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Big dick sucker Stripper

big dick suckerThis sexy blonde Harlot of cum is a big dick sucker and stripper that works the VIP rooms. AKA back rooms where men get fucked and sucked by trashy women like me! On my knees is where I belong, sucking off men one after another. The pay is good and many of these men have party favors they are willing to share with a great cock sucker like me. I love the way my mouth can make a cock as hard as it possibly can. I enjoy a deep throat fuck with my tonsils massaging that cock head. I might gag and drool, but I am getting hornier with every passing thrust! Rocking back on my heels I prepare for that cock to coat my esophagus with a nice warm batch of fresh cum! I love men who take control and grab my hair and force that dick down my gullet as far as it can before they let go and empty right down into my stomach! Breakfast of champions for a dirty whore like me! Do you need your cock serviced by a high cum guzzling slut? 

Drunk girl fucking Accomplice

drunk girl fuckingHe was out scouting a special kind of deviancy. Drunk girl fucking, he had a mission to find the most fucked up whores at parties and clubs so he could be as fucking nasty as he possibly could. Cationic whore fucking more like it! I saw him as I snorted my fourth rail. He had a target, one of the younger strippers who couldn’t walk and was down to her g-string and laughing it up as she fell into his arms. I decided it was a money making opportunity as he was having trouble convincing her to take a ride with him. I grabbed her and told her not to worry, this was my friend and he was taking us both home. I winked at him and grabbed her coat and clothes. As I passed him asking where is car was, I whispered, “don’t worry you still get to fuck her” Ill just help, if you help me.” Laid in the back seat was a very drunk girl and a man who was getting his hands on every part of her body. We pulled into a sleazy hotel and when she fell in the parking lot he had a great idea, she would suck his cock until she vomited so it wouldn’t be in the car or on the motel carpet. I helped him get a nut off and make that whore puke! We drug her inside and I happily cleaned his cock off so he could get hard and fuck this passed out bitch!

Anal cum dumpster Raw Dawgg

anal cum dumpsterEat my anal cum dumpster ass hole out! My ass is filled to the brink with a hot creamy cum shot. Don’t you want to taste this whores ass and slurp all that thick warm goodness out for me. How about watching my ass as i shit it out all over your chest. I know men like you. Dirty mother fuckers who enjoy paying for a prostitute to do the most vile sex acts with her ass and pussy. I have been asked if A K-9 Pal has ever landed in my ass with his red rocket of Cerberus. In fact I do enjoy a cock of a furry friend right out of hells gates. My ass is perfect for Rover to rove around in as he humps me! I love when men fuck me after being filled with Dawg cum! You know you need a Trashy milf who has been around the kennel a few too many times! Woof! 

Cum Guzzling slut mommy

cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut mommy here doing what she does best. Milking a big chocolate cock to get a little blow to survive the week. It’s already been a long week with school back in session and I definitely haven’t got enough cock, coke, or cum to make it through! My son was the first to tell me what a crab ass I was being. He said why don’t you go down to your dealer’s house and get some mommy elixir. I went to grab some cash, but it was lunch money for this week for my two brats. I threw up my hands and my son pointed out that all I would have to do is fuck and suck for it like I always do. I knew he was right, but he didn’t have to talk to me like that. “Watch your sister, I’ll be back,” I stormed out of the house, but my son was begging to come with me so he could watch me in action. “Well fucking grab a coat for your sister, I cant leave her by her self.” and off we went so mommy could suck black dick and get some dope! I have more  BBC sex stories with me and my brats, just like this one! 

Pool ball anal sex whore

anal sex whoreMy brother decided that my ass needed to be prolapsed because I owed him for the dope he had fronted me. As a true anal sex whore, it would take a lot to make me have that beautiful inside-out red rose. And that’s when he brought me to the pool hall, to make his money back! He made a bet that I could grab the pool balls with my ass and shit them back out. Not just once but multiple times through the night, while getting drunk and getting whored out to pay him back. I had three big hard pool table balls up inside me while I was getting my pussy fucked and was gobbling as much cock as I could to pay my brother back. The kinky part is he watched all night and was telling men that he was in charge of his sister the gangbang whore!gangbang whore

