Crack n’ Cum Buckets

I just came to the party for the drinks, wait no the drugs ahh fuck don’t forget the cum. I got gangbanged so hard, I can’t keep my words straight now ahahaha! I don’t need any pointless conversations or your fake friends. I need dicks, all shapes and sizes; I’m a sexy slut, what more did you expect?  If I see a bulge in your pants, expect in in my mouth, pussy or my ass before you can realize what’s going on. The backlight makes it hard not to notice all the cumstains on my dress. You seem too drunk to drive home-let me give you a ride on that juicy meat stick sir. Here, snort some coke, I’ll make you fall in love while your nameless face fades into the music for me tonight. We all came for the drugs, but I always come for the fucks. Now there goes your girl on the phone talking to the plug. Meanwhile I thank your friends for holding up my legs up on each of their shoulders-filling both my holes with thick hot cream throughout the night. Don’t be shy I’ll take the new kids on the block too, Maybe they can learn how a true whore guzzles cum down her throat.


    • Cord on May 11, 2022 at 10:51 am
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    Seems like you got your brains fucked out in that gangbang, honey.

    • Owen on May 11, 2022 at 6:18 pm
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    Druggy cum whore.. mmm I like that

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