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Frisky Furballs Mount My Girl

Furry Friends Phone Sex“Do you want to play a game?” He asked my sweet teen daughter. She nodded, excitedly. As she skipped with the older man back to his home, her perky tits bounced along. His eyes raked over her, excitedly. I tailed behind them, excited to see what a whore my sweet princess would be today. He brought her to his home, and led her to a back room. I could see his cock straining against his pants as I peeked through the window. He led her to a breeding bench, and restrained her; her ankles were bound, her wrists secured, and her abdomen locked to the bench as he bent her over it. I could see how wet her young bald cunt was. She looked at me through the window, and winked. The man let in his large four legged friend who immediately went to her sweet snatch and started to lap up her juices. She was trying to squirm away, but she couldn’t move. That furry pal was just using his huge tongue to clean her cunt, and she was panting and moaning in time with his licks. I watched her squirt from getting her pussy devoured, but the licking never slowed down. She came again and again from his fuzzball’s kisses. It was an hour before she was finally mounted by the man’s friend. She screamed as the huge cock entered her, but was cumming all over that red rocket in no time. I snuck away, so horny from having watched my daughter get bred I needed to cum or I was going to lose my mind! That night at dinner, I asked her how her day was/ She looked a mess, and smiled. “I made some new friends Momma, and we played one hell of a game.”

Trailer Trash Druggy Whore

No Taboo Phone SexMy cunt gets so wet for crack. That’s right. I’m a trailer trash druggy whore who needs her fix. When I’m dripping wet all over your cock, it’s because I’m thinking about buying and smoking all that ice. I’ll do anything for a hit; anal cum dumpster, sucking big black cocks, even eating your asshole. That’s right, I’m a filthy fucking whore who will do literally whatever you ask. Yeah, there’s nothing I won’t do for a drag of that sweet dream. I’ll even rent out my offspring. I have eight, you know, so I can spare three or four. Do you know how much money I could make off of their young, hard cocks and sweet bald cunts? So much. I know what you’d pay as a PDaddy to be able to play with rugrats. You don’t have to be shy, I actually love to watch them work up on you and fulfill your every fantasy. You want my darlings, and I want my drugs. Let’s make a trade.

Phone Sex Line for P Stories

phone sex lineI believe in giving back to my community, especially in times like these. Philanthropy feels good. I think giving is receiving. That is why I volunteer every Friday at my local YMCA. They are still having some activities for young ones stuck at home for the summer. The camps were cancelled, and the pool is closed, but they have a few hours a day for boys and girls to make some arts and crafts. I pass out the art supplies to the poor boys and girls in need of a little social interaction. Most of them have mommy or daddy issues and just need a nice MILF to be good to them, to give them the nurturing and love they do not get at home. These are the darlings of crack whores and pimp daddies. These girls and boys often lack their mother’s love, which makes it so much easier to prey on them. If you have ever called my phone sex line, you know I am a dirty P whore. When a brother and sister were left behind because no one picked them up, I offered to give them a ride home. I drove them right to my house for daddy and me to enjoy. Two little jungle bunnies. Daddy and I love some young tender dark meat occasionally. A good woman gives boys and girls the love and care they need. I sucked that boy’s black dickie and ate that tender age girl’s bald cunnie. The boy was big for his age. He will grow into a porn star if the hood does not swallow him up. Daddy enjoyed fucking that sweet little black pussy. Very pink and juicy on the inside. I did take them home, eventually. They did not want to leave our place. I felt bad returning them. They could make us so much money as part of our hookers for hire, but we do not need the police looking for us. Daddy and I gave them a bag of money that we told them to hide from their crack whore mommy. I take care of the little ones I molest. Treat them well and they never tell on you.

