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druggy phone sex

It’s your favorite druggy phone sex slut reporting for duty! I would love to tell you all about the good times I’ve had while blasted out of my mind down at the truck stop and strip club. What little bit of inhibition still might be left in me goes down the drain when all the guys bring over party favors, and I start partaking in them. It doesn’t really matter what kind of drugs it is – I love them all. Weed, blow, Molly… that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I love it when you can introduce me to something new, but I don’t even know if that’s possible anymore. You can try, though.

What kinds of things would you like to do to me once I’m nice and stoned? I’m pretty fucking open-minded already, but maybe you can actually be the one to shock me and tell me about something you like that I haven’t tried. I would really fucking love that, and I’d make sure you have the best time ever. I’m here and I’m more than willing to indulge in your deepest, darkest fantasies. All you have to do is make sure I’m feeling good and I’ll return the favor.


Silvia’s BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

Baby, you know a truck stop lot lizard like me has all kinds of BBC sex stories. I am and always have been a size queen, so I have fucked and sucked a lot of black cocks. It seems like a lot of truckers are black guys with huge dongs, so I reap the rewards of their long, lonely drives a lot. Pretty much every single day. I mean, it’s the least I can do for these fine men, who do their best to make sure our country is supplied with everything we need. Bending over and taking those massive chocolate cocks is just my contribution to show my appreciation.

I love it when they shoot their loads in my cunt. It’s always gaping wide open when they are done with me, and I love watching it all drip out of me. But sometimes another BBC is buried balls deep inside me before the load even has a chance to start leaking out. Then I get to watch a double load ooze out of my pussy while I suck another big black cock. Do you want to hear more about my love of big black dicks? Perhaps your share my feelings for them. 

Sloppy Wet Truck Slut

sloppy wet pussy Hello, boys! I had a really wild orgy today at the truck stop and I’d love to fuck my sloppy wet pussy with a dildo while I tell you about it. You know you wanna hear all that jizz that’s just oozing out of my fuck hole! I love the sound of it sloshing around on that dildo while I rail myself with it. I bet you’ll break out your lube and start stroking so I can hear that, won’t you? You’re a pretty fucking nice guy like that. I hope we can time it so that we cum together.

If not, don’t worry. I can cum over and over again. So, if I happen to blow without you, you don’t have to worry that I’ll leave you hanging. This trailer park whore would be more than happy to rub her pussy over and over again until you’re ready to shoot your load. I bet you’re going to get really turned on by the things I did today. Are you ready to hear what kinds of things I did with those horny truckers and their friends? I hope you can stomach some of the sick things I like to do with cum.

Silvia’s Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cunt

Just got home from the truck stop and it’s pretty safe to say that I have a cum filled cunt. I don’t know how many men I fucked tonight, but I do know that I lost count at seven. It was at least that many and oh my God, I feel like such a dirty whore. I always love it when a lot of truckers are there, and I can really get my cunt used up. But don’t worry, all my other holes got used, too. I had a cock in all three of my holes several times during the evening.

When I was walking down the street to go home, I could feel the jizz just starting to drip down my inner thighs. Oops, I guess I forgot to put my panties back on. I just reached down between my legs, scooped it up, and licked my fingers clean. People on the street were looking at me funny, but don’t they know I’m the fucking town whore? If they don’t, they should. I’m probably fucking their husbands, too. Do you want to hear more about the kinky things I did tonight? I’ll be here, ready and waiting to tell you everything.

Watch Drunk Sex Porn with Me

drunk sex porn

Sometimes I like to relive all the fun I’ve had down at the strip club, in bars, etc. How do I do that? Well, all I have to do is go online and look up some drunk sex porn. Now, those girls aren’t quite as wild as I am, so sometimes it leaves a little to be desired if you know what I mean. But I have all you sexy fucking perverts to call me and make it up to me, right? Maybe you’ll want to hear about some of my experiences of fucking while I’m drunk as a freaking skunk. I hope so.

I love telling like-minded horny people like me about the people, places, and things I’ve fucked. Yeah, I said “things”. I’ve put so many inanimate objects in my cunt that I’ve probably forgotten some, but I bet your dirty mind will jog my memory! I bet you’ve done some pretty fucked up stuff while under the influence, too! Why don’t you think of something good and then give me a call? I can promise that I’ll be fucking myself while you tell me your dirty stories. I hope that you’ll grab your cock and join me!

