New Trailer Neighbor

Trailer trash whore

I was sitting out topless in a lawn chair when the new couple pulled up to move into the trailer adjacent to mine. A younger couple, so I assume first place together but the guy just would not stop staring at me. Hardly even tried to hide it from his little girlfriend who was clearly upset with me shirtless in the middle of the day. She was too much of a pussy to say something though, and she better get used to it. It’s a trailer park not some kind of ritzy apartment. As I continued my tanning I could see the blinds moving occasionally over at their trailer I know it was them. Secretly hoped it was the guy, such a power trip to know my tits can be so alluring. 

After about an hour of peek-a-boo from the blinds, I hear their back door open and watch him sliding out trying to be quiet. Jogging over to me, he was all red and nervous. Not really sure he even had a plan. I like them young and stupid, which means they’re easy. He asked me if this was a regular thing for me, and I simply told him I’m a stripper and this is cheaper than a spray tan. His dick was noticeably growing, and I just smiled. “Wanna come inside?” giving him the let’s fuck grin. All he could do was nod while quickly glancing over at his place. 

We got into my trailer and he said we had to be quick. I just told him to take his dick out and shut up as I pushed him down onto my couch. Climbing on top of his young hard cock, letting it plunge into my wet cunt and started to fuck him. I was loud and vocal sure to make sure everyone knows I was certainly fucking. He busted so fast inside me the whole thing was over in less than five minutes. He promised me next time he’ll show me what he can really do when his girl isn’t home. I just smiled and gave him a kiss while showing him the door.

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