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I love being a nasty whore

live phone sexI love being a nasty whore so much that I decided to really go all in on it last night. I posted an ad online to fuck for money and I decided that I was going to fuck as many men as I possibly could. I answered every ad and fucked everyone that showed up, it was the nastiest fuck fest ever. I didn’t shower in between, I just let every single one of them cum in me over and over so that by the end of the night I was literally laying in a pool of cum. It was dripping down my thighs and all over my face but all the men loved it. I was getting so many really nasty men but the last two were definitely the most twisted of them all. They showed up at my door together and wanted to double team me and I was all over that. They saw me all covered in cum and instead of reacting with disgust they were happy! They told me I was a nasty whore and started off by pissing all the cum off my face. Then they fucked the shit out of me and added their cum to the mix it was hot as fuck!

I am such an anal sex whore!

anal sex whoreI am such an anal sex whore, I just can’t help it! I love the feeling of a big fat cock stretching out my asshole, nothing feels better than that! That’s why I was out looking for cock last night, I was high as fuck and running low on party supplies so I started searching for someone to fulfill all my needs and that is when I found Jerry. Jerry sells the shit I needed to get high and he has a huge dick so I was so happy to see him. He hesitated at first, he really thought that his dick was too big for my ass can you believe that shit?? As if there was a cock that was too big for me! I’ll take em all! Any cock at all, I don’t even care if it tears me up just shove that massive thing inside me! Once he was balls deep he realized that I was a whore that could take anything so it was the best night!

I just can’t get enough!

live phone sexI am addicted to cock, no matter what I do I just can not get enough of it! So when my friend asked me to strip at his bachelor party I was all in, I knew that they would all be drunk and horny so I was sure to get fucked and get paid, what could be better than that? I showed up right when they were all hammered as fuck and ready to play, I could tell they were ready to fuck too by all those hard cocks so I just went for it and told them that whoever wanted some of this pussy could come get some. Well they all wanted me, I had cocks in every fuck hole practically before I even finished my sentence! It was a total bachelor party gangbang and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I fucked them all night long, my friend was almost late to his own wedding thanks to me but he told me it was all worth it!

I love sucking dick

live phone sexI love sucking dick so much! I swear to fucking god that I can’t get enough of it no matter what I do! So when I met the new guy down the street the very first thing I did was get down on my knees and start sucking that dick. He was surprised that I jumped right to sucking his dick but he was just too damn cute to not suck it. Besides I’m a whore he may as well find that out right away. It didn’t take long for him to start fucking my face, that huge dick was all the way down my throat and I was just eager for more. I let him blow his load down my throat and I swallowed every drop of it too. I’m going back over there later on tonight so I hope he will fuck me with that massive dick too, I can’t hardly wait for it!

I love a big cock in my ass

anal sex whoreI am such a whore! I was with this white dud last night and he was good and all but I was really craving a big black cock in my ass, I wanted to be all stretched out and shit yanno? Well, I guess dude could tell that I wasn’t that into it cus he just yelled out for his roommate to come in there. At first I was like why you calling some stranger in here but once I saw that big black man come walkin in I got over that shit real quick! I was all over that massive cock in an instant and once that shit was hard he shoved it balls deep up my tight ass. It was so hot! Finally I was stuffed in both fuck holes and cumming all over the place! I was the biggest slut in the world and I didn’t even care all I could think about was how soon can we do this again!

I would do anything for the money

crack whore analI needed a fix and I needed it bad so I did what I had to do, I set up a gangbang and offered up this ass to any man that would pay me for it! I had a line going out the door but I didn’t care, the money was flowing and they were bringing me lots of party favors too so I was high as fuck and ready to go all night long. Man after man came to fuck me, I had all my fuck holes filled with cum, my ass was gaped wide open and I felt lie the biggest whore in the world. I didn’t care tho, I was making tons of money and getting high as fuck and that was all that mattered to me. By the end of the night I could barely move and I was covered head to toe in a hot sticky layer of cum, I never felt so nasty before but who cares? I’ll be a whore forever!

Bbc sex stories are my favorite!

bbc sex storiesBbc sex stories are my favorite kind of stories to tell, especially when the big black man I am fucking in that story makes me a total whore! Look, we all know that I love to party and in order to get all the party supplies I need, I have to interact with some pretty rough dudes… but I fucking love that shit! These gang bangers and drug dealers are all big black men with big black cocks and they all know that I am one horny white bitch that will do anything to get high so I get passed around a lot. Whatever tho, I can’t get enough of that shit so I don’t give a fuck what people think of me. Yesterday I went to my guy’s house and just sat naked on his couch all day, I was high as fuck and every dude that came over got his dick sucked by me, how could I resist all those huge black dicks? I got off all day long and got to get high too, that’s what I call a win win!

I want the biggest cocks for my ass!

anal cum dumpsterWhen I want a good ass fucking I want those cocks to be big and thick and almost too much to take… so naturally they have to be black cocks. I am never disappointed with a big fat black dick, they always stretch me out and leave me gaped wide open and that is just too fucking hot! Last night I had several cocks all at once. They filled me up so good that I was literally screaming with joy and begging for more! All those giant black cocks in me was bliss but I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for my pitiful boyfriend waiting at home for me. He was going to fuck me with his tiny peepee right after I got all filled with load after load of cum. I won’t even feel his little cock but he will love it!

Gather round for gangbang sex stories

gangbang sex storiesIt’s story time here in slutland so gather round for some gangbang sex stories! Today I’m going to tell you all a little tale of a whore named Donna, she was the biggest slut in the world and nothing could stop her from getting all the dick she craved. Well, some jealous old harpies didn’t like poor little slut Donna, they were mad that she kept taking their men so they hatched a plan to destroy her once and for all. They called all the men they could find and gave them one task, to fuck poor little slut Donna until she would never want to fuck again! The men were very eager, they had all seen Donna’s pretty pussy, lush ass and perky titties, and they wanted her bad! Well Donna walked right into their trap and soon had every fuckholes stuffed with cock, and the jealous old harpies thought for sure that she would soon be tired of cock forever. But that just didn’t happen! The more men that fucked her, the more dick she craved! Soon most of the town had fucked Donna but still she wanted more! There was just no satisfying Donna’s cravings for cock no matter how many men she fucked so those old harpies just had to go away disappointed in the end.

I’ve been a big dick sucker for years!

big dick suckerI’ve been a big dick sucker for years and years, I’m kind of addicted to it… especially when I am drunk as fuck. Last night I was super wasted and I started getting that craving, I needed a dick to suck so bad but I couldn’t find anyone that would let me. I was getting really bummed out when I realized that all I had to do was go down to the corner where all he hookers hang out and I’d find a dick to suck in no time and I’d get paid to do it too! Can’t go wrong there right? So I went out to the corner all wasted and shit and within five minutes had a dude asking me if I was a working girl. I was like fuck yeah I am! Hopped right in his car and had his cock out before we even pulled away from the curb! I wasn’t even gonna charge him for it either but he threw a couple twenties at me so I took em and went on my way.

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