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BBC sex storiesOf my BBC sex stories, this one was really wild. It started with him letting loose thick globs while I sped up, my tongue flat and my breaths heavy and muffled with anticipation. I wanted it, I needed it, and I dragged his cum out of him by force. I took his thick globs of yes down my throat like I was born for. Then, after a few ropes, I pulled back enough for him to fill my mouth, and opened up so he could see himself shooting onto my tongue and filling my lips. With all said and done, I did what seemed natural as a Big dick sucker. I opened up wide to show him the inside of my cum filled mouth, flicked my tongue around in a pool of jizz, then closed it, swallowed, and opened up to show him my clean pink mouth. He couldn’t handle it, I knew he couldn’t, he was back in my throat within a second. His hands on my hair, gripping tightly and beginning to use them as handholds to aggressively fuck the absolute shit out of my airway. I was more ready than I had any right to be, prepared and planning for such an event with hundreds of hours of practice. As a Cum dumpster, I knew how to squeeze him just right so his cock slipped in and out of my throat with greed. I knew how to drink him up and get a little air while I was at it. I had no intentions of stopping him or even asking him to slow. No, I needed this more than he did. I needed to drain his thick balls dry and let loose my inner fuckdoll for a night of stress-free fucking, sucking, slutting and drinking. I wasn’t going to complain if my first glass was straight from the tap, that’s where the purest, best fruity drinks come from!

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All the young studs in my neighborhood call me a hot MILF. I always have me and my daughter fuck and suck the community cocks. Last weekend I had a big cock daddy come over to pound my pussy like a cock hungry whore! That was until he saw my sweet little princess come out of the bathroom with a towel that barely wrapped her body..

I was down on my knees deepthroating his cock.. When he called her over and told her to drop her towel.. Next thing you know he had my baby girl with her legs wrapped around his head eating her bald little pussy. I was shocked I would of never known he had rape fantasies…

But now that I am aware I guess I will be inviting her in the bedroom to drain a load of his cum down her sweet little fuckhole. Wow, he came so hard as he sucked on her smooth pussy lips… He even fingered her little asshole.. He demanded I back up off his dick and he slid her down, told her to get down on all fours and cumshot all over her little ass..

He told me to suck the nut off her tight little holes.

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I’m your little Cum dumpster whore who loves taking your friend’s cocks! I went to a party last night with my boyfriend, there were so many men there and so little women! Hehe, my boyfriend led me upstairs, and I saw a bunch of men follow us from behind. Once we were in the room together, he shut and locked the door behind him while all of the other men whipped out their hard dicks. “Take off your clothes, whore.” He spoke. I never went nude so quickly! My tight young body was on display for all of these random guys that I’ve never met before. Before I knew it, I was pushed down to the bed and someone’s cock was already stuffing itself inside of my fuckwhole. I was made a Cum guzzling slut when two others got in front of me and forced me to take both of their cocks inside of my mouth. Mm, fuck! My pussy was dripping wet, I was being pounded while two guys forced their cocks in my throat. I screamed so fucking loud on their cocks and squirted all over the place! “Fucking slut!” My boyfriend took out his phone and started to record me slutting myself out.  He posted that video and now I’m known as the school’s Gang bang whore. 

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It’s all about cum and cock for me. I am a trashy milf stripper cunt that loves to fuck. I only fuck bareback and mostly only fuck BBC. If you have a big cock then I am going to be all over it. I am a skanky whore of the trailer park and all the teen girls want to be like me.

We get high and my dealer brings friends by. I fuck all those big nigger dicks like a good trashy cunt. My holes are always gaped and filled up. I will always be open for fucking big dicks. My holes get messy with lots of cum and my is also a fuck hole for big black dicks.

As a druggy whore stripper I was turned on to taking BBC and now it’s all that really makes me cum. I would love to talk about those big nigger dicks that fuck me the best and all the cum they fill me up with. I love getting filthy and the higher I get on coke and crack the hornier I get for massive monster dicks.