Sexy Shower Stranger Fucks My Soapy Cunt

Hookers For HireI was soaping up my cunt, rubbing my clitty with the suds, trying to grab a shower between my diner shift and my night in the lot. My hands trailed up my body, tweaking a thick, dusky nipple. I moaned quietly and then a firm hand clasped over my pouty lips. He was on me like July flies on honeycomb.
I felt his fat cock pressing on my lower back; a tall man. His chest hair scratched my back. “Quiet now, whore.” He hissed in my ear, taking his hand from my panting mouth to my hips. He lifted me, and slid his cock right into my tight, soapy pussy. I whined under my breath as he stretched me around his thickness.
He bounced me, jack-hammering his dick deep into my cunt. I threw my hands against the wall to steady myself, the hot water rippling down our bodies. I shuddered as an orgasm ripped through me involuntarily. He just felt so good!
It was well over half an hour, and six times cumming later, he unloaded his balls deep inside my fuckhole. He slid out, set me down, patted my head, and slipped $200 into my hand. I crumpled to the floor, ice cold water sending shock-waves through my body.

Cum Filled Cunt

Gangbang Sex Stories w/ Sexy Shemales

For some the thought of a tranny is exciting and they are always curious about having sexual encounters with one. Some even want more of that tranny dick. I had this caller that wanted some hot tranny gangbang sex stories to get him off and it was quite hot. Getting yourself sandwiched with a whole lot of tranny sausages in your face and in that faggot ass of yours is what you need, at least once. The idea of a sexy gangbang of big shemale cocks probably tends to get your cock hard. It’s tits, dicks and ass. So many as five sexy tranny cocks could excite that desire for cock and make any alpha male a total submissive faggot. I know this to be true. I have been a part of a few hot orgies with as many as ten sexy tranny girls. We love to fuck one another and suck each other off as much as we love to share some intrigued little bitch, female or male. I know plenty of chicks with a fetish for tranny dick and why the hell not?! If this intrigues you we should talk about it baby.

gangbang sex stories

I Know All ABout BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexI know how to do BBC phone sex. I am a dirty hold whore. I was raised on black cock. My momma was a trailer park hooker. My dad was a trucker who had no clue what she was up to when he would travel. We needed money. He left us a few bucks to feed us for a week. We needed money for my clothes and school supplies. Daddy was a mean son of a bitch that wanted us penniless and dependent on him. My momma was a sexy blonde bitch. She was a high school drop out but she was a beauty queen. Plenty of men were willing to pay for her pussy. Often, when they saw me spying on them, they wanted two hookers for hire. Momma fucked a lot of black men. They never cared how young I was either. All they cared about was how deep I could take their big black cocks and where I could take them. I think black guys will always prefer fucking white women. Here I am forty some years later still getting big black cock. Terrance is a truck driver I hook up with occasionally. I have not seen him in months because his route was cut due to Covid. He texted me that he was back on his route and would be blowing through my town. I told him to park his cab next to my trailer. My skanky pussy was happy to have his dark meat back inside it. Kind of felt like I was a virgin again. That cherry popped in 1976. But it has been a while since I had a 12-incher in my pussy. I lowered myself slowly on to his dick and I shit you not, I squirted as soon as I was all the way down. I let out the loudest moan as he thrust in and out of my lot lizard sex hole. When he came, it was like a volcano went off in my barren womb. Damn, it felt good. He cleaned the cobwebs out. Just what I needed too.

Druggy Whore Goes For A Ride

Druggy Phone Sex

“Hop in, you filthy fucking whore.” He taunted, holding up an eight ball to entice me. His cock was out, all pathetic four inches of it. The blow was enough, so I was stripped and in the cab before he had a chance to go soft on me. My pussy was slick, not minding his little cock if it meant cocaine. The less work I had to do, the better.
He took off, pulling the truck out onto the highway. “Swallow my cock, bitch.” He spit in my face as I did a line off the dashboard. I was on him like flies on honey in July. I slammed him into the back of my throat. He moaned real loud, dirty bird, and nearly swerved a lane. I kept throat fucking him, faster and faster. He was grinding the gears, slipping over to the shoulder of the road.
He threw me onto the bunk, climbing up my body. Pinning me down, he face fucked me, rattling my teeth. My head was slamming into the wall, spinning from more than just the snow. He spilled his baby gravy deep down my throat. Getting off, I reached for the coke. Instead, he handcuffed me to the bunk.
“You’re mine, cunt.” He wasn’t going to bring me back to the lot.

