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Cum eating phone sex Bimbo

cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex has to be one of my favorite things in this whole world. Once this cunt has procured that semen all I want to do is eat it up. Yum! My cunt being stretched out and filled to the brim with some warm swimmers has me in a fuck daze. My fingers intrinsically go to my pussy and ass to scoop some of that delicious goop up. Eating a dripping jizz load out of myself is second nature at this point. MMM, so very savory and filling for a dumb cunt like me to feast on. My cum palate picks up all those delicate flavors and swishes them around in my mouth like bourbon.

My cum filled cunt is the perfect vessel only second to my ass cavity! I can keep upwards of ten loads in my snatch and about five in my ass-hole. Can you imagine how good this dirty hussy tastes? I invite you to partake of the tasty treat that is my twinkie filling. Some sperm loads are tinged with sweetness, while others have a bitter and chunky mixture. Both are just as wonderful as the other. I encourage you to give me as many decadent injections as possible!  I just had a thought, perhaps you would like to lick a my cunt clean. Sharing is caring, says your favorite gangbang whore!

BBC sex stories from my teen years!

BBC sex storiesBoy, does this Harlot have some BBC sex stories from my teen years! He would become My New daddy, Making me Dora The whore-a BBC Explorer! Turns out Daddy and Mommy Owed the local dealer a large amount of cash, and sent this black cock having daddy to collect. He would get my young ass instead of cash, But I was young enough it was a fair deal!

Soon I would be face down in a bowl of cocaine dressed in my moms negligee, stockings and heels for him! I was so scared when a fine black man busted in the door while I was home alone one night. He told me that I was his property now and to refer to him as daddy. I was scared but damn was he fine and had that booger sugar I so loved!
Mommy was still working her corner and my baby sister was next door at her friend’s house.
There was no escaping the fact that my trusted guardians had sold me. Trusted is a strong word for the Pimp and Whore I share my DNA with. No less faced with being a teen anal whore was a shock. I would overcome quickly thanks to the nose candy and black cock training daddy gave me that night. I had to make my parents dough back, but he wanted to make me his bottom bitch and instill a few whore rules first.   

  BBC sex stories and teen whores! 

No pussy fucking expect for this anaconda daddy has is rule number one!  Daddy spent that night fucking my mouth, pussy and asshole to give my little ass a test run. The Spanish fly was shoved down my throat with the aid of his big fat black dick. Turning me into a super horny fuck doll. Putting coke in his pee hole and licking it out before I popped that dick out of my mouth was super hot! And guess what? That first night with my BBC daddy was his birthday! His gift was not only me, but my little sister who would be his teen sluts fucking for money for now on!

Golden showers sex 4 stepdaughter

golden Showers sex Golden showers sex with my new step-daughter proves Orgasm inducing. Y’all know I come from that trashy life. I have fornicated in just about every bar, dive and bathroom in this town, and many others! I have been deemed the piss queen on many occasions. I didn’t plan on pissing all over her in the shower when the day started. I just wanted to finger bang her and make her eat my cooter. My new daughter is a sexy little young vixen and I needed to fuck her! My Husband and I have been talking dirty about her while we fuck. He has held back for so long. It’s my duty as a newlywed to help give my man some of that young cunt. The best way to start daddy and daughter fucking is by fucking the daughter myself. I’m sure many P-mommies would agree.
Coming up behind her in her shower I grabbed her tits and pushed her against the wall. Oh she did squeal a little as I asked if the young pussy had seen cock yet. Oh, she is feisty as she tells me it’s none of my damn business. Well, then my fingers inside her pussy shouldn’t be a problem if she has already gotten laid. That little bitch soon turned into a crying and moaning girl on mommas fingers. “Mommy…” and that’s when I knew. Her late mother had been playing with her and I was going to take over!
I pushed her down under my pussy as she greedily licked my cunt in the shower. I began pissing down her face much to her displeasure! I was her mommy now and I have to show her all the dirty things men like! I have many golden shower sex stories to help me teach my daughter now.

Trailer trash whore & The CPA

Trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore Hadley fucks husbands accountant. I don’t give two shits either. Between working the club, and phone whoring I have to do my taxes myself. This mother fucker is supposed to help me get the maximum benefit and now that Im married My husband is worried he will get audited!

So, He sent me to do what any good slut would. I was going to fuck his brains out for a large tax break! My husband laughed and told me not to give the poor old man a heart attack with my pussy! I promised I would do my best. We needed him to move some money and hide it, I would be the hottest slut he ever laid eyes on!

Trailer trash whore gets the deductions by seduction!

But much to some gangbang whore dismay, it wasn’t the old man. It was a young man who had barely begun to smell the sweat on his balls. His father had recently passed. And he promised me he has a tax law degree and could help us out. He also said he was very “by the book.” Fuck me! I thought, now what the fuck am I going to do.

The tits out mode isn’t working as I had expected, and this boy was either gay or non-sexual. Somebody needed to school this young man in how the world works! I had one full stop and I took it! I pulled my big bouncy tits out and grabbed his tie! I needed help and I’m a pro-whore. One Milf nipple and he was hooked. Soon He was banging me on his desk asking if he could breed me! Of fucking course my husband wants more deductions on our taxes! The best Gift was having some mommy sex as this young stud called out “MOMMY!” as he came in my cunt! 

