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Anal Cum Dumpster Lot Lizard

CAnal Sex Whore

Getting my tight little asshole stretched out so that I can get rammed like a fucking whore by a huge black cock is what I call a typical Monday night. I finish up my shift at the diner, and slip into something sluttier for my prostitution promenade. It’s a wonder I’m not epileptic from the way some of these horny assholes flash their truck lights at me, desperate for the touch of a woman.
It’s hard on the road; you know and I know. I’m content by the blow they offer. It helps take the edge off from the intense fucking ‘m about to receive. I know the type; strong hips, dangerous blue eyes, and thick palms. These behemoths get off on slamming those huge trouser snakes into my fucking shit box.
I’ll take multiple loads in my ass every night, guaranteeing that I love the sloppy fucking anal I get as a lot lizard whore. I like to feel that steamy fucking cum drip from my fuck hole as I hop from one cab to another. Even with all these dicks I’m taking, I stay some sort of tight. Each and every cock gets to stretch me, and fuck me until their balls can’t take it and they explode. Horny? What are you doing tonight?


Fucking His Face

dirty phone sexWent to a rave last week. I know I know…………. I shouldn’t go because of the COVID thing but my pussy was drying up baby. I needed to juice it up and what better way that a room full of horny people. Some drinks, some pills, some pot and lots and lots of loud music. I saw a hot dude across the way and decided that he would be the one to jump start my pussy. I wrapped my arms around him and said, “fuck me”. He smiled and grabbed my hand leading me to the basement. As people partied around us, I undressed to my heels and got between his legs and blew him. Deep and hard and fast. His nut juice filled my mouth, and I swallowed every last drop. My pussy was feeling it now and I climbed up and straddled his face, grinding my cunt against his mouth. Using his nose like a credit card as I rubbed my slit up and down him. I didn’t stop until he was covered in my pussy juice. Then I licked his mouth clean and climbed on his hard dick. As I fucked him, I noticed a light shining on us and heard someone say smile you are on Instagram live. I just laughed told them to tag me and direct them to my only fans page. Then continued putting on a hot ass show for them as I got my pussy filled.

A Cum Dumpster At Your Beck and Call

cum dumpster

There are a lot of things in this world I’m not good at, but there’s one thing I know I’m good at more than anything else in the world – being a cum dumpster. All of the guys down at the truck stop always know that I’m the girl who will let them shoot their loads wherever they want. In me, on me, down my throat… sometimes all three of those at the same time. Gang bangs at the truck stop are way more frequent than you might think. Sometimes men don’t have time to waste when they have a haul to get somewhere. They need to stick their dick in a hole right now!

On Halloween last week, we had an epic gang bang. It had been planned for a while and it was amazing. I lost count at 15 dicks, but I know that that number is very conservative. I just got too caught up in the moment to keep counting dicks. The next day, I had to ice my pussy and drink hot tea to get my throat to stop hurting. That’s what I call a sign of a really good time. I’d love to tell you all about it the next time you call me!

Trashy Milf Fucks Locker room Teens

Trashy MilFThe best part of being a trashy milf is the young cock. I said it, I have fucked it and will say and fuck it again! At football tryouts for My son I spied teen cock. I saw the locker rooms were wide open and I had an itch to scratch. I left my son talking to a salt and pepper haired coach, I would be back for his big dick later. I was on a mission. I hadn’t fucked my son in three days because I wanted him to get on the football team. I was hungry for prime hard young dick. I found a couple of the Varsity players hanging around as the younger brats tried out. I went for broke. My top came off and I loudly asked if I had a nice rack. Both of these boys looked flabbergasted and very randy. I said you can come look and even touch. The bravest wasted no time and came and got him a tit hanfull and mouth full. I love how cocky these young men are. I had two on me in a few minutes loving my big fake tits. When I said it was time for show and tell, they both pulled out achingly hard cocks that I had no problem in sucking off. I wasn’t happy just blowing them, I spread my ass and flipped my skirt up, “Come and take it boys!” I had lost track of time and when I was just about to get the second boys cum load, I looked up. There stood the coach from earlier and all the younger ones.
“I Made the team mom..” well Fuck!
Oh, well that’s just how it goes down for a trashy mom like me!
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I Love Being and Looking Like a Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI love looking like a cum dumpster. Cum on my face is a badge of honor. Last night, I was wearing my son’s cum all over my face proudly. He came over to drink and get high with his favorite whore who is also his mamma. I am always excited when he comes to visit me. He brought over a couple friends too. I think they were on edge with this election like lots of folks. Me? Neither guy knows my name. Neither guy will do much for me, so I do not really care who gets the job. Younger people seem more vested. Head from an old cock sucking whore is always a good way to release some stress. When have you ever felt stressed after head? You feel euphoric not pissed off. I sat on the couch naked. My legs firmly on the ground but spread wide to show off my fuck holes. I entertained three cocks in my mouth at once. Not hard for a big dick sucker like me. My son has a decent sized cock, but it is no big black cock. All three cocks in my mouth at once felt like one big anaconda down my throat. Balls on chin. Cum oozing from the corners of my mouth. If you saw my throat you would have thought I swallowed a boa constrictor. Seriously, having three above average cocks in my mouth at once was like having one huge black cock. These boys were stressed and horny, so I got skull fucked. I was gagging and slobbering on these dicks. I loved it. I love rough sex. Rough oral, rough anal, gang bangs… I am a dirty old whore who knows how to fuck. By the time the boys had drained their dicks a few times over, I was covered in cum. Pretty fun Saturday night in the trailer park.

