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Sloppy Wet Pussy in Vegas with My Youngest Son and a Hot Tranny

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I got a sloppy wet pussy thinking of all the fun my baby boy and I are going to have this weekend. We are on a mom and son vacation to Vegas. Want to know a secret? My son is bisexual. He loves shemales, but he has never been with one. I catch him all the time watching shemale domination porn videos. Vegas is Sin City. I can get him whatever he wants. He is not old enough to hire his own hooker, but I can do it for him. I figure for the right amount of money, a shemale will turn a blind eye to the real age of my son. He looks 4 years younger than he really is, which does not help when we want to pass him off as old enough to vote. Funny, the hookers for hire are hiring hookers. I love paying for sex. I bet you do too. You get what you want. My son and I got on TS4Rent. If you have never been there, you should check it out. You can find a sexy tranny in any country. I was so happy that the first one I reached out to was available at that moment and close by at another Vegas hotel. We showered up and greeted her at our hotel door. She had a nice cock. Not too big and not too small. Just right for a teenage virgin asshole. I have done some prostate milking with my son, but he has never had a cock in his ass. She was a dominant shemale. She owned my son for 90 mins. I do not think I have ever seen him cum so hard before. His dick was not even being touched. That meant this sexy shemale hit his prostate. Even though I have played with is ass before, I still had to stimulate his dick to make him cum. But a shemale phone sex star made my boy shoot his load across the room. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?


Phone Sex Line is a Party Line for Horny Men with No Limits

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is a party line. When we do a call, especially if it is a long call, I am usually high on something. Trust me, you want me high. That is when I spill the tea. I know that I seem open about my past and my current naughty existence, but I save a lot of the good details for our calls, when I am fucked up and ready to be honest. When I was just a whore for my parents, before my husband liberated me, I had three pregnancies. None of the little ones I was allowed to keep. My parents sold those angels. I never knew what happened to them. Did they get a good life or were they used worse than me for most of their lives. Maybe they were still being used or worse. They would all be legal age now, because I was just a teenage girl when I had them. My husband found one of the girls ripped from my arms through a DNA kit. She lives in Florida. I was in WV when I was a hooker phone sex whore for my parents. My husband and I combed her social media looking for signs she needed rescue. She is 26 now. She went to college. She may have just been sold to loving parents who could not conceive. She could have been trafficked and rescued and adopted again. Or she could be a survivor. My husband, my oldest son and I thought of all the possibilities. We started fucking thinking about everything we could do to her. She was smoking hot just like her half-sisters. Before long, we were having a family orgy thinking about this hot girl who was my daughter and their sibling. You know where our minds were going. Straight into the gutter. As we fucked each other, we thought about how much money this girl could make us if she was part of our home brothel of sexy prostitutes. All my daughters have always been great money makers for daddy and I. Why would the daughter who I have yet to meet be any different. I mean, she does have part of me in her. Soon, hopefully, she will have part of her brothers and step daddy in her too.

White Trash Phone Sex is Something I am Good at Doing

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White trash phone sex is something I am good at delivering. I have been out of the trailer park for a couple decades now, but I am still a trashy whore. And last night I proved it again. As if there was any doubt, LOL. It was frat boy gang bang night. A bunch of rich boys pool their money and have a good time with a trashy cougar behind closed doors. It is some Animal House level shit. Last night, the frat boys changed things up a bit. They opened their doors to a sorority on campus. It is called a mixer. I guess it happens all the time where a frat and a sorority get together and party. This was more than partying, however. This was a trashy milf teaching sorority girls how to go wild. This was an orgy and less a gang bang. Of course, I was happy to show those spoiled princesses that whores have more fun. We got drunk. We did body shots off each other. Some of those coeds had great bodies too. Hard to believe some of them were not hookers because they could make bank. Most of the girls got drunk with me. A couple were more reserved, but I eventually got them to join the orgy. I was leading the way sucking one frat cock after another. The president of the frat got first dibs on me, and then the orgy of all orgies happened soon after that first blowjob. Frat boys fucking sorority girls. Sorority girls finger banging and eating pussies, mine included. There was a lot of cum eating, even some piss drinking too. By the time we were done, I was a cum dump, but so was every sorority girl. One of the frat boys filmed our little hardcore orgy porn. I must admit, I directed a hot video. I was not behind the camera, but I did guide all the action. Hopefully most of those uppity sorority girls will enjoy their college time more on their backs and on their knees.

Nasty Phonesex with a Trashy Whore

nasty phonesexNasty phonesex is right up my alley. I have lots of nasty stories to share. Today, I am going to share a nasty cum story. My middle daughter had her fist gang bang last Saturday. What a dirty whore she was too. It was an arranged gangbang. One of our regular clients paid big bucks to watch our teen girl get 50 cocks. Hell, I was in my 30s before I had my first gang bang, and it was not even that many. I am a seasoned gang bang slut now. I do a frat house a couple times a month. But my baby girl is just a Lolita slut. I guess she can add gangbang whore to her list of accomplishments. I talked to my daughter to prepare her. She was not nervous. She was excited. The client was paying well, and 80% of that money was all hers. My whores have huge bank accounts. They can pay for college, buy cars and even buy a home when they turn 18 if they want. My husband wanted them to be set up to be successful. Sex pays.

