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Sexy Prostitutes Do Any Thing for Money and Daddy Dick

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes still work in the heat. We follow the money and pray we get to fuck inside, LOL. However, yesterday Daddy Dick hired us for a pool party. I know the name seems humorous. His name is Richard, but my little whores call him Daddy Dick. They love Daddy Dick too. He spoils them and his dick feels huge in their tiny bald pussies. He and my husband go way back before I even knew my husband.

When I stilled lived in a dingy little trailer in the hills of rural West Virginia, my husband and Daddy Dick made frequent trips to Thailand because the age of consent in that country is much younger than in the US. But of course, if you travel there for the sole purpose of scoring young pussy, you can be arrested in the US. How the hell would they know anyway? So, they concocted a cover to protect them. Business dealings, which they did do. But they picked up super young girls along the way. American money goes further there. Maybe not today, but 20-30 years ago it did.

Men No Longer Need to Travel to Thailand to Score Young Pussy

Now, neither Daddy Dick nor my husband need to travel for young hookers for hire because my husband married me. And I gave him three daughters. Plus, we have two adopted daughters too giving us a nice age range for our home brothel. Daddy Dick paid to pop all these cherries too, giving daddy sloppy seconds lol. My husband is rich, but Daddy Dick makes him look like a bum on the streets. So, we take his money every chance we get.

And we suck up the heat too. If he wanted to fuck my family of whores in his pool, we would just need to suck it up. But turns out his pool has some special tool that keeps it at 69. So, it felt good. Of course, we all giggled at the temp he prefers. We had a pool orgy. Daddy Dick fucked each of my daughters. The man pops Viagra like breath mints, LOL. That way his cock stays hard for all 5 of my dick spinners. I watched and masturbated as he held each of my daughters on his lap standing up in the water.

Daddy Dick came so hard all 5 times. And not only did he give each little whore some cum, but he also gave them all $1,000 tip. And he gave this trashy milf a little bonus too for spending the day in the heat with him. But it went way better than expected. Whores do anything for money, even phone whores.

Tranny Phone Sex Party of the Summer was A Hit

Tranny Phone Sex Party of the Summer was A Hit. In fact the stories that would emerge from this party will be epic. My Druggy tranny girls really got a kick out of it. Obviously from using a few of these married guys, of whom are my prostitution clients.

First we gather at the Strip club my friend owns. Locked it down and made it a special VIP night. The VIPS were three married guys that were high rollers with my girls and I. The cocaine and booze was flowing.

Then as things got hotter and way beyond dancing we were having a bukkake orgy with these three guys in the center. There were approximately 25 to 30 of my girls with dicks present. We really made a mess of these three men!

Finally I had to get all three of these guys a hotel room to recoup before they returned home to their wives. The amount of hardcore ass fucking and cum flowing was truly out of this world. There just is something about partying in South Beach in July to just make things stickier and slimier than any other time or place!

Tranny Phone Sex

Sexy Prostitutes Can Get the Wrinkles Out of Old Dicks

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes can get the wrinkles out of old dicks. Trust me. I can make even the oldest most shriveled up old balls cum. And cum hard too. I know all the tricks. This man hired me and all my daughters to fuck him and his best friend last night. When someone hires all of us, I assume they are young. I mean 4 hookers might give even the healthiest man a heart attack. So, when we discovered the two men who hired us where in their 80s, we looked shocked.

But old dicks need to cum too. Maybe old dicks need to cum even more than others. A paid gig gives men the best of me and my sexy prostitutes. These two men appeared widowed and lonely. My guess, when a man ages, finding pussy gets harder. Most young girls do not want to fuck a wrinkled old dick. And most old women do not enjoy fucking any more. So, what do horny old men do? They call a pro and pop some Viagra.

My whores and I know how to get the wrinkles out with our mouths and our pussy and ass. After a few minutes of our best cock sucking, those old dicks stood at attention for us. Sure, their balls smelled a little musky, but we could take care of that too. These old buddies served in the Vietnam War together too. Even though both seemed filthy rich based on the house we went to, I still gave them a soldier’s discount. We appreciate our veterans. Even the ones with old dicks.

