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I Know How to Do Hooker Phone Sex

hooker phone sexI excel at all kinds of phone sex, but I am in the real know with hooker phone sex. I was a whore before I was born. My mother was hooking pregnant with me in her belly. Once I was born, I became the whore. All my young life was hooking in a dirty pop-up camper in the back of the trailer my folks lived in. They did love me. They sold me to the highest bidder every day and in the end, they traded me to my husband for a large cash settlement. I became a breeding whore for him. I am part of his family of hookers for hire. I do not hook as much as our young darlings do but that is only because young pussy goes for more money than aged snapper does, LOL. I still do quite well, however. Boys love to fuck a milf.

One of my son’s has a friend with a rich daddy. He hired me for his son’s birthday party, not realizing I had already fucked his son a few dozen times. He thought his boy just had a crush on me because he had my blog pictures on his computer. The boy’s dad recognized me. He is a client too, so he hired me. The boy and I played dumb. We acted like we had never fucked. Now, the bonus was I was getting paid to fuck this boy I have fucked for free for a year now. The other bonus was I got to fuck all his little friends. I was paid to do a boy gangbang. The daddy knew I was a whore. He just had no clue how big of a whore I really am. When it comes to young boys, I am gangbang whore. My life began fucking older men. Now, it is all about fucking younger men.

Dirty Phone Sex with a Hot Young Stripper

dirty phone sexNothing better than dirty phone sex with a no limits mommy. I had another night alone last night. All my slutkins were pimped out for the night and my sons were gangbanging a milf with son fantasies. My husband was with our youngest girls chaperoning. I have a date late tonight, but last night I was on my own. I could not decide what I wanted to do. Did I want to go to the red-light district and pick up a hooker or go to the strip club and get some lap dances? I decided to go to the strip club for some hot stripper sex. I picked up Lola, a barely legal stripper with a rocking hot body. She had track marks, so I knew she was likely trafficked. I got a VIP room for us for a couple hours. I ate her pussy, she ate mine. I got her high on coke so she would talk. She has a pimp and a set amount of money she must bring him a night just not to get beat. I made sure I gave her that amount, so she was safe for the night. I told her I would talk to my husband and see if we could buy out her contract. She could work for us, live with us and we would never beat her. She licked harder on my clit as I told her how much better life could be for her with benevolent pimps. I went down on her and started fingering her tight cunt. For a whore her age, I was impressed with how tight she was. I tested her limits with her my fingers. Before long I was fisting her. She was a fisting whore too because she started creaming on my hand. I made her work for the $5,000 I gave her, but it was all worth it. Now, I just have to figure out how to make her one of my whores.

Pissing Sex with My Piss Queen Daughter

pissing sexI enjoy pissing sex with young girls sometimes. Just an extra level of dirty taboo fun to make life interesting, right? Last night was a different night for me. Only my oldest girl and I did not have dates. We were home alone while the rest of the family was making us money. My husband was chaperoning the other girls while they entertained a few clients. Even my boys had dates with some old cougars looking for some young cock to fuck. My daughter and I had a quiet evening alone. We took a bubble bath together and gave each other pedicures. I started drinking wine and doing lines. That combo brings out my freak side. My daughter was eating my sloppy wet pussy and I pissed in her mouth. It was the wine. I have had 6 brats, my pussy cannot cum without peeing a little. My daughter wanted more. I chugged some wine and pissed in her face. She is my golden showers girl. She will drink up my piss just like she will drink up daddy’s cum. She loves to play withy bodily fluids. My little nasty freak girl. We went into the bathroom to really get messy. My bedroom as a walk-in shower that is very spacious. She was on the tile and I was standing over her pissing all over her face. Her body glistened with my golden nectar. After an hour or so of piss play with my daughter, we showered again. We were not done playing though. We went to my bed where I sleep with her daddy, and I fucked her bald cunt with my strap-on. Daddy would be sad that he missed the show. It is not often I get quality time with any of my 6 fuck trophies. Sometimes women do not need men to have fun.

Mommy’s Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy daughters enjoy my cum filled cunt, especially when it is full of daddy’s DNA. My husband is much older than me. And it is no secret that he prefers his pussy much younger than 38. But he does love me and with the help of a little blue pill, he fucks me like he was 38 again. This morning was one of those rare days where daddy fucked me. He woke up with wood still. We fucked last night before he went to bed. He had fucked his daughters too. But that Viagra was still working this morning, so I took care of him again. By the time my daughters woke up daddy was long gone. He leaves for work early. They were wanting some more daddy dick before they went to school. Like a dog in heat, my youngest girl told me she smelled daddy’s dick on my breath and his cum in my cunt. All four of the youngest girls were horny for daddy again, so I let them eat my sloppy wet pussy that was full of daddy’s jizz. I sat on the dinning room table drinking my coffee while the girls took turns licking their favorite food from my pussy. Now, I could smell daddy’s dick on all of them. I made them brush their teeth and wash their faces before getting in the mom train to school. Cum breath is welcomed at home, but at their age, dick breath at school might be frowned upon lol.

