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Druggy phone sex slut Quinn

druggy phone sex


I’m Quinn and I have a hot story to tell you about how I just scored some party favors and got my dirty fuck holes filled with jizz. My druggy phone sex stories are always about real life events and my adventures of being a freaky slut. It’s almost the weekend and this nasty slut is getting ready to party! I’ve been trying to get my hands on some good shit all week long but my dealer has been out of town. I got desperate and met a guy online that told me he would hook me up if I would be willing to give up this nasty, slutty pussy for it. He was old enough to be my grandpa but I was willing to do whatever it took. I met this old, pervy man at a dirty hotel downtown and got a room. I didn’t know that he had a prescription for the stiff dick meds but I found out that I was going to have to work for what I wanted. I let that old man ram me with his throbbing, hard cock until my cunnie went numb and tingly. Then I gave up my asshole to him. I was sure that would make him cum but he kept pumping and pumping until he was about to collapse. He didn’t cum until I was on my knees, sucking my pussy and ass juices off of him and begging him for it. It took some work but I got plenty of stuff to party with this weekend and I’m kicking it off early, so cum help me have fun!

Freaky phone sex with Quinn the slut

freaky phone sex

I’m Quinn the party whore and it’s going to be a freaky weekend for me! I just got home from a wild night out but I’m still wired and ready for a good time! My favorite way to come down from a long night of partying is by relaxing with some freaky phone sex fun. I go out and get fucked up and take dick all night long. Then I come home and get on the phone so that I can tell my kinky, perverted callers about my night. I stay up for hours, rubbing my worn out, junkie whore pussy and talking about how many loads of cum I took. Any random night, I may still be soaked in piss and cum while I make you jerk your dick for me on a call! I’m in for the night but still going hard as fuck, so make sure you get with me so that we can get nasty together!


Gangbang whore Quinn

gangbang whore

I’m getting ready to go to a party tonight and you can help me get ready! I have my thrust machine ready to turn on the second you call. I have to get my gangbang whore pussy ready for what’s going to happen at this party. You already know that a few drinks in and I’ll be stripped down with a hard dick in every hole and one in each hand. Cum junkie bitches like me are always the life of the party! I just need you to talk dirty to me while I slowly turn up the speed on this pussy pumper. I’m trying to get it to full speed so that I can stretch my cunnie for all of the giant cocks that will be ramming it later. Then you can call me again tomorrow so that I can rub my cummy cunnie for you and tell you all about the party!


Freaky phone sex with Quinn

freaky phone sex


I’ve been partying with a few of my slutty girlfriends today and having a blast! I’m ready for a freak phone sex call with you so that I can tell you about it. We’ve been getting fucked up and doing all kinds of kinky shit to each other, all day long. First, we had some guys over. We showed them how nasty and freaky we are! We were riding them and draining their balls over and over until they tapped out and left. We were still horny so the party didn’t stop when they left! After they fucked us like cum dump sluts and filled us with jizz, we took turns licking each other’s creamy cunnies. I sat on my best friend’s face while her sister fucked her with the fattest strap-on I’ve ever seen! She tongued my wet cunt so good that I was squirting all over her face! We still wanted dick and my friends think my brother is cute, so we invited him to join us. I can’t wait to tell you how amazing my brother’s hard dick felt in my hot, little pussy and how hot is was licking his cum out of my bestie’s cunt!

Cum guzzling slut Quinn

cum guzzling slut


I’m Quinn, the cum guzzling slut and I just have to tell you about the massive cock that I was gagging on a few minutes ago! Some guy knocked on my door asking if I could call a tow truck for him because his car broke down in front of my house and his phone was dead. I was in the middle of a hot call and was pissed about having to stop teasing my cunnie and talking dirty just because some rando guy showed up at my door. I let him use the phone and once he was finished calling for a tow, I told him how I was just about to cum when he ruined my kinky phone call. He said he was sorry and I told him that he could just make it up to me. I told him to start by letting me suck his dick and swallow his load. I explained that I’m a cum junkie and that nothing else would make up for him interrupting my call. He pulled his cock out and I was shocked at how massive and thick it was! I went to work stroking, sucking and slurping on it. I couldn’t wait to feel and taste his sweet, sticky cream shooting all over my tongue! When he finally exploded in my mouth, he shot so much cum that I couldn’t swallow it all before it started dripping down my chin! Tasting my favorite sticky treat made up for the fact that I didn’t get to cum on my call but I’m still rubbing my cunnie and hoping that I’ll get to cum with you!



