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trashy milf

Trashy milf sexcapes never end with this hot blonde whore. I might be a younger mommy but my boy sees me fuck everyday. Hell my son claps and says get fucked Mommy, get fucked hard! He knows that his dick will be pleasured at the end of my day. My day includes being fucked by multiple men for cash or dope. Stripping on a pole and showing my completely naked body to dozens of horny nasty men. But does my son get jealous? No, he is proud that I am such a fucking coke whore. His dick might cum last in line, but he always gets some creamy mommy pussy! And that’s not forget about the shows that we put on for our lovers who love to fuck me hard and deep in my ass and pussy! Wouldn’t you like to watch me suck off or jack off my son while you fuck the shit out of me!? Sometimes quite literally! Light up a joint, Make me a nice fat line of coke, and come jack off with this trashy mommy!

Biker Fuck

cum guzzing slutI just can’t get enough of fucking big hard cocks. I don’t need wined and dined or even fucking 69’d!!! I wanted to let a biker take this cum guzzling slut for a ride. I knew he had a hard cock that I couldn’t wait to ride in all my whore holes. Once we got to the Sleazebag INN, I was already on my knees before he even took off his helmet. My cunt was dripping wet in anticipation of a good fuck. As my mouth pumped up and down his shaft, I locked eyes with my hot biker. I needed him to see how much this slut loves sucking him off!

His large hands were wrapped around my neck, and his fingertips digging deep! He yanked me back to pull his big dick out of my mouth. He bent me over the seat of his HOG to slam my whore cunt! Alternating between slamming me and long stroking me, he just kept teasing and edging me closer and closer until I couldn’t hold it any longer and I squirt all over his throbbing dick. I’m not sure who came harder, him or me. My juices were coating his dick, and my whore pussy was filled with his hot cum. He sure knew how to dick down this trailer trash whore!

Sloppy wet Pussy Is the best!

sloppy wet pussy

I have a sloppy wet pussy for you baby! I have been really working the club for hours and the amount of cum Inside my pussy right now could drown a man! Don’t you want to stick your dick in my dripping skank cunt? So many men love passing me a blunt and going to pound town on me after I’ve been whoring all night.  It’s not a bad thing to be a cum filled tramp, believe me, I am living my best life! I have all the weed, coke, and cock A girl could want! Plus I get fucked the way a dirty whore should! Yes, you will find me riding a dick in the back room, with cum in my hair and all over my cum shelves that cost a lot of money! Thank you sugar daddy!  My big fake tits barely move as I get fucked hard and deep.  I might be a gangbang whore in the fact that I can take multiple men, but thats what you love right?  I love sex, drugs and being as taboo and freaky as I can be. every man needs a true whore who  afraid to be wild on the phone and in the bed room. 

Bukkake Cum Dumpster splash party

cum dumpster As the OG cum dumpster that I am I got invited to a Bukkake Session with a few other whores! 1970’s themed cum splash party. Now i enjoy a good cum facial, but being a cum covered whore is the best. Gallons of hot sticky cum all over me and knowing that was my handy work! I feel like a blonde art piece after The men have finished jizzing in every crack and orifice I have! Hot men with hard dicks just stand around you and shoot their sticky loads of cum from head to toe all over each whores body. It’s a sight to see, but I am the main attraction as I try to eat as much cum that flows on my body! My magic number is 7 if you have ever talked to me. And this night 14 men and 4 whores had the biggest cum splash party I had since I was a teen! Circle jerks, blow job contests and squirting pussy games galore! The men tipped wel and had lots of white lightning to get us fucked up to teh whore gills! I guess it pays to be a gangbang whore!

Creampie slut Milf Hadley

creampie slut

I was born to be a creampie slut! Everyday things like showing my son the local fire department to my son ends up with me getting fucked right in front of my own boy! Before I knew what was happening, I was a little high on the white powder! I was in a fire suit and taking several cocks deepthroat! My son got to enjoy his mommy being covered with cum while he stroked his boy cock for me. I honestly enjoy the happiness on my sons face and the men get off on showing how much of a whore his mommy really is. I was servicing those hoses on the firefighters while I got my own fire sprayed down with hot wet cum! After mommy was full of cum she went home and had her own son make her some coke lines and finally let him cum inside me on top of all the thier loads covering me or in my ass or in my mommy whore pussy! I’m so glad my son loves me being a gangbang whore! This is what I was born for! Cum play with me and my cum filled …everything! 

gangbang whore

BBC cum guzzling slut, Hadley

cum guzzling slutThis cum guzzling loves telling you all about how I suck off BBC! I do like fine chocolates and the bigger and darker the better as this white whore likes to say. Just think if I never had to sell my ass for my cocaine addiction, I would have never felt how good a black dick feels! Daddy turning me into a coke slut really helped me out in this life. I do what I do best and that is fucking. I like fucking black cock but as a true whore I try to service all the cock I can! I believe in quantity when it comes to my cunt and ass hole. Who am I kidding? I love sucking just as much cock as I can. I Deepthroat like the pro I am. Let me google all that cock right down and let you wrap this big man’s hands around my throat so you can jack off with my esophagus. Or you cna watch me struggle to suck that Coke dealers black cock and fuck my tigt ass hole. Don’t worry like a good gangbang whore I suck all my shot right off that cock. I am a lover of all nasty sex! Do your cock a favor and Let this blonde trashy Whore service your cock!

