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Sloppy Wet Pussy Needs Cleaned Up: Will You Lick it All Up?

sloppy wet pussyMy family loves my sloppy wet pussy, some more than others. The girls all love to eat mommy’s creampie. They love it most when it is full of family spunk, but they will clean my cunt up after an army of strangers has fucked me too. Daddy and I raised our girls to be jizz junkies. My sons will begrudgingly lick my cum filled pussy. My youngest son, however, begs to clean up my pussy. We have a very special and unique relationship. I think my baby boy is a natural bisexual. He is gender fluid. He has dated girls and boys from school. And when it comes to mommy and daddy’s home brothel, he is one of our hookers for hire who is always in demand, especially with dirty daddies who love a tight boy ass. Last night, my youngest son and I had a double date with a father and son. I was the hooker for the son, and my boy was all for daddy. The client’s son was only a few years older than my son, but he was much more masculine. A virgin until daddy hired him a milf hooker to make him a man. Our client wanted to fuck a young boy, one less manly looking than his own son. My boy is perfect. He has no hair on his chest or his cock and balls. He is soft and very femme looking. He is naturally submissive too. Night and day between the two teen boys. While I was the trashy milf hooker for the son, my own boy gave up his ass to dear old dad. We both got fucked like whores for hours. And when it was done, we cleaned each other up. My pussy was full of cum and my boy’s ass was oozing jizz. We are a family of cum guzzlers who know how to clean up our messes, so when we got home, we 69’d instead of showering. Got every last drop too.

I Can Help You Turn Your Daughter into a Creampie Slut

creampie slutEach of my daughters is a creampie slut. When mommy gets pumped full of cum, my baby girls are first in line for clean up duty. Honestly, I could not be prouder of them. Daddy and I raised them to be cum whores. A little bit of daddy’s jizz in their bottles when they were super young helped turn them into the cum guzzlers they are today. My pussy was full of family DNA because I fucked my husband a few times, and each of my boys before I went to feed them their treat. They could hear me moaning. They knew mommy was getting fucked, so they were eagerly awaiting my visit. Why wash away all that good protein when I can feed it to my girls? I squatted my cum filled cunt over each of their faces like a mommy bird feeding her baby birds. I pushed out strands of ropey cum right into their mouths. They swarmed around me, fighting each other for every last drop. Now, that is some well-trained cum whores to be that greedy. They are extra greedy when the cum inside me is all family cum. They blow their brothers and daddy every chance they get because they are jizz junkies. None of the men in the family complain. Would you? My daughters are the daughters every man wishes were his daughters. That is because every man wants a young girl to be a cum guzzling slut. You need to start them out young to turn them into cum whores like my daughters. Cum in the bottles. Cum in sippy cups. Cum in their soft food when they first start to eat solid food. Then you teach them to suck cock when they can walk. Never too late to turn your girl into a cum whore. And I am more than willing to help.

Hardcore Orgy Porn is Hot to Watch but Hotter to Make

hardcore orgy pornI made a hardcore orgy porn last night. We were all hired for the same guy. He does this once a month. He hires me and my sons and daughters for a family orgy. He is super rich but never married. No brats of his own. I get it. He wants a family fuck fest, so he hires us because we can make it seem real for him. This time he wanted me to film it. My little sluts are naturals in front of the camera. They love to perform. In fact, I think they all have a future in porn. My middle daughter has already told me she wants to be a porn star. It is an honest profession. I will encourage my daughters to be in the sex industry. I mean why not profit off their natural abilities. Teen sluts fucking is a wonderful thing. Daddy and I always encourage our angels to be whores. This client last night loves all my brats, even the boys. He pays well. His only request is that the girls call him daddy. They love that. Even the boys call him daddy. We all worshiped our rent a daddy’s cock and balls. Plus, we licked his ass. He loves that. Not sure why he has never married.  He is older than me, rich as fuck and handsome. He spoils us, especially me. I always get gift cards to local spas to pamper myself. He has the stamina of a 20-year-old boy. He can fuck my ass, cum and be hard to fuck one of my daughters a minute later. He used my son as an anal cum dumpster too. My youngest son is bisexual naturally. He loves to take a daddy dick in his ass. When we got home, we watched the video I made and fucked some more. We loved watching ourselves in action.

