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Creampie slut He calls me Crystal, that’s because all I do is smoke crank! I met him back at the Marriott, ya he’s pretty fancy.. He knows to hang out with a hot druggy whore like me he’s going to have to pay up. He always brings a nice new sexy outfit for me to change into and a pair of high heel platform leather thigh high mules.

I make him get down on his knees and pant while teasing him with a warmed meth pipe.. Haha, it’s so cute to see him beg for his own supply. We watched Hardcore orgy porn, and I fucked myself with his glass bulb. He whimpered because he couldn’t wait to take a hit after I got it all creamy and sticky!

Of course, I wasn’t going to make it easy for him. I had him down on his knees shining my boots with his saliva. I even tied his hands behind his back with my g string and made him waddle on his knees across the room to fetch the pipe. He sure wasn’t getting a piece of ass out of me right away after humiliating himself like that.

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He certainly did earn it! 

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trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore craves big black cock. I went to bed with a black man I picked up at a nightclub last night. I was dressed in my best micro mini club dress and high heels. My big tits were on display. It was an urban club. I was there to get big black cock. Any white girl in this club is there to get some black dick or score drugs. Everyone knows it too, so when I walked in looking fine, the black men fought over me. I had my pick of the liter. Jamal was who I took home. Half my age with a huge black cock. Black men love stacked blonde fucking whores like me. I wanted them all, but I will have to pace myself. Jamal was more than a mouthful too. I have learned that if your big black cock can slide between my big tits into my mouth, you have a big cock. My tits are big, so they require a big cock to titty fuck. Jamal’s young cock went right through my boobs and into my mouth with enough cock to still gag me left. Yeah, I picked the right stud. Jamal was not sure I could handle him, but I am a seasoned old BBC whore. Not my first rodeo, LOL. He still did not believe me, but once we started fucking he realized he was with a pro. No crying. No screaming. No statements from me like, “Oh, no, that is too big for my pussy.” I do not think I have ever said that, LOL. The bigger the better for this trashy milf. I love big black cock. Jamal found out he has been fucking the wrong kind of women after fucking me because I took him balls deep and begged for more. I think I will go back to that club tonight and see who else I can find to fuck the shit out of me.

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If you may have noticed I have been missing in action for a couple of weeks. I went to dose up on vitamin BBC sex stories and some beach time. Enjoying the sea and sand I was soon in for a real big surprise. As it were the beach had these fresh off the boat BBC’s roaming about.

I am the sexy crack wore one was calling me a sexy Banana. That made me laugh and he didn’t know very much more English and laughed and continued to say it. I found it sweet and showed him my cunt. I spread my legs as I was already topless. This guys banana was big and boy was he getting hard for some white pussy.

I went with him and a couple of other guys and the four of us did some blow and they too what they needed from me. I gladly gave it up spreading my legs and letting those big island niggers fuck my crack whore pussy, ass and mouth.

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Big dick sucker Megan needs your cock now. I am so fucking horny tonight, and I need that hard fucking cock inside of my tight cunt. All of my fuckholes need to be gangbanged and abused by your friend’s cocks including yours. I love to be banged by multiple men inside of my asshole, pussyhole, mouth, and hands! Let me stroke your cocks with both hands while your friend pounds my asshole from behind and I sit on your dick with my wet and tight pussy. Can’t forget about the hard and big cock inside of my mouth! Hehe! I love being your stupid little Cum dumpster fuck doll to be used up every day and came inside of in every fuckhole that I have!

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Hey baby! Are you super horney and ready to get nasty with a freaky slut? Because I’m horny as fuck and ready for you to fill my cum dumpster cunt! I could even have my cuck slut boyfriend over here, ready to clean that shit up after you fuck me. I haven’t had a real man inside of me in so long. I just want to feel your dick throbbing while you fuck the shit out of me. Bend me over and gently pull my hair while you plow into my cum dump cunnie over and over, releasing that steamy, hot load deep into my fuck hole. I know that you’ve been holding onto that load for too long and now it’s time to pump it deep into this dirty, little slut’s pussy!

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big dick suckerI have the reputation in my trailer park as the big dick sucker. Men of all ages and races know if they have a cock too big for most women, it is likely not too big for me. I have yet to meet a cock I could not swallow. Now, I have struggled with some of the black cocks in my life. I mean some of those cocks are over a foot long, and coke bottle thick too. I love hearing things like I was the only one who could swallow their loads. Or I was the only one who could take their cocks balls deep. When James showed up at my door last night, I was not prepared for how big his cock was. I looked at him and all I saw was a young teen black boy. I know black cocks get to be huge most times, but this boy was too young for a monster cock yet. Or so this trashy milf thought. James had a foot long King Kong dong in his pants. My guess at his age, he will grow a few more inches too. He told me he can get a girlfriend because they are all afraid of his cock. He was in the right place. He was not lying. He had a beast of a black cock. I was horny for it too. I knew I could take it in my pussy. But my mouth and my ass, I was not so sure of because it was a big as my forearm. I did suck his cock. He crowned me the winner of the cock sucking queens too because I got him almost all the way down my mouth. Not balls deep, but I got ten of his 12 inches down my throat. He came so much too. Good thing I am a big cock sucker and cum guzzling slut. He would have ruined some teen girl and made her puke on his dick.

