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Four Dicks One Girl

Crack Whore AnalLet’s go back to the first gangbang I enjoyed. I met up with my brother’s friends because he was supposed to take me home-but we fucked instead. I always found Chris attractive, and I knew he knew because he would always flirt back. It was when he slipped out his cock by the subway that I knew how much he really liked me. He had three of his other guy’s meet us- but he was already balls deep in my cunt when they arrived. When his friends came by-they asked no questions, just hopped on me or should I say into me hehehe. One stuck his cock straight down my throat, the other up by ass and the last waiting for the right moment to double cock my ass. Chris knew I was already loaded up on crack so I wasn’t feeling anything but euphoria. I just didn’t expect the trip to escalate from a simple flirt into a subway gangbang.



Dice and Dicks

Druggy Porn Bobbie

Suck cock, get fucked in the bathroom, whatever it takes to keep this sugar daddy. Looking back to the boys I dated no cock compares to his. Go to Vegas-know I’ll count all his chips, Bitches wanna judge me but I don’t give a fuck. The popular boys are overrated- I need to go on big trips, fucking bigger dicks. I love when he watches me count and slobber on all his friends’ dicks. I fuck him because my cunt can’t be empty long. Got cum, you need to fill me- don’t make contact unless you’re ready to whore me out honey. All other girls hang around to look pretty but I don’t care because they don’t know how to get nasty like me. He picked me to be his bitch because I love the rocks you can’t wear. But never mind what I had to do to get these rocks babe, crush them up and eat my pussy like he tells you to. Gucci, Prada, these sheets are comfy time to get cum stains on them. Bring those fellas over and stretch me out while he records us. “I bet you didn’t expect me to be this kind of whore huh daddy?” I moan while you fuck my cunt and your brother rails my ass deep. Smack me in the face with your cocks again he likes that,! Ohmmmm, I can’t hardly wait for the cum shower he has in store for me tonight!!

Stretch My Ass

Anal Cum Dumpster

There’s something Devilish about this new dress; I could almost taste those two cocks across the street. My senses are quicker than before-maybe it’s because I’m a cum whore, but I really want to know what they taste like. I walked right up to them like no other bitch would, I know what I want and make sure I get it before another cunt could. “Shoulda, coulda, woulda and did fuck that cock” is my motto. My friends are always telling me to let my pussy rest for a little, but I’m addicted. I took the last drag of my cigarette and took a quick line from my necklace vile. Today I chose to listen- I sucked on their light skin cocks and fit them both up my ass. OMG was I glad I pulled them into the alley onto that old couch hehe. They were stunned at first-but their dicks couldn’t say no. One up my ass-one in my mouth-fucking the daylights out of me. I love that they couldn’t help but moan while they both fucked and filled my asshole.

Anal Stretching

Anal Cum Dumpster

              I got caught up in having so much fun I forgot how the world shut down about 2 years ago; we all changed as well as the lives around us, or should I say- we were all exposed along with this filthy fucked up world. I’ve been making up for all the missed cock-I forgot my friend Kim needed to get tested with her munchkins and boy is her story deep. I thought I was the nastiest bitch in town, but turns out-she took all her shit out this week, literally. I took her in for an exam & waited for at least an hour- she came out with her youngsters glowing! Since she was so late on getting tested-her doctor needed to thoroughly test them with the help of his assistant. Kim had her ass cheeks spread out nice and wide by his assistant while her doctor stuffed his thick cock inside slowly, stretching that virgin ass. She never took cock so big in that tight ass of hers before, but my gosh did she love his! The way she still moans while describing that thick hard meat stick mmmm makes me want to eat them both! I knew I heard her moaning by the window of the exam room while I smoked my cigarette. I thought it was just memories from last night still lingering around my mind. Kim made sure to let him know NOT to stop fucking her until his dick was smothered in all of her shit. But it didn’t stop there-her little ones needed to be tested too she claimed. Kim and the assistant helped walk them through it very well. Holding their arms, rubbing their backs while both their tight assholes were stretched so nicely. Their doctor let his assistant and Kim slurp his cock up nice and clean after. She made sure they were well taken care of but of course keeping samples for the test was why any of this had to be done to begin with, according to Kim. Now I thought I could wait, but clearly I waited long enough. I set up an appointment with him next week, I can’t wait for him to fuck the shit out of me with that juicy cock. I want him to smack his assistant in the face with it while she smears her fingers through my shit. Now I’m proud of Kim for being a new anal whore, maybe I can take her out into town on the weekends!

