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Lot lizard sex is my lot in life. You see my parents were both truck drivers and I grew up in the truck stops. As I grew older I knew that I didn’t want to drive a truck myself but still wanted the lifestyle. At the ripe age of 18 I became a lot lizard.  I would get so excited to see the trucks all lined up, big, burly men and women coming out and going into the shop to shower. I would wait until they were coming back out and ask if they wanted some company for a while. Most were very excited and would ask how much I wanted. I would answer $20.00 and a can of beer- pretty reasonable if you asked me. I spent many hours in the back of a truck fucking and sucking. Sometimes I would have guys who were so satisfied that they would call their friends on the cbs and I would be in and out of truck all night long. I enjoyed the women drivers the most as they really knew what a woman needs. I had some of the drivers who would ask for my number and they would then call the next time that they were rolling through. I never had a night go by that my pussy wasn’t oozing cum as I walked home.


Hot Stripper Sex Show

hot stripper sexLast night was a hot stripper sex show. My husband and I had a date night. We went to the local strip club for amateur night. It is a good place to check out talent. We make most of our money off the jailbait whores who live with us, but we do get requests for the right side of barely legal often enough to make recruiting necessary. My husband and I find lots of girls willing to moonlight as whores at the strip club. There were a lot of amateurs there last night for the contest. Times are tough for working girls, younger girls in general. We saw all sorts of dollar signs with some of the girls competing for the $1,000 cash prize. My husband had a brilliant idea. If I entered the contest, I could talk to the girls, feel them out and see if any of them wanted to be part of a profitable group of sexy prostitutes. I had a better idea. Invite them to our place after the contest and have a big orgy. Test the possible merchandise out before making any offers. About ten out of the 15 girls there came back to our mansion. They got a taste for the life of luxury.  Hot tub, in ground heated pool, top shelf booze, expensive clothes… My husband fucked a few of the girls. I finger banged them all. I made sure to 69 with each girl too so I could taste their juice. All of them were between 18-22 years of age, which is what a lot of our clients want. These lovely ladies would make a great addition to our home brothel. Being hookers for hire is nothing to be embarrassed about. While everyone else is struggling right now, whores are on top because sex is always repression proof. And as long as we can keep recruiting young girls, we will just keep getting richer.

Watching Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingTeen sluts fucking older men will always be popular. My husband and I had a little party last night. Just a few friends over. Our governor will not let us have a huge party, so we kept it at 10 to fly under the radar. We have some asshole neighbors who like to report parties too big. My daughters were the stars of this party. We have a group of men who like to pay to watch teen sluts get fucked. Daddy fucked all his sweet angels in front of these men who enjoyed jacking off while watching. I will not lie. I was turned on too. Seriously, I loved watching these men cover my daughters in cum. Each girl looked like a cum dumpster. They had chunks of cum in their hair. Cum was all over their faces and tits. Plus, daddy’s cum was oozing out of their fuck holes. My girls were showing off for daddy’s clients. They spread their fuck holes showing off all that jizz in their pink pussies. They snowballed cum with each other too. The licked it off each other’s bodies and crawled to the men to suck their dicks dry. I have cum junkies for daughters. Of course, Daddy and I made them that way. It was a fun night. We are having another party just like it tonight. Wanna cum over. As in cum over my precious sluts?

White Trash Phone Sex Halloween

white trash phone sexWe had an early white trash phone sex Halloween party. It was just an excuse to check out new talent. The neighborhood is full of sweet young things that could bring my husband and I much joy and pleasure. I love dressing sexy. I love cosplay. I dressed up as an R rated Mulan. My daughters were all various Disney princesses. My husband was Tarzan and our boys were various male characters from Disney movies. We had a theme, but it was ironic because none of us are the squeaky image that Disney portrays. I find when I look innocent and family oriented, the little ones open up around me easier. My husband and I had our sights set on this little angel in a Harley Quinn outfit. So young to be wearing such a violent and slutty character’s outfit. My husband distracted her trophy wife mom. He got her drunk and took her to our room to fuck, while I explored the little girl’s body. Virgins make more money. You can sell their virginity a few times before they just will not be that tight anymore. She was untouched. She tastes so yummy too. Like fresh watermelon. Pink, juicy and very sweet.  I ate her pussy. I had to resist finger banging her or breaking out my strap-on. I have broken a few cherries by mistake and that screws with the price we can get. That is why I test the merchandise and not my husband. We are always expanding our pool of sexy prostitutes because our offspring are getting older and more used every day. This little angel was perfect. As I was eating her bald cunnie, I was thinking of the clients I knew would pay good money for her. My husband and I fucked our brains out later thinking of the money that virgin cunt will net us.