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I am a trailer trash whore but the only man that can soften me up is daddy. Mom ran off because she was a druggy whore and I only met him when I was already the trailer trash whore mom made. The first time I met him I thought he was a trick, and I took all my clothes off before daddy could say a word. 

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He was stomped by my body and actions. Once I realized he was my daddy I was embarrassed but he held me on his lap naked. Daddy asked what kind of life I have lived, and I had to tell him about the first night he left. My mother was so drugged out she didn’t realize her druggy friend had snuck into my room. He pulled his big black cock out and forced it down my throat. I could barely breathe, and it was too big that I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough. That is when he slapped me and pushed me down on my belly. He ripped my Jammies and panties off, as I told daddy my story his hands ran up and down my thighs getting closer to my cunt. When I told daddy how he shoved his big black in my tight asshole, he pushed his finger in my Sloppy wet pussy. Daddy finger fucked my pussy as I told him about the first time i became an Anal cum dumpster and I got a cock forced in my asshole. I came so hard on daddies’ fingers, and he told me he would protect me. I’m still a trailer trash whore but when daddy is around, he makes love to me as we talk about the things I do when he isn’t around. 

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BBC phone sex“You have a nice cock.” I measured his BBC phone sex python with my eyes and fingers. It sat powerfully in my outstretched palm, teasing me with its potency. I leaned forward to lick the tip real quick and get a taste. I also let out a little saliva while I was at it, so I could stroke it into his length and make my fingers feel even better. The gentle air from the room caused a tingle I could see on his face. I nuzzled his dick, giving a somewhat innocent enthusiasm I knew he craved. Even a pain crazed whore like me can play cute sometimes, and I often enjoy doing so. “I want this cock cumming deep in my pussy.” I admitted while happily taking in what was soon to be making my pussy a Cum filled cunt. “But, for now, I kind of want to suck it. Is that okay?” I took great pleasure in his sudden and enthusiastic nodding. There’s something wonderful to be said about a man’s own innocent excitement bleeding through. I didn’t ask again, I simply opened my mouth and engulfed his tip in heated expert lips. He tasted really great, the scent and taste of a proper man are indescribable to someone who hasn’t experienced both the best and the worst, and he was the best. Every bob left my pussy hotter, wetter, and before long one of my hands dipped to play with my cunt lips. I heard him groan and couldn’t help but titter around his cock, enjoying the general mouth feel of his swollen need filling up the path between my cheeks. It was like a nice dinner I didn’t ask for, and I had no intentions of relenting even if he asked. I had a desire in my heart and it was spreading across my skin. “Fuck it.” I pulled back, unable to take it anymore. Stroking his tip while looking him in the eyes. “Can we just skip to the part where you press my ankles behind my head and fill my pussy with hot fertile seed?” I was a Creampie slut and I needed it right then.

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My son walked in on me last night while I was getting gangbanged! I was so shocked, I thought he was asleep.. I must have been moaning too loud.. He walked in and saw me riding a juicy dick while having another buried in my asshole and one crammed down my throat!

My eyes were rolling to the back of my head… When I suddenly noticed my son standing there with his cock in his hand.. I knew I was in big trouble! His dad is out of town on a business trip and has no idea moms, a skank whore! I immediately got up with cum pouring out of my drain holes…

Fuck! I shouted..

He told me to relax and sit my cum filled pussy down on his hard cock.. I knew I didn’t have a choice. I was willing to do anything for him to keep his mouth shut! He bent me over and fucked me doggystyle while nearly my ripping my hair out of my head. He called me a Mommy whore and told me he was going to fill my Wet mommy pussy with cum.

When he got through fucking me like a slut he told me I was going to be servicing him regularly if I wanted him to keep his mouth shut.. I have been giving my son blowjobs all day while having phone sex.

