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Any girl hooked like me is up for Crack whore anal

Crack whore analI always want drugs, and I want you to know about it, because it also means I’m up for crack whore anal. I’d feel less on drugs, if you weren’t aware, that I was on drugs. You need to know, my dealer especially needs to know, hell I need to know. Drugs are just like that, you’re not high until others know you’re high. If a druggie is high in the forest and no one is around to smoke with them, were they ever really smoking? My point is, I needed some crack, and that meant I had to find someone who sold crack, who was really into getting blown. I’d blow them anyway, I love blowing dealers, but if I don’t get some free drugs while I’m at it then I’m wasting blow-jobs. And blow. Both of which are criminal, a man needs to get off and I have a mouth, it just seems like a match made in heaven. Bobbing my head up and down, slurping on his cock, drinking up his pre-cum while getting ready for a big shot of jizz deep into my throat. When I’m done, when he’s exhausted and groaning, I get my drugs and he knows he’s getting another blowjob later because drugs don’t last very long.

Cum guzzling slut like me have too many stories to remember them all

Cum guzzling slutDirty cum guzzling slut like me need to be constantly appeased with ropes down our throats and cock in our soaking pussies. I’m always in need, and that means hunting down dick like a hunger would an old wild animal. I need fuck meat so frequently I don’t even carry cash to my deals, anyone I’m going to keep in regular contact with is going to fill these holes, so I get free stuff or I move on and get a different dealer. I’m a pass around bicycle with a ride record that puts anyone else’s to shame, I don’t even remember each fuck enough to give the kind of details I want to put here. Who was yesterday? Really, who? Was yesterday the guy who got all his friends together and made me a really thick drink that I chugged in front of them all with gratitude as a cum eating phone sex whore? Was yesterday the literal cum bath? Was yesterday when I joined a friend on a shopping trip and then made him pin me to the wall and get fucking right in an alley? Honestly? It was probably all of the above, my life blends together because it’s always happening. I don’t take note of it because if I did, I’d be too overwhelmed to go get fucked again and if you’re paying attention, you know that I breathe cock and piss semen. I happen to be a great fan of music, specifically the beatwork. I get songs stuck in my head and I take great joy in trying to match my hip movements to the beat, making nice juicy cocks cum to someone’s song always makes me giggle. I have so many men in my life, and that’s a problem because I can’t always remember who’s who. In fact, a lot of the time I have no idea who someone is until their dick is out, and I’m stuck faking it until I make it into my cum filled cunt.

This Big dick sucker gets what she wants

Big dick suckerAs a big dick sucker, cocks against my face are a great feeling. Hot dick against my ass, one rubbing away against my cunt slit, pressuring dick with my boobs and even stepping on some depraved dealers in need of touch but with nowhere left for me to give it. That was my morning, and holy shit was it fun. I love a good one woman orgy, where I’m a toy to too many people to keep track. The goal is to put myself into good positions to be used as a toy and not a lover. I don’t want some guy to mount me, intertwined our fingers and pin my hands by my head while he gently rocks into me and takes my lips slowly and sensually. As an anal cum dumpster I’m into a real rough routine that has at least three to four guys, and that takes work, practice, a sense of precision. If I’m on my stomach, it needs to be on top of a guy and in the perfect position for another to get into my ass. See, there’s a problem though, then the guy I’m titfucking has his balls swaying in the guy under me’s face, so I need to twist a little, and if I’m already twisting myself I need a place for my hands to rest for balance. It turns out, gripping two big dicks and jerking them off makes a great balance, so that’s five guys. The sixth is where things get really hard and complicated – pun hella intended. I need it, I really need it, so my normal routine at that point is to turn my head and open my mouth and hope someone else can figure it out. Even if they can’t, I at least expect someone to jerk off so they can spray all over my face through the confusion. What’s the point of being used by a group of horny guys if no one leaves this cum guzzling slut covered in stinky spunk!

Cum dumpster like me deserve a massive helping

Cum dumpsterI love big dicks and bigger men and being a cum dumpster. There’s something amazing about finding myself riding a hardcore dealer who’s all hard and hot and ready for me with a crazy cock and an adventure to boot. “Ohh, fuck, that’s it, right there yes, yes, yes!” It’s a mix of peace and perfection, a thick cock stuffing my insides while I’m too busy grinding him into my folds to think. Strong hands latched onto my hips to pull me down again, and again, and again, right onto his dick and his swollen balls. Those balls spank me with every thrust, and it fills me with this feeling that I really don’t need anything except this, right here, right now. My cum filled cunt is always ready!

“Fuck!” I hear him shout, just as hot baby-batter starts racing to my womb. It probably won’t beat his first three loads, but I love how it feels when a man’s seed tries. It’s so earnest, and my slutty insides are always excited for energetic, earnest guys.

The moment ends with a bit of disappointment. It must have been too much for him, because before long his eyes are closing and nothing I do keeps him awake. No matter how I bounce, or kiss his neck, or what dirty things I say into his ear. It seems I fucked him out cold, and while that’s great. It’s left me very horny, and in need of more

I leave him to rest for a while, washing off all the tingly-hot cum. That’s worked its way into my core and pressured me for more. I need to find someone else to play with, someone else to fuck. There’s something special about needy folds begging for more even after hardcore abuse, and mine are always begging like cum guzzling slut.

