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Hardcore whore Hadley Has a Cum Filled Cunt

Cum filled cunt


Hardcore whore Hadley Has a Cum Filled Cunt and she will tell you all about it! I am her and she is whoring me! Three men on a good lick, and nice paying trick.  The first mean man had a deal I just couldn’t resist.  He would be the leader of this fuck party! I just had to be his porn whore submissive double ass girl! And so while his friend tightened the nipple clamps, he slapped me across my face and shoved his cock into my mouth. The other was slipping his cock into my pussy and another one into my fuck hole cunt! The cameraman was enticing everyone with his sadistic tone and cock out. He shoved the other guy’s cock further down my throat screaming “you fucking dumb blonde whore!” I felt the pressure in my ass increase. I began to resist some more but it pulled my nipples, even more, the way they had me positioned. I know they purposely did this to harm me if I decide to fight back. It doesn’t take long for me to figure out they are forcing at least two giant cocks into my ass. Can this even be true? I feel like I am being literally torn apart! I am screaming around the cock in my mouth. I can’t do anything. Just another day for an anal sex whore! My ass is ready for the next cock and it’s yours! Double penetration at the fornication station, all aboard! 
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Furry Friends Phone sex W/ Hardcore Hadley

furry friends phone sex

Most of the time it is ugly whores who have what I call furry friends phone sex tales. But did you know even sexy stripper whores have played it A mutt a time or two? I don’t pay for these huge fake tits by being a run of the mill whore. 

Men like you want a blonde bimbo who will engage in being a toilet slave and taking a muscle bound furry friend in their cunt! Up until a couple years ago I had only stroked and tasted a red rocket a couple of times. Then I met him. Total skin head with a 11 inch cock, who wanted me to submit to his 120 pound Massive Muttly. I would bulk at this as I was scared of such a huge beast But I was curious how a houndlike was hung. So at the drop of a bill to my feet, I began stroking this mutt. He growled, but My man friend told me that’s because he enjoyed it. If I dared to stop pleasing his hulk of a Fido I might get bitten. The teeth on this monster scared me and I had taken more than a couple of Ecstasy pills that night. He was horny and I was told if  my whore ass didn’t let his big mutt fuck me I would never get that 11 inch man cock again! So I did what any high as a kite nasty phonesex bitch would do. I kneeled down and let my skinhead boyfriend guide Fido into my tight wet cunt! I found pleasure in that knot working its way deep inside me! 

Proof that hot bitches can take a mutt load just like a ugly strung out slut! We do exist! 

Worthless Mommy Big dick Sucker


Big dick sucker

Worthless Mommy and big dick sucker. A cum receptacle and nothing more. Nobody gives a damn about a whore who sells her body and does dope all day. But my doll baby and my young lad do! They know mommy is dependent on the taste of cum and getting her holes filled every single fucking day. My daughter is going to be just like me. Hell she told her teachers that she wants to be a stripper when she grew up just like me. I had to put some prudes in there place when they told me it was unacceptable. What is a poor white girl going to do other than sell sex? My son wants to follow in my large bros footsteps as a drug dealing pimp. There’s great mommy in both professions. My son’s little man dick is very grateful to have a whore mommy who lets him climb right on top of her and pump, pump, pump her until he feel satisfied. Hopefully his semen generates soon! And my daughter is the teen cum guzzling slut of the year now! I can’t believe how many cum loads she took at our gangbang party! A whore family full of druggies and nasty pimp daddy’s and sluts. This will be the best fucking year ever!

cum guzzling slut



Our Last and first Fuck Of the year

cheap phone sex

My daughter will be my first and last fuck of the year. This cheap phone sex slut knows how to bring the year in with a good gangbang. She is going to be experiencing her first one! My son will be right there watching Jacking his boy cock off too! Perhaps he can fuck mommy and sister after! But this is a special year end and year beginning gang bang set up by my brother to introduce my daughter to the whore world! A debutante of pussy to be filled with cum if you will. Legs spread as men of all colors cum inside her sweet ass and pussy. But we all know Black cocks will be heavy in attendance, pardon the pun. Cum swapping and creampie eating is on the menu for my men who love teen sluts fucking in a gangbang for the first time with mommy!