Wild Stripper sex stories

stripper sex stories

This Blonde Bimbo had the wildest and nastiest stripper sex stories around.  I have became in charge of all the new young and dumb dancers. Girls who are eighteen but look so fresh faced and cute. These are the ones who are going to be stars in the Club and I have to mold them into fuckalicious freaks! Men don’t come to my club to watch and not touch. Full service whores service, for a fee. These fresh faced sluts know nothing of the pretty vials filled with white gold. One line and these young ladies have no clue how to handle themselves. That’s what its important for an established hoe to make sure our club clientele get the hot stripper sex they are after! Being right there when these girls do that first coke covered cock blow job. Pouring water down those throats so they stay hydrated. Many of these nubile whores in training never have orgasmed in their life. Now they are high and having two or even three orgasms every night. It’s a lot to take in. The shit these men want my fresh young  strippers to do sometimes is over the top. I have to teach them it’s okay to puke on a cock and that every stripper whore gets fucked for cash here! Piss is common when white collar men go slumming. They can get vanilla sex any day of the week with boring fat wives. Its up to me to make sure our club has the raunchiest teen sluts fucking to satisfy big cock! 

hot stripper sex

Harlot Hadley The Big Dick Sucker

Big Dick sucker

Men pay for my big dick sucker skills. I am Harlot Hadley to service your sexy big dick any time of the night or morning! I have plenty of blow that keeps me horny and looking for the next dick to suck. I only feel useful when I am on my knees sucking a nice throbbing hard dick. I can relax my throat muscles and slurp and suck until I can feel that cock head going down that tight ring of my esophagus. A nice message for that cock head if I do say so myself! Isn’t that what you need, a nice big titty blonde hooker helping you cum with her amazing wet mouth? Maybe smear some of that coke down your meaty shaft and have me clean up every last bit? My cunt is aching to be used, but I keep licking my lips thinking about sucking you off! Bring me that dick and I will gobble you up and swallow your cum load whole! Nobody sucks cock like a harlot that’s getting paid to do what she loves the most! Bring your friends and show off the Cum guzzling slut cock sucking skills of your whore! 

Trailer trash whore Tight Ass Fuck

Trailer trash whore

Being an anal loving trailer trash whore is all I can think about! Last night at Randy’s Party I got to show off my tight ass in a very trashy way! We were drinking Beer and I had on this sexy cute pair of daisy dukes with only a black thong bikini on. Randy has a pool, and a big dick, and the best coke on the planet! He was teasing me that I couldn’t hold a beer can between my cheeks. Now, I mention this as he has five other guys over and no women on site! The Lack of other females had me thinking it was fixing to be set up for an impromptu gangbang! I have NEVER shied away from a multi-man gangbang. I was up to the fucking, (wink) challenge! I put that Budweiser between my ass cheeks as I pulled down my daisy dukes and held on tight to a full can of open beer. Knowing full well as I crushed the can with my ass cheeks and spilled the beer all over , I was going to be the target of a gang bang ass fuck. Cocks were out and I  was roughly pushed on my hands an knees to take it like  a good anal cum dumpster.  The pound town ass train had began! I need more loads in my ass, care to make a cum donation? 

Anal cum dumpster

Druggy Porn Momma

druggy porn


Sometimes Your son just has to sit back and realize he has a druggy porn momma! Now, I know what you’re thinking, he is the luckiest boy of all time! And you would be right! He loves the fact that so many men need his mommys whore holes. And never fails to sit in on a porn scene where mommy is getting her ass completely tore up for some gang bang porn! He takes great pride that mommy uses her body to get dope, money and all the cum a girl could ever ask for! 

Now there is a lesson to be made here. Do you think my son balks at the idea of pumping mommy cunt while it’s filed with another man’s cum? No! He takes every advantage to fuck mommy! He’s so moldable at this age. He is so gung “hoe” with every thrust in his mommies pretty working woman cunt! 

I never feel bad when I am slinging my pretty bubble ass for a bit of chalk and cash, because he knows mommy is a whore. I swear as a mommy your offspring just lift you up onto a pedestal! My son worships my big fake tits and cummy filled holes like no one else ever has. So, baby,  if you looking for a druggy phone sex mommy, you should know my son has set the standards pretty high for pussy worship. Most just use my body and get high with me, not that i have one smidgen of complaint about that! 

druggy phone sex

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