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Trashy Milf Likes it Rough

Trashy Milf

My whole life i have liked it rough and tumble when it comes to sex. It’s no surprise that as a trashy milf the rougher the sex the better! Last night as I was scoring some coke from this white boy, he doubled the price on me. I had a client waiting on me and was pissed off. Not only was he fucking with my money, he told me the only way he consider giving the coke for regular price was if I blew him. So looking at the time I figured I could get him off in a hurry and be back where I needed to be. Still pissed at losing money, my body is money!  And I would be losing more money if this whore didn’t get back in time. As I began to suck that pecker presented in my face, it became clear that he was a grower not a shower. The more I gobbled, and sucked and bobbed, the larger his dick grew! I was really impressed and lost track of time as I lost myself in sucking this glorious member. Soon he had me on my back slurping my dirty pussy like it was golden nectar. My coke dealer really loved to bury his face in this cum dumpster cunt! And I’m hoping you do too! I have a treat for a trick. 

Trashy Milf stripper whore

trashy milfDoes this trashy milf love her son watching her get fucked? Fuck yes I do. My son loves to watch mommy get full of cum. He is proud of me for being such a whore and making money with my pussy, ass and mouth. It keeps us in blow and a roof over our head. I would do anything to make my son happy, and he makes mommy very happy as he jacks his weenie off behind the stage at the strip club, watching mommy get fucked all night. It’s okay because the other dancers bring their offspring in when they can’t find a babysitter and it’s part of life for most of us. It’s better our young offspring get the full details of what whores these mommies are while they are young. God knows they see it in their own houses too. I know my son does. I will be taking calls after I have just been the sleaziest gangbang whore, and my son just jacks away as I rip my clit for him. Of course then he gets a ride on mommys cunt! My boy loves to fuck my cum filled cunt with his boy dick! Don’t you wish you had a hot whore mommy fuck like me?

Hadley is an anal cum dumpster

anal cum dumpster

I have been up all night, running around the streets and trying to find a big black cock to sit my fat anal sex whore ass down on. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling the way that my asshole stretches when I am presented with a giant piece of black man meat. That midnight monster is going to force my asshole open. No amount of knocking or pleading, or even scissoring me why does going to make my little fuck hole ready for him. I wanted a man that was at least 14 in long, and I finally found him downtown by the river. He was dealing dope, and I love me a hot fucking ride so I bought a rock off of him and got myself all fired up. Every time that I get horny as shit. I couldn’t help but notice the way that he was staring at my tits, and I didn’t even have to beg him for him to whip that cock out. When I saw how thick his dick was, I knew that he was the one. I instantly turned around, bent over the railing to the river, and flipped up my little micro skirt. I reached back and spread my own sheets so that he could see my brown eyed Susan, and he knew exactly what I wanted. I got BBC sex stories for miles cum and play with a nasty gang bang Black cock slut!

Used sloppy wet pussy

sloppy wet pussy


It’s time for some used sloppy wet pussy to make an appearance in your life! There is no holding out when it comes to a delectable gang bang slut to be filled to the brim for you! I’m a nasty momma and I sling my ass in order to feed my brats for you! I love being full of semen and playing with my pussy as I roll my bowl and get so fucked up for you! We all know the way this works. You can cum to me and watch me get fucked or you can contribute to my loads being deposited as I make my rounds down town! It so sloppy and juicy the more i get fucked by my Johns I take great pride in the fact that I am a three hole whore and always making a buck by fuck! Sometimes you need a no taboo cum reservoir to party with you and get nastier as the night wears on! My son never minds the fact that I stay on phones with perverts all night long and engage in toilet play, cum-filled and masturbating under my mirror over the bed. Nothing is too dirty for this used slut!. I have k-9 stores and even scat phone sex stories to make that dick pop for me!scat phone sex

He needed a true cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slutBeing a Marine is hard work, and while on leave he needed his balls complete drained. I know he needed a cum guzzling slut to the max. I knew his type and that he hadn’t dropped a load in a few months. A young nervous nelly who had never even been to a strip club before. His friends and fellow soldiers knew exactly where to bring him! I love living in a port city, we get so many Proud Military cocks here and they are the nastiest motherfuckers sometimes! Well almost always they need the nasty whores who can get every single drop of cum from those dirty balls. Ole boy was brought to the back room and his buddies paid for the whole works. A lap dance and a blow job. it didn’t take much to get that cock popping up for me. And as I slid the big tits down his body and around his dick, I made sure I kept contact with him. I swallowed his cock whole. and it was a nice big dick too! As I sucked and deep throated him his biddies cheered me on. I got so aroused at an audience I just pulled my g-string to the side and wiggled my ass inviting a fuck! I was well rewarded by a dick slipping inside my pussy as I drained my Marines balls! I got a cock in m sloppy wet pussy and a stomach full of cum! A good night if you as me, And I hope you do! 