I hope they have enough cum to make us cum covered mommy and daughter! It’s time to introduce her to 20 cocks and as the clock strikes my brother will join in for cock number 21! My daughter has been fucking already and I think I taught her well! And it’s time to put her to the ultimate sexual test! Us sharing so many cocks will be so fucking hot. I know men love filling up whores and young whores alike with so many hot creamy loads! It is a wonderful way to get my daughter much needed training and to set our 2021 of right! So bring the party favors, wink wink, and your big fat cock! Be on the lookout for some creampie sex stories after the new year!

Bareback cum dumpster whore!

cum dumpsterI feel like being a cum dumpster this Hoildaze! I’m coked up and have really been in the mood for some bukkake fun. Something about cum that just makes my snatch so juicy! I love the taste of jizz and how it oozes out of my stretched open fuck holes after I’ve taken a really good fucking! I posted an ad on craigslist that said white whore in search of getting fucked by as many men as possible. Bareback please, no rubbers allowed. It’s turning me on so much seeing a room full of other hard cocks ready to use me. I’m down on my knees opening up nice and wide so you can all feed me your cocks. A Gangbang whore like me don’t do condoms. I can’t stand how they feel, they just get in the way of experiencing that big wonderful cock sliding inside a Russian roulette of whore holes! Craving bareback cream!
That delicious cock in the shoved my throat and there’s so many stroking your cocks against me impatient to find a loose hole to stuff. I can’t get enough, I keep cumming repeatedly and there’s so much cum dripping down my face but it’s not enough I desire more. I’m not going to stop until I’ve drained each and every last fuck stick and suck them dry. I don’t miss even one single drop of that tasty hot cum load! I am a cum guzzling slut aftergangbang whore

Christmas Balls Make for Creampie sex stories

creampie sex stories I never really got to celebrate Christmas as a young slut. But I do have a few cream pie sex stories under Santas belt these last couple years! You see my son has been very good to me and I want my daughter to know all about the holidays and Santa! Last year I made sure we had all the snow we could have as Florida never gets a winter blast. But I did and so did my daughter and son! I had one of my Regulars at the club cum pretend to be Santa and give out gifts of good tidings and cheer. Okay…You got me, he was a horny Trashy milf lover who adored my littles and wanted to give mommy Hadley his cum. He did bring a Barbie and a firetruck, but also loads of cum and lots of “snow”! All the money he spent one me last year at the KitKat I wanted to make sure he could fuck me in front of my littles as they masturbated. You should have seen my son with his wee peen and my daughters fat juicy little clamshell cunny as they went to town while mommy got all the cum in her ass and pussy. We finished off the night pouring eggnog on my cunt and having my daughter and son clean out mommies cummy cunt! Happy Fucking Holidays!

🎅Big Dick Sucker For Big Black Cock!

Big dick sucker

All I want for Christmas is my skull fucked by a big black cock. What else would a big dick sucker ask for? This time of the year the club is normally jumping, but we have covid restrictions so I have taken a lot more pay for play sex acts on location.  No tell motels, back alleys, married mens living room while the wife goes out for a bit. Ya know typical everyday whoring. I met big john through one of my dealers.. He had never fucked a white bitch much to my surprise. 

Extra excited and wet before I got to Johns town home. I watched his wife pull out and waited the 15 minutes before I pulled around back and knocked three times, stopped and knocked twice more. You know the good old whore knock! He was naked as he answered. I only had eyes for his huge thick black dick! It was already leaking precum and kept jerking like it was trying to get a look at me! 