Creampie slut Quinn wants your dick

creampie slut

I’m Quinn, the creampie slut. I always have a hot, worn out pussy full of cum when I’m taking calls. Let me finger my cum soaked cunt and tell you what a dirty slut I am. I spend my days hanging out by the truck stop and meeting new guys to party with. I love climbing up in those big rigs and popping my little pussy for those drivers. I get cash and lots of free shit to party with but that’s not why I do what I do. I’m hopelessly addicted to cum and the way it feels, dripping out of me. Everything else I get is just a bonus for being such a nasty, little bitch for these random guys. After a long day of being a dirty, cum dump slut I go home and get on the phone so that I can tease my jizz filled pussy for you. If you see me taking calls, it means that my hot, whore pussy is dripping and I’m ready!


Cum dumpster Quinn

cum dumpster


Last night, as soon as I got home, I ran right to the phone to have some kinky fun with my callers. I spread my legs wide open and let all of the cum roll out of my cum dumpster cunt. I had spent my day at the trap house, trading my hot pussy for some of the good shit. I couldn’t wait to tell my callers about me getting fucked up and taking dick from over twenty random dealers. You wouldn’t believe how much hot, sticky cum I had oozing out of my slutty hole! When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot it was being used like a cum dump slut. I also couldn’t stop thinking about how bad I wanted to rub my creamy cunt and talk dirty on the phone after a long day of getting my pussy pounded. So, Of course I went right back over to the meet up spot to get my dirty, whore pussy creamed again. I just got home so you know that I’m full of cum and ready for our call baby! 

Drunk girl fucking at the bar

drunk girl fucking

I started my new job at the bar last night. The best part about working there is that I can drink for free after my shift. That means that I get to be the hot, drunk girl fucking for a ride home every night! Everyone loves a sexy, drunk slut begging to be dicked down in exchange for a small favor. Once the regulars heard about what a freaky whore I am, the word got out fast. My bar was lined with guys trying to get this whore pussy. There were so many that I couldn’t pick just one. I decided to let them all hit my hot cunnie and I would just catch a ride with whoever blasted their load into me last. Just like I did before I worked there, I took the whole group into the bathroom with me and went to work draining those fat dicks into my slutty mouth and holes. By closing time, I was covered head to toe in sticky cum! I was so fucked up that I didn’t even realize how swollen and sore my cum dump holes were until this morning but that’s not going to stop me from fucking for a ride home again tonight!


Dirty phone sex with Quinn

dirty phone sex

Quinn the dirty phone sex freak is ready to tease and please tonight! I just got back from the bar and I’m just tipsy enough to do just about anything you ask of me. I’ll even go into my Daddy’s room and sit on his face. I’ll wake him up grinding my hot cunt in his face and talking naughty to you! I dare my stupid step mom to wake up. I’ll make that whore lick my asshole while I ride Daddy’s rock hard dick! When a nasty, freaky slut like me gets fucked up like this, there’s no telling where the fun will stop! Hit me up so I can show you what a wild, little party slut I am! I know we’ll have some fun together!


Nasty phonesex whore Quinn

nasty phonesex

I’m a wild and nasty phonesex slut and I’m here for your cum! I’m in the mood for some sweet, naughty fun tonight. I’ll let you lick whipped cream and chocolate sauce off of my sweet cherry pie pussy! We have all of the ingredients for a sexy split, I just need your big banana! This hot little slut can’t wait to feel your sweet cream dripping down my tits and all over my clit… That was just my turn, baby! Now it’s your turn to be bent over and have your taint turned into my sweet candy dish! I’ll tongue your rim while I reach around and get you ready for another taste of my juicy cherry pie! Sweet, candy Quinn is getting everything ready for a deliciously naughty and truly tasty call with you!