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Fucking Her Husband

Trailer trash whoreWell, my new neighbor is officially going to be referred to as “Big Dick Bill”. I got an official reveal yesterday. With the shutdown, Bill’s been home a lot while his wife, luckily still gets to leave and work. Bill worked at a warehouse and right now is furloughed for the time being. So he goes out most of the day on the little wooden steps to his trailer, chaining smoking and looking for free pussy on his phone while the wife is away. I would know because I came across his profile while I was looking for a good lay. I laughed when I saw him come up on my phone and walked outside and shouted at him and pointed to my phone. He laughed, came over, and simple said “Wanna fuck?”. Within minutes we were on my couch naked with me between his knees sucking his big 9-inch cock. He wasn’t gentle either, he fucked my face as hard as he could like his life depended on it. Then grabbed me up by my blonde hair and bent me over the couch and without asking rammed his cock hard into my ass. I loved every minute of it! I thought for sure he would come in my ass when he asked me if I was on birth control. I told him no and he proceeded to put his cock in my wet pussy and cum all up inside me! My guess is “Big Dick Bill” likes to live dangerously.

My Weekend As The Orgy Sex Slave

Orgy phone sexI’ve been hired from the club to do a lot of outside work but one time I was hired to be a sex slave for this guy. He was throwing a huge party with some very special guests. It was sex pretty much 24/7 at least for me. My job was to always be fucking or sucking, a few other girls shared this task too, to keep us going he would give up blow so we could be his mindless fuck whores all week. It was great I just did what I do best, see a cock do anything he wants to get him hard. I fucked more dicks in the one weekend than I normally did in about a month regularly. Yea it swirled together a bit but it’s hard to forget pimping out all of your holes without a care in the world. Guys would come and go as they please each one fucking me hard and raw! Which was the best part for me, I love when I’m done raw and with a group just makes it even better. I hope I get invited to another orgy soon I would love to be a slave all over again.

Truck Stop Bathroom Becomes My Little Corner

Prostitution pornSo they got these new restrictions and I didn’t feel like waiting in a line outside my local beverage store just to grab some booze. So I went to one of those run-down gas stations that all the truckers stop at. Cause it’s got the essentials perfect for overnight parking and got a supply of booze, not high end but it will give you the booze you need. Well, I was only smoking near the bathroom and getting a lot of looks from these truckers coming in and out. Then it hit me there is one essential service this truck stop wasn’t offering. There weren’t any truck stop hookers anywhere. By the looks of these men they desperately need one. I was just in sweats and a baggy shirt but they still had raging boners. So the next guy who came along I offered him a quickie if he’d pay a good price. He pulled out a few twenties and while I stuffed them in my bag I pulled him into the bathroom. The smell of piss and sticky floors didn’t stop me from getting on my knees and sucking on his hard cock. He was already leaking precum before I had a chance to get him in my mouth. It tasted good though licking it off the tip and using my tongue to rub it all over this head. It’s a small bathroom so after sucking him off, I just bent over that gross toilet and let him fuck me from behind until he blew his load inside me. As he was leaving I told him to get the word out that there was a new truck stop whore setting up shop during these troubled times to take care of our horny truckers.

Bored Quarantined Whore

Fisting whore I’ve gone from gangbangs being a normal occurrence being fuck good and hard almost day to actually having to look for hook-ups. Everyone is home, my regulars from the clubs having a hard time getting away to meet me. My pussy is aching for pounding, I missed big fat dicks destroying my pussy almost daily. I was thinking about while playing with my pussy about how I need something bigger than my fingers and little toys. Then it hit me. Do you know what my pussy doesn’t get a lot of? A good hard fisting! It’s in no way a remedy but it certainly was interesting and felt good as hard. I slowly inserted my fist inside me, moving my hips, it was big then my toys and felt so good to stretch myself. Before I knew it I was punching in and out of myself until I made myself squirt right there on the couch. It was the best thing I had done by myself in a while.

Cheap Phone Sex With A Whore Who Can’t Get Enough

Cheap phone sexI always want dick, I can’t remember a time I turned dick down. Obviously I’m not always surrounded by cock especially now that people are keeping their distance and the club is closed. So being a cheap phone sex whore is the next best thing for me. I still get to get men off which I love, and play with my pussy until it’s sore all night long! I got several toys and porn queued up and ready to go. I love getting my sheets soaked with my pussy juices when a guy makes me squirt again and again. I’m more than happy to be the outlet you need for all that pent up frustration, I know a thing or two about draining balls. So let me tire you out tonight and empty those big swollen balls we are all stuck at home what else are we going to do?

