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Anal cum dumpster Hadley gets hubby and BBC for Valentines

Anal cum dumpsterAnal cum dumpster gets her holes filled and emptied them with glee. Oh! That’s so me! Anal sex is so good when I’m coked to the gills. When I get going with ass play it’s never enough to be fucked in my ass. I need a nice hot steamy piss to go along with that dick spurt. 

Anal cum dumpster Hadley shares her ass with Piss and BBC On Valentines

And you know black men just love to see how big of a cock I can take in my back door pussy. Sure sometimes the sheets get messy, but good sex requires a sheet change now and again. Momma Hadley is always up for the challenge of getting some young black cock in her whore ass and twat! I celebrate all holidays so I can get my chalk and a little extra cash. And with Valentines being in the middle of the week I just have to show my Husband I still have what it takes to rock a big black cock.

Here in the privacy of our home, I go a little wild with the BBC, as you can see. My ass gets tested time and time again as My husband and a nice big negra have turns with my little pink asshole. How else can I prove I’m still the anal sex whore he fell in love with years ago? 

Trashy milf cheating club continues to add members

Trashy milf

Trashy milf Cheating Club is now in session. One of the things you can count on with me is helping the milfs of my neighborhood/town get all the fucking they can handle. Sweet Mrs. Kendra is a trophy wife very much like me. She has a husband who is great in bed and has enough money to keep her in coke, cum, and Channel. 

Under my advice, Mrs. Kendra is now experiencing cheating with a strange cock. 

It all started because her husband invited me over to one of their parties.  Seeing as if she is an ex playboy model Mrs. Kendra thought she would leave her whore ways behind her. It is up to this cheating wife to show her how much a husband enjoys wives on different cocks. 

Trashy milf helps other trophy wives cheat. 

Ya’ll know I am a Creampie slut who just happens to enjoy sharing the “wealth of cum, cock, and cocaine”.

No big feat happened when I seduced her hubby with my cummie cunt. And the fact that I helped her do several big fat lines off my tits, helps her appreciate sex as a mere tool. I swear monogamy is so overrated. A hot wife should fuck anyone she pleases. Did you see my alpha hubby getting pissed that I was riding her husband’s cock in front of a room of people? Hell no. Why should it be any different if she gets on top of my husband’s cock and we get off on a new cock or three?

Listen to your Gangbang whore married slut as she helps all her hot milf friends get some good cock. 

 There’s no one way to do cuckold sex. My life is filled with sexy bitches, trays of coke, and all the cocks and cream I can take!

Blonde fucking tales of whores love businessmen

Blonde fuckingBlonde fucking whores mix business with Pleasure. Last year I had the pleasure of fucking our new accountant to get a big tax break. Well, I never stopped fucking his brains out and my husband offered him a job as his finance consultant permanently!  

There are perks for him besides my hot milf holes though. As the new talent moves through the clubs, I pick special girls for him. She must be blonde and have big tits or some big bolt-ons like me. He is also an ass man. The bigger the ass the more he stores in offshore accounts for us! Oh, and you know he has come out of his shell, lately. Once a man who just fucked pussy he now loves a good cum junkies ass and brutal face fucking. I am so proud, that was all me teaching him how to let go and be a dirty Joe! 

Dirty Joe loves Kinky Blondes! 

Now with all this hot stripper sex, he is gaining the freak nature I always knew he had!  Our financial advisor is insatiable! Baby, It has been so great to see him open up and be his true freak nasty.  So far, he has been the favorite of all the blonde hotties I have sent his way. I do get tired of the girls begging to spend some time on his cock though. I must admit he has that white daddy dick that has me spun and cumming all the time. 

Blonde fucking tales of whores who love businessmen

Lately Mr. Business has been exploring Hardcore anal sex with a few of the younger whores. Well, I thought the girls coming to me for ice packs and Some numbing cream were lying. It turns out that This once vanilla boy has some serious prolapsing kinks! I might have to tell him to save all that prolapsing for my little rosebud ass! My girls still have to dance and fuck men for money! 


Nasty phonesex and weed have me Masturbating

Nasty phonesexNasty Phonesex goes well with a high whore on the other end of the line. Slut Hadley has always have a doobie nearby in case the Coke spins me out too far. I do have to be level-headed even though I am riding my suction cup dildo for men and running naughty fantasies.
Here, I do not have the leisure of my husband saving my ass like I do when I party too much and get myself in trouble at the club, or trap house.  Instead, I have to rely on my Mary Jane and charm to get me through the nights. . It is a risky game I play, but one that I enjoy nonetheless. I always make sure to stay sane and keep my pussy wet at the same time. 

When a sexy stud calls me and wants me to smoke weed and play with my pussy I don’t hesitate.

