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Wet and saucy BBC sex stories

BBC sex storiesOf my BBC sex stories, this one was really wild. It started with him letting loose thick globs while I sped up, my tongue flat and my breaths heavy and muffled with anticipation. I wanted it, I needed it, and I dragged his cum out of him by force. I took his thick globs of yes down my throat like I was born for. Then, after a few ropes, I pulled back enough for him to fill my mouth, and opened up so he could see himself shooting onto my tongue and filling my lips. With all said and done, I did what seemed natural as a Big dick sucker. I opened up wide to show him the inside of my cum filled mouth, flicked my tongue around in a pool of jizz, then closed it, swallowed, and opened up to show him my clean pink mouth. He couldn’t handle it, I knew he couldn’t, he was back in my throat within a second. His hands on my hair, gripping tightly and beginning to use them as handholds to aggressively fuck the absolute shit out of my airway. I was more ready than I had any right to be, prepared and planning for such an event with hundreds of hours of practice. As a Cum dumpster, I knew how to squeeze him just right so his cock slipped in and out of my throat with greed. I knew how to drink him up and get a little air while I was at it. I had no intentions of stopping him or even asking him to slow. No, I needed this more than he did. I needed to drain his thick balls dry and let loose my inner fuckdoll for a night of stress-free fucking, sucking, slutting and drinking. I wasn’t going to complain if my first glass was straight from the tap, that’s where the purest, best fruity drinks come from!

Trailer Trash Whore Meets Daddy For The First Time

I am a trailer trash whore but the only man that can soften me up is daddy. Mom ran off because she was a druggy whore and I only met him when I was already the trailer trash whore mom made. The first time I met him I thought he was a trick, and I took all my clothes off before daddy could say a word. 

Trailer trash whore

He was stomped by my body and actions. Once I realized he was my daddy I was embarrassed but he held me on his lap naked. Daddy asked what kind of life I have lived, and I had to tell him about the first night he left. My mother was so drugged out she didn’t realize her druggy friend had snuck into my room. He pulled his big black cock out and forced it down my throat. I could barely breathe, and it was too big that I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough. That is when he slapped me and pushed me down on my belly. He ripped my Jammies and panties off, as I told daddy my story his hands ran up and down my thighs getting closer to my cunt. When I told daddy how he shoved his big black in my tight asshole, he pushed his finger in my Sloppy wet pussy. Daddy finger fucked my pussy as I told him about the first time i became an Anal cum dumpster and I got a cock forced in my asshole. I came so hard on daddies’ fingers, and he told me he would protect me. I’m still a trailer trash whore but when daddy is around, he makes love to me as we talk about the things I do when he isn’t around. 

BBC Sex Stories Make Me Into A Big Dick Sucker

BBC sex stories makes me want to go out and be a big dick sucker for free. Normally I get paid to be a Cum dumpster, but last night I was willing to do it for free. I am part of the Sexy prostitutes crew and we never fuck for free. The guy convinced me because he pulled out his big cock onto the table and it made a thump noise because of how heavy it was. We were getting drunk and high and didn’t believe him when he said he can have you walking weird after getting fucked by his BBC. As soon as I saw it and heard the noise my mouth dropped wide open. I then dropped down to my knees and started deep throating his big black cock meat. Maybe it was because I was blown but I wanted to swallow all 12-inches of fat heavy black cock meat. He grabbed my head and faced fucked my hard, luckily my throat was numb from all the blow.

BBC sex stories

I had no gag reflex at this point, and he just pounded my face hard with his cock, his balls were hitting my chin hard. I could feel the pumping from his cock rising to the head of his dick and that is when he pulled his dick out. He wanted to show me he had big loads too and sprayed my face with all his thick gooey semen load.

BBC Sex Stories are Plentiful with Trailer Park Whores

bbc sex stories

Me and my hot milf friends have lots of bbc sex stories to share. We like to try to out do each other too. In any trailer park, there are lots of women like me who just prefer the dark meat. I have two trailer park whores that share my love for those big black cocks too. We went out last night to get drunk and fuck black men. We wore our sluttiest little micro dresses and high heels. Skin tight clothes send the message you are down to fuck. We were the only white girls in this urban club too. The men knew why we were there. Only reason white women come into black clubs is for nigger cock or drugs, sometimes both. We are all mature women and blonde fucking whores. Black men love blondes. There are fetish porn sites dedicated to blacks on blondes. My girlfriends and I had a friendly wager. We wanted to see who could score the biggest cock. I am pretty good at sizing men up. I got on the dance floor with some brothers and bumped and grinded on many until I knew I had the biggest cock in the club. Well, I thought I did. Believe it or not 14-inches was not the biggest black cock in the place. I did not win my wager. Sarah found a guy with 15-inches of black meat. But I was not a loser. I was sore though in a good way. I took Damon home and rode his 14-inch cock all night long. Sarah came home with me and brought Dejon because she is married. Her husband would not take kindly to her fucking black dudes. What white husbands do not know will not hurt them. Nina took her 12-inch black guy back to her trailer and fucked him too. There were no losers last night. There cannot be any losers when you all get bbc phone sex studs, right? Sarah and I are walking funny today, but that is just what we wanted. The blacker and bigger the cock, the better for us trailer park whores.

Getting Blasted By BBC!

