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golden showers sex He loved that I was down for golden showers sex. Some men Like Ryan want to piss all over a whore so she can know her place. But with me I enjoy being rained on and drinking piss straight from the source! Ryan loves when I piss and even shit all over his cock! What a motherfucking dirty man! But as Im drinking his piss he is already setting me up with a tequila emenema and ready to clean me out and get me fucking drunk as hell! That way I get even more perverted and open for his dirty ass shit! I know they call him big daddy Ryan for a reason. He has his hooks in my gangbang whore as his fake titted cum, piss and scat queen. Big daddy will always know just how to handle me and dominate a stupid slut. Fuck why does it get me so hot when he calls me filthy fucking names as he is fucking my fresh enemas ass. I’m just a cum whore who loves to be rode hard and put up wet!
Cum and call me the filthy names as I get high and masturbate to your dominance!
Let those inhibitions out along with that cock for me! Get prepared for my messy ass to take you whole fuckrode inside and slurp me out all of that gooey, stringing cum booty juice. This pissing sex ass gets such a pounding that once fucked and filled with luscious loads of jizz the gaping of this Shiitter! 

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trashy milf Trashy milf loves a good boy fuck! I was just telling my son how much my pervert clients love me talking about sucking his dick. He got all shy and started sucking his thumb. I slapped him and told him to man up. If a man loves mommy fuckimg her offspring then we will give him a nice show. I really thought if I could just make him understand that men love seeing a mommy sucking a cute bald pee-pee he wouldn’t be so baby faced! I’m going to be fucking him for a long time why would i not want him to be comfortable fucking me in front of other men? I know it’s fucked up that i slapped him. But I put his face right on my tit and let him suckle for a little while as I stroked his beautiful boy cock! This is my lover, my son and he knows if he a good boy he can go into sissies room to fuck her while mommy holds open her legs. I want my son to grow up to be a pimp and my daughter to be one of the many young hookers for hire out on the street beside this horny bitch!

I would love to be your white trash mommy! 

Hadley is an Anal cum dumpster

anal sex whoreThis Anal sex whore and jizz dumpster gets her booty cleaned out like it was a slurpy!
Yummy creamy warm slurpy ass! It’s what he wanted after he came on top of a couple other jizz loads up my ass last night! I must admit his mouth was a warm wet welcome as my ass was quite sore! The lounge was popping and I had about six men wanting a blowjob or handjob all at once. But I only took those who wanted to fuck my dope whore brains out. And turns out my as swas a bigger hit than my dancing. Cream filled, cum yum num nums was what my last John of the night wanted! And so I pulled these long legs up and let him have at it! I even got lots of extra tips from men who watched him eat my ass! I had so much fun feeding him my chocolate gusher! I love feeding my ass juice to men who pay for it! I’ll even sixy-nie and suck your dirty dick off as you eat your Crack whore anal ass meal!

Whole lotta Stripper sex stories

stripper sex stories


I have a whole lotta dirty stripper sex stories. And most of the time I get myself in bad situations because I can be a dumb blonde and always have some way of trying to make money with my body. I recently got obsessed with this guy who had visited me a couple times at the strip club. He was rich and powerful and the son of a big dog. I began stalking him and found out that he loves blonde hookers for hire. I made a shrine to him and told him how much I loved being his hoe and that I wanted to be that hot cock whore he can depend on, rain or shine to suck his cock dry! But all my stalking Only made me a pathetic excuse of a woman who needed cock and coke! He told me that he realized what a fucking dope whore and skank i was when he saw my shrine to him. But he was impressed and fucked me in my ass and pussy for a long time before he invited all of his buddies over to run train on me. Do you love a devoted slut like me to use?!

Twinkie pussy

Extreme phone sex Extreme phone sex mommy loves pimp daddys! I would suck your son’s dick and suck off you and your daddy at same time! Then I’d be pimped out for you as you called me a raunchy ass hooker! I dress up as the sluttiest mommy hooker for you and get filled with cum like a twinkie! My son came in for dinner and I am a tasty dessert of hot fucking cum! I was at the truck stop. So I already have lots of yummy cummies all up in my holes for you! Mommy even brought a nice young slut home to play with! She’s a cute little thing, just started hooking here this week. Do you want to eat two cream pies out baby? I know I enjoyed that spot of crack for eating out three loads from her ass hole on her first night being teen sluts fucking for a living! Now it’s your turn to eat us up yum! Twinkie stuff filled cummies for mommy and a teen slut! wash it down with mommies piss and get real raunchy with me! 

