants a show. I fucked his ass with it, and he told me he never came so hard. He gave me extra coke not to say anything. I think he was a little embarrassed. He told me he was not gay. I did not care if he was. I got my coke. Men do not be ashamed of anal play. Your G spot is in your ass. That means your ass is meant to be played with. I am a lot lizard sex whore. Who am I going to tell anyway? Your dirty secrets are always safe with me.

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