Big dick sucker- Bobbie

Big dick suckerI’m such a Big dick sucker, but I don’t just suck, I come at his cock with a ravenous hunger that tingles on the surface of my skin and flows through my whole body from my thighs to my great big tits. I bob my face deep down so that he prods my cheeks far back and my tongue can swish him from side to side. I’m not about to let him go, not now that I have a taste of him and my needs are flaring into focus. I’m a dirty whore who knows exactly what she needs and if I let a man run the moment I have him in my grasp I’ll never get even a little satisfaction. I drink of him, working him like he deserves to be worked, or at least I need him to deserve it so I can justify putting my all into his big dirty thick cock without having to explain to myself why there’s not someone behind me reaming my big tight ass with their rigid iron like the Anal cum dumpster I am. My eyes rolled back on first seeing it and my toes tingled, and now I’m drinking him up and fucking him with my face. I’m absolutely a dirty cum slut ready for his huge dick and potent loads. I’m experienced enough I can tell exactly how much he needs me, I can feel his intoxicating waves of potent lust, and they do wonders to my slutty cumwhore body. His desire and my needs force me to drip between my legs and moan throatily, and my fingers find their place where they belong deep in my needy cunt because I simply can’t handle it anymore without any relief. I’m too hot, too worked up, I’m a Creampie slut and I need his dick in my raw pussy now!


    • Gabriel on May 4, 2022 at 9:43 am
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    You look just right with those cocks in your face.

    • Sam on May 4, 2022 at 3:24 pm
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    cock hungry for my cum

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