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let a group of hot black stallions run a train on me last night! I was walking to get some cigarettes after a long night of stripping for money when I saw a group of guys hanging out next to the gas station. They whistled at me and watched me walk past, of course when I came back their way, they didn’t expect me to invite them all over for a drink at my place. They were surprised that I was so bold but they accepted my invitation with excitement. I met them at my place and I couldn’t believe how hot these guys were, I sipped my drink thinking about getting stuffed full of BBC. I couldn’t wait anymore, I stood up and stripped for them, their eyes on me got me so hot! It didn’t take more than a few minutes for me to get them hard and the biggest cock had to fuck me first. I let them rip my asshole open by double stuffing me while that first BBC pounded my cunt. I came over and over, squirting a little every time, soaking those big massive rods in my juices.

BBC Sex Stories From a BBC Loving Whore

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories, those I have plenty to share with you. I have been a BBC whore since I was a schoolgirl. I lost my virginity at a ripe young age to a much older and very hung black client of my mother’s. She was a BBC prostitute. She did fuck a few white guys for money, but in the 70s, it was mostly black guys paying for her services. My mother tried to keep me from the action, but I was curious. Plus, we lived in a small trailer and there were no secrets. Just thin walls, LOL. In the 70s, in the South this was still pretty scandalous. White women with black men was not the norm it is now. Now, interracial hook-ups and relationships are standard. Everywhere you look you see black men taking all the hot white chicks. That is because it is not just a trailer trash whore like me who appreciates those big black beauties.

My Big D is my favorite black cock. He is almost 14-inches when fully erect. I know I am not the only white woman he bangs either. He is a truck driver, and he goes all over the US. He has a white woman in every city he bunks. Last night, he was in my city and when I sucked his big black cock, I could taste white woman pussy on it. I know that smell and taste so very well. It did not phase me though. Sloppy seconds don’t upset me. I am not the jealous type. Big D is not my only nigger cock. I have many, and I am always adding. Big D and I go back years and since he is over a foot long, he is on the bigger side of my hung black lovers, making him a favorite. I did not care about the pussy stench on his nigger cock. I licked it all off, then put my mark on his cock with my trashy milf pussy. That is just one of many bbc stories I can share because I am a nigger loving whore.

Anal Sex Whore Spreads For BBC

Anal sex whore

Yea, I’m a bit of an anal sex whore love spreading my cheeks for some big dick. Getting my asshole gapped nice and big. I got a couple of guys that absolutely love seeing how big they can gap my ass with these big black dicks. They never hesitate to go in real hard anymore, even if it’s been a little bit. They know I’m a big girl and can take it. Plus I love BBC, it’s almost like I become a whole different type of slut once I’m around one. Doing anything and everything just to have the cock inside me one way or another. Craving to feel the big juicy black fuck stick stretch open my ass and dump a load of his thick cum instead. I want to be a BBC anal cum dumpster every chance I get. Just have this feeling there is going to be a lot of delicious black dick for me to enjoy this weekend. Better be prepared for it all.

Trashy Milf BJ Loves it Filthy

When only a filthy whore will do, trashy milf BJ is here for you. My craving of big black cocks is always on my mind. This craving of fucking black dick all the time is fueled so much by my crack smoking and coke snorting partying. As a prostitute stripper addicted to fucking black dick I have an endless supply to fuck.

I have a side gig working the vip room of the strip club. It’s a very special thing and I do lots of offsite parties for the black men that frequent my vagina and ass. A black cock fuck hole is part of my livelihood. I love to get filthy too.

You are a white man that loves to watch a white whore like me take bbc? You are in the right place and i am that trashy slutty whore ready and gaped with nigger seed oozing out of my holes.

Trashy milf

Hookers For Hire

Hooker Phone Sex Bobbie

I saw the same sexy bitches walking the corner of Bourbon Street strutting those 6 inch red heels ready for the next cock that drives by and decided to join them. I love the mystery of not knowing who’s going to pull up to fuck and deceit their wives. I really couldn’t give a fuck either- their money is good and their cock is better. I always crave a juicy thick cock but even the small ones need a good suckle. Most men just want me to ride their cocks, but this one- he preferred I fuck his ass harder than his mistress ever could. I guess you could say I was his new whore, but baby if you saw the way his ass gapped for me you’d wish it was yours too! He took my cock so deep while my girls stuck one down his throat. Fuck was his dick rock solid and ready to fuck, so I flipped him over and gave him one hell of a ride. See a slut like me will do whatever it takes to get my next fix, whether is means I get a good fuck or get my bills paid. All I care about in the end is getting that cum shot out as hot as I can babe.

Our Stripper BBC Fuck Party!

BBC Sex Stories

This weekend at the strip club we hosted a bunch of sexy black ballers for a bachelor party! I had so much fun stripping and flirting with a club full of rich black men. Me and all my stripper friends all had a blast and we even set up a little private party at their hotel after we finished. When we arrived to their hotel suite, they were partying pretty hard, drinking, smoking and checking us all out. It wasn’t long before we started taking off our clothes and sucking on all those big black dicks. With a mouth full of black cock, I looked up and saw my girls all stuffing their holes with even bigger black dicks, I was so wet. I begged them to fuck all my holes at the same time and that is exactly what happened! I took a cock in my slippery cunt and one in my gaping shit hole, with two cocks in my hands and one down my throat, I was air tight stuffed with BBC!