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Anal Sex Whore Play Toy Wanted

I am a trashy hot T-girl and need myself a filthy cum dump to be my Anal sex whore play toy. You will desire to have me cum in that sweet ass multiple times a day. I will use you my muppet cum slopping cock puppet. You will expect my big cock to hurt at first. It’s only temporary. The pain and the gape is part of the fun. I will anally destroy you and then just make you a party favor for my sexy hot tranny whores that will be visiting me and partying with me. We are a bunch of hot tranny phone sex whores and have a great need for a warm hole and nasty cock sucking mouth to help us out as we take filthy calls and do massive lines of blow. A girl like me just can’t have enough playthings in her life. Yeah sure as sexy transvestites’ we enjoy fucking each other also. We really put on a nice show for some big daddy cocks that love our tranny holes. So we may be sexy ladyboy lesbians when we party hard but we still need a good clean up bitch to lick and suck our cocks and asses.

Anal sex whore

Trashy Milf Likes it Rough

Trashy Milf

My whole life i have liked it rough and tumble when it comes to sex. It’s no surprise that as a trashy milf the rougher the sex the better! Last night as I was scoring some coke from this white boy, he doubled the price on me. I had a client waiting on me and was pissed off. Not only was he fucking with my money, he told me the only way he consider giving the coke for regular price was if I blew him. So looking at the time I figured I could get him off in a hurry and be back where I needed to be. Still pissed at losing money, my body is money!  And I would be losing more money if this whore didn’t get back in time. As I began to suck that pecker presented in my face, it became clear that he was a grower not a shower. The more I gobbled, and sucked and bobbed, the larger his dick grew! I was really impressed and lost track of time as I lost myself in sucking this glorious member. Soon he had me on my back slurping my dirty pussy like it was golden nectar. My coke dealer really loved to bury his face in this cum dumpster cunt! And I’m hoping you do too! I have a treat for a trick. 

His white cock was so good!

Phone sex line

OMG! The way my boss fucked me so hard today. I fucked up and got caught masterbating in my office. He told me that was grounds for termination. I told him I was willing to do anything to avoid losing my job.  He turned on my office television and put some porn on. He asked me if I could ride and suck a cock like that. I assured him I could. He told me he’d be the judge of that. He told me to stand up. He began unbuttoning my shirt slowly he leaned in and started kissing my neck. He slowly worked his tongue down to my nipples and began drooling all over them. Oh my god I got the chills, the hair all over my body stood up. He held my neck in place with his right hand and took his left hand and put it down my pants. He glided his fingers between my pussy lips. He then inserted it into my pussy and started thrusting. I fell back into the wall behind us. My legs were so weak. He took my pants down sat me up on the windows and started fucking me. I wrapped my legs around his cock I wanted to take every inch. My eyes were rolling. His body was sweating. I started biting his neck, arms and upper body. He took his cock out of me, flipped me upside down and put it in my ass. I moaned so loudly he wrapped his hand around my mouth to silence me. He had my blood rushing to my head while he rammed me deep in my ass. He was such a trickster he then pulled me upwards and wrapped my legs around his neck. I sucked his cock while he ate the life out of my juicy wet pussy.  The way he was flipping me around fucking me in every direction!!!! He chummed all over my face, my eyes in my nose, all over my mouth. YUM! 

Cum Guzzling Slut At Your Service

cum guzzling slut

I fucking love it when a guy tells me to get down on my knees so I can be his cum guzzling slut. Any man who has ever had the pleasure of me sucking his cock knows this. I don’t EVER waste any jizz. I have to swallow every drop and I will even lick it up off the floor or wherever it lands if I spill some. It’s my opinion that women who waste cum are really not even fit to have a cock in their mouths. You should stick with a real woman like me who will swallow every drop of you.

Luckily for me, I get to swallow lots of cum down at the truck stop. I can’t even tell you how blessed I feel when I get down on my knees and cock after cock just keeps coming at my face. Sometimes the guys will get impatient and shove two cocks into my mouth at once. Luckily for them, I can fucking take it. I can’t wait for you to call me so I can be a nasty cum guzzler for you just like I am for all the truckers. 

Stripper Sex Stories Peep show

Stripper Sex Stories

It’s been a long time fantasy of mine to do a peep show and get cum all over me as my payment for the performance! I saw a sign at my bar for a peepshow at a theater downtown, I instantly got wet thinking about signing up to do a strip tease that is very seductive and classy. I always thought the idea of stripper sex stories was very sexy so I put my name on the list and showed up downtown a week later in my classiest slut costume. When I took the stage I looked out at the audience and saw a few men with their cocks out already beginning to stroke themselves, It was then that I knew what kind of peepshow this would turn out to be. The music began and I let my body do the work, I danced seductively and felt all their eyes on me, My cunt was pulsating with the rhythm of the music. When I opened my eyes I was surrounded, various men from the audience were jerking themselves while coming closer to me, I couldn’t help it, I took off my bra and exposed my sensitive nipples to the cold harsh air of the theater. My pussy was soaking through my panties now and all I wanted was to be penetrated deeply right there on the stage for anyone and everyone to see. I knelt, surrendering completely to whatever came next; I was delighted when that thing was a cock in my mouth, and one in each hand. I looked around and saw that I wasn’t the only one taken over by the sexiness of the peepshow theater, about eight guys gathered all waiting for their turn to fuck me, the dancing slut with her tits exposed to the world. I sucked cock like a good little throat slut, they took turns force fucking my mouth before brutalizing my twat and asshole, I could only tell when I stopped cumming when they filled me, each one of their dicks pulsating hard inside me releasing a spray of delicious cum that I will always be craving.