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Big dick suckerI’m a Big dick sucker and an incredible whore. I fucking love messing around with my teachers and sucking their cocks while nobody notices. Today, I got a bad grade on my test! So, I did what I do best and gave my teachers cock the most eye rolling suck that he’s ever had! I know his old wife could never do it like this, I might as well do him and I a favor. The students were taking a test while I was hiding under his desk the whole period. He sat down, and he already knew that I was there. I unzipped those pants and whipped out his old and wrinkly cock. I took that dick all in one go inside of my throat! That old man struggled so much not to make a sound, he grunted, and a few students looked up, but they didn’t pay any mind. I love being a Cum filled cunt, I still had the loud from the football coach stuck in my pussy from this morning. I bobbed my head and twisted his cock with my hands, it’s sooo hard not to make dirty and slutty noises in a dead silent room. It reminds me of the Dirty phone sex I had with him just to keep up a stable A! Old men are so fucking dirty, hehe! His old dick came so fucking deep inside of my throat and I came just from having his hot old man cum inside my stomach! He grabbed my hair for a few more face fucking thrusts then passed out!

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I’m getting ready to go to a party tonight and you can help me get ready! I have my thrust machine ready to turn on the second you call. I have to get my gangbang whore pussy ready for what’s going to happen at this party. You already know that a few drinks in and I’ll be stripped down with a hard dick in every hole and one in each hand. Cum junkie bitches like me are always the life of the party! I just need you to talk dirty to me while I slowly turn up the speed on this pussy pumper. I’m trying to get it to full speed so that I can stretch my cunnie for all of the giant cocks that will be ramming it later. Then you can call me again tomorrow so that I can rub my cummy cunnie for you and tell you all about the party!


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Cum filled cuntI got a Cum filled cunt by my school’s football team. I love bouncing on cock’s and being a gigantic whore for any man in my school, it’s how I get my straight A’s after all. I suck my teachers off under the desk, even during their lessons with dozens of students in the room. I went to cheer today, and the football team was practicing. As always, they finished before us and went to the showers. So, on our break I snuck off into the room. The guys were obviously shocked and said that I was in the wrong room. I responded, “No, I’m not.” And pulled off my cheer top and showed these jockeys my cute tits! I turned around and bent down, showing off my panties while I lifted up my skirt. “Come and get it, babes.” I said and slipped them right off! There were a lot of them, and I saw all of their cock’s spring up! They ran over to me and started groping me and feeling my pussy. I got spanked a looot of times and I was so fucking wet and ready to be fucked and bred by all of these sweaty and horny filled men. My whore pussy hole and asshole turned into a huge Cum dumpster for them all! The first guy stuck his cock into my pussy and started going to pound town! “OOH FUCK!” I screamed and bounced my big ass on his dick. A few guys took out their phones and laughed while stroking their dicks. “Take a look at this whore!” One spoke. Another guy came up in front of me and shoved his dick inside of my slutty mouth and throat fucked me until I almost puked. The one fucked my pussy pulled out and came right on top of my ass before slapping it. “Who’s next?” He asked. The guys pushed each other out of the way until one finally got to my pussy. Except he didn’t fuck me there, he pushed that huge cock inside of my ass! “OH MY GOD!” I screamed while I squirted all over the bench I was bent over on by the lockers. A few guys came onto my hot and tight body, covering it with their hot white loads. They were really making me their Gangbang whore! This guy pounded my ass while the one in front came down my throat. He slapped my face and brought a black guy who was fucking hard as a rock in front of me, and he stuffed that cock into my mouth! I was being ass pounded and throat fucked for way over my break. A few guys kept jerking off their sensitive dicks. An Asian guy came over and got under me, he then inserted his cock inside my pussy! All of my holes were being used right up! And when they busted their hot cum, it went down in all. Three. Fucking. Holes. I was fucking stuffed! “OOH FUCK!” I squirted my pussy all over that guy beneath me while I kept riding and sucking all three dicks. I love being a whore so much! I spent the read of the evening and night with cum stuffed in my slutty holes. I hope you can also make me your Cum guzzling slut who takes your cock anytime you want.