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furry friends phone sex


Woof! Your furry friends phone sex tale begins now. What was I to do? My brats wanted Halloween costumes and I had spent all my money on Dope. I knew I had to make cash fast. And when My very own brother knew of a big pay out, I jumped on it. I didn’t ask any questions, I just went to the address. I mean Bubba said I would get a bank, I could buy more coke, and I would have an amazing Time. When I reached the Plaza to meet up with My John, He had the most Gorgeous Dane. That spotted coat made him Look like he belonged in a dairy! I’m in a high state. I asked no questions of my “Date” Maybe the mutt liked to watch. I just let this Monster Jump on me. He was as tall as I was when he was on two legs. My four legged friend licked my face and in that process had stuck his large tongue in my mouth. That made my man friend’s cock jump and growl low in his throat. He ushered me into his Jeep And we took off to a back road. He said before I got the money, that we could roll a bowl of Ice. He thought I would need it. I hear him say that Jack, the mutts cock was bigger than his. I couldn’t believe it. SO We stepped out and in the moonlight He pulled his dick out. I had to find out if this K9 did indeed have a bigger dick. I stroked his furry sheath until he was ragging a red rocket boner. But that only set the scene up perfectly. As I was forced to a squatting position to suck off Jack the mutts dick. I tried my best, and I have experience. And nothing, so I bent over and let this huge furry friend mount me until he came in my pussy! My brats better appreciate the things this Taboo phonesex whore mommy does for them!

taboo Phonesex

Creampie sex stories For fall

creampie sex storiesCreampie sex stories will never get old for me. Fall is special for a cum loving slut like me. It brings back my first cum deposit memory. And I mean it’s only natural for a whore who gets her pussy and ass filled with that hot seed as much as I do to be nostalgic. I have taken thousands of loads by now. I can’t even keep up. My baby daddy gets off on me telling my nightly score of ejaculate loads. But to be honest, I was fucking long before he met me. And do I count each man different, no, I have fucked the same dirty bikers dozens of times equaling hundreds of loads between just them. Sometimes I do feel a little ashamed and then I have a big bowl of some good crystal or a fat line and those thoughts disappear. I swear it’s magic. I do some pretty whorish things that much is true. But growing up with a daddy and mommy like mine, I knew my only way to get by in life was going to be slinging my ass. So, don’t mind me getting high with you with about four loads of ropey cum I am playing with in my pussy. I tried to be innocent once, but that was taken from me without my consent, one fall night years ago. I don’t blame daddy, he was just showing me that a sweet girl isn’t what men want. They need a cum dripping whore. It was my choice to pursue being a filthy tramp and Gangbang whore. Do you want a creamy taste of fall? Or do you want to add to my cum deposits?

Fat pussy and Sorority girls fucking

Sorority girls fuckingDo you like sorority girls fucking? I have a lesbian streak a mile wide. And I have a thing for FUPA, fat upper pussy areas! I tried pussy for a while, it’s not like I am strictly dickly! Fat pussy gets me off for a reason.

A tight waisted young slut with a fat juicy pussy makes me almost cum in my panties.
I never went to college but I have been the center of orgys with fat pussy in my face and my ass high in the air! I take big young cock and slurp teen whores pussy with vengeance and skills! You can call me a dumb bitch all you want, but I love fat pussy and getting fucked gangbang whore style! I never turn down a fat line off a pump cunt. And never will!

I live a nasty trashy life for a reason. Men love to fuck a bisexual whore who has no limits.
Now I party with men who want me to turn their teen daughters out. I can still pass for a younger slut. I know just how to groom those girls so they will be taking daddy cock in no time. My own offspring have been sacrificed for a daddy a time or two. Come party with this trashy mommy! I am always cum filled and coked up and bring a whole new meaning to no limits! I would love to have a couple of Teen sluts fucking for you right now! 

