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Druggy Phone Sex Keeps Me Up All Night

Druggy phone sexYour cock gets so hard with druggy phone sex, and anyone who knows my slutty ways, knows my weakness is a hard cockYou take the straw from my hand and snort the next line as instructed. Immediately I see your pants looking a bit fuller as you do so with each line snorted, our inhibitions are lowered. Clothes start flying off. Or rather, we rip them off, quite literally, our passion taking over. Nothing else matters but getting between each others legs.

We become like animals, our primal instincts completely take over after we put that straw up our nose. We can’t keep our hands off each other. Your hand staying right on my cunt, inserting finger after finger into me. You whisper in my ear “I want to get my fist in there.!” As you keep adding finger after finger until I’m a sloppy wet mess dripping all over your hand.

Oh, the tingly feeling my clit feels from you cupping and playing with my little slutty spots. I feverishly thrust towards you as you fuck me with your big manly hands. I thrust my pussy into your hand giving you the signal, I want to get fucked and I want it now.  We will be up all night, snorting fucking, laughing, talking, and fucking again. And nothing is better than staying up all night with a good fuck around,

“Let’s do another line and then I’m pounding that pussy!” And of course, being the druggy phone sex whore I am, I respond “give it to me baby!”  I love being your little Cum dumpster after doing our thing.  Give it to me babym give it to me good,

Happy “Hot Stripper Sex” Halloween

We sure had some fun back in the day with all that Hot stripper sex. –Hot stripper sexHalloween brings back so many evil phone sex memories and I love it when we relive them through our calls. Ghosts, skeletons, and dead bodies aren’t just stuff you get at the hobby lobby to decorate and impress your neighbors. They are part of some of the hottest phone sex fantasies you can have.

When my older cousins took me to the nearby graveyard growing up, you could see the orange lights in the distance from the decorated houses. The air was chilled and spooky. I was so trusting and innocent. Until that night that is.  When they started digging, I just looked the other way. I didn’t want to be a snitch. But when you got to the body, I knew it was getting far too real.  I couldn’t turn back now.

They told me to undress. So I did. Each time I took something off one of my cousins took it and threw it in a nearby fire. As they pulled the body out, I was completely shocked. They continued digging into the body of a young woman and as they pulled it out, it was decomposing in parts but parts were very real. They made me take a knife and cut parts of the body for souvenirs. They photographed my naked body with the buried body they uncovered. They made me pose as if I was humping the dead woman and forced my hand up her dead cunt.

It was so wrong but looking back, it also turned me on like crazy. I love visiting graveyards now and would love to visit one this Halloween with you!

Stripper Sex Stories From Sexy Prostitutes Leave You Drained

stripper sex storiesStripper sex stories from my days taking it all off and turning tricks in my small deep south town are some of the hottest.  There was nothing like having your clients all in one place. The drugs we would get were fire and I was up there dancing my ass off.  High as a kite I would go around leaning over on the gentleman that came in.  The trick is to make sure you find a way to grope that cock early. Sometimes it just happens to be that my ass would pounce on that cock and grind, total accident.

My face may fall into their laps and nibble through their pants until I felt it get hard. There was a no touching rule that I completely ignored. I needed those cocks hard to get the good money. I had regulars that would pay me extra to go back to the private area even with wives sitting in the main floor.  They would stick their hard cock up my pussy as I was giving them a lap dance.  We had a small window into the main stage and it was every night I would meet eyes ith a wife as her husband thrust his cock deep inside me.  I remember peaking out the curtain of one of the doors talking to a wife while her husband hid behind me. Well to be fair, he was behind me because he was fucking me in the ass at the time.  Nothing like getting a load shot up your ass while smiling at his insuspecting wife saying he went to the bathroom.

