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Gangbang Whore Adopts to Keep Getting Dick

gangbang whore

You know that Hardcore Hadley is a true gangbang whore, right? I enjoy dealer dick, big massive black cocks pulling a train in my drugged-up ass. Only now I have a new way to get the younger dick I secretly crave. Many f these young black boys are hitting the streets to be true thugs like their daddy’s and no one to look out for them. I figure if I adopt them, they can be my personal sex slaves. Maybe like five black boys at a time, in various ages to keep my gangbang slut lust tamed. I would have plenty of coke and some crack to keep those young big black boy dicks hard for me, and I have an exceptionally good friend who would pay them for each load they gave me each day. Win, win sexual advantage here! I would get pumped with young black dick several times a day and put on shows for my special friend who adores what a nasty hot coke whore fuck I am! Do you think my life could get any trashier? Well, I already fuck a couple of my dealers’ brats why not just have them come stay with me so I can get that good BBC boy cock whenever I need it! It would be my collection of young ones and teen sluts fucking me each and every night!

Your Creampie Slut Strikes Again

creampie slutThe beaches are opening back in my town, and this creampie slut is out hustling her ass for some much-needed cock. Your blonde white trash bimbo is out for all the cum she can handle, and that is saying a lot. I made sure to wear my shortest skirt and tightest halter top so I could show off these huge bouncing tits. There were a couple of hot young studs drinking beer at the pier, and I sat right next to then and asked if they smoke. Eyes on my tits and going up my skirt they nodded. I pulled a joint out of my purse and handed it to one to light. Legs swinging in the water and getting high with these two had my pussy throbbing. I noticed cocks getting hard through shorts and went to rubbing them and then got up and walked down in sand taking off my top and skirt beckoning hard young cocks to cum fuck me. I was flat on my back sucking a big dick and the other penetrated my pussy. My legs spread wide as the went back and forth between my holes to get this blonde fucking whore cum filled. My day didn’t end there, I found new cocks to give me even more cum loads!

Hot Teen Phone Sex For Perverts

hot teen phone sex

I have been a whore since before I even knew what one is. Now I spread the whoreness around and go back to my hot teen phone sex roots. I don’t mind being daddies little accomplice or baby girl rape fantasy. My submissive side gives me free rein to be the doped up brat I have always been. See My daddy popped my bald cunt before He was supposed too. But he gave me the nose candy and I didn’t deny him. I knew I would get more with my pussy and so I gave it to him as much as he wanted. Don’t you want to turn your sweet brat into a dope whore like me too! Pump her ass full of daddy cream and make her you slave to that big daddy dick. She might be on the pole or hooking as soon as she can, but at least you got that sweet young pussy stretched out before anyone else could fuck that slut in training! Don’t be shy, I know you need to fuck baby girl holes and party with this trashy girl!  I don’t have itty bitty titties anymore but I still love being your virgin daughter daddy!


Big Dick Sucker Gets his Cum Dump

big dick suckerYou can never accuse me of not being a big dick sucker. I mean look at this glorious piece of meat I happened upon. I knew this guy was packing, but damn this rod was something for me to savor and slobber all over. I knew when he pulled it out it was not fully to max capacity! Oh, my what a job for this cum slut. Oh, baby and his balls. Huge! I worshipped his balls sucking and nibbling as I stroked that big fat motherfucking cock. I fought the urge to just jump on it and ride like a bat out of hell. Instead, I took my time using my tongue to learn every vein and ridge. And when I finally got that knob in my mouth, I just opened my slutty throat right up and went all the way down until I couldn’t breathe! The precum hitting the back of my throat sent me into orbit. I was like a machine pumping up and down faster and harder until He grabbed my long blonde hair and used me like the cum dump I am meant to be. I know my face must have turned three shades of purple as he kept me down on his balls and pumped that hot creamy cum right down my stomach. I thanked him and got his big fat dick hard again by sucking those massive balls and licking his ass hole. Then it was time to spread my wet whore pussy and ride like the wind. I might just be a white trash phone sex bitch, but I do get the good dick!

Your Blonde White Trash Whore

Blonde phone sexI went to the Spanish part of town tonight. I had a meeting with a man about running some dope to the girls at the club. And yes, The Kitty Palace is still open. We are considered essential in my part of the world. But only a handful of guys come in, and it’s not really for the show. The girls are hustling cocaine and black tar for me. And of course, we are selling our pussy and mouth for real cheap now. But When I went to see this vato to re-up he told me that he wasn’t going to give my blonde bimbo anything until he got some pussy. But not just any pussy he wanted me for 24 hours in a sleazy hotel room dressed like in only black lace. I had to do everything he wanted for a full 24 hours. I agreed because I was jonesin’ and I needed a fix. He brought the party favors and a big greasy dick to the room. I swear his cum was the sourest I had ever tasted and I had to blow him so many times before he ass and pussy fucked me. And that Mexican dick was always hard. Oh, and he is a biter so Now I have to show off marks of my Mexican drug dealer until they go away. He texted tonight and asked if his little blonde bitch wanted some more. I don’t but I will do anything for a lay and some dope!

