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Dirty phone sex with Sybil

I love some good nasty, dirty phone sex. I’m a nasty whore and I’m always ready for a good fucking. I have never had a better fuck than when I’m doing anal sex. I partially remember this one night, I was drunk, and a few guys I met at the bar came back to the trailer with me.

                We were squished up in my tin can of a home, but like I have said in the past, it’s just enough room for a queen size mattress. All three of the guys got on every side of me. I had no idea what I was in store for. These guys were so rough, even from the start. They spanked my ass, smacked me on the tits, and hit me in the face a few times with their hard dicks. I loved the attention.

                One guy grabbed me and threw me on the bed again with my ass up in the air. They positioned me to their liking. My arms were being held down, so I was not able to help spread my cheeks apart. I felt my ass spread wide and my asshole gaping wide. The guy directly behind me spit on my ass before he stuck his long, thick shaft inside me. He was rough, and shoved it directly in. I started to scream, but another guy covered my mouth.

                They raped my ass for what seemed like hours before I was covered in cum. Luckily, I’m a damn cum whore and can’t get enough of it. I love to eat it and I love the taste!

Dirty phone sex

Hot stripper sex with slutty Sybil

Hot stripper sex

I know this is a huge fantasy for some of you, so tonight we’ll make it a reality. Hot stripper sex is what we’ll get in to. I’ll meet you on the corner and you can take me to the alleyway. You can treat me like the dirty nasty slut I am, and I’ll give you a ton of prostitution porn for future references.

                I’m wearing a tiny halter top that hardly covers my tits and nipples, along with a black leather microskirt. You can tell by my cum covered top and skirt, and my ripped up fishnet stockings, that I’ve been fucking like a white trash whore all night long. You almost ask yourself if you should be taking advantage of me in this state, but then you laugh to yourself since you know I deserve to be treated like this.

                I get into your backseat so I can get fucked like never before. The backseat is small, but we squish in there anyways. You unzip your pants and pull out your already hard dick. I lay on my back and spread my legs as much as I can, as you go on top of me and jam your cock inside me. You are not gentle with me in the least.

                The fucking feels amazing and then you turn me over on all fours. I stick my ass out in the air as much as I can. You stick your cock in my asshole and fuck me so hard. I can hear you grunting and grabbing me harder. You pull out of my ass and spray your hot cum all over my ass cheeks.

Trailer trash whore

Trailer trash whore

I’m a nasty bitch and your next trailer trash whore. When I was younger, I had vanilla sex, until I got with one of my neighbors. He taught me things I never even heard of, and now they are part of my regular sexual schedule. I find that I’m looser when I’m a trashy drunk girl, too.

                I’m a no-taboo kind of girl, so there’s nothing I won’t do. If I’m hesitant, just continue to get me drunk. I would love a sexy gangbang in my trailer and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. Give me a group of five or six men and I’ll tell you what I would imagine.

                Rip off my clothes with random hands reaching for and groping every part of my body. Throw me on the bed and shove your cock in my mouth. I don’t care if I’m gagging or choking; make me drool and slobber everywhere. While I’m being face fucked, manhandle me while you are smacking me in the face, ass and tits. After a few moments, I look down and my skin is bright red.

                Before I know it, cocks are being shoved into every free hole I have open. My arms are being held so I can’t get away or squirm away. I had no idea I could be fucked so hard and deep before. I have a cock in my pussy and up my asshole, and I’m screaming from being torn apart.

                After a few minutes I feel my body cum and squirt, and it feels like it’ll never stop coming. I’m thrown down on the bed again and every man shoots his sperm all over my body and face. I hold my mouth open to catch and eat as much as my belly will hold.

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore

I’m such a dirty little slut and a huge anal sex whore. I love all sex in general, but anal is by far my favorite. I think that’s what makes me an even sluttier little bitch. There is no greater orgasm than the one I get from a good anal pounding. I get my ass fucked way more than my pussy nowadays. I have all kinds of toys like anal plugs that vibrate and huge dildos, but nothing beats an actual warm, hard dick.

                I love getting in doggie style for you with my head down and ass up in the air. I reach my hands around to my ass so I can grab each cheek and then spread them wide apart. I love showing everyone my tight asshole that puckers. The way it looks, you know it’s ready for some penetration.

                Start with some vibrating anal plugs. I especially love the one that has a tail. Shove it in and out of my ass until its just an open, gaping hole. That is how you know that I’m ready for your dick finally, and I’m on my knees, begging for it.

Freaky phone sex

Freaky phone sex

Let’s get down and dirty with some freaky phone sex. I think you guys already know how nasty I can get from previous stories. This is no exception. Let’s explore things that most girls would never do. We don’t want any vanilla sex here. I love anal sex and playing with toys. We could get crazy with that. Let’s not forget to add bondage in there too!