Dumb Blonde Whore

Blonde phone sexYa, I may not be very smart but I know how to please a man. Most guys if they are being honest rather a woman who knows how to be quiet and take his dick anyway he wants it. I don’t need to be smart to fuck, just need my tight wet pussy and knowledge that I offer a service he can’t always get at home. I’ve fucked so many married guys it’s gotten kind of crazy. Guess some women stop trying thinking a steady pussy is enough. Ha! Guys don’t come to me just cause I’m a taste of strange, they come to get off and do things they can’t to their stupid wives. Oh bet I’m pretty sure they would love to hold those nagging bitches down and make them choke on their cocks. But these days men face financial ruin if the “mistreat” their delicate wives, it’s easier to just pay me and do whatever they want to me. I don’t care it’s a win-win for the both of us

Uncle’s Taboo Whore

Taboo phonesexWhile most of my family turned their backs on me when I gave up a cushy life to live as a trailer trash whore, my Uncle Greg never did. He came over and told me he always knew the moment I got a taste for cock I would need it more and more. In fact, he confessed he had always wanted to give me a bit of an introduction when I was little but always chickened out. I asked him to show me what he would have done back then if he did do it. So he took out his cock and pushed my head down. He started guiding me, pumping his cock up into my mouth. Telling me what a cute little blonde girl I was and how I made my Uncle’s cock rock hard. He reached down and started to play with my pussy. Then he got up and pushed me down and got behind me and shoved his hard cock into my ass. Reaching around and grabbing my neck and pulling me up to him. Fucking me hard while whispering all the dirty and nasty things he had always wanted to do to me when I would visit him when I was younger until he filled my ass up with cum. When he finished he told me he would be popping by to visit me from time to time, since I was now an easy access whore.

Gangbang In The Trailer Park

Gangbang WhoreThe guy next door to me is always begging for me to come be the entertainment at some of his parties. I assumed he just wanted me to strip for his friends while they all got plaster until they couldn’t walk straight. So normally I turn him down. I strip at work, in my off time I like to entertain with my mouth and pussy. Finally, I gave in he said a lot of his guy friends were excited to meet me, and I figured one of them would probably want to fuck at least. Apparently all of them did. I walked into his trailer on a circle jerk, all of them had their dicks out jerking off while they waited for me to arrive. Turns out he did want me for my other ways of entertainment, I was on my knees sucking off their cock while they grabbed me and touched anywhere they wanted. Soon I had three dicks plugging up each of my holes and more rubbing all against me. I was their gangbang cum dump for them to use all night. They fucked me hard and there never seemed to be a moment I didn’t have more than one cock in me at a time. I didn’t even bother with who was who and just let them use me.  He told them all that I was the best little trailer park whore around, and I did my best to live up to that gracious title. Not sure where the time went but I stumbled home some time at 4 am covered, filled, and dripping with cum.

My First BBC

BBC Sex StoriesI lived a sheltered life for most of it. When I started on my own with the only fuck in my life being a boy from my home town that I married I had no idea what I was missing out on. But I was getting hornier, and hornier that I was desperate for more. I remember the day I went to the park I had already cheated once and I said I wouldn’t do it again but obviously that would be a lie. I was sitting on a bench, feeling my panties wet and the strong need to fuck. A guy was jogging through the park and stopped to take a breather by me. The sweat pants he was wearing left little to the imagination as I can quite visibly see the outline of his cock. Some of my girlfriends had mentioned blacks cocks tend to be bigger and better but I hadn’t really thought about it or had the chance to test it out for myself. Before I knew it I had walked up to him and grab his cock, he didn’t stop me. In fact, he pulled his sweat down to let me see it. I followed him into one of the public bathrooms and hopped up on the sink and took my first BBC. He lasted much longer than I was used to and it felt so good to be stretched I didn’t want it to stop. Afterward while walking home my pussy was full of cum. I knew there was no way I could just be someone’s housewife, I was a whore and I’ve never looked back.

Nasty And Wet Pissing Fun

Pissing phone sexYes, I’m a nasty little cum slut. Willing to do anything and everything that gets that cock rock hard. I’ve been on my knees in the dirtiest late-night gas station bathroom taking piss to my face to so a guy would fuck me. Before he would even let me have some of his big 9’ inch cock I can to show him that I was a nasty little bitch. He wanted to fuck my ass and get it covered with my own filth and then show it down my throat and make me clean it before busting his nut all over my chest. I do anything to prove I’m the nastiest little cock slut around for any cock. I’m a cesspool of filth and not ashamed of it at all. I became a nasty whore by choice no one had to force me into it, I take what I can get and most of the time I can get it all!

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