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Gangbang Whore Trashy Momma

Gangbang whore

I am what you call a gangbang whore momma. I enjoy getting filled up like a tanker and bringing it home to my little darlings.  My pussy eating darlins. I starve them for affection and they get it by cleaning out my cummy holes. The most cum is always in my ass! Why, because that’s when these men who pay me think a nasty whore like me is only entitled to cum deposits in my shitter! 

One such night I am turning tricks in my bedroom because I had no sitter from my son or daughter. I look up and my son is jacking off his little wiener. I was even more turned on as my ass was getting drilled deep by a massive black dick. Why black dick because he was one of my dealers and he paid me in that high quality dope. I had powder all over my nose as I had the brilliant idea to snort a line of soft pink balls. He was reluctant but I told him he would feel good and momma was only going to make it better. I slathered his little wiener and smooth testicles with as much dope as I thought he could handle. I snorted cocaine off my son’s balls and wiener.  My dealer who was fucking my ass spurted so far up in this anal sex whore ass that I could feel it in my throat. He made a call to a couple perverts that would “enjoy this shit and would pay cash up front!” That is how this dirty druggy mommy keeps the lights on and food in my brats bellies! Ya know besides all the dope that goes up my nose and in my veins! I never said I was a good mom, just a trashy ass whore who loves to stay high and get all the cum I can handle!

anal sex whore

Lot Lizard Sex Is my Favorite

lot lizard sex

Your whore is known for lot lizard sex around here. Right now I am doing my country a good deed by pimping out my pussy! Though needing a fix is what really drives me, and well, my love for cum. My hands were shaking as this stocky trucker handed me a rock and told me to climb up in his sleeper. That big rock meant I was going to have to suck a lot of cock and be fucked multiple times. I didn’t care as I took the pipe out of my bra. The truck stop was bare for this time of morning so I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t hear him on the CB telling anyone that a true gangbang whore was ready to be pummeled. I did hear a couple trucks pull in as I was lighting the crack and heard that beautiful fizzle and pop, and then my body melted into oblivion. The truck door swung open and someone called we are ready for that slut! I was harshly yanked out of his truck and pulled to the ground. Five dirty truck drivers surrounded me and with cocks out and trucks parked expertly to block us I knew what they wanted. A bukkake whore to suck them and to coat with cum! I stopped and tried to back away asking where my baggie of crack was only to be shown it by the original driver. I would have to earn my dope back nickel by nickel he said. “Now get to work whore!” I crawled back to the circle and accepted my fate. I love cock and if I was getting rock for it I would suck these men like golf balls through a garden hose. The taste of cum and crack are what fuels a live phone sex whore like me!


Find Nasty Mommy Whore On The phone sex Line

Phone sex Line

When I get home from a long day of turning tricks I like to get in the phone sex line. I just want to relax with my pile of snow and play with my cum filled little ass and cunt. My pussy is wet and dripping huge ropes of cum out of it. The mirror over my bed lets me watch as I slide my own fingers in and out of me. My son is asleep next to me and I feel his little hand crawl up my thigh. I know it’s wrong but he is the only male who appreciates his mommy.  I don’t even care if he hears the calls I do with you filthy perverts. He has seen me fucked into oblivion and understands that his mommy is a paid whore on and of the phone. He reminds me so much of my brother with his curly black hair and big green eyes. My brother used to adore me the same way. Long before he became the Kingpin of coke and other wares. I slip my own son a line of coke because I want him to stay up with me and tell me about his day. I also need his peepee to become erect and climb on top of me as He gets spun and mommy is feeling good. As he pumps me I light a menthol and blow it into his face. He giggles and asks me if men who call me talk about him. They do I say, they want to fuck you and make you into a sissy slut. They want you on that cock as another man is making mommy vomit down her tits with his cock. I know it’s wrong to use him for my own personal pleasure. But no one ever accused me of being anything other than a whore.

Showing My Son I’m a gangbang whore

Gangbang whore

How hard does your cock get for a gangbang whore exposing her slut life to her young son? I should have some shame in the fact that I let multiple men fuck me each night that I am getting fucked up. But I do not. I need that cream to fill every whole I am, just like a Long John donut. And what do you do with a creamy iced donut? You eat it right? I have reasons for showing my son my whore ways. It didn’t take much to give me the courage to have a party where mommies holes were the center of attention. A post on missed connections on craigslist since back page is non-existent now. My address and a picture of my pussy. I had snorted a couple lines of blow and asked for party favor donations from each cock that came by that night. I gave the address to a local no tell motel with my room number and my son and I waited. Men started trickling in so fast that I was freaking out. After about fifteen men, Mr. Patel the motel manager came by and started screaming he was going to call the cops. My son sat jerking his cock off in the corner and to my surprise the men who were waiting in my holes took up a collection to pay off Mr. Patel and they just kept streaming in. I won’t ever know how many men my pussy and ass took that night. But I counted 25 loads going in my stomach. I threw up after the crack pipe came out and it felt like a gallon of cum came out. My son expertly deleted my craigslist ad five minutes after the first men came, But as the night wore on I was a cream covered stuffed whore. My Boy had to enlist the help of Mr. Patel to take me to another room so I wouldn’t be fucked to death.  And if you want to know how good my son was to me, I am ready to spill my whore guts!

