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They Love My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntWhat is better than a cum filled cunt? A cum filled ass according to my daughters. I am enjoying having them around for summer break. I came home from a gangbang last night dripping wet. Both holes dripping with cum from frat boys. It was my monthly rich boy frat house party. This frat house is nothing but silver spoon rich boys. They have trust funds and can afford to hire a mature hooker once a month. I love it. It pays well and all those young cocks are so hard for me. No dick issues ever with frat boys. Hell, they can drink a gallon of booze and never suffer drunk dick. After my gangbang frat nights, however, I am full of more cum than a street whore. My belly is full too. Those college studs make sure I always have a cock in a hole. Sometimes a few, LOL.  I am a gangbang whore. My little angels and my not so little teen daughters were waiting up for me. Do you know why? Because they are dirty cum whores just like me. I was bottle fed cum. I grew up big and strong with a healthy addiction to male seed. I passed that love for cum down to my daughters. I stumbled in about 4 am and they were on the couch waiting up. Even my bi boy was there waiting for his creamy treat. I love my offspring. They take great care of their mommy whore. I was sore and oozing cum, but my greedy cum whores cleaned me up and soothed my tired asshole and cunt. My girls like to wiggle their tongues up my cum filled ass and snowball it with each other. I love watching them enjoy cum so much. They always seem sad when they have sucked it all out. This is why they make such great hookers for hire. They are natural cum junkies. The apples never fall far from this tree.

Playing with My Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy sons love my sloppy wet pussy. So do my daughters, just for different reasons. My sons like sloppy seconds. They enjoy fucking me with a few loads already inside me. It makes my cunt all warm and squishy. My daughters like eating my creampies. They will eat anyone’s cum from my cunt, but their favorite is when their daddy’s or brothers’ cum is inside me. School is officially out for the summer. This is our first week home in the daytime as a family during the week. Daddy fucked me before he left for work, so that was load number one. My boys are still on a ball draining schedule. Their cocks wake up before they do. And once those cocks are up, no one goes back to bed until they are drained, especially me. So, I handled four horny boys. I took them one at a time. By the time my oldest boy had a turn at my trashy milf pussy, it was full of his brothers’ seed. Not one load, but three messy loads. My oldest boy is my biggest creampie lover. He is not gay, or even bisexual, but he is a cum lover like me. He eats his own cum. He eats anyone’s creampie. And he loves to fuck my wet pussy. After he dumped his load inside me, he ate my pussy for a hot minute filling his belly up with cum. I had more in my pussy than he could handle though. By that time, my three daughters were up and ready for a protein fix. I spread my legs for my girls and let them lap up the huge mess in my cunt. Each one of my girls is a creampie slut. By the time they were done cleaning my pussy, my horny boys were erect again and ready for round two. I am going to enjoy my summer with my kinky family.

Unrestricted Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is open for any kind of talk. I am most popular for mommy and P fantasies, but I get my fair share of calls for domination. I may be a hooker for hire, but I am not submissive. I love it when I am hired to dominate and train unruly girls. This week, however, I was hired to train a wife who has lost her way. My client hired me to retrain his wife on the basics like sucking cock and taking it in the ass. All things she did before getting married. I see this in a lot of trophy wives. They snag that rich husband being a slutty whore, then become the Virgin Mary when they get married. Most of us trophy wives marry rich old white dudes. Sure, they may not be the best men in the world to fuck, but we took vows. We want to stay in our cushy lifestyles, we need to put out like the nasty whores we are. A trashy milf trophy wife is replaceable. I made sure Selena knew this. I fucked her in the ass with my strap on. I made her suck her ass juices off it afterwards. A good whore needs to be an ass to mouth whore. I mean men do not leave their respectable wives for other respectable wives. They leave them for whores. But you cannot be a whore who has a headache for 5 years and expect to stay in your cushy lifestyle. I was hard on Selena. I used whips. I used huge dildos. I told her stories about trophy wives like us that have been left penniless. I mean whores like her and me are not going to make millions on our own. We have a certain skill set and that is what we use to stay married to rich old white guys. It was like a Scared Straight episode only with hookers for hire. Selena was once a high-class call girl. Whores need to stay whores. It is why men want us.

