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taboo phonesexI love taboo phonesex. I have a confession. I like blood play. Not necessarily slicing and dicing. I am taking period and virgin blood play. My youngest biological daughter just got her first period. In our home that is something to celebrate. We celebrate each first period because that is when a girl becomes fertile. We also celebrate popping cherries because that is when a girl becomes a woman. Since my baby girl is now fertile, we had some fun to celebrate. The entire family ate her young count. Period blood in a young girl is sticky sweet. Like vampire blood if we believed in vampires. I enjoy period phone sex play. We all took turns licking her little fertile pussy. We looked like vampires when we came up for air. Sort of perfect for the approaching Halloween season. We licked her little bald pussy clean. After we shared her period blood like we share cum, each boy in the family fucked her fertile cunt. Daddy fucked her first. He always gets first dibs when it comes to impregnating our little whores. Her brothers went next. She got a lot of cum dumped into her little fertile womb on her special day. She felt like the belle of the ball. She was the belle of the ball. All attention was on her and her bloody pussy. Maybe it sounds gross to you, but period blood is natural. It is the sign that a young girl is ready to be a woman. It means we can charge “Johns” a lot more money for the chance of impregnating a little whore. Unless you want to get to that fertile womb first?

Gangbang Whore Lilibeth

gangbang whoreI enjoy being a gangbang whore, especially if I can do it at home. My oldest son had a party the other night. He invited a bunch of his friends from school over. I was trying to give them their space. No one Wants their mother hovering over them when they have their pals over. I was not like trying to make sure the boys used coasters under their glasses or anything like that. I was just horny and hoping the boys would want to fuck their friend’s hot mommy. I broke out my weed. I shared it with the boys because I wanted it to make them horny. It is my special blend I call pussy weed. A few puffs of pussy weed, and those boys were lined up to fuck this trashy milf. I love multiple cocks in me at once. I love a blow bang and a gang bang. I got both. I crashed my son’s party. I stole his thunder. He did not mind, however, because I made him popular. Some of those boys came to his party just in hopes of fucking his hot mother. With the pussy weed in their blood stream, those high school boys turned into porn stars. They drilled me all night. It was not supposed to be a slumber party, but it turned into one quickly when those boys could not get enough of my fuck holes. What can I say? I cannot expect to be on good behavior with a house full of teen boys.

Hooker Phone Sex

hooker phone sexI am full of hooker phone sex stories. I have been a whore since I was in diapers. Things are a lot different for me now. I am the queen of the castle now. You could say I went from being my parent’s whore to my husband’s whore, but I do not look at it that way at all. I had no choice with my parents. I never saw a dime of my ill-gotten gains either. My husband lets me keep all my whore money. Also, I can decline any client I want. I never had those options as my parent’s whore. I rarely decline gigs because I am a nasty freak. I have a family of sexy prostitutes. My daughters are whores too. They stay busier than I do, but that is because they are jailbait and men pay great money for jailbait whores. Sometimes, like last night, I am hired with my girls. I had so much fun being a whore last night too. The client wanted a family experience. I love it when our clients have themes or role plays they want to act out. For this guy, he wanted to pretend I was his wife and I encouraged him to fuck our baby girls and make them women. He paid a lot extra to cum in us all bare back. Pregnancy is a hazard of the job. Men love the idea of knocking up a mommy and daughter. In this case, he wanted to knock us all up. I am down with that. My husband is trying to breed a few of our girls who can get pregnant to keep the family of whores growing. Our role play daddy may have gotten a jump on that. He dumped loads in all of us. Many loads too and all bare back. I love being a whore. I love sharing the experience with my angels too

Trashy MILF Loves to Wrestle Naked Teens

trashy milfThis trashy milf has a secret from her husband. Since we started living in this incest community called Brookside, new opportunities and experiences have been everywhere for me. My husband was asked about starting an Ultimate Surrender wrestling group in our community. It is a sexual based all girls wrestling league. I have been consumed with naughty thoughts about young teen girls doing whatever it takes to make sexual contact with each other on the mat. My secret is that I have been auditioning girls for the team even though no official tryouts have begun. It is no secret that I love young bald pussy. Oiling young women up naked and groping their tender age bodies is like the ultimate fantasy for me. My husband thinks I am doing something with our whore Melissa since I am her pimp, but I have been wrestling young girls instead. I know I should tell him, but I get to play with Melissa less since our move. She is so busy being a lesbian whore, plus as her pimp I am not supposed to sample the merchandise now. I still have my lesbian urges for young bald pussy. Running unofficial tryouts for my husband’s Ultimate Surrender team is getting me off. I had this sweet young blonde girl pinned to the mat last night with three fingers up her sloppy wet pussy. She was begging me for mercy because I had her squirting all over the mat. Her pussy juice was sweet and sticky like watermelon. I could not get enough of her sweet nectar. I made that girl weak in the legs. While I had her pinned down, I sat on her face and rubbed my cunt all over her. My thighs are strong. As it turns out I really enjoy wrestling women. Now, I just must figure out how to tell my husband I have been scouting out talent for his team behind his back. I know he would want to watch.

