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Big dick sucker Stripper

big dick suckerThis sexy blonde Harlot of cum is a big dick sucker and stripper that works the VIP rooms. AKA back rooms where men get fucked and sucked by trashy women like me! On my knees is where I belong, sucking off men one after another. The pay is good and many of these men have party favors they are willing to share with a great cock sucker like me. I love the way my mouth can make a cock as hard as it possibly can. I enjoy a deep throat fuck with my tonsils massaging that cock head. I might gag and drool, but I am getting hornier with every passing thrust! Rocking back on my heels I prepare for that cock to coat my esophagus with a nice warm batch of fresh cum! I love men who take control and grab my hair and force that dick down my gullet as far as it can before they let go and empty right down into my stomach! Breakfast of champions for a dirty whore like me! Do you need your cock serviced by a high cum guzzling slut? 

Druggy Milf with a Cum Filled Cunt

I’m just a druggie milf with a cum filled cunt. Just a trashy trailer mama that loves to fuck. Bring me some crack rock and a nice big hard cock and will have a great time. Do you want something tighter? Tighter than my ass ? Well I have a cock sleeve or two passed out that you can have your use of. I want your filthy cock in mama’s messy cum engorged holes after you fuck that young virginal thing to a bloody mess. Then force her fucking junky face between mama’s legs to clean me up. What’s that? You want to be the filthy bimbo to clean all that nigger pimp juice from my holes? Well get over her bitch and start licking.

Cum filled cunt

Amateur Night

Black stripper sex


Amateur night down at La Vaca Flaca Negra was full of black stripper sex and surging streams of spunk.  I went down to shake my ass and make some easy cash and wound up taking what started out as a lazy stage show with a few third string strippers twerking for a smattering of dollar bills and turning it into a raunchy fuckfest full of bad bitches coercing guys to make it rain Jackson’s and jizz.  It wasn’t hard, all I had to do was pull a guy on stage with me, whip his dick out and gag on it in front of everyone and they took that as their cue to get down and dirty.  We were all fucking the shit out of each other but one ebony goddess took on every guy in the place.  She said she wanted to bat cleanup and make every single one of them cum, on her or in her, wherever they wanted.  She was a beautifully perfect, chocolate fuck doll.  I’m going to see if she wants to join my gang of cum sluts.


Phone Hookers for Hire

hookers for hire

It’s your favorite slut and I’m so fucking horny today. I woke up with my cunt throbbing and it was already soaking wet. So, I did what I had to do and I got out my big black dildo and fucked myself like five times. You are probably wondering what got me into such a randy mood that early in the morning. I got a call yesterday and this guy told me that he was looking for hookers for hire because he had a really raunchy fantasy. I asked him what it was, and I was happy that I did.

He said that he wanted to find me on a street corner and give me a lot of cash to make his fantasy come true. He didn’t want to fuck me himself. He wanted to take me out to a back alley where all the homeless men lived and told them to fuck me. And while they were fucking me, he wanted them to tell me all about how long it had been since they showered, what kind of STD’s they had, and how I was going to help them spread it all around town. Sound like fun to you? 

Creampie Bitch Wants More

Live Phone SexI love when my cunt is left dripping in the cum of all the men who used me that night! I always find myself walking back through the white trash trailer park I stay in as everyone’s play toy! They love seeing the sight of me come out at night and look down at me as I return to my house, with my panties full of their cum! Some even love with their wives eat the creampie I give them after their dirty husbands had finished inside of me! Everyone here has most likely tasted another man’s cum after eating it from my dripping cunt! How about a nasty creampie roleplay with your wife? I’d love to sit on her pretty face and have her lick me clean!

Cum To Me Baby

dirty phone sexIt is Sunday and the workweek is creeping upon you. What better way to prepare that to relax, party and get off with a dirty slut like me? It is dark and the fam is asleep, and you are restless, you definitely need a release. Built up frustration from the endless amounts of errands, chores and fam time finally gotten to you? I am here baby, wet, and horny and ready to take you into the new week feeling much better. I invite you over and am waiting for you on the bed. Sexy lingerie barely covering my big tits and juicy wet pussy. You walk into my room, and I can see that you are already excited. Your pants in that tell tale teepee that I so desire.

