Big dick sucker Hadley Loves making a mess

 Big dick suckerBig dick sucker Hadley Loves making a mess.

A cock through a hole in the wall has me with loads of spit and drool cum running down onto my tits. I bet you’re wondering how This sexy Blonde wife ended up here. Well, My past seems to be catching up to my nymphomaniac sex drive.

Big dick sucker cheater at the Glory hole

My husband is due back in town and I have an ache to go suck some stranger cock. Plain and simple. Of fucking course, my husband knows I cheat all the time, and he loves it. But he has no idea how much Cock I get. He probably thinks that I only do it when I tell him about my exploits. Often, I wonder how he would think of me if he knew how many cum loads I need to have shot inside of me, or how many I swallow while he is away. 

Cum Guzzling slut has no shame

When I do see him later, I won’t even brush my teeth after sucking the glory hole cock. I love making a big drool and cum mess all over my tits and swishing hot sticky loads around in my mouth after.

Positive that he will notice the shein of glaze on me, but will he acknowledge or ask me where I have been. No, so I do these crazy things to put it in his face, hoping he will ask me why cum is in my eyelashes in my hair. So I will keep being a Cum guzzling slut until he does!

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