Mommy’s Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyI have a sloppy wet pussy. That is an everyday occurrence at my place. Even when I am not out hooking, I am at home getting fucked by horny boys. That means I always have cum in my cunt. I could shower after each home fuck, but where is the fun in that? I want a pussy that is overflowing with cum. That is how I breed little cum sluts. My cum filled holes feed young little sluts. My teen girls are seasoned cum whores already. Our adopted younger ones are still learning how to love cum. We practice daily though because that is how cum whores are made. They need to drink cum out of holes to help acquire a seasoned palate for jizz. We use daddy’s jizz in bottles. We use daddy’s dick and my sons’ cocks too. Drinking cum from cocks is how to make a cum guzzling slut. It worked for me. I was force fed cum from the get-go. I grew up to be a jizz junkie. I am raising my girls the same way.

Last night was a quiet night at home. No one had “dates,” but we made it a family night. Daddy and the boys all fucked me. They filled my pussy and ass up with so much cum it was overflowing from my holes. Guess what? That just meant more jizz to feed the slutkins. I got up on the couch with my ass pushed out for feeding time. I looked like a mama bird feeding her hatchlings. Instead of worms. I fed my girls thick strands of ropey cum. They had their tongues out greedy for some protein. Mommy never lets her hungry birds go without food. I pissed and shit the family cum out of my fuck holes all night. Mommy’s cum filled cunt feeds my army of little sluts. It might even feed you too if you are a creampie guy.

Trashy MILF Lilibeth is Queen of Her Castle

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. I am the queen of my castle. I have a small army of little sex slaves at my disposal too. Anytime I want, I snap my fingers and a little angel is between my legs worshiping my cunt. It is good to be the Queen. I was rented out last night. I did a bachelor party for several hours. I was full of cum. About 25 loads of cum were in my ass and pussy. Honestly, I was wiped out. I was too tired to even take a shower. I love gang bangs, but they can wear me out. I decided to snap my fingers so the girls would come to my aid. Each girl I have under my care is a cum guzzling slut. Daddy and I raised the girls to be jizz junkies. They will drink cum directly from the source or lick it up from mommy’s full fuck holes. They are well-trained, and very obedient. I let them know that mommy had very dirty holes and was too tired to shower. They lined up and took turns licking mommy’s cunt and asshole. They love making mommy feel good. I did not have to lift a finger. They took care of all the cum that was drying on my body too. I watched my angels snowball all that sperm too. That was the hottest. They love cum so much that they suck it out of my fuck holes and savor it in each other’s mouths! Daddy and I raised our girls right.

Taboo Phonesex in Brookside Community

taboo phonesexThere is nothing that I enjoy more than taboo phonesex. My entire life is taboo, and it just keeps getting naughtier. My loving husband brought me home a personal cunt licker from school this week named Clair. I thought she was the surprise he had told me about, but she was just part of his exciting news. He had a meeting with the Principal at Brookside Academy. We love this community because new perks pop up daily. The principal wants my husband to start a girl’s wrestling team at the school. Not just any kind of wrestling either. It is called Ultimate Surrender. The goal is not to pin a girl on the ground but to have sexual contact with the opponent. Girls get points for sexual acts like slipping fingers into bald cunts and grabbing tits. The president of our incestuous community wants us to join the league. My husband will coach, and I will help train girls. I loved the concept. Winners get to fuck the losers with strap-ons and dildos. Kind of makes losing like winning if you ask me. The idea is that after a match the losers line up to get fucked by the winners. An assembly line of girls getting fucked by dildos dripping of young cunt juice. Yes, please. Fathers will be lining up to sign their up daughters for this sport. The younger girls against the older girls almost always insures that the older girls will win. But the younger girls will get their shot eventually too. Girls want to be on the winning team which is the Varsity girls, but I really see no losers in this kind of game. I am sure spectators do not either. It is a hot clever way to have girl-on-girl action. I was getting wet listing to my husband talk about the teen sluts fucking for sport. I will get to teach the girls the art of strap-on play. Maybe our own daughters will join the league too. Things just keep getting better in our kinky Brookside community.

