Sorority Cunt

Sorority girls fucking

“Eat our fucking pussies you filthy nigger!” “Yes sister Rose Petal.” I dropped to my knees and ate the founding sisters’ pussy. Slurping on them. Sucking on their clit, finger fucking their tight white pussy. It was the last day of hell week to be inducted into the Rho Phi Psi sorority and I was going to do anything they asked to prove my worth. I couldn’t wait to be a rose petal. I was going to be the top black bitch on campus. “Hmm yes! Eat this pussy you fucking whore.” “Oh yes!” The ladies moaned. I was eating their white blonde shaved pussies so good. Fucking their assholes with my tongue. They were cumming in my mouth. Squirting everywhere. “Now stand the fucking up and bend over.” “Yes sister Rose Petal.” “Do you want to be a Petal?” “Yes” *Smack* She spanked my ass so hard with a Rho Phi Psi paddle. “Louder you fucking cunt! I can’t hear you.” I screamed to the top of my lungs. “Yes sister Rose, I want to be a petal!!” “Good girl that’s better. Now stand up. You have passed all tests. You are officially a Rose Petal.”


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    You ain’t need no sorority, you need my dick.

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