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Leaking like an Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster

Leaking cum from the latest higher up like an anal cum dumpster, I couldn’t help but look down at my pretty blue dress and groan. Cum is easy to wash out, blood, not so much. It took me a minute to remember how I’d even gotten it dirty, but it came back with a flash once I really focused. He’d been unhappy with my request, my whole agenda for coming here, and he’d decided that if my master at the time was going to send second rate white help, he’d wreck it and turn it red. He’d hit me, not even just once, several times. Made me black out a little – hence the memory issue – and probably cracked my skull. While he was at it, he’d grabbed my hair hard, pulled it while he forced kiss after kiss out of his creampie slut. I was here to do just that so I didn’t understand why he was being so brutal. This was completely compliant, I was complacent and willing and even begging for it, so it didn’t make a lot of sense. At the time I didn’t know some men just want to hurt you for the fun of it. Some men get off, on watching you groan in pain, hearing you scream, enjoying your cracks and crinkles. I absolutely wasn’t ready for when that dick of his slipped right into my cunt and started wrecking house like he’d already done the front lawn and the exterior paint. I had tears running down my face, make-up staining anything he slammed me against. Now the slamming was happening very frequently because his balls were slapping my ass too! “Guaaah!” I heard him groan one last time as he got faster, and I knew what was cumming. Him, he was cumming, filling my depths with creamy relief after a hot summer’s scorching drag across the sand. Next he’d be after my ass, and I was ready, but also a scared little cum dumpster.

I Was a Pretty Big Dick Sucker

Big dick suckerI was a pretty big dick sucker, I knew that much. Dressed in a brilliant blue dress, my white princess status was gathering me quite the following and that meant gifts from all around. Life wasn’t actually bad back then, it was just difficult. I’d needed to learn, adapt, learn the right drugs, who to get them from, who not to get them from, and who wanted something in return for their benevolence. There’s this value in America, this idea that benevolence, good deeds, are done for the sake of them. Where I spent most of my good years that wasn’t how that worked. Joy and good grace came from sucking dicks and splitting my pussy open with a thick mast that was only a few seconds from unloading deep. Tonight his blonde fucking desieres were no different. I needed to convince a higher up to work with my current master by using my body. A gift and a show of good will, that’s what my body was, and somehow that made me feel like I had a sense of purpose. My cunt was soaked, my tits lacked a bra and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d worn panties so my pussy juices were leaking down my legs joyfully. I didn’t mind that he saw it, that he took me in within seconds of my arrival. I grabbed my dress and span around slowly, giving him a great view of my ass and body, a gift doesn’t do well if she doesn’t know how to present. The dress was pretty, I liked it, but I knew it’d be covered in cum very quickly. He was well known for liking his fucks to still be wearing clothes, it made him feel like it was a passionate fuck, a ravage. He felt better if you were crying, if your pussying was leaking cum into your favorite outfit, and your hair was pulled just enough to draw a little blood. I was ready for brutal blonde phone sex.

I’m A Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutThe life of a cum guzzling slut is not really a difficult one. I spend my days searching for cock, though most of the time they come to me. That’s the great part about working the street corner, is I never really have to worry about where my next hot fuck is coming from. Nasty client cock means hot meals, and fresh Blunts, and lines of party dust. Just the very thought of that makes my delicious cunt drip. Some people look down on me because I’m a proper prostitute, a hooker for hire, a woman of the night, though I prefer to just call myself a happy whore. I love this lifestyle, and no one can change my mind about it honestly. I get to keep my pockets lines, I get to stay high, and my pussy stays full of the most delicious cum on the planet. Is there really anything else that I need to be asking for? You’re real cute. How’s about you swing by after I get off, and I suck the living life out of your cock? Don’t even worry about it, this one’s on the house. You just look like you taste absolutely fucking delicious. Is it true? Do you taste like liquid gold? Either way I’m going to find out, because I intend to get a hot load of you somewhere in or on my body.

