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Big dick sucker        Big dick sucker will take a foot long BBC down the throat. This whore loves to have a cock shoved down my throat. Feeling that cum streaming, will make me suck on a big cock even more. Whether it is sucking on the entire cock, just the mushroom head or pulling your balls into my mouth. Sucking on them. Holding them tight. Letting my teeth bite onto the sac pulling them away from your body before running my tongue up your length to take you into my mouth once more.

        Now I will be the first to admit that I am cum guzzling slut who can’t get enough of those big dicks. In the long run as long as it is a big cock and I get to have it then that will get me off while getting you off. It is important to remember that being a prostitute, whore, slut, all of them are my friends and me. We live for big cocks. Let us suck on them.

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phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts bounce back quickly from anything. You might have noticed I have not been around as much lately. I had my tonsils out Friday. And guess what? I can give better head now. Who knew? If I had known that tonsils blocked me from giving a guy the best deepthroat blowjob, I would have told a doctor to yank those pesky things out a long time ago. I may not technically be cleared for oral sex yet, but I am not meant to go long without cock.

Who did I give my first blowjob to without tonsils? My oldest son. He took a few days off from college to take care of his mama. I love all my sons equally. But my oldest boy made me an incest mommy. And a woman, even a trashy milf like me, never forgets that first time she crosses that mother son love line. I needed to convince him to let me suck his dick.

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I am not sure if I ever mentioned that my husband is Italian. Born in the US, but he is first generation born here. His parents fled Italy right before Mussolini’s reign ended. I mention this because Italian men are known to be endowed. My husband passed his big dick genes down to our sons. My oldest son’s cock measure 9.5 inches. Very thick too with a big mushroom head. My boy did not want to hurt his mother’s recovery.

But I told my son better him than some John who might be too rough on me. Just like riding a bike. You never forgot how to suck a cock. I went over two weeks with no dick. The longest two plus weeks of my life too. I am a whore. And a big dick sucker. But I am back and better than ever. I deep throated my son’s cock like the expert whore I am. Did not take long for him to blow a load either. I guzzled down every creamy drop of cum too. No gagging. Took him balls deep. Mama is back, and better than ever.

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bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is what is up! I can’t tell you how much I love that big black juicy cock.  I lick my lips as I write this imagining the last black juicy cock I had.  In fact, I try to seek out multiple black cock a week. Once you go black,  you will always try to go back.  They sure love that white pussy too.  The darker the chocolate, the whiter they seem to go. I am as white as you can get.  White trash trailer whores like me love that black cock.  Especially love it entering our mouths, choking on that dick, watching the black XXL hot dog go into the white buns.

No offense to white guys because I definitely love some white cock as well.  They seem to prefer to watch me get fucked by the black cock than they care to partipate with me.  I’m not against a little cuckolding so if need be and they get intimidated by the big dark beasts, we let the little princess white boys watch their girl Bobbie get pounded.

What other world can you have a guy paying you for sex, that you don’t actually have to fuck him because his fantasy is to watch a bbc fuck your white pussy until you are raw from being fucked for so long and for so hard.  They love that shit.  I watch their cocks get damn hard and you know what gets them every time? The minute that cock comes out, if they are soft, they are instantly hard seeing htat black python.  Then, if they need an extra boost, seeing that pythong slither it’s way into the unknown in between my vagina walls, oh those white boys pre-cum then joins the party.  More on this another time…. my black juicy date is here and I haven’t eaten dick yet tonight.

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BBC sex stories

BBC sex stories with my daddy Randy’s big brown cock always turn me on. Having a little blonde stepdaughter take on his cock gets this step mommy very hot and bothered. I knew my daughter was making some race-play porn videos for her new gig. I answer my door to a hunky tall brown man.

He said he was looking for my sister. I laughed and said that I thought he was looking for Miss Thang, my stepdaughter. Turns out Randy is the Black cock that has taken the lead in this BBC porn flick that my stepdaughter has been doing. He grabbed my face and told me that I had BBC Dick sucking lips. 

As I called out to my daughter her face was flush with excitement. And those pants of his are not concealing his huge weapon of mass ass destruction.  I need that black cock in all my fuck holes! 

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So this is the reason she had come home walking funny! Mommy does want a taste of His black dick. I am quick to make sure he knows I am a Big dick sucker! I have no qualms about tag teaming a nice meat pole of the brown variety. Soon, my bimbo daughter and I are on our knees gobbling up all that chocolate. And when that huge bowl of dope gets passed around Things get even hotter. Face first into the blow bowl I Go! My  slutty daughter expertly dips the head of OUR new GODs Dick in the coke. 

The next thing I know, My husband calls right as I am getting my pink puckered ass explored by Daddy Randy! He takes the phone and tells my hubby that we are his sexy white cracker whores now! We are BBC phone sex whores that belong to Daddy Randy now! 

BBC sex stories of Mommy and daughter tag teams

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Sloppy wet pussy from a BBC gangbang is what I have right now. But wait, I have even more… like a gaped out asshole from those big black cocks. My holes are a dirty little cum eaters dream feast. I love cucking little white bois and making them into BBC addicted cum dumps.

In the light of all the dick I have taken, and all that cum, you will certainly enjoy tasting it. My holes are really messy right now and if you could just see them. My pussy and asshole are dripping with gooey jizz. All I need right now is a good little cum eating cucky to lick me clean.

