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Stripper Sex Stories Are Dirty

Hot stripper sex Want to hear a hot stripper sex story? Well, I was working the club last night when this pathetic looking guy walked in. Most of the girls passed on him but I noticed that pricey watch on his wrist and that black card he handed to the bartender. I knew I had found my sugar daddy for the night. Came up to him, offered him a lap dance and then whispered to him that the VIP lounge was open if he would like to take it to the back room. He smiled and I told him not to worry I would just charge it to his tab, but he has got to tip in cash. He pulled out a wad and smiled. I took his hand and off we went. I wasn’t wasting anytime with him. I went straight for that full nude dance. Grinding and rubbing on him. I ended the dance between his legs and smiled up at him. I unbuckled his pants and held out my hand. He handed me a couple of crisp Ben Franklins. I removed his cock and started giving him the deep throat treatment. I didn’t let him cum though. I stood up and straddled him, slowly letting the tip of his cock touch my juicy wet cunt. I felt him twitch and then I stuck my hand out again. Another couple of Ben Franklins landed in my hand. As I took his cock deep inside me and started riding him. Wonder how much I could get for a little back door action.

Anal Sex Whore

Anal Sex WhoreAnal Sex Whore and fucking proud of it! I love being a nasty whore.  The nastier the better. I want it rough and tough. Like last night when I got bent left right and down the middle. he fucked me so good I am still twitching. Every whole I have is gaping wide the fuck open right now.  I feel his cum everywhere! The more he fucked me the more I screamed for his cock. I love finding a real man. A man who doesn’t want to make love! Fuck that. I need a man who wants to FUCK. Who wants to shove his dick in every whole and fill me the fuck up! That is what I need. Pound me hard baby.

Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpsterOnce you get me going I drip. Let me get started on your cum, my favorite. Please don’t just cum in one place all the time. I want you to cum in my mouth so I can taste your delicious cum, and swallow every last yummy drop. Cum all over my pretty little face, now THAT IS HOT!!! It makes me feel so slutty in which in return makes me horny and super wet! Now don’t be shy to cum in my wet, pink pussy. I know you want to cum deep into me, I’m so tight and sexy you just want to squirt your load into me and look into my eyes are I moan loudly and climax with you!! I’m horny! We can’t forget about you cumming on my perfect titties, make sure to get it on my hard nipples too!!! You want to call me? I know you want to hear me say: “Fucking cum, please cum, yesss. Mmm” “I love your cum! I’m your little cum slut!”

Anal Sex Whore Bobbie

Anal Sex WhoreI am an Anal Sex Whore! Some girls think taking it up the ass is gross or hurts to bad. Fuck them! Those sluts do not know what they are missing! I love taking it up the ass. I beg for it! I want it every fucking day! I am gonna cum the second you shove that cock up my ass! And the harder you fuck my ass the more I am going to cum!  I need it so bad I wont even talk to a guy unless he is willing to shove his dick up my ass! Like today. I had a date set up. When he showed up at my door I answered in a tiny little lace bra and panties. I asked him to cum in! And begged for him to fuck me. He was ready to go! Until I said I wanted it up the ass first! He freaked out! Said he didn’t do that!!! I had to kick him the fuck out!  Without his clothes… little pussy ran to his car crying!  I had to call up a neighbor to cum take care of me! How dare he get me all worked up and not fuck me!!!

I need a RIDE!

Anal cum dumpsterI have been so fucking turned on lately. All I can think about is dick. Normally I just head down to the truck stop and find a fuck. BUT I am in the mood for something better. Today I want a biker. Today I want a big fat harley. I slipped on my smallest little skirt. With no panties. I wore a lose sheer shirt with no bra. And I went down to the biker bar. I sat on one of the high bar stools and spread my legs open wide! Then I announced I was looking for a good ride! That is all it took! I had a line of big fat cocks! They bent me over and started fucking me right at the bar. Cock after cock pounding me! Stretching me wide open! Filling me up. It was perfect. Fantastic. Just what I needed!

Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterThe rodeo is in town today and that always means one thing for me. Gang banged by bull riding cowboys for hours every night. I quickly put on my slutty jean skirt and cut off tank top and went down to the stables. There were a couple of cowboys already out and started whistling and jeering at me. I flashed them a tit and they quickly followed me and cornered me in an empty bull stable. It smelled like bull shit in there but they didn’t care. They took turns double fucking my ass and mouth until each of them blew a load. So much cum ran from my ass that it started to look brown from the shit that was being cleaned form my anus. They shoved so much cock down my throat that I threw up twice. They never quit just kept face fucking me till I was covered in vomit and cum. I left there smelling of dirty cock, cow shit, and cum flavored vomit. What else could a nasty trailer slut want.

