Big Dick Sucker Bobbie Loves Draining Those Balls

I have always been a big dick sucker. That size can be big or small . My goal just like when eating pussy, is to eat a lot of cock for every meal, every day.  Those meaty cocks can be limp and I’ll take the challenge of using my holes, usually my mouth to start, to get that cok hard

But make no mistake – cocks are just as irresistible to me! There’s something primal about taking a throbbing member deep into your mouth and teasing it with soft lips before wrapping them around its girth. As it slides in and out of my eager throat, I can feel the veins bulging against my tongue while I suck greedily at every inch.

My cheeks hollow as I take more and more of him down, desperate for the taste of his pre-cum or any other salty goodness that might drip from his swollen head. And when he’s finally ready to unload? Well then, let me tell you – there’s nothing quite like tasting your own family’s cum on your tongue after a long day of pleasuring them!

Of course, no self-respecting cock whore would neglect their ass either! The feeling of being stretched out by a thick member filling me up is unlike anything else; it makes me moan louder than any pussy ever could. As my asshole expands around its girth, pain turns into pleasure until all that remains are blissful cries echoing through the room. And don’t even get me started on double penetration… Oh yes – having both ends filled simultaneously sends shivers down my spine and leaves me beggingBig dick sucker

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