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Unrestricted Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line was busy over the holidays. I think it was the same for every woman in this business. Wives go shopping or go to visit their out of town families, leaving men off work and with some time on their hands. And those guys want to explore their wicked fantasies. I love talking to guys about jailbait pussy. I understand the desire. My experience with young girls and young boys is reality, however. Sure, I have some P fantasies I have yet to explore properly like getting my youngest boy gang banged because I think he is bisexual. But most of my dirty stories are based in reality because I am a trailer trash whore. I may not live in the trailer park anymore, but you cannot erase my white trash upbringing. The trailer park will always be with me. I was a young hooker. Sex sells. I took what I learned about being a Lolita whore and applied it to my big brood of hookers. My husband and I are what you call parent pimps. But we are way better parent pimps than my folks were. Much better. Our Lolita sluts keep most of their money. They have their own rooms. They go to school and have social lives. They have nice clothes and fancy gadgets. They live like rich 90210 boys and girls. They are educated, sophisticated little whores. A far cry from the dirty, uneducated, trashy whore I was for my crack head parents. I can talk about my little hookers for hire and my experiences as a young whore any day. That is why I work for a dirty, unrestricted phone sex company. There are so many guys down to fuck a young girl or even a young boy. Sex sells. It will always sell on the phone and in the real world. It is smart to be pimp parents nowadays.

Hooker Phone Sex the Family Way

hooker phone sexLooking for hooker phone sex? I consider myself a prostitute, but I am no longer working out of a dingy trailer. I have traded a trailer for a gated house in California. I also traded pimps. My parents are no longer in control of my money or my body. My husband is my pimp, BUT I keep all the money my body earns. And I fuck only who I want. I am a whore, and a pimp because I oversee my young daughters and sons too. I know you might think that only my daughters and I are the whores in the family. Until I started a home brothel of young sexy prostitutes with my husband, I thought that too. But boys are in demand too. Both men and women like to hire young or teen boys for dirty play. Last night, my two oldest boys were hired by a couple for a family experience. It was different for my two teenagers, but they liked it. I went along to make sure every thing went as discussed. My husband has a guy who is the real muscle, but he stays outside. One push of a button, however, and he is inside kicking ass. You cannot ruin our merchandise. You can put them out of commission for a few days, but not permanently. This couple wanted a family holiday experience. My sons got a Thanksgiving meal and they got stuffed by daddy’s cock. This was a hot couple with no sons of their own. They have long wanted to have sons to play with. For a night, they had two. The wife had a boy to fuck, and the husband did too. My sons like ass play, especially my middle teen boy. Daddy is not much into fucking young boys, so I sometimes break out my strap-on for him. I love my family of whores. My boys performed so well last night, they got a fat tip and I do not just mean their rent a daddy’s cock!

Anal Cum Dumpster at Any Age

anal cum dumpsterI love being an anal cum dumpster. I do not understand why more women do not give up their assholes. I have been training my little angels how to be anal whores since they were schoolgirls. I like to train girls with my dildos until they are ready for the real thing. I am always careful when they are young not to ruin their assholes, because men pay good money for that privilege. My youngest daughter is adopted. She is technically the daughter of my maid’s then teen daughter. We agreed to a private adoption because the girl was too young to raise a little girl and the parents were too old to raise another young one again. We have given the girl a good life and now it is time to start paying us back by being one of our sexy prostitutes for hire. I have been training her little butthole for an impending date this week. Her first. I have not trained her pussy since the man is paying bank for virgin holes. I can sell a virgin asshole a few times, but only a virgin cunt once. She is ready to give some guy the daddy experience. I just wanted to prep her asshole first. I have been using my smallest dildo on her baby butthole since she is so young still. Daddy cannot wait to fuck her. She is already a cock sucking pro, but daddy likes the money that Lolita virgins bring us, so he holds up fucking the merchandise until they are a used commodity. This girl may be an anal pro before she even gets her first dick in the ass. She backs her ass up on my dildo and giggles and purrs like a seasoned anal sex whore. The man that bought her virginity is going to have a great time with our youngest whore.