Unrestricted Sexline

sexlineWe can talk about anything on my sexline. I mean it when I say I am no taboos and no limits. Let me tell you what I did yesterday. I came home from an all night sex festival. I had been hired for a private party and it went into the wee hours of the morning. I was still horny, however. I saw the house keepers’ little angels playing in the yard. One of the benefits of having illegal help is you get access to their little ones whenever you want. We have several members of her family employed with us. They are all grateful for how well we treat them. I am not being facetious. They live in a 4-bedroom carriage house. Everyone is paid well above minimum wage. They have health benefits and get to take vacations with us and spend holidays with us too. Every now and again, I help myself to the help’s little ones. The maid has a big brood. They have been with us for years. We paid for the two oldest to go to college, and now the two youngest are just starting private school. Twins. An adorable boy and girl who love to play with this gringa. We played in the pool naked, before I took them upstairs to my bed to fuck. I sucked the boy’s hairless cock. I ate his sister’s hairless cunnie. I let the little stud muffin hump inside me. No swimmers yet, but he does the best he can with what he’s got. I still felt amazing. It was just the little taboo tryst I needed to be able to fall asleep. They curled up with me in my bed and we napped a few hours before I had to sign on to my phone sex line. If you treat people really well, you can do anything you want with their angels.

Anal Sex Whore Lilibeth

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I do not hook as much as my young daughters do, but when I do, it is almost always anal. Young men, married men both love anal sex. Young guys see anal videos nonstop on Porn Hub. Married men cannot get wives to give up the ass. I entertained a few married men last night. Men who are obsessed with anal sex and know only whores give up the ass. I came home full of cum. I have this trick I do. I put a butt plug in my ass after anal sex. I want to keep the cum inside me until I get home to feed my creampie slut daughters. They love drinking cum from mommy’s fuck holes. They want to drink straight from the source too. I got up on the couch, spread my ass cheeks and pulled out the plug. I could feel the loads of cum running down the back of my legs. I could hear the squeals of delight followed my eager tongues. They were enjoying the sticky salty treat flowing out of my swollen asshole. Those married men fucked me like a whore. They left a mess in me like a whore too. But my sweet dirty angels were there to clean up the mess.

My Sexline Celebrates Hispanic Heritage and Hispanic Cocks

sexlineWhen you call my sexline, you will here all my dirty stories about Hispanics. It is Hispanic Heritage month and let me tell you, I love celebrating brown dick and pussy. I live in California. All the help here is Hispanic. Some legal, some not legal. My husband and I do not care. We prefer the illegal Hispanics because they make the best sex slaves. Desperate for money and will never report what you did to them because they will be deported. I have a Hispanic family that lives in the carriage house. All illegals. But in our household its Hispanic Heritage month every month. I am not a racist. I am an opportunist. My little brown family helps my family out in so many ways. First, the husband and wife work for us. She is our cook and maid. He is our landscaper and car repair guy. They are paid well. Better than they would be paid if documented immigrants. My sexline is not so much about them, but their offspring. When my husband first met them, they just had a son. That boy grew up to be quite the stud for me. He is a teenager now and he knows how to fuck white pussy better than most white men. I love brown dick. I celebrate Hispanic Heritage daily when his teen cock is going in and out of my fuck holes. This family has grown since moving on to our property. Now they have three little angels. Of course, we think they tried to have girls to make us happy. Our Hispanic family knows we run a home brothel filled with young talent. Sure, little white girls are always in demand, but so many men want a Hispanic angel or a Nubian princess. Variety is the spice of life, so we aim to please the varied tastes of our perverts. Do not feel badly for them. Those little brown angels bring home more money in a night than their parents make in a year and we pay the parents well. My sexline is full of dirty stories of pimping out the help’s little Hispanic darlings. My family knows the importance of celebrating Hispanic heritage. Brown pussy and brown cock bring us pleasure and money.


