The whole neighborhood thinks I am a tramp – and they’re right! Fuck anyone who can’t understand that a girl like me is all about getting some hard cock wherever and whenever I want. I don’t understand these stupid bitches that walk around all frigid like their pussies don’t get wet when a man looks them up and down. I never miss an opportunity to give the guys a show. Fuck, I’d strip for free, so the money is just a cherry on top of this slutty cake. My body is tight, my cunt even tighter, and my lips could suck the chrome off a bumper. That’s the way I was raised and I am not about to pretend to act “right”. I don’t give a shit if I never meet your mother – Fuck her too. I ain’t looking to be a little diva who pretends sucking your cock in the front seat of your pickup truck is bad. I will climb right on your lap and honk the horn with my ass while I bounce up and down on your fuckstick.

If you’re in the mood for some wild fun, with a girl who can deliver, you’ve got the right page. My phone sex line rings on the nasty side! I love to exchange dirty pics and I know my place as your dirty little whore. I love a strong man who can move my body around like a fucking ragdoll. Make me do things those other girls just won’t do. Let me inside your head and I will suck up every drop of your sweet release. Cum and take what you want from me. Make me your cum dumpster! I will never say no. Unless you ask me to be a “lady”…. As I only know how to be a tramp. My mama taught me that. Call me for your dirty phone sex needs, just remember I am a no limits kinda whore.

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