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Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizard Sex

I gave lot lizard sex a try and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I went to the truck stop and had some fun in a few of the big rigs. Those over-the-road truckers who haven’t been home to their wives in weeks sure do have a lot of stamina (and cum) to give. I was with one trucker in the back of his cab for a solid to hours! He fucked me every which way from Sunday, he filled every hole and had my body leaking and my body sore from the positions he put me in. But where I really had a lot of fun was at the glory hole! I’d never been to one before and noticed it in the bathroom when I was washing up; one of the men stuck his big, fat cock through the hole and it was just pulsating and throbbing, waiting for me to suck it, so I did! I pressed my lips right up to the hole so I could deep throat him and he thrusted into the back of my throat and made me gag and cough as his thick mushroom tickled my tonsils. He came in the back of my throat without warning and before I could move my mouth away from the hole as he pulled away, there was a fresh dick in my mouth, pumping away! I really liked taking so many cocks in one day that I sucked it for a bit, but I was so wet still that I needed to fuck. I backed my ass up to the wall and fingered my hot wet cunt while he pounded my tight little hole. I came so fucking hard I nearly flooded the place with how much I squirted! I stayed at that truck stop all night, getting fucked back to back by horny truck drivers needing to get their dicks wet. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life and my new favorite pastime! 

Fucking Stranger in Public Bathroom

Toilet sex


I never thought I could be someone who would fuck in a public restroom with a man I did not know, but here I am sitting on a toilet and sucking on a man’s big cock. I am showing it no mercy, bobbing my head up and down and taking it deeper every time. I lick on it while my superior sucking makes his cock throb even harder. I could make him cum right then and there, but I need that cock in my pussy. I remove his terrific cock from my mouth and lean on the top of the toilet so he can fuck me from the back. He was spectacular, fucking my pussy and then my tight asshole. When I begged for him to cum inside me, he came inside my asshole. I got on my knees so that I could lick all the cum off of his cock and get him to cum in my mouth. I slobbered on his amazing cock and played with his balls until he sprayed his cum into my mouth. 

Toilet Sex with a Trashy Stripper

Trashy Stripper BJ knows how to get filthy and hot with some Toilet sex. Push my big bare tits against the wall and finger bang the fuck out of my cunt wile being pushed against the urinal. Telling me to piss in the Urinal as this cunt gets banged. Slam that big cock inside my cunt from behind. That’s right get down and eat my ass out too. I am the trashy stripper whore that kneel before you and be your urinal. Piss on my tits and down my throat.

I once had a client that hired me to shit on his hooker date’s face while he banged her. In fact he paid me to make it a show and had an audience. I was merciless with this little fucking crack head cheap hooker. Best part was his cock pissing inside her after he came all over her whore face mixed with my cocaine shits.

Toilet sex

Anal sex whore dives into that ass with my tongue!

Anal sex whoreI’m on my knees like the good little Anal sex whore I am, licking and tongue fucking your tight tiny little ass. I see your cock grow and I know you love the way it feels. I twirl and swirl my tongue around the rim before spitting on that hole!  I am your dirty little whore who will do anything to please you! I am your toilet paper baby! Use me to clean that ass while I reach around and stroke that massive cock. It is rock hard for me, and I know tonight is going to be fun!

You hold my head still while you bent that cock back and force fuck my whore mouth like you should. You know that I love it when you are fucking rough because I am nothing but a worthless slut for sure. I love to chock slobber everywhere as you hold that hard dick in my throat. I gag, and gag, as my throat squeezes and grabs every inch of that shaft and mushroom tip. You moan as you hold it there and tears stream down my face. I haven’t breather in two minutes at least! You finally rip my head back and I gasp for air and no sooner is that cock right back inside me.

You skull fuck my face, using my pretty little face; jack hammering away like it is a race. Then you whip me around; my ass in the air and without warning you are balls deep inside. I am your dumb cum whore and this ass is yours, so pound me and stretch me out!   I feel that cock twits at which time I start to back it up. It is like my ass is begging you to fill me!  I want every drop of that massive load down I’m my round little ass so please baby cum for me fast!

cum filled cunt and ass

cum filled cunt

I am such a fucking whore who needs so much coke. You love that I am so addicted. My drug dealer loves fuck my ass while I’m so fucking horny and high. I am so horny from my drug dealer. My fingers are so fucking drenched with all my fucking pussy juices. Everyone is going to see what a hot coke whore is.

My dealer always brings all his friends. They even brought a four-legged friend to use me. Only a fucking druggy slut would allow that kind of humiliation. It feels so good when I am so high and ready to be used.

All I want is cum and coke, and I want to be stretched out. I am the hottest coke whore fuck. I want to pimp out all my little sisters for all that fucking angel dust. My cum filled cunt feels fantastic!

No taboo phone sex means you can get really dirty with me!

No taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex means you can get really dirty with me! I am the nastiest toilet whore you will ever meet! I crave the taste of your dirty ass! Bend over and let me clean it for you baby! I will be your toilet paper! Make me tongue fuck that tight little ass, then you can return the favor baby I don’t want you to cum too fast! Let me hover over your face pussy dripping in anticipation. I want you to open wide so I can feed you this creamy shit! Open your mouth and take every little bit!