Druggy Porn Whore

Druggy Porn I am a dirty whore who has been involved in making some druggy porn for some side cash. I love doing lines on camera and showing of my pierced clit right on screen. I feel like a real porn star as five men line up to take turns fucking my pink pussy and my dirty ass. I am so high that I don’t notice the handcuffs, rope and ball gag being pulled out. My hair I pulled until I am on the floor being bound like the stupid slut I am. Hands around my throat as I am brutally fucked and beaten. SO much for the easy money for being a gangbang whore. I try screaming around the gag, to no avail. I must like being roughed up because I feel myself coming as my pussy is hit with one of their leather belts and I am being called a dirty pathetic whore. I almost forget that I am being filmed and crawl home with a little cash and a little baggy of coke. It isn’t until weeks later I start getting messages from my daddy and brother demanding to know why I am on a porn site.

Anal and Toilet Play Fisting Whore

Fisting WhoreDid you know that this fisting whore can shove her fist up her ass? I have a beautiful Rose that pops out when I do! I know when my sexual services are rented out that some men find it completely fascinating that I can do that! But it’s not for the weak of the stomach because normally after I fist my ass a bit of shit gets squirted out! Now if you are fucking my ass and give me a warm salt water enema beforehand you will get a good flow of warm Diarrhea flowing all over your cock! Most of the men I fuck with are into extreme toilet play and want to see this whore eat her own shit and fuck my shitty ass hole. Yeah, it might make me puke all over my beautiful tits but all the more lube to big fake titty fuck! But my favorite potty play will always be pissing sex. Giving and receiving. So, what do you think am I too nasty for you? Or is your cock rock hard standing at attention for Hardcore Hadley? I am a dirty trashy whore, what can I say, wink, wink!

Blonde Fucking Nasty Whore, A truckers Dream

blonde fucking

I have a cock whore ass and throat that is the best for nasty blonde fucking. I have been hopping into truckers’ cabs and being used like the fake titted whore I am. I was raised as daddies’ cock attendant since I was a no tit youngin. And now with the drivers going all day and all night they need ro0ad head and a supper dirty slut to satisfy those dirty sweaty cocks. My ass is gapping, I wear no panties as I climb up in the truck to blow another and my cunt and pretty pink open ass is just dripping with another mans semen. Tyler climbs up grabbing on to the rails and stooping down on the side step. He slurps all my cumming cunt clean. His reward is to take me down to the floor of the cab and get to throat fuck me until I puke on my big bolt ons, as I am getting pumped by a greasy sweaty cock. I am so far crammed in the cab, as my holes are crammed as well. I am a proud cum guzzling slut serving my nation by relieving truckers of cum loads every chance I get.💋

Dirty Phone sex Whore Beginnings

Dirty phone sex is second nature to this white trash slut! My daddy had me talking dirty as he ate my sweet little cunny from the start! I love to tell daddy and the men who tasted this fresh little bald cunt how fucking good that wet tongue felt as they slurped me. And when my virginity got stolen I was moaning in pure pleasure!  It was daddies fault I fucked all the coaches and the football and basketball teams in high school. Now that I am the fake titty stripper whore I still love talking dirty to the men who fuck me for money and pleasure. And you what I still find myself fucking my daddy and giving him blow jobs just because I love his big daddy dick. Daddy was the original pimp for this blonde whore! Are you a daddy pimp, for littles or a naughty man who needs a dirty blonde whore with big tits? Cum play with me, baby! dirty phone sex

Toilet Sex WIth Hadley

toilet sexHe was looking for extreme toilet sex with a hot stripper. With Enough nose candy, I will do anything perverse. On stage or not. It started with a full strip and him sticking money in my tiny g-string. He hollered out to the rest of the patrons that if I shoved this bill up my cunt he would buy a round for all of them. Not to displease the crowd, I rolled up the fifty and stuck it in my pussy. Then he crawled on stage and said if he could get that fifty out with his mouth that he would buy another round. The fifty was laced with coke so I was feeling really fucking good. I made him strip down and I put my fat ass on his face and he tried and tried to get it but, then I pissed all over him. He liked it because he got rock hard as I stroked him and rode his face I heard him beg for me to fart. I did what any entertainer would do. I farted on his face in front of the crowd. The bills came flying as we both were hauled off stage. I have to find a new club to strip at but it was worth it! Hardcore Hadleys Blogs 

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