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Hooker Phone Sex May Be Something I Know A Lot About

hooker phone sexI may know a thing or two about hooker phone sex. Even before I could walk, I hooked for my parents. However, I do not remember much from my super young days. That’s because my parents kept me doped up. You would think that after a life of forced prostitution, I would not want to fuck any more. But nothing could be further from the truth.

I love fucking. But now, I am in the driver’s seat. Although, men hire me often, my daughters take most of the jobs. Daddy and I are so proud of them too. We love our baby girls. And we love the money they make us. But they do keep most of it. Daddy and I do not force our girls to hook. I never had a choice. And we started them at an older age. My folks forced me to fuck for money before I could even talk to agree to it or not.

I Was Born a Whore and I Might Die a Whore Too

And I never saw any money from all my hard labor. However, my daughters get 90% of the money and always have. My husband and I love our angels. My folks only had me to support their meth habit. We don’t need the money, but can you ever have enough money? Being hookers for hire helps my girls love sex too. Daddy had fucked them first though. Another difference, my parents never touched me. They barely fed me let alone touch me, LOL. But daddy and I love all our daughters, as well as our sons.

But I might love our sons a little more than daddy if you get my drift. I play with my sons and my daughters, but daddy only plays with the girls. He is missing out if you ask me. But you cannot be a woman in my family and not enjoy pussy too. Sometimes, I cannot believe I am where I am today knowing where I came from. I may still be a whore, but I am a whore with six offspring who love me. And a husband who loves me just as much and supports me fucking for a living and working a sexline.

Anal Sex Whore Lilibeth Knows How to Make a Girl an Anal Sex Slut Too

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. But I was not always. It takes time and practice to make a girl love anal sex. And usually, it comes with age. However, Daddy and I trained all our daughters to be good anal whores like me. Men love to fuck a tight young ass. And since we love our daughters, we worked on their assholes so it would not hurt as much the first time a cock slid inside them.

For months, I licked and rimmed their sweet, puckered holes. A good rim job helps prepare them for what comes next. Mommy’s fingers. Slowly, I incorporated my fingers to massage their little buttholes. A finger in the ass helps turn your daughter into a teen anal whore. So, for a few more months, I fingered and licked my daughters’ tiny assholes. And I loved it as well as they did. A virgin girl’s ass will always be the tightest thing a finger or a cock feels.

This Mommy Whore Turns Young Girls into Anal Whores for Daddy

After several months of tongues and fingers, a young girl feels ready for one of mommy’s sex toys. Anal whores are made, not born. Although I peg a lot of assholes as a hooker and a phone sex whore, nothing feels better than pegging your own daughter. But by the time I get to the pegging stage of anal training, my girls start begging for a dildo up their teen assholes.

I know it is a long training process before one of our girls seems ready for daddy’s dick, but we love our girls. We do not want to ruin their assholes. Hard to sell a ruined butthole. But if you do not care about that you can fuck your daughter’s asshole at any age. Sometimes, it appears easier to fuck the asshole anyway. No girl parts in the way. Lesser risk of pregnancy. And not as likely to cause issues like bladder infections that expose swollen, used parts to a doctor.

I can help you prepare the girl in your life for hardcore anal sex too. Just ask my husband.

Trashy MILF Lilibeth Fucks When the Power Goes Out

trashy milfTrashy MILF Lilly is what my teen sons’ friends call me. And I love that nick name. It’s been a rough week, and it is only hump day. A storm wreaked havoc Monday night. Bad storms went from the west coast to the east. We had no power for almost 24 hours. As a mother with technology spoiled offspring all they did was bitch bitch and bitch some more. So, I suggested they invite some friends over. They could at least entertain each other.

Each boy invited two friends over. The storm passed so they could play outside until the power got restored. However, once those boys saw me in booty shorts and a sports bra, that’s all they could see, LOL. Well, in my defense its was fucking hot with no AC. But I never mind prancing around naked. Did it all the time in my trailer trash whore years. You can take the girl out of the trailer park but not the trailer park out the girl.

A Sexy Mommy Never Struggles to Find Something to Do When Teen Boys Around

My sons tried to encourage their friends to get in the pool with them, but the boys had other ideas about what to do during the power outage. For a moment I felt bad for high jacking my boys’ plans with their friends. But then I remembered how annoying they were when I was trying to work without the power using my hot spot. Then, I did not feel bad anymore. A little bit of payback, I guess.

