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Anal sex whore makes everything filthy

Anal sex whoreI am an Anal sex whore who makes everything filthy! I love to be your dirty little whore. The one you can rely on to be filthy with. You shove your tongue deep inside my shit filled ass. The way you ram your face deeper I know you just want a taste of this shit.  I will let loose for you and fulfill your needs. I will push out a nice warm juicy log for you to eat. I want to hear you moan at the taste. Beg me for more to cover your chest. I will push it out for you baby! I do so Your wish is my command.

 I love the way it looks sliding slow down your body. I can’t help but rub it in, smearing it along your chest, stomach, and cock. I am gripping your twitching cock and start to jerk. This shit is the only lubrication we need. I know you like the way it feels; coating you just enough for me to have something to clean off. I wrap my massive tits around your shaft and jerking you just right! You know you love to fuck my titties baby!

I am nothing but a dirty whore. Use me like the dirty toilet slut I am! All this shit is making me thirsty. Besides sexy baby I’m looking pretty dirty. Give me a golden shower and clean this dirty whore. Then let me take you in my mouth and drink it straight from the tap. Yes, I’m dirty baby and I like it like that.

Face fuck me baby make me drink every drop. Then use this pretty little dirty mouth to milk your cock. I’m nothing but a cum dumpster. I am the dirtiest kind of whore. As a matter of fact, I really want more. shove that shitty cock deep in my cunt. that’s all I was made for, to jerk and clean your cock. This dirty slut is yours baby, don’t even act like you are shocked.

A Cum filled cunt is all I’m good for

Cum filled cuntA Cum filled cunt is all I’m good for! They don’t call me dirty donna for nothing! I am a filth whore who loves to push the boundaries. Golden showers are tame to me! I love to be degraded and force-fed shit! Make me clean your ass with my tongue and tell me how worthless is am. I don’t even deserve the honor of licking your ass baby but some one has to do it!

Force me to be your nasty whore and shit all over my tits. Smear it all over me and tell me how disgusting I am! Make me beg to feel that warm shit sliding across that hard cock as you titty fuck me. Shove the head of that shitty cock in my whore hole as I fuck you with my shitty titties. I love to be used baby! I love the way your chocolate covered cock tastes even more!

I know that I don’t deserve it but please shove that cock in my filthy cunt. I know its dirty but the dirtier the better. Ram me hard and pack that shit I’m my slutty hole. You know you want to feel me jerk you just right forcing you to cum for me and you know this nasty bitch is tight! So, fuck me every inch on my shit covered body. I’m your fuck toy baby and with a dirty bitch like me you know I’m down for literally every and anything! Use me baby show me my worth. I would say I’m worthless but hey at least I can make you cum !

Water sports sex is what I always crave baby!

Water sports sexWater sports sex is what I always crave baby! I was at a party and being the nasty whore I am, we all know and love when I got the craving for some piss. There was a drunk guy and I knew he wouldn’t remember let alone fight me. I knew he had to piss and the way he was stumbling around, well he wasn’t going to make it, and I sure wasn’t going to waste it. I lead him to the bathroom and his dumb ass whipped out his cock and started pissing right there on the floor. Wasting my liquid gold! The stream was splashing up and hitting my legs.

I was so turned on hearing the piss leave his cock and feeling the warmth splash all over me. I was so ready to be the potty whore that I am. I knew if I got piss all over everyone would know, and that turned me on more. I got on my knees and opened my mouth. I was trying to catch every drop. Alcohol abuse is a party foul and the amount he drank well his piss was basically 80 proof. I couldn’t let that go to waste, could I? I sat there on my knees being the disgusting toilet whore I am. Letting this random drunk man piss all in my mouth and all over my whore face.

I grabbed that rock-hard cock and jerked it, milking out every drop of that delicious piss. I wanted every single drop like the greedy whore I am! I contestant came in to join in. he too was drunk but her just came over and told me to open up. He said he heard I was a good toilet slut and he was going to find out. Got it was so fucking hot. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the party on my knees while guys came in and pissed and shit on me as they pleased. Then when I thought I had my fill. There was a bunch of guys that bend me over and gave me a real good thrill. Fucking and raping my tight little cunt. Oh, and don’t let me mention what they did to my tight round butt! I so fucking filthy!

Cum guzzling slut wants to be used and abused!