Trashy Milf of the Neighborhood

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. But you know who loves it more? All the neighborhood boys. I have never cared what people think of me. Most of the women in my community want nothing to do with this once trailer park whore. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you cannot take the trailer park out of the girl. I am still a raunchy whore. When ladies in my community are mean to me or shut me out of some community event, I fuck their sons and their husbands. Subtle revenge. Over the weekend, there was a community BBQ. They do a few a year. I was shunned like I had the plague. I was in a tube top, cut off jean shorts and high heels. I was dressed to fuck. I wanted the attention. I mean I knew those stuck-up bitches were going to hate on me no matter how I dressed. I figured the least I could do was piss them off further by making their sons and husbands ogle me. They did too. Really, I had all eyes on me. The women had fire in their eyes. As if their stares could send me home. The men had lust in their eyes and that was exactly what this trailer trash whore wanted. I walked around chatting with men and flirting shamelessly. Because the men wanted me there, the wives swallowed their pride. I found one man who really made me wet. His son did too. The boy was actually 18. He was legal even if just barely. I whispered to the boy and the son to come back to my place. I made an exit for the party and walked home. The father and son arrived shortly after ready to fuck this dirty whore. They had never shared a woman before. They were a bit weirded out about it, but they gave in to their carnal lust for the hot milf in the neighborhood. I fuck my son and husband all the time. That is because I am a dirty phone sex whore. I took care of that father and son. Sent them home to the bitch wife / mother smelling like my pussy and ass. The sweetest revenge.

Stripper Sex Porn Whores

stripper sex pornMe and my daughters made a stripper sex porn last night. We were hired for an employee party at a car dealership of all places. It was me and my teen sluts. They did not care about their technical age. They just wanted a hot milf and a couple hot teen sluts. Of course, they compensated us well. I was not sure if we were the entertainment or the companions or what. It did not matter. We were paid well for whatever they wanted. Not our typical gig, but the owner of this high-end car dealership is a frequent flyer of our home brothel. He likes young girls. By having me and my daughters at this party, his sale guys would have something old and young to chose from. This happened late last night, after the business closed for the night. It was not all the employees, just members of his millionaire boys club. That is what he calls his men who sell a million dollars’ worth of cars a month. Quarterly, he wants to reward his high sellers with some sexy prostitutes. My girls and I know how to drain balls and wallets. I brought the portable stripper pole, and we gave lap dances to each guy. It was a small gathering, but it was kinky. My daughters blew cocks. They took the millionaire boys in all their holes. So, did I. I was popular too. Some guys want a hot teen slut. Some prefer a sexy MILF. I like cock of all ages. I like money almost as much as cock. I worked that pole like I was a professional stripper. What I am is a professional whore. I milked cocks into my mouth, pussy and ass. So did my girls. Hookers for hire give men what they want and need. That is why we were hired. Wives do not swallow. Wives do not do anal. Wives do not fuck their hot teen daughters. Whores do all of that and more though.

Sexy Prostitutes Get Hired By Women Too

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes are often hired for bachelor parties. I have done a lot of bachelor parties in my time. This was my first bachelorette party, however. At first, I thought maybe it was a lesbian wedding. We have a lot of gay weddings in California. That was not the case. The bride was marrying a man. However, she was the one wearing the pants in the family. She was a smoking hot bride. Sexy alpha woman who just wanted some safe fun on her last night as a single woman. I enjoy being submissive to women. I am not submissive to men. Not much at least anymore. I was submissive as a young girl, but I have paid my dues. For women, well I will worship their pussies and toss their salads for as long as they want. This trashy milf has 4 daughters. I have learned to be a great cunt licker. The bride to be was aggressive. Not that I minded that. I am a paid whore and an awesome cunt licker. I would be her bitch if I was not getting paid. She put on a strap-on and fucked my mouth then fucked my pussy. She ended with my ass. She fucked my ass harder than anyone has before, and I loved it. Every woman there took turns on me. None of them were lesbians. Just alpha women looking to blow off some steam. And my fuck holes took the brunt of their pent up aggression. I am a gangbang whore for men all the time, why not women? It was not my typical hooker for hire scenario, but it was one I will never forget. My sons and daughters were disappointed when I did not come home with any cum in my holes, but when I told them about all the women that fucked me, and they were super turned on.

Hookers For Hire are for Women Too

hookers for hireHookers for hire are for women too. My daughters and I are mostly hired by men to fuck men. Occasionally, though, a woman hires us. Last night, a woman wanted me and two of my daughters. I thought she wanted some Sapphic orgy. She wanted me and my daughters to train her girls how to eat pussy. She was my kind of woman. She is a wealthy widow. She married some rich old guy who left her set for life. She informed me that if she had well-trained cunt lickers she would not have to marry again and risk losing her inherited millions. California has awful laws for divorce. A trophy wife can get screwed. She does not want to marry again, but she has sexual needs. I get that. I am hornier now than I ever was. I get plenty of at home attention. I would be hiring studs if I did not have an army of brats at home to eat my sloppy wet pussy. Her daughters were younger than my girls, but I have no limits when it comes to training girls. I was trained straight out of the womb to be a little whore. The girls were not the most willing in the beginning. I showed our client some of my motivational secrets for getting little whores to eat pussy. It worked. I put some chocolate in my cunt and those girls were eating me out in no time. My daughters showed them how they eat my pussy too. Before long, we were in a daisy circle eating pussy while the matriarch watched and masturbated. I do not think pussy is a substitute for cock if you are not a lesbian, but I understood her desire to protect her newfound wealth. I told her that her girls were natural cunt lickers and if she ever wanted to make money, I could help them become young sexy prostitutes too. Not my normal client experience, but it is always a hot time when I get to eat young pussy I did not bring into this world.