Freaky Phone Sex Stories of Trafficked Girls

freaky phone sexI am full of freaky phone sex stories. My life is a dirty porn movie, LOL. My husband has a friend who brought home a Russian girl recently. Now, it is under the guise of an overseas adoption, but she is a sex slave. A trafficked girl who is much better off with one man with money than being passed around and moved around until she is disposed of permanently. She is not as grateful as she should be, however. I was hired for slut training, essentially to break her and make her realize how good she has it now. We have completed week one of slut school. I was rough on her too. I used a strapon to break her in. She is no virgin. She has been on the meat market for over a year. While I would fuck her young, trafficked holes, I would tell her horror stories of what happens to the girls who stay on the underground meat train. I showed her some pretty dark and violent underground films too. She had to realize how grateful she was that Dion selected her to bring back to a gated community in sunny California. She will go to good schools. She will have designer clothes and modern electronics. Hell, she may even go to college. She is better off than where she was in dirt poor Russia. And she is better off than being a permanent fixture on the trafficked circuit.

hardcore anal sexI explained as I fucked her holes that she just needs to show her appreciation to Dion with blow jobs and fucking. Maybe some hardcore anal sex is the worst thing that will happen and that is nothing compared to what happens to the perpetually trafficked girls. She is coming around nicely. She still has a few more weeks with me, but my husband has been using her so she can demonstrate what she is learning in slut school. If you have a filly who needs broken in too, I can help you as well.

Every Girl in My Family is an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I have been for ions. Since before I could talk, I took cock in the ass. I am raising my girls to be anal whores too. I am nicer than my sperm doner or mother were, however. My darlings live in luxury. I was raised in a dingy one-bedroom trailer in the hills of West Virginia.  My room was an old pop-up camper in the back yard. I slept on a dirty mattress and had not a single toy. I was a whore from the get-go.  My daughters have toys and electronics. They each have their own room equipped with the best beds. They have their own bathrooms too. That is because daddy and I put the money they earn back into them. My folks put the money my tight holes made them in their arms. They were strung out on heroin and meth. I just do coke and pot. Another difference between my upbringing and that of my sexy prostitutes is that my angels did not start the moment they came out of me. Daddy and I love our little whores. Plus, you do not want used up holes on such marketable little sluts. The goal is not to make a ton of cash quickly, but steady money over time. And high paying clients want pristine little fuck holes. The guys I had to fuck as a little girl hooker did not even know what pristine meant. Seriously, they shoved their cocks in any of my holes and came when I cried. Daddy and I keep our girls in good shape, especially those pink assholes men crave so much. I was not trained to be an anal whore, but I have trained my girls. Practice makes perfect. Practice keeps puckered buttholes tight. Now I have a small army of anal whores. Each girl loves to be an anal cum dumpster for you.

Hooker Phone Sex Anyone?

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex anyone? I am a professional whore on and off the phone. Sometimes, however, I like to get myself a whore. I like to check out the competition. This time around, I went with a young whore. There is this outfit that brings young models to client’s home. Now, it is structured as a modeling company, but they only have jailbait models. And you will never be able to hire the same whore twice because they rotate the girls out frequently. They are trafficked girls, I am sure, but that does not mean I cannot enjoy them. I looked through the “modeling” catalog and ordered up a home visit from this little Asian girl. I have a thing for Asian girls. There is this porn outfit in Japan called Street Scene and they have the youngest looking little porn stars. They are a legal porn outfit, but they twat teased me into wanting super young Asian slaves. Last night, the girl arrived for our modeling session. Her handler was there, but I paid her well to leave the room. I wanted to be alone with this little piece of meat. I do love young sexy prostitutes. Asian girls are very obedient too. They take direction and they do as they are told. I told her to eat my ass and she was on her knees quickly with her tongue buried in my asshole. She ate my pussy next. I put on a strap-on and fucked her tiny fuck holes. Her body was lean and tight. Her long jet black hair was perfect to hold on too as I rammed my dildo in and out of her cunt. I fucked her ass too. I made the little whore squirt. She was the best whore I have hired from that site yet. So good in fact, I had my husband make the handler an offer. We bought her. She is off the market and will soon be our newest adoptive daughter. She won the lottery because she will live the life of luxury. She will still be a whore, but she will want for nothing. For awhile though, she is going to just be mine. She is too good of a cunt and ass licker to share yet.

