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big dick suckerI am a big dick sucker. I am rarely surprised when I see a big dick. I almost never get caught off guard because I know the signs of a man with a big cock. Okay, so my signs are black skin and tall, LOL. A girlfriend of mine has a teen stepson she said was huge. Now, she has never seen a black cock, so I questioned her notion of a big dick. I was curious though because she talked nonstop about his cock. Of course, I was curious. A young teen boy with a monster cock? I had to check it out. I was indeed shocked. Her stepson is a high school boy. He is still growing. He is bigger than my 26-year-old son who is full grown.  This trashy milf wanted some of her stepson. He had plenty of cock to go around. I took to his balls while she worked on his shaft. She struggled to get him even halfway down her throat. Not me though. I am the big cock sucker and BBC whore. I can swallow a tree trunk. I showed my friend how it is done. She is one lucky stepmom. Her husband, the boy’s dad, is likely hung too. But he travels a lot, so she is home with a teen boy often. I told her what I would be doing with the boy every fucking chance I got. She had never been with a boy so young. She is not a serial predator like me. She knows that I get older, but my lovers get younger. She figured correctly that I would know what to do with him. I have no problem fucking any boy. Age is just a number. A big dick is a big dick. I sucked that boy dry. I let him turn me and his stepmom into cum dumpsters. This trailer trash whore is rarely caught off guard. This time, I was though. Never thought a white schoolboy would have that big of cock. But now that I know, I will fuck that lad every chance I get.

Trailer Trash Whore Becomes Strangers Anal Cum Dumpster

Being a trailer trash whore has always been easy for me and has its advantages.

Trailer trash whore

I know I will always make money being a lot lizard. I just have to walk around and as soon as any horny guy with money sees me, they pick me up. Sometimes I don’t even try I was walking from the store and right away a guy pulls up next to me asking me I’m a good analyst sex whore. I am and we agreed on a price. When we got to my place, he asked me to bend over and spread my legs he wanted to get a good look of my asshole. I bent over my table I had my blow on and spread my ass cheeks for him. As he stuffed his face in my ass, smelled and licked my ass I did a rail. Being high makes it fun when a guy shoves his fat cock in my asshole and that is what he did. He pounded my asshole like he was mad at it. I just kept getting high as I took his pounding, it was like he wasn’t even there to me. Finally, he filled my asshole up and I knew I could milk him for more money by letting him make me his Anal cum dumpster.

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freaky phone sex


I’ve been partying with a few of my slutty girlfriends today and having a blast! I’m ready for a freak phone sex call with you so that I can tell you about it. We’ve been getting fucked up and doing all kinds of kinky shit to each other, all day long. First, we had some guys over. We showed them how nasty and freaky we are! We were riding them and draining their balls over and over until they tapped out and left. We were still horny so the party didn’t stop when they left! After they fucked us like cum dump sluts and filled us with jizz, we took turns licking each other’s creamy cunnies. I sat on my best friend’s face while her sister fucked her with the fattest strap-on I’ve ever seen! She tongued my wet cunt so good that I was squirting all over her face! We still wanted dick and my friends think my brother is cute, so we invited him to join us. I can’t wait to tell you how amazing my brother’s hard dick felt in my hot, little pussy and how hot is was licking his cum out of my bestie’s cunt!

PoPo GloHo Toilet Sex

Toilet sex


My hot hookers all know that if your whore holes are out of commision for any reason but you still want to make a few bucks, then you have to spend a little time toilet sex blowjobs in the PoPo GloHo.  Yep, my porta-potty gloryhole was one of the best investments I ever made, not just for me, for all of us cash hungry cum guzzlers!

Should a prostitute have to put her paycheck on hold just because her pussy is so swollen from the previous night’s work?  If one of my creamfilled callgirls comes down with the clap really bad or contracts a particularly staunch strain of syphilis that just won’t go away, should she have to worry about feeding her family until she’s better?  No way!  I have a great option for my gaped out girlies who aren’t trying to work the beat or have pus covered pussies that are too sticky for a roll around in the sheets.  That’s right, the PoPo GloHo.

It gets a lot of action, I put it in the park behind the dumpsters right across the fence from the truck stop.  It’s basically my own personal 24 hour blowjob station with a constantly rotating staff of cock snot sucking sluts whose cunts you may or may not want to risk ramming your rod into.  Make no mistake, just like all of my sexy services, my porta-hole is provided on a “Fuck at your own risk” basis.  You’ll probably be fine, though.

You need a quick long dong lube job, 30 bucks and a bit of throwing caution to the wind is all you need.  Just hop the fence at the Lovelies Travel Plaza off of exit 89 and you can get all the sucking you want.  Don’t hit me up with complaints, though.  You get what you get at a gloryhole, just sometimes load blowing comes with an STI.  You won’t mind, I have the best big dick sucker sluts ever who can’t wait to show you how they can make their tongues work.  All you gotta do is come on down to, say it with me… Caroline’s PoPo GloHo!