Cum guzzling slutI am a Cum guzzling slut, and you are fucking me like the dirty whore I am. Using my wet tight hole to jerk your cock off just right! I love to have your massive cock stretching me out. My tight wet pussy being punished and pounded out right. I have been teasing you all night, but you are in control. You are my master but I am a pain whore and I fight you so you can punish me more.

I argue and fight like I don’t want your hard long cock deep inside. You hold me down by my throat as you whisper “You are nothing but a little cock sleeve, and I will use you bitch. Run away as much as you want but I will always get what I want!” I know I should be scared but the only thing I feel is excitement and pleasure.

 I want you to abuse me! I want you to treat me like a slut. Force fuck me in all my hole and rip open my whore ass wide open! This is all I was made for to be punished and treated like shit.  stretching me out as your massive cock moves in and out of my wet, tight hole. Punish me right as I fight you to string me up like the pig I am. Damn master I wish I was sorry but I’m not! I want you to unleash the frustration you feel use mt holes and feed me a meal. fill me up with all your baby batter then come back to me tomorrow maybe ill at better

No taboo phone sex is an understatement for our fun baby!

No taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex is an understatement for our fun baby! I am an aggressive slut who needs cock filling my whore cunt! When I see a target, I lock in and go get it. When saw you walking past my house walking your furry friend, I knew that I could have fun with both of you. I am a filthy bitch who isn’t picky! Give me a hard cock and a warm tongue and I’m sure to cum! he is a man’s best friend and a girl’s best toy! Why not let him join in and enjoy?!

I walked right up you and grabbed your dick right there in front of all the neighbors! I have no shame, and they all know I’m the neighborhood whore! Besides I want you and like I said, I get what I want! “You want to have some fun with me and your friend here?” I whisper in your ear as I feel your cock grow.  I bet you weren’t expecting me to drop to my knees and start sucking you right there, but that’s what I did. I gripped that rock-hard shaft and started licking and sucking you. I love the taste of your precum and I can only imagine what you would feel like fucking my pussy while your furry friend rode my ass.

You started face fucking me like a good whore slamming it down my throat. I was gagging and allowing you to feel my throat jerk that cock right. I love to be treated like the worthless dirty pig I am! Fuck me and use me to jerk that cock just right baby! Mark your territory! Because after you cum I’m going to lead you both to your doom. You will both not know what to do when I get through with you!

No taboo phone sex with a filthy toilet whore

No taboo phone sexI love the taste of fresh shit off of your rock-hard cock baby! I’m a filthy little toilet whore who loves No taboo phone sex! Shove that shit covered cock down my whore throat baby! You know this is all I’m good for to be your dirty little potty slut! Make me clean all that shit off your cock baby! I’m nothing but a dirty little whore so ram it deep down my throat and feed me more! make me suck and lick you dirty dick and balls. I need every drop of that shit to satisfy me! I’m so hungry and need a stomach full of that warm steaming shit!

After I get your balls nice and clean, I move to clean that dirty ass. I told you I need it all baby! I spread your plump ass cheeks and lick and tease that hole. You have shit everywhere and my face is cover, but I don’t care! I force my tongue deep inside. Your tight hole squeezing my tongue feels so fucking good! I can taste that shit and know you have more in there. I shove my face deeper needing to get a taste. Your cock is rock hard and I know you love the way I’m face fucking your dirty little brown hole.  Back that ass up and fuck my face back! You are nothing but a dirty slut. My dirty slut now push that shit out for me! Open that ass and feed me baby!

Push it out and make this toilet whore chew your shit baby! I’m waiting patiently as I see your ass open and the shit slid out. It’s a sloppy shit and you know that’s how I like it. the laxative must be starting to hit. It sprays all over my face and down body. The warm shit feels so fucking good, but tastes even better. I am a worthless piece of shit baby now fuck my ass with that dirty cock!

Dirty fun with a toliet whore

No taboo phone sexI spread your juicy ass cheeks wide open and shove my tongue deep inside. I love the taste of your little boy pussy. Your cock jumps as you feel my soft warm tongue ramming you. Fuck my face baby! Back that ass up for me! I want to taste every inch of the tight little slutty home. You know I love to clean your dirty ass baby.  I’m your dirty Cum guzzling slut! Feed me that ass baby! Make me eat that shit filled hole!

I know your nice and full and need to release! I open my mouth and begging you to push out that log for me baby. You know I’m nothing but a dirty toilet whore. Use me baby! Make me take all that shit. Smear it all over my face little the worthless piece of shit I am. I’m nothing but a shitty slut who needs to clean you up!