Crack n’ Cum Buckets

I just came to the party for the drinks, wait no the drugs ahh fuck don’t forget the cum. I got gangbanged so hard, I can’t keep my words straight now ahahaha! I don’t need any pointless conversations or your fake friends. I need dicks, all shapes and sizes; I’m a sexy slut, what more did you expect?  If I see a bulge in your pants, expect in in my mouth, pussy or my ass before you can realize what’s going on. The backlight makes it hard not to notice all the cumstains on my dress. You seem too drunk to drive home-let me give you a ride on that juicy meat stick sir. Here, snort some coke, I’ll make you fall in love while your nameless face fades into the music for me tonight. We all came for the drugs, but I always come for the fucks. Now there goes your girl on the phone talking to the plug. Meanwhile I thank your friends for holding up my legs up on each of their shoulders-filling both my holes with thick hot cream throughout the night. Don’t be shy I’ll take the new kids on the block too, Maybe they can learn how a true whore guzzles cum down her throat.

Sloppy wet Pussy on a Night Out

Sloppy Wet Pussy

Fuck I love a filthy night out on the town! My friends always invite me when they need cum dumpster, especially nights like these. They have Big Black Cocks, thick pink rods and all the candy you could need for a boys night out. I was the entertainment of the night and I could barely hold my legs together just reminiscing about the waves of seeds I’ll have dripping from my fuckholes. I’m the best gangbang whore around, ask your brother maybe even your sisters husband, I bet they’ll tell you how wide they stretched my tight ass while the other had me guzzle his cock stuffing my mouth with their balls.  I begged to be smothered in cum, a slut like me never falls out of heat. 

Tonight I am going to make sure all my lusts are fulfilled, the dirtier the cocks the better; I need the whole football team, their brothers, and all their cousins to join. My only other desire is to meet some new boys to give me the cumshower I’ve craved all day. There’s nothing I want more than to be dominated by thick juicy cocks!


Big dick sucker- Bobbie

Big dick suckerI’m such a Big dick sucker, but I don’t just suck, I come at his cock with a ravenous hunger that tingles on the surface of my skin and flows through my whole body from my thighs to my great big tits. I bob my face deep down so that he prods my cheeks far back and my tongue can swish him from side to side. I’m not about to let him go, not now that I have a taste of him and my needs are flaring into focus. I’m a dirty whore who knows exactly what she needs and if I let a man run the moment I have him in my grasp I’ll never get even a little satisfaction. I drink of him, working him like he deserves to be worked, or at least I need him to deserve it so I can justify putting my all into his big dirty thick cock without having to explain to myself why there’s not someone behind me reaming my big tight ass with their rigid iron like the Anal cum dumpster I am. My eyes rolled back on first seeing it and my toes tingled, and now I’m drinking him up and fucking him with my face. I’m absolutely a dirty cum slut ready for his huge dick and potent loads. I’m experienced enough I can tell exactly how much he needs me, I can feel his intoxicating waves of potent lust, and they do wonders to my slutty cumwhore body. His desire and my needs force me to drip between my legs and moan throatily, and my fingers find their place where they belong deep in my needy cunt because I simply can’t handle it anymore without any relief. I’m too hot, too worked up, I’m a Creampie slut and I need his dick in my raw pussy now!