Cum Filled Cunt in the Club Because I am a BBC Whore for Life

cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt was more full than usual last night. It was girls’ night at this urban club me and my black cock whore friends frequent. That just meant we got free admission and half off drinks. And to me and my gal pals it meant all the big black cock we could want. I think I blew and fucked every brother in the place. My girlfriends helped, but I was the main whore. My skinny blonde ass attracts all the beefcake brothers with Stallion cocks. It is a thing. Big burly black men love the idea of fucking skinny blonde bitches. Now, I know they think they can split me in two, but I am built sturdy. I am a gangbang whore. Those brothers flocked to me like fat brats to candy. I was the queen of the BBC last night. I danced. I drank and I fucked every black man in the place. I am no lady, but I am a dirty whore and I polished big black knobs. I got fucked in the VIP room and even the bathrooms. I do not have any class and zero limits. A bunch of brothers ran a train on me in this VIP room. There were all kinds of black men in there. Some pro athletes, some businessmen and a few college boys. They all wanted some of the skinny blonde whore who was spreading her legs for big black dicks. I was walking funny when we left the club. Cum was pouring down my legs. One of my girlfriends drove and she made me sit on a towel, so I did not stain her seats, LOL. My daughter was waiting for me when I got home. She was happy to see her cum dumpster momma. She cleaned me up as I told her all about the big black cocks I got at the club.


Anal sex whore makes everything filthy

Anal sex whoreI am an Anal sex whore who makes everything filthy! I love to be your dirty little whore. The one you can rely on to be filthy with. You shove your tongue deep inside my shit filled ass. The way you ram your face deeper I know you just want a taste of this shit.  I will let loose for you and fulfill your needs. I will push out a nice warm juicy log for you to eat. I want to hear you moan at the taste. Beg me for more to cover your chest. I will push it out for you baby! I do so Your wish is my command.

 I love the way it looks sliding slow down your body. I can’t help but rub it in, smearing it along your chest, stomach, and cock. I am gripping your twitching cock and start to jerk. This shit is the only lubrication we need. I know you like the way it feels; coating you just enough for me to have something to clean off. I wrap my massive tits around your shaft and jerking you just right! You know you love to fuck my titties baby!

I am nothing but a dirty whore. Use me like the dirty toilet slut I am! All this shit is making me thirsty. Besides sexy baby I’m looking pretty dirty. Give me a golden shower and clean this dirty whore. Then let me take you in my mouth and drink it straight from the tap. Yes, I’m dirty baby and I like it like that.

Face fuck me baby make me drink every drop. Then use this pretty little dirty mouth to milk your cock. I’m nothing but a cum dumpster. I am the dirtiest kind of whore. As a matter of fact, I really want more. shove that shitty cock deep in my cunt. that’s all I was made for, to jerk and clean your cock. This dirty slut is yours baby, don’t even act like you are shocked.

Secret stash of coke

sloppy wet pussy

My stepdad loves coke so much. Since I got into doing lines of blow, I’ve gotten addicted. I will tell you that I am spending recklessly and have gotten away with stealing some of my mom’s money. My dealer was out of town one weekend, so I needed coke severely. The mollies weren’t doing it for me. I know how crazy molly is with such a fucking vibe, but I wanted some angel dust. The numbing effect was what I was chasing. I went into my stepdad’s stash and did some blow. I got so fucking horny that I began to rub my sloppy wet pussy and had no idea he was behind me, jerking himself off to me. It was then that I knew that this fucker would be using me for his pleasure, so I made sure to use it from his stash.

Filthy Cock Sucker

Live Phone Sex


I went around my neighborhood again with one of my girl friends! We have been on a dick sucking binge recently with the need for their cum like we are vampires thirsting for blood! We started in the early evening with a thick, old man’s cock at least eight inches and we worked our way up from there. The next house was full of tens and elevens. Once it was dark we left our neighborhood for hers! Hers is so full of big black cocks and they were expecting us with cocks basically lined up their driveways and in circles! We got more than what we bargained for as we were fucking in a few gang bangs! I can’t wait for more!

Hookers for hire Tranny Girls

Many guys really love the idea of getting with a hot tranny. This is such a demand that many sexy shemale women are Hookers for hire. I for one used to be a sexy assed shemale escort. I did quite well, and still could. I have a few of my choice regulars that indulge in me in a big way.

Mind you I can not discuss those days too much, as I don’t want men to get the wrong idea. I will not meet up with you. Ever. Now, we have that cleared up, and we can get into fantasy play. I have a very rather lover that has flown me all over to hang out with him on his trips away from home. He is a family man with a happy marriage. Ha ha ha… money and ignorance is a good mix for some women to not have a clue of things.

Hell she is kept well. He is not interested in her sexually. He enjoys his chosen few shemale companions. I have been one of his for many years now. He spoils and pays for my time and why I was off for a couple of weeks. I was off enjoying some Sun and pleasure.

We had some of the best anal fucking fun together. If you love to entice in a filthy behind the scenes and classy in front kind of She cock femme fatale then we need to play!

Hookers for hire

Anal Sex Whore Is A Big Dick Sucker For Her Neighbor

I became my neighbors Anal sex whore. I wanted to be high and as a trailer trash whore, I know who has all the drugs around. I was lucky to have my neighbor have the best blow. I was fine being a big dick sucker if it meant I would have all the blow I needed for the night. It was easy to get his cock hard and I put it deep into my mouth. I sucked it hard and fast making sure I would get all his nut out. But he stopped me and told me his shit is the best and he didn’t want just his dick sucked. He wanted to fuck me in my ass, I’m used to it because I have a nice round ass, but it was already sore from a pounding I had earlier. I was made into and Anal cum dumpster already.

Anal sex whore

But I do anything to get high, so I rubbed some of his blow on my asshole and spread my ass cheeks for him. He quickly pushed his big cock up inside my asshole and used my ass like a glory hole. He just pounded at my ass and used it before he fingered my cunt. It felt like he was trying to feel how deep he was in my asshole. It was easy to be his Anal sex whore cum dumpster all night. The next morning my ass was so sor4e and gappy, it was well worth it