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Oh my God daddy, I’m going to puke!

I’m a dirty potty whore and I love the taste of your ass right after a fresh shit! I prefer for you to give it to me right from the tap, but right now I’m eating shit off of your cock! You took the biggest nastiest load right on my big tits, and then I fucked your cock with my shitty titties. Ummhhmmmm I know you loved the way it felt when your rock-hard cock was sliding in between my big soft breasts, and that shit smeared and coated both you and me. Dirty phone sexEach stroke making me even sloppier and your cock even shittier. The more the merrier I can’t wait to eat it off I start to catch the tip in my mouth as you thrust up, getting a sweet taste. The preview is awesome. I love cleaning you up after you get sloppy! You thrust hard and grab my head and push the full length of your cock down my throat. Yes daddy, face fuck me with that dirty cock! Make this potty whore clean you up, like the dirty little slut I am! ummmm it tastes so good daddy thank you for feeding me! I love when you save big nasty loads for me! And to let me wear it too?! Such a nice surprised treat! You always know how to treat your toilet whore right! You ram my head down and I gag on the entire shit coved shaft and you push it further down. Oh my God daddy, I’m going to puke! Oh well some else I get to clean off your cock!

I’m not ashamed to be your cum dumpster!

Dirty phone sexRam me harder with that massive throbbing cock baby! I love the way you force your cock deep inside my pretty pink pussy! Your so dirty baby and I love every bit of that perverted mind! Spit on that cock while its sliding in and out of my wet ass pussy! Gripping my shoulders to get leverage as you pound me with all your might! Damn daddy your trying to force me to suck your cock through my pussy at this point! But I love it like that! Force it all deep inside me while I take this massive cock in my sweet little mouth! I’m a whore baby! And I want you to use me like it! Fuck me like all you want is to use my amazingly tight holes to get your nut! That’s ok baby! I’m not ashamed to be your cum dumpster! Smack me across the face while your fucking me baby degrade me and put me in my place! I’m a whore to be used however you see fit! I’m gaging on this rock-hard cock, barely able to breath and you love the way my pussy clamps down on you each time I gag! “Yes whore! Keep squeezing this cock so I can fill you up like the good little whore you are!” you moan as you pound away.  Oh my god I feel you growing inside my pussy getting hard, whilst pounding me harder. He cums deep down my throat and I gag on the huge load he force fed me, and with that last tight squeeze I was able to please! You filled me up with your massive nut. And your friend leans over and starts licking it up out of my now overly full, swollen cunt.

Baby, I’m going to need an encore!

No taboo phone sexI love having slutty, hot, girlfriends who are just as freaky as I am! Pussy is magical, and if I get a chance to shove my tongue deep inside a sweet, juicy cunt, well you better believe I’m diving in headfirst! I love to taste the essence of arousal, but guzzling squirt; well, let’s just say with squirt I don’t play! I will lick up every single drop! It intoxicating how delicious my friend Kerria is! She has the wettest, tightest, pussy I have ever had the pleaser of ripping wide open! I want to share her with you daddy! You deserve her! She is a good little whore and knows her place! I’ve already got her pussy nice and wet for you and am working on that tight little ass hole. I bend her over and spread her ass cheeks wide, as I shove my tongue deep in her ass. Come taste it baby you will love it! Her tight ass is sweeter than her juicy pussy! I shove my face back between her cheeks pressing my face in for as long as I can before coming up for air. I think I got her nice and wet for you baby which hole do you want? You can use her pussy or her ass I don’t care which, but that mouth, that’s all mine! I climb atop her face and grab her legs and pull when back for you. Go ahead baby rip her apart while I drown her with my wet pussy! We are going to use and abuse her together, then afterword I’m going to bend over and spread myself wide open, because baby, I’m going to need an encore!

He is such a good boy!

Milo is the best sex I ever had! He takes directions well! The way he is licking my pussy…you would think I trained him to do this…. Oh yeah, I did! He was the cutes like puppy and was looking at me just begging for me to take him home. Our first night I introduced my finger coved in my juices to his lips and he attacked, biting and licking it all up, tail just wagging! I knew we would be best friends! Now a days he comes up to me press his face on my cunt begging me to let him have a taste. It has been a couple days since I gave the good boy his favorite treat. I am trying to cum up with any reason to give into my filthy desires. I find none good enough to stop me! I quickly undress and lay back. Before I can spread my legs, he is forcing his face between my legs, and he is licking my cunt like it’s the best thing he has ever tasted. His wet tongue massages my clit just right and I cum hard! He is such a good boy and doesn’t miss a beat! He just cleans it all up and goes back to eating! He is more intent on my pleasure because he knows one or two more cums like that one and I’m done! He gets to mount me and fuck me hard and fast until he nutts. I want him to bread me! I’m such a fucking nasty whore, I know. Say it loud for the people in the back. My dog fuck better that most men, and that’s a fact I think as I squirt again!Cum guzzling slut

Now lick it up!

