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Anal sex whore dives into that ass with my tongue!

Anal sex whoreI’m on my knees like the good little Anal sex whore I am, licking and tongue fucking your tight tiny little ass. I see your cock grow and I know you love the way it feels. I twirl and swirl my tongue around the rim before spitting on that hole!  I am your dirty little whore who will do anything to please you! I am your toilet paper baby! Use me to clean that ass while I reach around and stroke that massive cock. It is rock hard for me, and I know tonight is going to be fun!

You hold my head still while you bent that cock back and force fuck my whore mouth like you should. You know that I love it when you are fucking rough because I am nothing but a worthless slut for sure. I love to chock slobber everywhere as you hold that hard dick in my throat. I gag, and gag, as my throat squeezes and grabs every inch of that shaft and mushroom tip. You moan as you hold it there and tears stream down my face. I haven’t breather in two minutes at least! You finally rip my head back and I gasp for air and no sooner is that cock right back inside me.

You skull fuck my face, using my pretty little face; jack hammering away like it is a race. Then you whip me around; my ass in the air and without warning you are balls deep inside. I am your dumb cum whore and this ass is yours, so pound me and stretch me out!   I feel that cock twits at which time I start to back it up. It is like my ass is begging you to fill me!  I want every drop of that massive load down I’m my round little ass so please baby cum for me fast!

Anal sex whore loves to go outdoors to find dick!

Anal sex whore

I am an Anal sex whore who loves to go hunting for a good fuck! I love to go outdoors, wearing barely a thing to taunt and tease. You look like the perfect new fuck toy to use and pound this nice, juicy, round ass.  I walk right up to you on a mission, and I grab your cock. “Like what you see? While why don’t we go and see what this thick dick can do to my tight little shit hole! I want you to stretch me out and make me your good little cum whore!

Before I knew it you had me bent over, panties below this round little ass. “Damn baby!” You say as you slap it hard! “I can’t wait to fell that round little ass!” You shoved it in hard and started pounding my ass fast! “Oh my god daddy, fuck my whore hole! I am nothing put an anal sex whore! Fuck this ass baby make cum with that thick ass stretching out my ass!” I scream as you ram me like the cock sleave I am!

you know this is all I’m good for and that I am a good little whore. My ass is so tight and the way I’m pushing it back is almost enough to make you cum. you grab my hair and make me arch my back and that is the moment that I knew I was going to cum! Yes, baby harder don’t stop! Right there!” I scream as I cum and I feel that warm massive load fill my ass!  I drop to my knees and start stocking that cock. I take my tongue and wrap it around the tip before taking the full shaft in like a hoover.  I am a Cum guzzling slut who loves ass to mouth! I am so fucking dirty!

Anal cum dumpster gets taken by a young cock!

Anal cum dumpsterMy reputation for being a huge Anal cum dumpster was all you needed to take your shot! You saw me walking through the park ass hanging out of my skirt and when I stopped at the wood line you took the opportunity! You have been craving some of this mommy whore hole! You came up behind me, your hard, teen cock in my back. You grab my tits hard before your hand finds its way to my plump round ass cheek, smacking hard.

You pushed me into the tree line where others couldn’t see, “I know that you wore this and are showing this ass off just for me! I’ve heard that you love cock rammed deep in your shitter. Well mommy I’m here and hard so what you going to do?!” My pussy throbbed as your words hit me hard. God, I love being the center of a desire this strong.

I turn around and drop to me knees, before I could do anything that cock was smacking me in the face. That massive veiny dick was so fucking thick. I slurped and licked it while my hands held and massaged your heavy balls. I deep throated that cock and got it nice and wet and sloppy; you turned me around and spread my plump cheeks wide. I could hardly handle how big it was as you slowly slid that cock into my round tight little brown hole.

“Yeah baby fuck me, use me like the anal sex whore I am! Pound my ass baby show me what it’s like to be taken by a hot, horny, teen!” You put your hands on my shoulders and rammed me so deep. I tried to be quiet and not make a peep, but i couldn’t help it and I screamed out loud, that’s when we got caught with you pants down. Your mom looked pissed as she saw you mounting me like a king, I think she is just jealous that you were choosing to use me over her! Its ok baby don’t stop let’s put on a show! I’ll get on my knees so you can cum all over my face then she can try to put you in your place.

No taboo phone sex means you can get really dirty with me!

No taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex means you can get really dirty with me! I am the nastiest toilet whore you will ever meet! I crave the taste of your dirty ass! Bend over and let me clean it for you baby! I will be your toilet paper! Make me tongue fuck that tight little ass, then you can return the favor baby I don’t want you to cum too fast! Let me hover over your face pussy dripping in anticipation. I want you to open wide so I can feed you this creamy shit! Open your mouth and take every little bit!