Trashy MILF Lilibeth

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, you can have anyone you want. We have a pool in the back yard, but sometimes I like to slum and go to one of the YMCA pools in city. Can you guess why? YMCA pools are public, cheap and full of young boys, black and white and brown. I do not need a cheap pool. I have my own, plus we have money from our home brothel business. But the young lads hanging out at the YMCA pools are mostly inner-city boys and girls. I have picked up hot young girls there willing to do anything for a buck. My daughters are getting older, so we are always on the prowl for young talent. The YMCA is my go-to spot for many things. I have discovered talent there to pimp out and young boys down to fuck a trailer trash whore. I was the oldest one in the pool. I was likely the only adult too. Even the lifeguard on duty looked like a teenager. My pussy was wet though. I had so many possibilities. It was too hard to pick just one, so I brought home three boys. One black, one brown and one white. I do not discriminate. Young, hard cock is young, hard cock. They were happy to see how the other half lives. Plus, they were over the moon to get themselves some milf pussy. We skinny dipped in my pool before we went to my bed. They took turns on me, but after every boy dumped a load of jizz inside me, they turned me into a three-hole whore. I have three sons. That is not the first time that has happened, LOL. I drove each lad back to their homes full of their boy seed. I told them if they can keep fucking me the way they did, they can come over every day and use my pool and my sloppy wet pussy.

Hookers for Hire Help Train Your Daughters

hookers for hireHookers for hire get all sorts of strange requests. I mean men are hiring professionals to do the things their wives will not do. Most of the men that hire me or one of my brood are married. Even though my daughters are more popular than me because of their young age, I still get hired often. Last night, a single dad hired me for his daughter. He wanted me to break his daughter in. She thinks she is a princess. She is refusing to suck daddy’s dick. He is a widow and no time to date. His daughter is a hot teen slut and very ungrateful to her father for her expensive lifestyle. She should be doing whatever daddy wants. I do not think the problem is daddy though. I do not believe that she just does not want to show gratitude. After a few hours with the girl, it was my opinion that she is just a cunt licker. She is not into daddy because she is not into dick. I was ready for a challenge. I had my whips and chains packed and ready to use. I never had to discipline her once. The moment she saw me, she crawled to me begging to lick mommy’s pussy. She was not at all how my client described her. She was begging to eat my sloppy wet pussy and rim my asshole. I sat on her face for hours and she never once pleaded for me to stop. I had to use a different technique with her to turn her into the daddy’s slut my client wanted. I bribed her with my pussy. Clearly, the young teen girl is a lesbian. She wants cunt not cock. So, I made a deal with her. Suck it up and be daddy’s fuck toy and get my pussy anytime she wants. My daughters might be jealous, but as a mature woman, I can never have enough cunt lickers. Turned out to be a win win night. I get a new cunt licker on speed dial; my client gets a whore daughter, and my husband gets a happy client.

My Son is a Creampie Slut and a Little Faggot

creampie slutMy youngest son is a creampie slut. He is not a very masculine boy, but I love him just the same. He is naturally young looking. Hairless cock and balls. He is not muscular like his big brothers. He is not into the same things his peers are either. I love him to the moon and back, but I think he is a little bi boy. He loves it when we pimp him out to men. He loves eating cum out of my pussy. Him and I had a double date last night. Well, it was the same client. This guy wanted the family experience, but he wanted a little boy not a girl. He wanted the boy to be young. I knew which one of my boys to use. My youngest son loves it when I play with his ass. I have used fingers and dildos. He has had cocks in his ass before. Daddy loves his tight asshole. So do many clients. From behind, you cannot tell my youngest boy is a boy anyway. He has a cute bubble butt and long hair. Soft skin too. This daddy had a certain role play in his mind. We helped him live it. He wanted me to be his wife who discovered our little boy was wearing my panties. My son does love to play in my panty drawer, so this was not a stretch for him.  When our pretend daddy caught him, he decided to treat him like a little sissy bitch and fuck his asshole. My son’s little hairless dick was at attention while daddy fucked his ass. Daddy filled him with cum and I sucked it out to snowball with him. My baby boy was an anal cum dumpster for us. When Daddy pumped me full of cum my son ate his seed from my wet mommy pussy. It was a great family threesome. My boy’s real daddy is going to market him a bit differently now so that he can get more dick. Maybe you would want to fuck my boy too?

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