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Cum eating phone sex Sex just isn’t complete without a hot creampie ending. I want to know my pussy is freshly fucked. I need you to leave my cunt wet, sloppy, and dripping creamy jizz. I take that as a compliment to how tight and juicy my slutty fuckhole is. But that’s not all this cum guzzling whore wants. I want you to snowball me with your salty, sweet cum juice. Fuck my pussy raw and fill it up with your seed, then suck our cum smoothie out my creamy cunt and spit in in my wet mouth. I need to taste our hot carnal fluids. I love eating cum from my freshly used cunt. I love opening my wide mouth, sticking out my tongue and letting you spit our fuck juices down my deep throat. I crave the taste of milky cum sauce. Eating that protein-filled cock juice is literally the icing on my creampie cake. Cum feed this kinky whore. I want to get full from devouring your nut sauce.

Nasty Phonesex Whore Bobbie Wants to Play

Nasty phonesex

You know you fantasize about what it would be like to fuck a nasty, lot lizard with no limits. You want to ram your giant, rock-hard cock into a gaping asshole with no mercy just to find out how it would feel. Your last girlfriend claimed she could handle all your dirtiest, nastiest desires, but the minute you begged her to lick your asshole and turn your face into a human toilet she turned into a scared little vanilla bitch. No fun at all! That’s why you stare at my pink pussy hours imagining drinking my hot, golden piss. You can’t wait for me to tongue-fuck your tight asshole while you jerk your fat cock. You live for freaky, taboo sex. You want to be free to explore all aspects of fucking without fear of judgment. You want a freaky trailer trash slut like me to be your nasty, hot, cum whore. I’m here to give your body and your horny cock everything you imagine you need and shit you never even knew you wanted. Are you ready to finally fuck the girl of your of your freakiest fantasies? Cum get me then.

Fuck My Sweaty Gym Cunt

Trailer trash whore

Trips to the gym are foreplay for this trailer trash whore. All that grunting and sweating turns my horny pussy into a faucet. My cunt juices seep right through my yoga pants and I can smell my juicy pussy aroma in the air. I usually find a hot, meathead to eye fuck while I work my core and kegel muscles at the same time. If he notices me riding his huge dick with my eyes while I lick my lips, even better. I’ll ask him to spot me so I can sniff his sweaty ballsack and admire his barrel chest. I’ll tell him to meet me in the locker room and let him fuck my sloppy wet pussy with his fat, perspiring cock. When his rock-hard cock is throbbing and dripping sticky pre-cum I’ll beg him to let me massage his swollen dick with my throat. Then, I’ll lap up our sweet, salty juices and deepthroat his engorged cock until he marinates my tonsils with his thick, creamy cum sauce. Full body workouts are so fucking intense.

Fuck My Bloody Cunt

Period phone sex

You looked so hot face down, ass up, nose buried in my bloody pad. I spread open my legs and rubbed my menstruating cunt while you licked your lips at the smell of my period blood and pussy juices. Your fat cock stiffened and leaked pre-cum. You pressed your hard cock against my sticky, red pussy lips and watched as your dick stroked my bloody slit. You buried your cock deeper and deeper in my juicy cunt. My period blood covered all 10 inches of your giant fuckstick. The bed started to look like a bloody slasher film scene. You fucked me harder as I squirted menstrual blood and cum everywhere. My tight, red, splashing pussy had your dick ready to explode. You shot your huge cum load in my sloppy wet cunt and watched our cum juices flow out my pussy like thick volcanic lava. This is my ideal of the perfect bloody sundae! 

Kinky, Horny, Slutty Sex

Trailer trash whoreI’m not one of those prude cunts you’re used to. I’m a horny trailer trash slut that loves dirty, disgusting, trashy fucking. Call me your slutty cum whore as you ram your giant cock down my throat. Then sit on my face so I can shove my long wet tongue inside your asshole while I stroke your rock-hard fuckstick. When your asshole is soaking wet and your cock starts dripping pre-cum, I want you to punish my sloppy wet pussy while you choke me almost to the point of unconsciousness. Pull your slippery dick out of my pussy and use it to stretch my tight asshole wide and deep. I can’t wait to suck my ass and pussy juices off your throbbing cock while you squirt your hot, gooey nut sauce down my throat.