                Tie me up, bent over the couch, in doggie style with my ass facing you. Stick your hard dick into my pussy and get it all lubed up and ready for my ass. I feel you spread my cheeks apart and I know what’s about to happen. I feel you shove the tip of your dick into my ass. You aren’t even gentle about it. You just ram it in there and I love it!

                You fuck me in the ass so hard that my entire body shakes, and my tits bounce up and down. You tell me you are reaching for the huge monster cock, and you shove it into my pussy. I’m so wet by now and everything is up my holes so far. I can’t hold it back anymore and my pussy squirts everywhere. I feel you cum in my ass too, and when you pull out, cum runs out my ass and down my legs.

Big dick sucker

Big dick sucker

I’m a big dick sucker and I’m about to take you on the ride of your life! I’m such a whore for cock and I can’t ever get enough. Not only do I love cock in my ass and stuffed in my pussy, I love my mouth being full. I want your dick to fill up my mouth and to gag and spit all over it. The cock on the back of my throat feels the best.

                I enjoy laying on my back on my bed upside down and sucking your cock from upside down. It makes me choke and gag even worse. I love all cock, I don’t discriminate, but the bigger it is the better. I love to deep throat my dicks, but the ones that only fit halfway are so much fun. It’s like a game, I try to get more in my mouth, inch by inch.

                Give me a great ending you dirty, nasty boys! I want to feel that hot cum shoot inside my mouth and hit the back of my throat and choke as a result.

Creampie phone sex

Creampie phone sex


Creampie phone sex is so much fun and turns me on and makes me feel like the dirty, naughty girl that I am. I love being fucked and then creamed in. and then when you take out your dick, I love watching that cum ooze out.

                Are you ready to start this party? Come over to my trailer and we can have a good fuck session. My bed fits cozily in my trailer and it perfect for fucking on. I’ll lay down on my bed as you get on top of me and crawl towards me. I feel you put your fat, thick dick inside my pussy and thrust it in and out and faster and faster. I clench my fists as I feel the pleasure.

                I watch your face and feel your dick pulse inside my pussy and feel the cum ooze out. When you pull it out, it drips out. I turn over and get on all fours with my ass up in the air. I beg you to fuck me from behind too. You give me another hard pounding and I feel your dick pulse again. You cum inside my pussy again and fuck me in the ass and watch the cum ooze out of every hole. I love being creamed in.

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex


Cum eating phone sex makes me feel like the dirty nasty slut that I’ve been called for years. That’s okay though because I love being dirty and nasty. I love when I’m fucked so hard and in every hole. Cum inside every hole and watch it all ooze out. Feed it all to me like a five-star dessert. I love the taste and texture of cum and I want to be completely filled with it.

                A gangbang would be the perfect situation. I could get fucked by five or six guys in every hole and be the slut that I am. By the end, every guy can cum all over my face and tits and body. When I’m nice and covered in all this man cum, I’ll take my finger and collect as much as I can and put it all in my mouth and taste that amazing shit.

                Come over here baby and stick that fat dick in my mouth. I’ll give you the best mind-blowing blowjob that you have ever had in your life. I’ll suck that bitch until I get all that sticky stuff out of it, and it fills up my mouth and belly from swallowing so much.

Drunk girl fucking

Drunk girl fucking

                Drunk girl fucking is always the best because we get so sloppy and are so easy. I’ll do anything when I’m drunk, in any position you want. How crazy do you think we can get? You can come back home to my trailer, and we can fuck all night long. It’s a small trailer, but I have a queen bed stuffed in there that’s perfect to use.

                When we get inside, I’ll slip my shoes off and take my shirt and skirt off, and you can throw me down on the bed. I’m so wasted that the bed feels so good when I land on it. You flip me over so that I’m laying on my back. You join me on the bed, take your shirt off and start to unzip your pants.

                You pull that fat dick out of your pants, and I get up on my knees and put my tongue and lips around the head of your dick. You push me down again, pin my wrists to the bed and ram that hard dick into my wet pussy. I let out a huge moan as you push inside me.

Hot stripper sex

Hot stripper sex


I’m open for business tonight with some hot stripper sex. I normally charge for all the wild stuff I’ll do to you, but you look like a nice guy, so I’ll give you a freebie tonight. I know you want a girl who’s been around the block a few times and knows a thing or two. I know exactly what to do to you and how I’m going to do it.

                You can find me on my favorite street corner. Just stop by and say the magic word so I know you get the freebie. I’ll let you be in control for the night, and just know that I have no limits. Anything goes with me. Just know that I want to get crazy and wild with you and have a good time.

                Slam me against the wall while you kiss me and grope me all over. Do me on the bed missionary style or fuck me from behind doggie style. I can even put my legs behind my head so you can get your dick deep inside me. And don’t forget that I can give some killer blowjobs.