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Patiently waiting here with my pretty hooker boots all ready to be plowed out. My uncles friends are coming over to the hotel he rented out for the weekend and it is going to be such a fun time. I can’t wait to get coked up and druk as fuck before being filled like the creampie slut that I am. I am in the mood to be wrecked by cock in all my tight pretty holes. If I do whatever his friends want they always give me extra coke to take home with me too. It is so easy being a young, perfectly disgusting, pimped out fuck whore for older rich men. All they care about is using a young stupid whore like me to bust a nut into. I am such a good slut for my uncle and I make sure to do whatever I am told. Call me so you can use my pretty slut body to cum too!Creampie slut

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Hooker phone sex will make you into a phone bone craving whore. I love talking dirty to you while being bent over the seat of the big rig and pounded by a horny trucker. Listen to me moan and cream all over his blue-collar cock.

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I can cum multiple times in a fuck session and love being screwed in all my Slut holes. Fill me up baby and leave me dirty, I love it all. Nothing is too dirty for this whore. Sometimes I even gargle with your load, just to show you what a slut I am.

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Let’s get dirty baby. I want you to tell me your filthy fantasies and I will tell you mine. I will be that slut that lets you do everything you want. Let’s screw!

Trailer Trash Whore BJ Fucks BBC for Two Days Straight

Trailer Trash Whore BJ Fucks BBC for Two Days Straight. This is exactly what happened on my two days off. Just like a good  whore. A good whore gets her holes used, and that is exactly what I got.  Yes, it’s true that my holes got fucked raw, gaping and swollen by BBC. And now mama BJ has a sloppy pussy for son to cum and eat out.

I have to say I was having the time of my life. Going to the strip club after my shift of calls was a great plan. I got to meet up with a Bachelor party of BBC at the strip club Wednesday night.

As it came to happen, these guys were off the hook for my hot trashy body. Evidently  these guys heard all about how well BJ knows how to handle the big black cock. Of course I had to fulfill the gossip I took all twelve of these guys on.

Firstly we started out in the VIP room. Once the club had to close and we needed to move to a hotel. We got a Motorlodge suite and banged through the next two days into the nights. The dealers hung in the parking lot. The liquor store and convenience store along with some fast food were next door. We had all we needed for the festivities to carry on.

Subsequently we had lines of blow filling our noses. Followed by shots or tequila and lime to fuel our nastiness. Meanwhile I consumed so much cum and piss. At one point even vomiting on the BBC that was gagging me. Of course Mama BJ just slurped it all up and continued to suck and fuck cock.

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Finally, Mama BJ is home and messy now. Be a good boy for mama and be ready to give me a tongue bath. Clearly it is now the time to get your filthy fix. No need to wait to get this creampie on your face.

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Wanna chat with a freaky phone sex party whore and blow a big load for me? I’m wet, wired and wanting to cum with you! I’m ready for another wild weekend of taking hot jizz shots and you can help me kick it off with a naughty call. I want to rub my pussy and listen to your dirty fantasies before I get ready to head downtown to the club. I’ve been trying to make myself cum but I need you talking dirty to me to help get the job done! Partying is a little different when you’re a doped up, druggy slut like me. I keep going for hours and hours without tapping out, like most other sluts would. You can put my legs up over my head and slam my cunt for as long as it takes to drain your balls. Just make sure you have what I want when it’s all said and done. I want to come crawling back home at daylight, with cum dribbling down both legs and my cunt so pounded out that it’s tingly and numb. I have no hesitations when it comes to trading my sloppy slut holes for a bag of the best shit money can buy. I go to the dirtiest and most dangerous parts of town, looking for a fix or looking for a good time that can lead me to a fix. Some say that makes me a street walker slut but I don’t give a fuck. I get everything I need and anything I want by trading my wet, hot pussy. It’s not hard to find a John, looking for a young whore that he can pound into his backseat and blow a thick cum load inside of. Some guys offer drugs and others offer cash but they all want the same thing, my filthy fuck holes squeezing around their cock! Tonight, I’m just looking to get what I can get. Let me pull your big dick out and show you the lip love that’ll have you hard as a rock and ready to explode for me! I’ll spread my cunnie open so you can see how soaked I am for that big, hard dick and let you decide what you want to do with me. Hurry before I head downtown to trade this slut cunnie! 

Big Dick Sucker Eats Pussy

Big Dick SuckerBig dick sucker who loves to be a big pussy licker too?  What a treat, huh? I know I’m not the only slut who loves sucking dick and can turn around and lick a clit like my life depended on it.  Something excites me about doing it at the same time too but that’s just expected when you are a whore like I am.  I will fuck and suck anything you put in front of me.

A good night for me is having multiple cocks and multiple clits all running around naked with me.  Some booze, some party favors lined out on the table for fun.  Then just down the line, as I’m on my knees, one by one hard cock by hard cock enters my watering mouth. It’s dripping by that point as it tends to do when I’m ready to suck or fuck.  My slobber dripping down the cock and onto the balls of these random guys.

Sprinkled in there, I have pussy thrust into my face.  Something so sensual about licking a twat.  Spreading those big lips to get to the clit, knowing all the feeling is concentrated in that small area. I am gentle and tease the clits because I know what I like I love when my clit gets sucks.  I insert my fingers slowly, one by one, into that cunt as I continue licking and sucking. Teasing and fucking.  My mouth dripping with saliva all down that pussy onto her ass. I usually manage to get a few fingers up there, whether the guy or girl likes it or not.

I love munching that carpet and eating my franks and beans too.  Just like my grandma taught us little whores back in the trailer park.  She sure would be proud to see how many cocks and cunts I’ve had if she were here today.

