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hookers for hire

A few years ago, I got listed in the hookers for hire section of some website. Some dude showed up at my door and offered me $100 for a blow job and of course I dropped ride down to my knees and opened my mouth. You know I love dick, and I love money too. To this day, I never found out who put me on that website, but I wish I knew. Those were some of the greatest days of my life, and I would love to thank them for it.

I sucked and fucked all kinds of men, and I made a ton of money. Every day my holes were so sore, but I would just sit in the tub and count my money and that made everything fucking a-okay! Plus, I always got my pussy fucked at least five or six times every day, so I was very well satisfied in every way. Do you want to hear about some of the nasty stuff I did when I was a hooker? When men pay for it, they always want to get more kinky. And boy do I have some stories for you. All you gotta do is call me.

White Trash Phone Sex Slut

white trash phone sex

Hey there you dirty pervs. It’s your favorite white trash phone sex whore ready to make all your nasty dreams come true today. Maybe I could tell you about the motorcycle gang the passed through the truckstop last week. As soon as they got there, they were looking me up and down and I knew I was going to get lucky. I just walked right up to the leader and offered my services to him. I told him I’d even give him a discount since he had brought so many customers with him. That was all it took in before you know it, I was on my knees with a bunch of dick slapping me in the face.

Most guys who ride bikes seem to be pretty aggressive, but these guys were on another level. They used up this cunt, mouth, and asshole and wore me out. I can usually fuck all day, but I had to go home and shower and rest after these guys got done with me. Do you want to hear what they did to me, or maybe what I did to them? Pick up the phone and call your favorite dirty lot lizard and I’ll tell you a nasty story.

Let’s Get Drunk Phone Sex

drunk phone sex

Back home on the lot, the boys I worked to pay for three things—gas, grass, and ass. It wasn’t just grass; they liked to get shit-faced drunk and have drunk phone sex with me. The stuff those good mid-western boys said when they were phone boning me was incredible. Some of them were rough and forceful when they talked to me. That wasn’t anything; I had my fat ass daddy shoving me down to take his buddy’s dick for real; Nick wasn’t going to break me. Some shy boys got nasty when they got wasted. It was the hottest fucking rush to hear those quiet boys talk mad dirty shit with me.

You can have drunk sex with me anytime, or any other kind of shit we can get our paws on; what do you think? There is a guy at the truck stop that’s been getting some new shit that I love. Let’s have a porn intox phone fuck soon. Don’t you want to get me all mind empty, holes full? I need to get spaced and spunked before I go to the lot later on for some cock cash. What drunk secrets do you have to spill?

Fisting Whore at the Truck Stop

fisting whore

I bet you’d love to hear the story of how I became a fisting whore, wouldn’t you? Well, one night down at the truck stop, the guys got bored and decided to bet and see which one of them could get their fist the furthest up my cunt. I was only half paying attention to what was going on because I was working on sucking a big dick, so I asked what was going on when I heard my name and they told me to just not worry. They gave me another line of coke and a glass of whiskey and I got back to sucking.

The next thing I know, I’m getting fucked pretty good and I thought to myself “Wow, those are some big cocks!” and then I heard someone yell “I win!! I got it in up to my elbow!” I had no idea they were talking about my pussy. I felt good so I didn’t question it. I finally figured out what was going on after I sucked that load down my throat. I high-fived them and told them that the next time they decided to fist my cunt, I wanted to watch! Call me and I’ll tell you everything!

Creampie Slut Phone Fuck

creampie slut

As a dirty creampie slut, I’m always thankful for my time down at the truck stop. I’m the most popular lot lizard there, so my pussy and asshole are always dripping cum. Sometimes on the way home, I have to stop and wipe the cum that’s dripping down my legs. But don’t you dare worry about it – I don’t waste it. I always lick that cum right off my fingers. Yummy in my tummy! Fuck, I love cum so much and I would do anything to get it. I mean, if you’ve been reading my blogs or calling me for any amount of time, you already know that to be true.

You should have seen the huge creampie I had the other day. My pussy was so full of multiple loads of cum that literally no more would have fit inside me. I think I got fucked around 11 times that day. My pussy was so sore, but luckily it had those creampies to soothe it. It was a pretty freaking wild day and I’d love to tell you everything the truckers did to me. My God, they really know to treat a dirty whore like me. I am so lucky to have those cocks anytime I want. Let me tell you all about them!

