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Cum Dump Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sex

I do what a trashy shemale phone sex whore does. I look for cock in every place I can. I look for ways to give my cock to men. Tonight, I spent some time on the corner looking for men who might pay for a blow job or to get a nice tight ass hole reamed. Shawn pulled up in a nice black Lincoln and asked if I wanted a ride. I was wearing my sunflower daisy dukes and my yellow halter top making sure I showed off my big fake tits. I am always cautious of a man who might not know that I have a dick. I leaned in and said baby I have a little extra than most women, is that okay? A smile lit up his face and he said I was counting on it. I jumped in waved to the other girls selling their wares and took off straight towards downtown. We didn’t make it that far we stopped at the Cavern a pay per hour place I knew well. In minutes I was sticking my tongue down his throat and he was grabbing for my tranny dick in my shorts. I was hard and he whispered in my ear that he was going to be my cum dumpster tonight and he would pay men big bucks to fuck him over and over. As I felt his cock rise My only response was for him to fuck me back just as hard with the thick dick he had.

Young Hookers for Hire for Daddy

hookers for hireWe are having a naughty birthday celebration full of hookers for hire. Daddy is 65 this weekend. We have been celebrating his special day with coke, booze and super young pussy. His girls have been servicing daddy all week in anticipation of his birthday tomorrow. I got a few extra super young dick spinners for him too. His birthday presents. Every year I get our slutkins ready for daddy’s celebration. Our daughters, however, are teens now and he likes them younger. We have some adopted girls taking care of daddy, but he wants something new. What man does not? I know where to find young whores. I know all the wrong people in all the right places, I guess you could say. I ordered up some pretty young sexy prostitutes and watched daddy’s old dick get hard as I unwrapped his presents. I did not want the girls to feel slighted, so they helped me pick out the cute things. They even helped them get ready for daddy. My daughters licked those young bald slits to get them wet for daddy’s dick. My girls never get jealous because they will forever be daddy’s girls. These rent a daughters are a once a year sort of thing. The other 364 days of the year, they are the center of attention in this family. Daddy filled his rent a girls up with his daddy seed. They had cum running out of their pussies and asses. Daddy took Viagra before we started the party. He planned for the day. Our girls were waiting to lick daddy’s seed out of the pussies of our hired girls. Everyone in my family is a creampie slut for daddy’s jizz. I fucked our boys while our daughters cleaned up the mess daddy made of the rent a sluts. And we are still celebrating.

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Sexy Prostitutes Love Cum Swapping

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes need to keep their skills honed when business is slow. I am keeping my daughters’ skills sharp. I invited a stud over last night. He is a retired porn star. He was big in the 80s. He likes young pussy. He is friends with my husband. They went to high school together. I love it when he comes to visit. He has great dirty stories to share. He banged Tracy Lords in a porn, and it was not one of the porns you can find now. The older this man gets, the younger he likes his girls. My husband owes him a favor or two, so he came over to collect. He is married now. His wife is a former porn starlet too, so you know she does not have tight holes like my slutkins do. I was happy to have him over because my girls are horny. They needed some action. This friend of my husband’s has great cum shots. Even I am impressed with his cum shots at 62. He can still coat a girl’s face like it was 1988. I wanted my girls to work on their snowballing techniques. Guys love to watch girls cum swap. Our guest came a few dozen times over the course of the evening. His first load was the biggest. He came on three of my angels’ faces. I licked it off because I am a cum guzzling slut. I did not swallow. I savored every drop in my mouth until I had enough to snowball with each girl. We swapped his cum until it was all gone. A good whore does not waste cum. When he came in my girls’ pussies, I was there to suck it out and snowball with them again. My girls finally got a lot of cum on quarantine. It is not every day a famous porn star cums to visit.

