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Prostitutes porn the nastiest cum shots.

 Prostitutes porn         Prostitutes porn the nastiest cum shots. Watch the cum fly around. As can be seen the outfits that we wear are sexy, hot, and glisten when covered in cum. In fact, you will be begging to cum. Going to give you permission to drain your balls. Treat me like a whore. That is after all what a Prostitute is. We are a whore that is well paid. High class one. In other words, take us sleezy for we are easy.

          Take me once, take me twice. The first thing that must be remembered is what as prostitutes we are easy enough to find. See the first and ask for a second and that is when the fun will surely begin. Have you beneath us. Together. In fact, going to make you lick out my cunt. The cream pie that has been pumped full of cum. At the same time my whore friend will be sucking your cock. Get you fucking hard.

          As soon as you are hard, we are going to fight over and see who gets to be on that cock first. Ride you, hold you, grip that cock. Make you scream out. Going to be licking on the balls up into the cunt as you pulsate. Sexy prostitutes know where it is at. We know how to make you cum. Fill us up.

Cum guzzling slut swallows’ gallons of cum.

  Cum guzzling slut         Cum guzzling slut swallows’ gallons of cum. One right after the next. Bukkake. Please gangbang is more like it.  At least then they are all at once. Fucking and filling me up. Bukkake they are slapping those dicks in my face. Smothering my face in cum. At the same time perhaps, we should have a Bukkake gangbang. Really give me all the cum and cocks.

          After all, a slut has no limits, will take on numerous men. Like it rough? I know do. Give it all to me. Don’t go worrying about hurting me. As shown above I can take the cum. In fact, call me the Cum dumpster whore that takes it anal too. Fill all the holes up. Have it oozing out of me. Covering me from the top of my head down to the tip of my toes. Not an inch shouldn’t have cum.

          Make me into the big cum whore that there is. Licking and slurping it all up will give me a belly besides the gallons that I suck right from the cock. Using the cock as a straw and just pulling it from the balls until they are finally all drained. Nothing left. Then I will have you find me another good gangbang. Use me all up. Stretch me open. Fuck me hard.

          I am a cum guzzling slut who swallows’ gallons of cum.  

Pissing sex stories need to be told as I get pissed on.

Pissing sex stories           Pissing sex stories need to be told as I get pissed on. Now fill the bladder. Piss on me. As I tell you the stories that turn us on. To point out that one of the stories could be considered a Golden shower is a moot point. In fact, it started out that way. Then while he was covering me from head to toe in his warm piss decided it would be a good idea to fuck me.

          Now in order to make it last longer we began downing shots. Lots of beer. Practically swimming in the ale. Keep the piss flowing. His cock pissing as he started to fuck my cunt hole. Hard cock while pissing into the fucking cunt had the piss shooting out over us both. Coating us in the warmth. The Golden Showers phone sex stories started with the fucking and the drinking. Same as the piss stories.

          It gave me a taste of the play that was involved. The amount of alcohol to drink to have you pissing while fucking with a hard on. Aim after all doesn’t happen when you are hard. Hence that ass, the cunt or the mouth. All good places to begin with. When you finally cum do it at the same time as you are pissing, and it will leave golden streamers for us to play in.

Lot lizard sex hauling through the night.

          Lot lizard sex hauling through the night. Great big convoy rocking through. Six days on the road and he’s going to get laid tonight. Special present from the lot. It’s his birthday and Cottonmouth Bear is not going to catch him as he fucks that old lady of his. The lot has the best lizard around. Curves, slutty, takes it in the ass, always coming back for more. Being covered in cum. Taking it anal.  

          He’s the Rubber duck and he’s here to put the hammer down than the cock in the cunt. As soon as I walk in, she knows where to find me. It is his birthday and I just know he is looking forward to a special gift. Now I am not the reverend and will not be calling him brother rubber. He is going to make sure that my Cum filled cunt is overflowing with his jizz and juice.

          Give me that jizz and juice. To be sure I am the whore of the trailer court. Waiting on the Rubber duck, feeling him fill me up. Wrapping my legs around him. Riding him. One of the many truckers. Going to go on a Convoy. Fucking through the night. Filling the cunt hole, making it sloppy. Biggest cum whore. Take it anal.  Sloppy seconds from this whore will keep you coming back for more.Lot lizard sex

Pissing sex with an order of scat on the side.

    Pissing sex      Pissing sex with an order of scat on the side. Telling you the stories as we chow down on the scat and wash it down the hatch with a tall warm glass of piss. That golden color, the ammonia scent. Gets me wet. Join me in a toast. Cheers to our mutual stories.

          Now I know you have stories and I have many stories. Like one of my stories shall be told while we eat out poop pie. Sweet potato poop pie is the best. Never will you have something that tastes so very good. Fucking while you are pissing on me. All over me. Cock still dropping that pissing as it slides into my pussy.

          Fill this cunt up with cum and piss. Give this anal cock sucking pissing showers cunt whore everything you got, and I want it all. Make me squirt and piss at the same time. As we both fuck and piss on the bed. Roll around in it.

          Until finally your bladder is empty, the piss dripping off our hair, soaking into the bed. Saturating our clothes. Balls depleted. Nothing left. The aroma of sex and piss, even feces surrounding as we drift off for nap before going at it again.


