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Insta- Gangbang whore.

gangbang whoreCocaine turns me into an Insta – gangbang whore! Especially when the coke is so good it burns my nose and makes my cunt so fucking wet on the first line. As I began to rub my pussy through my panties under my skirt it turned my dealer on. He knew I would fuck him for my baggie of white gold. When you get high and need cock, you suddenly need all the cock you can handle and more. My only desire is that I want to get too high with you and cream all over your dick and all the men you bring to me. My job is usually to stand on the corner and look like a whore that is ready to fuck. But tonight up in the trap house, begging for blow and cum, I am nothing but a usable, cum dumpster. My dealer lifted my ass up and started bouncing me up and down as more men filled the room. It soon would be time to be a pass around bitch. But for this moment I was being fucked so hard My pussy squirted from the hard drilling. I would be filled soon enough as the men surrounded us and began jerking off and waiting for a prize orgy slut.

Blonde fucking X 2

blonde fucking

When he wanted blonde fucking he wanted it times two! He knew to come and find his two hot blondes he could sneak in while his wife was sleeping. We had met at the bar and had a few drinks and things had already gotten wild. Emily the sexy seductive slut had dared to suck Big D’s (Big Daddy D, that is!) in the back of the Uber and Gave the driver a show. If we hadn’t had plans on having a hot taboo threesome we would have fucked him as well. Now faced with a sleeping wife and a Big D wanted to fuck as close to her as he could. I loved how he took charge and had his cock out while coating it with a little nose candy to tempt his whores of the evening. Emily and I didn’t need any extra motivation as we got on our knees and took turns moaning and fighting over who  would suck him down the furturest. I was told to shut up and just watch as he fucked her sweet tight ass. Face against the wall and spreading my ass cheeks he asked how it felt to watch my sexy slut friend being his cum dumpster instead of me? I just wanted his cock and I knew we could keep him hard and get multiple loads while his wife was oblivious to his philandering ways in the hallway. Her pussy tastes like cummy honey as I licked her clean before he penetrated my ass hole deep.  

cum dumpster

Our moans got louder and we dirty talked about how good that fucking dick was he was sharing with us. We looked at each other and couldn’t believe his bitch ass wife didn’t wake up. Our final act was a doozy though! We crept in the marital room and begin letting him take turns fucking us beside his sleeping wife.Emily and I left knowing that fucking married men can be so taboo especially when you are a cum guzzling slut like us!cum guzzling slut

Common Fisting Whore

fisting whore There is something to be said for a common fisting whore. My cunt can take it, and still be tightly wrapped around your cock. I know your goal is to give me a loose meat flap looking pussy. I am trash to you and that’s why you can go to the extremes with me. Oh, I try to dress up and be all classy before I begin my nightly scope of cock and perverted men. It is inevitable that I wake up from a binge with cum all over me and my ass and pussy so sore I can’t walk. I look in the mirror at my mascara-caked face and notice cum in my hair and jizz dried all over my body. The night flashes back to me being bent over a pool table and bets being made on how far you could fist me. I remember someone yelling elbow and As I fainted I felt you playing with my fucking ovaries. I love it raw and dirty and fucking brutal, and the cum that is still inside me tells me i did a good job last night and that’s my clue for a shower, unless you like musty pussy and then I will take one more client before I clean up my nasty ass!

gangbang whore

Gutter Slut USA

cum dumpster Welcome to Gutter sluts USA! 🌟 When you call me know that you have found a sexy Cum dumpster who knows no taboos in her own life. Milky thick cum and all the drugs I can get my hands in fuel my nasty white bred side! I have been fucked by Fido, explored every scat and toilet fetish I possibly can. Daddies girl grew up to be the coke, cock and cum loving gutter whore you see today. And bet your sweet ass my own offspring are following in my footsteps. I know what a gold mine I have on my hands just like my own mother and daddy did. My brother helps me and my son find the best cock and cocaine to keep me a happy trashy white girl. My ass, tonsils and pussy and tits are great cum receptacles. I enjoy black cock, big white hung meat, piss, shit, period sex and so much more. As long as you keep the chalk coming and the cum overflowing my holes. Yep I’m one of those anything goes hoes! Proud to be you American gutter Cum guzzling slut next door!✨cum guzzling slut

BBC For a trashy MIlf

trashy milf I’m what they call an Alabama Slammer; sexy, inbred, trashy milf.
Always ready to get stuffed by the Big Black Cock in whatever fuck hole I can. My sweet little one gets off on watching Mommy get her tight trashy asshole stretched out by huge BBC. 
It doesn’t matter how many Johns slide through my back door to ass fuck me in my anal fuck hole. She still lays there, rubbing her innocent little pussy.
Her clitty gets so hard, a little rosebud eager to get licked and sucked and flicked so she can squirt all over while I’m getting plowed out back the barn!

Some of my clients want my sweet girl to join us, but she giggles and runs away. That is, until Maurice got ahold of her. He’s built like a fucking gorilla, with a king sized cock and a deep rooted hunger for virgin cunt. Maurice snatched my sweet secret masturbator up by her fucking hair and dragged her back to bed.
She was kicking and screaming “Mommy help me!” But I’ll do anything for a fix and this one was supplying more than just a throbbing chocolate cock. Cock-olate if you will.