BBC Loving Stripper

black phone sex

I absolutely fucking LOVE black phone sex calls because I get to tell you the stories about when I get my white cunt filled up with BBC. And trust me, I do it all the time. Especially down at the strip club where I dance. There’s this one dude who comes in there and he’s got the biggest black cock I have ever seen in my life. When I was dancing for him, I could see that his bulge was going to be something I’d need to see close up. It was something that I needed to play with.

So, I walked over to him and started grinding up against him and instantly I could feel that I’d made a good choice. I knew that his cock was going to really stretch me out. If you have kept up with me at all, you know that’s a big deal because I’m a pretty big fucking whore. Do you want to hear about the fucking fantastic time I had with that big black cock? Call me and I’ll tell you about the first time he fucked my ass. This sloppy white girl cunt has been pumped full of BBC baby batter more times than I can count.

Freaky Slut with No Limits

freaky phone sex

Hello boys! It’s time for some freaky phone sex with your favorite lot lizard whore. If you’ve ever talked to me, you fucking know I don’t shy away from doing all that kinky shit. It’s what I thrive on! If it’s not something that wouldn’t make your grandma clutch her pearls, then I’m just not interested in it. And you might not think that you’re into freaky shit like I am, but you will be. I’ve introduced so many men to new fantasies and fetishes that they can’t believe they ever lived without. But now they’ll never have to again.

So, what’ll it be? Do you know what kind of twisted fantasy you want to talk about? If not, don’t you worry about a thing, sexy! I’m more than willing and capable of coming up with just the thing that will make your fucking cock shoot off like a firework on the fourth of July. I just have this way of somehow knowing what freaky thing is going to get a dude excited. When you’re ready to discover new and exciting things, just give me a ring and I’ll change your fucking life, you dirty pervert.

Sloppy Slut Silvia

sloppy wet pussy

If you were thinking about getting your face all up in a sloppy wet pussy, you are in the right place. This pussy has been some places in it and seen some things. You don’t mind eating a pussy that’s already been fucked, do you? Yeah, I get pretty wet, but all of those juices didn’t come from me. Most of it came from all the dicks that gangbanged me earlier. Don’t act surprised. Do you know what a dirty whore I am and how much I love it when men nut inside me. 

You want this pussy so badly that you actually would lick another man’s cum out of it, wouldn’t you? I think you’re really going to love the taste of it. You probably already tasted cum and you just didn’t know it. And the thing is, you might just get addicted to it. You’ll find yourself needing it more and more and you’re gonna wind up down at the truck stop with me and all my friends. If you want to hear more about my soaking wet cunt, just give me a ring, daddy. I’m ready to tell you how nasty I want us to be.

Sexline Whore


It was a natural progression for a fuckin’ whore like me to end up working on a sexline. I mean, I’m the biggest whore my town has ever seen and that’s a pretty big deal. My town has a lot of women who are very friendly if you know what I mean. Anyway, talking to all you pervs is the best. Finally getting to talk to tons of people who are as horny and kinky as me has made me even hornier if you could even imagine that! Let’s just say that since I’ve been doing this, the guys down at the truck stop have been really impressed.

I’m up for talking about anything when you call me! I can tell you fun stories about nasty shit I’ve done, or you can tell me what you’ve been up to. I’m the biggest taboo whore there is, so if you want to talk about things that would make prim and proper cunts clutch their pearls, then you’d better come and play with me. I’ll be waiting by the phone, rubbing, and slapping my cunt with my dildo till you can tell me what to do to myself. I take orders very well.

A Lot Full of Sluts

lot lizard sexIt’s Friday and you know what that means, don’t ya baby? It’s time to head down to the truck stop for some really raunchy lot lizard sex. All of those sexy truckers know that when I show up, things are about to get lit. This cunt could solve all the world’s problems. If all the dudes in the world would just fuck me now and then, there would be no war. I’m pretty fuckin’ sure about that. One fuckin’ dude told me once that he heard angels sing when he slid his cock inside me for the first time. Don’t you want some of that pussy, baby?

If you think about it, I’m really helping keep this entire country supplied with goods. Truckers are kept happy, and they get to where they’re going and have increased productivity. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Just think about what I could do for you! Call me and ask me what I’d do to you or ask me to tell you all of the naughty things I’ve done down at the truck stop. Either way, you’re going to love what I’ve got to say, and I promise your dick will be happy.

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