Addicted to lust

Sloppy wet pussy

My sloppy wet pussy’s adventures. Yes, I’m a whore that likes to suck, fuck, and get fucked but not just any whore…. I love to soak my pussy in hot water after a good night fuck of getting gang banged. I would be so depressed if a man went to eat me out and was grossed by any smell coming out of my kitty. I am addicted to cleaning my pussy scentless. I really use a garden hose to clean it. I run hot water and I stick the hose in my pussy which makes me want to rub one out. Anything in my pussy makes me want to cum. It’s an OCD. I love to get it cummed on just so I can have a reason to clean it again.

Due to my hygiene addiction I always tend to find myself in screwed up situations. Like as of right now I’m in the back of the basketball court in broad daylight getting trained by the winning team. OMG it’s so unfair they are doing Five on One. Five of them and One of me, and I really need the company of just One more person to cum and make it more nasty, so after they are done training, I’ll be one for the team. As long as they win I’ll be their favorite trophy. I love when they fill me up! I am one fucked up individual who loves getting shot in all of my rims. Cum and shoot your shot in me coach ;)…I really need my fix!

White big cock sucker

Big dick sucker Latin pussy is so fresh and beautiful. I just got myself a Brazilian wax. I can’t help but admire my little pretty kitty. I sit here wondering what it would be like to have someone just walk in and catch me. I’ve been in the mens bathroom for 5 minutes now, waiting for my lucky man to walk in. Wait till he sees this gorgeous pussy. Just staring at it makes me so wet and horny. I have my tits out. I like to see their reaction. Oh look, it seems I have myself a snack. A tall handsome white man just walked in and he noticed me. I’m just going to prop my ass up on this sink, spread my legs and start masterbating. He comes out of the bathroom stall with his cock super hard. I know he’s showing off! It was super thick and long, the exact hero I needed… I’m impressed! He came over to the sink to wash his hands. He reached in between my legs and started rubbing my wet juicy soaking pussy. He stuck his finger in my vagina and thrusted my vulva. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. He was biting and sucking my nipples. I was moaning so loud! He takes his juicy nice pink long cock and shoves it in me. He was so shocked to see I still have my hymen, amazed by how my vagina tightly gripped his cock he didn’t last more than 2 mins. I was still satisfied because he fulfilled my fantasy watching his cum drip out of me made me squirt everywhere. He wrote his number down and told me to call him. His wife was waiting outside the restroom the entire time. 


I am so horny & I can’t seem to find his number. Who’s next?


Druggy Cum Dumpster

Live Phone Sexanother day, another cum filled pussy as I make my way home high and fucked up on every fucking drug you can imagine. I’m horny and ready for more! But I heard guys like you love the taste of cum dripping out of a tight pussy. When you paid me for high and drugged-up sex, I didn’t imagine you ripping apart my panties so I have nothing to cover up with on my way home. Now you’re tracing your tongue down my pussy lips that are soaked in a dozen of other men’s cum and you’re slurping it and licking it all away as your dick grows harder. I jerk it off for you as you clean me out of cum from other daddy dicks that dominated me and make you cum all over your face! How does your own cum taste baby?

Skyping With Daddy

dirty phone sexDaddy is away on a trip with his boring ass wife. But that doesn’t mean daddy doesn’t think about me and my big tits, bald pussy, and perfect mouth. We set up a time every night. He slips away every night for a run, or so he tells her. What he is really doing is skyping me. Like clockwork the computer rings. Today I answered with a hot surprise for him. Me laying back in the bed, tits on display, fucking my pussy with the dildo he had just bought me.

He smiles as he pushed the car seat back and pulls out his cock. I see him stroking as I take the dildo out of my juicy wet cunt and put it in my mouth. Imitating a sloppy wet blowjob. He moans as he tells me he misses me. I smile because I know that my cashapp will be dinging soon with a brand-new money load. He asks if I have been good, and I tell him I am always good. I send him a video of my earlier nights fuckfest. Me with a cock in my mouth and one in my ass. He watches and strokes frantically, blowing his load all over the screen. The video ends and just like that my notifications go off.

Party Animal Cum Slut

Druggy phone sex

It’s no secret how much of a party animal this coke whore is. Sometimes it can be so hard to find someone who can keep up with my party girl porn star lifestyle. I need someone who understands my need for a thick cock to fuck my face while I enjoy my nose candy and pop molly in all my fuck holes. It would be so nice to meet a rockstar who wants to party hard and fuck me harder. Can you be the stud that wants to see me feeling good and fucked up while I’m being gaped and filled with jizz until my asshole is leaking and dripping warm cum? This skank wants sexy new friends that love dirty party games, and know exactly how to show a horny party slut a great time. 

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