Sexy prostitutes Like Bobbie Get Down And Dirty

sexy prostitutuesI was just a young girl when I started selling myself on the streets as one of many sexy prostitutes. My mom was a junkie and my dad was never around, so I figured this was the quickest way to make some money and get by. At first, it wasn’t too bad – just some old men giving me a few bucks for a blowjob or letting me ride their cock until I came. But as time went on, things got darker and more twisted.

One day, this rich businessman picked me up in his fancy car. He took me back to his hotel room and gave me a line of coke before he even undressed me. The stuff burned my nose but made everything else feel good – especially when he shoved his huge cock down my throat without warning. He fucked my face hard while I gagged and choked on him; then he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my tits like they were a goddamn canvas painting. That night taught me that there were guys who liked to see me suffer.

It didn’t stop me from continuing to suck cock or bend over for a quick buck.  It’s too easy and it’s just fucking and sucking. I don’t care to take a dick for some easy money.  Also an added benefit is I usually get some blow at the same time from a lot of clients. I’m a regular whore at this point, and the whole town knows it. i don’t mind being a trailer trash whore though and no plans to stop!

So yeah, that’s my story as a teenage hooker: endless rounds of coke-fueled blowjobs; getting fucked raw by strangers; taking every inch of their huge dicks up my ass without complaint; tasting cum from dozens upon dozens of different men…it’s not something most people would envy but hell if it didn’t make for some wild stories now!

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