Covered In Coke And Cum


Gangbang WhoreLast night was a goddamn gangbang grenade. Cocks exploding in every direction, their hot loads caressing my body and searing my skin. I downed my favorite vodka, and had some intense drunk girl fucking. I don’t get white girl wasted, because I’m a whore every damn day of the week. As I was staggering home from the bar, I noticed two big, beefy men standing on the corner eyeing me up like I was Thanksgiving supper.
They pounced on me, Tom cats on a lonely mouse. I wasn’t frightened, but soaking fucking wet! Somehow, without saying a word, I was coaxed into their vehicle. I had to sit on a lap because every seat was full just like how all my fuck holes would soon be not only full, but stretched, used, and dripping with more cum than I could have ever imagined.
The sexiest of them all was a big fucking boy, with a big fucking cock. Rock hard, and dripping, I knew he wanted me the second he pulled it out. We played a special game of Chinese fire drill; they changed seats, so I was constantly riding a cock, and sucking off the driver as they bolted down the highway doing a hundred miles per hours or more. Weaving in and out of traffic, they passed around a blunt and did some lines off my fat fucking titties. We were high as fuck, and by the time they pulled under the old train tress down by the river, two of my toys had already almost cum down my throat.
They ripped me from the car like animals. Give me a ring, and I’ll tell you the rest of my tantalizing tramp tale.

Cum Filled Cunt

Party Sexline

sexlineWhen you call my sexline, we can talk about anything. We can party too. Friday was a busy night on and off the phone. My daughters had a gang bang. I was trying to get them dressed like little Lolitas. I was trying to do some lines to fuel me for a Friday night marathon. The phones were ringing. My sons were horny, and my daughters were needy. They wanted my make-up and my lingerie. Eventually, daddy got them out of the house, and it was me, three horny boys, my callers and a big bowl of coke. It was only about 9 PM and the phones had slowed down a bit. I was coked up and my boys were horny. I was buzzed, so I thought why not blow my boys. Get the party started. Of course, I got a call mid blow. Teen boys do not understand that some random stranger on the phone gets to cum before they do. I paused them for my caller, but my sons did not want to be paused. They started pushing their cocks in my mouth while on a call. I was too fucked up to fight them. My caller was getting off thinking I was blowing my husband for him. My boys were cumming and I was trying to muffle their voices, so my caller did not realize there was more than one cock I was blowing. My caller was partying too. He did not seem to realize I was getting skull fucked by three horny boys. In fact, he did not believe I was even sucking on my husband’s cock. This caller does not even believe I am married because he thinks no husband would let his wife do live phone sex. I laughed so hard because my husband loves pimping me out on and off the phone. This is the modern world guys. Women are not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. We are talking dirty, doing lines and being whores.

Stripper Sex Stories: Hammered

That old man really had some power in his drive. The way he pounded that pole in my fucking grass was amazing. He was like a god damned jackhammer pounding me. Long slow but firm and hard thrusts of that big girthy cock of his. The dude was in his 50’s and I usually get them a lot younger. He may be closer to my age than usual but when they say a man with experience is better than the young and hung type, they are so right! I’m a filthy BBC whore and this average but strong build guy really surprised me. I love the way he fucked me and filled all of my holes. As a trashy stripper whore that can go for hours, I have to say it said something the way he wore me out! We got so hot and heavy I was needing a fucking cigarette in the first 20 mins and 2 orgasms in!

Stripper Sex Stories

We had the best time

live phone sexI went over to my friend’s house and we had the best time! He is this really big guy with a huge dick to match so I love going over there. He fucks me in ways that other men just can’t, yanno? Well,my friend didn’t believe me when I told her how big his cock was so I had to bring her there to see it for herself. Boy was she ever surprised! She couldn’t wait to gobble up that dick and honestly? Same here. We both got down on our knees and sucked that massive cock until we were both gagging and choking and all that did was make us wetter. In the end we were begging him to fuck us with that huge dick, I’ve never been stretched out like that with anyone else ever. I can’t even tell you how many times he made me cum it was just the best dick ever!

Serving Tranny Ass

You are curious about Tranny phone sex. It’s domination you crave. Most of the time you just get a sexy babe with a strap-on to fuck you. This makes you feel less like a fag. You’re a filthy cock slave though. I know how you salivate when you see those rock hard cocks dripping with pre-cum. You crave to fee a real dick in your mouth. The constant fixation when you masturbate. It’s cock. Fleshy, throbbing hard cock. It’s what you crave. You start exploring and playing with your ass. You just really want to eat a tranny Doms ass out so much you would eat out your girlfriends ass after you watched her take a big tranny dick. I love to fuck you and your girlfriend. The idea of the two of you sharing my tranny dick while we all party is extremely inviting for this tranny whore. I’m a party girl and I love to get high, stroke my cock and watch filthy porn. Just like you. But my tits are real and so is this nearly nine inches of fully functional tranny dick.

Tranny Phone Sex

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