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Anal Sex Whore Loving Daughters

anal sex whoreAlthough all the girls in my family enjoy anal sex, my oldest girl is the biggest anal sex whore of us all. She attends college a few hours away but came home yesterday after her last final. Although she still has a project she is working on, she can send it in remotely. She misses her mommy and her family. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and think, “How do I have college age offspring?”

I started early. Married my husband when I turned 18, or at least I think I was 18. Honestly, not sure when exactly I was born because I was a home birth in rural West Virginia, and I had no birth certificate and no social security card until I met my husband. I am somewhere between 40-43 years old we think. So, I am trashy milf age, LOL.

My daughter arrived home when her siblings were at school and her daddy was at work. She timed it that way so she could have quality time with me. She even brought me a new dildo. One of her friends made it in art class. This friend has a talent for glass blowing. It made me wet knowing that my daughter told her coed friend that she needed a dildo for her mother’s ass.

My Daughters and I Are Anal Whores

Although, I let my daughter fuck my asshole with my new dildo, I tried it out on her too. I slipped that pretty hand-blown dildo into her tight teen asshole. And I made her cum so hard. Like me, my eldest girl can cum from ass play. The other girls need their clits stimulated too. But my oldest and I can butt fuck for hours and drench the sheets from all the assgasms we have.

I am going to enjoy an entire month of playing with my girl’s pink puckered asshole. This may be the best Christmas gift I get yet. Perhaps you might enjoy some hardcore anal sex with this mommy whore. We can even fantasize that you are fucking my baby girls’ assholes too.

Dirty Phone Sex Provides Me with an Outlet to Share My Dirty Antics

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is my outlet. This is a side gig for me and a creative outlet for me to vent and share my dirty escapades. My life and my fantasies I cannot share with just anyone. And I have few friends outside my family. As a trophy wife with no formal education or proper upbringing, I never fit into my husband’s world. Although, I can fake it when I need to. And the holiday parties have begun, so I need to fake niceness to bitchy fellow trophy wives.

I dress up sexy, but not too provocatively to make all the wives jealous. But I cannot help but make them jealous. I am younger and hotter and all natural too. This party was full of freshly Botoxed women. I mean some of them had so much Botox in their faces they looked plastic. Nothing fake on me. Not even my hair color. Okay, maybe my boobs are not all real. But I do not need Botox and that drives some of these Hollywood wives crazy.

Do Not Fuck with a Trailer Park Whore

Since every woman at this party ignored me, I gave my attention to their husbands, and sons. One wife, Julie, is the queen of the mean girls. The rest of the wives follow her lead. And she thinks I am nothing but a trailer trash whore. Although she is right, I am a far cry from the dumb hick she thinks I am. I let her do her backhanded compliment shit. She cannot knock me down. But I can fuck her husband and her son in her bed at her party,

Since she attempted to flirt shamelessly with my husband, I seduced the men in her life. Together too. I marched them right into her bedroom and fucked them both on her bed. My husband lets me have fun. He would never cheat on me. Plus, he likes his women much younger than that old biddy.

This old cunt will never know I let her son and husband tag team me in her bed at her own party. But I have the satisfaction of knowing I left her party with a cum filled cunt from the men in her life. I did leave her a present though. A big wet spot of my cunt juice mixed with both her husband and her son’s sperm. Never fuck with trailer trash, Julie.

Trailer Trash Whore Christmas Becomes Better Every Year

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore Christmases are the hottest. It is no secret my youth was less than typical. I never got Christmas presents or birthday presents either. Hell, I never knew about Christmas until I met my husband. Since he rescued me, I make sure every Christmas is more spectacular than the last. On Sunday, we put up the tree.

I gave each of my sons and daughters a little present too. Although I spoil them during the holidays, they like to spoil their sexy mommy back. And I let them too. Sunday was a family day. Even though all my daughters had men requesting to spend time with them, I gave my daughters a day off. Even hookers for hire need a day of fun and relaxation, right?

My husband enjoyed the festivities too. Family fucking includes him. Although he is older now, a little blue pill allows him to fuck me like he did in his 30s. What my husband can no longer do daily, his sons can. A trophy wife never needs to worry when her much older husband develops dick issues if she has sons in the house.