You Can Dress A Stripper Up But She Is Still A Hoe

stripper sex storiesEvery so often I have wealthy clients that like me to attend outside functions with them. For a cost I will do just about anything. Anyways, he wanted me to help him host a small gathering of his colleagues and play the part of his partner. Sure, no worries, I like the dude and how hard can it really be. I arrived wearing a nice dress and helped him. I hadn’t seen him outside the club, and he was actually quite nice looking. I had fucked him sure, so I knew what he had beneath those khakis, but I kept it in check and continued on with the party. It was a success, and everyone left happy and none the wiser that I was in fact a paid stripper. I tried to be good, but I had had a few drinks and was feeling horny. As he walked back to the kitchen, I met him with my tits and juicy pussy fully exposed wanting his cock. He actually dropped the plates and headed right to me. He lifted me on the counter and started sucking on my tits as I hurriedly unbuckled his belt and grabbed his big cock. I laid back and he started sucking on my swollen clit making my quickly squirt in his face. Then he lifted me to the ground, bent me over the chair and pounded my pussy from behind. He was stroking so hard and his balls were rubbing against me that I came again. He filled my pussy with his warm creamy cum and then turned me around, pushed me to the floor and I blew him hard again. We fucked into the morning and I left with a big stack of cash and my holes full of his sperm. It was a hot night.

Adding to My Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireWhen you have young hookers for hire living with you, you never have to worry about money. Not even during a pandemic. My husband is still working. My dirty talk line is hopping, but the real money comes from our young cunts. My husband has a client who likes virgins. We are fresh out of those, but I have met some young girls on quarantine that I have been grooming for this very moment. I knew this day would come. A good madam is always grooming and introducing new young whores to the profitable world of prostitution. This little girl comes from poverty. She is being raised by a single mom who is unemployed now. She has several siblings and welfare does not afford her the finer things. I presented her with a profitable opportunity that had to remain a secret. When I told her how much money she could make, she did not think long on what I proposed. Last night was her first night as one of my sexy prostitutes. Daddy’s client has an average cock. It still hurts a girl her age and size, but she was a trooper. This guy loves looking at his cock dipped in cherry sauce. Her little pussy looked like she had her first period. It was coated in blood. She was sore, but I know how to soothe battered tiny fuck holes. After daddy’s client left, I took a bubble bath with her. I cleaned up her popped cherry. I let her soak her sore pussy before I carried her to my bed to lick her bald swollen mound. I arranged for her to spend the night. Her mom thinks she is friends with my adopted daughter. They are now. They share the bond of losing their virginity to the same man. She has even younger sisters too. I am going to help this family out of poverty with the oldest profession in the world.

Frisky Furballs Mount My Girl

Furry Friends Phone Sex“Do you want to play a game?” He asked my sweet teen daughter. She nodded, excitedly. As she skipped with the older man back to his home, her perky tits bounced along. His eyes raked over her, excitedly. I tailed behind them, excited to see what a whore my sweet princess would be today. He brought her to his home, and led her to a back room. I could see his cock straining against his pants as I peeked through the window. He led her to a breeding bench, and restrained her; her ankles were bound, her wrists secured, and her abdomen locked to the bench as he bent her over it. I could see how wet her young bald cunt was. She looked at me through the window, and winked. The man let in his large four legged friend who immediately went to her sweet snatch and started to lap up her juices. She was trying to squirm away, but she couldn’t move. That furry pal was just using his huge tongue to clean her cunt, and she was panting and moaning in time with his licks. I watched her squirt from getting her pussy devoured, but the licking never slowed down. She came again and again from his fuzzball’s kisses. It was an hour before she was finally mounted by the man’s friend. She screamed as the huge cock entered her, but was cumming all over that red rocket in no time. I snuck away, so horny from having watched my daughter get bred I needed to cum or I was going to lose my mind! That night at dinner, I asked her how her day was/ She looked a mess, and smiled. “I made some new friends Momma, and we played one hell of a game.”

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