Trashy Milf stepmom Hadley

trashy milf Trashy Milf stepmom Hadley seduces her new step son. I bet you didn’t expect your dad to marry such a smoking hot whore! Instantly I see how uncomfortable you are around me. I mentioned it that night to your dad! Who. by the way, thinks its hot if you start fucking me. Now he did say this while he was buried in my ass and getting that ass thrown back on his cock. SO I set night sights on you and started relentlessly teasing you with step mommies, big fake tits and ass. When I pushed by you to get to the refrigerator I smooched my ass into your crotch. I knew that that hard-on was for me. “Well I was looking for some lunch meat, but if you insist I’ll have some hot sausage!” I laughed. Your face was so red, that this naughty step mom thought she had made a mistake. “It is my body that has you hard, right?” I said as I grabbed a handful of that boy dick. I made my way to the bathroom, sure you would find me. By this time I had already taken my dress off as I heard your footsteps. WHat you walked into was me spread out on the counter, naked pussy ready to be fucked by you. I think hormones took over as you pushed in, and then pushed inside of me! I think this trailer trash whore is going to enjoy being your step-mommy!

Anal sex whore naughty momma

anal sex whoreAnal Sex whore works in tandem with other young whores so they can become just like me! Yes, even my very own slutkins! I have always wanted my daughter to follow in my paid for sex footsteps. And ass training is something I’m very good at! I bought her first butt plug and dildos so we could practice. Just like my mommy did for me when I was her age. I strive to watch her all I know and ass play for play is a hookers paradise. Men love using up a dirty little girl’s ass until that prolapse creates the prettiest little rose bud.

Of course I baited my sexy men with her and me dressing sexy and doing private strip teases as they fuck my own ass. Watching is a crucial point of learning to be a back door slut! She saw how much fun I was having as loads spun webs all over my rosebud! ANd you know I made her clean up that cummy nummy mess! Look at my whore now, she has a sexy step daddy that makes her dance and fuck men in front of her! It pays to be mother and daughter anal Hookers for Hire!

Sexline tales: Snuff Girl fight


Sexline tales: Snuff Girl fight.  My friend Lisa and her momma love to go down to Mexico and try to win a girl fight for cash. These are extreme fights where one of the women might not make it out alive. I was trying to text her all day, The day of the fight she had set up to try to bring home some money to her family. Her mother went with her and I knew trouble would be brewing. Instead I got a call from a strange man saying he called her emergency numbers since Lisa couldn’t call me. Figures her shitty mother would leave it up to a man to tell me what happened to my friend. Now Lisaa worked the whore house with me a time or two, we worked out together often.

I believe you have to have some strong ass leg muscles to bounce on cock all night long. I’m pretty muscular and have often wondered what I would do! But I know with one of those Zingers that are in these Mexican lady fights I would be dead meat. Oh how callous of me my Friend Lisa died in that fight! But the way Peter told me how she was killed was extremely sexy and my pussy started to pulse with every detail of girl on girl killing action. I’m such a whore that even extreme phone sex tales of killing another female fighter (my friend) got me off!

Sorority girls fucking Learning from Me

sorority girls fuckingHadley teaches sorority girls fucking skills to level up. I’ve never been one to back down from a sexy challenge. I normally vet all the young girls coming to dance for the club. My husband always seeks out the best barely legal talent. And it’s up to me to show her the ropes. Ropes of cum eventually will be her bankroll. Say good young slut she might have fucked him around a little bit but she has no idea what these filthy men need.

So what does an experienced whoor do? I reserved a room just for me and the new stripper teen. I make sure to send a mass text out to my big dick daddy so we have fresh meat up in VIP number two! Tonight’s all about training time and I’m going to take all the money for her learning to be a big dick sucker!
I have to admit this new little blonde reminded me of my daughter! So eager to learn this little teeny bopper is! At the end of the night as we were picking up our tips in a couple of empty baggies to dispose of she told me her jaw was sore. It was so cute listen to her squeak out words because those cocks had demolished her throat.  Another good young whore training session by yours truly.

Drunk sex porn VIA Human Egg nog!

drunk sex porn Drunk Sex Porn Star fucking cums naturally to this working girl. Let the video roll as the eggnog flows and gets me drunker! The secret is in the nog 100 percent cream from all of my fuck buddies for the night! Brandy and Cum with some spice make this whore feel really nice!

My head is spinning as I get picked up and sat down on another cock. A man from behind me slaps my face and tells me what a good drunk whore I am. I am almost blacking out, but I can’t stop drinking the cum-nog!
I remember in blurs that Brandy was poured on my stomach and a load was spurted all over me making me a human cock-tail! I knew men were filming me and I loved being used as a homemade egg-nog slut.

As long as I was forced to be intoxicated, I was going to get my pussy and mouth filled. Watching the videos posted online later I saw myself vomit during a blow job while getting my ass ridden hard! I have to admit I was a sloppy, yet sexy drunk white trash phone sex bitch! Cum and have some drinks with me!
white trash phone sex

Stripper sex Stories 4 Christmas.

Stripper sex storiesStripper sex Stories for Christmas.
Once upon a time there was a incest stripper named Hadley!
Her sister was younger and Hadley only wanted to make her sluttier.
She knew that the way to get to her sisters sweet pussy would to be to show her off!
Dressed Up for what was supposed to be a normal office party non-nude strip show.
But Hardcore Hadley didn’t get her name from being tame!

Not being a big whore is such a shame, Im the bad sister to blame.

I made her this way and she loves grinding on me while we cum guzzle now! 

What I did was wrong but it felt so right! 

Santas cums twice tonight!
It was in fact a nude and Pay for play sex party with some of the Local Club Owners.
My sister soon found out who we submit our bodies and souls too.
Men who pay for pussy and like it nasty and wild.
My sister would be riding my face like a sleigh!

We took all thise men in a slutty bukkake sister gang-bang! 

My fingers in my pussy as My ass gets fucked all the way! 
Santa Cums early with whores who sister fuck the way we do!
Hardcore hadley loves stripping and fucking her sister for the gangbang whore Hoe-a-days!

gangbang Whore