Cum Dumpster with No Limits

cum dumpster

New year, same fucking cum dumpster here.  You didn’t think I would be making any resolutions to be less of a whore, did you? Fuck no! What I do promise to do, though, is be even more twisted and raunchy than ever. I started fucking on New Year’s Eve and haven’t stopped. I haven’t even been to the trailer park or strip club all year because I’ve been going from truck to truck blowing and fucking every single trucker who passes through. Sometimes more than once if the dick is good. Sometimes even more than one man at a time.

At this point, I think I should just stay here for the rest of January and see the month out with a bang. I wonder how many guys I can fuck this month. I need to start asking the truckers to bring friends with them. I might even start fucking the guys who aren’t truckers when they stop for gas, food, or whatever. Hey, they can get lonely and horny on the road too, even if they aren’t doing a long-haul route. Call me and tell me what you’d say if I walked up to at the truck stop and offered you this cunt.

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