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Big dick suckerI really love being a Big dick sucker for a nasty man who needs to cum hard. Getting my throat stretched open with cock is what I do best as a small town girl. There is never any fun going on in this shitty place; might as well make it fun and get my face fucked. George has lived here for years and has a wife he barely sees. He drinks a lot and gets fucked up on meth so he always needs a whore to fuck. When we met back at the strip club a few months back he offered me blow for a sexual exchange; ever since then we always work something out. 

Basically if I am a good Cum Guzzling Slut for him I get as much coke and alcohol as I want. I mean it’s a win win in my book; so I always make my mouth readily available for him. He loves a rough blow job so I always know when me and him get together I will most likely gag and not be able to breathe. I have practiced fucking my own throat for a bit so I can take a good face pounding from him. Plus he appreciates it and always loves how nasty I get; sometimes he gives me way more drugs and alcohol if I do a real good job. It’s the way to get what you want as a nasty town cock slave!

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Sloppy wet pussyI had sex on camera at the leasing office! My landlord and I have a mutual agreement, I don’t pay in cash ever… He allows me to pay with my Sloppy wet pussy juices! I drench his cock every month… He knows I have a dirty little sting going on at my place and he is totally in on it. I have a bad habit and my place is where all the drug dealers hang out. They cook dope in my kitchen and I get free batches of all sorts of different drugs for allowing it! That’s how I got my name “Sinful junkie”…  Somehow I tend to get everything free of charge, I guess that’s what comes with being a sexy exotic bitch with Gigantic tits and a super-soaking Young bald pussy.

Guys just can’t get enough of me… I am that sexy cool babe on the block! All the neighboring Teen whores come over to my place to get their Tiny teen titties gnawed on by the older men. There is this one girl name Sophie they call her the Creampie slut, well that’s because she is always filled with loads of cum. I am the reason for her filthy ways… She would always run away to my house for a getaway! Which only led her down a road of drugs, sex, and money! The young slut cannot get enough…

She has no idea the men that screw her Baby girl pussy have been paying me for her time. Well, I know the little slut is going to give it up for free anyways so I decided to place a price tag on that cummy young slit. Today she and I had sex with three men that had Big black cocks! I got to suck the cum resin that drooled out of her Cum filled cunt.

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Druggy porn is a hot time watching as you jerk off on the phone with a sexy shemale like me, Josie. I will help you get your filthy kink on and keep you jacking it hard. But first I hope you will be fucking that ass cunt of yours with a nice big toy.

Obviously I get a great bit of high men that love to party and worship me. Worshiping my cock and ass is a great time. My tits are rather nice as well. In fact gazing up at my tits as I have you on your back is great.

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Hooker phone sex          Hooker phone sex has the mini skirt and high heels. Mesh stockings, killer legs, heart shaped ass. Tits the move up and down. Here to be had. Take me in the back of your car, in the front seat. Bend me over and fuck me doggy style. Give me the crack as you get your cock between my ass cheeks. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. Let me smoke it.

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When you are a Trailer trash whore who loves blow you will do anything to party and play. I never go without my favorite nose candy. So, I didn’t hesitate when a client brought his furry friend along. He is a great Dane and there for big boy. But if you do enough blow nothing matters. After he gave me payment and my baggy of drugs, I got ready for a fun night.

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First, I did a few lines of blow and then I undressed. My client likes to see me walking around naked. Especially when his man’s best friend gets a whiff of my cunt. Therefore, I wiggled my ass and even twerked for them both. Just like his master his mouth was watering for my cunt. As I was doing my lines his furry friend came up behind me and started sniffing my cunt hole. His nose was cold and wet as he sniffed my asshole.

“Stay like that hoe and let my boy lick you” he demanded of me. I don’t care I’m high and paid and that is all I care about. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of dick or tongue fucks me. Therefore, I spread my legs. Right away his long wide tongue starts to lap over my asshole. “That’s right boy, get her ready to be my Anal cum dumpster” he cheers him on. Then he quickly shoved his cock in my ass. While he fucked me, I just did more blow. Before I knew it he was filling my butt with nut. That’s life of a paid druggy slut. 

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I’m just a coked up Cum guzzling slut for that BBC jizz. And as I swollow down these fat loads of goo, I am getting my gangbanged out holes stuffed with more cum. But now I need a clean up boy.

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blonde phone sexBlonde phone sex whores stay in demand no matter their age. Every man loves a blonde. And I am a natural one too. I got called cougar Barbie last night at a Super Bowl party I crashed. Perhaps the woman meant it as an insult because she was jealous, but I took it as a compliment. Some teenage boys and younger men and a handful of women partied two trailers down from me last night.

When I hear a party, I want to crash it. I bring a little kinky life to any party. Just ask the men in my trailer park. Getting called cougar Barbie sent me into trashy milf mode. While the boys watched the plays and the girls looked for Taylor sightings, I chugged on cocks. No amount of weed or beer would keep those cocks down with my mouth on them, LOL. And I think that angered the young teen girls.

