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Traveling lot lizard

lot lizard sexI love to get liquored up and head to my local truck stop to find some fun for the night. Tonight I scored some pretty good weed, a little coke and a whole lotta cock. I bounced from truck to truck with each of the drivers taking their turns fucking me in the ass and then making me clean their cocks after. Sometimes a driver would be sweet and he would start by putting in my pussy but would soon get animalistic and would end up pounding my ass and screaming out his release. I was soon down to tattered clothes, many a loan of cum dripping down my leg and a high that just wouldn’t quit. At my last truck of the night I found a driver who seemed very nice and he laid me down in his sleeper to talk and touch. He was stroking my face and my eyes were closed when he jumped on top of me and tied my arms to the bed, he made quick work of my ankles too and before I could process what was going on we were moving. He said that he was now going to be my lot lizard pimp and that we were going to make stops nightly and that I needed to fuck anyone and everyone he told me to. He was going to collect his fees and I was the product. What he didn’t know was that I was excited about the idea and even came a little when he laid out the plans. I can’t wait to serve my new master and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Dirty Education

I got a call from my little pre-whores teacher the other day so in I went for a one on one.

He was telling me that there was this group of boys that kept pulling my little rug rats pigtails. I knew my girl could take care of herself so I asked the hot teacher what the problem was…and that is when he explained that every time they pulled her hair she either bent over and stuck her ass in their little crotches or dropped to her knees and buried her face there!

My little angel! I was so proud!

But I wanted to have a little fun so I played dumb and said that I had no idea what he means and said maybe he should show me.

I could tell he was getting uncomfortable. I love watching men squirm!Live phone sex

I stood up and turned around and pushed my ass against his crotch! “You mean like this?’

His voice was shaking but I could feel his bulging cock start to stiffen. So I pushed harder and started rotating my tight ass in circles, rubbing his cock through his khakis.

I laughed as I flipped my skirt up and pulled my thongs to the side so he could see my cute little rosebud!

And there it was, the precum dark spot that khakis just can’t hide! Ha Ha Ha!

Come on baby! Teach me something!

I need a little dirty education!

Maybe if teachers taught with their cocks out, girls would pay more attention!

I knew he didn’t like my teasing when he grabbed my hips in his strong hands and with one hard fast thrust, he forced his throbbing dick deep in my dripping glitter covered cunt!

It has been a while since I felt a big fat one fucking me with purpose!

He was slamming that meat in me like he had something to prove!

My pussy was begging him for more with each thrust! I actually wanted him to fill my snatch with all that cock cream!

But he pulled out and pulled my hair and forced me down and slammed his pussy juice covered pecker in my mouth!

He came so hard and so fast that I almost choked on the gushes that were flooding my mouth!

Then he pulled my mouth off his meat and looked down and said that was way better than my daughter does it!

Trashy Milf BJ Loves Getting DP’d

Trashy Milf

Trashy Milf BJ is the filthiest trailer park whore stripper druggy cunt that you crave. It’s my pleasure to be a filthy cum dump. It’s my husbands filthy desire to watch me getting banged by as many big hard cocks as I can take on. I’ve been triple penetrated with 2 in the cunt and one in my ass. I was stretched and gaped. My holes were oozing with cum. I reeked of fucking and I was in pure fucking heaven! My husband is a good man that sits in the background while I am turning tricks, getting high, and begging our son to get me my next fix. I’m so high and preoccupied with my pussy and ass that I can’t function to text my dealer. My son is always nearby listening and watching mommy be the filthy trashy cunt she is. He loves beating his dick off to mommy fucking BBC. He gets so erect and excited watching a big black cock sliding in and out of my trashy cunt hole and gaping my ass. Sometimes I get really lucky and get some hot Golden showers phone sex play in as well. It’s hot getting sticky and wet with piss and cum. I am the trashiest fucking cunt hole in my trailer park and I even got an upgrade to a doublewide by the park owner. I have done really well with making him income also and got a pay off this way and that means an extra room for my big dicks to stick around and fuck me more often. I am a happy wife and mommy to two wonderful men.

Golden Showers Phone Sex

VIP Treatment For You

stripper sex storiesOne of my favorite clients is an older gentleman that comes by once a week. He has done this for many years and this week was no different. However, I had a surprise for him today. He always takes me to the VIP room where I give him one on one attention. Mostly my mouth and my tight wet pussy and his cock. He doesn’t last enough to pound my ass so today I handed him a little blue pill and told him we had all afternoon. I handed him a drink and as he swallowed, I unzipped his pants and laid him back on the couch. Then I climbed between his legs and started sucking on his full tight ball sack. Putting my lips firmly but softly around him. He loves that. I was stroking his cock as I continued sucking his balls and licking and kissing his thighs. I raised and he smiled as I took him deep in one motion. All the way. No gag reflexes at all. I sucked him dry and started stroking him again. He started to lay me back, but I stopped him. I smiled and said today you get a special treat. Then I lowered my tight asshole down on his wet thick cock. We played all afternoon, and I was filled with his cum. He handed me a fat tip and left a happy man. Give me a call baby and let me give you some VIP treatment too.

