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Phones Sex Sluts

Phone Sex Sluts Bobbie

My fuckholes are here for your cocks pulsing pleasures, tell me how you want me and who you want stuffed inside me. I’m the dirtiest fucking whore you’ll find, I’m sure there isn’t a cock on someone I haven’t fucked already. Shit have your son come over, I already had him stuff my ass with half the bar for a clean fix ahahah. Hmmm maybe even your dad? I think I gagged on his and grandpa’s dick earlier to get my bills paid. They like stuffing a cunt like mine after cum has filled it multiple times- they say they loved watching it ooze out while they pounded me.  Tugging my hair making me gag on their old friends balls and I loved every minute of it. Being treated like a nasty trash whore is what my daddy trained me to be. So when you call me you can expect me to fuck anyone, anything for however long you please babe.

Hookers For Hire

Hooker Phone Sex Bobbie

I saw the same sexy bitches walking the corner of Bourbon Street strutting those 6 inch red heels ready for the next cock that drives by and decided to join them. I love the mystery of not knowing who’s going to pull up to fuck and deceit their wives. I really couldn’t give a fuck either- their money is good and their cock is better. I always crave a juicy thick cock but even the small ones need a good suckle. Most men just want me to ride their cocks, but this one- he preferred I fuck his ass harder than his mistress ever could. I guess you could say I was his new whore, but baby if you saw the way his ass gapped for me you’d wish it was yours too! He took my cock so deep while my girls stuck one down his throat. Fuck was his dick rock solid and ready to fuck, so I flipped him over and gave him one hell of a ride. See a slut like me will do whatever it takes to get my next fix, whether is means I get a good fuck or get my bills paid. All I care about in the end is getting that cum shot out as hot as I can babe.

High enough to Fuck

Anal Sex Whore Bobbie

                I love making you my filthy whore, you always get me fucked up this time I figured we can both get a fix of the devils juice and maybe some coke while we share this cock. I know you love watching me get stuffed so go ahead and take another line while my pussy gets licked babe. I want to watch you get fucked up while I get fucked. Pour a shot down my throat and smack my ass while he rides me really fucking hard. I deserve this huge dick, and you need to suck his fucking balls because he’s getting deep in you next! I’ll get down on my knees and we can do another line off his cock before we both lick it from the shaft up. I’ll let you suck the tip since your suck a cock whore you can’t help but crave it. I know you like fucking she males just as much as you do the men I always have over. I never get one in the same because you doesn’t love a new position to get fucked in while being fucked up ahahah. I never care to remember their names just their ball size. I’ll let him go balls deep because I want your cock deep inside my ass too. I need you both to stretch me the fuck out so I have somewhere to stuff my next bag after you suck and lick the cum out then spit it into my mouth and roll your tongue over mine you nasty bitch.

Nasty Anal Sex Whore

Anal sex whore BobbieWe got so fucked up I almost didn’t realize how much shit you both fucked out of me, spreading all over my tits and navel, fuck I just need you in deeper. He holds my arms up as you pin my legs down getting deeper with each thrust until your ball fit inside me as your cock throbs. I see that look in your eyes as you spit in my face and he shoves his balls into my mouth rolling his cock down my face, throbbing it back up just to stuff my throat. Fucking made me your cum dumpster in a matter of moments and I fucking want more. I want my holes stretch out by every cock you know, shit on my chest after you cum in my pussy and really claim me as your dirty cum whore. I was made to be a filthy bitch and I crave to be fucked like one every day babe! Piss in my mouth so I can enjoy that warm salty golden shower as I ride his fucking cock until we both cum again.

Drinks, Drugs and Fucks

Druggy Phone Sex BobbieWatching you down another shot as I snort off your cock got me ready for another quick fuck. Feeling my eyes roll back and my throat get numb, skin begins to tingle as my pussy and clit quiver. Licking your hard rod from your balls all the way to the tip then back down. Making sure I got all the powder off your cock before I suck those juice balls. Mmm I know my friend will be looking for me soon and she’s going to bring the devils juice so we can get even nastier. Have you lift my legs over your hips pull me in as you eat my cunt deeper making me cum and piss into your fucking mouth. Flip my body and slap it down as you take that juicy, hot wet cock and shove it into my tight asshole. Spreading my cheeks far apart pulling the shit out onto your cock then ramming it back in as she enters the room. Fuck get her on her knees to eat my shit off that cock while I eat her fucking ass. She deserves a good fuck since the whore got out fix ready while we got started. This bitch deserves to cum and shit all over your chest before I can be done with you.