Tranny Phone Sex Makes Straight Men Crazy for Shecock -Josie

Don’t deny that you are throbbing for a taste of dick. Tranny phone sex can be said as a gateway drug to cock craving. Undeniably my cock is beautiful and big. And In fact you are about to experience a real lust for my cock.

The best time is teasing a straight married man into being a little faggot for my shecock. Many men like you try to deny themselves. Never deny getting that pleasure. It’s only natural you know. Natural for men to experiment with dick. You have a dick and know how good it feels. Obviously that g-spot in our ass pussy is needing a good massage.

Just let Josie massage your g-spot, also known as your prostate. Finally my big nearly nine inches of shecock will feel really good inside of you. Obviously, we can take it slow. Slow and easy to have you relax.

Maybe we will just start with your lips wrapped around my dick. That’s it just be a good boy for Josie and suck my cock. Entice in the feeling of my shecock. Yes, just like that let me grow between your lips. Now isn’t that easy lover?

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A wild night of partying led to a weekend of binging and being a Crack whore anal  zombie. I was hired to strip at a bachelor party. My favorite part is all the party favors they have. After getting some blow and alcohol in my body I was ready to shake my ass. They want a sexy white skin bitch like me for their big black cock party. Look how I can shake my ass guys don’t you want to tip me? One of them walked up to me with a glass cigarette with white rocks melting inside.

Then I wrapped my lips around it just like I do big dicks and sucked the smoke into my lungs. The rush hit my brain then my pussy and ass. I twerked all over until one of you pulled your cock out. If you want more than a dance, you will pay me more. Money was thrown at me as well as the pipe. That is all I need. I took my panties off and spread my ass for them to use, while hitting the pipe. Since I was so high, I barely felt them using me as an Anal cum dumpster.

Crack whore anal

Every time I felt a big black cock deep in my ass, I hit the pipe. I felt the first dick start pumping inside my asshole before I got one in my mouth. After swallowing the nut, I decided to drink some shots to wash the nut taste out of my mouth. “You can fuck my holes as much as you want but keep my mouth free”. I want to keep my mouth free to hit the pipe. As high as I was, I didn’t realize how much my asshole and pussy were getting filled up. All I could feel was loads of thick cum dripping out of me. Before I knew it the sun was coming up.

Phone Sex Sluts Love Cock and Cum, Especially During Hurricane Season

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts love cock. Even though I am closer to 60 than 50, I still attract the young studs. The trailer park association sent some guys to our trailers this week to make sure everything is in working order like our storm windows and stuff. Hurricane season wreaks havoc on trailer parks. I stocked up on supplies like water and nonperishable food already, but I still need to build my weed and coke supply.

I headed out the door, when one of the inspectors showed up at my trailer. Normally, I would leave and just let him in. But he was young and delectable looking. Of course, he could have had a small cock. Being white meant he would not have a BBC. But he was tall. Likely over 6’4 because he had to duck to enter my doorway. In my experience, tall men have tall cocks, LOL. And a big dick sucker requires a big cock to suck.

Cum Guzzling Whore Beverly

He felt my horny vibe. We exchanged some witty double entendres about my pipes being clogged. After that, I stayed. I mean my pipes needed unclogged. He fixed a few things, then he fixed me. Wow, he sported a big cock. Thin but long. Likely damn near a foot long cock. Since he was on a tight schedule, I did not have time to measure him. But we made time to fuck so he could unclog my cunt and my ass.

He fucked my ass and pussy so good too. Men his age can still jack rabbit women, which is why I do not fuck men my age. My ass was on my kitchen counter, and his dick was jack hammering both my cunt and my ass. My pussy got so wet that the juice dripped down my pussy into my ass acting as lube. Afterwards, a puddle of our juices appeared on my kitchen countertop. I just licked it up like a good cum guzzling slut.

If that hurricane hits soon, I will be prepared. My pipes got unclogged and I got some protein in me too.

BBC sex stories about times I turned a hot guy into a whore



BBC sex stories


BBC sex stories about times I turned a hot guy into a whore. He followed me home then I made him squeal and moan soo loud my neighbors began to knock on the walls, that didn’t stop us we where in full fuck mode and no turning back. Now I often bring guys home for the “Jinx” ride, and they do enjoy the ride. My sexy stories about my slutty adventures will make your dick throb, I don’t mind you being shy trust me it will go away the more I spread you open. Then the good part!, My favorite part is letting my sticky load go in between his ass cheeks turning him into a proper creampie slut, YUM!

Creampie slut Quinn

creampie slut

I always laugh when guys say that they can keep up with a creampie slut like me. I don’t think they realize that taking dick is what I was born and raised to do. From the time I was a little cum guzzler, I’ve been taking cum shots daily and always on the lookout for the next cock to please! If you think that you’re more of a freak than me and that you can keep up, then I challenge you to do a call with me. Let’s see if you have what it takes to make me tap out. I promise that I can cum over and over again and never stop. I have a soaked whore cunt that needs cum, a nice bag of party powder and the whole weekend to prove to you that I’m the nastiest bitch you’ll ever meet. My fingers and toys just don’t do it like your fat cock can. I’m ready to have your fat stick in this slut hole, pounding me out and pushing these walls open. Don’t promise me a good time and then bust your nut in a few strokes because I’m all geeked up and ready for an intense call where we both squirt and spurt all over ourselves! My name is Quinn and don’t forget it because that’s the name you’ll be moaning when your cock starts pumping that nutt cream! I’m a no limits, druggy whore that loves being packed out with as much jizz as my gutter slut holes can take! Let’s see if you’re man enough to make this dirty slut tap out on your dick…