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Sexy Prostitutes are Always Recruiting New and Young Whores

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes like me are always on the look out for new meat. I consider myself a talent scout. I know a good whore when I meet one. Last night, I was feeling restless. I got in the car and drove to the red light district. LA still has old-fashioned street walkers. There is new meat on the corners daily. Some have pimps because they are trafficked girls. Some are runaways who will eventually have pimps, and street pimps are never nice. Some girls are not full-time hookers, but drug addicts in need of a fix and hooking is a quick way to get that money for a fix. I have recruited a lot of talent on the streets of LA.  When they join my home brothel of hookers for hire, they are treated way better than any street pimp. They become part of the family. I target the young ones. I only want Lolitas. Preferably, runaways with no family to rescue them, and no pimp yet for a turf war. I found Misty last night. Cute teen girl down on her luck. She was dirty. No bath in way too long. I needed to polish her up and see what I had to really work with. I paid her a grand for the night. More money than a dirty hooker can make on the streets in a week. Misty had potential. I saw me in her. I was a dirty whore literally when I was young. Thanks to my husband, I cleaned up well. When we got back to my place, I cleaned Misty up. She had never seen a bathroom like mine with a huge walk in shower and rainforest shower head. I got in the shower with her. I wanted to test the merchandise. I did pay for her, so I had every right to fuck her. She cleaned up well. She is perfect for my young teen phone sex clients, but I think she will be my personal lesbian slave until I grow tired of her or want something younger. As the head of this home brother of hookers, I get to claim whores for myself. And what madam ever has enough little cunt lickers around?

Playing with My Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyI love playing with my sloppy wet pussy. All my offspring like playing with it too. I had one hell of a creampie the other night. I came home smelling like a porno queen. I had a gang bang that night. I lost count of all the studs that fucked me. I was hired for a birthday. The dad of the birthday boy wanted a hooker to celebrate his son’s 18th birthday. I am 42, so you know I wanted to be that hooker. My husband sold the client on me versus one of our daughters. Young men want a sexy mommy being their whore not some teenage girl. They can get teenage pussy whenever they want, but a trashy milf pussy is harder for them to find. I gave the birthday boy the best birthday ever. I made him feel like the belle of the ball. He had never been with a mature woman. Some of his friends had, but most of them did not have much skill yet. Young boys are chronic masturbators. The more they jerk their meat, the more problems they have lasting for a woman. The birthday boy’s dad knew his son was a chronic masturbator and wanted him to get a taste for mature pussy. I think he got more than a taste, LOL. My milf cunt is addicting for boys and girls. The birthday boy fucked me the most, but his friends loved fucking me too. My ass and cunt were equally pumped full of cum, so when I got home, I was a creampie slut. I was heading towards the shower, but my sons and daughters stopped me. They said I did not need to shower when they could clean me up. Oh, how I loved hearing that.  I sat down, spread my legs and fed my babies my sloppy seconds. They did get every last drop, but guess what? My sons pumped me full of more cum, so I still have some sloppy seconds for you.

Phone Sex Sluts Have the Most Interesting Stories and Experiences

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts have the most interesting lives. You do not get into the phone bone business if you are a choir girl. There are many reasons why I am in this business. Where to begin? I had an interesting upbringing as a Lolita whore for my Meth head sperm and egg donors. I married a former “John” who was 25 years older than me and gave him three daughters to fuck and along the way I had three sons for me to fuck too. We have a home brothel and a very profitable one too. I have broken all sorts of laws and moral codes in my life. Some not by choice, many by choice. Where else could I ever work? Working for a sexline was my only option but I do not do it for the money. Between my husband’s career and our side business, money is not tight. I just like sharing my dirty life with men who wish I was either their mother or their wife. I find this kind of work rewarding on so many levels. I think it does a lot for one’s self-esteem to know you are not alone in your perverted thoughts and experiences. I love being the madam of my home brothel because I can do it right. My parents were rural hicks who never thought about the real money they could make off a Lolita whore. Of course, I grew up in a trailer park in rural West Virginia and now I live in a gated community in California. The clientele my husband recruits for our home brothel are far richer than truckers traveling through a truck stop when I was little. My husband and I vet our “Johns,” too so that our precious cargo is never ruined, or at least not ruined for long. My phone sex line is not just for fantasy thoughts about little sluts and dirty mommies. It is for sharing taboo experiences and learning how to have your own dirty family too.

