I ran away from home when I was real young cus my parents was so mean to me but I ended up someplace way worse. See there was this guy, he sweet talked me and made me feel like I was so special, I thought he loved me and that I was gonna be his girl yanno? Turns out that he just wanted a new young black whore to pimp out for money! I wasn’t even in his house for a whole week before he laid that shit on me and at first I was like hell naw, I’m nobody’s whore but once he beat my ass real good I changed my mind quick! I figured it would be easier to just give him what he wanted and so I been doing that shit ever since. If he wants me to strip for his homies, I do it. If he wants me to get on my knees and suck a roomful of cocks until I am covered head to toe in all they cum, well, I do that shit too! I will be whatever kind of nasty cum eating, piss drinking, all around nasty bitch he want me to be! Anything my pimp daddy wants he gets cus I gots to keep him happy or get fucked up and don’t nobody wanna get fucked up around here!

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