Then I spread my round plump cheeks wide open and rub my ass over your tongue and nose. wipe me up you know how this goes! Then I’ll come kiss you so you can share some with me! What baby, you don’t think you are the only one who wants to eat?! I grab your cock and jerk it just right then I bend over baby shove that dick in I know it is tight! Ram me hard and plunge all the shit out! Get that dick sloppy you know what I’m about!

I love it nasty and dirty! I can’t help that I do, luckily for me you are a nasty freak too! Take that cock out of my gapping dirty ass, then let me jerk that cock nice and fast! I’ll rub all the shit in and cover your dick and balls. After all baby you know that’s one of my favorite treats in the fall. Chocolate covered nuts and a king-sized cholate bar on the side. I’ll clean it all up before I climb on top and take a ride!

Anal sex whore indulges in post-holiday filthy sex

Anal sex whoreBeing an Anal sex whore who loves to get filthy around the holidays is the biggest gift of all! I love that you over ate and your full of shit. I want to indulge in post-holiday filthy scat sex. I bend over and spread my ass wide, offering you a taste of this chocolate cream pie. I know you love the taste of my juicy round ass, but you aren’t going to get inside me, at least not that fast.
I want a piece of you and back and open wide. You hover that ass over my face and lower that ass down right. I tongue fuck you fast and hard, begging for a taste. I’m a nasty shit eating whore and I need my reward. I see your ass open up as a long, thick, shit log slowly slides out. I allow it to slide right down my throat. I’m gaging on this thick log and beginning to chock.

I grip that nice long shit and ram it deep in my wet juicy cunt. I’m fucking myself hard with that shit while I continue to clean, and face fuck your ass. God baby it tastes so good thank you for feeding me, you know I’ve been patiently waiting. I reach around and jerk your cock coating it in your shit. you are still riding my face like a cowboy on a bucking horse.

You ram that cock deep in my cunt force your shit log deeper still. you can feel that shit oozing out around your cock as you fuck me hard and fast. You are use this filthy cunt as your personal cock sleeve go ahead baby, I know just what you need. Make me you dirty shit filled cum whore. use this tight little pussy to make you cum. I want you to bread me baby, fill this shitty cunt all the way up. Then I’m going to push out this shit and cum and lick it all off your dick and balls!

Stripper sex porn starring me

stripper sex porn

Stripper sex porn starring me for some extra cash, I will do anything. Extra money means additional cash flow to do so much blow and get used up like a good slut.

My boss told me he would pay me a great about of money and give me a good supply of coke if I were to star in a porn that he would distribute to all the customers and use as a marketing tactic to get more people in the door.

I wasn’t going to turn it down, plus I never want to say no to more of the good stuff. For me, the excellent stuff blows and all the benjamins possible.

The more I get, the more I will do nothing is off-limits, and I am willing to pimp out my girls.

Anal sex whore cannot wait anymore, I need to get filthy!

Anal sex whoreMeet my ass! It’s yours for the taking! I’m an Anal sex whore and who is really into scat play! I love to play in the filth like the nasty pig I am! I need to be disgusting with you. I mean it’s the kind of girl I am! The kind of girl you thought only exists in fantasy, here to make your nastiest dreams cum true. I am that disgusting whore and I love to please and tease you! I want to be really dirty, something to bring some flavor into a vanilla world!

I know you like to see me get nasty and you are off on the road. Well baby that won’t deter me I will just have to put you on a show! I can’t wait anymore! I have to drop this load, and fast. I pull out the big fat dildo, you know the one you love to see stretch me out. Its big enough to make me gape, but still allow the shit to ooze out. I set out the camera and face timed you as I lower my ass down slow. I moan as I feel it fill me up and I knew the sight would be enough to make you want to race home.

Scat phone sexI started bouncing up and down shit coving this cock. When all the sudden I lower down and take every inch of this cock, and rock. I can feel the cum building and I want to cum hard for you. As soon as I cum and pull the dildo out my ass starts pour shit out for you. I lower my ass back down and use the shit as my lube fuck my ass deep and hard wish it was you.

Your filthy whore is horny. I am all alone making a mess. I wish you were here to smear it all over my beautiful chest. You know you love to use these tits to jerk you cock just right. These shitty tits are magical, and they will drain your balls quick. But to tell you the truth what I’m really missing is you feeding me that shit covered dick. You know your nasty whore loved to clean the shit off of you. And then I like to get cleaned up and your golden showers always do! I guess I’ll take a rain check!

In the trap box

trailer trash whore

My friend brought me over to her place. It’s a literal trap box. She’s a trailer trash whore and has all the best drugs around. It’s like the best feeling in the whole world when I’m in that trap box getting all fucked up and fucking all kinds of dealers and playing with her.

The drugs hit so hard that nothing else matters. It’s exciting to know that you are playing Russian roulette, not having a clue if all the drug benders you will eventually knock on death’s door, but I don’t care. I love to get fucked up.

It’s always a party at the trap box, and I will choose to go. A bukkake bitch like me loves multiple loads and multiple drugs.