Lolita gang bangs, however, pay the best. I was with my daughter when she got used like a street hooker high on smack. My baby girl was fully alert and enjoying every cock that was ramming into her pussy and ass. Her rent a daddy was the last to go. He wanted to feel all that cum deep inside her teen holes. I wanted in on the action too. I did not want to fuck her. I wanted to eat her. I love a creampie, but a gangbang cream pie, well that is just heaven for a creampie slut like me. My girl needed my tongue to soothe her battered holes. She was a hot mess. She is still sore, but all that money in the bank makes it worth it for her. Plus, she has her dirty mommy to make it all better too.

Hooker Phone Sex is Legal and Hot

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Hooker phone sex is a thing. I am a phone hooker and a real one too. I have been hooking way before I could consent to being a hooker. I came into this world a cash cow for my parents, and I will go out of this world as a cash cow for my family. I love being a whore. I do not understand why a woman cannot choose what she wants to do with her own body. If men want to pay for sex, why can’t that be a legal transaction. Being a porn star is legal. Being a stripper is legal. Being a massage therapist is legal. Even having a phone sex line where you can talk about illegal shit is legal. But I cannot buy a whore for a night or trade my body for a rent payment. Makes zero sense to me. The reason I am on this rant is I got arrested. I was in a bit of a panic. I do not want to bring attention to my home brothel. I have never been arrested. I was not arrested for being a whore, however. I got busted trying to pay some jailbait hooker for sex in downtown LA. It is my recruiting place. I always troll for the new runaway meat looking to survive. It is easy to find too. Anyway, I got out of trouble with some bullshit line that I was just trying to help young women get off the streets as a former prostitute myself. I don’t think the female cop who busted me had any idea about what a mastermind of a whore I truly am. That is a good thing. I will have to lay low for a bit from trolling for new hookers for hire in downtown LA. But I still have a nice posse of jailbait whores. Maybe, your daughter will want to join my home brothel? I can break her in for you.

Trashy Milf, Cum Whore and a P Mommy

trashy milfBeing a trashy milf comes easily to me. I was born in a trailer park. Lived there for over 15 years, until my future husband liberated me. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you cannot take the trailer park out of the girl. My husband loves my trashy side. Sure, I polish up nicely, but I am still that trailer park slut who squats down to piss out cum so I can show off what a cum whore I am. I have cum whores in the house. I cannot flush that shit away. So, when I come home after being a dirty gangbang whore, I walk in through the kitchen, I strip naked, ring the bell and squat on the tile floor for my girls, even my youngest son, to clean me up. I enjoy being a dirty whore. Last night, I knew I had more cum in me than usual. I let a frat house run a train on me. I love frat nights. It means my mature holes are getting young cocks for hours. It also means I am getting a lot of cum. It is no secret that I entertain a frat house at one of the UC campuses once a month. It is no secret that I feed my brood their cum afterwards either. But it was not just my offspring who got in on the cream pie action last night. My cook and her littlest one were still in the house. They live on the property. Our families are very close. I have adopted a couple of her grand angels. They have a daughter who is a slut. Not a judgment. I am a slut too which is why I have 6 of my own. My cook’s granddaughter crawled over between my legs and proved herself a very natural creampie slut. We all watched in amazement as the tyke just licked my pussy and the floor. She was greedy with the spunk too.  This little darling got almost all the cum for herself. That is okay. I am a whore and I will be filled with spunk again very soon.

Freaky Phone Sex with a Young Teen Whore

freaky phone sexI love freaky phone sex with another whore. I am not just talking about 2 girl calls. Those are fun, but for me, the real fun is playing with a sweet young thing like one of my daughter’s friends. My oldest girl brought home a teen girl a few nights ago. It was not a friend from school. This girl was a young runaway that my daughter picked up along the highway. The girl was hitchhiking. That is so dangerous these days. I guess it always was. This girl was willing to work for room and board for a few nights. She was tired of life on the road, but she had no money for a hotel. My daughter knows I am always looking for new hookers for hire. This girl was dirty and rough around the edges, but I know how to polish up a turd. That is an exaggeration of course, she was a pretty girl. Young and thin, just what my clients love. I spit shined her a bit and made her an offer she could not refuse. After she had a long, hot shower and a warm, home-cooked meal, I took the darling for a spin. I played with her pussy and ass to see how used up her holes were. Living on the streets is rough for a girl. I am sure she had to do a lot of things she did not want to do to survive. Her pussy and ass were used, but not badly. Still tight holes. Still pink too. I licked every inch of her sexy body. I fucked her. I rode her face. I had her ride my face too. I must try out any girl who joins my home brothel. It was a no brainer for this girl to join my home brothel of sexy prostitutes. Hooking on the streets, never knowing where you might sleep or when you will eat again is a tough life. But being a whore for big money and living rent free in a nice house and having everything you need and more, is a better life. Sex pays, but you need the right pimp. A young girl needs a pimp like me.