Finally I just hope I get the dirty cum eater that I am seeking today before it’s time for me to take some more of that beautiful black cock. Are you the cum eater mama BJ the trashy Milf needs?

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            BBC sex stories: cocks, bald pussy, and oh the cum. Now when you give me a 10-inch big black cock I am a happy whore. Knowing it is going to stretch this pussy and ass all to fuck.

            Going a step further and having an even bigger cock rammed up into my pussy while that 10-inch cock is fucking my asshole. Taking all those massive black cocks has me coating them. Cum running down my leg.

            Sucking on a cock that makes me gag as he rams it down my throat. Seeing the veins popping out of his shaft, pumping, therefore making his cock harder and bigger. One hand cupping his balls, massaging, pinching, closing around them and squeezing them.

            Feeling that cum in my mouth, dripping down my throat. A cock cumming up inside my cunt hole. Feeling it slick, gushing out of me. As that massive 15-inch cock rams into my ass burying himself to the hilt as he spills his seed into my ass.

            Body convulsing with the power of my orgasm. I am ready to do another line. Before once again fucking every BBC that I am able to find. Root out and keep this druggy whore satisfied.

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A paid Gangbang whore better milk every cock in the room. That is why I party and do lines of blow to keep my energy up and my holes numb. First start by sucking them up. It doesn’t matter if they are a big black cock or a small white dick. I will suck it and get it hard. Sometimes I even rub some yayo on my ass to really numb it up for all the dicks that will be fucking me. Then one by one they started to pick a hole to fuck.

Gangbang whoreI get so high and numb that I don’t even care who is fucking me and in what hole. I start swallowing some jizz and I know the party was in full effect. “Take it you slut” is all I hear as another cock goes down my throat. “I am about to fill your ass up you Trailer trash whore” is what he moaned out while filling my ass up. Then the next dick used his nut to lube his cock up to fuck my ass too. This went on all night, i took breaks to drink and keep getting high. My ass was fucked while i did a few lines of blow which always is fun to do. That is why i get paid the big bucks.

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Cum guzzling slut is the best description I have for myself.  Ever since I was really young and started sucking off the neighbors in the trailer park, I loved it.  That first squirt I had in my mouth, that warm sticking, salty gooey goodness, yum! I was addicted to cum from there on out. If I didn’t get my daily dose of cum, I was squirming until I got a big cock back in my mouth.

My mouth starts salivating when I get closer to a big fat cock. I am like a dog in heat only I’m in heat for a cock in my mouth. I have never sucked cock and not got a guy off because that would mean I get no cum.  When I am part of orgy’s, everyone knows the deal that the cum goes in my mouth. I don’t care what pussy or ass you were just in, get that cock out and into my mouth when that juice is coming out.

Popeye needs spinach to be strong, I need cum. I’m convinced.  Without it, I’m struggling, with it, I can do anything.  A parlay of getting some shot in my mouth, pussy and ass the same time is a unicorn I strive for every day. The only way I feel fulfilled and filled is when I get cum in every hole in a day.

Who else can relate? But enough with the chit chat, who wants me to guzzle their juice? Guzzle guzzle, mama is ready!

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Hardcore anal sex Hardcore anal sex after getting my asshole eaten makes my Shaved wet pussy soaking wet! For some reason during anal my cunt gets triggered and orgasms without even having either g spot touched. What makes it even better is the anal orgasm I have on top of being able to squirt. I prefer missionary when being fucking anal because I think it’s hot to rub on my Big tits while keeping eye contact. I clench the walls of my asshole and watch your facial expressions, aside from the grunts I have you helplessly letting out.

Bend me over, ass up with my face down, and tap the head of your cock on my shit-hole. Watch as my pretty little tan asshole slightly gapes eager to take your cock. Shoot your biggest cumshot into my ass and then let me show you how much of a Great Big dick sucker, I am. Your cock deserves a sleazy whore like me who is willing to clean your cock up after creaming all over it. I would never want to send you back to your wife dirty and jeopardize not being able to see you the following day.

I love being a Homewrecking Teen whore, married men have the biggest cocks and with my hormones not even my mothers’ husband was off limits.

I fucked him one drunken night after a party! My mom was working overnight and he was home alone. I tried masturbating but even after I orgasmed, I was still horny as ever. So, I seduced him right in the parlor… Luckily mom didn’t catch us because I noticed the glare from her headlights when she pulled into the driveway. I even talked to her for a bit with my Cum filled cunt from the load he shot inside of me; before prancing back to my room.

Hardcore Anal Sex as T-Girl Josie Takes that Ass

Hardcore Anal Sex as Sexy Tranny Josie Fucks Your Hole Deep. Honestly, don’t be a shy and just give yourself up lover. The fact that I am sexy got you turned on in the first place. Secondly, I really love the way your cock started throbbing when you realized my truth. The truth that I was a special girl. My secret being that  a shemale surprise is hiding under my pretty panties.

Honestly lover if you are only attracted to sexy women and you become aroused knowing the sexy lady has a cock, it doesn’t make you gay. You are just kinky and have strong sexual cravings.

You, laying back on my bed and gazing up at me as I push your legs up. In the meantime I am just going to push myself inside you.  I promise this package will be a special back door delivery. And of course this is our little secret. No one needs to know that you have been taking cock. I am a very feminine T-girl. In fact you will be mesmerized by pretty face and these perfect tits.

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Finally as I push inside you lover I will go slow. Just savor the feeling of this cock slipping inside and opening you up. After a few slow movements pushing you open, I will go balls deep.

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