Pissing phone sex is a way to give me an enema.

          Pissing phone sex is a way to give me an enema. That is right shove that dick in my cunt, douche me. Fill my ass up with piss so that it squirts out of me like the fucking fourth of July! Give me that fucking enema. I will get behind anything you want when it comes to piss and sex. That hot liquid gushing over me. Tossing my head back and forth.

          Without delay bending over. Directing that piss loaded cock into my ass. Need that enema. Most compelling evidence to the nasty freaky bitch whore I am is how much I like that hot liquid streaming out of your cock turns me into a raving raging fucking cum ho-bag slut.

          Jumping on it. Pulling it into me. Knowing that soon it will be raining scat. Piss everywhere. Really turn me on and get me going with Golden showers sex. That will have me squirting across damn room. Gushing and cum. Rolling in it. Steam rising the urine. Trying to catch it in my mouth.

          Until I finally deplete your bladder. Going to need you to drink some more and give me another go around the place. Still a few dry places in the house we can soak.

Pissing phone sex

Phone sex sluts take the gang initiation all at once.

Phone sex sluts          Phone sex sluts take the gang initiation all at once. Roll the dice. Comes up double sixes. Generally speaking, doubles mean double penetration getting fucked in the holes same time each one. Going from the ass to the cunt. Right to the mouth to clean it all up. Filthy nasty fucking whore is what the gangbang turns me into.

          To point out that I like it is moot. Stretching me wide, ripping me open. In the frenzy of it all turning me into a nasty filthy whore. Cock on top of cock. Two in the ass, at the same time as I got on in the cunt and cock in the mouth.

          In other words, getting treated like a Gangbang whore. It is what they turned me into. Had to keep going back for more. Rolling the dice gave me 12 ended up being more like 36 fucks all at once. Ripping me open. Fucking me hard. Practically making me beg to fuck me harder. Ass whore, cum for days all over me. Rolling it.

          Namely this whore decoded a gangbang is just what I needed to really show the nastiness that I like. All in all, I did become the local town whore going back for more. Time and time again.

Phone sex line where you will find the nastiest woman.

          Phone sex line where you will find the nastiest woman. To be sure I am that woman. Nasty to the core. Scat loving. Shit eating. Urine soaked, cum in my ass woman. Want to use and abuse me? Have a rape fantasy. All are on the table my friend. Fuck me, use me, abuse me. Like it all. Don’t bother me with limits. I haven’t got any.

          To begin with I have always been a nasty bitch. Enjoyed the smell shit, dreamed of it. Putting it on a plate and eating it. Even thought it would make a gourmet meal.

          Next, we have the pissing sex. Piss on me. Let me drink it. Even better is when you piss in my hoochie conchie while your balls are slapping into my asshole. Let that stream go free. Fuck me and have that pissing squirting out of me at the same time. 

Phone sex line

          After all you want to make it super nasty and dirty for a whore like me. Fuck the asshole. Giving me a piss enema. Roll around it with you. Fucking, gorging on the shit and piss.

Now that you know that I am the nastiest woman on the Phone sex line and know where to find me. Means that you are finally ready to get very nasty with me.

Period phone sex on the rag fuck me harder.

    Period phone sex       Period phone sex on the rag fucks me harder. Take me from behind. Watch the mess drip down between my legs. On the back see it coating your cock. All the blood, coating your cock, thighs, bed, and everything else.

          Now if you are in the mood to be really fucking nasty, you take a finger and run it around the clit. Coating it in the blood of my period, mixed in with juices and piss. By all means taste it. Suck your finger clean. Feed it to me.

          As soon as you offer the finger to me, I will suck it clean. A prelude to what I really want and that is your cock covered in my blood and cum. Soaked all the way down the shaft. The remnants of your cum covering it. I will then be your total Cum dumpster slut as I slurp up all that blood and cum among other things.

          Including Piss and shit. Have all three of the blood, piss, and shit and you have a party. Sooner or later preferably sooner we need to have the fourth. Jizz.

          With this in mind going to drain your fucking balls. Slurping everything up. Rolling in it like pigs in stye. Let us begin.


No taboo phone sex means there are no rules. All cocks.

No taboo phone sex           No Taboo Phone Sex means there are no rules. All cocks. Slapping the face. Getting crammed up the ass and cunt. No ages. Enemas aplenty. Golden enema. Have a group. An orgy.

          After all, the more the better. The kinkier and nastier the more I like it. Golden enema. Six to ten cocks slapping the face. Cocks between the tits, the ass cheeks, and cunt. A point often overlooked with no rules is you don’t need to ask about protection. It is the NO rules.

          In fact, a few more oh so naughty taboo things are family, ages – less than legal, the feces, the urine, to name a few. For the most part people stick to the safe but when you are with me, we do them all. Sometimes at the same time. In the long run you can bet that in a Live phone sex call you will have them all at once.

          With this in mind bring your nasty thoughts, open mind, and be prepared for the fucking of a lifetime. It will be a sensational cue. Tiptoeing nearer. Be prepared to cum harder, longer and in the long run more than ever before.