Nasty phonesex

Nasty phonesexYou call me over telling me that you want to eat me out for days and you are ready to have some Nasty phonesex. I sit on your face twirling my cunt all over your tongue. Just as I’m on the verge of having an orgasm you look at me and tell me to shit on your chest. Without hesitation, I stand up straddling your chest. I bend down to the squatting position starting to squeeze. Thinking I haven’t shit in days. You start playing with my pussy getting me back wet and flowing.

Nasty phonesex

I’m getting the feeling of squirting aging and I push out a fart. as my body teases up I let out a big wet fart. You get excited knowing that I’m gonna shit. Right as I started squirting out of my pussy I started shitting on your cheat. It just won’t stop Shitting and you won’t stop playing with this pussy. You were begging for more. I just took the most giant shit on your chest as you played with my pussy. I squirt all in your face. You grab me by the hips pulling me down and making me sit on your chest. All that warm squishy shit, piss, and cum all over our bodies. I scoot all the way down so I can climb on your Dick. All that shit is being shoved inside me. I bounce on that Dick round and round bouncing my ass up and down. Once you cum I lay there covered in shit. You’re going to be my Cum dumpster. You call your best friend over and have it lick up all the shit. You spread my legs having him lick my pussy real good making sure it’s clean. The Best friend licked my asshole not a shit stain in sight. it went over to you when there was no more to lick off of me and started giving you the royal treatment licking you clean.

Black stripper sex


Black stripper sex

I invited over a stripper. Oh, she is so sexy she has some big juicy  Bouncy titties that you just want to suck all over. Oh, she’s has this tiny little waist that you can wrap your arms around. Nice  Round fat ass that you can sit aa cup on. She’s standing in my living room swing around this Pole. She is so stretchy and limber. When she climbs all the way to the top of the pole is a sight to see. Her in that thong she’s wearing sliding down at pole. Black stripper sex

I just wanna go and lick that Pole so I can taste all of that pussy. As she’s positioning me on the Pole I noticed her slide her hand over my ass. Then she swipes her hands over my nice juicy titties, So I push my Ass upon her. Then she kisses my neck and that’s all I needed. I turned around and I started kissing her grabbed her pussy sticking my fingers inside. Her pussy is it was so warm juicy and wet. Squeezing her ass walking her back to the sofa. Sitting her down opening up her legs Pulling her thong to the side and licking her from top to bottom. Twirling my tongue around sucking on her clitoris until she cums all over. This Black stripper sex is gonna be amazing.

BBC sex stories

BBC sex storiesI stand over top of you Straddling your face. When my boyfriend walks in and picks me up by my waist PLacing me on his BBC. Travis is surprised and excited all at the same time just waiting for those balls to be dragged across his face. My boyfriend sticks that big throbbing cock inside of my pink wet shaved pussy making me buckling me down to my knees at this point. Travis is getting exactly what he wants my pussy in his face and my man’s black balls across his chin. Travis can’t wait for him to fill me up so he can eat All that cum out of my cunt. Travis asked for some more but this time he wanted straight from the dispenser so my man lays down on Travis’s face sticking his BBC in his mouth and starts Fucking his face. I’m playing with Travis’s balls making sure he loosens up those throat muscles as I push my man making him swallow that dick pushing it further and further down his throat until he busts all in his mouth filling it up to where it’s gripping to the side. I and my man have a lot of fun before they just become BBC sex stories

Cum filled cunt

Cum filled cuntHe tells me to laugh at him if I want. He says I have a small dick I love seeing females getting fucked by big black cock I love Cum filled cunt. I just want to Lick all that cum out of you, while you tell me how much of a sissy boy I am. He keeps asking me if his small cock will be enough for me. I look at him and say it’s big enough to drag you around the room with. NOW lick put this cum from that black teen I just finished fucking. Even a kid has a bigger dick than you. this is your treat licking a BIG DICK CUM right on out of me. Make sure you clean me up well. If I’m not squirting then your not doing it right.

Big dick sucker

Did someone ask for some Big dick sucker?  Well then I’m your girl, I want to take that big cock and lick just round the head before I take it all the way down so you can hit the back of my throat. I want you to show me what you want me to do Grab the back of my head and move me to your motion. I want you to fuck my throat fuck it good and hard. I want that dick to go down the throat past the dangly thing in the back. That dick will never get dry in my mouth I will just keep going and spitting and gagging and sucking till you cum in my mouth. I want you to let it all go so I can swallow it and keep sucking I don’t want you to cum once in my mouth I need you to cum a few times in my mouth and fill me up good before you even think about touching this pussy of how I love to have a big dick in my mouth.

Big dick sucker

Trashy Anal Whore

Crack Whore Anal Bobbie (2)

I don’t mind getting nasty with the right group of men cause not every man wants a filthy whore like me. I’m the one that will do literally anything with your cock as long as you fuck me as hard as you can stretching me out deep.  I’m the bitch you call to satisfy those needs your girl would never even think of trying because she doesn’t care to please you. Fuck me until I shit all over you than spread it across my tits and my face, let your friends nut all over me and gag me with your cock until I vomit on that thick hard shaft. I love being covered in everything your willing to give me babe-even sprinkle that gold shower into my mouth then lean in for a taste. I know your friend needs me to shit in his mouth once I cum again, so hold him down while I shove this asshole right over his lips while he scoops it with his tongue all around my walls.