Those young boys showed me some amazing cocks. And cocks that I knew still had the potential for more growth. Those bonus teen boys made me forget about the power outage and how hot I felt. They tag teamed me. One in my pussy and one in my ass. I love getting double stuffed. And when I am double stuffed by two teenage cocks, even better. My sons got jealous, and eventually joined the fun. And then a tag team turned into a hardcore orgy porn.

The power came back on the next morning. But I showed myself that there is always something to do and folks to do it with when your world goes dark.

Phone Sex Line Open for Easter and So are My Fuck Holes

phone sex lineMy phone sex line stays open for Easter weekend. No religion in our house. If we found religion, I doubt we would be paid whores who like family fucking in our free time. Religion ruins all the fun. And I am all about the fun. My daughters and I stayed busy last night being paid whores. Plenty of daddies in the world who enjoy a nice young bunny for the holidays. Even this sexy mommy does too. All that sweet sticky girl goo hiding in those pink hairless baskets turns me on.

Can you relate? One daddy hired us all last night. And anytime I make money to play with my three daughters, and even my youngest adopted one too, I consider a great night. This daddy and I go way back. He bought my oldest daughter’s virginity when she was a young, innocent schoolgirl. My girl grew up to be a sophisticated and greedy whore. All the girls in this family enjoy being hookers for hire. But this daddy pretty much funded our worlds for a few years with what he paid for her cherry.

Any Night a Whore Can Get Paid for Playing with Her Daughters is a Good Night

So, we wanted to spend the night with him. Although he appears older like my husband, young bald pussy brings his old dick to life. Happily married man, but never able to fuck his own daughter because he did not marry a woman like me. You did not marry a woman like me either. Our rent a daddy watched us play together before he joined in. As his “wife,” I licked those bald pussies and puckered assholes so they would be lubed up for his daddy dick.

I looked like a glazed donut after eating my girls’ sweet honey pots. This daddy’s dick feels amazing in a pussy. Thick and long just like daddy’s cock, so my girls worked hard to drain him dry with their tight teen holes. Another profitable night spent with my daughters. But now I am ready to relax at home with my sons and daughters. And of course, talk to horny perverts on my sexline.

Young Teen Phone Sex with a Dirty P Mommy

young teen phone sexI am not a young teen phone sex slut. However, I play with young teen sluts every day.  I train them too. My first job involved my first-born daughter and my husband. When we got married, I had nothing but the tattered clothes on my back. He rescued me from abusive parents and a life of squalor. So, I would have done anything for him then. And I still will.

No one knows me better than my husband who I have been with for 30 years. I am 43. You do the math. So, when he asked me to help train a friend’s daughter, I could not say no. Plus, I did not want to say no. I love turning a sweet innocent girl into daddy’s little cum guzzling slut. Last night, I met with Anthony and his daughter Leslie. Such a cute young thing. Eager to please, but shy.

She watched me as I blew her father. Not only did I want to show her proper technique, but I also wanted to show her how to savor cum. Although cum is an acquired taste for most women, the earlier you start a girl on cum, the better the odds she will grow up to be a cum whore like me. My hubby and I put cum in our daughters’ bottles and on my tits when I would breast feed.

I Love Training Young Girls to Be Daddy’s Little Whores

Anthony’s wife went to prison for embezzlement. Apparently, she developed a pill addiction and started stealing from work to pay for her habit. And Anthony had no clue. She could have pimped out her baby girl and made way more money and avoided jail likely. But no one asked me, LOL. Now a young girl needs to step up and take care of daddy. But we seem to be off to a good start. She swallowed daddy’s jizz the first day with a smile.

We have a way to go still making her daddy’s girl. But after day one turned her into daddy’s cum dumpster after a few hours, I know she will take daddy’s cock in her young bald pussy and tight asshole just as well. With some baby steps I can turn any girl into daddy’s little whore.

I Love Taboo Phonesex Because I am a Taboo Whore

taboo phonesexI love taboo phonesex. Perhaps, I was born to do this. My life has never been vanilla and likely never will. As a mature woman, I find those young, hairless and soft bodies particularly attractive. I am a P mommy. And I married a P man. He prefers the young girls, but I like both. When you live in sunny California, you can perv on young ones at the beach anytime you want. Although in the winter months you do not see too many young ones on the beach, you can still see some.