We made bank opening our holes up at the strip club.  The owner loved pimping me out. He set up my dates after work.  Sometimes showing up at shady motels at 5am after a full nights work.  Waiting for me is a train of black men jacking off.  Realizing my fellow sexy prostitutes purchased from the club bailed on me. So I would take all the black dick myself. Challenge accepted, give me those big black cocks fellas@

White Trash Phone Sex With a Southern Belle

Maybe it’s the southern accent, maybe it’s the trailer park I grew up in but I seem to be real good at the white trash phone sex.  White trash isn’t such a bad thing, it just means you let your pussy be open to whatever wants to dump stuff in there at any given time.  This according to my aunt Ellen Sue, who wrote the book on white trash according to mama. I never read the book but I sure do like things going in my cunt.  Especially when it was the cocks in that trailer park. I had just about every one. Me and my friend Jamie Grace had a competition one summer to see if we could get every cock in that trailer park on all of our holes between us.

We had the best time finding new ways to get cocks in our mouth, our asses and our cunts. It started out as a competition but ended up with not just a bunch of horny teen sluts fucking the entire park, but some good business ideas came from it too. We made bank off those cocks that summer. Our trailer park was hopping with dicks lined up to blow their loads in two horny young sluts mouths and other slut holes.  I would go to the grocery store during that time and drip out with cum all the time.  Looked like I pissed my pants but if they only knew, it was likely their husbands cum from earlier that day cuming out of me.  Sorry babe, he needed a relief.white trash phone sex

Falling in Love With Hooker Phone Sex

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex led me to falling in love, so sweet right?  When I was working at the dive bar in town, I would often turn tricks to make some extra cash.  Nothing wrong with it, money is money, right?  It was a busisness to me, open the pussy for banging business, close it and go home.  I really treated it like such, no emotion, just a means to an end.  Cum dumpster? Sure? Girlfriend material, no thank you.

Well I didn’t expect Mr. Wonderful to show up one day and fall in love with my ass. Maybe he just liked cuming in my ass. He was married to the girl from our small town that was prom queen. Had a wonderful family yet wanted my cunt, like he was addicted bad.  He won me over though.  I liked this side of the hot dad who wanted to be naughty with your girl here.  His wife wasn’t putting out and we were both addicts of the penetration if you catch my drift.  I quikly became addicted to his cock.  He loved watching me turn tricks from a distance just to come to him when I was done and he could stick his cock up in and feel their cum drip down his dick.  That made him so much more attractive.

He would sneak out from bed with his wife and come to the side of the house just to stick his cock deep down my pussy.  I’m talking I even followed them on their camping trip sleeping in a nearby tent with a friend and he came to my tent and fucked both of us for hours. On the way home, I snuck in the mens bathroom for him to blow his load in my mouth, his family waiting in their van.  I hated to be the other woman but loved being his dirty little secret and boy were him and I some dirty sexy fools!

Bbc Sex Stories With Bobbie

bbc sex stories

BBC sex stories interest some of you and I happen to have some good ones. A more recent one was when I was taken on a first date to an adult theater. I had been to a few but always just observed but my date insisted I go into the flory hole room. He said I’d be very popular in there. There was a toilet and a bunch of holes. In those holes cocks started popping out, one by one. I wasn’t sure where my date wanted me to go with this but he gave me the nod and I just started grabbing them and thrusting them down my throat one by one. I would tease them by feeling the throb and then move to the next one. I felt like I was in a game of whack a dick with my mouth being the whack. I eventually got tired and stayed put to one cock at a time.

My date spent the entire time hacking off his white cock screaming to “make those black cocks cum baby” and was my biggest black cock sucking cheerleader. Apparently it’s his thing to watch huge black cocks sucked off and cum squirting all over the bitches he fucks with.  First of many nights like this with him. He watched me get fucked way more than him and I actually did, but he loved every fucking second and my whore ass did too!

Crack Whore Anal Bobbie Busy Bumpin

crack whore analLots of talk in the streets about the crack whore anal girls these days.  In context that you have some that will ask their guys to stick some dope or crack up your ass and hey, why not.  Or maybe it’s referring to those of us that do a bunch of the white monster before we fuck.  I mean, if you are down you are down.  If you aren’t, you may not be able to hang with these whores.

When it comes to money, I do what I gotta do. Any sometimes with a few more bumps and grinds if you know what I mean, money i easier to make.  I can do a few bumps and it’s easy to open that ass the rest of the night to whomever wants it.  I’m not so tense so sticking a big fat cock up my tight asshole aint’ no thing.

