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Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizard Sex

I gave lot lizard sex a try and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I went to the truck stop and had some fun in a few of the big rigs. Those over-the-road truckers who haven’t been home to their wives in weeks sure do have a lot of stamina (and cum) to give. I was with one trucker in the back of his cab for a solid to hours! He fucked me every which way from Sunday, he filled every hole and had my body leaking and my body sore from the positions he put me in. But where I really had a lot of fun was at the glory hole! I’d never been to one before and noticed it in the bathroom when I was washing up; one of the men stuck his big, fat cock through the hole and it was just pulsating and throbbing, waiting for me to suck it, so I did! I pressed my lips right up to the hole so I could deep throat him and he thrusted into the back of my throat and made me gag and cough as his thick mushroom tickled my tonsils. He came in the back of my throat without warning and before I could move my mouth away from the hole as he pulled away, there was a fresh dick in my mouth, pumping away! I really liked taking so many cocks in one day that I sucked it for a bit, but I was so wet still that I needed to fuck. I backed my ass up to the wall and fingered my hot wet cunt while he pounded my tight little hole. I came so fucking hard I nearly flooded the place with how much I squirted! I stayed at that truck stop all night, getting fucked back to back by horny truck drivers needing to get their dicks wet. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life and my new favorite pastime! 

Anal Cum Dumpster Nevaeh

Anal Cum Dumpster

My fat black ass is oiled up and ready to be used as your personal anal cum dumpster. I’m an anal sex whore and I need you to fuck my little shit hole as hard as you fuck my pussy. I want you to drill and stretch my tight fuck hole and feel it spasm around your cock as you fuck me. I want to taste my ass on your dick as you slide it out of my tight hole, making me suck it and get it soaking wet before you plunge it back inside me. I want my asshole gaping open so wide that after you cum in it, your jizz just runs straight out, leaking down my legs and into my panties. I want to feel your hands and nails dig into my meaty cheeks, spreading them apart so you can watch your big hard dick get devoured. Spank me hard while you ride my ass, using your other hand to press me face and tits further into the mattress to stifle my screams. I can’t wait to feel the soreness from this rough anal fucking the next day, making me want another round of it and be ripped open!

This Cunt Needs Filling!

Cum Filled Cunt

I’m only satisfied when I have a cum filled cunt! I love having a hard cock in my pussy, pounding away at my insides. It feels so good when that mushroom head beats on my cervix, rubbing against my gspot on the way there. Yesterday, while I was in my bosses office, I got so turned out by his beard and sexy voice that my pussy started to throb and get wet. I parted my legs a little so he could see up my skirt–I wasn’t wearing any panties–and he immediately pounced on me, threw me to his couch, pulled my skirt up and started licking my sweet wet cunt. It was soaked for him! He shoved his tongue deep inside me to get a better taste and I reached around to grab the back of his head and shove him deeper. He pulled out his cock and started stroking it. Those 10 inches of white meat were screaming for some ebony pussy. He pushed himself inside me as I gripped on to the back of the sofa, throwing my ass back on him while he thrusted. My ass cheeks bounced against his thighs and the sounds of his hard stick in my juicy pussy filled the room as his balls banged against me. He fucked me hard and fast with a finger in my ass as I bit the back of the sofa trying not to scream and arouse attention from my colleagues. I squirted all over him and the sofa as he came inside me, filling my cut with his thick, hot white jizz. As soon as he pulled out it was leaking out of me and he ate it out of my hole and fed it back to me. It was delicious! I know what I want to have for lunch for the rest of the week!

Cum Dumpster Nevaeh

Cum Dumpster


I’m a horny cum slut that needs to be filled with a hot load over and over again. I want to be fucked like a cheap crack whore in a truck stop bathroom and used as a cum dumpster for repeatedly. Fill my ass, pussy and mouth with your hot white swimmers and let my body feed off the semen the way a filthy whore’s body requires. My cunt hole is open like an abandoned 24 hr. convenience store, ready to be entered ransacked. It makes me happy to absorb your dick juice into my slutty body; your cum is how my ebony skin keeps such a healthy glow. Tie me up and use me for your most twisted delights and have your friends come and do the same, depositing their fuck currency into my fleshy, wet, warm fuck pocket. I want to lick cum off my face and suck it from my erect nipples while continuously being pounded out and filled until all my holes are dripping with hot, sticky semen. I am your filthy ebony cum dumpster and I want you to fill me up as if it’s cum garbage day!