Cum guzzling slutAnal- when you give to much attention to something to the point of being annoying; and I surly and being very anal on your delicious, tight, little asshole baby! I graze your tight hole with my tongue swirling it around the rim, before licking it thoroughly! I even made sure to tongue fuck you a little to get it nice, and slippery! I’m sure this isn’t what you were imagining when I suggested anal and you so happily agreed. But right now, I know you don’t regret it as you rock hard cock jumps for me each time I force my face deeper and deeper between your cheeks. I reach around and stroke your cock as it has been jumping almost begging for attention. I stay focused on your dirty little ass, cleaning it and teasing it while stroking your fat cock! I love the way you taste and the way your dick dances for me even more! I pull back spread your check wide and spit in your slightly open entrance. I take two fingers and suck and spit on them get them nice and well. “Ok baby I’m going to put them in on the count of three! One!” I push them in slightly and you gasp as you weren’t expecting it. Your ass hole tightens around my fingers, squeezing me tight, making me wet instantly. “You got to relax baby or it will hurt trust me you will love this!” I purr “Two!” Push it in till it’s in up to my second knuckles. They are basically half way in. You moan, and this one sounds a little more, dare I say, like a pleasure moan?! “Three!” I hiss as I slam my fingers deep in you. You take it like a champ and even arch your back a little. “Good boy! Take all of it!” I say as I hold it deep and rotate my wrist a little. “Now I’m going to make you cum, and after I do your going to eat it all up for me like the cum whore you are!” I demand as I start to milk your prostate. I’m stroking your cock as I press at the right tempo and pressure and before you know it you are cumming so hard! “Good sissy boy!” I whisper “Now lick it up! You are my newest sissy boy in training, and I expect perfection!”

Dancing with the whores is now live on a dance floor near you!

Cum dumpsterYou’re standing at attention for me, and you got my attention baby! The tent that is now the front of your pants lets me know your huge cock is rock hard, just like I like it! I can’t wait and have to have you now! I rush across the dance floor crashing into you rock hard chest, you cock pokes my stomach. I start grinding on you in rhythm to the beat of the music, winding and grinding my hips mimicking me riding your cock. You run you hands up the back of my short mini skirt resting you hand on my bare ass. I never wear underwear on nights out like this, just gets in the way! You spin me around you arm around my waist pressing me back against you tight. I feel you unbuckle your pants and you slid your cock in without missing a beat I cry out in ecstasy as you force through my dripping wet pussy. You fucked me hard right there on the dance floor surrounded closely by all these strangers! Oh My God! This is so fucking good! You’re filling my tight cunt to the brim, balls deep and thrusting hard to the beat. You have done this before, I can tell! Dancing with the whores is now live on a dance floor near you! Your huge cock is hitting my walls just right, and I love that we are putting on a show! I always preform best with a live audience, and baby I’m gearing up for my monologue. I cry our loud, “Yes, yes, oh my God! Yeeees!” as I throw my head back and my juices ooze down your balls. You feel my walls clamp tight on your cock and then pulsate almost to the beat of the music. Fill up my cunt baby! Make me your cum whore right here, right now, on this dance floor! Use me and show me what I’m good for and fill me with your seed!” As if you heard my thoughts, you complied, breeding me right there like the whore I am! Good thing I’m already pregnant with an appointment to take care of that!!!!!!! But who wants to think of that?! Right now, I’m just enjoying the after glow of this dance floor quickie!

There is plenty of time for you to cum!

 I love playing dirty with you daddy! Shit smeared across my body from when you left that nice, warm, juicy load on my chest! It was so tasty when it was steaming hot, and fresh, and even tastier off your cock. Now I am hovering over your face, your mouth wide open, as I piss. Yes, baby catch every drop like a good boy!  “Now I want you to gargle it for me! Gargle and prove to me that you are deserving of me!” You gargle and swish my piss around your mouth and hold it waiting for my cue that you can swallow. You’re such a good boy! But truth be told, I was hoping you would slip up so I could punish you! Oh well I’ll dual out he punishments as “rewards” for being such a good boy! Anal sex whore I grab by double sided dildo and shove it in your mouth. “Get it nice and wet for me, so I can shove it in my cunt baby!” I moan as I face fuck your throat with my side of the dildo. I pull it out and lift my leg, using you as a foot stool. I slowly insert the dildo deep inside my dirty little pussy. “Ahhhhh!”  I moan as I get it positioned in. “Now get over here and lay on your back, legs in the air! I’m about to clean your dirty little asshole before I fuck you silly!” I say before spreading your tight little ass open and ramming my tongue deep inside your asshole. No don’t get too excited! There is plenty of time for you to cum!  I’m going to milk you till your dry, then make you eat it up!”

