Trailer Trash Becky Fucks Married Men

trailer trash whore

At this point, more than half the cock I get is some married guy who needs a whore a lot more than he needs a wife. I don’t mind it, I don’t want a prince charming much rather have a man who just desires my body than some guy who wants someone to care for his house. Let his trophy wife do the boring shit. I’m just the trailer trash whore he calls up for a good time. That he sneaks over to right after work coming to my trashy low-class trailer to fuck my wet stripper pussy until he loads it up with his cum before driving home to the suburbs. So far I haven’t run into any of these wives who are brave enough to confront me fucking their husbands. I know they know cause I like to leave the occasional love mark in places that are quite hard to hide from someone so close to you. It’s my own little power move, cause I don’t give a fuck about some paper, or someone’s vows. My pussy loves married men and that’s all I can about. I’m a girl that spreads her legs and reaps the benefits of fucking married cock with no strings attached. Just the way a whore likes it.

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    • sal on September 14, 2022 at 2:51 am
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    Becky you are so nasty. I love it

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