Sexy Prostitutes Still Make Bank Even During an Economic Recession

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes stay busy. Does not matter what the economy is doing, men will always pay for sex, especially Lolita sex. The girls in my brothel are cute, young and easy. They spread their legs so easily for money. The kind of men who can afford my whores do not get impacted by economic recessions like the average person. They have hidden money and stocks and bonds. They will keep paying for little pussy regardless of gas prices. That is very lucky for me and my husband. We have expensive tastes. Even though I am still hot, I am legal age. I cannot charge more because it is not taboo or forbidden to fuck me. Just hot as fuck to have sex with a trashy milf. My little ones are Lolitas and they can command top dollar. Plus, they are just good little whores. Greedy whores who love to drain balls and drain wallets. I have this one hot teen slut daughter who is the most in demand whore I have. She may be older than some of her sisters, but she is the nasty freak, and she just knows how to wrap a man around her little finger and make them weak. I watched her last night in action. A client came over here to fuck her in her princess bed. She has a beautiful teen bedroom. Pinks and pastel blues in her room, and she has a big white canopy princess bed to fuck daddies in. She knows what daddies want. She does her hair in pigtails and puts on pink booty shorts and a tank top without the bra. She shakes her ass, bats her eyes, purrs and the money just flies out of your wallet. I love my little money-making whore. I love all my money-making young hookers for hire, but Tessa is the best teen whore around. I think you will love all my young whores.

Trashy Milf, Cum Whore and Gangbang Slut Lilibeth

trashy milfTo call me a trashy MILF is an understatement. I am a P mommy whore and a P MILF. I may be a soccer mom, but I am not the PTA, minivan driving, cookie baking kind of stay-at-home mom. I do stay at home, on my back, and sometimes my knees! While my brats are at school, I am sucking cum out of dicks better than a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Cum is my coffee. It is what I need every morning to function. So once those rugrats are on the bus, mommy is trolling the neighborhood for the boys playing hooky from school. I did not have to go far to score some cock Friday. I found some fine young teen boys shooting hoops at the local park a block away. I approached them in my cut off shorts and tube top with no bra. I may look classy because I live in a gated community, but I am all trailer trash whore. I just married well. I told those boys who ever needs their balls drained to follow me home. All of them followed me home with bulges in their shorts.  I am a dirty soccer mom and gangbang slut. Cock after cock penetrated my MILF fuck holes filling them up with the cum. Every boy that fucked me got served some sloppy seconds. My cum and ass were spilling over with cum. Young teen boys can cum like a volcano. Cum poured out my cunt and ass. There was so much jizz in my tummy, I think I qualified as a sperm bank.  I just kept taking donation after donation until I had tapped those studs out. They couldn’t believe what a cum dumpster I was for them. If they only knew I was guzzling cum before I was out of diapers yet. Just a typical day for a trashy whore when her husband is at work and the brats are in school.

Phone Sex Line is A Different Kind of Party Line with Me

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is always a party line. Just not the old school kind of party line. Do you remember those? Back in the pre cell phone ages, you could pick up your landline and hear others talking? My line is now a different kind of party line. I like to snort lines of coke and talk about little boys and girls. Sometimes, while I am on the phone, I enjoy a game of truth or dare. Mostly, guys ask me questions about my past or what I have done with and to little ones and I must answer truthfully. I do answer truthfully. I have no shame. I have no secrets from fellow perverts like me. A guy last night was in a party mood like me. Life is just so much more fun not sober. Do you agree? I mean I do love to get nasty with men and little ones. After a few rounds of no taboo phone sex questions, he asked me a dare. I was thinking he was wanting me to shove something big in one of my fuck holes, but it was something more dangerous. Well not dangerous, just risky. I was game. I am always game for nasty fun. He asked if I had neighbors. I have them on all sides. I do have a spacious yard, but it is exposed. We have fences, just not privacy fences. He wanted me to masturbate outside and show my fuck holes off to the neighbors. It was super early in the morning my time, but the sun was up. I marched my trashy ass outside and got on all fours exposing my ass and pussy. I could see lights coming on all around me, so I knew I had an audience. I was rubbing my pussy by the pool, coming over and over while still playing truth or dare. Anything can happen on my sexline. Call and find out.

Sloppy wet Pussy: Drinking Cum Straight From My Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy offspring love to watch me play with my sloppy wet pussy. Even our help’s littlest angels enjoy my show. Last night, was a great show too. My pussy was pumped full of cum because it was Thursday night at the frat house which meant over 100 loads of cum inside my pussy. The best part of this weekly gig for me is coming home to my cum whores who are waiting like baby birds for their feedings. My housekeepers’ granddaughters were in the mix too because we are watching them for a week so she could have some minor surgery. My husband and I adopted their youngest granddaughter last year, but she has some older cousins from our help’s oldest daughter who is in her 30s now. Their youngest daughter is a teen girl who got knocked up by a teacher and we took the opportunity to help them and help us by adding a super young Lolita to the mix. There are no secrets. Our staff know what we secretly do for a living and our kinky lifestyle. We can still provide better for their grand angels even though we do take care of our help very well too.

