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Phone Sex Queen

Black teen phone sex

Phone sex is one of my many specialties and has always been my favorite. No topic is off limits for me. I love being able to talk to you guys about any fantasy you may have and make you cum. Sometimes I get those guys who just wants to make me cum which is even better. And although you guys can’t see me, I try to make sure my pictures really come to life. I take them myself or I get my pictures professionally done. I try to give you guys a full visual of what I look like. As you can see, I’m beautiful black whore who loves being a freak. Nice titties, round soft ass, pink tight pussy, pretty lips. I got to admit I am a filthy whore. I learn that all at a young age from my pimp and I’m so grateful for that. He taught me versatility. I can be your dirty nigger or slutty whore whatever you want me to be. I can be your mommy, your neighbor, an old schoolteacher, your daughter, your boss. Whatever you need baby I am your girl. Phone fun with a low-down dirty whore like me will make you cum so hard. We can have all kinds of fun baby. Any time of the day. The best sex is in the morning but I am more than willing to get fucked at night. A filthy nigger like me will please you no matter what. Don’t believe me? Give me a call baby, let me show you how much I want that fat white cock deep in my black wet mouth and my chocolate cum filled cunt.

Truck Stop Nigger

Lot lizard sex

My filthy black pussy get the wettest for the guys who drive the big 18 wheelers. Me and my hooker bitches always meet up at the local trucks stops around midnight to fuck and suck on all the truckers that stop on the road heading into Texas. Our money-making nights are always during the rush hour hours when the truckers pull over between 1am-4am to get some rest before hitting the road again by sunrise. But before that nap of theirs they always need us to empty their load for them. In our mouths, our pussies, our asses wherever they want. One night it was so busy I had 10 guys creampie-ing my filthy black ass back-to-back. Double penetrating me. Filling up all my fuck holes. I made at least 10k! We talking big bucks! Those truckers were having their way with me, and I was loving every bit of it. “You fucking filthy lot lizard nigger.” “This pussy feels so good.” “Yeah, this dirty asshole is so tight.” “Piss on that fucking cunt.” The guys were loving it as well. My pussy was worth the money. Those other hookers not making the same money as me because I am the sluttiest. Nothing is off-limits and all the truckers know that about me. They love a disgusting whore who like all kinds of different kinky shit. Next weekend we going to hitch hike a ride head with some of the truckers further out west. We plan on making a lot of money and we going to use our bodies to do it.

Anal Cum Whore

Anal cum dumpster

My daddy fucked me hard in my ass this morning before he left for work and guess what? My brother watched so he could learn how to fuck me when dad isn’t home. My family loves having fun with each other. Every weekend we make sure we have some hot family sex with each other. It keeps our bond so much stronger. My mom and dad takes turns fucking and sucking my pussy every night before bed and every morning before school. My brother hasn’t fucked me yet but I’m planning on giving him to tight chocolate pussy tonight after family dinner. I want him to feel what this dirty black pussy feels like. Now that that he is a little older I think he is ready to have a piece of my creamy pie. “Bend over and spread your fucking ass cheeks you dirty nigger.” “Hmm yes daddy!” I was always such an obedient and submissive little whore. Whatever daddy told me to do I did it with no hesitation. Daddy spit in my asshole and shoved his big hard cock inside of me. “Oh my God Da— “Shut the fuck up bitch and take this fucking dick.” He smacked my ass and fucked me harder pulling my hair with one hand and fingering my clitoris with his other hand. “Yes, daddy don’t stop!!” My brother was jerking his black cock seconds away from cumming. “This tight shitty asshole feels so fucking good! Who’s your daddy bitch?” “Hmmm fuck you are daddy! You are!” I arched my back and throw my fat ass back on his rock-solid anaconda dick. Daddy’s cock was so fucking huge. The deeper he got the wider my ass stretched. “I’m gonna cum in this dirty ass. Here I cum!! Ughhhhh fuck yeah!!” “Ohhhhhh yesss my ugh!” Daddy filled my ass with his creamy load. I was his anal cum whore and I was loving every minute of it.

Slutty Prostitute Pussy

Prostitution porn

After my pimp daddy slutted me out I been sucking and fucking on cocks for big bucks every single night. These men out here say I got the tightest pussy and the wettest mouth in town. And it’s true! I deep throat any cock that’s comes my way, and they pay me good for it too. Last week I made almost $700 bucks sucking two johns in the back seat of a jeep. I even let them fuck me something crazy in my shitty black asshole and they creampied me. “Oh fuck! You stupid nigger this asshole is so tight!” He pounded me and pulled my hair while the other guy fucked my mouth hard with his big white cock. “You filthy dirty whore! Suck this fucking dick. You worthless piece of shit!” I love being humiliated too. My pimp daddy thought me how to be a well-behaved cunt. I had them hooked, they both come back every Saturday and pick me up on the corner of Johnson Ave is Las Vegas! That’s where most the high rollers would pick up a local girl after partying all night. I love being a prostitute. I am making good money and I am fucking some of the biggest cocks. You want to be one of those guys baby?

My Little Youngin’

Trashy milf

I love getting tucked by my little youngster. His hard tiny cock in my juicy vagina. My titties in his little mouth. Sometimes I make him lay down and face fuck his small face. I work my hips fast and make him put his tongue in my asshole. It felt so good! When I don’t get my daily dose of cock from some random daddy, I use my little youngin to cum and orgasm. My super-duper wet pussy is always looking to get stuffed and fucked by any man. Is that man you baby? You want to see me fuck my little one? I’m looking for a freaky nasty man who wants nothing more than to see me cum all over a youngin’s cock.


