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Needy Full Service Sex Object

Cum dumpsterMy pretty little cum dumpster pussy is begging to be used today. I am all ready for some cock to pump me full of cum. I have been missing a nice cock in each one of my holes too. A gangbang sounds like so much fun right now. Bring your friends over and come use my holes until you want to blow. Use me like your little cock socket sex object until your balls are emptied. Give me a little alcohol so I can be nice and tipsy for you and I promise I will do any disgusting thing you ask. Not only will I be a perfect fuck toy for you but I will be your slave and even your piss whore too. I am basically a full service whore for all your needs. So call me; I am craving so much abuse!

Creampie Slave Slut In Service

Sloppy wet pussyLook at my cute little slut friend licking my sloppy wet fuck hole. I have 3 loads in me for her to lick out after I just got my guts fucked by some nice cocks. She is such a good friend and does all the cleanup for me every single time. She always does such a good job taking care of my messy holes so I can’t help but reward her after. I always make sure to eat her hot little cunt and ass hole too until she cums. I also love to take my strap on and slam her cunt until she squirts. She is the most perfect obedient friend anyone could ask for. Plus, look how needy she is for all that cum to drop into that slut hole mouth. Nothing is better than 2 skanky best friends ready to please. So call me and tell me you want to bust a nut in my young holes and watch my sexy slave bitch friend eat your seed out of me!

3 Holed Fuck Slut

Cum dumpster3 holes and a set of tits is what I am! I am begging to be filled with cock and cum right now. Laying outside with my pretty cunt and tight ass hole spread open waiting for a line of guys to gang bang me like the bitch I am. I can’t help how dripping wet I become instantly at the thought of a bunch of guys just waiting their turn to get into one of my holes. I am a well trained piece of fuck meat at your service! Call me so I can fuck myself to the thought of you being here splitting one of my holes opened till you blast a load! I am so fucking horny waiting to be a useful cock sleeve.

Trailer Park Skank Spread Open

Trailer trash whore

Here I am squatting down with no panties on and spreading my cunt like the blonde trailer trash whore I am. Waiting for all the neighbors to come over so they can get a piece of this ass. All I have ever been was a pretty little bimbo whore walking around the town and everyone has known how much of a fuck whore I love being. So many people know about all the cock I have pleased before and how many loads these slut holes has taken. Are you next baby? I want to be the next skank you pump your cock into on your free time. I bet I can make you cum harder than any other bitch you have fucked. So give me a call so this trailer slut can show you what a good time really is!

Stupid Fuck Slut Wanting A Pounding

Patiently waiting here with my pretty hooker boots all ready to be plowed out. My uncles friends are coming over to the hotel he rented out for the weekend and it is going to be such a fun time. I can’t wait to get coked up and druk as fuck before being filled like the creampie slut that I am. I am in the mood to be wrecked by cock in all my tight pretty holes. If I do whatever his friends want they always give me extra coke to take home with me too. It is so easy being a young, perfectly disgusting, pimped out fuck whore for older rich men. All they care about is using a young stupid whore like me to bust a nut into. I am such a good slut for my uncle and I make sure to do whatever I am told. Call me so you can use my pretty slut body to cum too!Creampie slut

Stupid Blonde Cum Dumpster

Let’s not pretend that stupid sluts like me who spread their legs to take load after load aren’t way more fun. My name is Rhiana but I am referred to as the cum dumpster whore. Every man who has ever met me knows exactly who I am. When you let any guy dump his seed in you the word naturally gets around. It’s not my fault that I love to bounce on cock and be filled with a nice load. It is so much more fun being a brainless little bimbo slut. I love the idea of being bred with cum and not knowing what guy could have knocked my whore cunt up. Anyway, I know your cock is nice and hard thinking about using me as your local cum dump so give me a call. Let me make you cum while you think about using my filthy cunt as your stress relief.cum dumpster

I’m a Creampie slut for infidelity

Creampie slutI’m a sexy creampie slut for a cheating man who has far too much on his plate to leave her but far too many needs to stay. I’m the temptress in the night who takes a man and shows him there’s a better way than staying pent up and aggravated. I’ll take his dick after he’s done with his chick, wrap my tongue around it and suck off her flavor with the kind of joy you only see in front of an ice cream truck. Every girl has a unique taste, and I love getting to know that taste intimately while they have no idea I exist, no idea that I’m fucking their man the moment their eyes clothes. Their peaceful existence is a lie, tainted and poisoned by my slutty lips and cum dumpster hips. I enjoy my existence as a shadow, I enjoy stealing her man for myself. Just last night, while his girlfriend slept up for a big test in the morning, I spent my time rolling my hips and ruining his fidelity with my soaked pussy. The idea that he was faithful before I took ahold of him was more than enough to have me cumming hard around him within no time at all. All I wanted was his dick, and all he wanted was to nut and feel some real relief. Her dry pussy wasn’t enough for him anymore, and that’s why I exist. I take the edge off a hard day like a nice hot bath. I’m a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day that never seems to end. “You should tell her.” I’ll whisper in his ears, bend him around my finger. Even I’m advocating for her? Oh, he’ll feel so guilty he’ll be unable to look in her eyes, unable to touch her, use her. Before long I’ll be all he has, and I was totally moral about it! I love stealing dumb men, almost as much as I love cum eating phone sex.

