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cum guzzling slut

I fucking love it when a guy tells me to get down on my knees so I can be his cum guzzling slut. Any man who has ever had the pleasure of me sucking his cock knows this. I don’t EVER waste any jizz. I have to swallow every drop and I will even lick it up off the floor or wherever it lands if I spill some. It’s my opinion that women who waste cum are really not even fit to have a cock in their mouths. You should stick with a real woman like me who will swallow every drop of you.

Luckily for me, I get to swallow lots of cum down at the truck stop. I can’t even tell you how blessed I feel when I get down on my knees and cock after cock just keeps coming at my face. Sometimes the guys will get impatient and shove two cocks into my mouth at once. Luckily for them, I can fucking take it. I can’t wait for you to call me so I can be a nasty cum guzzler for you just like I am for all the truckers. 

Cum Eating Phone Sex White Trash

cum eating phone sex

Hey pervs! It’s your favorite cum eating phone sex whore reporting for duty! I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that some women don’t even like the taste of cum. I just don’t get it at all, man! Salty, sticky cum is the tastiest thing a person could put in their mouth. But hey, since there are women out there who won’t eat cum, that means there’s more of it out there for me. That’s why I love going down to the truck stop. There’s never a shortage of jizz for a cum guzzling whore like me to swallow.

Last week, the guys decided to see how many loads I could swallow before it made me puke. They thought for sure that at some point, I wouldn’t be able to take any more. But those motherfuckers were wrong because I ate 72 loads of cum over the course of 5 hours and I kept them all down. I think next time, I’ll go for a hundred. If there was a cock sucking, cum guzzling championship, I know for sure that I would always be the winner! There’s no doubt about it. Just talking about it makes my mouth salivate and my cunt dripping wet.

Sloppy Drunk Girl Fucking

drunk girl fucking

When you come down to the local stop and find me hanging with the boys, the last thing you’ll ever find is another messy drunk girl fucking. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll be drunk. But I can hold my own when I’m drinking, so you’re always going to get the best fuck of your entire life. My holes are experienced in everything, so you don’t ever have to worry that this nasty whore will not be able to handle anything. Even if something hurts, I’ll be so wasted that I won’t even notice, so just pound until your dick is content.

Just yesterday, I got my asshole fucked by the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life. I didn’t take the time to measure it because I wanted it inside me but trust me when I say that it was huge. I couldn’t get both hands all the way around it. Somehow, he managed to fit it inside me. I like to think that the whiskey loosened me up a little bit. If you want to hear more about how I took that giant cock, just go ahead and give me a call and hear all of the kinky details!

Hot Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

As you know, I’m always a slut. But the other night, I was a total anal sex whore and I’ve just got to tell you all about it. So, I usually have a limit on how many dicks I can take in my shitter before it starts to get too stretched out and sore. But the other night, I was the entertainment at a bachelor party, and they had all the good party favors if you know what I mean. So, when they all started fucking my ass, I didn’t even think about when I needed to make them stop. They just kept on fucking me all night.

I woke up the next morning and I felt weird, so I spread my legs and looked at my ass, and oh my God. It was gaping more than I’d ever seen it gape and my cunt was so fucking swollen. I guess it looks that way when you’ve been gang fucked all night long by a bunch of rowdy bachelors. Do you want to hear what they did to me that night? The parts I can remember, anyway? Then get on the phone and give me a call for the dirtiest phone fucking you could ever imagine!

Slutty Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutes

You might think I’m just a naughty truck stop whore but there is way more to me than that. I am one of the most sexy prostitutes you’ll ever meet in your life. Sometimes I like to go downtown to where all the fancy hotels are and pick up a big whale or two. Hey, sometimes I’m so good that I make them cum too fast and I can go back out and find another man to fuck. Those guys are always rich as fuck, and they always make it worth my while to be a nasty fucking slut for them.

Like, one time, a guy wanted to use me as his human toilet. Listen, for as much money as he paid me, he could have turned my body into the entire plumbing system. Plus, it really made me realize how nasty I am because I actually loved it. That is just one example of how dirty I can be. And I’ll be honest – I’m kind of hoping you wanna hear more of my stories because I’m surely in the mood to tell them to someone. And you bet your ass I’ll be rubbing my dirty cunt while I tell you everything.