A No Limits Sexline

sexlineI have a 24 /7 sexline. No taboos and no limits always. I am a night owl. I tend to stay up after everyone in the house has crashed. I break out some coke and get ready to help men with their naughty fantasies. Sometimes, I have had a similar real-life experience. Sometimes, a caller’s fantasy inspires a real-life experience. Last night, I spoke to Joel. He is now raising his two barely teen daughters. His ex-wife is sick with COVID and needed him to be a full-time daddy for a month while she recuperates. His head started swirling with dirty ideas about his girls. I was right there to egg them on. I will never talk you out of an age play or incest fantasy. I am a fan of both. I whipped up a sexy roleplay for him and we played it out. A daddy should turn his sweet young girls into sex slaves. A girl cannot become a big dick sucker or a cum whore without some early practice first. I played his ex-wife but instead of being his ex-wife, we were still married, and I came to him with a suggestion. I wanted him to make his daughters women. I wanted him to breed them, so we would have more young ones running around the house. He was all in too. Daddy’s girls and family whores grow up to be phone sex sluts like me. By that I mean if a girl is sexualized early in her life, she grows up with a healthy and freaky view of all things sexual. And who does not want that? Look at me? I was fucking before I was talking, and I grew up to be a nasty no limits mommy whore. The world needs more women like me, right?

I am No Longer the Only Trailer Trash Whore in the Neighborhood

trailer trash whoreEvery community has a trailer trash whore, even gated communities like the one I live in. I am a crazy horny milf who will fuck anything that moves. My husband loves that I am a whore. I was born into this world to be a whore.  I have competition in the neighborhood though. A new trophy wife moved in across the street.  My community has been gossiping about her nuptials. She is an old stripper who has been working decades at this seedy strip club in the red-light district. Most men in the community have had a lap dance from her at some point.  She married a much younger man so perhaps he can keep her satisfied, but I doubt it. Most nymphomaniacs cannot stay faithful. Maybe her husband is like me. Just likes a trashy milf. He is the youngest homeowner in our community too. Some tech genius. Lots of young guys want to marry older women.

trashy milfYou know how the rumor mill goes right? Lexie is rumored to have once married her first cousin. She has been stripping at this club since she was a teen in the late 80s. She has five daughters with different baby daddies. The light bulb went on. Maybe this rich tech giant married a down on her luck and over the hill stripper for access to her daughters. I checked the girls out. Most of the girls are older teens, but one looks so young she could be her granddaughter. Hell, maybe it is the two older girls look like breeders. He would not be the first man to marry a woman so he could molest her offspring.  My husband married me so I could be his breeding whore and he would have little ones to fuck. I decided I wanted to meet her. The two of us could be the town tramps together. Before I got out the door, my oldest son came home smelling like sloppy wet pussy, but not mine. He had this shit eating grin on his face when he asked me if I had met the new neighbors yet. Damn, she got to my son already. I definitely have some competition, but it is game on. I will molest her daughters and fuck her husband. No woman can out tramp me.

Hooker Phone Sex for Any Age

hooker phone sexIn my family, we enjoy hooker phone sex. Age does not matter when it comes to being a whore.  All the girls can make daddy and me money. Our daughters take loads of spunk in their pretty bald cunts. They have grown to love cum. I have been taking loads of jizz in my holes since I was learning to crawl. I was a young whore and that is how I am raising my girls. Men need to drain their balls. They crave young tight holes. My husband and I just offer them a service. We have three sons too, but we raised them differently. Each girl is taught to be a cum dumpster. Each boy is taught to be a cum dumper.

My youngest son overheard me telling one of his sisters she was going to be a good little cum dump for mommy’s special friend one day many years ago. He got jealous. Baby brothers want to be like their big siblings.  When I explained that his sisters were Lolita hookers who makes a lot of money for this family, he begged to be part of the fun. Daddy and I placed a few ads on the dark net and offered up his sweet ass for cock. Turns out many dirty old men wanted to fuck a tight little boy ass and pay good money to do it. I knew there were plenty of p daddies who wanted my young daughters’ fuck holes, but I did not realize how many dirty old p men wanted young boy ass too.  Now, he is one of the most in-demand hookers for hire daddy and I have in our posse of whores. I take him to no tell motels and pimp out his baby boy ass several times a week. Men pay just as much money to cum in a boy’s ass as they do to spew their seed inside a young cunnie. I am working on my older boys to join the whore posse, but they say only if they can bang mature sexy women. My youngest boy might be gay or at least bisexual. Daddy and I do not care. We are making bank off his ass and he is loving every moment.

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