My name is Becky and I am not just any whore, I am a newly addicted whore! You see I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was a spoiled brat and I knew it. My daddy gave his princess whatever she wanted and the boys I grew up with, I would not even give the time of day to. I was unobtainable, pure as the driven snow, sweet 16 never been kissed, and yes I married a man and I was still a virgin. Now I only married him because my Daddy approved. Once I felt a cock inside of me, something raw happened. I was unaware of just how powerful being fucked really was! Not much time passed before I was needing something more. Something this rich and vanilla man could not give me. That is when I found the internet had so much dirty and perverted hardcore porn sites. I was looking at men with huge cocks, women being tied up and left for hours to cum and cum again. I wanted to be them. I finally put an advertisement online, and before I knew it, I had multiple strange men coming to my house while the hubby was at work, fucking me every which way. In my ass, in my mouth and double cocking my cunt! I was in heaven and I had never been so hungry before! I packed my shit and left that boring small dick loser and found a job where I can get all the dick I need. You can find me wrapped around a stripper pole giving lap dances to sweaty and dirty old men, or you can call me here! Trust me, I will want your cock all night long!
~Gang Bang Whore Becky

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