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BBC sex stories: cocks, bald pussy, and oh the cum

            BBC sex stories: cocks, bald pussy, and oh the cum. Now when you give me a 10-inch big black cock I am a happy whore. Knowing it is going to stretch this pussy and ass all to fuck.

            Going a step further and having an even bigger cock rammed up into my pussy while that 10-inch cock is fucking my asshole. Taking all those massive black cocks has me coating them. Cum running down my leg.

            Sucking on a cock that makes me gag as he rams it down my throat. Seeing the veins popping out of his shaft, pumping, therefore making his cock harder and bigger. One hand cupping his balls, massaging, pinching, closing around them and squeezing them.

            Feeling that cum in my mouth, dripping down my throat. A cock cumming up inside my cunt hole. Feeling it slick, gushing out of me. As that massive 15-inch cock rams into my ass burying himself to the hilt as he spills his seed into my ass.

            Body convulsing with the power of my orgasm. I am ready to do another line. Before once again fucking every BBC that I am able to find. Root out and keep this druggy whore satisfied.

BBC sex stories

BBC phone sex really gets my cunt sopping wet turning me on!

            BBC phone sex really gets my cunt sopping wet turning me on! First those big black fucking cocks are wonderful. The way they fill me up. Rip open my ass and get all covered in shit. Licking that black cock clean just to have him fuck my cunt.

            They know that I love having the entire cock up in my cookie. Creaming over them. Knowing I will be more than willing to clean it all up. Cum all over me. In my face, down my throat, rip apart my cookie and shithole.

            Feeling the black cock filling me all up with cum. Make me cum time and time again. Notably makes me so wet that I squirt everywhere! Been known to hit the ceiling. It doesn’t matter if they are between my ass cheeks, up in my pussy, or fucking my mouth, in the end it all makes me cum if it is with a big black cock.

In summary, next time you want a BBC phone sex story I have more than one for you.BBC phone sex

Anal sex whore loves to suck that shit out of your ass!

Anal sex whore

            Anal sex whore loves to suck that shit out of your ass! Give me you fucking shit. First and foremost I am a dirty stinking whore that fucking loves to be fucked up the ass. My shithole needs a workout.

            As long as you have a cock that I will feel up as shithole, and that I get to suck off my own shit from your cock I will be as dirty and nasty as you want me to. For you see I am shit loving sex whore. Obviously, you need to have a cock large enough that I can feel it if you want me to be your shithole slut.

            In the meantime, if you would like I will tell you all about how I became an anal whore. Loving scat. In the end all you need to do is fuck this anus of mine. I was just a teen when I got my first taste of being fucked up my ass. Sucking on his cock with my shit on it after just fueled me even more.

            If you want to know more and the rest of the story I will tell all. Just ask.

Anal cum dumpster; that is me and this whore is proud of it.

 Anal cum dumpster; that is me and this whore is proud of it. Needing you to cum hard and quickly, fill this ass up with cum.

I want you to fill my shithole up so full that it is running down my legs. Oozing out of my shithole. Then I want you to do it again.

On the whole I want you to drive that cock of yours up into this asshole so hard and deep. Those ball of yours should be slapping into my cunt hole.

Reaching around and using these tits of mine as knobs to hold onto. All in all I want you filling me up. Keeping you up and hard is what I will do.

Sucking on your cock, tasting my shit. Licking it up. Mm mm…so fucking good. Fuck my shithole. Fill this fucking anal cum whore up with all your cum.

Fuck yes, that is what I want. Cum running down out of my ass.

Anal cum dumpster

Drunk girl fucking and I am still flexible as fuck

It don’t matter that I am drunk and getting fucked. I am flexible as fuck. Holding that beer as your cock pushes into my asshole. Drink too far away; I will reach out with my foot and pull it closer before downing a shot.  Seeing beyond the bottle is an impossibility.

Go ahead and piss in the bottle. I need a little flavor in the beer. Top the beer off for me. Planting my feet on the floor above my head, giving you easier access to my asshole. Spreading my cheeks wide open. Tipping the bottle up, letting the beer and piss splash into my mouth. 

Now that I am braced, all you need to do is put your stick down into my shithole. Ultimately, wanting you to cum in my ass. Fill my drunk ass up with your cum. 

Drunk girl fucking

Crack whore anal gets screwed by dealer in more ways than 1

I am your whore, and I want you to fuck this crack whore in my asshole. Ram that cock in, making me beg you to let me just have a little bit of crack. It doesn’t have to be the good stuff. I will take anything that you want to give me. You are my dealer, the first one to get me hooked on it.  

First one to use my anal hole for fucking. Making me into your whore. You know I will do anything for some drugs. Not just crack. Now treat me like a whore and fuck this asshole. Put a line on my asshole and sniff it. Taking a line off your cock as I blow you. 

