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I Love BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex anyone? I am a verified card carrying member of the big black cock society. I can find black cocks anywhere too, even the pumpkin patch. My daughter is watching this little boy for the weekend, so we went to the pumpkin patch. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I wanted to get in the spirit early. I was attracting flies walking around in my cut off shorts. Guys were turning their heads to check out the old whore. I love attention. Wherever I go, I draw attention. I am not interested in most white guys, but any attention I get from the brothers is all right by me. Two black men were following us around. I just give off that black cock whore vibe. I am sure you know women who give that same vibe. Black men are not shy and they have no shame. They hit on anything that moves. There were two of them and my daughter and I. I invited them back to my trailer. Been a hot minute since my daughter and I shared some BBC. We put her little charge to bed and we entertained the troops. Now, I can handle two big black cocks all on my own. So can my girl. But it is more fun to share those big black cocks with a friend. They were impressed that we could swallow their balls deep. I am a big dick sucker. I trained my girl to be one too. We slurped on the cocks, then we were side by side getting pounded by them too. They fucked us in every position imaginable. When they pumped us full of nigger seed, we 69’d so we could swallow every last drop. We both love the taste of black cock spunk. They guys had never shared a mother and daughter. They had never seen a mother and daughter snowball their cum either. Best night at a pumpkin patch ever.

Submissive Mommy Whore

No taboo phone sex

I’m a whore mommy who is very submissive and playing with my young ones is part of my mommy hood. I love taking a bath with them and cleaning their little holes. I even let them join when my playmates come over. I love watching them use their little mouths on some big fat throbbing cocks. Especially when they try to swallow all the hot gooey cum and it spills over dripping down their favorite is when I see them bounce on your lap while your cock slides in and out their holes. It turns me on so much I want to join have them lick my cunt and asshole and finger my holes while I play with my clit until I cum hard. We won’t stop playing and using their little bodies until you are ready to explode. You can fill their little holes or spray them all over with your cum either way they will be licking up the mess.  

Sloppy wet pussy for you

sloppy wet pussy

The best thing about a freaky, little semen demon like me is the way I can take so many loads of sticky cum in my hot and sloppy wet pussy! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many fat, throbbing cocks have blasted a fat load into me today. I’ve been at it all day long and don’t plan on stopping until my pussy can’t take another drop. I started by stopping by my step daddy’s job and letting him and his assistant pound my dirty fuck holes. They each shot a load into my slutty pussy but that wasn’t enough. I spent the rest of the day hanging out at a bar and letting every guy in there bend me over in the bathroom. I took at least a dozen cum loads from different guys today, but I still want some more! I’m a dirty, little cum queen and I need another shot!


I’m A Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutThe life of a cum guzzling slut is not really a difficult one. I spend my days searching for cock, though most of the time they come to me. That’s the great part about working the street corner, is I never really have to worry about where my next hot fuck is coming from. Nasty client cock means hot meals, and fresh Blunts, and lines of party dust. Just the very thought of that makes my delicious cunt drip. Some people look down on me because I’m a proper prostitute, a hooker for hire, a woman of the night, though I prefer to just call myself a happy whore. I love this lifestyle, and no one can change my mind about it honestly. I get to keep my pockets lines, I get to stay high, and my pussy stays full of the most delicious cum on the planet. Is there really anything else that I need to be asking for? You’re real cute. How’s about you swing by after I get off, and I suck the living life out of your cock? Don’t even worry about it, this one’s on the house. You just look like you taste absolutely fucking delicious. Is it true? Do you taste like liquid gold? Either way I’m going to find out, because I intend to get a hot load of you somewhere in or on my body.

I Love BBC

Being a big black cock sucker has so many different perks! I can share with my girlfriends, I get as many as I want, and with more black cock, comes more huge loads to be swallowed and taken into every single one of my holes.     

When I see a big black cock I take it down my throat as fast as I can I lick all around the tip and suck until I can drain those big balls that he’s got hanging. I get down on my hands and knees every single time to spread my cheeks wide open for him to see the entrance of my tight shit hole just for him to take that dripping wet cock out of my mouth and the force fuck my ass as hard as he can! Once he leaves me dripping and soaked in his come leaking out of the ass hole I take my fingers and clean it all up sucking them off one by one. Give me your daddy cock and I’ll show you the best way a girl can suck it off! I’ll give you a show with this sexy body and goddess od a women who craves big black dicks inside of her
No Taboo Phone Sex

Big Dick Sucker

Big Dick Sucker

BDS is something that the truckers started calling me when they began learning about my skills. Big Dick Sucker Aurora has a nice ring, don’t you think? I fucking love sucking cock. It makes my sloppy pussy so wet thinking about making truckers erect. My favorite hobby is making their big, fat dicks stand at attention for me and then draining them of their hot sperm. Sometimes if I’m feeling nasty enough I’ll take several cocks at a time. It’s like a game for me and cum is the prize. I like to be worked like the hot little whore I am. Men are always satisfied when they spend time with me. I’ve learned what they like and how to move my mouth on their cocks as they slam themselves in and out of my mouth. I was getting railed by my favorite trucker last weekend when he pulled his meat out of my snatch and pissed all over my body. I rubbed it in and thanked him for his golden shower.