Sexy Prostitutes do all the Dirty Work Like Draining Prostates

sexy prostitutesFriday nights are busy for sexy prostitutes. Me and all my Lolita whores had daddy dates. Even one of my daughters’ friends was booked. She is the newest whore in my home brothel. She is a hot teen slut in demand. Lolita sex pays very well. Even I had a date last night with a much older man. I suggested one of my teen girls, but he wanted me. He said what he wanted required a mature mind. I had no clue what he was talking about really until I arrived. This man was older than my husband. I guess to a man in his 80s, a woman in her 40s is his daughter’s age. We talked about his family. He does have daughters older than me. He was nervous, but I assured him that hookers for hire keep all the dirty secrets. I would never exploit what a man tells me. He has prostate issues. I would imagine most men his age have them too. Nothing to be ashamed about.  He wanted his ass pegged. His late wife used to stick a finger in his ass and drain his prostate that way. I have done that for my husband too. He has not had anything in his ass in almost two years. A friend of his told him to hire a hooker. The friend even suggested he book me. That friend is a frequent flyer of my home brothel. I put on a strapon, and some latex gloves. I manually stimulated his prostate at first. I just wanted to loosen up his asshole. He was moaning loudly, which in his big mansion made a sexy echo. Once I had his ass lubed up and loosened too, I pushed the 8-inch strapon in his ass. I worked up to a faster pace. I wanted to make sure I did not destroy him since he was paying me great money. Once I hit the spot, he had a cum blast that resembled a volcanic burst. That was followed by a very loud, Ahhhhhhhh. Yep, I found the right spot. I made him my anal sex whore all night and drained him of two years of cum. Who is next?

A Sloppy Wet Pussy is the Hallmark of a Good Whore

sloppy wet pussyDo you like a sloppy wet pussy? There is no shame in enjoying a creampie. I believe a messy pussy is the hallmark of a whore. Most men want a whore in the bedroom. Women are delusional if they think a man will wait for them to spread their legs indefinitely. They are also delusional if they think once they married a man, that he will remain faithful if she is not putting out or swallowing cum. Whores will let men do anything they want to do to us. I am hired by guys all the time because their wives stopped fucking them and swallowing their cum once that ring was on their fingers. That is why my husband and I believe in raising our girls to be cum whores.  Men want a creampie slut. They want a woman who loves the feel of cum dripping out of her pussy. They want a woman who will swallow every drop of cum too.

Recently, my husband and I started offering men a training camp for their daughters. A girl is never too young to learn about the joys of jizz. We offer what we call a cum camp. Any girl, any age can start eating or drinking cum. For the ones not even walking yet, cum on mommy’s boob is always a good start. Bottle fed? Not a problem. We just put your cum in with the formula. Baby food mixes well with cum too. Women who will not swallow or who do not want to fuck were not exposed to sex early in life. The world needs more cum whores. I bet you agree with me, don’t you? My husband and I will turn your angel into a good cum dumpster. I love being a wet nurse for cum camp candidates. Bring your brat to me. Maybe even your wife too. I will turn them into perfect cum guzzling whores like me and all my girls.

Teen Anal Whore Daughter Will Put Anything in Her Asshole

teen anal whoreI have a young teen anal whore in the family. All my girls love it in the ass. Even my youngest son and I love it in the ass too, but this girl of mine will put anything in her ass. I mean anything. I was with her Friday night at this old rich guy’s house. He must be at least my husband’s age. We all like older men in this family. This guy pays us to give him a sex show. He has a broke down dick. He needs something more extreme to get off. I am sure you can relate to that. Most of my callers need taboo phonesex to get off. Something extreme, nasty or downright taboo to get their dicks stiff. I understand that. Guys get bored jacking off to the same old vanilla porn. My daughter knows this guy tips her very well. I think he would give her a car if she could drive. She is a money hungry teen slut. She started putting things in her asshole for him with no prompting from me or him.  He had this timekeeper thing on his piano shaped like a pyramid. He called it a metronome. She grabbed it and put the pointed end in her asshole. No lube. Just a sharp wooden metronome up her teen asshole. She finger fucked her cunt at the same time, leaving both me and our client in awe. Her little pink cunt was so wet.  So was mine. She rose our client’s old dead dick too. She crawled over to his throbbing dick with that metronome in her asshole like it was a butt plug. I watched my little teen whore blow his dick so hard he busted a huge nut in her mouth. Sexy prostitutes know all the tricks to make an old dick cum. She was just getting started. She replaced that metronome with his cock when it got hard the second time. She does it for the money I know. This daughter of mine has expensive tastes, but unlike many girls her age, she is not afraid to work for what she wants. Her nasty freak tactics worked because not only did she drain our client dry, but she also drained his wallet dry too.