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White big cock sucker

Big dick sucker Latin pussy is so fresh and beautiful. I just got myself a Brazilian wax. I can’t help but admire my little pretty kitty. I sit here wondering what it would be like to have someone just walk in and catch me. I’ve been in the mens bathroom for 5 minutes now, waiting for my lucky man to walk in. Wait till he sees this gorgeous pussy. Just staring at it makes me so wet and horny. I have my tits out. I like to see their reaction. Oh look, it seems I have myself a snack. A tall handsome white man just walked in and he noticed me. I’m just going to prop my ass up on this sink, spread my legs and start masterbating. He comes out of the bathroom stall with his cock super hard. I know he’s showing off! It was super thick and long, the exact hero I needed… I’m impressed! He came over to the sink to wash his hands. He reached in between my legs and started rubbing my wet juicy soaking pussy. He stuck his finger in my vagina and thrusted my vulva. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. He was biting and sucking my nipples. I was moaning so loud! He takes his juicy nice pink long cock and shoves it in me. He was so shocked to see I still have my hymen, amazed by how my vagina tightly gripped his cock he didn’t last more than 2 mins. I was still satisfied because he fulfilled my fantasy watching his cum drip out of me made me squirt everywhere. He wrote his number down and told me to call him. His wife was waiting outside the restroom the entire time. 


I am so horny & I can’t seem to find his number. Who’s next?


Water Sports Sex

Water Sports Sex

Water sports sex turns me into the true trashy cumslut I am. Nothing excites this old whore more than getting sprayed down by hot, steaming piss by a few dirty truckers. I’m a filthy cumslut and I am constantly on the prowl for some new cock to conquer. I found a fresh face during my waitressing shift last week and after I cashed him out, he showed me the back of his truck. I was practically drooling for his dick by the time he pulled it out. He started railing me over the edge of the bed as my tits flopped up and down. I felt a stream of his piss cover my chest and I orgasmed immediately. Fuck, I love being treated like a nasty gutter whore. I crave the degradation. After I rubbed the hot piss all over my tits, he switched to my asshole. I could feel myself about to cum as I rubbed my clit. I’ll be ready and waiting the next time you’re at the Truckstop.

Toilet Sex Adventure!

Toilet Sex

My Toilet Sex Playtime ends up with four guys taking huge dumps on my chest before I jerk them off in my latex gloves and leather outfit! I knew I would get into so much sexy fun if I went to take my position behind the glory-hole at work wearing my new sexy leather outfit with the matching gloves. I walked in wearing my regular bar tending outfit but when I got into the men’s bathroom I changed into my sexy clothes in the stall with the glory-hole and waited for some company. It only took about 15 minutes for 4 guys to come in all together and this time I decided to reveal myself to them. You should have seen the way they looked at me in my latex and leather, I see their cocks stirring in their pants, one by one they get so hard and I know what I’ll have to do next. I dropped to ground exposing my chest, “Shit on me and cover me with your cum…” They looked amazed and extremely turned on in the same moment, all four of the sexy hard cocked men started unbuckling their jeans and pulling their pants down. The first one with long blonde hair squatted right over my exposed tits and pushed out and amazing wet shit, feeling it warm all over my chest made me moan. He stepped aside and made room for the next hot guy with short black hair to squat over my chest and release a long hard turd, the stench was intoxicating and when he was done they started jerking their cocks watching the other two big biker types take their turn defiling my exposed shit covered tits. I stroked them in my leather gloves and they topped off the huge loads of filth with hot ropes of cum leaving me completely desecrated and wetter than I’ve ever been lying on the bathroom floor!

Used sloppy wet pussy

sloppy wet pussy


It’s time for some used sloppy wet pussy to make an appearance in your life! There is no holding out when it comes to a delectable gang bang slut to be filled to the brim for you! I’m a nasty momma and I sling my ass in order to feed my brats for you! I love being full of semen and playing with my pussy as I roll my bowl and get so fucked up for you! We all know the way this works. You can cum to me and watch me get fucked or you can contribute to my loads being deposited as I make my rounds down town! It so sloppy and juicy the more i get fucked by my Johns I take great pride in the fact that I am a three hole whore and always making a buck by fuck! Sometimes you need a no taboo cum reservoir to party with you and get nastier as the night wears on! My son never minds the fact that I stay on phones with perverts all night long and engage in toilet play, cum-filled and masturbating under my mirror over the bed. Nothing is too dirty for this used slut!. I have k-9 stores and even scat phone sex stories to make that dick pop for me!scat phone sex

Slutty Piss Whore



Pissing Sex Stories

When I get bored I like to go to the gloryhole in the bar where I work and let some guys piss in my mouth! I come in early so no one sees me when I take my position completely naked and waiting to be pissed on. When the first guy comes in to use the urinal I say,  “over here…” when I have their attention I stick my tongue through the hole and say “Piss on me” sometimes they get freaked out but most of the time they step right up, stick their cock into the hole and I open my mouth for the golden stream of hot wetness. As their piss soaks my mouth and starts rolling down my naked body and my slutty toilet whore pussy gets so fucking wet!