Backdoor Gangbang whore

gangbang whore

Happy New years from your backdoor gangbang whore! I been getting reamed in all my holes for days in prep for bringing in 2022 with a coke whore fuck of the extremes! The strip club has been popping with men who need a dirty anal slut to fuck! I’m down to butt fuck! And I fucking did it, I had so much cum in me as the bell hit midnight and I felt like I was on top of all the cock in the world. Now I am ripping my clit and using my dildo to play with all this yummy ass and pussy cum I have running down my thighs! All while I talk to horny men and get higher! That last blast of ass juice was the best. My hair was being pulled back and the cold air in the Garage of the guys was cooling off this sweaty hot coke whore. I could feel the cool breeze on my dirty pussy as he pumped away at my tight anal canal! I love feeling like a dirty piggy anal cum dumpster! What a what to ring in the new era of cum whore ass fucking! Are your ready to get freaking with a ass slut full of cum? 

Gangbang whore in action

gangbang whoreGangbang whore brings her son with her and fucks on boyfriends dime! How else am I going to get my fuck fix? He should come and see what a hot coke fuck mommy slut I am for all these cocks! I love to show off my skills I have learned through the years to the younger generations. I was raised to use my body and not my brain! Shit my daddy said the only thing my head was good for was getting skull fucked, and he meant it too! Some people say I shouldn’t fuck in front of my brat, but I say fuck them! I know what’s best for my offspring and you should know that if it’s trashy and nasty I’m up for it! So what if he sees my ass hole blown out or me vomiting on a cock?  Maybe he can learn a thing or two about how to treat a nasty bitch like me. Fuck my boy even likes pissing sex for his mommy! I’ll drink that piss and take in my ass without a doubt. What do you think, Am I trailer trash enough for your cum load? My man doesn’t think so and neither does my boy!

Festive BBC sex Stories

BBC Sex Stories

I love festive BBC sex stories, dont you? A whore who gets to be laid by the biggest black cock she has ever had. A true black cock celebration by a whore who needs gaped and used to the fullest extent! I wasn’t even planning on going whoring. My son wanted me to relax and spend some time with him and his sister since it was Christmas eve.. I was out of blow and had to run to do a quick errand, I promised I would be right back. But as I got to my dealer’s hook up spot he was a no show. I called in a few favors and arranged to meet a new guy for my baggie of good feeling powder. If my brats wanted mommy pussy, I needed to feel good and blow makes me extra honey, i

 was doing this for them. Well if you know me and know how much I love the BBC, then you know I couldn’t resist this mother fucker with a huge dick in his grey sweatpants, just hanging out like Nick Cannon and shit. I had to see for myself! I left my brats alone as I worshiped that anaconda and got dicked down by the biggest black dick ever. When I got home my brats were pissed. But I explained my situation and they didn’t mind mommy being a trashy milf for that big of black cock!

Bikers love drunk girl fucking

drunk girl fuckingThe biker bars are full this time of year. Perfect for drunk girl fucking. These men know that the whores are plentiful and are looking for holiday cash. Big sweaty cocks love a fuck show of two of us going at it once we have been liquored up enough. Just so happens that we get to put on pussy licking shows on the pool tables as the men decide who is going to get that cock first. Throwing back a shot as I ride another sexy bitches face, my jaw drops. My brother walks in and I just happen to have taken his wife out with me tonight. He has no idea that I have turned her into a gangbang whore on the weekends. She likes to drink and get high, and full of cum. She deserves it, taking care of my brother and his brats. Normally I eat her out and leave no trace, but her used up pussy. One look at us and he was dragging us down by the hair and slapping me around. What did he think was going to happen when he let me hang out with her? We made him feel all better as we got his cock out and showed him how much we both loved sucking him off. He was turned on by his wife being a whore. Do you think he let us fuck more men for him?

Kinky Trashy Milf

Trashy Milf This trashy milf knows a thing or two about cocks. I have been on and sucked enough cock to know all about what makes a man explode. You know as A stripper I get a lot of men with really kinky fetishes this time of year. It seems like the closer to Holidays the more men want to see me bouncing on a big black cock. Not only that they pay extra to have a private session with me and my son and daughter watching with them. Now sometimes the money’s real good and I let my daughter suck off the Payer of perversions, while mommy rides and sucks an anaconda. But most often or not my BBC sex stories involve my son helping mommy get fucked. He loves to help hold my legs, feed me cock and even clean my cummy pussy up. I enjoy this time of year not for any other reason than my perverts who love seeing me be a dirty mom and fuck Big black cock!

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