Anal Sex Whore Family: My Son & My Girls Love Anal Too

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I have raised a bunch of anal whores too. Most guys think of women as being the biggest anal whores. But guess what? Teen boys can be even bigger anal whores than their mothers! My youngest son loves ass play. He had a daddy date night last night. His first in a while. I feel badly for him sometimes. Most of our clients want our daughters. He is my only son who enjoys being whored out to men. Men love a tight boy ass sometimes too. My son got his asshole stretched and pumped full of cum last night. He came home walking funny but with a huge smile on his face. Cum was leaking out of his ass like an anal cum dumpster. A trail of cum dripped from his bum leading to my room. I thought it was hot that my boy took that much cum in his ass. Anyway, when he came home, I thought he would want to shower and crash. That was not the case at all. My little anal whore wanted mommy to peg his ass. He wanted more of the hair of the dog that bit him. He is my son. And the apple does not fall far from the tree. I got out my strapon dildo and prepared to fuck his cum filled asshole. I did finger his ass a bit first. He was right, his daddy did cum a few times. Felt like a few dozen loads up his tight asshole. I licked it a bit just to taste that creamy goodness. I do love the taste, the smell and the feel of cum. I am a creampie slut! I wanted nothing more than to suck that cum out of his asshole, but it was the perfect lube for pegging his ass. After I pegged him for about 30 hours, he was ready to call it a night. I licked the cum out of his well-fucked asshole and we snowballed it before he crashed. A family of anal sex whores never lets cum go to waste.

Taboo Phonesex Life Makes Me Perfect for Taboo Phone Calls

taboo phonesexI am perfect for taboo phonesex. My life has been taboo since I was born. I had a caller this morning who wanted to take me back to those unpleasant years. He made me dig deep to talk about things I wanted to forget. Somethings, I had forgotten until my trip down memory lane. Sometimes, however, I think it is good to go back to your past to see just how far you have come. I am a survivor. I am scrappy. And I am lucky I met my husband when I was just a Lolita slut working out of a dilapidated old pop-up camper behind my parents’ trailer in rural West Virginia. I was dirty because I was only allowed inside to shower once a week. I was illiterate too because my parents never registered my birth. I flew under the radar. I was never formally educated when I was schoolgirl age.  I hated my life, but I knew no other life because I was so sheltered. My husband saw my potential. It was a chance encounter. He was driving through the state, and he wanted some pussy. He met my parents, and they had something young and tender for him. He was a fan of hookers for hire, especially the jailbait kind. He took pity on me. He came through the state several more times just to see me. He snuck me gifts and coke to help me get through the less than pleasant Johns my parents found for me to fuck. When it became harder for my husband to find the young pussy he wanted, he bought me from my parents. They sold me for $10,000. That is all. My husband still chuckles over how they allowed him to lowball them like that. They were dumb, rural meth heads. That seemed like a lot of money in the 80s in rural West Virginia. My husband and I were the true victors. I clean up well. I birthed him three daughters for home use. He educated me, polished me up and now I run our home brothel of young sexy prostitutes. My husband knows how to treat whores. I may hate reliving those earlier memories of my youth, but after the call, I just felt so much better because my life is so different now. I am still a whore, but I am a high-class whore to very rich men and I have a big family of whores who love me and the whore life.

Trashy MILF Lilibeth Loves to Seduce The Teenage Sons and Husbands of Neighborhood Karens

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. I was born in a trailer park in the backwoods of West Virginia. Now, I reside in a gated community in California. I married well. Despite running in elite social groups now, I am still that redneck woman in West Virginia. My husband is a pillar of his community, but our neighbors and his friends see me as a gold-digging trophy wife. I do not let it bother me. If they knew my husband and I have a home brothel, they would disown him too. I like to fuck with the uptight Karens in my community. This one Karen is the worst. She hates me because I fucked her husband. She does not have proof that I did, but she knows her husband is into me. I have my eyes set on her teenage son now. When I first fucked her hubby, that boy of hers was still in diapers. He is a tall and strapping lad now. She cannot know I fucked her son though because she would have this trailer trash whore arrested. I can take satisfaction though in the fact that I stole her husband and her son. I fucked the boy last night. She sent me a snarky text about how I was dressed at the Christmas party. I just told her that her husband seemed to love my outfit. I knew that would send her into a tailspin. In the meantime, I texted her son and invited him over. He is good friends with my middle son, so it was no surprise to hear from me. What was a surprise, however, was seeing me naked at the door when he arrived. I unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard teenage cock and led him to my bedroom where I blew his mind, and he blew his load. Teenage boys love to fuck a sexy milf. I fucked him all day long. Drained his balls several times. He did not mind using his friend’s sexy mom as his private cum dumpster either. I wish his Karen of a mother could know I fucked her son too, but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing what I did.

Hooker Phone Sex Stories I Have No Shortage of to Share

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share with callers. I have been whoring out my body since I was just a wee little girl. My parents pimped me out first. Then my husband pimped me out. Now, I pimp out our sons and daughters. I still get hired too, but our home brothel includes our 6 offspring, and our three adopted girls too. We have something for everyone. My husband takes care of the business aspects of running a home brothel. He finds the clients. He arranges the payment and does the background checks. We can never risk some sex trafficker posing as a John to steal our talent. My husband has a head for business, and I have one for sin. I take care of the talent. I get the girls dressed the way a client wants. I instruct the girls on what the client wants. And I make sure the talent arrives on time to the designated place. My husband and I are a team. It takes a team like ours to operate a successful hookers for hire business. We have been busy in the new year too. Last night, my youngest son was hired by a dirty daddy. We do not judge. A gay man’s money spends just the same way as a straight man’s money. You want young dick? Not a problem for us. From behind, and under a certain age, they all look and feel the same anyway. I went with my son to his daddy play date. Turns out this client had like a Michael Jackson mansion, complete with all the super cool toys and games young boys love. I watched as they got to know each other. My youngest son is a natural bisexual. I think he likes cock better than pussy anyway. My boy became this Daddy’s anal cum dumpster. After about an hour of playing video games, that rent a daddy got what he wanted, which was my son’s tight boy ass. My son’s ass is still sore, but the money he got for being his fuck doll for the night made it all better.