A Family of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireI am the madam of a family of hookers for hire. I have something for everyone too.  I have young boys and girls and I have teen boys and girls. I even have a Nubian princess and a little Latina darling that are adopted. Plus, I have the friends of my little whores who are always greedy to make some money. Sometimes, however, men want to hire the matriarch of a home brothel instead. Like I said, we have something for everyone. My husband takes care of the clients and I take care of the talent. We work well together. I was hired to take the virginity of a young teen boy. I was a special birthday present from his father. I was sort of a fantasy mom hired to deflower the lad. Since it was a surprise, I arrived earlier than the boy. His nanny had him out doing stuff. The father showed me to the boy’s bedroom. I slipped on something sexy and waited about 20 minutes before the birthday boy arrived. The look on his face was priceless. He got a hardon in his jeans. He was like, “Daddy, is she for me?” I told him to come sit on the bed with me. Been awhile since I had a boy this young in my pussy. He was eager to get the party started. I gave him his first blowjob. His cock was naturally hairless. His balls were small but hard. I was not sure he would stay in my pussy, but I let fuck me. I told him I was his present; he could do what he wanted. He liked being in control. He fucked me like a rabbit until he nutted. He lasted longer than I expected for a boy his age fucking a trashy milf for the first time. I got paid a few grand to fuck a young boy I would have done for free any day of the week. I love my life.

If I Was Your Secretary…

hookers for hireI have a high dollar client who likes to get his freak on while at work in his corner office. He hires me as a temporary secretary for the day and I love it. Not only does he pay me big bucks, but I get a check cut from the company as well. I always show up dressed like the naughty sexy secretary but still a bit conservative. He has his assistant show me around and then introduce me to him. It is a little game he likes to play, and I am happy to oblige. So, after the norm and she had introduced us I sat in front of his office and he had her shut the door. I stood up and leaned over his desk showing him by massive cleavage and asked what he would like for me to do for him today. He smiled as I unbuttoned my blouse and walked towards him. I removed my skirt and blouse and stood there in only my panties and bra. He smiled as he turned his chair around and I got between his legs and started unbuckling his pants. I took his big cock out and started stroking it while I licked his balls. Then I looked up at him and smiled as I took that long cock deep in my mouth for him to throat fuck me. We had quite the kinky time that day, but you wish you were my boss for the day too. Just what would you like me to do for you?

Training a Girl for an Anal Sex Whore Gangbang

anal sex whoreAn anal sex whore is made, not born. I have several daughters. I have made them all anal sex whores. When you run young girls for a living, you train them for things like fisting and anal gang bangs. Guys do not buy whores to do the things their wives will do for free. Last night, my youngest girl had her first anal gang bang. Now, she is not an ass virgin. She has just never had 20 guys fuck her tiny ass in a night yet. Daddy hired a security guard to go with me to the client’s home. We love our young hookers for hire. Plus, we must protect our bottom line, right? Sorry for the pun, lol. They get too roughed up and no one wants to pay for them. A little rough sex, even rough anal sex never hurt anyone though. I helped my daughter prepare for this night with dildos and my fist. Not that you can really prepare a girl for a brutal ass fucking. They nailed her ass good too. None of the guys had small cocks. Daddy and I drugged her up. Not so she would be passed out but to lesson the discomfort. She still cried, but she took her anal gang bang like a seasoned anal porn star. She had 20 plus loads of cum flowing out her beat up asshole like a river. I wanted to go over and lick it out, but the clients did not want me. They wanted to fuck a very young girl in the ass. They wanted to make a hardcore anal sex video with my daughter. We made so much money off her tight little ass too. It is still not back to normal. It may never be quite the same, but she got her anal gang bang cherry popped and daddy and I made enough money to buy her something special, so she forgets all about her prolapsed asshole.

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