I need Gangbang sex stories – Bobbie

Gangbang sex storiesGangbang sex stories aren’t official until I’m included. I only bother to grace myself to the most naughty, cum slinging, slut proving, dirty cock fucking get together’s imaginable. If there’s not gonna be flowing ropes and thick seed-filled rivers exploding all over my face, tits, and waist, I don’t even want to waste my time bothering. I’m a true whore who doesn’t hesitate to jump into the action and guzzle cum, I’m a real slut who couldn’t be better suited. I’m ready to pounce a dick and ride it to completion while sucking another rigid fuckmeat ready to be cleaned with my tongue and slurped by this Cum guzzling slut. I’m not here to fit the casual observer’s desires, I’m a truly needy fuckwhore who’ll absolutely beg until it so kinky and dirty I’m dripping with jizz and unsure who to call the father. If I have no idea who shot the last shot in my sopping, dripping cunt, then I can call it a good evening, and if I know the name of every guy at an event than it wasn’t memorable enough to spin my head around. I’m not the kind of whore who gets off to being used by some simple guy, I need an orgy and I need to be drenched in sperm so potent and steamy I can feel the wafting heat and need a pregnancy test just from proximity. If you can’t give that to me you should fuck off, and if you can I need to question why the hell you’re not already calling me because there’s a very special kind of guy who seeks this Gangbang whore and it’s exactly who I’m begging for when I put myself out and open my mouth wide for a drenching showcasing of cumalicious paint.

Teen anal whore-Bobbie

Teen anal whore

I was a Teen anal whore today. I didn’t even ask their names, and they didn’t give it to me. I saw a powerful looking dick and I bent over the nearest railing, reached back and pulled my thick cheeks apart. I felt a throbbing prick slide against my asshole a moment later, and with a push and a loud grunt I was pierced. It spread me out, moved around my already quite stretchy insides and pushed me to a new limit in a way few can. I didn’t care that I was in public, I let him begin to rut into my needy asshole and begged him to go even harder. I rocked my hips around him, let him stuff his meat so deep that when he started to spray his virile seed into my ass like the Anal cum dumpster I am, I found myself cumming a little as well. The moment he pulled out I was moaning for the next guy and I wasn’t disappointed with how fast I found myself filled up with yet another throbbing cock. Cum was still spilling from me as he pushed in, so it was easy for him to slip so deep it kind of hurt. I focused on that feeling, grinding back and begging for more with throaty moans and the odd glance back. His hips moved faster to meet my frantic new trend setting pace. “Dirty slut.” He called me, and I nodded my head blissfully. He was right, and I was happy to be recognized for what I was. He grunted with a power in his voice before he pulled out and sprayed my body with his hot seed. It soaked my skirt, dirtied my shirt, and coated my bare ass with a musk so powerful it made my knees quiver and my insides quake. He spanked that ass, grinding cum into my skin, and set himself up for round two in his newly discovered Anal sex whore.

Cum Dumpster


Cum DumpsterI had two close to cumming cocks, one in each hand, as they stood over our naked bodies. My little girlfriend was laying on yet back with legs and mouth open wide! I was going to make sure when those two throbbing cocks finally blasted off, they’d be spraying her young little body with hot, sticky loads of that yummy cummy! I’d been edging these boys for an hour, and they were so eager to help me give my little girlfriend a steamy cum shower they stuck around even after I’d denied them an orgasm not once, but twice. They were ready to bust. I let them stroke themselves for a little while so I could dive down and devour the pussy set right in front of me! My tongue went to lapping at her pretty little button, and she came to life before me moaning and squealing as I let two fingers start to pump in and out of her tight little fuck hole. She was oozing honey, and at the sight of some sexy girl on girl action, those guys really grabbed at their cocks and started furiously jerking! Before we knew it, we looked up and opened our mouths to receive a delicious, sticky rain! We spent an hour licking every drop off of each other. Who’s next?

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