I’ll be a crackwhore anal whore any day. Way better than being a plain old anal whore without the crack.  Nothing is whack when it comes to what goes in my back.  That shit is tight as hell boys!  I don’t want to cut your dicks off trying to get in. So bring me some party favors and you are almost given a guaranteed ticket to the back stage.  Line that shit up, one on each cheek and join me in the party. You line some up on that big cock of yours and I’ll party like a rockstar and rock your world all night long baby.

That’s just how I roll.  In my holes and out of control!  Call me and let’s party together baby! I need a sugar daddy to give me some powdered sugar and I’ll provide the blender to pour your juice into.  Yum yum

BBC Phone Sex Say Yes Please

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is what is up! I can’t tell you how much I love that big black juicy cock.  I lick my lips as I write this imagining the last black juicy cock I had.  In fact, I try to seek out multiple black cock a week. Once you go black,  you will always try to go back.  They sure love that white pussy too.  The darker the chocolate, the whiter they seem to go. I am as white as you can get.  White trash trailer whores like me love that black cock.  Especially love it entering our mouths, choking on that dick, watching the black XXL hot dog go into the white buns.

No offense to white guys because I definitely love some white cock as well.  They seem to prefer to watch me get fucked by the black cock than they care to partipate with me.  I’m not against a little cuckolding so if need be and they get intimidated by the big dark beasts, we let the little princess white boys watch their girl Bobbie get pounded.

What other world can you have a guy paying you for sex, that you don’t actually have to fuck him because his fantasy is to watch a bbc fuck your white pussy until you are raw from being fucked for so long and for so hard.  They love that shit.  I watch their cocks get damn hard and you know what gets them every time? The minute that cock comes out, if they are soft, they are instantly hard seeing htat black python.  Then, if they need an extra boost, seeing that pythong slither it’s way into the unknown in between my vagina walls, oh those white boys pre-cum then joins the party.  More on this another time…. my black juicy date is here and I haven’t eaten dick yet tonight.

Druggy Porn Helping Pay The Bills

druggy pornSome people judge me for the amount of druggy porn I’ve done, but hey, I like that white bitch and it helps pay the bills.  I love when we can do some lines and fuck on the phone all fucking night.  My dirty callers make my pussy throb every fucking night.  Just like when I’m riding a big fat black dick after getting that bitch up my nose, my pussy gets just as wet when I hear my guy stroking that big fat dick on the other line.  Talking that shit to me telling me what a nasty dirty whore I am.

I like thinking of the nastiest shit possible and shooting the shit back and forth, all fucking night.  The guys that can go long and hard, they are my people. I know what’s up! I’m a party girl through and through.  I know a good time and it usually involves my mouth choking down some big dick until I gag and sometimes even puke.  Depends how hard you shove that cock down my nasty little throat. I can’t guarantee the last guys cum won’t get on your dick but most guys know how hot that really is.

Then we rotate the rest of the night, whether it’s a porn I’m making, a call I’m taking, or a guy I met at the gas station that looked like a good fuck. They all go from pussy to ass to mouth all fucking night. Doing lines off my tits, ass and pussy lips in between putting their rock hard cock in my holes.  I’m headed off to do a hardcore orgy porn now but catch me on all week and let’s get dirty boys. Well, actually, I stay dirty, let me get you to my level of nasty and bad.

My name is Bobbie and I am your bad girl boys.

Druggy Phone Sex Goes On For Hours

druggy phone sexDruggy phone sex, my favorite. Let’s snort some lines and get down to business, what do you say?  I have a few callers who we line them up and we go at it for hours and hours.  We get so down and dirty, it’s just like they are here with me.  They snort lines off my pussy lips just like my regulars do back in my hometown.  We get the place a euphoria where anything goes as we make sure our minds are as altered as possible.

No judgment zone over here because my callers and I both know how much better sex is the higher we are. That goes for phone sex as well.  Get me high and you will get me to do anything crazy with my slut holes