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On My Knees For BBC

BBC Phone SexThere is an unspoken agreement among a lot of us girls that BBC is the best. When a guy whips out his big black cock for me my instincts put me on my knees. My pussy drips when he slaps me in the face with it and teases me. I crave the soreness from him driving his cock so far down my throat I almost suffocate. Some of my best cock whore experiences have been because of a BBC. Having one stretch my holes is a memorable experience that isn’t easily forgotten and now that I think about it’s worth retelling. Maybe if I’m asked very nicely I’ll share some more in-depth details about my experience with big black cocks.

The Backdoor Is Always Open

Anal cum dumpsterI always want a guy to cum inside me at least once, but that doesn’t mean I’m trying to get knocked up. Not at all I do to much partying for that. No I want to be bent over on all fours with your cock deep in my ass when you explode. My ass is a true cum dump in fact it’s filled with cum right now! I liked to be filled with cum and then have you go right back to fucking my pussy or make me clean you cock off with my mouth. I’m dirty, I don’t care anything to keep that cock hard and give me more of what I want. My asshole is used to being stretched so no need to be gentle to ram me hard and blow as many loads of cum you want until those balls have nothing else to give.

Blonde Stripper Wants To Devour Your Cum

Stripper sex storiesYou knew the moment I came on the stage exactly what I was. My blonde hair was a mess, my clothes haphazardly on, and in less than a minute I was naked, unlike the other girls who take a bit more time. You knew I wasn’t on stage for the money, I was advertising my body cause after the show I’m looking to party. Just another whore off the streets looking to be used. Now your cock is aching to get me alone, it’s obvious I’m not a nice girl. I’m the girl you get to fuck and abuse any way you want. Throw a hundred at me and I’m just a cheap whore that considers a mouth full of cum a tip. When I see that hungry look in your eyes I’m aware in about twenty minutes I’ll be on all fours performing a whole different job for you. I’ll meet you in the back really soon.

Keeping My Pussy Cream Filled

Creampie slutI’m such a slut, can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a cum filled pussy almost all day. I just crave load after load, the feel of sticky hot cum dripping between my thighs. As long as the cock is big and ready I want it deep inside me. Hell just the other day while I was out on my break before my next shift at the club I was smoking near a street corner when a guy recognized me. He offered me a hundred bucks if I let him creampie me. Ha! Would have just done it for free, but I won’t say no to free money. We went right behind the alley and I just hitched up my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and let him go to town. His big dick rammed my pussy fast and hard until he busted his nut, he slid that hundred into my bra and went on his way. And me I fixed my skirt and me and my cum filled panties went off to the club.

A Whore Can Get Anything For Free

Trailer trash whoreI know what a lot of people think when they see me. Just another skanky blonde stumbling out of the trailer park. They aren’t exactly wrong, yea I might not live in a big fancy house or have a nice new car but I also don’t really pay for my car or where I live. I’ve made alternative arrangements because I’m willing to do the things those stuck up bitches won’t do. They think I’m a dumb whore, but why should I pay for things that a simple blowjob every once in a while can get me. My landlord comes over once a month and treats me like a dirty whore, slaps me around and fucks each of my holes any way he wants and then leaves. And you know what I love it, just means I can spend my money on blow and x and live my life with less restrictions. If I want something it’s not hard to find a dirty pervert of a man who’s desperate for the right dirty little whore to make his fantasy come true. To be his porn star for just a few hours. So in the end I always come out on top, fucking and sucking making sure the party doesn’t ever stop!

After Work GangBang

Gangbang WhoreSo how does that saying go? “A whores job is never done…” well of course it isn’t, I know that better than any woman with a sore cunt between her legs. I don’t just spend most of the day sliding up and down a pole, I spend most of my time on some sort of a pole. Just can’t help myself there are so many men who just need a good slut to come around and just let them go to town. Just after my shift at the club today I met a fun group of men who were out celebrating a buddies promotion. I wouldn’t be a very good whore if I didn’t help them celebrate in the best way possible! By letting them fuck my holes again and again, stuffing my mouth with cock, double penetrating me all at once. Wasn’t done until I was covered and dripping in jizz. After that hard fuck you think I would be exhausted but nope. I’m energized and looking for some more cock to play with.