I am intoxicated and horny as I light up that blunt and press it to my lips.  Delicious THC smoke fills my lungs and my pussy is soaked in under a minute. My body reacts as I find my clit and thrust my hips off the bed. I am a performer now, He wants me to keep the blunt puffed and my legs spread eagle as he puts the hammer down. 

Nasty Phonesex goes pairs well with a high white trash whore such as I

“Do you want me to take a nice big hit for you baby? I ask knowing he does! Then the insults began. “My nasty Trailer trash whore smoke and cum bitch! I want to face fuck you as you smoke blow smoke rings on my cock.” he breathes as I hear him fapping his dick.  I giggle and take a few puffs. I smile wickedly and blow a huge ring of smoke his way. I take another hit and inhale deeply. My fingers are deep in my cunt and fuck myself for him harder and faster. 

My trailer park, hooker pussy squirts so hard as I finish my blunt. I love men who degrade me and use me for their own needs. 


BBC sex stories of a hot cheating coke whore wife like me!

BBC sex storiesBBC sex stories of a hot cheating wife never get old. My husband takes this cumslut wife to motels to meet hung BBC guys with big thick cocks. Then he snorts cocaine with me and I watch as he jerks off. Watching him watch me suck, and fuck those monster black huge cocks has me squirting!  He loves it when I beg for more. He loves it when I beg to be fucked hard and rough. He loves it when I scream for more BBC cum! 

My Husband is not a little bitch, even though I write him as one sometimes. He is an Alpha male who is secure enough to love watching and hearing about me get off to big Donkey Kong black meat! 

Do you enjoy watching a gangbang of big black cock in your wife? You know I love my cock, cum laods, and plenty of cum! 

BBC sex stories of a hot cheating coke whore wife 

BBC phone sex with me is for all black men, and men who just enjoy a good glory hole slut who can squirt on black daddy meat! I do enjoy multiple bbcs at a time as well. It’s this creampie black cock sluts paradise when 5 or more big long dark elephant trunk cocks are in my face!  I love the feeling of their big black cocks stretching my tight holes and filling me up with hot cum. I’m always left wanting more, and I’m always looking for new ways to please them. 

My sexy white husband is the best in the world for knowing how I love to be used as a mandingo cum dump!

Watch BBC porn with me and no matter if you are black, white, or yellow you know I got that good-good for all cocks big and tiny!!! 

BBC phone sex

Hot stripper sex with BBC Hero after a forced fucked gangbang

Hot stripper sexHot stripper sex happens when you force me to take your cock. Waking up in a strange bedroom I find myself sore and drenched in cum. This is way too much Ejaculation for one man. My pussy is raw and I think my ass is torn open as well. It hurts so much and I have no clue what to do. I need someone to help me. And then I see him. I’m a big black stud sitting in the corner smoking a J, grinning at me. Well hello, my cum princess, have a nice nap?” He slurs “How’s the head, much pain,” he adds with a wicked grin. 

I reach up feeling a knot on the side of my head. Now I am a little freaked out. What the fuck happened. 

I am told not to worry, This is his daughter’s room. He says he rescued me from a really bad gangbang scene that almost went deadly. For me, not him. I was getting some blow and doing blow jobs when some white Aryan brothers came in and started beating and fucking the few girls that were working last night. Oh fuck now I recognize him, as my vision gets clear, he is the new bouncer! He tells me to get on the floor between his legs and show him how much I appreciate my life being saved. 

hot stripper sex with a forced fucked gangbang cunt 

I willingly crawl between his legs and take out that Mandingo cock. Wow, it’s fucking super huge and he is already so fucking hard. “Hope you don’t mind, but I got a little of your pussy before you woke up.” Mind? Fuck no, this BBC is a lifesaver and I am going to show him how much I love black cock! I love the hardcore anal sex he gives me and I swallow his cum like the pro-hoe I am! 


Trashy Milf Hadley is training girls up right for brothel life

Trashy milf

Trashy Milf Hadley is training girls up the right way for brothel life. My pussy pleasing is the best way to start such training. Being a long-time ass-slinging stripper has its perks when dealing with girls fresh from the streets. Now to look at me you can tell I ooze sex out of every pore. I have plenty of experience to show them the ropes. I know exactly how to make them feel pleasure and pleasure me in return. I’m the perfect mentor for these young beauties.

Girls gravitate toward me, especially the ones in desperate need of money, dope, or attention. I once was your typical poor white trash girl growing up in the slums. And then my momma figured out how to sling her ass and found her a pimp daddy. Once my body came in there was no stopping me from doing the same.  I learned how to hustle and work the system, and I quickly moved up the ranks of the pimp game. Now I’m one of the most successful pimps in the city and I’m teaching my girls to do the same.

Trashy Milf Hadley is training girls up right for brothel life

Once a worthless little cum dump, now I am bringing girls into a new industry. One where they can live, eat, and have something just for themselves. We have built a small harem in an apartment building we own. These girls can have a nice little place to stay and make money.