Leaking like an Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster

Leaking cum from the latest higher up like an anal cum dumpster, I couldn’t help but look down at my pretty blue dress and groan. Cum is easy to wash out, blood, not so much. It took me a minute to remember how I’d even gotten it dirty, but it came back with a flash once I really focused. He’d been unhappy with my request, my whole agenda for coming here, and he’d decided that if my master at the time was going to send second rate white help, he’d wreck it and turn it red. He’d hit me, not even just once, several times. Made me black out a little – hence the memory issue – and probably cracked my skull. While he was at it, he’d grabbed my hair hard, pulled it while he forced kiss after kiss out of his creampie slut. I was here to do just that so I didn’t understand why he was being so brutal. This was completely compliant, I was complacent and willing and even begging for it, so it didn’t make a lot of sense. At the time I didn’t know some men just want to hurt you for the fun of it. Some men get off, on watching you groan in pain, hearing you scream, enjoying your cracks and crinkles. I absolutely wasn’t ready for when that dick of his slipped right into my cunt and started wrecking house like he’d already done the front lawn and the exterior paint. I had tears running down my face, make-up staining anything he slammed me against. Now the slamming was happening very frequently because his balls were slapping my ass too! “Guaaah!” I heard him groan one last time as he got faster, and I knew what was cumming. Him, he was cumming, filling my depths with creamy relief after a hot summer’s scorching drag across the sand. Next he’d be after my ass, and I was ready, but also a scared little cum dumpster.

I Was a Pretty Big Dick Sucker

Big dick suckerI was a pretty big dick sucker, I knew that much. Dressed in a brilliant blue dress, my white princess status was gathering me quite the following and that meant gifts from all around. Life wasn’t actually bad back then, it was just difficult. I’d needed to learn, adapt, learn the right drugs, who to get them from, who not to get them from, and who wanted something in return for their benevolence. There’s this value in America, this idea that benevolence, good deeds, are done for the sake of them. Where I spent most of my good years that wasn’t how that worked. Joy and good grace came from sucking dicks and splitting my pussy open with a thick mast that was only a few seconds from unloading deep. Tonight his blonde fucking desieres were no different. I needed to convince a higher up to work with my current master by using my body. A gift and a show of good will, that’s what my body was, and somehow that made me feel like I had a sense of purpose. My cunt was soaked, my tits lacked a bra and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d worn panties so my pussy juices were leaking down my legs joyfully. I didn’t mind that he saw it, that he took me in within seconds of my arrival. I grabbed my dress and span around slowly, giving him a great view of my ass and body, a gift doesn’t do well if she doesn’t know how to present. The dress was pretty, I liked it, but I knew it’d be covered in cum very quickly. He was well known for liking his fucks to still be wearing clothes, it made him feel like it was a passionate fuck, a ravage. He felt better if you were crying, if your pussying was leaking cum into your favorite outfit, and your hair was pulled just enough to draw a little blood. I was ready for brutal blonde phone sex.

I’m A Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutThe life of a cum guzzling slut is not really a difficult one. I spend my days searching for cock, though most of the time they come to me. That’s the great part about working the street corner, is I never really have to worry about where my next hot fuck is coming from. Nasty client cock means hot meals, and fresh Blunts, and lines of party dust. Just the very thought of that makes my delicious cunt drip. Some people look down on me because I’m a proper prostitute, a hooker for hire, a woman of the night, though I prefer to just call myself a happy whore. I love this lifestyle, and no one can change my mind about it honestly. I get to keep my pockets lines, I get to stay high, and my pussy stays full of the most delicious cum on the planet. Is there really anything else that I need to be asking for? You’re real cute. How’s about you swing by after I get off, and I suck the living life out of your cock? Don’t even worry about it, this one’s on the house. You just look like you taste absolutely fucking delicious. Is it true? Do you taste like liquid gold? Either way I’m going to find out, because I intend to get a hot load of you somewhere in or on my body.