My name is Hadley and I am truly a white trash phone sex whore! No, I am not your average girl next door. I am not sweet or innocent in any way (but if you want me to pretend, I sure can try). I have been fucking for more years then I can remember. My daddy showed me how to spread my legs, even swallow a load of spunk like a champ. He told me my cunt would take me places that my brains could not even touch. There really is no place in this dirty existence for a smart whore. He said I was destined to be nothin but a trailer trash whore. He showed me how to roll my first joint, snort my first line, and how to take more cock that a rooster farm! Fuck I could not even imagine not having dick everyday!
Oh, and does Hadley like to be used at the local glory holes or even a gang bang at the local biker bars? Shit, I am the whore laying her ass down for some biker boys! Their aggressive drunk asses is the only way to be used like a fuck slut! Walking into one of their shit holes is a definite few days of being fucked and fucked again. I love being the local biker gang fuck toy.
There is nothing I will not do for any cock. It makes me so hot when I see a guy who wants to fuck me. And if I need a fix all I gotta do is call one of my few Daddies, they fix me right up while I am sucking big Daddy Dick. And when I gotta walk the streets I have no problem doing that either. I strut my nasty trashy shit right up to any guy flashing cash or chalk. Drop to my knees and take his meat and balls into this slutty mouth. Bend over and let him fuck my holes bareback. My asshole craves hardcore anal sex! I don’t even worry about being caught. The local authorities have my trashy ass on their payroll as a perk! They know all I need is a fix and a dick. They can do whatever they want to me. That is the life of a white trash drug gang bang whore! That is definitely more than a mouth full to say!

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    • Javier on May 15, 2020 at 7:08 am
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    Hey bby whats up in fucken rock hard as fuck right now

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