Nasty Phonesex Makes My Pussy Wet

Nasty Phonesex

I like to rent out rooms on AirBnB to hot men and fuck them during their stay. I greeted my latest hunky renter in a short purple silk rob, purple fishnet thigh highs and a purple thong and I could see the bulge in his jeans immediately. My tits were so hard, he couldn’t help but lean forward and start sucking on them without even saying hello! He walked in and pushed me down on my couch, ripping off my thong and spreading my legs wide so he could spread my black pussy and suck my wet, pink lips. He pulled his cock out of his pants and I sucked like dick as if I were sucking bone marrow out of a chicken bone! It was so thick and meaty, it was like I was sucking on a flashlight. I couldn’t wait to shove that cum wand until my juicy cunt! He pushed me back down and wrapped his hands around my neck as his girthy schlong parted my pussy as if it were Moses and disappeared between my pink sugar walls. He filled up every inch of my cavernous pleasure pocket and pounded my g-spot until my toes curls and my eyes rolled so far back into my head that I could read my own mind. He had me begging for his seed and he deposited it deep in my womb—I’m such a creampie slut, I love it when I have a cum filled cunt! I’m sure to be pregnant with this stranger’s baby after this! Just thinking about it has my pussy soaking my panties right now and the only thing that can hold me over until I see him again is some nasty phonesex!

Big Dick Sucker Nevaeh

Big Dick Sucker

I pride myself in being the best big dick sucker that I’ve ever seen—and I’ve given plenty of 2-girl blow jobs in my day. There’s just something about a big thick dick in my mouth…my tongue exploring the veins, working its way around the shaft…and it tastes delicious! I love the sounds that men make when I have my lips wrapped around them, too…the shallow breaths and the juxtaposition of their relaxed bodies and rigid cocks…I love knowing that I’m giving them such immense pleasure. It gets my pussy so wet! It’s impossible for me to suck a cock without riding a dildo or fingering myself at the same time…I just get too turned on! Sometimes I’ll hop on the dick and ride it, but usually I’m too invested in sucking it that I want to keep going. I want to feel the warm, thick cum coat my throat and fill my stomach. Cum is my favorite thing to eat! The only thing better than eating cum straight from a cock is eating it from a creampie that was left in my pussy…but as long as I get to eat it in some capacity, I’m not complaining!

Drunken Quickie

Drunk Girl Fucking

I had a little too much to drink this year at my office holiday party. I wound up getting so wasted that I wound up wandering back to my desk and putting my head down and falling asleep. No one knew I was back there and they left me in the building overnight. The night janitor came by, however, and engaged in some drunk girl fucking, putting his cock into my agape mouth as I slept. I woke up from my drunken slumber and willingly sucked his cock, always eager to please and suck a dick. He pulled down the top of my dress and whipped out a titty, squeezing on it while he throat fucked me, holding my head tightly. I started nodding off again and he pulled out his dick and slapped me across the face with it, waking me back up. He then cleared a spot on my desk, lifted me on top of it, pulled my dress up and ripped my panties off, spreading my legs and exposing my bald pussy. He pressed himself firmly inside me…I was so wet, he didn’t have any issues fucking me whatsoever. Still drunk and unsteady, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, holding on tight while he pounded me. His big black cock was so big, I was creaming on it in no time, bouncing on it until my tits shook. He sucked on my nipples a bit before putting my legs on his shoulders, pressing my knees towards my head, drilling into me deeper. I held onto the wall of my cubicle while I came on his dick, creaming and dripping all over him and my desk. He kept fucking me, knowing my orgasm was incomplete and I wound up squirting all over his short uniform. He fucked me harder and deeper and wound up cumming so deep inside me, I couldn’t even push the creampie out. I know his sperm is good because he’s knocked up several women already and I’m not on birth control. I hope he didn’t impregnate me!