Suck mommies cum filled cunt

cum filled cuntYou fucking heard me! Suck mommy’s cum filled cunt. It was a demand not an option and you didn’t know what to do with yourself.
Maybe I had been doing too much dope the last few days. I had been subjected to a bukkake party, a Dane Dick and a piss commode session. I had enough money to keep my body drug fueled for fucking weeks.
Right now all I wanted from you was to clean my cunt out. I was feeling fucking filthy and I knew that tongue of yours would do the fucking trick. I am a whore first off and I know when it’s time to get what I want. I had jacked you off and sucked your little peewee penis since before you knew what it was. The only reason I didn’t abort you was to keep a man in my life. My brother is my pimp and he is never here when I need a good cuddle. 
Right now your mommy dues were being called in.
Time to slurp, suck and clean out this whores cunt!
If you’re a good boy you can party with me but one thing is for sure, every load I get tonight is going to be in your belly!

You will be the reason I get men off with Creampie sex stories for now on!

And yes I can go back to that Dane Dick if you want, I make sure my furry friend gets his story time! 

Mommy Stripper Sex Stories

Stripper Sex Stories

The things that happen to a mom whore. Stripper sex stories are just hotter knowing my son was watching the whole time! I am ripping on my clit why my son jacks off to my trailer trash pictures. I am also thinking of how he called his daddy and told him how much big cock I got last night. 

He told daddy that I even brought a man home and got my pussy so full of cum It left puddles! 

I am a hot whore wife fuck for him to come back home and fuck me in my cum filled pussy. 

That’s okay you know why? Because my son’s daddy pays me for each load I take in my pussy! 

He knew he married a dirty stripper whore and  it makes me cum to make him listen and watch to all the cum loads he is paying for. 

Even on our honeymoon before our son was born I  went down to the truck stop and fucked some of those truckers, then I spread my legs and showed my new husband all that cum inside of me and what I had done

I have to be a paid for cum dump whore, I have dealer dick that I have to pay my cocaine tab off! 

Ahh, the life of a gangbang whore, If it weren’t for my son and raunchy whore loving husband what would I do!

Blonde Fucking A Slutty Whore!

Blonde fucking

I know I am nothing but a blonde fucking whore, but when I get a boyfriend he is supposed to be devoted to me. I can fuck whoever I want, but his cock is reserved for me. Double standards apply to men who worship big titted beautiful blondes. I can get away with anything I want point blank. I work in the sex industry I have to fuck for a living. The back room at the club after dancing and teasing men. The nights I feel like slinging my pussy on the boulevard. Or a paid Gangbang. I used to have a hot boyfriend that loves that he could  fuck me after all the cock I took for the night. I need a cock to stroke as I fall asleep and a hard dick between my ass cheeks when I wake up. I had a man recently fuck my so called best friend. We were at a decent bar and she was fucking him on the dance floor. 

I know what you’re thinking, how does a gangbang whore have such audacity? Well, I am a nice piece of ass and since my boyfriend’s Twin was with us, I decided to get revenge publicly. I pulled out my tits and sank to my knees at the side of the bar stool. “Fuck my tits! And I will suck you cock!” I yelled loudly making the patrons of the bar turn around. I was right in sight of that boyfriend stealing whore. Maybe she didn’t think anything of it because I am such a whore. But what is mine is mine.  I now have my ex’s Twin at my beckon call. He has more money and a bigger dick and I fuck him in front of his loser brother every chance I get now! I still fuck who I want, but I have a big dick to fuck when I am done being a cock skank now. Oh the good life. Cock , coke and cum will always be my great loves! 