My sexy prostitutes and the bonus brats were waiting for me when I got home. I got up on my chair which is like a throne and pushed fresh cum from my cunt and asshole into their mouths. Very hot for me to feed these little cum whores. It is easy to train girls to love cum. My husband and I put cum in their bottles as soon as I stopped breast feeding. And before that, some of daddy’s jizz on my tits would get guzzled right down with my milk. Cum is an acquired taste but now my little whores beg for it. It was a feeding frenzy, but everyone got a dose of cum fresh my cum filled cunt. It was another great night for this whore and her big brood of slutkins.

Pissing Sex Party With a Beta Man and Lolita Sluts

pissing sexIt was a wild weekend of pissing sex. My daughters got hired for a pissing party. It has happened before, but it is not a common request. And when they are hired, it is usually the men who piss on the girls. Not this time. This was a special client. A rich loser. Usually, guys with this kind of money are alpha men to the core. And he is in business an alpha man, but behind closed doors he is sexually submissive to women and young girls. He likes little bratty, spoiled princess type of girls. All my Lolitas are switches because in this kind of business it pays to go both ways, LOL. Hookers for hire do what will create them the biggest payday. My girls dressed in their finest stuck up bitch clothes, with my youngest in a pink princess dress, and we went to piss on an old rich guy.

He has a bathroom bigger than most people’s homes. It was perfect for a water sports date. This client laid on the floor of his humongous rain forest shower. My girls took turns squatting over his face and pissing on him. They had little switches in their hands, and they would smack his balls and the head of his swollen cock if he did not drink all their piss and lick their little bald kitties. My girls love being Lolita dominatrixes. This guy was licking it up and eating it all up. My little whores were seeing dollar signs and giving this guy exactly what he wanted. After all my girls, and myself included, pissed on him, we made him rim our assholes too. And boy was that hot. This was a messy date, but very profitable. Water sports sex is profitable. Guys with money pay for the stuff wives will not do. Same for us phone sex whores. We do and talk about all the freaky shit that would shock your choir girl wife. We went home with a bag of cash smiling all the way to the bank.

No Taboo Phone Sex with a Real P Mommy Whore

no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex is the only kind in my opinion. Why call women like me for stuff you can talk to your wife or girlfriend about? That is not who I am. I am not the Madonna. I am the whore. Men call me or hire me for the things wives refuse to do or they simply are not mentally equipped to hear about. I was hired last night by a party guy. He wanted a hooker who was a mommy so he could talk about his love for young pussy.  I told him he could hire one of my daughters for the real. He told me he is working up to that. Baby steps. We had a great time doing lines. I am a druggy porn star in my mind. I did lines of coke off his big cock while I described what it would be like to fuck a little girl. I described her bald little snatch. The way it looks like a clam because it has no discernible inner lips yet. Now my little slutkins have some high mileage little pussies compared to girls their age, but they have not yet been mommas, so those inner lips are not gaped or elongated yet. I described the taste of a pink cunnie. At a certain young age, those little cunnies taste like watermelon or cotton candy. They are sweet, pink and juicy. I described how tight those little juice boxes are on a daddy dick. It is like a vice grip on your cock. You will not find anything tighter. I made him cum a few times without even touching his cock. He is such a P man that just describing the pussies of my young hookers for hire made him spontaneously cum. Never underestimate the power of young pussy. Trust me, when you get your first, you will be addicted too.

Hardcore Orgy Porn Family Style Can Make a Dead Man Cum

hardcore orgy pornI made a hardcore orgy porn last night. Me and my daughters. This rich old man paid a bunch of money for a private P family film. He did not want the boys, so I had to bench them. They did not mind. Only my youngest boy loves getting cock in the ass anyway. Some P daddies want just my sons. Some want just my girls. And others want both. This client wanted a mother daughter orgy. I thought he was just going to watch me eat my girls’ bald little slits and fuck them with sex toys. He told me he has dick issues. It happens with older men. He was not in the best shape either. But hookers for hire only care about the money. We made that P Daddy feel like a King for a day. Apparently, my little slutkins are quite the snake charmers too because he got his first erection in 15 years. Can you imagine going 15 years without cumming or even a twitch in your dick? My husband is our client’s age, and he has zero dick issues. Of course, he has 5 sexy snake charmers in the house too. Our client took no Viagra because it has not worked in the past. Turns out, he just needed the right inspiration to get hard. And he found that inspiration in a trashy milf and her four whore daughters. Watching all that girl-on-girl action made his cock spring to life. My girls were tickled pink too because it is a major ego boost to know you are the reason a man can cum after 15 years of blue balls. Even though in our agreement for services, there was nothing about fucking or sucking, we did both. I mean this was the old pervert’s first erection in 15 years. We had to take care of him. He ended up tipping us more than he paid to hire us. I think that means we have a happy client and repeat business.