My youngest son attends high school still, but he surfs every morning before he catches the bus. And some mornings like today, I got up with him before the sun even rose. I wanted to watch him surf. But I also wanted to see some other young ones at the beach before school. It’s warmer now, so there are more surfers and beach goers than last month.

As I eyed the talent, some one eyed this trashy milf. A young boy, even younger than my son, hit on me. Can you believe that? Made my mission much easier for me. We flirted and I told him I came to the beach early to watch my son surf. He praised my son’s dedication and talent as a surfer. All the avid surfers in my community know my son. He wants to go pro. And he wants to attend UC San Deigo because of their surf team.

I Love to Hunt for Young Studs on The Beaches of California

So, this boy and I talked surfing for a bit. And honestly, I did not think much about our conversation until he asked me if I wanted to suck his dick. If we had not been on a public beach or if he had been older, I would have blown him right there. Good looking boy. Young, lean, hairless and horny. Just how I like my boys. I did not want to miss this chance, so we went to my car. My son might not even notice me gone, I told myself.

The sun was up, but with the overcast it still seemed dark out. I had my husband’s SUV because it fits the surfboard easier than my car. I saw that as fate. So, I loaded the boy in the back of my hubby’s SUV and fucked his brains out. Oh, and he fucked the hell out of me too. Boys his age never last long but they rabbit fuck you. Left me with a cum filled cunt and scurried off.

I never even got the boy’s name. I went back to the beach with cum leaking on my panties to watch my son surf. Perhaps I need to get up with the sun and go to the beach in the mornings more often. Clearly, I can catch more than waves and a sunrise.

Teen Sluts Fucking Gets Daddy’s Old Dick Working without Viagra

teen sluts fuckingI never need to go far to watch teen sluts fucking. In my home they fuck each other. And they fuck daddy and I. Lately, my sons and daughters appear to be missing quality family time. I work a lot. And I do not just mean on the phone. Lately, I have been in higher demand as a whore too. But money will never be more important than family to me. Never. So yesterday, I signed off early from my phone line. And I did not book any hooker gigs for myself or my offspring.

Daddy wanted a family night too. Even though he is older now, and often needs a blue pill to get frisky, he loves his family time. And watching his sons and daughters play in front of him makes him erect like he was 30 again. No blue pill needed.

He especially enjoys watching his sexy wife being a gangbang whore for the boys. And that’s just what happened last night. But before I let the boys run a train on me, I let them, and their sisters eat my ass and cunt. I prefer natural lube to anything synthetic like K-Y jelly. My pussy drips when my offspring eat my cunt and ass.

We Love Family Fucking in My House

So, by the time the boys ran a train on my cunt and ass, my pussy leaked a ton of mommy juice making it easier for the boys to slide into home base. My daughters worked on daddy’s old dick while he watched his sons fucked me hard. Everyone seemed hornier than normal. Spring fever, perhaps. Everyone in my family itches for warmer weather. But last night they all appeared to itch for my pussy and ass.

And they got it too. Family time seemed to be what we all needed. Daddy got pussy and mommy got dick. I love family nights. Everyone gets fucked, especially this trashy milf.

Dirty Phone Sex with a Handsome, Young, Hung Stranger

dirty phone sexDo you think about dirty phone sex? Although my life is far from boring, sometimes I still like to spice it up a bit. I don’t usually pick up hitchhikers, but today, I made an exception. Coming home from a late-night excursion with a John, I spotted a young, built, handsome buck stranded alongside the road.

Even though I appeared much older than him, young teenagers love a sexy MILF. He had no stranger danger for me. When he got in my car, I felt my pussy soak through my panties.

He thanked me for picking him up. But I told him I had to because I could not leave a boy my son’s age stranded in a rainstorm. I could feel the sparks. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. Or so, I hoped. I found a little no tell motel off the highway and checked us in. No way the desk clerk would believe I was his wife, but I knew no one cared if I paid in cash.

I ran a hot shower for us. We both felt chilled from the rain. He undressed in front of me. And I gazed at his naked body in awe. So, I took my clothes off too. I felt beautiful under his gaze. Been way too long since a young boy looked at me like that. My boys have seen me naked too much to still be in awe of my body. He had no clue I was a trashy milf. He had just never seen a mature woman naked before and he took it all in.