Hadley is an Orgy Cream pie

orgy phone sex

Orgy phone sex stories will make you blow a huge load! You and your buddies never have to pull out of this whore leaving loads of cum to make a nasty cream-pies! My sweet wet cunt will love to be dripping with your ooey gooey cum, mixed with the other Johns who have made my holes a cum dump while I spend the day and night making a living on my back (mostly)! Doggy style cum dumps are hot too! spank my ass while you make your deposits!  I just want you to relax with thai whore and dip your cock in this wetness and add to my loads if you please! I’m a dirty Milf hooker whore bent on getting that jizz so I can stay enterally young! I’m milking you so I can get every lost yummy drop! Surround me with cocks that will use this dirty tramp the way she should be used! Blow your big  balls in my womb or on my face as long as I get it! Creampie sex stories to blow with me! cum and get it boys! 

BBC phone sex hooker

BBC phone sex

Trailer park hookers know that they can count on big black cock in this BBC phone sex blog! Most of our night action around here is the dealers dropping off dope in Cadillac’s with nice spinner rims and looking for a blonde whore to fuck! White girls like me get fucked up so we can sale our pussy to get even more high. And black men love snow bunny pussy! My fuck holes were meant to be drilled by anaconda. I enjoy having a drippy pussy full of black cock cum. What is even better is they pay in high quality blow for the nasty bitches who feed white boys their cum laods! I have a couple of white Johns who know when I text that I just got a fresh supply of cream, they already know its BBC cum waiting on them. I tried to trick then once before but they say they can taste the difference and only want a black mans cum shot to eat out of my sloppy cunt and ass! I really enjoy fucking black cocks because they are so big and hurt my pussy and ass hole. These white boy cum drinkers make my pussy feel all better! This white trash phone sex whore knows where her bread is buttered! 


Mexican cum gangbang whore

gangbang whore
This gangbang whore has sucked off hundreds of cocks in her lifetime. Big ones, small ones and even fat hairy sacks bigger than the cock itself! What’s always been interesting to me is how each load can have a different taste. The higher I get the more flavors of cum I get on my tongue. Last night I was with this Mexican who had the sweatiest balls and an uncircumcised cock. Now there was no saying no to him as he was the brother in-law of the strip club’s owner! Now this whore went over there with a simple blow job and fuck on my mind. I knew my Boss had sent in his big dick sucker to gain favor with his wife. And that hispanic cock was a decent size, nothing I couldn’t handle. I did what I do best and ended up with a mouthful of chunky bitter cum! EWW! must be all that spicy food and tequila!  I puked right all over my tits and thsi mother fucker laughed at me. He used the vomit to titty fuck while he was fucking laughing at me! My boss owes me big!

Fish pussy

hookers for hire My Ol’ man loves my fishy pussy! He says that hookers for hire like me should not shower for four days and on the fifth day he will clean my dirty little snatch out for me. No matter if I didn’t wipe my cunt from pissing or  how many men paid to cum bareback inside of me! He is a truly filthy nasty fish pussy lover. I know that the scent of all the juice’s and fluids and secretions drive me mad with this intense hard on! I do as he wants because he pays well for a worn out cunt that is dirty!  The more creamy and piss smelling the better for my fetish freak! Oh and he even loves it when this hooker is on her rag too! Lick this period, pissy and cum filled cunt for me! You know you need to get your nasty fix of stinky pussy! I am fresh off the corner of Hooker Drive and Coke whore ave, all sweaty and musty just the way you like it! 

Biker bitch

gangbang whoreA gangbang whore on the biker circuit; I know all about being a cream pie pass around whore. Nothing like being topless on the back of a hog knowing this cock slut is  about to service all these rough ass men! Add the fact that I already been hard at getting loads on the street corner and feeling multiple loads drip down on the seat as the vibrations play with my pussy. I’m being rode to the gang’s cabin and there’s a lot of big hairy and nasty men and only a couple of whores that are to service the entire biker gang. There is going to be so much cock for us to share! My cunt and ass hole used as a dumping ground for all the salty creamy jizz loads is the perfect start to my weekend! A biker’s bitch always serves as many cocks as she can dutifully and whorefully! I’m ready for my cum filled cunt.  Come party and play with your white trash Queen of your double wide.