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Drunk Girl Fucking Makes For Easy Sex

drunk girl fucking

When guys come into a party I’m at and see that there’s a drunk girl fucking anyone and everyone, they always get so excited. And I don’t turn anyone away. I figure if someone has a hard cock and needs a hole to put it in, who am I to deny them that? The good news is that I have three holes, so I can do more than one at a time. Time-saving is always good, plus it means that I really can have every cock at the party and the lines won’t be too long. I don’t want guys to have to wait to get inside me.

I don’t mind leaving a party with my pussy and asshole dripping cum down my legs. I think a lot of girls would be embarrassed, but not me. I like being known as a slut. If guys see that I’m a slut, then I am sure to get more dick. Sometimes I even get it on the street on the way home from parties. I have so many fun fucking stories to tell you, so if you want to hear about what a naughty girl I’ve been, just pick up the phone and call me.

Lot Lizard Sex Is Never Beneath a Whore Like Me

lot lizard sex

A few years ago, I was on a road trip and passed a sign for a truck stop named Uncle Pete’s. I don’t remember what state it was even in, but I will never be able to forget the good time I had there. As you know, I’m a huge fan of lot lizard sex and I knew it would be very likely that I’d get some at a place like this. So, I got off the interstate and when I saw the place, I knew it was going to be a lot of fun. There were SO many trucks.

I got hit on as soon as I got out of the car. Men started coming up to me and asking if I was there for a good time. I was wearing a mini skirt and heels, so I’m sure that’s how they figured me out so quickly. Turns out there was an orgy going on out in the back parking lot and I was immediately happy that I stopped there. I had a cock in my cunt and one in my mouth before I even got bent over all the way. If you want to hear the dirty details of what happened, you’ll have to get on the phone and call me.

Anal Sex Whore and Proud!

anal sex whore

JC told me that there was a special batch of E that I had to try out. He’d never had a whore work as hard as I do, so he had no doubt that I’d make the grade, and get that fucking shit for myself. He yanked my hair and told me that I was the pharmacists anal sex whore for the night, so to make him proud. None of the other bitches would go to the level of cum whore that I go to for a good fucking time. If this stringy ass haired boy was going to give me the BEST E? My ass was all his.

The guy out a pipe to my mouth and I sucked in and felt my cunt drip. His hot hard cock was ramming into my lubed up hole, just no warning, just fucking into my whore ass. I winced and he laughed and slapped my thigh before pounding harder into my ass. There was no telling how much cum I would take over the course of the night, but I wanted them all, no matter what. At that point it was more lust than need for E. My holes needed cum. 

Cum Dumpster In Hollywood

cum dumpster

Life here in Hollywood being a cum dumpster has been so good for me. It’s like no matter where I turn, there are dicks and drugs. What more could a girl ask for? Sure, when I first moved here, I wanted to be on TV, but things changed. Sure, if I got a role and could be on TV, that would be awesome. But what I really love is being a whore for JC and all of the men I sell my pussy to. Being a whore truly is my calling. I’ve been doing it since I was old enough to fuck.

Take yesterday, for example. JC told me that we were going to a party and I knew what that meant. When we go to parties, it’s almost always because I’m going to be the party entertainment. He likes to take me in there and let the men do whatever they want to do to me. Of course, I can’t say no and it’s not like I ever would anyway. Yesterday’s party was epic and I’d love to tell you about it. My pussy doesn’t always get sore after a party, but today, I can barely sit. Do you want to hear about it? Just call me and I’ll relive it with you.

Drunk Girl Fucking Is Easy

drunk girl fucking

One of the best things about a drunk girl fucking you is that you really do get to be in charge. If other girls are anything like me, they will just be way too wasted to give you any input into what you’re doing. She will just have her legs spread for you, begging you to fuck her. You can fuck her in any hole and in any position and she’ll be totally cool with it. I mean, what more could you ask for, really? You’re in charge of her body and that’s the way you want it, right? Yeah, I thought so.

So just go ahead and fill up her drink over and over again. She’ll think you’re just being nice, but really you want to be able to take advantage of her. If you get her drunk enough, she will pass out and it won’t matter if she told you earlier in the evening that she wouldn’t fuck you if you were the last man on earth. Once she’s out cold, she won’t have any idea that she’s even been fucked. But if she does figure it out, she won’t know it was you. Call me with your drunk girl fantasies now and we’ll make them a reality!