Live Phone Sex Face-sitting

live phone sex

There is no doubt A freaky hoe has some live phone sex fun!  I met Rodger last night at the Roxy and face sitting is what he needed. Not too bad for a country bumpkin, and when he slid the cash on the stage with a little note and key card I was down for some fun. After my set I read his note and laughed and showed a couple other girls who snickered and asked if I was going. I was, but I had a small party of five down in the lounge who had paid up front for three girls in a private setting. I made my way down and sized up the small crowd. My pussy was wet as two of the other strippers had already gotten a couple of the cocks out and were working on slobbery blow jobs.  Being That I am naturally inclined to be a gangbang whore I figured getting two or three cocks off before I met this guy to sit on his face was no big deal. Make twice the amount of money and have my ass reamed and get to get off. I fucking love being a hot cock whore. I scored fat rails and fucked like a porn star fr a couple of hours. I remembered I had this key card on the walk home. I hailed a taxi uptown and when I arrived this guy had been wanking his dick so much his hands were raw and he was dripping all over the floor. Rodger was so happy I came over because he needed me to piss on his face and fart in his mouth before he could blow his load. “You don’t mind if I hit this first?” I held up my small baggy and laid us out both beautiful white coke lines. I climbed aboard his face and farted cum out into Roders very willing mouth with some piss dribbles as well. And his cock shot so high it almost hit the ceiling. He knew I would have a dirty cum filled ass just the way he liked. 


So tell me baby, what freaky things gets your rocks off?

Feeding Munchkins My Cum Filled Cunt

Cum Filled Cunt

Now We all know how dirty I can be! My cum filled cunt got eaten and slurped out by my brother’s munchkins last night. Let me tell you how filthy that made me feel. I had no idea how the night would go. I was in charge of three of his brats and I had a couple grams of coke and a little crack from the night before. He didn’t care that I got fucked up. He just wanted to go party and get his dick wet with anyone but his wife. So, here I was high and horny as hell. I texted a couple of my regular johns over to fuck me while my brothers brats watched cartoons and ate their Happy Meals. I was bent over the kitchen sink when I saw the girls watching me get fucked. The three men fucking me offered me extra drugs and money if I turned these munchkins into cum guzzling sluts. I enjoyed shoving little faces in my cunt and making them clean it all out! I let all three have a turn until every last drop was gone!

Slutty Gangbang whore wife

Gangbang whore

Your turned out your wife because she owes the coke man lots of money. Not just turned out but made her a gangbang whore at that. You got your beautiful blonde wife so fucked up on that coke she loves so much, and then let her loose with four of the biggest dicked coke dealers this side of the state. She had no choice, but in the end she loved being used by all those cocks shoved up her ass and down her throat. You even took a turn in each hole that was full of other men’s cum. You told her what a filthy slut she was as your cock squished inside her and all the other dick cum squished out around your own dick. Look at what you made her, there is no going back to a normal sex life for either of you. You better make sure she gets paid for taking cock, that coke habit can get expensive!

Gangbang Whore K9 Sexcapades

Gangbang whore

K9 play is exactly what this blonde gangbang whore was made for. I have been playing with Fido’s dick since I was a girl, and daddy caught me several times. He told me to suck it and if I didn’t he wouldn’t give me that fun stuff that made me feel so good. I love the white powder that makes me instantly horny. I turn into a hot whore fuck and can not get satisfied, but it feels so good to be fucked up. Of course I sucked that mutt dick, and Daddy even helped me get that big mastiff on my back so I could have my first furry friend fuck. It all led up to this cock whore getting used in a kennel full of big mutts in a freaky furry ganging that men had paid to watch. I was fucked first as the mutts smelled the sex in the air they began to get aggressive. I then was made to get on all fours with my ass in the air as each four legged got a chance to fuck my ass or pussy. It was really dependent on how they could mount me. By the end of the night eleven red rockets had knotted up in me and I was flying in all that power I got to snort. I am a really filthy fucking whore, but I love my life, care to use a nasty bitch like me?

Phone sex line Pay Per Cum BBC Whore

phone sex line

Your one and only BBC whore has a confession. I have become infatuated with cum, cock and coke. I would be the center of attention tonight. The main attraction of all whores who need tight little holes filled by black cock. I knew that I was born to be a slut long ago. And not having day care my son is privy to mommies whore activities quite often.

I have a man who is paying me per cum load that I take from the big black dicks of my dealers and my son. I need a fix and to feel hot loads running down my thighs in a bad way, and I knew if I showed up to the crack house with my boy no one would say anything. They would use me as the pin cushion to make themselves cum.  My white body taking a thick ebony cock deep into the fuckdoll holes that are meant to be a mans pleasure. To say I get no pleasure would be a lie.

I get fucked up and the degradation means nothing to me. Seeing my sons eyes as he watches and jacks off his little cock, waiting for his turn Brings me to the same level of ecstasy as riding cock and knowing what a gangbang whore I truly am. And after being filled with fourteen cum loads and getting a fat 8 ball, I return to my modest trailer and call my travelling boyfriend and tell him how many loads I took and that our son would be adding another shortly. I love being a pay per cum loads BBC and mommy whore!

Gangbang Whore Hadley

Gangbang Whore

It was like any other night for this gangbang whore. I was at the strip club and I didn’t have a babysitter so my little son was there watching me dance and gyrate on these men. He must be really proud to have a slut mommy that makes so many dicks hard.

 I had already taken three Cocks right in front of him as he rubbed his little boy dick. I had so much cocaine flowing through my body that I felt like I was flying. So the next logical Choice after leaving the strip-club was to go by my favorite biker bar.

And of course  being the whore mommy that I am…I drug my son along with me. Not one of those hairy, sweaty men cared that my little son tagged along to watch my whore activities.  They still  bent me over the pool table and used my holes the way a good Coke slut should be used. Big slugs in and out of me cumming so deep and making me moan right in front of him. Even though my son’s watching as I masturbate my cum filled pussy.

 I was raised on incest makes  sense that my son and I be lovers sharing my sex escapades. And I know you need all the nasty details in live phone sex with this blonde slut! I’m ready for a P-mommy hot whore fuck now!

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