Bar Back Fun!

Lot Lizzard SexIt was raining today and I decided to take a walk to the bar. By the time I got there my t-shirt was sticking to my tits and my nipples showed since I didn’t wear a bra. The guy’s there were all staring and I decided to give them a show. I jumped on the bar with my beer bottle and stuck the long part in y pussy. I slow fucked myself till I got used to the glass then I fucked myself so hard and fast with that bottle that the beer still left inside was fizzing up to my cunt. When I pulled the bottle from my pussy the guy sitting in front of me drank the stream of fluid and beer running from my cunt. Then the people in there all took turns fucking me right there on the bar. The vast assortment of cocks in my cooch felt so good that I must have cum 20times. When I walked home after all the fun I was just as wet as when I arrived, but this time the rain had nothing to do with it.

Working on the Pipes.

Lot Lizard SexI had a flood in my trailer and the plumber came to fix it. He was kind of young with a bit of a beer belly and he smelled like a bathroom. But I was horny and he did me a favor by fixing my toilet. When he finished fixing it he just pulled out his cock and started pissing. I could tell he had a big cock, but after that there was no question. Before he even completely finished I started blowing him. I like the taste of the piss drops on the tip and he was sweaty just like I love. He slapped me with his balls and told me to ride him as he sat on the toilet. I put is cock in my cunt and rode him like a roller coaster. He put his thumb in my ass while he fucked my pussy and I loved every stroke and finger thrust. I came all over his cock and as I went to get off he held me in place and told me to piss on him.I let my golden stream cover his dick and legs and the nasty little fucker was in heaven. He didn’t even charge me for fixing or being the toilet!

Surprise Fun

Lot Lizzard SexI was outside my trailer yesterday when this Mexican guy came up and grabbed my ass cheek. I really couldn’t understand what he was saying but I could see how big that bulge in his jeans was so I dragged him inside my house. He immediately pushed me over the couch, lifted my dress and put his tongue in my asshole. He also shoved his thumb in my cunt as he ate my poop shooter so well. He walked around the couch in front of me and slapped his long brown cock on my face. He fucked my face so hard and violently that my face was covered in spit after a few minutes. He shoved his cock so far down that I gagged on his cock. He used the spit/ vomit as lube to fuck me in my ass fast and hard. He pumped and penetrated me so roughly that my asshole swelled up and turned red. When he came in my ass he also pissed in my ass and then he kissed me on my ass cheek before he left me there dripping our juices. I still don’t know his name or what he was saying but he has some great dick.

New Neighbors

Anal sex WhoreI awoke in the mood for some new dicks today. I am always in the mood to fuck but I wanted to experience someone completely new today. Si I said the first guy or guys that gave me the eye today were going to get every drop of cum sucked and fucked out of them. When I opened the door and walked outside I noticed I had new neighbors moving in. Two black guys and two more of their black friends were all taking furniture off of a truck. Not in the mood to talk or waste time I closed the door, stripped naked and went and grabbed my vibrator. I then opened my door and stood in the door way sucking on the dildo while rubbing my pussy. All four of them stopped and walked to my house. When they walked in one asked,“ was sup?” My only request was “fuck me like you hate me.” Immediately the first guy grabbed me and threw me to the ground. They all took their massive dicks out and took turns making me suck them off as they stood in a circle. Even though choked by black cock, I was being slapped on the head and face with the other three which made me want them even more. One Guy laid under me and put 12 inches in my cunt, another put his swollen cock in my ass, and the last two stood over me so I could blow them both at once. I was getting smashed by 4 dicks at once and I couldn’t feel better.

The first guy to come was the one behind me pounding my ass. He flooded me so much that it an over to my pussy and made the guy under me thrusting go even harder. He then blew his huge load all inside of me and I was left with two cocks in mouth mouth and a pool of their nut. One of the guys in front of me then Moved to my ass and pounded all of his dick into me as His 5 friends gagged and choked me with his cock. I felt myself gagging and throwing up but he didn’t care and kept shoving his vomit covered dick into my throat. He and the guy in my ass then came at once as if on Que. There was a few cups of come and pussy juice on the floor and one of them ordered, “Bitch, lick it up!” When I got down obeying my orders, all four of them stood over me and pissed all over me. They told me not to get up, and keep cleaning the floor as they pissed all over it and me. I laid on the floor in ecstasy and they told me don’t move because they would be back. For the rest of the day they all took turns coming in, blowing their loads and pissing in my ass, slapping me with their cocks, and overall fucking the shit out of me. I’m glad they are moving in, I could do this every day.

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