Come to me baby, get your clothes off love. You stand before me, and I reach for your cock. Sucking and jerking as your hands go under my bra and squeeze my big tits. As I continue to blow you you reach your hands under my panties and feel my wet smooth bunt. A finger slips in and I moan. You remove your dick and join me on the bed. Hold up the tray and we both do a line. We lay back and I continue stroking you as you finger my cunt. I then climb on top of you and slowly slide down you big thick wet cock. I start to ride you and whisper, babe the fun has only begun. You smile as your finger enters my tight asshole.

Dirty phone sex whore Quinn

dirty phone sex


My nasty whore pussy is so wet right now! I’m ready to find a kinky guy to have fun with. I’m still thinking about this hot and dirty phone sex call I had last night. He wanted his slutty, little sister to throat his fat, hard cock after he pulled it out of our druggy slut mom. That strung out whore will do anything for a fix, including selling her worn out cum hole. He slammed his rock hard dick into her dirty cunt and made me wait on my knees right next to them. He pulled out just in time to blast his hot load all over my face. I caught that sticky cum shot and licked it up off of my lips. He rammed his dick down my throat and made me slurp her junkie whore pussy juice off of him. I was so turned on playing the slutty, little sister who will do anything for her brother.

Lot Lizard Sex Whore

lot lizard sexI am a lot lizard sex whore. Men love me down at the truck stop. They pull in for a shit, shave and shower, and find me in my daisy dukes, high heels and tube top walking up and down the truck bays looking for action. The truck stop is better than any glory hole. Why? I get to do a lot more than just suck random dicks. Being a lot lizard means I get cock in my mouth, pussy and ass. It also means I get to party. Truckers always have the best blow. And they are always willing to share with a dirty old whore like me. I was in heaven yesterday. The truck stop was booming. Usually, there is an after holidays slump, but not this year. Business is good. Not even winter storms all over the Midwest will stop these truckers. When they stop for their shit, shave and shower, I am there to be their druggy porn star. I work hard for the coke too. Why pay for coke when I can fuck for it instead? I love being a trailer park whore and a lot lizard. I do not care what people think of me either. It does not matter what anyone thinks. I am happy. I love to fuck, and I love to party. And so do truckers. I was trying to keep count of the dicks I sucked and fucked yesterday, but as the day went on, the higher I got and the worse my ability to count became, LOL. I did over 20 guys I know. I think that made me officially a cum dumpster. I know it was more men. I was covered head to toe in jizz. It was pouring out my pussy like a river. I got a ton of coke though. Some even to go. When I got home, I pissed and shit the rest of the cum still inside me out so I could freeze it. There will be a day that the weather is too bad to leave the house. At least I will have some frozen jizz to eat.

Cum Filled Cunt Filthy Hooker

The cum filled cunt of this filthy hooker It’s a great fantasy for perverts. Filthy hookers drain balls for a living. This means that there’s always a messy cream pie waiting for you. Being a filthy hooker smoking crack I’m taking big dick is the hottest fucking time ever.

Sometimes I’ll be working four days taking cock taking cum eating cum eating ass getting my ass eaten and smoking crack. This goes on for days when I’m on a ice binge. I will be unwashed filthy come crusted and gaping. That’s a good fucking time for me.

if you’re has been a crackhead as I seem to think you are, then this is right up your alley. My filthy whore body used covered in cum stinking like sex reeking of cigarette smoke and sweating like a bitch in heat. For at least a few of my guys this is heaven to them. Nothing at some more aroused than a filthy crack whore that’s been fucking for days.

Cum filled cunt

Selling My Asshole For Blow

Gangbang blow hoe is what I am known as. I love to party, and I don’t care who knows it. If you have what I like I will give you what you want. I have done many times with many men even at the same time. When I was offered a whole lot of party favors in exchanged to get fucked in my ass, I took it. But when he pulled his cock out and I saw how big it was, I knew I had to get really high.

Anal cum dumpster

His horse size dick shoved down my throat made me gag and my eyes water. He rubbed some blow on my asshole to numb it up. When he shoved his big thick black dick, I could feel it stretching my asshole open. He fucked me hard like a horse would pound out his mare. I took it as much as I could but I one pound I fell into the bed, and he just kept pounding my ass hard into it. He jack hammered my asshole until he came all in it. He told me to wash and rest up he would be ready for more soon. He made me his Anal cum dumpster all night.  

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