Creampie Slut Family

creampie slutI am not the only creampie slut in my family. Each of my girl’s are too. They love licking daddy’s cum out of my pussy. Their brother’s cum too. Hell, they will eat a stranger’s cum out of my cunt and snowball it with each other. They do not care who’s cum it is, if it is cum. I raised little cum junkies, and I am proud of them. Guys love a girl who can guzzle cum like a pro. All 6 of my girls are as good of cum guzzlers as their cum whore mommy. Honestly, I am so proud of them because guys love a girl who truly enjoys the taste of their cum. No guy enjoys watching a girl spit out his cum. We did a blow bang party last night. No clients involved this time. It was just the family. Daddy and all five bothers came in mommy’s fuck holes and my girls got to suck it out. The boys would watch the girls swap their cum back and forth and get hard again. I am a dirty mommy, so I could handle them filling me up many times with their boy jizz. Daddy popped a Viagra so he could join in the fun too. Daddy’s dick got as hard as it has been in a while watching his daughters suck his sons’ cum from my cum filled cunt. I will admit it was fun for the entire family. My sons got to fuck their mommy’s holes. My daughters got to eat cum from my fuck holes. And my older husband even got to play too. Cum does a family good.

A Home of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireHookers for hire are not what they once were. You rarely see street corner hookers anymore. Most pros do not even need a pimp anymore. Modern technology has removed the need for the middleman. Now, my husband and I are a team. He looks like a pimp if you were on the outside looking in, but he is just the connections guy. He is more than that though. He does all the money transactions. I get the girls ready, and I escort them to their gigs. I train them to be good hoes. My husband is not an old school pimp though. We are not violent with our Lolita sexy prostitutes. We are not greedy either. They get to keep more than half of their hard-earned money. Our sluts are well cared for and treated like princesses at home. Spoiled girls, but not spoiled in a bad way. We have not a single brat. Not a single unappreciative girl either. They love taking care of older men and they love pleasing daddy and I with high paying Johns. Last night, we had a family affair. One man paid for all my girls and me for an entire night. More money than we usually make in a week, and it was just to play house with a pay for play Daddy. It was not a stretch for me to play the trashy milf wife who encourages daddy to fuck each of his daughters. Most Johns wish they really had a wife like me. Sometimes, I wish more women were like me, but then I realize that if there were, there would be no need for our services. We make bank off our home brothel because most women would send their husbands to jail if they knew what they were thinking. We give men the daddy experience they cannot get at home.

My Taboo Sexline

sexlineMy sexline is unrestricted always. You can tell me your most taboo thoughts. And I hope I can share with you the things that I cannot tell just anyone. I am a nasty whore. I am a P mommy. And the vanilla sex bores me to tears. Guys ask me all the time if I still fuck my much older husband. I love him. He loves me. But his dick has not worked in years. Sometimes, with a Viagra it gets hard. But I need to fuck now and not 4 hours after my husband’s little blue pill kicks in. He is cool with who ever I fuck. He likes to watch me with our sons and other young boys. I want to give him a sexy show last night for his birthday. He turned 65. I told you he was older. Almost a quarter of a century older. I have been with him since I was schoolgirl age. I cannot imagine being married to anyone else but him. He saved me. I grew up in a dingy trailer park in rural West Virginia. I was born to be a whore for my meth head parents. My husband saved me from that. So, I will stay married and loyal too him. He knows I am a trashy milf now. I started as a Lolita whore and morphed into a mommy whore. We had a big birthday bash for daddy last night. I hired some hookers. The very young kind that can make his perverted old dick twitch. We had an orgy. I had my sons and some other young boys who I invited run a train on me. My ass and pussy where dripping with cum. Our daughters and the other Lolitas for hire were raising my husband’s dead dick. Jailbait pussy and ass seems to always do the trick. We had a great birthday celebration. But I cannot share the details with just anyone.

This Trashy Milf Fucks Her Friend’s Sons

trashy milfBeing a trashy milf is more fun than being a boring soccer mom. I have friends who are boring soccer moms. Their lives are predictable and unfulfilling. They never get sex from their older husbands. Hell, they do not even fuck the pool boy. Many of them have strapping sons or stepsons in the house that could make them feel great, but they do not take advantage of that. So, I fuck their sons and their stepsons. I mean if a woman is not going to take advantage of the young horny flesh in her house, that does not mean I cannot, right? I was at birthday party for a sweet teen birthday of one of my friend’s sons. We have talked about the boy. She admitted that he was jacking off with her panties. She admitted she caught him masturbating in the shower and he was bigger than her husband. I suggested she take care of her boy, but she thought I was joking. The way I see it, I gave her every chance to bang her own son, but she was just too pure to do it. Me? Nothing pure or innocent about this trailer trash whore. So, I went to her son’s birthday party determined to be his birthday present. The way he is jacking off told me he was still a virgin. The fact that he was jerking off with his mother’s panties told me he was wanted his mother. I know from experience, if a boy cannot fuck his mother, her best friend is a nice consolation prize. I got the boy alone and gave him his present. He loved every inch of my body, and I loved every inch of his young teen cock. I will keep fucking this boy as long as his mom does not.