Anal Sex Whore Gang Bang

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. So are my daughters. Men pay more money to go Greek, so I make sure all my whores are anally trained and prepared for anal sex with any client who wants it.  They were all part of an anal gang bang last night. It was going to be hardcore anal too, so I had to prepare them. Things got messy as I had to give them enemas to make sure they were ready for all the cocks they were going to get up their assholes. I have a big walk-in shower in my bedroom so that is where I cleaned my little prostitutes up. They were less enthusiastic about the enemas than they were about the hardcore anal sex. They love a good ass pounding, even the youngest girls. They just do not enjoy bathroom games, especially scat play. I told them that whores cannot pick and chose what they want because it is all about the money and guys pay whores to do the naughty things wives will not do like scat play and anal sex. I promised them this was just an anal gang bang. Men who are married and do not want to use condoms, but also do not want to knock up a jailbait whore. An anal gangbang is the solution to that. I took them to the party. I collected the money, then sat back and watched the show. I knew my girls would appreciate the enemas later. They each got their butt holes pounded. One big daddy dick after another went into their puckered pink rosebuds. I was masturbating watching my daughters’ jailbait assholes get sodomized by big cocks. My whores took a lot of cock and cum up their assholes last night. Each girl acted like the well-trained anal gangbang whore she is. We made bank from one little anal orgy. Ass sex pays.

My Daughters are Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesI have a family of sexy prostitutes. It is official now. Thanks to my wonderful husband, we are all moved into the Brookline community. We have not been here long, but my daughter Melissa has already had her first gang bang at the Pink Pussy strip club. Everyone in the community is talking about my Sweet Melissa, the lesbian whore. My husband and I thought it would be good press to show off our little cunt to the new community while everyone was talking about her. He gang bang introduction went viral and was streamed by everyone in the community much to Melissa’s dismay. She is an obstinate one. While my husband had to go to the school to talk about our girls, I decided to parade Melissa around town like the piece of meat she is. I took her to the local stores. I needed to buy her whore clothes. We want her in a shirt that says on the front “I’m a Lesbo Whore for Rent.” And on the bank, “Ask Me About My Rates.” With a choker necklace that says, “Jailbait.”  Melissa does not like attention. She was upset that her gang bang at the Pink Pussy was streamed and seen by so many. We encountered some fans at the grocery store. I will never miss a chance to pimp out my sweet whore. I let her fans take her into the store and molest her in the produce aisle. She was not happy, but she rarely is happy. The women started molesting her with fingers and produce. She got fucked with a big fat zucchini. I collected some money and people could pay to watch and the women could pay to molest my little whore. Melissa acted like she hated the attention, but she was cumming hard as those women molested her in the local produce section. I got praised for being such a good pimp. Melissa got praised for being such a good whore. I am really going to love living in this open community with my gangbang whore baby girl.

Dirty Phone Sex at Brookline Community

dirty phone sexMy husband knows what a dirty phone sex slut I am. That is why he moved me and our daughters to Brookline. We have not been here long, but we are loving being in an incest community that supports young girls being whores. Our daughter Melissa and our twin girls Kristy and Brandy are not as happy at Brookline as daddy and I are. The first line of business as new residents of our new community was to get the girls photo IDs. They are nude pictures and are required for being sex workers in our new community. I even got a pimp license, so I can manage Melissa, my little lesbian whore. Melissa is our obstinate daughter. She is the oldest of the girls and a little head strong. Daddy and I thought she would like it better if she were a lesbian street walker. Women want young female sexy prostitutes too. Day one, and Melissa was off with a bang. I took her around town to show off the new young hot piece of ass in town. We started at the strip club. My wonderful husband loves the idea of her being on public display. In a way, I have been preparing my Sweet Melissa for this very occasion. I was sneaking into her bedroom every night for years and fucking her with all sorts of sex toys. She never gave me much of a fight, but when daddy and I told her there would be all sorts of women fucking her and maybe even some men watching, she put up a fight. She did not want to be recorded or watched, but that is free advertising for a Lolita lesbian whore.

I tossed my girls to the hungry wolves like a piece of meat, and they devoured her in the strip club. My sweet daughter was the main attraction. Of course, I streamed it live. I enjoyed collecting the money and letting the women do what they wanted with her. She was not exactly consenting, but I am her mother and her pimp. I gave the consent to fuck her holes raw. These women went to town on her bald pussy and tight puckered asshole too. I was giving the women a cheap rate to fuck my sweet cunt licker too. I wanted them to try her out, see how much they liked her. Word of mouth is great for business in an incest community like Brookline. There were like 30 some women gathered to fuck my daughter and many more gathered just to watch. Of course, her sweet little tender age holes got quite the workout. After her big debut in the community, I informed her she has a daily quota to make before she can come home and sleep in her bed. Reluctantly, she has agreed to be one of the hookers for hire in Brookline. Daddy and I are going to enjoy having her sweet holes used and I am certain the women of Brookline are going to love having Melissa around.

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