Pissy Queen

Pissing phone sex

Before you and your friends fill me up with all your creamy white cum baby, please I want all of you to shower me with that golden pissy delight. I love getting on my knees and having my body covered in warm urine before my pussy and mouth are fucked with those big black and white cocks. I am a submissive cunt looking to be any man’s piss bucket. Can you do that for me baby? Is that too freaky for you? After my golden shower I want you guys to gang bang fuck me like one big orgy. Fill all my fuck holes up one at a time with your hard cocks and creamy white load. A filthy cunt like me knows how to satisfy you and all your friends. Have your way with me baby.

Sloppy Seconds

Cum guzzling slut

I ate guzzled that cum right out of that black cunt’s pussy. It tasted so good. All those white cocks fucked her pussy so hard and dropped their creamy white load in her fuck hole. It turned me on and made my pussy so wet. This was the third orgy my friend Candy and I were having. We found some local guys who wanted to suck ad fuck on some black filthy whores, so we said why not. One at a time they were dropping their creamy loads inside her. After I would drop to my knees and be their filthy cum guzzling slut. I ate her pussy so good while her juices mixed with their cum oozed out of my mouth and onto my titties. The men loved it. They would line up behind me and hardcore fuck my ass just so they can enjoy the view of my big black ass and my face deep in her pussy.

Fisting A White Whore

Fisting whore Althea

I fisted a white cunt so hard last night in her loose filthy pussy and that tramp loved it. I always wondered what it was like to fuck a hoe with my fist, and it was finally happening. With a whore named Amanda that lives down the block from me. She came over to hang out for a movie night with me and a couple of my friends. After my friends left, she was all over me. “I thought they would never leave.” I laughed, “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well, I have been trying to get you alone for hours now. I am so attracted to you. I want you to fist fuck the hell out of me and make me cum.” “Damn girl, you sure don’t come on strong.” I responded while smiling. I secretly loved a bitch who knew how to take what she wants. “I know what I want.” She responded while taking off her shoes, skirt and shirt. Seeing her take her clothes off instantly made me horny.

By the time her skirt hit the floor I was on top of her. Tongue kissing this cunt, opening her legs and fingering the wet white pussy. “More fingers baby. I want the whole fist.” She opened he legs wider for me and shoved my arm deep inside of her. “Ugh fuck yes! That’s it!” She moaned out. I fist fucked her filthy colonizing pussy harder and harder, sucking on her titties and biting on her nipples at the same time. “Oh my God Althea I’m about to cum!” She screamed so loud making my furry friend bark with excitement. Moments later she was orgasming and squirting all over my fist and arm. “Fuck that felt so good.” I nodded in agreement. Amanda was a filthy bitch, and I was going to keep her around. “Same time next weekend?” She asked me. “Hell yeah you dirty slut.” She got up and kissed me goodbye. “See ya!”

Sorority Cunt

Sorority girls fucking

“Eat our fucking pussies you filthy nigger!” “Yes sister Rose Petal.” I dropped to my knees and ate the founding sisters’ pussy. Slurping on them. Sucking on their clit, finger fucking their tight white pussy. It was the last day of hell week to be inducted into the Rho Phi Psi sorority and I was going to do anything they asked to prove my worth. I couldn’t wait to be a rose petal. I was going to be the top black bitch on campus. “Hmm yes! Eat this pussy you fucking whore.” “Oh yes!” The ladies moaned. I was eating their white blonde shaved pussies so good. Fucking their assholes with my tongue. They were cumming in my mouth. Squirting everywhere. “Now stand the fucking up and bend over.” “Yes sister Rose Petal.” “Do you want to be a Petal?” “Yes” *Smack* She spanked my ass so hard with a Rho Phi Psi paddle. “Louder you fucking cunt! I can’t hear you.” I screamed to the top of my lungs. “Yes sister Rose, I want to be a petal!!” “Good girl that’s better. Now stand up. You have passed all tests. You are officially a Rose Petal.”

Swim Team Slut

Water sports sex

I fucked 2 guys on my swim team one day after we won a team championship and they cream-pied the hell out of me. I had a crush on both of them since beginning of the school yeah so I was determined to have both of their cocks fill my fuck holes. The championship victory was a perfect celebration. “Hey Matt, you and Jonas should come to my room later on tonight for some fun.” “Alright cool, we will be there.” Hours later they walked into my room, and I was butt naked. “Damn girl.” Jonas shouted. “Oh, hell yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. Matt asked. “I want both of you to fuck me right now, that’s what’s going on.” I laid back on the bed and spread my legs wide open showing them my black wet pussy and putting my fingers inside of me. “This bitch a freak and I like it.” Jonas said unbuckling his pants heading towards the bed. He shoved his hard big black cock inside of me bare back. Four hard strokes and he came so quick. My wet tight pussy was no match for him. Matt walked up next and put his cock deep inside my pink pussy. He fucked me raw too. My pussy was creaming all over his cock. Moments later he was creampie-ing my black pussy. It felt so good to finally had accomplished my goal of fucking the two hottest guys on the swim team.