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Love Playing With My Furry Friend

I’m too much of a slut to not let my furry friend lick and fuck me. I was giving him a bath and I saw his furry dick get hard he is not small by any means. So, I decided to touch it and stroke it and see what would happen. He started panting and sticking his tongue out, I decided to see what he would do with his tongue. I took my panties off and got on my back and spread my legs and right away he went to sniffing and locking my cunt. He has such a good rough wide tongue. He was able to lick my pussy and asshole up.

Furry friends phone sex

I needed my ass licked more so I got on all fours and spread my ass open and he right away licked it. I was so into it I didn’t realize he was mounting me until his paws were gripping my hips tight and his furry friend cock was slipping into my wet cunt. It must have felt so good he was howling and pumping my cunt I couldn’t help myself and play with my clit. As I was cumming I felt him grip me hard and start barking and filling me up with his gooey nut and when he was done, he licked me clean. I love playing with him now.  

horny teen slut

Blonde fucking



I love being filled with a cock in every hole! one dick is never enough for this teen slut. today I was at my boyfriend’s party he threw since his parents were out of town. nothing big just a guy’s night full of beer and drugs and of course I was the only girl there! I don’t remember much the first part was so boring! I almost left to get some cock from the neighbor but the beer I was drinking tasted weird and a few minutes went by and I blacked out. when I woke up all of my holes were so fucking sore and sticky and all the guys were passed out around me with their pants around their ankles! I searched through their phones trying to see what happened however I was already piecing it together, then I saw pics and videos of them slipping something in my beer and a cock in my ass was the next pic! what the fuck! fucking assholes drugged and fucked me.. I wish I was awake for it that is kind of hot.

Cheating slut loves to fuck her friends husband

big dick sucker

I was invited to my friend’s party, and her husband kept giving me a look. You know the one where you know the person is totally into you? Well, I wasn’t shy, and I played a little game of footsies under the dinner table. I gave him the green light by doing so and let him follow me into the bathroom. There were only a few minutes between us playing footsies and him ramming my cunt and making me the big dick sucker that I am. The house thankfully was filled with guests for the birthday party dinner.

I made my pussy well acquainted with the birthday girl’s husband, and it had me wet as can be. My pussy was squirting all my cum and his jizz. It was quite the scene. It is like we both knew what was up and went ahead and did what we wanted. We both caved in to the cravings, and I honestly love spontaneous whore encounters like this one. I have never met the man. I was only friends with his wife for a short period of time since we started working together, and now I am letting her husband pound me hard in her own house.

BBC Phone Sex Slut

BBC phone sex

Are there any BBC phone sex lovers out there? You know I love that big black cock and I get as much of it as I can down at the truck stop. Oh, speaking of the truck stop and big black cock, I have a story to tell you! One of the gas pumps broke down the other day and the guy who came to fix it was a chocolate dream come true. The minute I laid eyes on him I knew I needed his big black cock in my cunt! And you should know that I always get what I want.

So after he was done fixing the gas pump, I asked him if he wanted to come in and have a bite to eat. What I didn’t tell him is that we were going to be going to the secret room in the back of the truck stop for that bite. I told him to undo his pants and when I saw that giant cock flop out of his pants, I knew that I was going to have a majorly kinky afternoon. If you’re up for some big black cock fun, then you should get on the phone and call your favorite lot lizard!

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lot lizard sex


This morning, one of my little sissies was particularly well behaved. He wore the corset and the stockings
just like I told him to, and he knelt where I told him, repeating, “I’m a good little girl who obeys her
Queen.” His cock was so hard as he obeyed me, and I knew he deserved a reward. My sissy doesn’t need
a whimpering little kitty when he can have a lioness! I decided to invite a big black cock over to fuck my ass and fill it up with cum!
his little worthless eyes lit up thinking he was about to get to suck this massive cock instead I bent over by his face so he could smell this guy fucking my ass and cumming deep inside of it making cum drip down my leg! I told my little sissy to get busy cleaning up but don’t dare to cum without my permission and the answer will always be no!

Anal Cum Dumpster Bitch Boi Tom

When it comes to Bitch bois I have many. In fact I love to have my own personal anal cum dumpster for the day, and that’s Tom. He came upon me one night as I was really driving my tranny cock into his girlfriends pork tunnel. She was a bit of a porker and I was intrigued to pound that porker ass of hers. She was just another fag hag and her boyfriend was completely in the closet. At least that was the deal until he stumbled drunkenly in on the little tryst I was having with his faghag fat bitch of a whore. She was doggy style and I was ramming my nearly 9 inches of shecock in that fat bitches ass. I was really going at her and spanking it when he came in. He was slurring and confused. 
I pulled out of this slut bag and told plumper fucker to get on all fours like his bitch. I was in control and Tom, you are going to suck my dick clean. Clean it up faggot. He was quickly obeying and proved to me that he was going to be a good little bitch boi. I fucked his pussy and ended up owning that bitch like a used tampon. That’s right he is now my filthy whore and his piggy plump pump and dump is bye bye. Don’t be jealous though, I am a greedy sexy tranny hooker and I am always in need of a good pay piggy or 20.