My Whores and I Can Get the Wrinkles Out of Old Cocks

Our clients appeared shocked they we could get their cocks hard that quickly. And I explained that my little sluts and I enjoy a challenge. But I think their old dicks work just fine with the right inspiration. And I think a sexy mommy and her sexy prostitutes might have been the right inspiration.

We all fucked those old men. Even tea bagged their shriveled old balls. They fucked our cunts, our mouths and assholes too. And we drained their balls several times. They felt so much better when our session concluded. And we felt better too. It feels good to service men, especially men who need it the most.

sexy prostitutes

Anal Cum Dumpster Lilibeth Raised Anilingus Acrobat Daughters

anal cum dumpsterAn anal cum dumpster like me enjoys anilingus. That’s just the clinical definition for ass eating. But this John hired me and my daughters to be his anilingus acrobats. Apparently, that is a thing I did not even know about. Men like to get in interesting, even contorted poses or have women do all sorts of acrobats to simply eat ass. But I raised anal whores, so I took the gig. Plus, the money seemed phenomenal for just ass eating. We rim each other and suck cum out of assholes all the time.

So, last night my anal acrobats and I showed up at this guy’s house ready to eat ass and be his anal whores. We all enjoy being a man’s anal cum dumpster. And since he paid us so well, we told him he could fuck our assholes too. You should have seen how big his eyes got. He wanted to shoot his seed inside all our assholes. So, he excused himself and took Viagra. Even though it would take a while for it to kick in, we knew we could speed up the process with some anilingus acrobatics.

My Anal Whores and I Want to Be Your Ass Eating Acrobats Too

I instructed my anal whores to get in the beach ball position. This is a great position for ass eating. My whores laid on their backs, brought their legs over their shoulders, opening their assholes for their mommy’s tongue. And I licked their sweet, puckered buttholes. I danced my tongue around the holes before I tongue fucked those pretty rosebuds. But I made them eat mommy’s asshole too. I got on all fours, and they took turns licking mommy’s back door.anal cum dumpster

Our client did not need to wait four hours for that little blue pill to work its magic. Around this anal cum dumpster and her anilingus acrobats, no one needs to wait for hours for an erection. That’s the power of watching a whore and her slutkins eat ass. But we showed off our ass eating skills with our client too. Although he could not get into too many contorted poses, we did get him to lie on his back and hold his knees to his chest. This exposes the cock, balls and ass for us all to show off our rim job skills.

We made him cum so hard just from anilingus. But once the blue pill kicked in, he wanted to give us each some cum in our pretty assholes. And of course we let him. We are anal whores after all. And anilingus acrobats. So, when he came in our assholes, we took turns cleaning it all out. We all enjoy being anal whores.

Sometimes a Trashy MILF is the Right Woman for the Job

trashy milfA trashy milf loves pussy too. Mostly, men hire me to fuck, but recently a woman hired me. However, she did not hire me for her. She hired me for her teenage daughter. My client discovered that her daughter likes girls. Nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, bi, or trans. Even though I cannot keep up with all the queer identities, I support anyone. Mom thought that if an older woman taught her some things, she’d feel less nervous during her fist sexual encounter with a schoolgirl.

Perhaps, the mom just thought logically, you know. Older women teach younger men how to fuck all the time. In fact, many fathers hire mature sexy prostitutes for their sons. So, why can’t a mom hire a whore for her daughter. Although, I cannot pass for a teen girl even on my best day, I can role play with my client’s daughter. I role play daddy’s girl for horny callers. We just suspend belief for a while, LOL. So, I borrowed one of my daughter’s schoolgirl outfits.