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On Saturday night I got anally gaped and forced to take twelve thick cocks in one night! I thought I was in for a quiet Saturday night back at my apartment when I ran out of meth. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t checked my stash! I called my dealer up and he told me I could come by, I dashed over as fast as I could in my stripper clothes still. When I arrived, it looked like there was a party going on, so much smoke and loud music, when I looked around, I happened to notice the house was full of guys. My cunt throbbed as I walked back to my dealer’s den, he smiled seeing me in my work clothes, I could tell he was hard already. I told him what I wanted and he told me he had enough cash for the night, what he really needed was some ass to make the party jump. Next thing I knew I was taking a hit from his bowl and getting on my knees to suck his cock, the room was filling with more guys. I couldn’t stop once I got started, they worked my pussy over getting me nice and wet before they fucked me and stretched my ass to the limit. My dealer kept feeding me hits and I couldn’t stop letting them plunge their dicks right up my shit pipe. I was gaping by the time I took the 5th load of cum in my ass, then they used all that cum to force two cocks in at the same time. I was totally screaming in agony but my cunt was squirting violently.Freaky Phone Sex


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Creampie slutHaving a pussy gets you a shit ton of Money and drugs! I am always lucky enough to hook up with a guy who’s got drugs so I can snort lines off his dick and drain his wallet. Most women are afraid to fuck the intoxicated.. But, I see it as a perfect opportunity!

A vulnerable man who’s high out of his fucking mind makes for a perfect pay piggy! Me sitting across from you rubbing all over my young breedable cunt while you blow thick clouds of smoke…

What’s better than that?

Come put hills of cocaine on my hard nipples and snort it off. You can have me however you want.

Yes, I know the more high you get the less likely your cock will be hard.. That’s what excites me the most. Knowing I will have you limp dick in my mouth while you are getting numb.

You didn’t exactly invite me over to drain your dick anyway.. You just wanted a trophy chick to talk dirty while describing her waxed cunt..

Anything to make you feel like the man… I’ll be sure to be wearing my high heel stripper platform mules, completely naked. You know where to find me on the The fornication station with my legs spread. A place where you can find all the hottest Hookers for hire on the internet. Nothings better than Druggy phone sex. I bet you can use a young hormonal slut that’s down for anything!?

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When a guy orders up a bunch of bitches to fuck him reverse gangbang whore style, it’s basically an excuse for all of us trailer park sluts to get out and party with each other.  It’s like a paid working vacation, especially if he rents our rotten holes to escort him around for a couple of days.  There’s not a better way for a whore to earn her money than by ganging up on a guy with her prostitute pals and using his dick however, wherever and whenever they want.

One of my clients wanted me and four of my freakiest foxes to hang all over him and make him feel like some sort of high rolling whore hound for the weekend.  He figured maybe it would get him more attention from regular women.  Me and my skanky scags usually have to stroke egos just as much as we have to stroke cocks, teaming up and doing it together to help a client is no sweat.  With five fun fuck loving sperm suckers at his beck and call, we kept him more than occupied for the entire time he had us.

He wanted to go to the club and show us off to all of the bitches there who don’t usually give him the time of day.  We knew exactly how to handle it and had him stripped out of his clothes before the third bottle of champagne showed up.  With five hot chicks hanging off of his rock hard rod, the other girls in the place couldn’t help but to take notice of his extra nice package.  We took turns jerking and blowing him until a couple of the random club girls came over and joined in on the fun.

See what I mean?  Once the regular girls took notice of our trick, we were nothing more than five sexy prostitutes who were paid to watch some people fuck in a night club.  Of course we had an after party at his place and several other slutty club chicks hung out for the entire weekend with us.  Sure, we had to let him bang us as much as he wanted but it wasn’t that much considering all of the other slits he had at his fingertips.  All of us made sure he got plenty of pussy and we got plenty of prick!  He hatched a pretty good plan, not gonna lie.  Happy he used me and my cum chugging crew to help him get it done!


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I’m a nasty slut who will let anyone do anything to me for money. I especially love having my pussy stretched out by black cock after cock. One time, I had a bunch of black guys as my clients. One of them had a birthday party and wanted me to be the present. I got down and sucked hard on his dick, slurping all over it. A good cock like this deserves to be pleasured all the time. I worship his big cock, telling him how much I love it and wish I could suck on it forever. He throws a stack of money and tells me that I will. His friends unzip their pants and push their cocks into my face. I suck and choke on as many cocks as I can, taking two cocks in my mouth at a time. The rest of his friends don’t want to wait to shove their cocks down my throat and fuck my ass and pussy. My ass and pussy are filled with so much cum that the juices from my ass drip into my pussy. I love being a whore for black cock.