Trashy Milf On the Desk

Trashy Milf

My son is getting bad grades, and that is why this trashy Milf ended up butt ass naked on the principal’s desk. See, I had slept through three parent teachers conferences and I was called into the principal’s office. My son has better things to worry about than history or some other stupid shit. He excels in math, mostly to do with money and fractions and measurements, thanks to mommies drug dealer friends. Well, One look at Mr. Brown the Principle and we instantly recognized each other. He is a regular down at the Kit Kat all nudes stripper lounge. I knew that my son would be passing all of his classes. All I had to do was give Mr. Brown some free pussy and be his cum guzzling slut. I know this Man is a nasty freak like me and he also said something under his breath about how lucky my son is to have a hot mommy like me. I pulled his mouth to my breast and told him to suck on mommies bobbies and he could fuck me like my son does. My only request from him as he was pumping his cum in me was to be able to call me mommy. He was quite a good boy and I don’t mind fucking him the rest of the year so my son can pass his classes!

A fix and A Dick

gangbang whore

They call me gangbang whore for a reason. Sometimes all I need is a fix and some dicks. Yes plural, I can never say just one dick! Tight whore holes need lots of big loads to fill them up. Creamy, dripping, whore holes for the ultimate pleasure. No condoms and no birth control ever! A Bareback whore galore! In high school I was the girl to take on the whole football team, for a price of course. Rich Jock types always had some good weed and cash for me to flash my ass and suck a dick or two! Football players taught me about rough sex, and being calling dirty names as  I performed sexual acts. Basketball players taught me about stamina and how to blow a cock until they almost cum and get a load blown in my ass. And the wrestling team was just sadistic! I learned to be a human pretzel and how much of  pain slut I was with them fucking me. Baseball players always wanted alone time and they paid the best, and they were the ones who were shy about cock size. Like i fucking cared, i like being bottomed out like the next girl, but sucking a smaller dick is so fucking easy! I have some good shit right now do you want to stroke your dick while we get high? I have lots of toys and fingers to fuck my self as  I tell my gangbang sex stories!

Truck Slut : Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sex

It’s not easy, being this easy. I get called a truck slut just because I need lot lizard sex. These big rigs bring me in all the big dicks, and the cash flow to keep my slut ass high as a kite. I always get first choice of the cocks because I still have these big fake tits and bubble ass. My waist might be tiny but I still get the dick pick before any of these other trashy whores. Also my reputation precedes me! I can hear the echo of the CB radio. “Is that hardcore Hadley?”

 “The one who can suck a man dry in five minutes?” I laugh and flash my tits and I am glowing in the Diesel headlights. I call out that I need the fattest dick and the best shit! I chase these trucks, you know I show off how good I am and that I earned the name Truck slut! Five at a time, that is for amateurs. I take a truck train any fucking day of the week! I don’t even care if the blue lights come on. I know I can suck my way out of any and all trouble I get into. Those Po-Po cum looking for me just to get a nice nut in my gangbang whore mouth. I’m high and I’m fucked well, so does it matter whose nut I get?

White Trash Phone sex with Hadley

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is everything your cock needs it to be. Last night I spent hours on my knees sucking one cock after another. I even drove up north to get involved in the blow bang! A couple of my girls texted me that they had a primo money making deal set up. “All you have to do is suck some cock, and you walk out with a wad of cash.” You know I was down. I drove 80 MPH the whole way with a beer between my legs and a joint in my lips. The taste of cock was so close. I thought I might be sucking three of four cocks and having a couple other whores there would make it fun. I stepped out of my little sports car and had to double check the address. This was a nice ass house and there were many cars parked on the circular driveway. Apprehensive, I put my joint out straitened my little leather skirt and perked up my tits. I was definitely out of place here! The door opened before I could ring the doorbell, “Another whore is here called out a very drunk boy. I was ushered into the back room and saw a banner that said “the last blow job Greg will ever get, congratulations” Seems as if I had stumbled upon the biggest bachelor party this side of the Mississippi! Thirty men from teens to old dudes were in various states of undress and I was only one of three whores who spent my time on my knees sucking cock all night. My ja still hurts, but not as much as my ass hole, for as the night got later, I was turned into an anal cum dumpster for about ten men. No one gave me a chance to breathe! I guess my whore asshole was deemed safe, because only my mouth and ass got the work out! It was a very sore ride back home!

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