Silvia’s BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

Baby, you know a truck stop lot lizard like me has all kinds of BBC sex stories. I am and always have been a size queen, so I have fucked and sucked a lot of black cocks. It seems like a lot of truckers are black guys with huge dongs, so I reap the rewards of their long, lonely drives a lot. Pretty much every single day. I mean, it’s the least I can do for these fine men, who do their best to make sure our country is supplied with everything we need. Bending over and taking those massive chocolate cocks is just my contribution to show my appreciation.

I love it when they shoot their loads in my cunt. It’s always gaping wide open when they are done with me, and I love watching it all drip out of me. But sometimes another BBC is buried balls deep inside me before the load even has a chance to start leaking out. Then I get to watch a double load ooze out of my pussy while I suck another big black cock. Do you want to hear more about my love of big black dicks? Perhaps your share my feelings for them. 

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    • Darron on June 3, 2022 at 12:35 pm
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    Glad to see that you appreciate that BBC, sweetheart, because mine is huge.

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