I Just Love Making People Cum and I Do Not Care About Age or Gender

Perhaps, I am biased, but I thought I looked cute and hot as fuck. The girl seemed nervous, but once I started licking the alphabet on her clit, her nerves dissipated. If any of my daughters needed this kind of help, I would not have hired a pro. I would have done the job myself. However, I respected this mother’s support for her daughter. My tongue and fingers made her bald little pussy quiver with delight. Her juices coated my face. And all I could do was lap it up.

I made that little girl squeal in delight. Taught her things about her body she did not know. And I taught her how to eat my pussy too. Some girls appear natural cunt lickers like the daughter of my client. We spent hours together exploring each other’s bodies. And I watched her blossom. This trailer trash whore does not care who hires her. I will fuck a girl, a boy, a woman or a man. I just love helping folks cum and that includes you.

Gangbang Whore with a Side of Druggy Hooker, That’s BJ

I’m trashy BJ. And I am just a total Gangbang Whore. Obviously just Get me high and hire me out to all of the big dicks in the Hood. Let me ride that big black cock all night long. These are the things that get me hot.

As a stripper druggy whore, my life has been a complete roller coaster of filthy fucking fun. Generally speaking, Letting my son watch me as I fucked BBC is just a minor aspect of the taboo shit I get off in doing.

Truth of the matter is that I am not the mother of the year in many standards. But to my and my son’s standards I totally excel in being the trashiest hot whore mama a boy can have. And yes I have let my son fuck my hot whore pussy. In any case, he mainly gets it after it’s been wrecked.

Now, you may ask, What do I mean by wrecked? Once again I am that big dick bukkake loving whore happily fucking multiple dicks at once. In brief, Hours of getting high and fucking that is my life. And in my down time my son licks my pussy clean and even enjoys dipping his little white boy dick in mamas nigger fucked holes.

Gangbang Whore

Phone Sex Sluts Make the Best Wives

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts like to party. I got on a long call last night. Over 6 hours. Hard to believe men do that long of calls. But party men with money will always be my favorite wallets to milk. His wife went away for a week, and he decided to treat himself to a sexy milf and a big bag of cocaine. He told me that he only does coke when she goes out of town twice a year. The rest of the time he acts strait-laced and boring.

And I felt lucky that I married a man who likes to party too. But more importantly, I can be myself around him. No hiding my other lovers or my hooker ways or my party ways either. He supports me no matter what I do. Perhaps, I made my caller jealous with my open marriage. But the way I see it, we are not predisposed to be monogamous. So, if we know our spouses will likely cheat, why not give them the greenlight to do so? And cheat yourself too.

My husband loves tight young pussy like most men. And our little ones make up our hookers for hire home brothel. And I tell you that to emphasize the fact that our little whores no longer have tight holes. So, I encourage my man to finder younger, tighter pussy.

A Slut Wife is the Best Wife

And I even hunt with him for some. My caller wanted to hear what a perfect wife I am. And my husband would agree. I am such a good wife that after our call, my husband and I picked out a young teen girl for him to fuck.

She goes to school with my youngest daughter. So, she knows our family and likely knows some of our secrets. Well, she knows more now. I suspected the girl was no virgin, but she was no whore either. And that means tight holes. But as it turned out she was still a virgin. My husband popped her cherry. And I got to watch and masturbate. We paid her a few grand to keep this our secret. We did not force the girl. She wanted to be my husband’s cum dumpster.  Most girls do because we pay well to pop cherries.

No taboo phone sex includes snuff scenes sometimes

No taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex includes snuff scenes sometimes! If you ever wanted a blonde dope whore to be your victim, you have found Hardcore Hadley, the do it all call-girl! Many times during my street walking days, I found myself almost dead due to a mean man who hated women. Several scars on my body prove that a bitch can’t be taken out that quick.

No taboo phone sex snuff hooker

But I speak too soon as a string of jack the ripper type hooker deaths have happened around my territory lately. Men can be brutal when they hate women, cutting tits and pussy lips off. And it’s a fear that  runs deep with Hookers for hire! And those of us that love dope are more endangered than any other. Being suffocated during hardcore sex acts carried fear of never waking from breath play. But If I had to choose A death, I would do it big, like everything else in my life. Lots of blood, dope and torture.  I’d die with no regrets, knowing that I died doing what I love.

