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dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the only kind to have, right? There are plenty of vanilla or taboo companies out their that will not talk about certain subjects, but that is not my site. I specialize in all the dirty thoughts and experiences that men have or want to have from extreme age play to bathroom play. I have a dirty story to share. I have thousands actually, but this one happened last night. I was babysitting. I know what you are thinking. Who would want me as their babysitter? I can play the doting soccer mom too. A neighborhood woman is going through a nasty divorce, and she is following her estranged husband to catch him cheating. She needs proof for the divorce to void the prenuptial agreement. She was in a jam, so she dropped her brats off with me. A lovely little girl and boy. I was high and drunk. I was in the mood to have some fun. I got my dildo out and told the girl we were going to play a game. I had fresh new cunt in the house. I am a P woman. I could not ignore that. I had to play with it. We went into my bedroom. I laid her naked on my bed. I spread her legs and fucked her little bald cunt with my dildo. Oh my, she was untouched. Nice. I justified it by thinking if her mother discovered she had a used little cunnie, she could blame the estranged daddy. He does like them young because his mistresses are barely out of high school, LOL. I popped her cherry with my dildo, and she peed on me. It was her form of squirting. She tastes sweet like watermelon. Her piss was tinged red from the cherry poppin. I had fun with the boy too; but it is not every day I get to pop a cherry. I love being a P trashy milf.

Anal Sex Whore Then and Now

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I have been ever since I was a young hooker in rural West Virginia making money for my Meth head parents. My parents charged extra for men to fuck my asshole. When I hit the age that I could get pregnant, most men came in my ass for fear of knocking me up. A pregnant Lolita hooker is proof of a crime, so most men preferred to cum in my ass, on my face or on my stomach. My tubes were tied after I pushed out my sixth brat. Now when we want younger, we adopt or buy one on the black market. All the years spent as a trailer park whore made me love anal sex. I learned it was something taboo for men and that it was a tighter hole for their cocks. Back when I was a young girl, my holes were about as tight as they could be. Decades of fucking and having several litters of pups means my ass is my only tight hole now.  Men of all ages like a tight hole, so often when I am pimped out, it is for hardcore anal sex. Last night was no different. A bunch of frat boys were having a keg party behind closed doors. No open parties yet on the campuses of California. Not a full frat house. There were like 12 guys hanging around for summer school. They pooled their resources and their daddies’ money and hired a mature whore. I gave them a striptease to warm them up. I let them do body shots off me. And of course, I let them fuck my ass. They bent me over the pool table and took turns on me. I felt like a coed gone wild. I looked like one when it was all over. I was covered in cum. I smelled like beer and slippery nipples. The frat boys were happy. I was happy. My husband was happy because their daddies have money and connections. My ass is a little sore, but I never mind a sore ass because I am an anal cum dumpster. A lot has changed in my life over the years, but I am still an anal whore.

Women Like Hooker Phone Sex Too

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex is not just for men! A sexy mommy like me enjoys a whore occasionally too. I was driving around late last night looking for a young street walker. I have a knack for finding the best talent. I think because I have been a whore all my life, I know what to look for when selecting new whores to join our family of hookers. I found a young teen girl hooking on the corner. She looked desperate for food, money, for life. When the chicks saw me rolling up in a sports car like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, they all vied for my attention. I only had eyes for the young girl. I knew when I picked her up, she would never leave. This girl needed recused. She needed to be part of a group of sexy prostitutes who were well taken care of. I got her story on the way to the house. She has an abusive pimp, so I told her no more. Either she would just never see him again or my rich husband would play let’s make a deal like he did with me several decades ago. I brought her home and cleaned her up. Warm shower, a hot meal, clean clothes before I tested the talent. Rescued girls make the best whores. They are so grateful to be living off the streets that they will do anything to repay you. Plus, if they were already hooking, they will love to hook with a better class of men. After 24 hours of rest and relaxation, Lexie was happy to eat my pussy a few times. My husband was very happy with my selection. He took her for a spin too. She has an instant family. She gets to live in luxury. She gets to keep most of her money. She just won the whore lottery. My husband and I won too because this hot schoolgirl will make us bank.

