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Toilet princess

fisting whore

My boss loves that I am his secretary and will do anything to destress him. Lately, I have been more than a fisting whore for him. I’ve let him eat me out during my cycle and lick my ass after a meal of refried beans. So I am keeping a big secret my very successful and popular boss loves to pay me the big money to be his toilet princess.

A couple of lines of coke, and I am okay with whatever his heart desires. If he wants me to fart and shit for him and watch him devour my shit on his desk, I will do so.

Its a turn-on to see him so weak and helpless and like a complete addict for my piss, blood, and shit,

White Trash Slut Loves Cock


I love seeing your name come up for every time we have some nasty fun together! I’ve been thinking and dreaming about your huge thick cock pushing in and out of my tight asshole and this soaking wet bare pussy that has been needing your dick for so long. You know I can’t help how horny and hot I get when I see you coming towards me with nothing on at all ready to fuck me until I can’t handle it anymore. You will be covered in my squirting orgasms when you shoot that hot load of cum into my mouth and making me scream all night. I love being your white trash whore all day and all night, you completely own me and my body daddy please let me cum with you!

Cum eating phone sex 24/7

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex will be me on the line with you. While I am sucking a nice hard white cock. I will be sucking that cock and choking on his hard masterpiece until he explodes in my mouth. I am the type of slut who can swallow a load of cum just about everyday. It is a good source of protein. Most of my guys I am sucking off are usually my johns from the local strip club that I work at. Don’t get me wrong. I love to shake my ass every night and collect my dollars. I also enjoy bringing a  man home every night as well. That always make my pockets even fatter. I am the best dick sucking whore in my town. I am not bragging by no means. This is what I have been told. All the local men come to Athea for some good sloppy toppy. Would you like to hear me suck one of them off?

Freak to the core

Fisting whoreI’m a freak to the core, get a dose once you gonna want some more… you know how that shit goes! My nasty pussy is sloppy fuckin wet and i’m in the mood to get super damn naughty. I’m such a fisting whore, there’s nothing better than having an entire forearm of a pervert shoved deep up inside my used up cunt. I wanna be stretched the fuck out… i’m craving it sooo bad! Most bitches aren’t physically able to be fisted but my slutty skanky slit is more than able and willing to get fuckin wrecked! Let me watch in the mirror as my legs are spread open wide, your big ass hand and arm wiggling between my bald pussy lips to fit all the way. Do you think we can make it fit all the way?! Ahhhh I love when it fits like a glove! Make me fuckin moan, baby. Treat me like your filthy slut that deserves every inch of that fist! I love watching that cock get harder by the second… throb for me!! You drive me crazy, shove that big dick inside my asshole while your arm is fucking my cunt. Bust that delicious load of cum all inside of my booty.. lick me up as I overflow with fresh jizz!

No Taboo Phone Sex with Ella

Men tell me all the time how much they appreciate being able to call me, and discuss anything they want with me without fear of judgment or repercussions like you could expect in everyday life.No taboo phone sex

I guess there aren’t many phone sex operators these days willing to do anything, no boundaries, no taboos, and just be yourself. I’ve had men asking for everything from giving it to them up their ass while their wife is at work to hooking them up with some sweet young thing to involving some furry friends in the mix. Nothing surprises me, and nothing is off limits, and the men seem to really love it. I have to say, I rather enjoy myself with these wild requests, too. Some of them excite me just as much as they do the men I’m talking to, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. I mean, some of those things are just so kinky: like bondage, domination, submission, furry friends. Honestly, I think everyone is secretly turned on by them, but so many are afraid of being judged for it that they just start judging others. Who am I to blame them? I have my own downfalls. So, I just talk to my guys, and we enjoy ourselves.

Message Me!

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You know, there are plenty of ways that you can get in contact with me! Are you in a work meeting and just can’t seem to make that hard-on go away? You know you can’t slide off because the new merger is coming in and you need all info on what is going on. All you need is your cellphone and you can have a text chat session with me. imagine how kinky it would be to be rubbing your hard stiff member in an executive meeting wile I text you about my dripping wet pussy and how she needs you inside of her. Our text will be as filthy and raunchy as a regular call. All you have to do is download yahoo messenger on your cell and add me: HoneypotcCarmel.