Then I spread my round plump cheeks wide open and rub my ass over your tongue and nose. wipe me up you know how this goes! Then I’ll come kiss you so you can share some with me! What baby, you don’t think you are the only one who wants to eat?! I grab your cock and jerk it just right then I bend over baby shove that dick in I know it is tight! Ram me hard and plunge all the shit out! Get that dick sloppy you know what I’m about!

I love it nasty and dirty! I can’t help that I do, luckily for me you are a nasty freak too! Take that cock out of my gapping dirty ass, then let me jerk that cock nice and fast! I’ll rub all the shit in and cover your dick and balls. After all baby you know that’s one of my favorite treats in the fall. Chocolate covered nuts and a king-sized cholate bar on the side. I’ll clean it all up before I climb on top and take a ride!

Anal sex whore indulges in post-holiday filthy sex

Anal sex whoreBeing an Anal sex whore who loves to get filthy around the holidays is the biggest gift of all! I love that you over ate and your full of shit. I want to indulge in post-holiday filthy scat sex. I bend over and spread my ass wide, offering you a taste of this chocolate cream pie. I know you love the taste of my juicy round ass, but you aren’t going to get inside me, at least not that fast.
I want a piece of you and back and open wide. You hover that ass over my face and lower that ass down right. I tongue fuck you fast and hard, begging for a taste. I’m a nasty shit eating whore and I need my reward. I see your ass open up as a long, thick, shit log slowly slides out. I allow it to slide right down my throat. I’m gaging on this thick log and beginning to chock.

I grip that nice long shit and ram it deep in my wet juicy cunt. I’m fucking myself hard with that shit while I continue to clean, and face fuck your ass. God baby it tastes so good thank you for feeding me, you know I’ve been patiently waiting. I reach around and jerk your cock coating it in your shit. you are still riding my face like a cowboy on a bucking horse.

You ram that cock deep in my cunt force your shit log deeper still. you can feel that shit oozing out around your cock as you fuck me hard and fast. You are use this filthy cunt as your personal cock sleeve go ahead baby, I know just what you need. Make me you dirty shit filled cum whore. use this tight little pussy to make you cum. I want you to bread me baby, fill this shitty cunt all the way up. Then I’m going to push out this shit and cum and lick it all off your dick and balls!

Anal cum dumpster always aims to please you daddy

Anal cum dumpsterI am a dirty, nasty, Anal cum dumpster always aims to please and tease. I know you love to see me get fitly so I’m here with this druggie on my knees. She will do anything to get high just like I will to get my fix. We are both begging, mouth wide open, for you to drown us in your piss. You know we are your nasty sluts who love to play good little pigs. By the time you are down with we are going to covered, and filled with your kids!

We drench from head to dripping wet cunts with piss and the desire for cum. I know what you want daddy and I’m happy to serve it to this round ass is ready to be used. Cum lick and sniff this dirty ass; I left it nice and filthy for you. Yeah, shove your tongue deep and clean this drug whore’s ass. Get it wet and ready for your cock. Ready or not, you ram it in, and I almost instantly start to cum.

This nasty drug slut gets underneath, and I sit on her face and ride. You continue to fuck me, and she lick and catches the juices of my ass, cunt and all your piss. I am your anal sex whore who you can fuck and use whenever you feel the need. I am nothing but a dirty slut and my sole purpose is to be ready for you to breed.

So, use this round ass then take your cock straight out and into my pretty wink whore hole. I want you to blow your load deep inside and fill me to the brim. Then I can push out this load straight in my mouth and feed her like the greedy cum guzzling slut she is! Don’t forget her holes are your so save a load for her. Of course, I’m a greedy nasty slut and can wait to clean her cunt when you are finished!

Anal cum dumpster wants you to stretch me out daddy.

Anal cum dumpsterI am an Anal cum dumpster and I want, no I need to stretch me out daddy. Use me and make me your dirty little fuck toy! this tight round perky ass of mine is yours to use. I know you like it dirty daddy so don’t be shy. This ass of is full I need you to cum clean me out. Shove your cock in and force the shit out. This potty whore loves to get that cock nice and filthy. Of course, I get to clean it up so don’t you worry. Ill shit all over your cock and balls. Use it as lube and fuck me hard.

Make my ass gaping with that shitty cock. You know I’m a nasty whore. I love feeling those sloppy balls slap my clit. Get my cunt covered in all that shit. I love it sloppy I can’t help it. knowing that I’m covered in all this smooth warm shit makes my cunt drip.

