Backseat Anal Lot lizard sex

Bent over and porked by a big black cock in the back seat on a side road was absolutely not what I was expecting when I took this most recent Lot lizard sex session, but it’s what I got. He wasn’t interested in my soaked pussy either, no he had an idea and he wasn’t going to let it go. His hands clapped onto my thick ass, squeezing hard and prying my bouncy cheeks apart so he could get at my stretched and ready asshole. His cock was lubed up and ready, and I was peering back at him from over my shoulder with as much surprise as embarrassment at the sudden unannounced decision. Here I’d been ready for a fucking but not the kind where he has to slowly push in and separate my asshole from its ready to be clenching natural state. “Oh, fuck yes!” I heard him groan as he slipped in, he was ready for Hot stripper sex. His slippery tip poked its way far deeper while he rocked himself and I focused on controlling my ass just right to give him a constant, valuable, lovable tightness and pressure that would create a story for him to remember. Anal isn’t something you do on a whim, it’s an experience without standard, an art form that changes every time and never really hits the same. Anal is a practice with a goal and a slippery, spunk-filled prize if you do it right. Anal can be so much better than fucking my whore cunt, but it all depends on how ready you are for an unfamiliar ride that’s just as strong and curvy as an old friend but with an all-new personality you’d never recognize. I was ready for ass busting, spunk pushing, anal creampie sex, was he? The cum in my Cum dumpster ass says yes.

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