Boy, Do I Have Some Striper Sex Stories For You

stripper sex stories

I’m sure you’ve discovered by now that I’m a dirty whore. And as you might imagine, I have a lot of stripper sex stories. Stripping is still one of my favorite things in the world. I enjoy being ogled and used by all these dirty fucking men. It gives me a rush that I can’t even explain to you. So if you’ve ever had a fantasy about fucking a stripper, call me and tell me all about it. We can talk about it and I bet we can come up with a nasty role play to make you happy.

I’ve fucked a lot of guys who come in to see me dance. They love seeing my titties and even my cunt as I slide my panties over and show them how wet I am. I’m so popular that it’s always a fight over who gets to fuck me. But I tell them to calm down because they can all get a piece of this hot pussy. Sometimes there are even threesomes and gang bangs. If you’d like to hear more about how my body gets used every single day, give me a call! I can’t wait to tell you about what I did yesterday. Curious? I’m ready for you.

Trailer Trash Whore Fuck Doll

trailer trash whore

I am known as the trailer trash whore of the little town I live in. I was joking with someone the other day about how I should just install a drive through fuck station. Maybe cut a hole in the wall of my bedroom so I can back up to it or put my head out to suck cock. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You just hear a ding and know that you’re about to get your cunt or face fucked? I know I’d have a line backed up around the trailer at all times. My fuck holes might never get a rest. But that’s okay with me. The more cock, the better.

The sexiest part of this for me would be that I am just getting fucked by any random stranger who needs a piece of ass. It could be anyone at all – even people I don’t like. I’d never know I was getting hate fucked. There’s just something about that that seems so sexy and satisfying. Do you think having a drive through fuck hole in my trailer is a good idea? Call me so we can talk about it. Maybe you can even give me some more ideas.

Big Dick Sucker and Proud

big dick sucker

I’m pretty well known on the lot lizard scene in my town for being a big dick sucker. Cocks that choke other whores slide right down my throat very easily. I guess it helps that I have been sucking cock for a really long time – probably even before I should have been. But I LOVE being a dirty whore and getting down on my knees to suck that trucker cock. I mean, they’ve been on the road for a while and need some relief. I’m very happy to be the one to provide it for them. Some truckers tell me they drive a little bit out of their way just to make sure they can get a blow job from me.

I love looking up and seeing a line of men waiting on me to suck them off. It turns me on so much and I always have to put my fingers in my cunt while I’m sucking those big cocks. Do you want to hear what it’s like for me on one of those nights? Do you want to hear about the way I would suck your fat cock and make you cum? Just call me and use me just like everyone else does. I love it.

Creampie Slut In Need Of Cum!

creampie slut

Fuck baby. I love being a filthy creampie slut for you. It’s so hot when you bring me a bunch of big black cocks. When I see them all enter the room, I know I’m about to get my cunt filled up with loads of sticky, creamy cum. I’m so glad you love seeing me get fucked by these big chocolate fuck sticks because I can’t do without them. Get down on your knees and get one hard for me, baby! You know it turns me on to see you sucking that cock to get it ready for my hot white pussy.

Just feeling that fucking big black cock slide all the way inside me for the first time makes me cum. And that’s just the beginning. You know that by the time they’re all done with me, I’ll have so many loads in my pussy that it just won’t be able to hold them all. It’ll be oozing out and that’s where you come in again. Get down there between my legs and lick up those black creampies for me. Get your mouth full and come up here and kiss me. You shouldn’t be the only one who gets to taste those hot loads.

I’m a Big Dick Sucker and Proud!

big dick sucker

I love it when I’m at a party and some random dude asks me if I want to suck his dick. And I tell him that as long as it’s a big one, I’m in. I think that I get invited to a lot of parties because I am known as the town slut and I’m quite the big dick sucker. So last night, I was at this fucking party and when I walked in, I saw that JC had invited a bunch of my favorites – big black cocks. It was really fucking awesome. Like, it wasn’t even my birthday but he gave me exactly what I wanted.
I don’t always deserve them in my pussy. I have to earn that. So I dropped down on my knees and they lined up in front of me because they knew that they were gonna get their money’s worth out of my whore mouth. I slurped all over those big cocks and even gagged on a few of them. I’m a slut but some of those cocks were just huge. I don’t mind gagging and the tears that run down my face. As long as I get to suck those big black cocks, I don’t care about anything else.

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