Cum Guzzling Colleague

Cum Guzzling Slut

I am a cum guzzling slut to the married men in my office. I work in a male-dominated industry, and they often talk about how their wives and girlfriends simply don’t enjoy giving them blowjobs and they maybe only get blown on special occasions and holidays. I love stepping in and filling that need. Every Friday, my department takes an extended lunch, and we meet in the women’s restroom for some fun. They all stood in a circle jacking off while I made my way around to each one of them, giving each guy sloppy head and stroking their cocks, warming them up until they’d be in my mouth. Some guys last longer than others and the ones who can’t take it for long cum all over my pretty face while I continue throat fucking my colleagues. I love the taste of cum so I always make sure to have at least three of them hold out for my mouth so I can get a nice healthy swallow—it is my lunch break after all, and I have to fill my belly with something!


Wet and saucy BBC sex stories

BBC sex storiesOf my BBC sex stories, this one was really wild. It started with him letting loose thick globs while I sped up, my tongue flat and my breaths heavy and muffled with anticipation. I wanted it, I needed it, and I dragged his cum out of him by force. I took his thick globs of yes down my throat like I was born for. Then, after a few ropes, I pulled back enough for him to fill my mouth, and opened up so he could see himself shooting onto my tongue and filling my lips. With all said and done, I did what seemed natural as a Big dick sucker. I opened up wide to show him the inside of my cum filled mouth, flicked my tongue around in a pool of jizz, then closed it, swallowed, and opened up to show him my clean pink mouth. He couldn’t handle it, I knew he couldn’t, he was back in my throat within a second. His hands on my hair, gripping tightly and beginning to use them as handholds to aggressively fuck the absolute shit out of my airway. I was more ready than I had any right to be, prepared and planning for such an event with hundreds of hours of practice. As a Cum dumpster, I knew how to squeeze him just right so his cock slipped in and out of my throat with greed. I knew how to drink him up and get a little air while I was at it. I had no intentions of stopping him or even asking him to slow. No, I needed this more than he did. I needed to drain his thick balls dry and let loose my inner fuckdoll for a night of stress-free fucking, sucking, slutting and drinking. I wasn’t going to complain if my first glass was straight from the tap, that’s where the purest, best fruity drinks come from!

BBC phone sex is needy and sensual

BBC phone sex“You have a nice cock.” I measured his BBC phone sex python with my eyes and fingers. It sat powerfully in my outstretched palm, teasing me with its potency. I leaned forward to lick the tip real quick and get a taste. I also let out a little saliva while I was at it, so I could stroke it into his length and make my fingers feel even better. The gentle air from the room caused a tingle I could see on his face. I nuzzled his dick, giving a somewhat innocent enthusiasm I knew he craved. Even a pain crazed whore like me can play cute sometimes, and I often enjoy doing so. “I want this cock cumming deep in my pussy.” I admitted while happily taking in what was soon to be making my pussy a Cum filled cunt. “But, for now, I kind of want to suck it. Is that okay?” I took great pleasure in his sudden and enthusiastic nodding. There’s something wonderful to be said about a man’s own innocent excitement bleeding through. I didn’t ask again, I simply opened my mouth and engulfed his tip in heated expert lips. He tasted really great, the scent and taste of a proper man are indescribable to someone who hasn’t experienced both the best and the worst, and he was the best. Every bob left my pussy hotter, wetter, and before long one of my hands dipped to play with my cunt lips. I heard him groan and couldn’t help but titter around his cock, enjoying the general mouth feel of his swollen need filling up the path between my cheeks. It was like a nice dinner I didn’t ask for, and I had no intentions of relenting even if he asked. I had a desire in my heart and it was spreading across my skin. “Fuck it.” I pulled back, unable to take it anymore. Stroking his tip while looking him in the eyes. “Can we just skip to the part where you press my ankles behind my head and fill my pussy with hot fertile seed?” I was a Creampie slut and I needed it right then.