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Drunk girl fuckingI love being a nasty little drunk party girl. I’m so drunk I don’t care who I fuck. The first guy who pulls me into a room would be able to use me as his slut. You’d better use me well, because I won’t remember a thing when I wake up. Most girls won’t eat ass when they’re sober, but I love licking every inch of your ass when I am wasted. I’ll tongue fuck your asshole until you cum buckets. I’ll even suck your cock and get it completely wet so you can give me some ass action as well. You bet I wouldn’t mind if you bred my pussy right now. You’re completely right. You can creampie inside of my pussy right now, letting all your cum spill out of me. I’ll just use my fingers, dip it into my pussy, and lick all of your cum around my cunt. I would never even know you filled me with your seed after this.

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I had the most incredible call the other day. I sent my client out on the prowl looking for Hookers for hire. He put me on the bluetooth in his car and we drove to a shady part of town. 

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This Trailer trash whore was booked all week for parties where I was going to be used to milk all the cocks I could. The last event was my favorite, I got gangbang. There were big black dicks all over the place and a table full of my favorite party favors. My party outfit consisted of a pair of high heels, a cup less bra and crotchless panties. My one rule was I get to be as high as I want and since I got my payment, I wanted tips. Not just a cock tip but money, it always talks. I did a few lines before I started giving guys lap dances. While I danced, they groped and touching every inch of me. Even the inside of my holes were proved. I had a guy stick his finger in the blow and then in my ass. I knew they were going to be using my holes hard and that would help me numb up to take it. I slammed my high pussy on the last big cock I danced on. As i fucked him another dick was shoved in my cunt. I even sucked a guy off while riding a cock. That is why I love blow it gives me energy to fuck like if there were more than one Gangbang whore in the room. I kept bouncing my pussy and ass on any cock that was in it. A few of them started filming because they couldn’t hold their nut and busted a big load quick. By the end of the night, I had gotten double my pay with tips. I am the best whore out there.

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Hardcore Orgy PornHardcore Orgy Porn 80s style happens when my husband needs a midweek pick me up. Running sex businesses is hard work and sometimes your own cock gets neglected. And Club owners like him, have to be on call for any problems that might arise with his girls.  And since he has expanded into the porn scene he really has no time to jerk or fuck. This is a travesty for a man whose entire life is based around the sex industry. I knew I had to step up my game as his new wife. So, I called a few of the sexy sluts I used to hook up with. New meat for him, but dirty whores who know how to please a man who is into just about every kink you can think of. I set up a great set over a few days. My Hubby loves the 80s and we had an awesome playlist to go with the scene. I called in his A-team camera crew and managed to keep it all a secret from him. Under the guise of checking out a new property to turn into the KITKAT 3, he walked into me and my naked girlfriends in a pile of bodies moving to sweet dreams. When he saw us and his camera crew getting dirty his cock shot up like the porn daddy he is. And my husband isn’t lacking in the dick department! But we had a massive sausage fest just waiting to grab s and begin fucking hardcore. He just loves his gangbang whore wife getting fucked by other men.  And I love him fucking other hot hookers in a nasty 80’s style porn flick!