Cover me with that shit baby! Squat over my chest and let loose. I love the way that warm juicy shit feels as it plops on my tits makes my dirty little cunt dripping wet. I want to wrap these shitty titties around your cock and jerk you just right! Slide that cock in between, and fuck these shit coated mounds. Use me baby! I’m a dirty slut and this is what I’m good at!

You know I’m yours baby flip me around and shove that dirty cock deep in my cunt! force fuck me and make the wet pussy squeeze and milk that cock. Ram that shit deep inside me and make me the dirty little cum dumpster you have grown to need. Cum for me baby turn this brown cunt white. Then of course ill push it out and eat it up without a fight!

I’m a filthy pig, dominate me!

Dirty phone sexShove that massive cock down my throat and make me gag on it! I’m nothing but a fucking filthy whore who was made for this. Force fuck my face and make the tears flow. It’s just seasoning for that massive meat that you are forcing me to eat. I love it rough! Prove to me that I’m nothing but a fuck toy baby! Degrade me!

Anal sex whoreYou know this Sloppy wet pussy is dripping wet! It excites me when you dominate me baby! Use me like the toilet dirty slut I am! Force me to service your cock with every hole I got! Take that cock and shove it in my ass. Rip through this tight whore hole and take what you what! with no! I know you don’t care of how much it hurts. Make that ass gapping while you pound me like the useless whore I am! I’m yours to use and abuse. Pound that ass baby! This is exactly what I deserve!

Now take that dirty dick and shove it deep in this cunt. I’m a filthy pig! Shove that shitty cock in and force fuck me! Make me scream! then grip my throat and choke me and tell me to shut the fuck up! I love the way you man handle me! I moan and throw my head back as I start to squirt all over that cock. My pussy beat into submission. God, I love how you know your pussy baby. My walls clench your dick and start milking you. Cum for me baby! Fill me up and make me your cum whore!  You know this was what I was made for!

Make me you dirty toilet

I am a dirty, worthless, slut baby! Use me and make me your potty whore! Face fuck me like the dirty cum whore I am. Shove that cock as deep down my throat as you can! Force me to gag of that cock and use my throat for your pleasure! This is all I am good for daddy, to be fuck and degraded! I know I’m unworthy of the deliciousness you are going to feed me daddy, but I thank you in advance!

Golden showers sexYou know I love piss and I’m so thirsty baby! After all that throat I just gave you, mine is a little dry! Piss in my whore hole baby! Make me choke on that piss! You know I love to drink every drop like the disgusting little toilet I am! As your piss runs over my massive tits and down to my pussy, I rub it all in and use the extra wetness as lube for this wet, little, pink, cunt. Yes, baby give me that golden shower! That’s right piss all over my worthless fucking face baby!

I grip your cock and start sucking and jerking, trying to milk out every drop of that delicious piss before running my tongue over your taint and onto that tight, little, dirty ass hole! You know I love the taste of your ass baby! Feed me that dirty shitty ass! “Yeah, you fucking dumb whore! This is what you were made for! To be my toilet! Now open up wide and eat this shit!” You order while holding my head back by my hair.

I open up and stick out my tongue grazing your ass begging you to feed my that nice hot shit! You know I and a fucking disgusting shit eating whore! Now open up those cheeks daddy I want more!

This is what I meant when I said I want it hot and ready!

Anal sex whore“I need a nasty whore who wants to get fucked by my massive throbbing cock! You growl as you force your cock deep inside my juicy swollen cunt. “Oh, baby you know that is me! I need every inch of that cock deep and hard! Oh, believe me baby I want you to ruin all of my holes!” I cry out as you pound me hard. I can tell you are putting your all into each thrust and my dripping wet cunt is greedily taking every single inch. I push back trying to get you deeper, but you are balls deep and pounding me just right. You grab my hair and force me to arch my back as you slide your cock from my sopping wet pussy and guided it straight into my tight ass hole. I love the pain that accommodates the pleasure of being stretched out to give way to your thrusts. Smack my fat ass baby just like that and make it juggle for you! Force this ass to milk that cock just right! I am your cum whore baby! Use me like the dirty cum slut I am! You smack my ass hard leaving a clear print, leaving your mark on your whore. Before I know it you whipped me around and was shoving your dirty cock deep down my throat. Forcing me to gag on that huge shit covered cock. You know I like it dirty baby! Thank you for feeding me that shitty dick, now let me clean that ass of yours baby! Shit for me! You know I like it nice and fresh! This is what I meant when I said I want it hot and ready!