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Phone Hookers for Hire

hookers for hire

It’s your favorite slut and I’m so fucking horny today. I woke up with my cunt throbbing and it was already soaking wet. So, I did what I had to do and I got out my big black dildo and fucked myself like five times. You are probably wondering what got me into such a randy mood that early in the morning. I got a call yesterday and this guy told me that he was looking for hookers for hire because he had a really raunchy fantasy. I asked him what it was, and I was happy that I did.

He said that he wanted to find me on a street corner and give me a lot of cash to make his fantasy come true. He didn’t want to fuck me himself. He wanted to take me out to a back alley where all the homeless men lived and told them to fuck me. And while they were fucking me, he wanted them to tell me all about how long it had been since they showered, what kind of STD’s they had, and how I was going to help them spread it all around town. Sound like fun to you? 

Cum Dumpster with No Limits

cum dumpster

New year, same fucking cum dumpster here.  You didn’t think I would be making any resolutions to be less of a whore, did you? Fuck no! What I do promise to do, though, is be even more twisted and raunchy than ever. I started fucking on New Year’s Eve and haven’t stopped. I haven’t even been to the trailer park or strip club all year because I’ve been going from truck to truck blowing and fucking every single trucker who passes through. Sometimes more than once if the dick is good. Sometimes even more than one man at a time.

At this point, I think I should just stay here for the rest of January and see the month out with a bang. I wonder how many guys I can fuck this month. I need to start asking the truckers to bring friends with them. I might even start fucking the guys who aren’t truckers when they stop for gas, food, or whatever. Hey, they can get lonely and horny on the road too, even if they aren’t doing a long-haul route. Call me and tell me what you’d say if I walked up to at the truck stop and offered you this cunt.

Drunk Phone Sex Bimbo

drunk phone sex

Let’s get fucking wasted and have drunk phone sex, baby! I know you will be more open and loosened up if you’ve had a couple drinks and that’s when the phone fucking goes to a whole new level. I don’t need to be loosened up and I think you know that if you’ve read any of my blogs. But I’m willing to drink up in solidarity with you. What’s your drink of choice? I want to know what makes you feel good, so you will let your guard down. Then, I know I can make you feel really fucking good.

Listen…I know you have some fantasies that are so far out there that you don’t think anyone will want to even hear about them, much less weave together a fantasy and help you jerk off. But baby, you’ve never met a whore quite like me. I’m famous for doing anything and everything to make a man shoot a hot load of jizz. I don’t care what it is. I just get so excited when you are turned on that I reach right down between my legs and rub one out, too. Come on. Don’t keep me waiting, lover! Let’s play!

Trailer Trash Whore Party

trailer trash whore

You might know that I frequent the strip club and truck stop, but what you might not realize about me is that I’m also a trailer trash whore. I was born in the trailer park (literally – mama couldn’t stop sucking cock long enough to go to the hospital) and that is where I remain to this day. I love having parties at the trailer. And by parties, I mean that I love having men from all over stop by to fuck me and use me in whatever way they want to. Any hole for as long as they want to.

If you want to know which hole that I prefer, well, I guess it just depends on the day you catch me. Today? I’m in the mood to get my asshole fucked nice and hard. More than once. By cocks that are so big they barely fit inside me. Obviously, I want to be fucked in my cunt and down my throat, too so don’t worry if that’s the hole you choose. Do you want to help me be a nasty trailer park skank? I’m ready to be jizzed onto, into, and I want you to be the one to do it!

Lot Lizard Sex for the Holidays

lot lizard sex

My truckers get pretty lonely sometimes during the holidays and that’s why I always love going down for some extra lot lizard sex during this time of year. I just got back from a long night of fucking and wow; they really tore my pussy all the way up. I am so horny right now, but my cunt is so sore, and I want to save it for when you call me so I can masturbate right along with you. I don’t know how many guys fucked me overnight, but at one point, there was a train going on and at least 15 guys in a row plowed me.

Is it any wonder my pussy is tender? But you know, it’s a fucking great kind of pain. Looking down and seeing my swollen cunt lips and the cum that’s still oozing out of me really makes me fucking happy. Do you want to help me relive the events of the night? Let me tell you everything that happened and then maybe you’ll tell me what you’d like to do to me. Just get on the phone and give me a call and let me be your nasty little lot lizard whore.

