I’m your cum dumpster

Cum dumpster

I am so fucking wet. I need somebody that can make me cum right now. I need someone to tell me all the nasty things they want to do to my wet tight cunt! Tell me you wanna shove your face into my pussy. That you wanna suck and fuck both my holes with your tongue. Tell me that you are gonna force your rock hard cock into the back of my throat. Make me gag on it over and over. Cause tears to run down my face because it hurts to have your prick that far down my mouth. Talk to me about how you are gonna shove that shaft into my tight wet snatch. How you’re gonna fuck me so hard I beg you to stop. Don’t stop tho. I want you to tell me how much of a cum dumpster I am. How I’m your dirty little slut kitten. I want you to make me cum as you force your cock back into my mouth. Then, I want you to squirt your hot juices into my throat. Hold my head there until you are done. Yes, that’s what I want. Tell me I’m your’s baby

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