Really Big dick sucker


big dick suckerWhen I say I’m a really big dick sucker I mean I love big dicks and this whore sucks a lot of dicks too! I’m big into sucking dick! When I see a man I immediately size him up by his cock and how much I want to slobber his knob. Yeah I’m a blonde bimbo for a cock sucking good time!  Shit I have a gym membership just so I can suck guys off in the locker room. Yesterday I followed this guy inside and he knew why I was there. He dropped his shorts and let me suck him off like a good girl. We had a crowd gathering and I had another three cocks cum. My stomach was full and I was proud to be a cum guzzling slut! By the time I got to the club to do my set, I was hungry for more cum already! I made sure to get put on the VIP list of whores. I had so much cum by the end of the night that I felt sick! But this night is just starting for me here. Would you want to add to my stomach full of cum. After all momma said not to spit cuz it was rude, better to swallow than make a mess!

White trash phone sex whore to the rescue

white trash phone sexWhy would a white trash whore be the one to help in a sexual crisis? Because I am the one who has sold her body and enjoys it. Being high as a kite and being horny all the time, brings new and exciting sexual adventures all the time. I know a man needs a little more in the bedroom than missionary. He needs a slut who will talk dirty and encourage his fetishes and desires. You need to be told that hard dick is exactly what I need while we talk about K9 adventures of a whore who loves getting nasty and filthy! I’m not relationship material but I am one hell of a fuck. I know incest and I know what is is like for A man to need a slutty cum dump to pour his load into! Slam bam thank you bam is and has always been my motto! Fuck me and leave me an go home to your wife with my cunt and as son your cock! Fuck her for me! I love knowing she is getting my juices inside her and she doesn’t even know!

Whore Taxi for blond Fucking

blonde fuckingBlonde fucking takes on a whole new theme when you riding in the back of an Uber with a paid whore! Me and a couple of other whores have teamed up with a pimp (my brother) who is getting paid double to supply the city with some of the best pussy while going to and from work, ect! The best paid whore rides are the early morning commuters! My favorite guy loves a used up whore on Monday mornings! His wife doesn’t know he has a late start at the office and he uses our whore taxi service to get some cummy pussy every morning.

As soon as my driver tells me where we are going I snort a fat line off the back of my hand, take off my panties and throw my legs up over the seats. My guy gets a full view of my dripping pussy as he throws his briefcase in the front seat and goes to town on some sweet buttercream cunt! He says he loves going to the office with my smell all over his face from the last few guys who have pumped that cream load into me! His dick gets dipped too as he adds to my cum filled cunt!
But the best part is all of the whore taxi rides are filmed and we can use them to black mail or make more money on the side!cum filled cunt

From teen sluts fucking to Nasty whores

teen sluts fuckingWhat does it take to go from teen sluts fucking to a real nasty whore? It takes a lot of drugs a love from sex and just a little incest and molestations. A product of my mother and fathers p-lust, my brothers incest needs and a whole lot of cocaine made me the way I am today. I love getting cum filled and That is all I have ever known. Even in the first picture, I had a huge load of my brothers cum in my sweet little pussy. My momma was just like me, only she needed to see me fucked. She essentially pimped me out to my own pops and brother. They would bring her a little white baggy and she would help them molest my young body. I liked it then, and I never felt any kind of bad way for the way I was pimped out to my own family members. I instantly liked fucking as a teen, and I still need to be fucked some kind of way, every day. I am a true whore in every sense of the word. Cum, find out, baby!

Glory Hole gangbang sex stories

gangbang sex storiesI am never sure which one of my gangbang sex stories are my favorite. One time down in San Diego I was lost after hiking a ride through the states and that gang bang at the glory hole was pretty impressive. Some how this whore always knows just where the fuck action is! Even if it’s by mistake! I walked right into a convenience store and the Towel head said I was right on time as he ushered me back to some blue light rooms. I was faced with 7 cocks poking out of a thin divider wall! I was in whore heaven! Let me tell you I am a big cum guzzling slut and I dropped right to my knees. And that was before I saw this white dude filming the whole thing. He kept calling me Allie and I didn’t correct him until I had been fucked every way but Kingdom Cum! I was laying in a pool of cum and as I collected enough cash to get back home I smiled up and said you got the wrong whore, but I bet I did it better than any other whore could! Who but me would stumble into a filming of a glory whore tramp film!cum guzzling slut

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