Fuck A Filthy Whore With A Few

No Taboo Phone Sex Bobbie

I bet you didn’t expect your best friend to agree to fuck a new bitch in the backroom of the bar did you? Then again you’re both so fuckin wasted while your wives are blowing up your phones your stuffing me ahahah. I just took a shot of the devils juice so you know I am way too fucked up to care about anyone other than this fade and cum session I’m receiving. For as many cocks as I have had some of you really give big cock the win. Wives neglecting you so bad that you are willing to fuck me with the best of their friends- anywhere, as long as they get their fix. No worries- this is just a hot, sloppy meaningless fuck- But God almighty knows the more coke and drinks the fucking better the orgasm. I’ll stuff three cocks in my pussy down two through my throat and another two in my ass if it means I can go home with a new bag of candy and squirt all I’ve been holding in this week. Daddy made me to be a filthy fucking whore- and I will never stop.

Dirty Pussy

Dirty Phone sex Bobbie

                You were pissing into my mouth as I woke up swallowing all its warmth. Fuck I wasn’t expecting this- your friends stroking their cocks over my body as I propped myself up on your wood floor. They picked me up from both sides and laid me down onto your futon as you bent over with your asshole in front of my face. I stuck my tongue out ready to eat you as this shoved me head between your juicy cheeks. I ate your ass as mine got stuffed with Steve’s big cock pounding my fresh morning shit out of me with each thrust. Fuck this morning is not what I thought it would be having another long hard dick stuff itself in my pussy as I began sucking your balls. You flipped around the gag me with your fat cock. I could barely breathe I fucking loved how you all took advantage of my naked body on your floor. Fucking me as you please-treating me like the filthy cum guzzling slut I am. I still can’t recall how I got here, but I swear I’d do it again!

Fuck This Snowbunny Ass

Cum dumpster Bobbie

Your Big black cock is all I have been craving-I can’t sleep unless you fuck me! I have had so many cocks through the day but none makes me cum like you. The way you smack your cock across my face-roll and stuff it into my mouth-treating me like the fucking whore I am I fucking love it! All these other men are afraid to break me while you toss, stuff and fuck me as you please. Calling me your dirty fucking whore- wishing I could fuck you and your brother again. Both of your cocks stretch and tear me so far I just want you to keep pounding me until I can hardly moan out to you anymore. Than just shove both your cocks down my throat to shut me up! Grab and pull my hair back if you don’t like how I do it than fuck my face like the filthy cum whore that I am. Smother your balls over my face so I can suck them for you and shower me in your sticky hot loads of cum so I can lick and swallow it because I am your cum guzzling slut!

Dirty Phone sex

Dirty Phone sex Bobbie

Now daddy taught me to take a lot of dick-but tonight my cunt was throbbing!! I had at least twelve cocks working me like the cum dumpster I am. I didn’t expect them to be ready to fill me each time one came. I had a cock in each hang, one down my throat – two in my ass and two in my cunt while the others would stroke each other and wait. Its nights like these I miss that I need to have dirty phone sex while I stuff myself with all my dildos. I fuck them until I shit and I keep fucking them until I cum all over them. I need you to tell me what to do- how hard, how fast, how deep, and I need you to tell me what you’re doing with your cock so I can feel it because I am that sensitive. I was made to be your whore-daddy made that clear. I’ll take some blow with you and even drink or smoke too- but babe I need to make sure we both cum so give me the filthiest, kinkiest desires you have.

Fuck Me With His Cum Inside

Cum Dumpster Bobbie

                You sat and watched him fill me up, each slow stroke to the hard pounds of his cock. He slipped out multiple times but I was eager to shove him back him and hold him down until he came as deep as he could. Fuck I can’t get enough of your hungry eyes after his nut filled my pussy- you were so eager to dive inside me. You love that I am a cum dumpster, feeling all those different men’s hot sticky seeds dripping out of me. Your aggressive arms spreading and pinning down my legs as you slurp that cum out of me and spit it all over my boobs. You nasty fuck making my pussy throb even more, rubbing my clit making me cum and push you out while you thrust yourself back in. I need you to fill me too suga, don’t stop pounding me until I pass out and my pussy is drowning from your cum.