Trailer Trash Voyeurism

Trailer Trash Whore

I love when I get voyeur phone sex callers. People who are just as obsessed with rough fucking and perverted thoughts as I am. They don’t just love participating, but they get super horny just by watching. I can’t help being a voyeur, sex is always on my mind. One of my favorite things about living in the trailer park is how close the community is. I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard the phrase when the trailer is rocking don’t come knocking. I love going outside and seeing my neighbors’ trailers tremble. Sometimes I’ll even take a lap around to hear the hot sound of skin slapping and filthy moans. It gets me just so hot and bothered, that I’ll sit outside in my lawn chair playing with my abused cunt, hoping to catch a few voyeurs of my own. There’s no shame on my lot, and everyone knows what a useable whore I am. 

Last week I was taking out my trash as usual when I overheard my neighbors going at it again. A thought occurred to me. I hiked up my jean skirt to show off my black lace garter and knocked on their door. I had let the husband run through me quite a few times, always leaving me covered in a thick layer of hot cum. I knew he loved how desperate I was for a big cock, so his frustration turned to joy when he opened the door. I told him I had heard the commotion and I wanted to be a good neighbor and lend a hand, or two. I joined the couple in the bedroom and before I knew it the whole neighborhood was probably peaking through their blinds. I greedily hogged his cock as she watched from the edge of the bed, but I eventually learned to share his huge throbbing dick. Let me tell you when Becky’s trailer is rocking, you are always welcome to start knocking. 

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