The Holidays Are For Family Fucking in My House

After my husband watched our daughters and sons worship my pussy, his cock stayed erect for hours. Perhaps, he does not need Viagra after all. Maybe it only takes the right visual to bring his cock back to life for me. My pussy sounded super wet. That will happen when 7 mouths feast on your cunt. A family orgy by the Christmas tree appeared to be what we all needed.

Even a milf whore like me needs quality family fucking time. We spend so much time with other men as sexy prostitutes that we forget that pleasure begins at home. Family fucking made us all feel great. But as the matriarch of this family, I think I felt the best. Everyone worships me. My sons, my daughters and even my husband. You will worship me too!

White Trash Phone Sex on Black Friday

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex on Black Friday has been insane. I love working on Black Friday. Most men have the day off and most of their wives leave them alone to go shopping. Although I do love to shop, I will never shop in a store on Black Friday. Not when I can talk to my fellow perverts. So, most of my calls today involve my youngest daughter or son, and big daddy dick.

All my girls are daddy’s girls. I birthed them knowing one day daddy would train them to take care of him. My husband is 20 years older than me. Although he has begun to slow downs sexually, he still enjoys fucking me and his daughters. A little Viagra and Daddy can fuck a pussy like he was 30 something still.

He overheard part of my phone sex line call involving our youngest daughter, and Daddy’s dick came to life. No Viagra needed either. It felt like a Thanksgiving miracle. My daughter was excited too. Usually, my husband sits on the sidelines and watches our girls with their brothers, me or a John that came to the house. But I was the one sitting on the sidelines this time.

Talking Dirty to Perverts Like Me Gets My Husband Going Better Than Viagra

And I did not mind either. This is the sort of white trash show I enjoy. A daddy fucking his teen whore daughter in her princess bed made my pussy so fucking wet. I watched daddy pump his baby girl full of daddy milk. Secretly, I hope he knocks her up. I would love to be grandma. Plus, how hot would it be for my husband to be the father and the father and the grandfather too.

Normally, I dive right between my daughters’ legs after daddy leaves his seed and clean up a cum filled cunt. But I let that sperm ruminate inside her fertile little womb for a while before I dived in and licked up daddy’s cum. Maybe I will get another Thanksgiving miracle in 9 months.

Hookers For Hire Get Stuffed with Daddy Dick for Thanksgiving

hookers for hireHookers for hire get stuffed for Thanksgiving. And not with food, but with cock. You would not think a Sunday would not be a busy day for whores. But the week before a holiday, every day is busy. Me and my girls, and my youngest son played house yesterday with a rich old daddy. This client enjoys family fantasies. Although he has his own family, he never got to enjoy his daughters and son like we roleplay family fun. Can you relate to that?

It brings me joy to fulfill family fantasies for men. When my husband married me, I made his fantasies a reality. And he gave me a life I never could have dreamed up. So, it is the least I can do for him.  So, I like to pay it forward. And so do my young sexy prostitutes. This daddy client goes all our for our sessions too.

When we arrived, he made us brunch. We had a family meal together that lead to fucking. Daddy took a Viagra so he would be ready for the day. By the time we finished eating omelets and hash browns, Viagra kicked in. My daughters know what to do when they see a hard cock. Even my bisexual youngest son knows what to do too. My son crawled to daddy first and begged to suck his cock. My daughters stripped naked and played with daddy balls while my son sucked his cock.

It Is Not Thanksgiving Without a Proper Stuffing

I sat back rubbing my cunt as I watched the family fun unfold. My little sluts begged daddy for a good stuffing. And he gave them each a good stuffing too. But he started with my son. He turned my son into his private anal sex whore. They girls he pumped his daddy milk into their pussies. He secretly wants to knock up his girls. He pays extra to bare back us all.

We spent the day pleasing daddy. He even fucked me too. His Viagra worked wonders too because we all have sore holes. But it is not Thanksgiving time unless we get stuff good.

Sexy Prostitutes Feel Grateful for Pervert Daddies

sexy prostitutes Sexy prostitutes stay busiest around the holidays. You will never hear me say I do not work holidays. I do not think I will ever say that because a family of whores like us make bank on the holidays. Thanksgiving is not even here yet and my daughters and I are giving thanks to pervert daddies daily.