Scat Phone Sex

scat phone sex


I wanted to be a nasty girl today. I felt like fucking some hot asses. I bent those bitches over and fucked the shit out of them. I mean this literally. I shoved my fat tranny dick so far down those dirty asses that I could feel the shit coming out as I pounded them. I needed them to be so fucking dirty for me. I made one lay on the floor while the other one stood over her and shit all over her tits and stomach. The rubbed and played all in each other’s shit. They kept telling me how much they loved it because it ws so warm and mushy. After I was done fucking them like the good dirty whores they were, I made them get on their fucking knees and suck my dick clean. They couldn’t stop sucking it until I was satisfied. What they didn’t know was that wasn’t going to be until the shit was all licked off and my cum was squirting all over their dirty shit covered faces.

Anal Drug Mule Whore At The Airport

Anal Sex Whore

He stared me dead in the eyes as he commanded me. “You take that and you shove that thing right up your ass!” He had his hand gripping my throat, making sure I was staring right at him. The package in my hand was shaped just like his giant cock, only it was stuffed with fucking pure Colombian cocaine.
As you can well imagine, I love having things in my ass, but I was not ready to become his little fucking druggie whore mule. Trying to get across security at the airport was going to be a bitch. But, I squatted down there in that parking lot and shove that thick fucking mule toy right up my tight hot little asshole. I proceeded to walk into the airport.
My cunt was dripping as we went through airport security, whether it was from how good this fucking thing in my little shit hole felt or by how nervous I was I couldn’t tell. However, security noticed the wet spot on the front of my shorts, and politely pulled me aside for a strip search. My pimp looks pretty concerned, but I went with them unbuttoning my blouse as we walked.
By the time the guard got me into the TSA office, I had pulled my titty out and convinced him to fuck me in my tight little cunt. He used me for about half an hour, really searching my dripping wet tight cavity. I was sweating bullets the whole time that I was going to cum, and push that thick fucking pseudo cock right out of my asshole. Well, the TSA agent returned me to my pimp, and we flew on that plane to Las Vegas with that cocaine wedged tightly in my fucking asshole, and the TSA bastard’s cum dripping out of my pussy.

Cum Filled Cunt

Trashy Little whore

trailer trash whoreI am the neighborhood tramp, everyone knows it! Well just about everyone. There is a new single dad and his son who just moved in down the street. I decided I was going to have them both. I dressed in my skankiest short leather skirt and halter top. I smeared lipstick on and headed down that way with a basket full of cookies my mom had made. I walked up and rang the doorbell. When that daddy saw me he was flustered and in my best little girl voice I introduced myself and gave him the basket of cookies. I asked for a drink since I had walked all the way down here in the heat. In the Kitchen I saw the son and I made it a point to bed over to straighten my sandals and show my smooth round cunt and ass off. I sucked on my fingers and blatantly said that I needed to be fucked very hard. I promise not to tell a soul! They couldn’t resist a bareback slut like me! I love that now I can claim to have fucked all the men on these streets and have had a daddy and son cock double penetrate me at the same time. It felt so good to be a trashy whore!

Suck My Cock

I got my fat tranny cock sucked really good tonight. He tried to act like he didn’t know what he was doing but I could tell he was going to be a great cock sucker even if he was trying to be shy. I had to show him what I wanted, or well maybe it would be better if I said that I had to make him do what I wanted. I wanted my fat cock deep in his throat. I wanted to hear him gagging and choking on my cock. I wanted to feel all of his spit, all over my cock. I had to shove his head all the way down on my swollen cock, so that I could feel that spit running down my dick and balls. I fucked his throat as if I was fucking a pink bald pussy or tight ass. I fucked his mouth and throat so good. As soon as I was getting close to cumming, I slammed my cock down his throat and held his head so he couldn’t go nowhere until I pumped my last drop of cum down his throat. I fucked his throat as if I was fucking a pink bald pussy or tight asshole.

hooker phone sex

I started stripping again

live phone sexI have been bored and restless at home so I went back to stripping and it has been so much fun. Last night especially was fucking awesome cus this hot guy came in and tipped me and my friend a LOT of money to get a little freaky with him. The club I work at is cool with girls making extra money fucking the guys that come in, they don’t even care if you do it out in the open. So when this guy offered us a thousand bucks to let him get up on stage and fuck us both we were all about that shit. We stripped him naked too and he picked me up, he was so strong and that cock was nice and fat and long and I was loving it! Getting paid to fuck in front of an audience was hot as fuck and the guys watching tipped us too. It was a fantastic night!

Dirty Phone Sex Tranny Josie

I’m a slut for dirty phone sex. It’s true that I have a cock, and yes my cock is beautiful and big. My tits are perfect and I ma a slender, sexy blonde. I love nothing more than to let you watch me take a big bull cock in my tranny cunt as you worship my shemale cock with your cock sucking faggot mouth. I like to be a part of the fucking faggot culture and be as filthy as we can get together. I’m a lover of sucking glass dicks with crack rock and sucking big black dicks from my dealers gang of bull cocks. I also love making my fagboy lovers and clients suck those big black bull cocks also. I will let you worship every inch of this beautiful ladyboy cock and you will love looking up at these tits as my dick is stuffing your mouth. You will be on all fours and you may be lucky and get a nice ass gaping of that BBC if your a good slut. Dirty Phone Sex

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