Anal cum dumpster slut!

anal cum dumpsterAnal cum dumpster slut! You anal cum dump slut! That’s what he kept telling me as he repeatedly rammed my tight perky ass hole. It hurt at first but as I loosened up it got better. 9 inches of thick juicy cock filling my insides. Ever since then I’ve loved taking cock in my ass. It’s even better when I have two cocks to play with. One in my pussy and one in my ass. Each dick makes the other hole tighter. And every time I let both fill me up with cum. I am a anal cum dump slut after all. I love my cream pies. My entire purpose in life is getting my ass pumped full of cum. Getting used and abused by all cocks big and small. But the bigs ones are my favorite. Getting stretched open and gaped is orgasmic.  Have you ever made a girl cum from fucking her ass?

Orgy Phone Sex is my addiction

orgy phone sex

Orgy phone sex became my addiction after my first orgy. It was me and my usual group of friends hanging out and having beers at my place. Me, my best friend Abby and four of our guy friends Marco, John, Otis, and Nathan. After a few drinking games for some reason Abby, who was drunk as hell sprawled our on my couch with her tit almost popping out of her low cut shirt, thought got the brilliant idea to play spin the bottle.
I was thinking aren’t we too old for that? We are all college students. But she insisted, complete with adorable whines and multiple utterances of “pretty please” so we all caved and sat on the floor in a circle.
It started out innocently enough for Abby’s first turn she kissed John. I think she cheated because she’s wanted him for a while. During my turn I got Otis. I’d never kissed a black guy before and his juicy lips felt like heaven, I’d hoped I’d land on him again soon. Next Nathan took his turn and things got even steamier. He grabbed the whipped cream off my kitchen counter and sprayed it on my neck to suck it off.
Abby laughed and said “Well, if we are going to change the rules then I can do this.” The grabbed the bottle and turned it towards me. Then crawled over to me straddling my torso and kissed me passionately with her perfect pillowy lips. Before I knew it her hands were under my bra squeezing and caressing my nipples and my body was tingling. I felt two hands on my respective breasts and two more reaching under my blue jean skirt to remove my panties. I looked down to see John had started to finger me. It was so wet you could hear the squishing noises as he glided in and out of me. Otis sat on the couch and watched for a moment before pulling out his bulbous black dick and jerking it. Abby got off of me and crawled over to him to slide his throbbing member down her throat. Nathan took her place on top of me by dipping his cock into my gaping mouth as I moaned with pleasure from the fingering and when I was dripping wet I felt the head of his member working it’s way inside me.
I took all four of their cocks in my mouth and pussy that night. And that’s how I had my first orgy.

Drunk trailer trash slut stumbles naked into your bed

trailer trash whoreDrunk trailer trash slut here, wanting to come see you again. We met last Saturday morning. But, I don’t think you could really call that a meeting. The first thing I said to you was “Why the f*ck are you in my apartment?” Which was a very funny thing to say seeing as how I’d been the the the one drunk and slutty enough to stumble into your unlocked apartment the night before and pass out naked onto your bed.

I was still hungover when I walked into your living room in nothing but a bed sheet yelling at you in your own home. You were a perfect gentleman. You’d slept on the couch the whole night and that’s where I’d found you that morning sitting there with throbbing morning wood. You could see my hard pink nipples through the sheer thin bed sheet.

You laughed at me. I’m not shocked you found it amusing. In hindsight I do too, and it didn’t take long for me to realize my mistake. I ran out embarrassed as hell and am still remorseful.

I touched myself last night thinking about you and your bulbous mushroom tip on that couch. I’d like to return your sheets! And maybe see it again?