You’re a pig and will hang like one!

I’m tied to the barn wall by the neck with a rope like cattle waiting to be slaughtered. There is a ball gag in my mouth. You come up behind me in all black and start ripping at my clothes off. Ripping my huge tits out of my shirt and exposing my black thong and garters I’m wearing under my skirt.  I try to fight you off, but you’re so big and you flip me around, chocking me with the rope, so my back is to you. You aggressively start taping my hands together behind my back, with electrical tape. I can’t fight you as you take the rope from around my neck. You lay me down and I kick a little, but that only makes you more upset. You rip my skirt and underwear all the way off. You flipped me on my stomach and lay atop of my body so I couldn’t fight, even if I wanted to, which I don’t! ” You’re a fucking slut and I’m going to have you hanging with a hook in your ass by the end of this. You’re a pig and will hang like one!” Oh. My. God! I love the sound of that! I whimper as if that isn’t exactly what I want! Cum dumpster

You forced your fingers in my tight pussy finger fucking me hard and fast. I try to fight it but my whimpers turn to moans as you make me cum for you. You love the way I just gave in to you and your desires and how my body obeyed, even though I didn’t. You haven’t even begun with me and now your have to add to your list of punishments!  you’re going to punish me for fighting you! You put my leg in the rope that my head was just in. I am hanging upside down like a fish when you force your cock in my mouth. I’m gaging as I swing back and forth my face slamming into your cock. You flog me each time I swing away too far to keep your dick in my mouth which is every time with this momentum. You moan loudly each time my throat crashed into your cock. And then you grab me abruptly and pull my leg out causing me to fall on the floor I try to cry out but am muffled by the ball gag! “Now I’m going to fuck you with my BBC” you says with a smirk you pulls out the biggest black dildo I have ever saw!  “Get ready baby, because its going to be a long night!” Oh yess master! I think as I ready myself to be demolished like the pain slut I am!

Blow baby blow… your load so deep inside me

I was side swiped today and boy when I say I was mad as hell! I was mad as…. you’re so fucking hot! Your suit, oh, do I love a man in a suit!  And your shirt is showing off your hot dad bod! And from the bulge in your slacks, well, I may be happy by the end of this!  I’m so sorry Miss, I didn’t see you….” How could you not see someone like me?!” I interrupted, obviously flirting. Your cock starts to rise for me! I grab it as if it were mine.” I know a way we can take care of this without getting insurance and the cops involved!” I say with a winkCum dumpster. You shove your cock deep in my wet cunt! “You are such a dirty whore aren’t you “ you hiss in my ear . “Yes daddy I’m your dirty whore! Use me daddy!” I moan as you pound my wet cunt. This dirty motel room we found must be soaking wet with cum and squirt and yet we roll around as if we were home! You flip me and turn me making sure it feels good for you I love how you fuck me like I’m your real life blow up doll, maneuvering me just so you can blow, use ever one of my holes like the whore I am! You know I’ll do you just right daddy! Cum and use me like you please! Blow baby blow… your load so deep inside me! I’m yours to use and the best part is no clean-up for you!

I’m going to destroy her tight asshole and make her my cum dumpster!

Cum dumpsterThe way you are holding her little foot as you help her try it on, I knew you wanted her but the fact that I caught you staring up her skirt and even lifting her leg a little more than necessary I knew I was going to give you my number before we left the store. Most of my loyal clientele I meet on the street or at their “place of business”. You’re working your 9-5 a nice well manner gentleman but after five that’s when the pervert comes to play, but it looks like he is trying to escape right here in from of everyone. My daughter is beautiful, and she isn’t wearing panties so I can understand the temptation. You can see her cute, hairless, pussy when you time it just right. Which, by the way, you have at least three times now. You run your hand down her leg just enough to get you excited but not enough to get in trouble. You have done this a time or two, I can tell! Don’t worry big guy she likes that you’re looking and will thank you in time! I hand you the number as we walk to the front to check out you look at it, look at me, then her. I give you a reassuring smile. I knew what you were asking with that look, you dirty dog! Yes, you can have her tight holes for your pleasure! “Yep, anything you could want, we have for you” I say as I walk away. {Buuzzz } I look down and see an unfamiliar number “Hello?” I ask “Hi, it’s me the shoe store clerk. You just gave me your number.” Your voice sounded so sure. I like that he is going to take control and shove his dick deep in her cunny right and maybe even punish her asshole if she is lucky. “I have an hour lunch in 15 minutes can you and your sexy ass daughter meet me at the hotel around the corner?” “Sure can!” I say as I turn around and wave and you wave back. “Good I’m going to destroy her tight asshole and make her my cum dumpster!” You say as you hang up and walk away.

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