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OH YES BABY!! i fucking love two cocks in me at the same fucking time. A big fat fucking cock in my tight cunt and my little asshole stretching me! Holy shit i love it! I just need all the fucking cock i can take. I am addicted to getting rode hard and seeded in! Young, Old, Middle age As long as you can fuck i will ride that cock! The harder you fuck me the more i crave. I want you to absolutely destroy my cunt and my shithole where i can barely move and wonder if I will ever be able to fuck again! My dream is to have two cocks in each of my fucking slut holes with cocks spraying cum all over my body and drenching me from head to toe in their hot seed!

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The feeling when a cock first stretches your asshole is so orgasmic. I have all my whorish holes trained to take the biggest fucking cocks I can find. And tonight I have found a huge one in my normal glory spot. I Spit on that cock to get it nice and lubed up. Stroking it nice and slow really rubbing in the spit. I needed a little lubrication to take such a horse cock of a man! It must be at least 11 inches maybe 12. That amazing fat cock was throbbing and I turned around and backed up to it. Gliding it into my asshole I gasped and pushed myself to take that big thick rod. I bounced back and forth on it getting adjusted and rubbed my clit. I felt that rod shoot his hot load deep in my guts and pull out leaving behind such a huge mess!

Silvia’s Stripper Sex Stories

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I know that every man reading this has been to a strip club, but do you have any stripper sex stories you want to tell me? I do love hearing them, but you know what I love even more than that? Telling you MY stories. I used to dance for a long time and even though clubs say you can’t have sex, it happens. Those big paying customers deserve to have a little more than titty in their faces for the amount of money they shell out.

My first time having sex with a customer was so hot. We did it right there in front of everyone in the VIP room. He whispered in my ear and asked if he could put his cock inside me secretly and I said yes. I was sitting on his lap, facing him when he pulled my panties to the side and just popped that cock right inside me. I started grinding on him and he was moaning like crazy. His cock felt SO good, just like I knew it would. I could tell by his swagger that he would be a good fuck and I was right. He shot his load inside me and I don’t think anyone ever noticed. They did notice the next time, though… so if you wanna hear that story give me a call!

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Anal Sex WhoreI am a true anal sex whore, I have toys like the little foam footballs to gape my dirty pink hole open. I love laying on my bed with my ass up and fucking my asshole with this football, I love the end result of how big my hole gets. I love even more when a guy is over and shoots heavy loads of cum into my gaped hole. It looks like a laundry washer on spin cycle and I love it. It feels so good that I opened up my hole so much you could put your whole fist in there and maybe even stretch it out bigger. My goal is to turn my rectum inside out, I love that pink rose look of a rectum coming out. It takes someone real special to appreciate what I am doing and get hard from it. I know many guys would love this, I mean you could fit 3 or 4 cocks in my ass and get my pussy fucked. My gaped hole will start to look like a furry friend drooling and the flaps hanging with cum. My ass will be so big I could turn down and pour that come into a glass and drink it. I want you to jack off to that!

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I am so fucking wet. I need somebody that can make me cum right now. I need someone to tell me all the nasty things they want to do to my wet tight cunt! Tell me you wanna shove your face into my pussy. That you wanna suck and fuck both my holes with your tongue. Tell me that you are gonna force your rock hard cock into the back of my throat. Make me gag on it over and over. Cause tears to run down my face because it hurts to have your prick that far down my mouth. Talk to me about how you are gonna shove that shaft into my tight wet snatch. How you’re gonna fuck me so hard I beg you to stop. Don’t stop tho. I want you to tell me how much of a cum dumpster I am. How I’m your dirty little slut kitten. I want you to make me cum as you force your cock back into my mouth. Then, I want you to squirt your hot juices into my throat. Hold my head there until you are done. Yes, that’s what I want. Tell me I’m your’s baby

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 I am such a whore ass stripper.  I do strip at the club but I love to come home a strip for you in my bed. My big tits gets every guys attention. When I bring them guys home I have a stripper pole in my living room I love to strip and show my sexy body off. Are you into getting into a strippers little cunt hole? I will tease you make you want me bad. My tits are all fair game to play with and do whatever you want with them. My little pussy and ass can handle whatever you want. I love to take big cock and as many as I can. Cum inside of me and hear me love it. I want you to fill my cunt, mouth and ass up with that fat built up load.

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                                                                                                                                         cum guzzling slut .        I had a few horny guys with throbbing long dicks ready to explode they know my bitch and I are the best cum guzzling sluts out there. Filling my mouth ,pussy and ass hole up with fat loads of cum is so satisfying. We make it a party .We always have the goose and white ready. Right before they arrived we had already took a couple bumps feeling so good I was ready to be their cum guzzling slut. They all lined up and did a few lines between my big tits.

 Everyone is feeling so high and horny. Tonight all I want is to take in all their cum and let them wreck my body with all the cum they get out onto my body and let me lick it off my bitch Amber. Getting gang banged was the high light of my night. I took it In the ass ,mouth and pussy at the same time rotating back and forth sucking Daniels cock and eating Ambers sweet pussy. I love being a anal sex whore I don’t ever want that big cock to leave my ass hole . Fuck with me?



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I promised him I would write about him, tell him all about what turned me into the whore I am today. Well I’ll tell you what, Ellen and I grew up much of the same way… both our Daddy’s were addicts who loved to teach us how to get high and get fucked. I can’t remember a life without my Daddy’s cock in me, and I know it’s the same for Ellen. We’ve always been the biggest whores in our town; everyone knows we’ll do anything for some money. We’ve both got our drugs of choice and it seems our only goal each day is to get fucked and get high. When you called and told me about what you did to your little niece it made my pussy slick and wet, I wanted to join in the fun and I couldn’t imagine having anyone but Ellen by my side for this little fuck fest. She was real young, young enough she probably won’t remember any of this, and the thought of that alone has me slick and wet. You’ve got your buddies and I’ve got my girl Ellen with me & your dumbass fucking sister left you to babysit for a couple days. Let the fun begin I think to myself as she leaves, not looking back or a worry in her mind that her little darling is going to be okay. This is the best gig ever, enough money from babysitting to get the dope we want, we’re all smoking weed and snorting lines and once we’re real fucking high I know it’s time to fuck this little bitches brains out. Ellen and I help you hold her down while your fucking her little throat, feeling yyour cock go down her throat as you fuck her hard making her gag and choke. I get wetter and wetter helping hold her down to let each and every one of  your friends have their way with her, spreading her ass cheeks wide to fuck her tight little ass and Ellen holds her head as she pukes on your cock down her throat. Feeling my pussy get wetter as she cries and cries… mmm this little fuck fest isn’t over yet…

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Last night I had a very busy shift. The good thing is I got paid very well. I didn’t just stick to stripping though, and if you got the offer I did- you probably wouldn’t have passed it up either. It was a birthday bash for father and son. I love keeping it in the family, what can I say. It is no surprise I am a trashy bitch. His son was barley legal and they were celebrating the night. I let daddy teach son how to touch a woman. I let them do anything they wanted,- to all of my holes. I was a submissive little bitch for the night. Daddy whipped out his dick while I took his sons cock in my eager wet pussy. Daddy stroke his cock back and forth watching his son fuck a stupid bitch like me. He then told us to get up and put his cock and his sons cock in my big mouth at the same time. I did what I was told like a good little whore that I am. I had a hard time forcing them both in my throat. My tongue seemed like it took up too much room as I ate their sweaty cocks. I bobbed my head back and forth. I am glad I get to help them celebrate something so special.

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