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I’m a nasty slut who will let anyone do anything to me for money. I especially love having my pussy stretched out by black cock after cock. One time, I had a bunch of black guys as my clients. One of them had a birthday party and wanted me to be the present. I got down and sucked hard on his dick, slurping all over it. A good cock like this deserves to be pleasured all the time. I worship his big cock, telling him how much I love it and wish I could suck on it forever. He throws a stack of money and tells me that I will. His friends unzip their pants and push their cocks into my face. I suck and choke on as many cocks as I can, taking two cocks in my mouth at a time. The rest of his friends don’t want to wait to shove their cocks down my throat and fuck my ass and pussy. My ass and pussy are filled with so much cum that the juices from my ass drip into my pussy. I love being a whore for black cock. 

Cum guzzling slut in the club

Cum guzzling slut

Cum guzzling slut in the club. I went out to the club last night and got to whoring myself out! All sorts of guys and girls were there, ready for a hot slut to fuck for fun! I got on the dance floor and shook my ass and rubbed my bare tits after taking off my tank top and bra and I let them all touch me and my hot body. SO many cocks were suddenly out on that dancefloor and stroking themselves while I hopped on a guy and made him fuck my tight and young college girl pussy! Other guys gathered around and one behind me double penetrated me! I was stretched out with my fuckholes and screaming in bliss while I got fucked like the Gangbang whore that I am! They all came on my body like a bukkake scene, I love walking home with a cum filled pussy.

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bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is my favorite. I love big black cocks. And black men love this old blonde whore too. Blondes have more fun, especially with black men. There is an entire genre of porn dedicated to blondes getting big black cocks. Black men find me anywhere. Normally, on a Friday night, I am out looking for them at the truck stop. Last night, however, two hung black men found me in a movie theater. I rarely go to movies, but I wanted to see this new Gerard Butler film, Plane. There is a beautiful black actor in it too named Mike Coulter. That was why I wanted to see the film. Not many folks in the theater. I sat in the back. I was getting high, eating popcorn and enjoying the film when two brothers came to the back and sat next to me. I think they saw a blonde fucking whore by herself and wanted to keep me company. They pulled out their cocks and gave me some special butter for my popcorn. Suddenly, I was like Alanis Morrisette going down on a guy in a movie theater. Only, I was not going down on Uncle Joey from Full House. I was going down on two super hung black men. The movie was loud from the special effects, so no one towards the front could hear me gagging on two monster black cocks. These men were black as night too, so I doubt anyone in the theater could even see them well. I bounced on the lap of each guy, taking each of their big black dicks deep inside my fuck holes.  I was loud, but not louder than the movie. No one knew that two black guys were fucking a blonde trashy milf in the back of the theater. I wobbled out of that theater. My legs were weak. Those two fucked me hard. Best movie ever. Maybe I need to go to the movies more often.

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Cum guzzling slutI just love being a cum guzzling slut! Stripping has been in the family for as long as I can remember. Therefore, even though I was not in a club from the time I could remember I was stripping. It would get me in trouble from time to time. However, the confidence one has in their ability to drive men’s wallets nuts with nothing more than dancing with their naked dancing body is something that brings me unbridled joy. 

Therefore, when I was a younger little one I used this ability to gain anything I wanted. “Strip for tips” was what my flyer said. It put me ahead of my competition because there was no deposit for me to dance my tiny perfect body for men. I knew without a doubt that I would get every last dollar they had in their wallets. 

Some were put off by my youthful appearance. However, they were almost always assured by another member of their party that it would be against the law for such a thing so cum filled cunttherefore I must be of age. I never cleared this up and just did my thing. Besides, it would ruin such an easy cash flow if I was ever to tip them off. 

All men really want is a very young girl stripping for them. Removing every item of clothing and exposing their perfect hairless pussy just for them. 

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Being a Trailer trash whore makes men think they can do whatever they want to. They can, they just have to pay me. I will make sure I use these holes right; it is what my momma taught me. She actually forced me to learn. I was young and dumb, didn’t know where mom was taking me. She went into a room, came back with a bag of drugs and told me to go in there.

Trailer trash whore

When I did all I saw was a big monster cock in my face. He grabbed my head and told me mommy gave me up for a baggy. He was going to get what is his now and shoved his big monster cock in my little mouth. When I started tasting some salty sweet liquid, he pulled out my mouth and sat back. He had me undress and give him a young girly baby strip show. I could see his black monster cock was leaking down his hand. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to him. He bent me over and rubbed his big black meat on my asshole. I was so scared I was shaking but he forced his meat deep in my butthole. I felt his big monster meat ripping my ass and I fell to the ground. He kept pounding my asshole even when I cried. He kissed my face and told me I did good as he was making me into his Anal cum dumpster. As I put my clothes on he told me he would pay me anything to get that again. That is why I sell my holes now.

On the run in Cartagena

anal cum dumpster

Want to know what an anal cum dumpster thinks about day and night? Well, the answer is quite simple. Coke, cock, and cum. The three c’s that get me all hot and bothered. I’ve had many instances where I had to pay with my holes. During the pandemic, I hit an absolute low. You can say my drug use became catastrophic thru the pandy.