This morning we pretended Thanksgiving came early with a client. Too many daddies want to give thanks to this family of whores that every day this month feels like Thanksgiving to us. Scheduling proved challenging to me this month, but I made it work. And the daddy date we had this morning wore us all out.

I kept my girls home from school, and we went to visit Daddy Dave. He only wants the girls of the family. Some guys only want the girls and not me. Some just want the boys. And even a few want a mixture of both. However, I never judge. We offer something for everyone in this family of hookers for hire. Daddy Dave catered a huge lunch. But we may have worked off all we ate with the fucking. Even a seasoned pro like me struggles to keep up with Daddy Dave when he pops a Viagra.

A Family of Whores Will Always Be Grateful to Pervert Daddies

Even though I doubt he really needs a little blue pill, I think he wants a long erection to take care of me and my three daughters. Unlike many Johns, Daddy Dave makes us cum a few times before he even cums once. He insists on pleasuring us. He loves eating bald little schoolgirl cunnie. I bet you do too even if only in your mind.

However, Daddy Dave even loves to eat trashy milf pussy too. And do not tell my sons or my husband this, but no one eats pussy like Daddy Dave. My daughters agree. We squirted all over his place this morning. I bet his bedroom will smell like schoolgirl pussy for a week. We came on his face, on his fingers and even on his cock. Perhaps this family of whores needs to be thankful for Daddy Dave.

Trailer Trash Whore Lilibeth Enjoys Young Cock

trailer trash whoreI’m a trailer trash whore. But I do not live in a trailer park. At least not any more I don’t. However, I make no apologies for being a horny woman. I love sex. Although I stay busy fucking my sons and Johns, I will fuck any young stud who wants to fuck me. And most young boys want to fuck a sexy mommy too.

Yesterday my youngest daughter came home with a young schoolboy. She claimed that they had a school project to work on together. I like to think she brought me a present. She knows her mama likes young schoolboy cock. All my sons and daughters know that. Even my husband knows that too.

I offered to make them a snack. But this trashy milf hoped she’d be the snack. It took a few attempts, but I got his attention on my third entrance into my daughter’s room. Each time I checked on them, I wore something sluttier. Yoga pants, high heels and a tube top caught his attention, LOL. He made me work for his young pecker too. Perhaps my daughter said something to him. She is at that age where she gets jealous of me.

A Sexy MILF Takes Care of Her Daughters and Their Friends

She left the room while I fucked her schoolboy friend. Maybe she liked him, but she does usually tell me when she likes a boy, so I do not seduce him. And she never said a word to me about this boy. Her friend’s dick was going in and out of my cunt when she came back into the room. She slipped her hands into her cotton panties and started masturbating. Because the boy was young, he came quickly.

Her pussy looked drenched. I could smell her cunt and see the enormous wet spot on her yellow cotton panties. The boy appeared spent. He laid on the floor like a passed out drunk frat boy. Now, my daughter wanted her turn. She begged me to make her cum. Since I’m a good mom, I buried my face in her young wet pussy. A few licks on her bald slit and she exploded her girl juice on my face.

I made two young teens cum before dinner. Just a day in the life of a white trash phone sex slut.

Phone Sex Sluts are a Far Cry From Good Girls

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts never lead boring lives. Think about it. Women do not get into this business if they are good, pious girls. If they do, they never last long. Most of us have either taboo thoughts or taboo experiences that make us perfect for this industry. Perhaps, I have both. I am no angel. So, I am perfect for the adult industry.

Yesterday morning, a caller asked me my origin story. He wanted to know what made me a trashy whore because I look polished and sophisticated. Well, I told him that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors of the rich and famous, or the poor or basic nobodies that live in their neighborhood.

Although I do not live in a trailer park now, I was born a trailer trash whore. My mother had a home birth with me. I never went to school. And I never had a birth certificate or a social security number. In fact, I did not exist in the world until my husband liberated me from the dingy little pop up camper I lived in. Although I had parents, they treated me like their cash cow instead of their daughter. I never lived in the trailer. My home was in the back yard like a caged animal.