Sleazy is how I like. Crack whore anal

Big dick sucker is what I am and love doing

Big dick sucker

Big dick sucker is what I am and love doing. Try to find someone that will take that huge cock down their throat like I  will. I love taking a big black fucking cock into my mouth and swallowing every drop of semen that I can suck out of it. Draining your balls, milking them of everything I can get out of them. 

Massage them, pulling harder on my big fat straw, to get all the creamy goodness. When I have deflated your testicles, I pull them into my mouth with you cock. Massaging them with my tongue. Inflating them, hence making you hard for me. I want that cock to fill my cunt up. Fill me full. 

Fuck me with a friend, over flow my cunt. Dripping down to my asshole. Coating it. Lubricating it. Make me your cum dumpster. 

Anal sex whore dives into that ass with my tongue!

Anal sex whoreI’m on my knees like the good little Anal sex whore I am, licking and tongue fucking your tight tiny little ass. I see your cock grow and I know you love the way it feels. I twirl and swirl my tongue around the rim before spitting on that hole!  I am your dirty little whore who will do anything to please you! I am your toilet paper baby! Use me to clean that ass while I reach around and stroke that massive cock. It is rock hard for me, and I know tonight is going to be fun!

You hold my head still while you bent that cock back and force fuck my whore mouth like you should. You know that I love it when you are fucking rough because I am nothing but a worthless slut for sure. I love to chock slobber everywhere as you hold that hard dick in my throat. I gag, and gag, as my throat squeezes and grabs every inch of that shaft and mushroom tip. You moan as you hold it there and tears stream down my face. I haven’t breather in two minutes at least! You finally rip my head back and I gasp for air and no sooner is that cock right back inside me.

You skull fuck my face, using my pretty little face; jack hammering away like it is a race. Then you whip me around; my ass in the air and without warning you are balls deep inside. I am your dumb cum whore and this ass is yours, so pound me and stretch me out!   I feel that cock twits at which time I start to back it up. It is like my ass is begging you to fill me!  I want every drop of that massive load down I’m my round little ass so please baby cum for me fast!

Anal sex whore loves to go outdoors to find dick!

Anal sex whore

I am an Anal sex whore who loves to go hunting for a good fuck! I love to go outdoors, wearing barely a thing to taunt and tease. You look like the perfect new fuck toy to use and pound this nice, juicy, round ass.  I walk right up to you on a mission, and I grab your cock. “Like what you see? While why don’t we go and see what this thick dick can do to my tight little shit hole! I want you to stretch me out and make me your good little cum whore!

Before I knew it you had me bent over, panties below this round little ass. “Damn baby!” You say as you slap it hard! “I can’t wait to fell that round little ass!” You shoved it in hard and started pounding my ass fast! “Oh my god daddy, fuck my whore hole! I am nothing put an anal sex whore! Fuck this ass baby make cum with that thick ass stretching out my ass!” I scream as you ram me like the cock sleave I am!

you know this is all I’m good for and that I am a good little whore. My ass is so tight and the way I’m pushing it back is almost enough to make you cum. you grab my hair and make me arch my back and that is the moment that I knew I was going to cum! Yes, baby harder don’t stop! Right there!” I scream as I cum and I feel that warm massive load fill my ass!  I drop to my knees and start stocking that cock. I take my tongue and wrap it around the tip before taking the full shaft in like a hoover.  I am a Cum guzzling slut who loves ass to mouth! I am so fucking dirty!

Anal cum dumpster gets taken by a young cock!

Anal cum dumpsterMy reputation for being a huge Anal cum dumpster was all you needed to take your shot! You saw me walking through the park ass hanging out of my skirt and when I stopped at the wood line you took the opportunity! You have been craving some of this mommy whore hole! You came up behind me, your hard, teen cock in my back. You grab my tits hard before your hand finds its way to my plump round ass cheek, smacking hard.

You pushed me into the tree line where others couldn’t see, “I know that you wore this and are showing this ass off just for me! I’ve heard that you love cock rammed deep in your shitter. Well mommy I’m here and hard so what you going to do?!” My pussy throbbed as your words hit me hard. God, I love being the center of a desire this strong.

I turn around and drop to me knees, before I could do anything that cock was smacking me in the face. That massive veiny dick was so fucking thick. I slurped and licked it while my hands held and massaged your heavy balls. I deep throated that cock and got it nice and wet and sloppy; you turned me around and spread my plump cheeks wide. I could hardly handle how big it was as you slowly slid that cock into my round tight little brown hole.

“Yeah baby fuck me, use me like the anal sex whore I am! Pound my ass baby show me what it’s like to be taken by a hot, horny, teen!” You put your hands on my shoulders and rammed me so deep. I tried to be quiet and not make a peep, but i couldn’t help it and I screamed out loud, that’s when we got caught with you pants down. Your mom looked pissed as she saw you mounting me like a king, I think she is just jealous that you were choosing to use me over her! Its ok baby don’t stop let’s put on a show! I’ll get on my knees so you can cum all over my face then she can try to put you in your place.