Personally, I do not understand why any girl would be jealous of me. Their boyfriends do not want to marry me. Hell, they do not even want to date me. They just want to use my holes. And that is all I want from them too. In my opinion, they should celebrate me. They get the presents and the dates, and I get the cum. I do all the work, and they get all the glory.

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Cum serves as my glory. I am a jizz junkie. And every mature woman knows the younger the sperm, the more protein it contains. Cum does this body good. And it has for decades. I only showed up at the party to get that jizz. However, I got a lot more than cum. I got some stiff teenage cocks in my pussy and ass too. As I rode one young cock after another, I watched the game.

I may have missed a few key plays, but that was only because I got lost in cumming on those big dicks. By the time the game was over, I looked and felt like cum dumpster. So, I waddled myself home stuffed full of cum. Woke up this morning, pissed some jizz out for the cream in my coffee. And now I am ready for more cum.

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I was missing being the best Anal cum dumpster for my favorite sugar daddy, so I asked my dealer to find me a guy who is just like him. First, he has to be ready to party. Then he has to know how to really use me. After we did a few lines he right away pulled out a wad of money. “Let’s really party” said as he did more lines. That is when he winked at me, and I knew it was time for me to undress. Then I took everything off and shook my ass for daddy. “You nasty filthy slut.” he moaned as he spanked my ass hard. His hand left a handprint on my ass.

“That’s it, show her what nasty sluts get” my dealer said while cheering him on. Therefore, he pulled my hair and started spanking me over and over again. I could feel the pain shooting up my body, so I took the mirror and did some lines while getting spanked. All I could think of was my daddy who uses me so well even when it hurts. “Suck his cock bitch” he says as he pulls his cock out. I start swallowing his cock like I do my daddies. Thinking about how hard he fucks my throat, i go down even more.

After almost choking he slaps my face like I normally get from my daddy and says, “do some coke slut”. Again, I do some lines and I snort even the last one he put there for me. As he rubbed my asshole with some blow. “Come fuck this cock slut with that big black dick” he said to my dealer. That did it I was getting fucked just like my daddy gets me rammed. He came in front of me and choked me “more daddy P” I moaned out thinking about my daddy. My cunty squirted as he rammed his coked-up dick into my mouth.

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How I miss partying with my daddy until then I will be an Anal sex whore for daddies that remind me of him and any friend they want.

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 Hardcore orgy porn           Hardcore orgy porn is better than flowers. I can buy myself flowers. I can’t have an orgy alone. Now we want to make a porn rated triple X. Get the triple X wrestlers and you will have really made my fantasy come true. Through you into the mix.

            Cum in every single fucking orifice, I have. Belly button, ears, mouth, nose, anal cavity, and it must be remembered that sloppy, wet cunt hole.  Fill me up. Load me up. Give me the wine, give me the chocolate. I know of more than one chocolate bar I would love to eat with you.

            Be sure to have your cock ready. Out for me to pop it right into my mouth. Turn me into the fucking cum dumpster that you know I am. Show how you will smack this ass, ripe it open. Until I have finally drained every person in the orgy fest. Even name it after the Valentines Day heritage. Something has to go bye-bye. Might as well have all that cum end up inside or on me.


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bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is what I wanted for Valentine’s Day. And my present came a few days early. Last night my favorite chocolate man, Big D, came to town and wanted to spend the night with his favorite trashy whore. Big D and I go back 20 years ago. He is a trucker who lives in southern Florida. When he is in my city he often bunks for the night. Although not much sleeping ever occurs.

Big D walked into my trailer with a dozen roses, a box of chocolates and his big black cock. His cock appears so big it always enters the room first. Since, I expected him, this trailer trash whore greeted him naked. Big D’s cock is the only chocolate I ever want. No one can drain his balls like me. He has a wife back in Miami, but she cannot handle his anaconda cock like I can.

I am the Blonde Snake Charmer of Florida

In fact, Big D told me, no woman can handle his monster cock like me. I will be honest. Took me a few years. Although I was no BBC virgin when we met, he was the biggest cock I had ever had. You think you know how to handle a hug black cock, then you meet a man like Big D. But he honed my skills. I can safely tout that I am the best BBC whore in my state thanks to him. Plenty of lot lizards tried and failed to take his monster cock. Now, he has no other lot lizards in my town but me.

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As I sucked on his mamba snake, he played with my hair. He loves to pull my hair up and palm the back of my head like it’s a basketball. I never mind. As I showed him, I was his one and only big dick sucker, he started to rub my wet bald pussy. His fingers in my cunt feel better than any white cock I have had inside me too. Soon I got the pounding of a lifetime. Big D’s huge cock snaked inside my pussy, and I suddenly felt like I was on a circus ride. He left me full of his seed too because he came a few times.

Although he had to leave this am to get back on the road, my pussy still has his cum inside me. Who wants a tasty, salty treat for Valentine’s Day too?