White Trash Phone Sex Silvia

white trash phone sex

I might be the most popular lot lizard down at my local truck stop now, but that’s not how I got my start at being a cum receptacle. No, I was a white trash phone sex slut  a long time before I ever started giving all those truckers their jollies. Back home in the trailer park, I was the most popular whore there once everyone figured out what I was doing with my daddy. Boys and their daddies would come from all over to get a piece of my hot young pussy. I am still, to this day, a legend in my hometown. Lucky you! You can talk to a legend when you call me.

I cannot even tell you how many church parking lots and graveyards I sucked cock in during my nasty teenage years. Oh, and not to mention sucking my daddy’s cock while mommy was at the hospital giving birth to my younger sister. Don’t worry – we made sure to turn her into a whore, too. I’m kinda glad mom abandoned us to go join that religious cult. We didn’t need her anyway! Me and my other siblings turned into damn fine whores and we didn’t even need her.

My Hot Stripper at the Club

hot stripper sex

You know I love being a lot lizard whore, but sometimes I go down to the club for some hot stripper sex. Men everywhere love me, so who am I to deny perverts what they want? They pay big bucks to see me work that pole and then go back to the VIP room for some one-on-one time with me. The people at the club have stopped trying to get me to not have sex with guys back there, but I make them too much money for them to follow through. Well, that and I’ve started fucking the owner at the beginning and end of every night I’m there.

Bending over and twerking in some guy’s face while he slips hundreds in my g-string makes my pussy really freaking wet. I think they like me because I’m easy and I know my freaking way around a dick. You don’t fuck multiple men per day for years without getting really good at working a cock over. I would love to tell you everything about my strip club adventures or anything else you’d love to hear about. Just give me a call and let me work you over the way I work that pole.

On My Period Phone Sex

period phone sex

Some sluts act like they’re too good to take period phone sex calls, but I freaking love them. I’ve always loved fucking while on the rag. And I’m going to be really honest – the guys down at the truck stop don’t give a fuck if my twat is bleeding. In fact, I’ve been told by some of them that they actually prefer it! They’ll fuck me anytime, any way they can. They always tell me they love the feeling of how extra warm and wet my pussy is when I have my period. I guess it really is that special time of the month, right?

Period fucking is hot, but nothing in the world beats having my pussy eaten then! I love just lowering myself onto a warm, wet tongue while the blood just drips right into his mouth. I love giving out those red wings, as they call them. Having a man make me cum on his face and then standing up to see that his cheeks are all bloody and red just makes me want to sit right back down for another orgasm. Do you agree with me? Then I hope you’ll call me so we can get nasty together!

Golden Showers Phone Sex at the Truck Stop

golden showers phone sex

I was down at the truck stop the other day fucking some random trucker I’d never met before and when he was done fucking my cunt, he asked me if I felt like getting extra dirty. You know I always say yes to a question like that, so I asked what he was thinking. He told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. I figured he was just going to tell me to suck his dick and get him hard so he could fuck me again, but that’s not what happened at all!! He started pissing in my mouth.

Other guys had been watching us, like always, and before I knew it there were other guys coming over and just pissing all over me. Some went down my throat, some went on my face, and the rest just went all over me. I was drenched in the piss of at least five different men and it made me so horny. I just grabbed a cock and started sucking it and another one slid right into me from behind. I’d love to talk about this and maybe even your experiences, so call me for golden showers phone sex.

Cock Whore Druggy Phone Sex

druggy phone sex

There are two things I can’t get enough of. That’s cock and drugs. I’ve trained my cunt to appreciate the cock I get when I’m spun. I can take more fucking, and specifically rougher fucking when I’m partying. Do you like getting your cock off with a nasty, no limits fuck slut? I need a guy that knows how to use my junkie holes and how to make me whimper for cum and party favors. My pussy is even addicted to drug-fueled orgies. Do you have the shit I need? Do you have the stamina to keep up with this dirty druggie whore?

I’m in the mood for druggy phone sex, again, as fucking always. I fucking cum so hard when you’re aggressive and straight-up violent with my whore ass. Speaking of, I give up all of my holes much easier when you have some fun treats for this naughty trick. Fuel me, fuck me, use me, fill me, and then we’ll start right over again. You’ve never had a more filthy phone whore to get you off, I swear. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Come and call me up for non-stop nasty phone play now.

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