My Anal Sex Whore Roots

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. Guys ask me when I became one often. I was a young whore for my parents. I was the cash cow that supported their Meth lab. My roots are something right out of a Lifetime movie. Before my period, guys were happy to dump their seed in my young cunt. When I became a teen and started my period, some men were hesitant to dump their seed in my bald cunt. They thought my folks might try to blackmail them if I got pregnant. My parents were unsavory. I did get knocked up a few times though. My folks did indeed black mail the guys then sold my brats. The smart guys fucked my ass and came there. I was just a barely teen girl when guys turned me into an anal cum dumpster. I liked it. It did not hurt as much as my young cunt. Plus, I did not like being pregnant knowing my folks were selling my bundles of joy to the highest bidders. I was a young teen anal slut. Guys would pay my meth head folks just to fuck my ass. Some guys were nice, but most were brutal. My parents would put coke on my asshole or sometimes, the “Johns” would put it on the heads of their dicks to dull the ass pain. I loved it when I could not feel the pain until the next day. Now, there is nothing too big to hurt my asshole. I have some nerve damage from all the hardcore anal sex I got as a young girl, but that has only helped me be a great anal slut. I am raising my daughters to be anal whores too. I do not let them get brutalized like my parents did, but I do make them all take it up the ass. Why? Because men pay better money for the taboo pleasure of fucking a young girl’s puckered asshole.

I Love Pissing Sex with My Family

pissing sexMy husband and I like pissing sex sometimes with our big brood. We have a huge master bathroom with a walk-in shower. It is great for water sports. Last night, we summoned our family of sex slaves into the bathroom for some pissing games. My girls will drink my piss. But they will guzzle daddy’s pee like it is fine champagne. My sons love pissing on their sisters too. No one pisses on me though. Not because I am not into water sports. It has more to do with the fact that I am the queen bee of my brood. I cannot let them think they can ever dominate their sexy momma. I peed on my daughters’ faces while daddy peed in their mouths. We made a mess. The boys joined us to piss on their sisters. I let the girls piss on their brothers’ cocks too. All is fair in piss play in our house. After we were all drenched in family urine, we took a hot shower together and had some family fun in our big bed.  We took showers just to get dirty again. This time with cum. Between my husband, and my 4 sons, there is enough cum to make each of us look like a cum dumpster slut. My daughters’ faces were coated thick with ropes of cum. Now, when it comes to cum, I will get coated too, especially with boy cum. I am a jizz junkie for sure. I love my sons’ cum anywhere on my body. My family is a dirty family in every sense. We like bathroom and cum play. A family that plays together, stays together. Now, tell me men. What are your dirty fetishes? I bet we can make a mess of our own on a dirty phone sex call.

P Dirty Phone Sex

dirty phone sexWant to have some P dirty phone sex? My husband and I recently adopted this super young slut I met in a brothel last month. The girl blew my mind for any reasons. She was raised in a whore house. I called her Pretty Baby after that Brooke Shields movie where her virginity was auctioned off in a whore house. This doll baby, however, was no virgin. She was already a seasoned whore. I guess that is what happens when you are raised in a cat house. One of the whores got pregnant, and the fellow hookers helped raise this girl. She had expert training before she moved in with us. When I see something I like, I  do my best to buy it and that includes tender age flesh. My husband has been enjoying her tiny fuck holes daily since I got her. She has adjusted well. She likes living in our fancy house and having nice clothes and toys. She had a nice life in the brothel but now she is living in style with her own bedroom and bathroom. She does not have to share with other whores. We are going to pimp her out soon, but daddy wants to get his money’s worth before we share her. All of our daughters, even the adopted ones, are good whores. They know how to drain balls and drain wallets. No one is tight anymore, but they are still young and that is what brings us the money. For girls this young, most men would have to go to Mexico or Thailand to score pussy this tender. Daddy is just getting that baby gurl pussy while its hot. Can you blame him? Our others girls are a tad jealous because she has mad skills for her age. Soon, she will be in the whore rotation with her sisters. Until then, want to help us break her in?

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