Piss and Cum~Toilet sex


toilet sex Toilet sex is so fucking hot. I love to have  my ass filled to the brim with hot piss juice and squirt it out all over my man or another whores face. Sometimes they all piss in a bucket between fucking my ass and take a huge gallon sized syringe and stick it right up my shitter so I can have a big shooting distance. Men take bets on my ass literally! But piss and cum aren’t the only things I get up in there! Sometimes it is warmed milk, or beer! Speaking of, I like to request a big spicy plate of nachos and beer if I’m going to do any scat play.

My men love a nice juicy gush out of my poop shoot! I always make sure to give myself a cocaine suppository before any piss, cum or shit play. I know that another gangbang whore is going to eat it all up so we don’t waste any drugs at all. It’s a fine night when we are nothing but toilet slaves as we get fucked by any man who needs a filthy skank!

Lot Lizard Sex


Lot Lizard Sex

I’m Aurora and I’m the nastiest lizard on the lot. Men love to use my sloppy wet pussy and I love to be their fuckslut! Nothing satisfies me more than feeling a big greasy trucker using me as his own personal toy. The filthier the better. I love being used like a urinal. I’ll let my lover fuck all of my holes and then I’ll let him spray his piss all over my MILF body. I love to taste his piss and rub it all over my body. Then when my lover is ready to cum I get on my knees for him like the good whore that I am. He makes me beg for his hot stickiness. I feel his meat working in and out of my mouth as I slide two fingers into his asshole and rub his balls. I know how to make my men happy. My lover pulls my hair back and shoots his load down my throat. I swallow it all up and get back out on the lot. I can never get enough.

Hooker Phone Sex


Hooker Phone Sex

I’m such a nasty phone sex hooker. One of my regular trucker fucks did me right in the bathroom of the truckstop diner last week. My lover had me bent over the urinal and was using my pussy any way that he wanted. I didn’t have any complaints when he yanked my tight skirt up and stuck his fat dick inside me. He was grunting on top of me and telling me to take it like the fucking whore I am. Then it got really nasty. He sat down on the toilet and began to take a huge shit right in front of me. He said, “Aurora, take my cock down your throat while I take this fucking dump.” I’ll do anything to make sure my lover is satisfied. He grunted as I worked his meat with my mouth. Saliva dripped from his cock as he shit. Then he stuck his ass right in my face and made me lick him clean. After I got him nice and clean he shoved his dick in my asshole until it was gaping. Then I felt it fill with his hot juices. I’m just a dirty lot lizard with an ass full of cum and a mouth full of shit.



Forced At The Truck Stop

I was in the truck stop bathroom when the door swung open. I tried to scream that it is in use but the man covered my mouth with his hand. Telling me he was watching me and knows that I am a dirty slut and all I want is cock. He taped my mouth and tied my hands with a zip tie. He bent me over the toilet and lifted my skirt, with his pocket knife he cut my panties.

Toilet sex

I tried to resist but I couldn’t fight him, he stuck his fingers in my cunt and asshole. Then he smelled and liked his fingers. It must have excited him more because when he pulled his cock out it was throbbing and bouncing. He stuck his cock deep in my pussy with just one push. He started moaning and pounding away, I was hoping it would end. He stuck his fingers in my asshole telling me he wanted to feel how deep his cock was in my pussy, as he continued to pound me. Finally, I felt his cock starting to pulse and the rush of his nut filling me up. He threw money at me and walked out. I tried to take the tape off my mouth and scream, but just like that no one was around many cars were leaving.  

Dirty Toilet Sex

toilet sex

Hey, boys! It’s your favorite toilet sex slut, Silvia! I wasn’t always into being used as a human toilet, but when you’re down at the truck stop around all those guys, it just seems to happen naturally. The first time it happened, I was in the middle of my birthday gangbang and one of the guys shot his load on my face and then he just started pissing right on my face. I didn’t even know what was going on till the guys around us started cheering and clapping and chanting “piss on her!” I opened my mouth to say no, but when my mouth opened, a steady stream of piss just went right down my throat.

After that, I realized that it ain’t so bad to be used as a human toilet. Now, I fuckin’ love it. I always ask a guy if he has to pee when I get down on my knees in front of him. If he says yes, I just open my mouth after I tell him to fill me up. Do you have a fantasy about peeing in a slut’s mouth or all over her body? Pick up the phone and call your favorite lot lizard and tell me all about it!

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