Hookers for Hire Make You Feel Like a King

hookers for hireI have a family of hookers for hire, myself included. Plenty of guys want to hire a sexy mommy too. We make most of our money off the sweet young things in the house, but a lot of fathers hire me either to make their sons men or to live out their own mom fantasies. Sometimes, I am hired for father and son like last night. I will fuck a father and son for free, so it is a real bonus when I can get paid to do what I love. So many men have mommy fantasies that never got fulfilled. Sadly, not every boy has a trashy milf like me as their mom. My boys know they are lucky. My husband knows I am a rare kind of mother, so he markets me for the mommy experience. My daughters are often hired to for the daddy experience. I was hired by a Hollywood studio executive last night. He wanted me to make his son a man and nurture him the way a mother would. And he wanted the same kind of thing for himself. Men hire me for the mother experience because they never got to fuck their own mothers. And because when a boy loses his virginity, and older woman like mommy can help him be a better lover. Mommy will not shame him for coming too quickly or make fun of his small dick. Mommy knows it is growing still. I enjoyed fucking father and son. Neither had a huge cock and that is likely why daddy wanted a hooker phone sex slut. Pros deliver what a man pays for. Pros do not give a guy small dick humiliation unless that is what he wants. Sure, I prefer big dicks, but a whore takes money every time. Whores like this dirty mommy will always make daddy and son fell like kings.

Small Dicked Men Need a Teen Anal Whore to Feel Like a King

teen anal whoreI have raised each of my daughters to be a teen anal whore. You need to give up the ass to be a good whore. Men pay money for jailbait hookers. And when they pay that kind of money, they want to fuck the ass. Something so alluring about a teen ass. My guess is because not only is it taboo to fuck a young girl’s ass, but it is also her tightest hole. Young girls have tight cunts because they have not had babies yet. Men love a tight hole, especially men with small cocks. Now my husband is not small. He is a P man, but many P men who pay the big bucks to fuck young girls have small cocks. They like young pussy because they think the girls will think their cocks are huge. And when they fuck the girl, she will feel his dick. A man with a four-inch dick falls out of my pussy. He falls out of most women’s pussies. My husband and I have this wealthy client with a 2-inch clit. He has the smallest cock I have ever seen. When we first met him, he wanted to fuck me. I can suck anything up for money, but he just would not fit. He was upset because he had paid for a service. We would have refunded his money because it is just good business. But I suggested my youngest daughter at the time. A P man was born that day. He has been in heaven ever since fucking young girls’ pussies and asses. We managed to make a small-dicked man feel like a King. That is hard to do. My daughters do have to fuck a lot of small dicks, but they have daddy’s dick too. His cock shows them what they should fuck when off the clock. If you have a tiny dick, maybe you need the pussy of young sexy prostitutes too.

My Sloppy Wet Pussy Brings Out All the Teen Whores

sloppy wet pussyMy angels enjoy playing with my sloppy wet pussy. Sometimes, even their friends do too. My husband and I have a way of trying out new talent. We let our youngest boys and girls invite some friends over for a pool party. We make sure I am high and full of cum. At certain ages, boys and girls are subjected to peer pressure. They want to do whatever their popular friends do. I spread my legs poolside and my girls line up to eat mommy’s messy pussy. When their friends see what they were doing, they want in on the fun. Perhaps, they know what we are doing is naughty and just do not care, or maybe they have no clue that what we are doing is taboo. My girls are the most popular girls in their school, so what they do, other girls want to do too. This is how we know what girls we can recruit easily for our home brothel. We always need more young hookers for hire, especially ones that love the to eat cum. They are not often eating cum filled pussies when out with clients, but they are often guzzling cum from cocks. We need young talent that is not frigid or afraid to eat cum. We need girls who take initiative. This has been our recruiting process for years and works like a charm. The first girls to get in line to eat my messy cunt are the first girls we invite to be part of the family whores. We live in a wealthy gated neighborhood. Most of the girls do not want for much, but they rarely have their own money. And all girls want their own money to buy the things their parents will not give them money to buy. This last pool party we recruited a record number of new whores. My daughters have some slutty and greedy friends, thankfully.

Freaky Phone Sex Show

freaky phone sexI am no stranger to freaky phone sex. I like to get wild. I am not your typical mommy. I like to party and when I party my freaky side comes to life. I was doing some primo coke last night a friend brought back from Columbia. It was some of the best coke I have ever had. It made me horny. Hornier than normal. Only a couple of my brats were home, so I made them come in my room and I gave them a show. I started masturbating with household items that were around. First it was a hairbrush. I fucked my cunt and my ass with it, but a hairbrush is not big enough for me. I needed something bigger. I had one son and two daughters watching me. They got into watching their mother be a dirty whore. They even helped by finding me objects to fuck. My daughter got her Barbie doll. I dipped Barbie’s body into Vaseline and shoved her up my ass feet first because this dirty mommy is an anal sex whore. My son went and got his little league bat. Its half the size of a full-sized bat. I put it up inside my cunt first then my ass. My son was jacking his dick as I fucked my holes with his junior bat. My girls were playing with their bald cunts watching me be a druggy whore. I got my aerosol can of hair spray which is really big and fairly thick. I did a line of coke and up my ass it went. My lovies watched in awe as their mother’s asshole swallowed up a can of Big Sexy hairspray. The rest of my family was sorry they missed the show. As long as I have this coke from Columbia, I am sure there will be another impromptu freaky show.