Now let me clean that cock of yours. Take it out my ass and ram it in my throat. Make me gag on the whole length of that nice hard veiny, shit coated dick. I love the way it tastes and the way it’s smeared all over your cock and balls looks so fucking sexy. God damn baby, you know I am fucking filthy.

Ram that dirty cock right in my cunt. do it without warning, I like it rough. There is still shit all over that cock and all over my cunt now there is a really tasty mixture that I have to devour, but first I want you to fuck me hard, make this dirty cum whore holler. Pound my cunt till you are ready to blow, then shove it in my ass, you know that’s where that load goes. Fill up my ass with that warm sticky cum. After all baby that’s all I’m made for a toilet dumpster for your cum!

Creampie slut loves to get fucked by loads of random men

Creampie slutI am a filthy Creampie slut. I loved to filled to the rim with lots of random men’s loads. Today I had an orgy where I let over 40 men use me. Mind you I was coming off a night of straight fucking and haven’t cleaned this cream filled pussy. I love to let it marinate as I strut around, teasing and looing for the next man to breed me.

I know you love that I am a disgusting whore who spreads her legs wide and lets men use me like the cum whore I am. I know my worth and that I am nothing but a fuck sleeve. Order me to go out and sell this pussy. I am your whore. I will do anything you tell me to baby, I’m yours.

You know that I will cum home to you, a pocket full of money, and a cunt full of cum. As soon as I walk through the door, I want you to drop to your knees. Time to take care of me daddy. Clean this filthy creamy cunt. Shove your tongue deep and suck their seed from my cunt. I know you want your belly full. I want you to tell me how sweet my pussy is mixed with that salty creamy cum. I know this is exactly why you send me out. I fulfil your deeps fantasy and bring in the money; a two for one. No let me sleep baby you know you have a big night lined up for me and I’m so tired from how many times I had cum!

Anal sex whore cannot wait anymore, I need to get filthy!

Anal sex whoreMeet my ass! It’s yours for the taking! I’m an Anal sex whore and who is really into scat play! I love to play in the filth like the nasty pig I am! I need to be disgusting with you. I mean it’s the kind of girl I am! The kind of girl you thought only exists in fantasy, here to make your nastiest dreams cum true. I am that disgusting whore and I love to please and tease you! I want to be really dirty, something to bring some flavor into a vanilla world!

I know you like to see me get nasty and you are off on the road. Well baby that won’t deter me I will just have to put you on a show! I can’t wait anymore! I have to drop this load, and fast. I pull out the big fat dildo, you know the one you love to see stretch me out. Its big enough to make me gape, but still allow the shit to ooze out. I set out the camera and face timed you as I lower my ass down slow. I moan as I feel it fill me up and I knew the sight would be enough to make you want to race home.

Scat phone sexI started bouncing up and down shit coving this cock. When all the sudden I lower down and take every inch of this cock, and rock. I can feel the cum building and I want to cum hard for you. As soon as I cum and pull the dildo out my ass starts pour shit out for you. I lower my ass back down and use the shit as my lube fuck my ass deep and hard wish it was you.

Your filthy whore is horny. I am all alone making a mess. I wish you were here to smear it all over my beautiful chest. You know you love to use these tits to jerk you cock just right. These shitty tits are magical, and they will drain your balls quick. But to tell you the truth what I’m really missing is you feeding me that shit covered dick. You know your nasty whore loved to clean the shit off of you. And then I like to get cleaned up and your golden showers always do! I guess I’ll take a rain check!

Anal sex whore loves to get filthy with you!

Anal sex whoreI’m an Anal sex whore. I true blue bottom feeder. A really nasty pig! The bitch who will do things you never even thought of. I want to get filthy with you, make all your nasty fantasies cum true. I’ll do anything daddy I am a nasty pig for you!

 Spread your ass wide and let me dive in. I want to clean the dirty like ass hole while I jerk that massive dick.  I love the taste of your tight little brown hole! Grab me by the hair and force my face deep between your ass cheeks. I know you love the way this warms tongue feels going deep inside your and cleaning you out. Push that shit out baby, I want that log in my mouth!

Cover me in your shit like the toilet slut that I am. I love the taste of it but love the feeling of it in my hand. I rub that shit all over my massive tits. I know you like the sight of it. now give me that cock let me wrap these mounds around. Fuck these shitty tits baby! Take me to pound town!

Now let me eat that shit off that cock baby bot! you know I like it dirty, and I will never play coy! I suck and lick off every single drop. Clean not only the shitty dirty cock, but I going to sneak down and try to get some more fresh out the tap. Cum on baby let me eat that shitty ass! Then back up those balls and on to my rock-hard cock. Before you ram my head down and piss down my throat. God baby you know how to treat me and give me a hell of a good time. Chock me with the shit and piss give me what is mine!