Drunk Phone Sex Party

drunk phone sex

You haven’t lived until you’ve had some fun with this horny drunk phone sex slut! Listen, I love getting loaded and going down to the truck stop to play with all my favorite fuck buddies. I don’t have to be drunk to fuck them. That’s not why I do it. I don’t know…it just always feels better when I have booze running through my veins. I’m not picky – I’ll drink anything because drunk fucking is the shit! Not that I would ever say no to anything, but I do tend to get a little wilder when I’ve had a few shots.

If you could get a woman drunk and get her to do whatever you want – who would it be and what would you be doing with her? I bet it involves butt sex. It ALWAYS involves butt sex. Maybe you not only want to fuck her in the ass, but once you’re done with her and you’ve shot your load in her butt, you want her to clean your cock off. Fuck yes! Honey, if she won’t do it, I will! I love licking my ass juices mixed with cum off a man’s cock. You game? Let’s play, you dirty fucker!

Silvia’s Cum Dumpster Extravaganza

cum dumpster

During the holiday season, I like to open my cunt even more than I normally do. I usually have a night down at the truck stop called “Silvia’s Cum Dumpster Extravaganza” and men come from near and far to get a piece of me. It’s almost like the wise men coming to bring baby Jesus gifts, except dirtier. I love it when man after man fucks me and fills me up with their fucking glorious cum. It’s really the only holiday gift I want or need. By the end of this night every year, I am a tired, sticky mess and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s not just my cunt that gets filled up with that delicious man-juice. My mouth and my dirty little asshole get their fair share of it, too. I mean, there are a lot of men and just one hole wouldn’t be nearly enough to satisfy all of them at my party. I bet you’re wishing right now that you could be a guest, aren’t you? Well, listen…if you call me right now, we’ll get so dirty that you will swear you were there. Let’s do it now before I get started without you!

Hardcore Anal Sex Phone Slut

hardcore anal sex

Let me tell you something, baby! I am into many things that “normal” women aren’t into and one of my favorites is hardcore anal sex. Listen – there is no better feeling, in my expert opinion than having a big dick just spread your ass cheeks apart and plow itself balls deep into your shitter. I love how it feels when my ass is stuffed full of dick. But you know, sometimes just one dick isn’t enough. Any woman can take a cock in her pussy and another in her ass at the same time. But how often do you meet one who can take two at the same time in her ass?

I guess that’s one thing that should tell you that I’m not like other women. I fucking love having men take pics of my gaping asshole after they fuck me, and both shoot loads in me. I swear, I can cum just from looking at those pics. If you have a fantasy about fucking a woman in the ass and ripping her open, call me. I will talk to you about that all day long and I won’t fake any orgasms while we’re talking about it. I won’t have to because it makes me so fucking horny and wet.

Cum Guzzling Slut Silvia

cum guzzling slut

This time of year is amazing for a cum guzzling slut like me because men are always way more generous with their cum and their money. Down at the strip club, instead of dollar bills, men start slipping bigger bills in my g-string while I’m shaking my titties in their faces. And you know when the hundreds start coming out, I’m going to take them back to the private room for way more than a lap dance. That turns me into a cock sucking cum slut and let me just tell you that once men find that out about me, I always have way more cum than a girl could ever want.

Well, unless you’re me. There could NEVER be enough jizz for me. I will always take a dick down my throat. I don’t care how sore my jaw gets. The guys at the club and down at the truck stop know that if they want to shoot a load in my mouth or even on my face, I’m going to be down for it. You should hear about how many I took last Christmas! Oh, that was a fucking fantastic cum filled day that was. And yet I need and want more.

Fisting Whore Cum Slut

fisting whore

Would you like to know what I am that I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be? I’m a fisting whore. Oh, and not just my pussy. That’s not really that impressive, if you ask me. Cunts stretch. When it comes to fisting, I like mine to be of the anal variety and most men are pretty surprised by that. I can’t even explain to you how good it feels when a man starts to slide his lubed-up hand into my asshole. Sure, the first time I got my ass fisted, it didn’t quite feel as good as it does now, but I got used to it in no time. I’m a determined little slut when it comes to achieving my sexual quests and I never run out of men or women who want to stretch my shithole with their fists. 

What position would you like to put me in while you push that balled-up fist inside my shitter? Do you want me on my back with my legs spread wide open, or would you rather me bend over so you can really get some leverage and get it all the way in? Fuck, I’m getting hot just thinking about it. I have the lube and I’m ready for you!

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