I Love Creampie Phone Sex

creampie phone sexI enjoy creampie phone sex. I have a favorite fantasy. It involves my sons getting mommy’s sloppy seconds. I am always full of cum. I am not happy unless I get fucked. I do everything with cum inside me. I drop my lovies off at school with cum oozing on to my car seat. I go shopping with cum dripping down my legs. I play with the cum in my cunt while on calls too. My fantasy, however, involves a good boy who watches all his school friends fuck his horny mommy and gets her sloppy seconds. My older boys will not eat cum out of my cunt. They think it will make them gay. My youngest son is my little subby slave. He does whatever mommy tells him to do. He will even eat my cum filled cunt when it is full of his brothers’ and daddy’s cum. I think my youngest son is naturally bisexual. He may even grow up to be a sissy boy, a tranny or gay for cock. I love that he will clean me up. And not only will he eat the cum from mommy’s pussy, but he will also snowball it too. Snowball with me and snowball with his sisters too. The girls never balk at eating mommy’s creampies. They think cum is yummy. Of course, daddy and I raised them on cum so they would grow up craving it and swallowing every last drop. I love my older boys. They fuck mommy great. I just wish they were more open minded to cum play like their baby brother and their sisters. Would you be a good clean up boy for mommy? Mommy likes to get fucked and she needs a dependable clean up boy. It does not make you gay to eat mommy’s sloppy wet pussy. It just makes you a good boy.

Teen Sluts Fucking Much Older Men

teen sluts fuckingWatching teen sluts fucking is a hot way to spend a Friday night, especially when they are fucking much older men. All my daughters were whored out last night for one gig. My husband and I went as chaperones since this was a new client. He hired our 5 girls for an orgy of sorts. He was hosting a party for some big clients and he wanted to have some Lolita hookers as entertainment. This was a wild party. The more money someone has, the more perverted they can afford to be. That includes hiring jailbait sluts to service your best clients. My husband and I love our girls. We profit off them daily, but we never want them completely destroyed. I mean how can they make us money if they are ruined? Most clients do not mind us chaperoning. My little hookers for hire were on their best behavior too. They were dressed in sexy lingerie too mature for their bodies with their hair teased out like 80s video vixens. They almost looked like beauty pageant sluts. My girls are not sophisticated enough for the pageant world. But they are perfect for the whore life. They were going around sucking guys off and jacking their cocks. Men would bend them over all throughout the mansion and start fucking their tiny bald holes. There were 5 jailbait sluts entertaining about 50 men. Men decades older than them. My sluts were passed around like candy and filled up with cum. I could see cum leaking out of their used fuck holes and all I could think about was how much I wanted to take them home and eat the cum from their cunts. Daddy just wanted to dump more cum inside their used up holes. We took our little money makers home and rewarded them with ice cream and more fucking for making us bank.

My Boys Gave Me a Sloppy Wet Pussy and Ass

sloppy wet pussyWhen I started my shift today, I had a sloppy wet pussy. That is because I was a dirty mommy whore last night. Usually, my sons are out with friends, girlfriends or clients on a Friday night.  While my husband was tending to our girls who were with a client, my boys were tending to their mommy. I was doing lines of coke off boy dicks and giving each son the best head of his life. No one will suck a boy’s dick better than his mother. No one will eat a woman’s pussy better than her sons either. My handsome boys love quality time with their sexy mommy. The coke I was putting in my nose was going straight to my pussy too. I fuck like a mad woman when I am high. Those boys buried their faces between my legs for hours. They licked my cunt and ass. Only my youngest son lets me play with his asshole. I love it too. While I was tonguing his bunghole, my ass was in the air so my other two boys could fuck me. I am an anal sex whore as well as a dirty mommy, so my ass was up for their boy dicks to plow. Their seed was dripping out my asshole as I slipped a finger in my youngest boy’s asshole. He loves a prostate erection. Do you? My older boys are weirded out about ass play, which is too bad. Anal play does not make a boy gay. It makes him smart because the male G-spot is in the ass. My youngest boy cums more with my finger in his ass than his older brothers cum fucking my ass. I was covered in cum with more running out my asshole too. That is what a cum dumpster mommy loves.

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