Trashy Tranny Josie

I’m that trashy tranny that offers tranny phone sex fun to married straight men who crave to feel a dick. You want tits because then it’s not so gay to be enjoying this dick. My nice big tranny cock is making that ass feel like it’s missing something. You are missing my beautiful nearly 9 inches of shemale surprise up in that hole. It’s my pleasure to give it to you like the little depraved cock craving bitch you are. Never deny the desire for the dick. I have a pretty face, slim body, a nice set of tits and the dick you crave. Eat my ass like a good boy and I will let you fuck my pussy. It’s really the best fun a fellow crack lover can have, it’s secretive, sexy and won’t break up that marriage. If I do become the home wrecker, it really isn’t my fault. It’s just your animalistic desires can only be quelled by a nice sexy cock. I’m not gonna tell anyone and if you didn’t do it with me it would be someone else so just take the plunge baby and explore my cock.

Tranny phone sex

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Trailer Trash Whore

Sucking old cock is the best way to get along in life. I have the best trailer in the park and I don’t have to pay any rent because I let that old man that runs the joint fuck me and every once in awhile I give him the best fucking head he has ever had! Here i am every second Saturday of the month on my knees in his seedy back-office sucking his elder cock. His old balls smack my slutty trailer trash whore face as i prepare to take his load and swallow his every last drop! This time i decided to give him a little surprise! I went all the way down wiggling my tongue all around and i snuck a finger up to massage his P-spot! He about knocked me over with how hard he came!

Gangbang phone sex

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I need more cocks! The 3 that were in front of me were not enough I crave more big dicks to suck dry! I love the feeling of thick fat cocks dripping their precum all over my face. I open my mouth and stuck out my tongue when the first three guys dripped cum all over my tongue. More men stepped forward, fat cocks slapping against my cum covered face! More cum smeared against my pale skin. I felt a big cock push deep in my asshole. I let out a large moan as that fat cock fucked my browneye harder and pump cum inside. I just love feeling all the hot white sticky cum dumping all over my body! It fuels my whoreish ways and I have to chase that sexual high of being an absolute cum dumpster!

Trashy Milf, Hooker for Hire and French Maid

trashy milf

Do you think I am a sexy? I get told all the time that I do not look like most women. I certainly do not look like my mom did! I enjoy being a hot mommy. The other night I had a special date. The guy hired me for a French maid fantasy. I was not prepared to arrive at a party. With social distancing still in place, I thought it was just him and me. It was part of his fantasy. He wanted to watch his wife and her stuck up socialite friends squirm being around a trashy milf. I was being stared down by several frumpy soccer moms; his wife was one of them. Not my fault the maid was hotter than all the snooty trophy wives. A bunch of jealous rich soccer moms wanted to go mean girls on me, so I played that game. There were two wives making things awkward for me as I went around cleaning up after the party goers. They made jabs, insulted my intelligence, insinuated that I am nothing more than a whore desperate for work. Two can play that game. I just seduced their husbands. I was there to fuck the host under his wife’s nose. The other men at the party, just bonus for me. I chatted with the two bitches’ husbands. I refreshed their drinks. I brought them out some appetizers. I whispered how much I wanted to fuck them too. I watched the bitches seethe with jealously as their husbands drooled over me. The two guys were best friends, so I thought why not let them tag team me in the bathroom. I left first. They followed a few minutes later. I wanted to be caught to put those jealous bitches in their place, but I was there as a hooker for hire and I needed to take care of the host. I took those horny husbands into bathroom, unzipped their pants and blew them while their bitch wives likely looked around the party for them. Blew them better than they had been blown before. I had no problem cramming both their dicks in my mouth or my ass at the same time. They exploded in my ass. At least I had the satisfaction of knowing I could get two married men to bang me with their wives not far away. I cleaned up, went back to party and waited for the host to make his move. Twenty minutes later, I was back in the bathroom doing the job I was hired to do. He did not last long, but he loved that his wife and her stuck up friends were not far away. It was my first quarantine party and it was my first fuck as a French maid with wives less than 100 yards away. There was no social distancing, but there was a lot of kinky fun. Before I left the party, however, I talked to each mean girl with her husband’s cum on my breath. The joke was on them. They did not shame me. I shamed them for being bad wives and frumpy bitches.

