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Trailer Trash Whore Beverly

trailer trash whoreI was born and raised a trailer trash whore. I feel badly for the Midwest folks buried under ice and snow. It is sunny and in the 60s here in Florida. That is too cold for me on the beach, but not too cold for me to hang out at the truck stop picking up men. Early this morning, I realized I was out of coke. I went through more than I expected in a few days partying. I needed more and I get all I need and some dick too down at the truck stop. Those other lot lizard skanks have nothing on me even though they are way younger. I found a trucker traveling with his young son. I asked him if he wanted to party. He asked me if I was Beverly. I had never seen this guy before, but he knew about my reputation. He said he had some coke and weed that was all mine if I did him a favor. I thought maybe he was going to ask if he could fuck my ass or cum on my face. Those are popular requests from the married truckers. He wanted me to fuck his son. He wanted me to make him a man. Hell, yes I said as I climbed into the truck. I started sucking his son’s young cock. I think my lips were on his dick 30 seconds before he spooged in my face. He is young. I got him hard again. His daddy was masturbating watching me ride his son’s hard dick. I rode him like a bull too. I told daddy to get in on the fun. I sucked daddy’s dick and rode junior’s cock with my tittles bouncing about. I would have done this for free so the coke was just bonus for this trashy milf.

Golden Showers Phone Sex at the Truck Stop

golden showers phone sex

I was down at the truck stop the other day fucking some random trucker I’d never met before and when he was done fucking my cunt, he asked me if I felt like getting extra dirty. You know I always say yes to a question like that, so I asked what he was thinking. He told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. I figured he was just going to tell me to suck his dick and get him hard so he could fuck me again, but that’s not what happened at all!! He started pissing in my mouth.

Other guys had been watching us, like always, and before I knew it there were other guys coming over and just pissing all over me. Some went down my throat, some went on my face, and the rest just went all over me. I was drenched in the piss of at least five different men and it made me so horny. I just grabbed a cock and started sucking it and another one slid right into me from behind. I’d love to talk about this and maybe even your experiences, so call me for golden showers phone sex.

Trailer Trash Whore Loves The BBC

My slumlord got a real taste of the good life as his sissy ass needed. I’m a Trailer trash whore that takes no shit and that goes especially for that piece of shit cock whore. I had his ass owned. He just failed to understand that my junky ways of the past has made some good mother fucking connections. That’s right I got word that an ex dealer of mine was around and he was fresh out of the slammer. I knew what he needed. I had a sweet young blonde for him and my sexy ass body also. He loved fucking me. Fuck he still does and he turned his nose up at the little bimbo. He wanted nothing to do with her. I knew that would be the case. He wanted a fucking white bitch sissy to own. I texted that fuck lord and made the bitch clean big daddy’s fat black cock off after he has been pounding the best piece of pussy he has had in a decade. But he needed that man cunt. He needed to take his aggressions out. I sat back and watched him own that piece of shit and boy did he get rough. That p daddy sissy bitch slum lord was all over the bait bitch. That jailbait was sweet and fresh meat on the scene. I filmed every bit of it. He is letting this months rent slide for sure!

Trailer Trash Whore

sex with friends

Anal Cum Dumpster I’ve been a little slut for as long as I can remember! When I was younger I had a bunch of fuck buddies . I use to go over to the main ones house and then he would call all of his friends over . I love having four cocks up my pussy and a thick one is my ass . I swear to you I can feel both of them sliding hitting against one another . They would fuck me so good I had drool hanging from my mouth and was just begging for a nice big fucking load when another two men fucked started fucking my mouth at the same time . And they where big fucking cocks to . Man you should have heard it !! You could hear all of there cum swishing around inside of me and the nice wet pussy sound . It sounded just like mac n cheese ! And the entire time you could hear me gagging on those fucking cocks! 

A Valentine’s Date With You

dirty phone sexYou know what I want for Valentine’s Day baby? A cum filled cunt. Think you might be able to help this whore out? So, let me go ahead and plan our date out. First, I must make an appointment to get a wax. I want it all off. My cunt will be so smooth, and my ass will give easy access to your beast of a cock. A little sexy lingerie, dress and matching heels and I will be ready to go. Pick me up with flowers and take me to a nice restaurant. You know the ones with linen tablecloths. The ones that hang down so I can pull your cock from your pants and stroke you under the table. Every so often leaning into you and licking the precum from your mushroom head. Where you can stick your hand up my dress and finger my soft smooth cunt until you feel my juices flow on your fingers. Then put them in my mouth and let me suck off my cum. Next it is time to go to that nice hotel room you booked for us. I walk in to find flowers on the bed and chilled champagne waiting and some toys. I slip out of my dress and you drop your pants as I unbutton your shirt. I kiss your chest as you grab my tits firmly. You push me to the floor, and I open my mouth. Kissing your thighs and sucking on your balls before deep throating you. You fill my mouth with your warm cum and lift me, taking me in to a passionate kiss. You taste your cum on my tongue and guide me to the bed. Removing my clothes, you lay me on my back and spread my legs. Now baby, it is time to pick up that phone and continue this roleplay with some dirty phone sex. I will be waiting.