My dealer was getting upset with all my false promises. I owed him thousands, and he was getting impatient with me. At one point, I was in Colombia visiting family. They paid the expenses, and I couldn’t say no. Plus, Colombia has the best coca in the world. The truth is you can compete with a Colombian drug base. Well, my drug dealer got him by showing up randomly and giving me the beating and fucking of my life. It was excruciating to feel all the pain, but all I ended up doing was a few more coke lines, and the pain disappeared.

I Was a Pretty Big Dick Sucker

Big dick suckerI was a pretty big dick sucker, I knew that much. Dressed in a brilliant blue dress, my white princess status was gathering me quite the following and that meant gifts from all around. Life wasn’t actually bad back then, it was just difficult. I’d needed to learn, adapt, learn the right drugs, who to get them from, who not to get them from, and who wanted something in return for their benevolence. There’s this value in America, this idea that benevolence, good deeds, are done for the sake of them. Where I spent most of my good years that wasn’t how that worked. Joy and good grace came from sucking dicks and splitting my pussy open with a thick mast that was only a few seconds from unloading deep. Tonight his blonde fucking desieres were no different. I needed to convince a higher up to work with my current master by using my body. A gift and a show of good will, that’s what my body was, and somehow that made me feel like I had a sense of purpose. My cunt was soaked, my tits lacked a bra and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d worn panties so my pussy juices were leaking down my legs joyfully. I didn’t mind that he saw it, that he took me in within seconds of my arrival. I grabbed my dress and span around slowly, giving him a great view of my ass and body, a gift doesn’t do well if she doesn’t know how to present. The dress was pretty, I liked it, but I knew it’d be covered in cum very quickly. He was well known for liking his fucks to still be wearing clothes, it made him feel like it was a passionate fuck, a ravage. He felt better if you were crying, if your pussying was leaking cum into your favorite outfit, and your hair was pulled just enough to draw a little blood. I was ready for brutal blonde phone sex.

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I have a lot of Gangbang sex stories.. That’s because I am a Gangbang whore! I lost my virginity at a very young age.. Younger than your average girl. Well in High School I had befriended a virgin.. It somewhat made me jealous knowing she had her cherry still intact. Well, I did anything to take that from her. I always managed to hang out in the older crowds and when I was growing up Kik was a thing! I always met with random men I met off that app.. Mostly older men!

It was like a secret site for perverts to lure in littles. I decided to skip school that day and convinced her to join me.. We met some guys on the coast at a beach house.. There were hills of cocaine on every table and booze out the ass. There were even some creepy druggy wives there too. It was definitely a never seen before experience for me. I convinced her to do drugs and get drunk out of her fucking mind.. One of the wives had us try on bikinis.. I guess she had her own personal bikini line. Well, eventually night fell, me and Trish were being fucked by a gang of men while their wives masturbated.

I remember hearing Trish whimper while the guys turned her into an Anal sex whore.. After that night Trish became my bestest friend.. We ran away and fucked tricks together. She was more of a spoiled rotten girl.. I was really just taking advantage of her body and whatever money she would make off of it. She became a nymphomaniac all she ever wanted to do was fuck and it worked in my favor because I was stashing the cash. 

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Blossom The Cock Inspector!

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I’m a professional cock inspector and I love being good at my job! I’m a stripper and bartender but by night I’m better known as the cock inspector. I’m the whore for hire they call when there is just too much cock and not enough sloppy wet pussy to go around. When I arrive for any job I come prepared with my big back of toys and tricks. I like to put on a show, teasing those big hard dicks with my perfect curves and stocking covered legs. Once those cocks are out, I have to get a closer look, I have to taste their precum and measure all those inches with my ass shaft and tight cunny. I know the job is done when all my holes are leaking cum samples, I’ll have to return to my lab to have them analyzed for cum guzzling quality!

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Dirty phone sex: His used up gangbang whore.


Dirty phone sex


Daddy kept threatening me with turning me out to all of his friends, making me a gang bang whore if I wasn’t going to keep my grades up. I guess he wasn’t bluffing. Last night he showed up on my doorstep at about 1 am with all of his drunk friends. You see, he pays for my apartment at college so I don’t have to stay in the dorm rooms. The only downfall is he just shows up whenever he wants and even has a key so I have no choice but to let him in.

I was so shocked when he and like 5 or 6 of his friends filed into the tiny two-bedroom apartment that I have been sharing with my boyfriend. My Daddy really had no idea of that either, so I was kinda glad he was working last night.  All I remember was his friend frank grabbing me by the back of the neck and pushing me toward the ground where he told me to kneel. Taking his finger he shoved it into my mouth forcing it open as he chuckled telling me to be a good whore and take every inch. Just then they all started pawing at me. Removing my clothes, the whole situation was really scary. Let’s just say I ended the night totally covered in cum like a cum guzzling slut!