“That is one big black snake!” I Giggled as he pulled me in and made me get on my knees. Face to face with that black cock, this knew i would have to suck him and make him realize that white bitches suck the black cock the best.  I slurped and gulped and gagged until my eyes watered. He had only requested a nice slow blowjob but I was working extra hard to make him blow his load more than once! I enjoy giving head, it’s my talent and my pleasure at the same time. But John had better ideas. He pulled my by the hair to his couch and said he needed some snow bunny pussy! I spread my legs willingly to get pumped by his big black dick. He looked me in the eyes for the first time and said that he wanted me to cum on his nigga dick and let our juices spill all over the couch! He wanted to remember me as him and his wife watched tv together! Man I have so many BBC stories but this is the best Christmas gift I have received in a few years, It’s just so naughty! Like me! 

BBC sex stories

Mommy Is A Gangbang Whore

gangbang whoreThere was never a time I wasn’t a gangbang whore, or at least the dope doesn’t let me think back that far. Even my first sexual experiences involved my dad and my big brother. Now, I am a single hot coke whore mommy the gang bangs still go on. I need to have my whore holes open 24 hours a day like 7/11. There is no rest for a mom who prostitutes and brings men home to fuck in front of her daughter and son. I must always have my fix and I love cumming dicks. My son is so sweet, even when I am between men he jacks his dick off for a sweet little show and crawls between my legs to clean mommy up. My daughter is learning masturbation with me as I give her a little scoop if cocaine from my fingernail and she gets to feel how good it s when it goes right to her hard baby girl clit. My young daughter is set to get right on up there in the coke whore world with me. I personally look at both of them as little cash cows. My son can keep track of the cum loads I take. Very helpful my boyfriend loves to pay me per cum laud I take while he is away. My daughter is really good with the details of my fuck-a-thons, and tells my boyfriend all about me getting fucked as she jacks off his cock. All is fair in a cuckold trashy milf life, I suppose.trashy milf

Filthy Fucking Creampie sex stories

Creampie sex stories

Eat it up yum! Creampie sex stories are so fucking nasty and filthy! Just like me,  a filthy trailer trash milf who loves feeding you right out of my cunt! I get extra special wet when a man wants to watch me take five big cocks one after another and  feed him that warm creamy mixture right out of my hot box. I have been around the block to know as much as I love fucking there will be a man paying to eat out cummy pussies! Don’t mind me I will be laying back and smoking my big fat Joint as you eat me out! A whores work isn’t easy and I need a blunt and some pussy clean out after a hard dick filled work night. I will take all the cock in my whore holes, but you better believe when I spread my legs to the ceiling I will be so full of cum that my belly bulges just the slightest. My anal cavity is full too. I will shit and piss all this trashy milf cum filled goodness right down your throat. Cum and relieve my aching holes. I need a hot wet mouth to massage them after they  have been stretched out and prolapsed. Where do my cum eater men eat? Hadley’s Cunt Buffet is where!



Trailer Trash Whore Loves Cum Dumps

Trailer trash whore

There is something to be said about a trailer trash whore who has her legs spread all the time. That word is slutty, smutty, and cum filled! Okay it was more than one, but I know what I have become.  I am a product of a household where drugs ran rampant and the men loved tight holes to fuck. I was told early on that the only way I would make it out of this trailer park was to sell my ass! 

I never made it out of  the trailer park because I spend all my money on cocaine and I keep my legs open 24/7! I fuck for dope, I fuck because it feels good. My offspring know what I am and they are glad to have a mommy that is nothing but a gangbang whore! I fuck like a wild woman taking cocks all night, either in the sheets of a smutty motel or in the back of a car, or the clubs! I am not a high end call girl, just a woman trying to get as much cum dumps as I can while being high as fuck. Yes, I have an incest background, who doesn’t? I know what I am and I am proud that my favorite things in this world are cock, coke and cum! Come get you some of this trashy whore!

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