Live Phone Sex On Veterans Day

Live Phone Sex

I think it’s important that as a live phone sex slut who works the truck lot I appreciate my Veterans this veterans day. For that reason alone, Mommy Amara and her eight little sluts will be running a special down at the lot for any man or woman who’s served in the American military. I’m born and bred not only a patriotic slut but the true American whore and I’m going to raise my angels the same way! I got everyone all dressed to work which involved stockings, heels, garters, and matching lingerie for all my little girls. My boys I put in hot pants and work boots, something the men seemed to love.

We walked around the lot in a group. And I sent my little sluts into the cabs of veterans who deserved at least a free hand job. This is the true life of a live phone sex whore. I’m addicted to the thought of having a cock slide in and out of me, so making my sons and daughters jack off the veterans was of no problem to me. I sat around smoking a fat blunt and watching the cabs bounce as I realized hand jobs were turning into much more than that.

It was finally my turn when Captain Lipsen called me over to his cab. He was one of my long standing regulars and I knew just how horny his cock was. I climbed in his cab, flashing him my juicy wet Mommy cunt on the way up. “Hand jobs on the house today, Cap’t.” I gave him a toothy grin, and he whipped out his big old cock. I spit on my hand and started jerking him off the way I loved to during some live phone sex. The Captain was happy, and in the distance I heard my daughter screaming for me. I assumed that little bitch was getting a cock somewhere else. Maybe she should get better at hand jobs! I had my own vet squirting out his load in just a few minutes and I licked it up eagerly. My bitch also needed to learn that a good slut never wastes a hot load.

Live Phone Sex

BBC Phone Sex is What I Love

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is what I do best. I am a nigger loving whore and I mean that in a respectable way. I am not racist. Many white men are and when I am faced with that racist bullshit, I like to teach them a lesson. I was minding my own business yesterday. I went to the truck stop to pic up some black cock, when this white trucker called me a race traitor and a nigger lover. I let him know he was just upset that he had a small dick that women did not crave. Why would we? One of the black studs I was hitting on stood up and bitch slapped the white man into the next century. He picked him up like he was inconsequential and tossed him into the back of his cab. His other pal tied him up. I did not know this guy. He was just some angry white guy who could not handle the fact that I wanted some big black cock. As if I would pick a white boy over two black studs. I am a trailer trash whore, not a suburban soccer mom. I rode those black dicks in front of him. I would not have kidnapped the dude, but it was fun to help teach him a lesson. He was  some jealous man who likely cannot get any pussy. He thought he could race shame me into fucking him, I guess. Wrong. The joke was on him. His plan backfired. He had to watch me devour two big black cocks at once. He had to sit there unable to touch his worthless dick while I got pumped full of nigger seed. I have no problem with white boys watching me ride some big black cocks. It helps white boys understand just why I am a black cock whore.

Partying Needing To Get Gangbanged

Staying up and partying is one of the things that gets me excited and wet. I wanted to really get fucked so I messaged a few big dicks I know to come over for a gangbang. I am a gangbang whore and love getting all my holes filled up, so when partying I want to be pounded hard until I squirt. As my first fuck toy came in, I was already naked made his cock hard as a rock. I bent over and spread my ass cheeks for him so he can see how dripping my cunt was and can choose which hole he wanted to fuck.

Creampie sex stories

He played with my asshole and I knew to lower my ass on his cock. As I fucked him more and more men walked in and all my holes were finally getting fucked liked I wanted. I started getting my mouth full of gooey nut I kept getting fucked as I tried to swallow every drop but it spilled out dripping onto my tits. I felt my asshole and cunt being filled up and I was ready for more. Every time my holes got filled up it brought me closer to cumming, getting gangbang while high drives me crazy and then it happened, I squirted all over. 

Cum Glazed Like a Donut

Phone Sex Line

I was walking home from the truck stop, cum pouring in a river down my thighs. It was a beautiful morning, and the sun was starting to rise as a car pulled over and a lone man leaned over to talk to me. “Hey beautiful! You look like a glazed donut!” He laughed at me, flashing a couple hundreds. “Want a ride home, and some cream filling?” He called. I was in his car faster than I could blink, and he sped off down the road towards my home. “You like big cock baby?” He asked me, so I reached over to find out if he had something thick and throbbing for me.
Sure as fuck, I could feel you pulsing against my hand under your jeans. I rushed you through the house and into my room where you started stroking your cock in front of my face. “Face down, ass up little girl. Daddy’s going to give you some cream filling.”

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