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Forced At The Truck Stop

I was in the truck stop bathroom when the door swung open. I tried to scream that it is in use but the man covered my mouth with his hand. Telling me he was watching me and knows that I am a dirty slut and all I want is cock. He taped my mouth and tied my hands with a zip tie. He bent me over the toilet and lifted my skirt, with his pocket knife he cut my panties.

Toilet sex

I tried to resist but I couldn’t fight him, he stuck his fingers in my cunt and asshole. Then he smelled and liked his fingers. It must have excited him more because when he pulled his cock out it was throbbing and bouncing. He stuck his cock deep in my pussy with just one push. He started moaning and pounding away, I was hoping it would end. He stuck his fingers in my asshole telling me he wanted to feel how deep his cock was in my pussy, as he continued to pound me. Finally, I felt his cock starting to pulse and the rush of his nut filling me up. He threw money at me and walked out. I tried to take the tape off my mouth and scream, but just like that no one was around many cars were leaving.  

Dirty Toilet Sex

toilet sex

Hey, boys! It’s your favorite toilet sex slut, Silvia! I wasn’t always into being used as a human toilet, but when you’re down at the truck stop around all those guys, it just seems to happen naturally. The first time it happened, I was in the middle of my birthday gangbang and one of the guys shot his load on my face and then he just started pissing right on my face. I didn’t even know what was going on till the guys around us started cheering and clapping and chanting “piss on her!” I opened my mouth to say no, but when my mouth opened, a steady stream of piss just went right down my throat.

After that, I realized that it ain’t so bad to be used as a human toilet. Now, I fuckin’ love it. I always ask a guy if he has to pee when I get down on my knees in front of him. If he says yes, I just open my mouth after I tell him to fill me up. Do you have a fantasy about peeing in a slut’s mouth or all over her body? Pick up the phone and call your favorite lot lizard and tell me all about it!

Amara: Piss Capital Of The World

Golden Shower Sex Stories

Dear Daddy,

You’d be proud of me. I’ve finally started exploring the world of hot golden showers sex stories with my little ones. I know the very thought of my little rugrats getting pissed on turns you on so badly. You love the fact that you were my first dirty, nasty pissing experience. You made sure I spent my younger years, especially in my teens, learning what it meant to be a hot little whore for that golden urethral nectar!

Let me show you what a cumslut I am, and exactly how I’ve trained up my little whores to worship your every movement. Not only are these sweet angels toilet trained with their filthy fuck holes, but they enjoy giving a bit of piss play as well. My lovely lullabies aim well, and always hit the mark. They’re known for sucking down every last drop, and begging for more. I love watching them showered in that aurum water.

I have made a name for myself; Amara, piss capital of the world. Use me like a filthy little toilet again, Daddy. Cum and put your slutty little girl in her place. You left for a pack a cigarettes, and never came home. Momma said it was my fault, but I know damn well you left ‘cause she wouldn’t let you piss in her mouth.

Let me say “aaaa” Daddy. Cum back home.

Pissing Sex

Crack Whore, Piss whore

toilet sexToilet sex is nothing new to me. I get paid to be the piss drink cum slut men love to hate. They know I am a used up crack whore. And when the economy gets bad men get meaner than they have ever been. They need a skank like me to take it out on. Sometimes, like tonight I remind them of their nagging wife. My name isn’t even mine as I am in the back room of the trap house. A cock is in my mouth and my hair is being pulled as I am being called his worthless wife’s name over and over. “That that you bitch, maybe my cum load will change you attitude,” He is seething. And as his cum squirts into my mouth I gag a little. That results in a slap that blacks my eye. I feel the pain But I don’t care as he breaks off a nickel of crack and kicks me in the ribs. You like that Skank? You are nothing but a five dollar whore. His lets loose a stream of after sex piss on my bruising face. I grab the tiny rock greedily. I don’t care, I just need my fix.

Are you in?

white trash phone sex

The name is Aurora and white trash phone sex is my game. You see this piece in front of you is open to anything and everything. I will drink, smoke, gamble away money and my pussy, will do any form of drugs and still want to fuck anything with a prick. In fact I had a party the other night and after doing some weed and vodka first we then brought out the coke. Each of the people there took a couple of hits and then it was on. I specifically ensured that I would be the only woman there and it played into my favor. I had a hard cock in each hand and one going to town in my mouth. Soon I was layed onto the floor and had a cock worming its way into my asshole and another into my pussy. I was in fuck heaven. As soon as one pulled out another was there to take its place. After I had gotten a load from each they took me out front, pushed me onto my knees and then circle pissed all over me. What a great way to end the night but covered in hot piss and high as fuck! Next time we party are you in?

