I’ve always been a wild child party animal, so much so that I started to flunk out of school because I was too busy having fun and getting fucked up with my friends! I’m your favorite school girl gone bad! Besides that, i’m way too fucking hott and provocative to be sitting in a classroom all day long! My parents told me that they were not going to continue to pay for my schooling and livelihood any longer since I was so focused on partying more than anything else. Haha, like I give a fuck! Since I was in a position to have to pay my own way, I knew that selling my body and my sexual talents would be the best way for me to make quick and steady income to support myself! My tight, dirty little cunt fucks and tastes so good, why not share the wealth! I’ve taken up several different ways to pimp myself out as I watch the cash flow in! You can find me stripping at the local trashy strip club almost every day, my customers there love me but how could they not! I look so damn good dancing on stage, wearing my skimpy outfits while shaking my ass and titties, getting showered in dollar bills! The way my body moves and twirls on the pole is a beautiful sight, I have lots of sexy tricks up my sleeve and I love to show off! If the price is right then you’ll get lucky enough to have some private kinky fun with me in the champagne room! And if you’re feeling extra horny and generous, let’s include some of my hott co-worker girlfriends into our fun as well! When i’m not at the strip club, being a lot lizard and streetwalker have been very lucrative for my wild ass! I have quite the reputation for being a cum guzzling slut, the more cocks inside of me at once, the better! I’m such a slutty white trash bitch and I love being a gangbang whore! I take dick like a champion, my body was made to be filled up with loads of cock cream! I crave no limit phone sex because there are no taboos while we get nasty as fuck with one another! Let’s have some naughty fun, i’ll be your favorite blonde cum dumpster!


    • vivan on November 15, 2016 at 12:28 pm
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    Hiiiiii sexy

    Sex with me fucking you baby

    • Omar Villarreal on June 12, 2017 at 11:03 pm
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    Hi name’s Omar any later comets

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