Nasty Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slut

It seems like holiday weekends really bring out the filth in the guys down at the truck stop. I’m not exactly sure why, but I am thankful for it. The other day, I was just wondering if all the guys were tired of my used-up cunt because it had been slow lately. But I really shouldn’t have worried because this weekend has been legit. On Friday alone, I got fucked like 12 times. Well, at least that many…I lost count after a while because I had much better things to do than count the cocks that fucked my sloppy holes.

I was planning on going down there all four days this weekend, but today I’m just gonna stay home and phone fuck you guys! Listen, I’m a whore but even whores need a day of rest. Don’t worry, I’ll still be fucking my cunt for you when you call me. You know I can’t resist masturbating with you! Maybe you’ll even want to hear about some of the nasty fucking I did this weekend. And you know this cum guzzling slut is more than willing to describe it to you in explicit detail. Trust me, you’ll be emptying those balls in no time! Maybe even more than once!

BBC Phone Sex Trashy Whore

BBC phone sex

I know you might think I spend all my free time down at the truck stop fucking everyone with a dick, but that is just not true. Sometimes I like to stay at home for some really kinky BBC phone sex. Listen – it’s true that I do get a lot of black cock from the truckers, but it’s just not enough. No amount could ever be enough! There is absolutely nothing like big black cock and I am definitely not ashamed to say that I’m hooked on it. Hell, I’m proud! It’s right up there with the other drugs I like to partake in.

The other day, I got a call from this guy, and he told me his fantasy was that he wanted to shove his BBC down my throat while a group of his friends watched. I asked if once he was done with me, they would be fucking me too, and he said, “Well of course they will be, you nasty whore.” So, he proceeded to tell me what kinds of nasty things they’d be doing to me, and I kept thanking him for the opportunity to be his dirty BBC cock whore. If you want to hear more, you know where to find me.

Druggy Phone Sex Trashy Whore

druggy phone sex

It’s Thursday and you know what that means! It’s time for some druggy phone sex fun! Oh wait, that’s every day! Hey, I like being fucking trashed and I know you do too, so don’t judge! Plus, you know when I have had a few party favors that I am even more slutty than I am when I’m sober! Why don’t you give me a call and tell me what kind of treats you have for me today, and I’ll tell you what kind of tricks I’ll turn for you. I think we will both have a really delightful time!

Last week when I was high, I did something that I’ve only ever done a few times. I had two big dicks buried balls deep in my asshole. Can you believe it? God, it was so hot. It hurt a little bit, but I’m a whore and I know that that happens. Sometimes I have to be in pain in order to please my fuck buddies down at the truck stop. Can you think of something really nasty for me to do while I’m high as a kite? ‘No’ just isn’t in my vocabulary, especially when I’m blitzed out of my already fucked up mind.

Messy Period Phone Sex

period phone sex

Most guys will avoid fucking a woman when she’s on the rag, but not the guys I fuck around with. Horny truckers will fuck any hole, even if it’s bleeding. And guys love calling me for period phone sex…I think you might be surprised by how many! I have always loved it, though, because I get fuckin’ turned on during that time of the month. My pussy throbs and I crave cock more than any other time of the month. Have you ever fucked a woman when her cunt was wide open and bleeding? If not, I think you really should consider it.

There is just something so raw and animalistic about having my pussy fucked when I’m bleeding. Looking down and seeing that bright red blood all over the cock that’s nailing me really makes me cum hard. And once a man blows his load inside me and its’s mixed with blood and oozing out of me…well, that’s just fucking hot. Would you get down between my legs and lick that up for me? I bet you would love it more than you think. So why don’t you give it a try? Call me and let’s talk about it.

Gangbang Whore Who Loves to Party

gangbang whore

It’s the weekend and you know what that means! Tomorrow is Sunday and I’ll be busy being a nasty gangbang whore all day long! What better day than the so-called Lord’s day to spread my legs and open my mouth for all the horny guys at the truck stop? It’s not just truckers that show up. All the men in town send their old ladies out shopping and they come down to see me. And the best part is that they don’t even have to pay for it if they don’t want to. I do accept donations to pay for the body wash and Epsom salts  I need after they’re don’t with me, though.

You should call me today and ask about what happened during last week’s gang bang. I swear to God, I didn’t think my cunt was going to make it out of that one. They really used me up and I had to soak my pussy for two days before I could sit down again. But here I am, hoping that they do it to me all over again this week. Are you ready for me to regale you with tales of gangbangs gone by? Call me and let me entertain you and your friends. 

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