Anal Cum Dumpster

Don’t Speak

dirty phone sex


So, I meet you at the pool bar, dressed in a sexy black string bikini. You buy me drinks and shots and we play a little pool. As the night goes on you start touching my shoulder or stroking my hair. I play along because I realize you like to think you are setting up the hookup. When it is last call, you ask if I would like to go back to your place for an after-hours drink and some food. I hesitate but then agree. I can see you are pleased with yourself and we walk in and you pour a drink. I excuse myself to the bathroom and when I return, I am completely naked. I look you in the eye and tell you to come, please me. You just look and I say it again, just louder. When you get to me, I lay on the couch spread my legs and push your face into my juicy bald pussy, holding it there, grinding my pussy on your face. I don’t let you up until I have squirted all over your face. You start to speak, and I cover your mouth and start undressing you. I lay you down and slowly lower myself on your hard dick. I put your hands on my tits, guiding your fingers to squeeze my nipples. I then ride you, still not allowing you to speak. I continue fucking you all night, never allowing you to talk. After I am done with you, I clean up, smile and leave, kissing you on the forehead as I see myself out.

personal assistant position

fisting whore

That personal assistant position has my name all over it, and I will score it at all costs. Although she is more than overly qualified, my main competition is a girl who is not a sick nasty slut like my boss. My boss love coke whores, and I overheard the conversation. The freakier, the better. I have had little to no contact with him. He’s a busy man, but this position will entail me traveling with him all over the u.s and even outside. We would have a ton of time together with one on one. 

Although he’s looking to hire a plain jane so that he can behave himself, I have something else on my mind. I want to be able to make him realize he needs a freaky slut. My boss needs stress relief, and that’s partly what assistants do. They help out unload the mundane tasks and some. 

I want to show him that I will perform well on the job and his cock. I want to show him he could fuck me up so bad with coke and cock that I will take his dick anytime and be his fisting whore.

big cock sucker!

big dick sucker


My best friend Tiffany lives next door and she’s a totally innocent teen so when she came by after her
cheer practice, she told me how the football coach couldn’t help but stare at her! She shrieked with
laughter and I played along.
Of course, I didn’t tell her that while she was gone, her boyfriend was busy slamming his thick dick
into my hot teen cunt, or that he fucks me when he sneaks over at night. I
didn’t tell her how he filled up my pussy and I cleaned all the cum off his cock.
Her boyfriend loves my little teen slut body, and when his cock was clean, he decided he wanted my ass, too,
so I ended up reverse cowgirl, bouncing up and down on his nine-inch cock! I hope he doesn’t knock me up like how he did with her sister

it would be so funny telling her that her so-called soul mate is my baby daddy. maybe I’ll scoop up his cum off of my belly and finger fuck myself hoping I get pregnant

No One Does BBC Phone Sex Like Me

bbc phone sexNo one does BBC phone sex like me. I was raised on black cock and black cum. My mom had a thing for those big black cocks in the 70s when I was growing up. Some of those men have sons and grandsons I fuck now. The thing about my trailer park community is that it goes back generations. I inherited my trailer from my mom. Some of the men she fucked lived in this same community and now their sons and daughters live here too. One of my favorite big black cocks lives three trailers down and his father was a Friday regular in our trailer. Every time my dad hit the road, Jeremy was over on Fridays with some coke and his big black cock for my mother. I would spy on them fucking. My mom would moan so loudly. She squirted on his dick too. Almost 40 years later, I fuck his son and grandson. They live in his trailer not far from me. I was fucking the dad for ions. I watched junior grow from a little boy into a teen stud. I knew if daddy and grandpa were hung, he would be too. I was right. Father and son like to make me a cum dumpster with their big cum shots. I have a fondness for fathers and sons. I have a fondness for big black dicks. Last night, I entertained father and son, and some of the son’s friends. Once you tell your friends you are getting some white milf pussy, your friends want in on it too. The boy knew I would not say no to the friends. He was right. The more black cock I can get, the better I feel. I let his friends gang bang me. I let daddy skull fuck me. I drained all their balls because when it comes to black cock, I am such a white trash phone sex slut.

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