Blonde Fucking Stripper

blonde fucking

Blonde fucking is my Bosses favorite thing to do. He owns the club I strip at and has a thing for tight young blondes. I love getting to entertain him in his home. I’m a dirty slut and when his wife is working at the club I sneak over to their place and fuck my boss into a fucking trance of cum load spewing elation. I’m so fucking good at milking guys that I use it to my advantage. Fuck having a boyfriend! Strippers like me are too prime for boyfriends, we have lovers that spoil us and put us up in our own places. I learned this from my stripper mentor and she has sugar daddies galore! I aspire to be as fucking slick as she is and I am the stripper slut you fucking wank to all the time, and now you need to put my sweet voice to the wanking and my dirty little stripper mouth will drain your wallet, and those big hairy balls. It’s so fucking ht to finally be here and able to fuck men over the phone and get paid. I know I am going o love this as much as I do stripping! Let’s get it on!

Period phone sex

period phone sexI know some girls get their time of the month and they do not feel like having a lot of hot and wet sex. They seem like little pussy ass bitches to me. I am on my rag and I am still horny as ever. I find some nasty guys that would love to play and fuck and down give a fuck if I have a bloody little pussy. I jumped back on the bed and pulled out my blood tampon. I gave him my bloody tampon to suck into his mouth. He was tasting every inch of my pussy juice and blood all over it. I spread my bloody pussy and grabbed his thick cock and rubbed it up against my pussy lips.

I took that cock moving in between my pussy lips, using my period blood as lube. It was going all around my pussy and I was getting so hot and horny for his fat cock. I started to push his fat bloody covered cock inside of me. He rammed himself deep and hard into my pussy and made blood clots gush out of my pussy with each thrust. I opened my legs wide open and invited him inside of me. He cock went deep inside my pussy. I can not wait to get cum and period blood all over myself.

I need that cum juice inside of my pussy hole. I am going to keep fucking with my bloody period pussy.

Phone sex sluts

phone sex slutsYou know, some people either got it or they don’t. The majority of women are slut. What it comes down to though is if someone is a good slut or a bad slut. No one likes a tease. I am a slut that is willing to give it up and get a fat cock in me, whenever I see one in site. I am hanging out with some girl friends, getting some lunch. They are flirting with the waiter, showing him their cleavage and licking their lips. I think their attempts are kind pathetic. He wants something that is actually worth his time.

I excuse myself from the table to go to the bathroom. On my way there I snag our sexy waiter and tug him into the bathroom. I push him up against the wall and start undoing his pants. He needs someone that will actually take this fat cock out of these pants. I start to spit all over that cock, lubing it up with my saliva. Getting on my hands and knees and eagerly suck him into my mouth and against my tongue. I stand back up though because I am going to jerk him off with all of my holes.

I bend over and grab the sink and guide his cock into my from behind. He starts ramming himself hard in and out of me. I can feel his cock needing to explode. I take him out and get on my hands and knees and rub that cock all over my face and tits. His cum starts spraying out of his cock and coating me with his warm juice. Yum, that was good. Now I can go back to my table and show those dumb bitches how it is done.

Blonde fucking

blonde fuckingAlthough I am usually a really nasty bitch like ninety nine point nine percent, sometimes it is fun to just get a cock stuffed into me. I had the best blonde fuck the other day. I took that cock and started slurping it into my mouth, twirling my tongue all around it and tasting that sticky warm pre cum on my taste buds. It was making my pussy so wet taking him further into my mouth with each thrust. His balls and cock were covered completely in my saliva. I made that dick sticky!

It drove me crave and made my pussy start to leak down to my knees. I begged him to put his cock inside my pussy. He pulled my knees apart and made me straddle his cock and get on top of his throbbing hard thick dick. I sat on that cock taking him balls deep inside my pussy hole. I bounced up and down that fat cock, letting him stretch me open. I can feel that cock swelling up with cum inside of me. I love that thick cock bouncing in and out of me. I started to squirt all over that cock and could not control soaking it in my pussy juice.

I hop off that cock and get to sucking it clean. That cock is gushing pre cum into my mouth the more I suck it. I am going to drain his balls and make him explode a fat load out of his swollen cock head. I stretch my mouth over his cock and beat him off begging for him to bust in my mouth and let my drink down his hot cum. As long as I get a cock I am happy. I am going to be sucking his cock all day.

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