Dirty Phone Sex Whore and Accomplice Lilibeth

dirty phone sexI love being a dirty phone sex whore. I am a no taboos kind of woman. The more forbidden something is, the wetter I get. Last night, a client hired me to help him with a rape fantasy he has had forever. It could not have been forever he had this fantasy because his daughter was not that old. He wanted to fuck his daughter. His ex-wife has primary custody of the little whore, but it was his week with her since it was her last week of winter vacation. He wanted to fuck her so badly that he hired a dirty mommy to help make his fantasy cum true. I was a dirty accomplice for him. She was younger than I thought. But I do not judge. We all have an age of a girl that is our sweet spot. My husband likes them a bit older, but I was happy to help him fuck his girl. Hookers for hire do whatever we are paid for. I held her down, but before that, I licked her bald puffy mound. She was so young it was hairless and puffy still. Very pink too. She was cute. I could easily see her appeal. No doubt her cunt and ass were the tightest holes he would ever experience. I got her pink bald pussy wet with my tongue. He did not want to hurt his daughter, but I told him at her age she will cry when that cherry is popped. All girls do, but it gets better the more a girl is fucked. I suggested we give her a magic cocktail of Benadryl and whiskey so she would not be able to verbalize what daddy did to her. I held down the girl as daddy fucked her cunt and ass for the first time. She bled like a stuck pig, but I licked up that cherry juice. I told you I was a no taboo phone sex slut. I love being a mommy accomplice. Brought back memories of helping my husband fuck our daughters. Who can I help you fuck?

Orgy Phone Sex Fantasies with a Dirty Milf on New Year’s Eve

orgy phone sexDo you have orgy phone sex fantasies? You would have real family orgy experience if you were part of my family. Most of my daughters, and me too, had dates on New Year’s Eve. It is a busy night for whores. We all ended up back home, however, not long after midnight. We had cum in our cunts and our asses. My boys and my husband were waiting up for us. They wanted to ring in the new year properly. No one in my family minds sloppy seconds. You cannot be a good whore and not have a sloppy wet pussy. We all had sloppy wet pussies that my sons and husband decided to make even sloppier. My youngest son wanted to eat some of the cream from our pussies first. He is my bisexual boy. He likes cock. He likes pussy. And he loves cum. We were all messy, so we let him clean up our cunts and assholes first. Felt pretty amazing to ring in the new year with creampies then get those creampies cleaned up by my baby boy. Once he got all the cum from our fuck holes, we started the orgy. My husband popped a Viagra so we could fuck his wife and his three teen daughters on the first day of the year. My husband decided to do something he has never done before. New year, new rules. He fucked his youngest son in the ass. My boy has been wanting that forever, but my husband is not gay. I have been working on my husband to get him to see it as just an expression of love for his bi boy. If my son wants to be a teen anal whore, I am going to help him make it happen. Daddy fucked me and my daughter’s assholes too. This time, I sucked the cum out of my son’s ass, while he cleaned up daddy’s mess in our assholes. It was a messy, cum filled New Year’s!

Sexy Prostitutes, Young and Old, Will End the Year Right

sexy prostitutes My sexy prostitutes are off their winter break and ready to make daddy and I more money. We give them a week off from fucking for money. It is one of our Christmas gifts to them, but it gives us quality family fucking time too. Tonight, all my girls have daddy dates. Different daddies, but they are all paying top dollar to fuck some young sluts on the last day of the year. Nothing sets the new year off better than fucking a young whore. I bet you can agree with that too. Men with money can buy whatever they want, and they usually want the forbidden things like super young hookers for hire. My youngest daughter is going to be with Lenny later tonight. Lenny is an ass man. He is older than my husband, but far rougher on the girls. He has a thick cock. My older girls call it the punisher dick because it feels like you are being punished for a major wrongdoing when he fucks your asshole. Viagra has given him a second life. He tells me that thanks to that little blue pill he can fuck now better than he did in his 20s. That is good news for him, not so good on the little holes he fucks. He is brutal on fuck holes, especially the ass because he is thick. I had to prepare my youngest daughter. Hardcore anal sex can be painful and messy for any woman, so I needed to get her ready. Last night, I started pumping my dildo in and out of her ass. I would give her breaks, but then come back and work that little asshole harder. This morning, I gave her an enema, so she is all cleaned out. She is as ready as she can be for Lenny’s old, thick cock. My other girls have dates they are looking forward to. While my girls are making daddy and I money, I will be home fucking my sons and talking to fellow perverts like me.