Sexy Prostitutes Bring Limp Dicks to Life

sexy prostitutesMy sexy prostitutes include my two college aged daughters. Aren’t they so hot? Although we took Mother’s Day off to celebrate me, we got right back into the swing of things on Monday. My girls, along with two of my sons, have returned from college to play with mommy all summer. I have some younger whores too. And of course, they join me and their big sisters when we get called to action.

Monday one of daddy’s closest associates wanted the family experience. He hired me and all 4 girls. Our adopted daughter got to join us. And she seemed super excited to be part of the action. As our youngest, we waited awhile before letting her be one of the hookers for hire. Not that we have rules about age. Daddy just wanted to enjoy her tight holes first. You cannot keep holes tight once you enter the world of prostitution.

I Love Sharing Daddies with My Daughters

This daddy paid big bucks to have a sexy wife and four daughters worship his cock. He told me we worked miracles on his old dick. Young pussy works better than Viagra. If your dick appears limp, get yourself a tight young thing and I bet it perks up! Our littlest whore enjoyed being daddy’s little dick spinner. And our rent a daddy enjoyed all of us. This daddy impressed me. Even at his age, he mustered enough energy to give me and 4 girls a load of cum. Of course, the cum loads got smaller as the night went by. But he still came 5 times.

He said it was all because of us. But I imagine in his day, the girls all loved him. We gave him all the love we could for the time we spent with him. And he used each one of us as his personal cum dumpster. No one is complaining though. We love playing together and sharing any daddy who wants us.

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