Every Phone Sex Slut Has a Dirty Past

They whored me out for over a decade. Men used me and the money they paid my parents went to their meth addiction and home lab, never to me. One of the Johns my parents hustled at the truck stop is now my husband. And boy did I luck out too. I went from a dingy pop up camper in rural West Virginia, to a huge house in California. My husband polished me up. He even helped me get a GED.

Here I am now. I talk sophisticated. I can read and write. And I can birth hookers for hire and little fuck dolls for daddy. I understood the deal when my husband rescued me from squalor. And I have paid him back with perfect little sluts to play with. My life is like an XXX rate Lifetime movie. But I came out ahead. Now, I am the best accomplice for men like you and my husband.

Dirty Phone Sex Can Make a Mess Out of Mommy

dirty phone sexI am all about dirty phone sex. You could say I like messy sex. Lots of cum. But pee is fine with me too. One of my teen daughter’s regular clients loves to piss on her, especially in her high school cheer outfit. Often, I go along on their dates. And he wanted a date with her this week after cheer practice. I picked her up from school and took her straight to his place.

He pays such good money that my teen slut never minds getting pissed on. This date he wanted her doing cheers while he pissed on her. She would jump in the air, and he would spray her belly and face. Honestly, I do not know how he does it. He appears to be full of piss every visit.

He wanted me to piss on her too. Although sometimes we engage in pissing sex at home, I will admit I am more of food play and hot wax girl. But he pulled out a stack of Benjamins that made me pull my panties down and my skirt up. My hot teen slut daughter laid down on the ground and I pissed into her mouth. My daughter acts like such a whore around my pussy and ass.

Dirty Hookers Do It All Even Watersports

Her mouth opened wide to get my salty load of piss. Our client jacked his cock so hard watching his favorite teen slut drink her mother’s warm salty piss. Listening to him slap his meat made me piss even more. Although I am a dominant woman, when he pulled out even more Benjamins for her to piss on me, I had to give in for the money. Christmas is just around the corner.

I laid down on the piss mat as our client calls it and waited for my girl. She struggled to piss on her mother. But I reminded her that hookers for hire do anything for the money. And then she let out a steady stream of sweet teen tea as I call it. I swallowed it all just like she did me, but what a mess.

Whores do it for the money. But, if I‘m honest, I love dirty kinky games with my family.

Trashy MILF Lilibeth Gets a Surprise from Her New Neighbor

trashy milfYou ever hear of a shemale surprise? Sexy shemales arouse this trashy milf. I had my first shemale about two years ago when I went to Vegas. And I’ve been obsessed with finding sexy shemales since. Since I live in California, I did not think it would be difficult to find a hot shemale escort. But guess what? It is. Although I have hired a few off the site TS4Rent, none of them could keep an erection to fuck me. So, I gave up on shemale escorts.

But I have a new neighbor. And she is a shemale. When she stopped by to introduce herself to me, I got so excited. I wanted to know if the rumors were true. She saw me staring as if I was trying to see a hidden cock, LOL. Although I get a lot of teenage cock, sometimes a woman wants a man who can last longer than a few minutes. And shemales speak to my bisexual side. I love shemale phone sex and shemale escorts. And I find them to be the best of both worlds.

I Love a Sexy Shemale

When she grabbed my hand and put it on her bulge, I melted. Not only did it feel huge, but it also felt hard as a rock. Even though I am a pro at fucking, I felt nervous. I was about to fuck my transsexual neighbor in my house. My offspring would be coming home from school, but they have seen me do all sorts of wild shit. She leaned in to kiss me and I began to fondle her boobs. My pussy puddled as her tongue intertwined with mine.

I pulled up her dress and tugged down her panties and out popped a 10 inch-hard cock. Her cock stunned me. I mean her cock was bigger than my husband’s cock.  And it appeared to work better than his dick too. Although I love my husband, he is quite a few years older than me, and his dick does not work as well as it used too. My sexy shemale new neighbor fucked me on my couch. My youngest son and daughter busted us, but they thought a woman was fucking me with a strap on and went upstairs like nothing had happened.

So my sexy shemale neighbor made me her personal cum dumpster. But I did not mind. Not at all. I think I will love having her as my new neighbor. And I hope she stays my neighbor. Not only does she have a big cock, but she is also stunning. My life just got more interesting.