Young teen phone sex beginnings

young teen phone sex Have you ever wondered what life is like for young teen phone sex sluts? The very ones who grow up slinging that ass and pussy just to eat on the streets? Not all teen whores are lucky like me to have a brother, daddy and a mom who helps them navigate whoredom. My daddy gave me my first line and my brother fucked my ass first. I was a mommy clean up girl before I even knew what that meant! I just needed attention from a neglectful mommy, so I would do anything to be close to her. And daddy and my brother… well they just had easy access cocks, I didn’t even have to leave the house! Now, the men and momma saw the beauty they had on their hands and they knew just what to do. Soon I was begging for a snort of the good feeling white powder and they told me only if a family friend could come and check out the merchandise. Meaning my prime little cunt and ass. I already know that I was expected to follow in the family business of being one of the cash cows, you know one of those sexy prostitutes that get all the cock and the cash! I had to be legal to get on the pole and dance, but I was fucking before I ever showed my naked body to a crowd of strangers! Being a white trash girl it was a logical line of work and keeps me in dope, cock and more cum than I ever imagined!

Phone sex sluts love BBC

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts love hard poundings from massive BBC Monsters! I know they’re only interested in breeding my young teen cunt. My tits are nice to suck on while they have me riding and grinding all over them, of course. My perky gumdrop nipples taste like candy in their mouths while my hot teen slit is melting all over those chocolate cocks!
Can you imagine the river of honey that flows from my cunt? It would drown lesser men, but these BBC Daddies can handle the slutty drip of my pussy. It drives me wild. And I have so many black men in my life because I love nose candy and getting fucked up and fucked senseless! The best life is all about Big black cock, cocaine and so much cum! I love laying there with my legs spread eagle, a giant BBC cock in front of me with his huge hands wrapped around my thighs while he pounds the fuck away deep into my cum filled cunt!cum filled cunt

I am a no taboo druggy whore who loves being so fucking nasty! I got a little one who’s ripe and ready to play. My own mom always said if they’re old enough to be bleeding they’re old enough to be breeding. I have to agree! All trashy whores like me deserve a pussy fully of BBC cream and a mixed sexy bun in her womb!

Freak for Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sex You ready for raw and untamed lot lizard sex from a sexy blonde whore? Traveling the interstate looking for trucker cock is what I love during the summer time. Hot sweaty cocks and balls for my perfect ass! I love being a pass around whore for some strung out drivers who need a release. Sitxy hours fighting traffic and hauling ass deserves some tight sweet ass around that cock. I have been in the driver’s seat steering as my hot driver passes me that glass dick and I bounce his cock up into my ass. Watch out cars a high whore and a trucker fucking my ass is going to make you go splat if you don’t get out of my way! I don’t give a fuck as long as I get a fuck or two! I love getting my cum even at the risk of wrecking this 40 ton rig! The risk is a thrill just like that cock going in and out of me with each bump in the road! You want some white trash phone sex ass and pussy? Pick me up at the interstate rest stop as I get passed to you, I might be cum filled, I hope that’s okay!white trash phone sex

Anal Sex Whore Milf

anal sex whore My son watches me be an anal sex whore. No matter how many men come in and out of our house to fuck me, he watches and jacks his cock off for mommy. Now, some men don’t want a boy doing that so I had him hide in my closet a couple times. But more often than not my son is very vocal on how much he loves his dirty whore mommy.

I have brought my boy to trap houses and he has held the mirror and straw while mommy snorted her next line. It’s so cute when he tells the black guy to “stop pounding mommies ass hole for one second, mommy needs her medicine!”

I snort my line and my son steps back so I can get that cock cream I so need. Don’t worry my son gets his mommy whore cunt after I am done making money with it! It’s like air for me, I can’t go one day without being used like the gangbang whore I am. Wouldn’t you like to see my son jacking his boy dick as you filled up an already cummy cunt and ass hole!?

Hot Druggy Phone sex

druggy phone sex Let’s talk about druggy phone sex regulars. Men who love a high whore and are dedicated to making her cum before shift as she smokes a huge doobie. Men who taunt me with that cock and want me blowing a big cloud of smoke on that dick. I love that I know to have my wand charged and my weed rolled up and ready because as soon as I light up (pun Intended) My sexy man is going to be ringing through to make sure I puff, puff, play with my pussy before my night gets in full swing. Perhaps it’s easier for a trashy slut like me to bare her soul on the sexline if she has a little weed to start her day. My sexy caller loves to hear me inhale and blow out my weed smoke as I masturbate for him.
As the night goes the dirtier and nastier I get and sometimes he calls me up after my shift and knows I’m more than likely spun from my blow and need some more weed to bring me down so I can crash before I go on the hunt for a cock or two or three! I’m High right now and feeling very fucking nasty By the way. when you need a girl to party and play, your gangbang whore is a call away!

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