They take johns at any hour of the night and can party with clients. The best part is that I have the opportunity to teach girls all about men and their needs. I have a girl for just about every type of man and almost any kink he might have. 

The kickbacks of Teen sluts fucking for money at our brothel is that Momma gets first dibs! 

Sloppy wet pussy filled with redbone cock is the best revenge

Sloppy wet pussySloppy wet pussy for a nice Redbone daddy! Cheating on my old man with some Randy black meat is the ultimate motivation for a white whore like me. Having my man know I would rather ride a redbone cock is the best! My redbone lover lets me ride until he can’t take it anymore. Imagine seeing your wife’s ass up face down being drilled deep by black man meat!

Take about a beast in bed when he flips me on my belly and has me screaming in the pillows no longer feeling my legs. Oh, but he can’t stop there, as the rap beats hit hard he plunges into my tight ass. 🍆

My pussy still running with his precum and my juices. The more he hits my cervix  I scream more nigga cock, please! And now my as is getting blown out too! Challenge accepted! My redbone is greedy and wants to touch all the parts of me inside and out. The booger sugar in bowls around the room has his dick print inside of them. 

Sloppy wet pussy cheating with BBC

I decide to make a revenge video for my husband after he fucked some fresh meat at the club and told me I was getting too old for him. Too bad the redbone bbc cock I found will be forever hitting my tight holes! BBC sex stories make for the best fucking revenge I swear. In this video, I’m riding my BBC Daddy Randy making faces while flipping my husband off. I get off and start blowing that cock, popping his head in and out of my mouth making him moan so loud!

Then I show my sloppy drenched cum filled pussy to the camera! I know my husband is jerking his meat and begging to clean me up now. Lest he forget what a nasty little whore I am for BBC Cream!

TRDL I cheated on my husband and made a video with black cock and now I have a cream-pie for him to eat!!!

BBC Creampie sex stories make my husband so jelly and a cum eater! 

Gangbang whore wishes every Trick a great cum filled New Year!

Gangbang whoreGangbang whore Hadley Hardcore wishes all her Johns a very Happy NEW Year!  I can’t wait I am so excited to celebrate and have lots of fun with my dirty Johns. My hopes are that they all pay up, party, and have great nights of fucking my brains out just like last year!!! One of the things I pride myself on is making men happy by taking up to 8 guys at once in my fuck holes.  What can I say I am a glutton for money, coke, and being a bukkake bitch!  I’m sure this year will be even better.

Gangbang whore wishes every Trick a great cum filled New Year!

 I’m looking forward to all the cumshots and thick dicks coming my way! Let’s make 2024 the best cum filled year yet.

You can plainly see why I am labeled as a Cum guzzling slut. My mouth is fixated on slurping even more cocks and my holes are throbbing for multiple man meats! 

No, it doesn’t matter if I’m working the pole or getting fucked behind some dumpster in the alley. All I want to be is the best cream pie gangbang slut around!

My holes should remain stuffed like the olives in your martini glass. Listen to my naughty stories of sex, drugs, and cum craving white trash antics.  One thing is for certain I can never get enough jizz.

You and your friends fill me up with jizz all year!

So If you have finally found the cream-pie blonde of your dreams you know what cumms next? You and your friends of course! Be the first cocks in my holes on the nastiest sexline around. Lay out a rail and watch me snort it and take a wicked amount of cock for you. Go ahead and shove your load on top of all theses stangers loads.

Trailer trash whore teaches young men how to fuck!

Trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore teaches young men how to fuck! That old saying goes you can teach a whore new tricks. And one of my favorite tricks is getting some teen cock to become nasty hardcore lovers. Women want to be treated rough in the bedroom. No, missionary or sweet gentle caresses will do. I teach boys how to fuck the way women want it! So what if they have to start with a blonde bimbo like me? By the time they are done banging me and learning all they can stud muffins, they will be!

Trailer trash whore teaches young men how to fuck!

My husband learned how to fuck from a Cum guzzling slut 20 odd years ago. Hardcore Hadley thanks that woman every day as he is slamming my G-spot. Whores who have worked the streets and the back of clubs for years. Pride myself on knowing every nasty kink and fetish because I have partaken. It just takes a lil chalk and ill have these boys fucking me. The sex dolls are theirs to keep. But my pussy and ass are the real teachers! Teaching a boy that you like to be choked and spit on has its benefits.

Teen sluts fucking a whore teach more sex skills than anything!

Beneifits Like a long strong young cock that keeps going like the energizer rabbit! How surprised they get by all the abuse your holes can take! Fuck being nice, fuck me mean! Btches love to be fucked mean! I love to teach boys how to satisfy a woman. I enjoy the thrill of teaching them new tricks and watching them get better and better. It’s a fucking hot Teen sluts fucking situation for both of us.

Put your cock in my hands so I can mold you into the perfect whore fucking machine!