Snowed In

I got snowed in with my neighbor, he came over to help with somethings and I wanted to thank him with dinner but we had a huge snow storm and got stuck in. I was excited about it because I knew I turned him on every time he saw me, he would get a hard-on I could see the big print on his pants. I came out of my room naked, I apologized and told him since we are stuck in, we should get comfortable. I right away started taking his pants off. My cunt was already wet and dripping. I started sucking the head of his hard cock it was so big I had to open wide. I liked the precum while playing with his balls, I went deeper and deeper picturing it sliding in my wet pussy. He pulled my head up and bent me over, sliding his tongue in my ass the more I moan the harder he licked. Then I felt it his big cock head poking at my asshole, I knew what was coming next and before I could get ready, he shoved his fat cock in my ass, as he fucked my ass hard opening it up, he spanked me and called me his filthy slut told me how he will be filling my ass whenever he wants before I knew it, he bit me on my back grunted out loud filling my ass up with spurts of hot cum!  


Anal sex whore

Stripper Ignores Restrictions For Big Dick

Stripper sex storiesMy club has finally started allowing private dances again which is bringing back in some of my familiar regulars. The only downfall is due to restrictions we aren’t suppose to touch or remove our mask. This isn’t normally a problem as a lot of these guys coming in haven’t exactly been appealing down below. That was until big dick Joe graced my private room this afternoon. He knew what he wanted, walking in, sitting down, and immediately taking out his fat dick. Making it hard and standing at an impressive twelve inch with a juicy fat girth. “Bitch suck it” he spat, throwing a wad of cash in my direction. I’m certainly not a dumb slut, getting on my knees using my mouth for what it’s really good for. Tongue sliding up, down, getting his fat dick nice and wet. No complaint when he grabs a bunch of my hair and forces me down onto it. Shoving his fat cock down my throat, feeling faint with the restriction to my air flow. Turned on by the stretching in my throat, feeling the throbbing of his cock. Knowing he is about to bust “Get ready blonde bitch” he grunts pulling me off just enough so he can watch his head shoot into my mouth. The cum fills my mouth, a bit overflows and dribbles down my chin. “Bitch swallow” he demands intensely watching for his request to be fulfilled before getting up and leaving me on my knees. The taste of his cum and cock was all I tasted for the rest of the night.

Drunk Girl fucking In the men’s room

drunk girl fucking It was a drunk girl fucking in the mens room kind of night! Tequila always makes my clothes fall off and as a stripper working tequila can be my best friend. I had hopped a rig and was a long way from home. This college town had a few dive bars and a club. I figured I could score at one or the two. And make some cash to get my ass back across state lines. Florida will always have the best cock and coke! I need to get back! Well I was quickly spotted by this talk biker looking guy. He looked like he was partying and he had money to get the things he wanted. He wanted me as he began to buy me shot after shot! After a filthy grind session on the dance floor my pussy was dripping for that hard cock under his jeans. It was a fatty for sure! I was so drunk I don’t know how I ended up on my knees gulping his dick on the dirty bathroom floor. Money was stuffed between my tits with a baggie of coke! My skirt was hiked up and my panties pulled down as I played with my cunt and sucked him off until I vomited all over his cock and shoes. He was a gentleman about it and had me eat it all up and lick him and his shoes clean!
gangbang whore

pie and pizza

Icreampie slutI couldn’t pay to have my food delivered so I just had sex with him instead . I opened up the door with almost nothing on . I invited him in , pushed him up against the door , and started sucking his dick right then and there . I am such a whore for cock who could resist a free pizza and sex . His gigantic cock could barely fit in my mouth . But I toke it like a champ ! I shoved that mother fucker all the way down my throat and looked up at him while I was gagging on it . He really liked that and shoved me on the ground and I could feel his meaty slung  all the way inside of my belly . Every single thrust honestly took my breath away . Nothing turns me on as much as some good fucking cock . I dug my nails in his back and begged for more . All I fucking want is a good cream pie with my pizza .

Big Dick Sucker Whore

big dick suckerIf you are a big dick sucker, you must be a cum guzzler too. I have noticed that the biggest cum shots come from the biggest cocks. I picked up this white boy at the beach yesterday. College stud. Some sort of frat guy. He had his letters on his T-shirt. He looked preppy and rich. He has hitting on me as I walked on the beach. He was asking me how much and I think I had a blonde moment. It went over my head at first then it hit me. He thought I was a hooker. I did not need the money, but I can hustle when I want. We negotiated a price. For a couple hours, I joined the ranks with other hot older hookers for hire. He paid me well for head. I told him I was down to fuck.  I wanted to fuck the young buck. I decided to drain his balls so fucking good he would beg for my pussy. My plan worked. He said no one has ever sucked his cock like that before. Like the old Stones song goes, I can make a dead man cum. I brought his lifeless dick back to life with a few licks and strokes. He got to fuck me for free. I pumped the young buck back to life just in time to nail my pussy and ass. He kept asking me if he was hurting me. He was big but I am a dirty old whore. I did not want to burst his bubble by telling him I have had bigger black dick. Again, I was slow to catch on that his ego was fragile. He wanted it to hurt, so I tossed in a few moans, and ouches. Even told him, I might walk funny for a few days. I will be fine, but if it makes that young frat boy feel better to hurt a trailer trash whore pussy like mine, then I will act like my old pussy can barely handle that rod.

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