Sometimes, Fucking Strangers is Just So Hot

I led him into the hot shower. And our heat felt hotter than the water. I felt his throbbing member pressed into my back. So, I turned around to stroke it. He was young, strapping and hung. And no virgin despite his age. He lifted me up and slid me down on his hard cock. I wrapped my legs around his body and felt him fill me up. So much bigger than my husband. And harder too.

He knew just how to touch me and where. I came so easily on his cock. And he came deep inside me. But he did not want to stop fucking me. He carried me to the no tell bed and fucked me harder and longer the second time. I could not believe I fucked a young stranger. Sure, hookers for hire and dirty mommies fuck a lot of young boys.

But this was a stranger and not some one who paid me for sex. Perhaps, I should have paid him, LOL. I knew nothing about this boy. But I called him a tow truck, drove him home to his folk’s place, and slipped him my number. Hopefully that boy I will fuck again.

Hookers for Hire Stay Busy on the Weekends

hookers for hireHookers for hire stay busy on the weekends. Friday nights seem to be when I am in demand the most. My daughters stay busy 24/7. They could be full-time whores if they wanted but daddy and I want them to finish school. I never went to college or high school. Thanks to my husband, I do have a GED. But I want a better life for my offspring. Being a whore lets a woman live in a certain lifestyle, but so does snagging a sugar daddy.

My husband does not force me to be a whore like my parents did. However, I like it. Fucking for money seems like my calling in life. Since I started fucking before I can even remember, being a whore is all I know. Phone whore, real whore, only things I am good at doing. So, I told my husband, if he did not mind, I would like to continue seeing clients. My client list appears far more elite now than it did when my parents pimped me out.

Hookers Love to Drain Cocks Dry, Wallets Too

Last night, a young man hired me. The son of a client of ours. Daddy loves little girls. Junior loves this trashy milf. Seems about right. Younger guys always want to fuck a mature sexy woman. Junior went to college, graduated with honors and now works at a major investments company. He can pay for his own whores now. I took his cherry when he still attended high school. He cannot shake me. However, I do not think he wants to.

Would you try to shake a mature woman with decades of experience. No, you would not. I rode Junior’s cock all night long. He came about 6 times. According to him, no girl his age ever makes him cum like that. My mature cunt can drain a volcano, LOL. Anyway, I spent the night with the lad because he drained me dry too. Wore me out in a good way. Now, I have a cum filled cunt leaking all over the place. Sure, I could let one of my daughters lick it out, and I might still do that. However, I prefer to play with it all day long.

I Can Turn a Girl into an Anal Sex Whore for Daddy

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. All women should be, but so many women have issues with ass sex. As a paid whore, all my holes are open for business. But I like helping women explore anal sex. In fact, I trained all my daughters to be good anal whores with varying sizes of dildos. You start small and increase the size with each lesson. With lots of lube and patience, I can make any girl and anal whore.

Travis hired me to make his daughter an anal whore. She recently started her period, and daddy worried about getting his baby girl pregnant. One solution includes turning your daughter into a teen anal whore. Although the girl seemed less than willing to take anything in her butt, even my finger, I needed to drug her. Sometimes a little Molly opens the asshole. It works much in the same way that poppers do. Both drugs make anal sex more enjoyable for the girl.

I Love Making a Girl an Anal Whore for Daddy

A little Molly and this girl begged me to fuck her ass. She went from protesting, to screaming, “Please fuck my ass,” with just one pill. It worked quickly too. Likely, I gave her too much for her size, but she handled it. And before long started twerking her ass at me. Daddy watched us the entire time. Of course, he stroked his cock too. Wouldn’t your dick get hard watching a sexy whore anally train your young teen daughter?

I licked and rimmed her ass before putting a finger inside. A young teen anal virgin’s ass feels tight even on a slender finger. I fed her my fingers, and she even licked her own ass juice off. Before long this trashy milf had a decent sized dildo in her asshole and daddy’s teen slut appeared to be cumming all over her fingers. A girl who rubs her own cunt while getting fucked in the ass with a dildo is a natural anal slut.

I fucked her with a strapon before daddy ravaged her tiny teen butthole. Although I have no doubt that she is sore today, I made another anal whore for another daddy. So that means I did my job well. I love making perverted daddies happy.