Young Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireHookers for hire are still for hire even doing a national shut down. It has been more challenging to arrange clients throughout this, but not impossible. We have adapted. We have become more creative like streaming family sex shows for money from the safety of our home. The problem has been most of our regular clients are fat cats overseas and with the travel ban, they cannot get to the US like normal. My husband created a chat room on the dark net. He is a computer genius. He met a few California men happy to pay a lot of money to fuck young sexy prostitutes. He vetted them. He makes them send their driver’s licenses and bank account info. The driver’s licenses secures their identity and gives a layer of security that they are not cops and will not attempt to report us or extort money out of us. The bank info just ensures they have the money necessary to pay our fees. Took a few days to vet the two men my husband decided were legitimate rich perverts. They both came over last night to check out our talent. They were both interested in our two adopted daughters. One is a little Nubian princess and the other is a Russian doll baby. Both knee high and super tight and young. Normally, the girls that young are watching and learning, but you can never have enough money, right? Who knows when travel bands will be lifted, so we sold our two youngest slutkins to those horny P men. Daddy and I watched as these two pervs fucked the youngest holes we have in the house. They were a little rough, but daddy and I enjoyed the show. I am the trashy milf madam of this clan. I knew I could soothe their sore swollen cunnies and assholes. The money was just too good to pass up.

Anal Sex Whore Training

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I have been for several decades. When I was a young hooker much older men wanted to fuck my jailbait ass. I never wanted to disappoint them or my parents who pimped me out, so I acted like I loved it.  I won’t sugar coat it. It hurt like hell. I fought back the tears. I told my mom it hurt when men put their things in my ass. She had no maternal instincts. I was her cash cow, but she helped train my ass with sex toys because a good anal whore was good for business. The only times I was let out of the trailer behind the trailer were for anal sex training. We would go to her bedroom for ass training. I discovered that the key to successful anal sex was whiskey and lots of lube. I was too young to be drinking, but it helped the pain. Mom didn’t care about me like a mother does, so she was liberal with the Jack Daniels. Later, she gave me coke and that helped with everything. It was all about making me a good whore for money. Practice made perfect and turned me into an anal whore. My husband married me in large part because I could take his 10-inch dick in my pussy, ass and mouth. I have trained all our young sexy prostitutes to be good anal whores too. Jailbait anal whores make bank. Recently, a married girlfriend of mine confided that her husband is cheating on her with a college coed. She told me she found pictures of them on his phone and they were having anal sex. She thinks he cheated on her because she never took his foot-long cock up her ass. I told her I could help her be an anal slut like me and my girls. I got a big bottle of Jack Daniels, and a variety of anal sex toys and invited her over. I discovered that if I fingered her pussy and tossed her salad, she squirted. She may have been more a natural for a hardcore ass fucking than I ever was. In fact, the first time I successfully got my dildo all the way in her ass, she squirted. I just cried the first time something that big was up my ass. Of course, she was decades older than I was when I had my ass cherry popped. Even if her husband leaves her for his 20 something coed, she can be my ass slave. I can always make money off an anal whore of any age.

Dirty Phone Sex Easter

dirty phone sexIt was a dirty phone sex Easter. That is the best kind, right? Obviously, I am not the religious type. I worship pussy and cock, not any heavenly entity. I was not compelled to go outside to celebrate because all I worship was under the same roof with me. It was a family fucking kind of day. My husband bought me and my daughters a sex machine. He knows being stuck at home can get monotonous, so he thought we could have fun with this. He was correct. We broke it in after dinner. I demonstrated how it works. My daughters all watched as mommy took that sex machine in my pussy and ass. I was squirting all over the place too. My husband controlled the speed. At one point he put it on high speed.  I was shaking like I was possessed by the devil. After I was drenched in cum, each of my daughters took a spin on the sex machine. They were each possessed by the devil too. Their sweet juice was everywhere. Daddy had a brilliant idea. Stream round two for some of his clients, for a fee of course. Daddy’s overseas clients are missing our young sexy prostitutes. My little whore are missing their money. We have had a few local men come over for some paid sex, but the money is with these overseas rich men who like pretty and young California girls. Daddy set up the camera and the stream. Guys made contributions for who they wanted to watch and what they wanted to see. One guy paid several grand to watch daddy fuck his youngest daughter. Another one paid to watch all my sons gangbang mommy. We just raked in the money family fucking while others were crying over not being able to go to church. I bet you can guess who had more fun.

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