I would hope my insides would be used like a pocket pussy. My need to die only enhances the wrath and pain you inflict in those last moments.  Use my blood as lube for you, your friends and K-9 buddies. I want it sick and twisted like never before! Fuck my dead boy, after I beg of you.

It would be the ultimate high, and I’d be remembered forever as the sexline whore who sacrificed her body for a man’s cum load. I only hope he fucks me to death and after!  I’ll make sure to leave an everlasting impression. My legacy will be my death, and my body will be his trophy. It will be my ultimate orgasm and my final act on life.

Hooker Phone Sex Makes You Feel Like a Real P Daddy

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex lets you fantasize about fucking one of my slutkins. Daddy and I love to pimp  out our daughters and our sons to men like you. Although we earn a good living as pimp parents, the money just seems like icing on the cake. We enjoy providing our little ones with cock and cum. Cum does little bodies well. All that necessary protein to make little bones big and strong.

The more sex a young one gets, the better they get at fucking as they age. And we teach them how to enjoy sex too. When my parents pimped me out, no one taught me how to enjoy sex. My husband was the only client my parents brought me who ate my little bald pussy and focused on my pleasure. And once he bought me outright from my parents, he worked on making me enjoy sex too.

Little Slutkins Enjoy Pleasing Daddy Dick

Now, I am a trashy milf with a home brothel who loves to fuck. Although I do not need to hook anymore, I love it. Our little ones understood self-pleasure before they fucked any men like you. Daddy taught them all about orgasms. Even though my pervert husband enjoys young bald cunnies, he still loves me. And he still fucks me too. Our marriage might not be traditional like your marriage, but we enjoy each other. A solid relationship might be what we all crave too.

Our little sluts stayed busy all weekend long. Father’s Day gave my little ones sore holes. So much action because men just like you crave young pussy on Father’s Day. And I understand that. But I also know that smart men crave that young bald pussy every other day of the year too. And that is why me and my husband pimp out our hookers for hire to men just like you. Are your ready for some tight holes?

BBC Phone Sex Whore Shares All Her Dirty Stories

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex turns me on. However, very few black men call me. Perhaps, because black men do not need to call for phone sex. They can nut for free whenever they want. Always plenty of women like me to drain those big black cocks. White boys with small dicks call me the most. Why? Because they have big black penis envy. They want what I have. And luckily, I share my big black dicks. And I share all my stories about satisfying those BBCs too.

I talked to a guy for hours last night. And he wanted to hear all my dirty tales.  But only the ones involving big black dicks. So, I told a chronological tale about all those massive black cocks I serviced in the past. The story that he enjoyed the most, however, went back to my younger days. He loved the story of how I became a bbc whore with so many BBC sex stories to shares.

BBC Fun, I Love. Do You? I Can Feed You Some BBC

We can thank my mother for making me the whore that I am today. And when I say whore, I mean super whore who fucks anything with 2 or 4 legs. Perhaps, that first BBC sent me down the rabbit hole of sexual depravity, but I do not care. I love what I love. And I love BBC because my mom used to fuck black men for money back in the 70s and 80s. And one day, one of her Johns took a shine to me and offered her a ridiculous amount of to fuck my virgin holes.

Back then, I guess you could say I appeared to be a normal schoolgirl. Innocent, cute and ripe for the picking. However, my mom did not want the money. Well, she did. She just did not want to sacrifice her baby girl’s innocence for it.  But I wanted to do it. I watched her for years fuck and suck the biggest cocks I’d ever seen. And I wanted in on that action. So, I convinced her. And although I struggled with that massive rod, I took it. I lost my virginity to a 44-year-old black man with a baseball for a cock. And a bbc whore was born.

If you call my phone sex line, I have lots of stories for you too.