Druggy Porn Whore

druggy pornIt’s no secret that I’m a druggy porn whore, I’ve built a whole career out of it, so when a man contacted me offering a shitload of crack if I would do some filthy shit on camera I was not at all surprised. I didn’t even care what he wanted me to do, y’all know me, you know that anything goes as long as I’m high as fuck. I showed up at the address he gave me and honestly, I was surprised by how swanky it was, I was expecting to go to some crack house and this was a 5 star hotel. The guy they wanted me to fuck was sexy too, I was afraid I was in the  wrong place but the guys gave me a huge baggie filled with those little white rocks I love so much and all those worries went away. I got busy smoking and the sexy guy got naked and without saying a word he just walked over to me and starting pissing in my hair. I didn’t care tho cus I was high as fuck, I even opened my mouth and swallowed some piss down. Boy did he love that! His dick got rock hard and he shoved me down and fucked the shit out of me! It was a fun night, a little messy but who cares? Not me, that’s for sure!

Pissing Sex Queen

pissing sexI am a pissing sex queen. Guys love to watch me pee. They pay money to piss on me and for me to piss on them. I was down at the truck stop over the weekend hooking for rent money. A cute blonde girl like me earns good money quickly. This one dude didn’t want to fuck me. He paid me $200 to watch me pee and to piss on him. Easy money. We went into the dirty bathroom outside the gas station. I stripped naked and hovered over the toilet pissing. He started masturbating watching my golden stream come out of my piss hole. When I was done, I started to grab some toilet paper, but he begged to lick me clean. No way I was getting down on that bathroom floor. It looked like the gross bathroom in the first Saw movie! He laid down on the dank floor and I squatted over his face. He licked my pissy pussy clean. He even tongued my asshole too. I wondered if he was a dirty shit eater too. He begged me for golden showers sex. I pissed in his mouth and all over his face and chest. His cock was rock hard. Not very big, so luckily, I didn’t have to fuck him. I did piss on the head of his cock.  He came so hard too. Easy money. Messy but easy.

Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingI absolutely love age play fun! My pervy daddy Loves my tight leggings. They show off that cute little poufy cunt and apple ass I have! All the grown men stare at me and it makes him so hard knowing he gets to fuck my sweet teen ass. He says I can satisfy him like no one else can. Mommy hasn’t been doing her job for quite a while now. He says her pussy is worn out and that she doesn’t like sucking his hard thingy. I love sucking daddy off. That creamy and salty load coating the back of my throat. And then getting him hard again as I play with my sweet tight cunny. I know when it is time to climb in his lap and spread my legs and guide him right into my soaked little hole! He tells me what a good girl I am and I would do anything to make him happy! It feels so good as I twerk up and down. My cunny pulsates and my tummy feels funny as I pump his cum inside me. I moan daddy over and over and explode all over his cock. I am his pretty princess slut forever!


My Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineI may look like an innocent little cheerleader, but just like you can’t read a book by its cover. You can’t judge me by my looks, I give new meaning to the word teen whore. All of us cheerleaders have to raise money for a cheer competition and I am not about to be out done. I know exactly how to get sponsors. I start hitting up the mom and pop stores in town. Hoping to find pop all alone, but even if it were mom I wouldn’t be opposed to licking her juicy cunt if it will get me what I want. The minute I walked into your dry cleaning store and saw the way you were undressing me with your eyes. I knew I would have no problem getting you to sponsor my team. You were an older grey haired gentleman and I could tell that it had been a while since anyone had flirted with you. Oh, I didn’t plan on just flirting with you though. No, I planned on sucking the warm creamy cum out of your hard throbbing cock. You ask me if you could help me and I told you that I was looking for sponsors. But before you could say no, I told you that I wanted you to look at our brochure. I walked over and flipped it open. While you started to look at it, I reached down and unzipped your pants. My what a big hard cock you have. Is there anyway I could persuade you? As I fell to my knees and wrapped my baby soft lips around the head of your cock. I started stroking the shaft of your cock while my mouth was sucking your fat mushroom head. But when I slid my fully pouty lips all the way down the shaft of your cock, your cock blew its load of hot jizz. And just like that you had been persuaded!