Don’t mind if I do

toilet sex

I really enjoy a good night of going out and looking for toilet sex. For me there is nothing better than having someone drop a hot load onto my tongue or down my throat. I love that rich, earthy flavor that will coat my tongue and teeth so that I will taste it all night. I search for that guy that looks like he just finished a good, filling meal so that he will have a lot to release. I like to squat down and get a good smell of his asshole as it’s opening and closing getting ready to release that thick, chewy waste. I will usually spend a few nights a week down at the local steak restaurant knowing that I will have my pick of the shits to eat. If I go on a football night then I can usually enjoy both the beer farts and the wing shits. If I do a really good job cleaning their asses afterwards I will usually get repeat customers. I also enjoy a good swig of the beer piss when it comes time to drain the lizards. I will lean back, open my mouth and swallow down all of that hot pee as it runs down my tongue into the back of my throat. I can get up to 20 guys a night using my mouth instead of the urinal. I will stagger home at the end of the night feeling full and listening to my stomach slosh around until I get home, bring myself to a quick orgasm and go to bed dreaming of the next time I go for a “meal”  

Chocolate pudding anyone?

toilet sex

I was out last night looking for someone to use me for toilet sex. It had been far too long since I have felt someone fuck my cunt and then piss in it. Or piss in my ass before they start fucking it so I can feel their warm urine dripping down the backs of my legs as they fuck my dirty hole. I remember one guy who would freeze his shit and use it as it thawed to fuck my cunt and ass. He loved to watch it melt and get smaller and smaller as more and more was left in my whore holes. He would then fuck his pork sword into my gash and pull out every few strokes to clean his cock of shit in my mouth. He was always enthralled to see his white cum shooter come out brown only to emerge from my gullet white again. He was amazed that it never fazed me to clean his love muscle whether it came from my pussy or ass. He would cum in my ass at the end and while I cleaned that cummy shit from his cock he would also let his bladder loose in my mouth. If he was feeling extra generous he would shove my face into his ass and feed me some of his special chocolate pudding. I miss that guy and am out searching every chance for someone to replace him!

Just call me Charmin

toilet sex

Last night seemed to be the night for toilet sex. I went to my usual haunt and met some guys who wanted to turn me into their personal toilet. After enjoying some hits off of a joint they gathered around me and one of them pushed me down to my knees. They then took turns pulling their cocks out and stroking them until they came all over my face, body and clothes. When the last one finished cumming they started all over with streams of hot yellow piss splashing into my hair, mouth and soaked my clothes through. I cleaned each cock of that yellow yummy nectar and tucked them lovingly back into their pants. A couple of guys stopped me and removed their pants completely and then turned around. One at a time they backed up and each took a big, steamy shit into my mouth and throat. I chewed and swallowed that chocolatey goodness and then stuck my tongue into their cracks and holes to ensure that they were squeaky clean before they pulled their pants up and left. I went home that night covered in cum, piss and shit. I had a full belly and went to sleep hoping to see my friends again soon!

Shittin’ on the road again

scat phone sexThe dirtier the scat phone sex the better. I once had an extremely dirty trucker who would save his shit in a bag just to watch me eat it and rub it all over my body. I wouldn’t see him for weeks sometimes but he would have all of these goody bags in the truck waiting for me. He loved to watch my skin go from white to dark brown as I smeared his anal goodness all over me. Sometimes I would drop a load of my own stinky riches right in the parking lot in front of him and then dip my fingers in and lick it off like chocolate. After all of that smelly concoction was dried he would shove me so that I was bent at the waste and he would grab onto my hips and shove his rock hard cock into my open sphincter. He would always cum really hard and would then shove that cock into my mouth to clean. I haven’t seen him in a while-would you like for me to help you instead?


Cum Dumpster Slut

cum dumpster slutI’ve never met a motherfucker that didn’t love some postpartum pussy. It is the juiciest cunt that even exists, not to mention the bitches are always so sensitive. Oh, and our titties are still nice and full of fucking milk. Do you want to know where I think the term squirting came from? I really don’t think it was the pussy, because when I cum, I cum hard and creamy. If I got huge bouncy milky titties, you can bet your ass I’m squirting from my swollen nipples too. This post pregnancy body is absolutely the best fucking thing. I always get so fucking horny after I pop one out. When I tell you that I am dripping, and desperate for a taste of some thick long cock, I’m not kidding. I try to pick up men everywhere I go. The doctor’s office, the gas station, the grocery store. I swear I even talked to a man at a red light the other day, and very shyly asked him if he would slide into the back of my minivan and give my mommy pussy a good fucking pounding. He didn’t quite know what to do with himself, but he did almost get T-boned following me in the Target parking lot. I opened up the back hatch, let him crawl inside, and then bent over so he could see my dripping pussy in my tight little asshole. Oh he ate me out so fucking good! He made me so nice and juicy for him! And then he fucked me with his hard cock. He was just an average guy, on an average day trying to run some average errands. Handed up having the time of his life cumming inside me in a Target parking lot. How’s that for a Tuesday?

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