It seems like just yesturday I left that fucking “po dunk” town where my daddy dumped his cum inside my snatch night after night. Selling me to his friends. I hated living with my fat dirty and lazy daddy. I got so tired of him taking my cunt all the time and not giving me anything for it. Like he owned my cum dumpster something! At least the guys down town would give me some weed for the chance to taste this sweet honey of mine. I just knew if I could take my daddy’s repulsive dick, I could just about take anyones! So that is when I decided to head to Hollywood! I wanted to start making real money for my ass. Guys out in California would pay a lot, right? I wanted to be one of those rich ladies you only see on TV. I wanted to be the next “Pretty Woman!” Well let me tell you it was the best idea ever! When my bus stopped in LA , I did not know what to expect. I guess I looked lost because soon JC introduced himself as a city official. He wanted to welcome me to the city and help me find a job! Well JC saved me! Not only did I find a job, it is a job selling my pussy! On top of that, I get so much blow and weed! It is a non stop druggy porn party here in So Cal! I have never been so strung out! But I am told as long as I spread my legs and open my mouth, I wont have to go without for too long.
JC always has the good shit too. He will hold back if you are not working over time and working all night long! But JC has never seen a whore like me. My daddy was turning me out when I was quite young, and I love being a cum dump! JC said I suck a mean fucking cock too! And someday, JC said, if I suck enough cock, he will tell the guys at the studio about me! I make sure to take really good care of JC’s friends too. If I don’t they tell JC and I have to go without dope and he makes sure the next time his friends want to fuck, that they will leave me with a pretty roughed up face. Fat lips make great cock suckers they say! They always know when I need my fix, and I always know when they need my mouth to earn that fix.
Need a good corn fed Iowa girl to show you what it is like to be a cock fed Hollywood tramp? By all means! In fact, take your cock out while you’re here and give me a chance to earn some dope? Call me for some druggy phone sex and good thing is I won’t even be fuckin faking it!

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