Locker Room Gangbang Stories

The best place to find hard, sweaty cocks to fuck will always be the boys locker room. Some of my hottest gangbang sessions took place on wooden locker room benches, surrounded by horny jock cocks. That’s where I discovered my talent and love for double and triple penetration. It’s amazing how many dicks can be handled, sucked, and fucked all at the same time. Even the coaches couldn’t help but join in on the locker room fun from time to time. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been ganged by the whole team and the trainers too. A slutty gangbang whore like me didn’t mind the extra meat. After all, trying to find creative ways to get fucked by multiple dicks is really the best part of the kinky, gangbang fun. Gangbang whore

I Wanna Be Your Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal sex whoreMy therapist calls it an anal fixation. I’m more inclined to think that my love for all things ass is more of a fetish than a fixation. Either way there’s no denying that when it comes to ass play I’m all in. I can’t even tell you how many guys I meet who tell me they’re not into anal and don’t eat ass. They always look so shocked when they find themselves lying on their back, holding their own legs open while I tickle their prostate with my tongue. They grab my head but not to push me away, just to bury my face deeper in their succulent assholes. I love watching those same macho studs shoot their cum load high in the air. As soon as they get hard again, they fuck me like they have something to prove. They want to teach this ass-eating slut a lesson and my pussy just loves to learn.

Anal cum dumpster



Pissing Sex Games With Strangers

Pissing sexGoogle maps estimated that my trip would take approximately 3 hours and 42 minutes. “Perfect,” I thought, as I downed my extra large hot coffee and chased it with a huge sip of Poland Springs. I knew my bladder would be ready to burst by the time I arrived. That was the entire point. Our entire dynamic is simple. I’m your slutty, hot water sport playmate. Outside of our pissy play dates we have zero communication and that’s exactly how we like it. I enjoy getting those random text alerts showing your location. Each time you take me further and further out. You want to know exactly how much my bladder can take before I can’t hold it anymore. You want to be there when I finally am free to relieve myself. You know how much it turns me on to push my urethra to its limits by holding in my warm golden delicious tea for hours on end. You love the scent of my musty pussy, piss-holding pussy. My hot golden shower rains down on you as you kneel and bow to my pissy pussy. You shoot your huge creamy load high in the air as you taste my pissy cum cocktail. Game over! We both are the water sport winners today!

Born to be a Teen Gangbang Whore

Gangbang sex storiesSince a very young age I knew my sisters and I would grow up to be slutty trailer trash whores just like our momma. It was never a question of if, just a matter of when. I, personally, couldn’t wait to have my pussy filled up with 10 rock-hard inches of cock, while I sucked another cock and jerked two more. It has been a dream of mine since I was a freshman. I’d rub my teeny clitty imagining opening my mouth wide while being drowned in warm creamy nut sauce. I could feel my tight asshole being stretched, while my pussy and throat both got pounded. I guess you can say I have a gangbang cum fetish. As soon as I got the opportunity, I offered my horny, wet cunt up for a group train. Those hard cocks filled every fuckhole I have. I have been a cum guzzling gangbang whore ever since!

Lil Debbie Pussy Loves BBC Creampie

Creampie slut

My tight, wet pussy is the perfect place for your milky, white jizz. I want to lick your hot, fresh cum juice off my fingers after you fill up my horny cunt. I love the taste of a good cream pie baked fresh inside my pussy. I can walk around with your baby batter inside me for hours. The sensation of it leaking and dripping down my inner thighs makes me want to sit on your fuckstick all over again. My thighs stick together from the cum adhesive that’s seeping out of my fuck hole. I must admit that being a walking Lil Debbie and making my own pussy cream pies is hot as fuck. All I need is an eager, hard cock to fuck until my pussy is overflowing with sweet, creamy, delicious, cum frosting.

Cum filled cunt

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