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Fucking Wasted Pussy

trailer trash whoreI get off on getting shit face drunk, or white girl wasted if you will, and coaxing total strangers to take me home with them! Something about waking up in a strange place, having to gather all my things after a crazy night of fucking I barely remember, and stumble my way home really makes my slutty party girl pussy so wet. I’m a real cream pie addict. Just this weekend, I stayed extra late at one of my favorite bars until there were only a few sexy studs still hanging around. I was dressed to undress if you know what I mean. I could tell how desperate each of these men were to get their cocks wet inside some tight hot cunny. As last call rounded I decided to get up on the bar and give these horny bastards a little strip tease. They came like flies to honey, ripping my clothes off of me; key the undressing part. They forced me down off of the bar top and onto my knees before pulling out and stroking their throbbing, needy cocks. I sat there like a good little slut while they whacked off all around my face. One by one they took their turns throat fucking me and making me swallow their entire cock while the rest of them molested my body. I don’t remember which one ended up taking me home since I started doing lines off of their dicks, but I woke up in some bastard’s bed coated in his sticky cum.

Young Druggy Whore

live phone sexI was so young when my journey as a whore began. My Daddy used to bring over his friends to play with my young little body! I didn’t even really have tits, my nipples just cute little diamonds to be rolled between a mature finger and thumb. I refused to wear a sports bra, and by refused I mean Daddy wouldn’t let me. He wanted me dressed like a big girl all the time! They took me clothes shopping, but not at some cutesy little Justice store. They forced me into the big bitch place; Pink and Victoria’s Secret only for Daddy’s little girl! I say forced because I didn’t like it at first! They would make me smoke their nasty pipes (which I now love!) and sniff up lines of little white powder that tickled the inside of my nose. Daddy got me addicted and on that druggy whore train bright and early in my slut fucking career. I got so addicted I couldn’t function without a fix; not only of coke, but of cock! Even now, I’ve got my bowl in my hand and I’m ready to play. Want to rock my world while I do coke off your cock?

Dirty Dick For A Dirty Whore

Dirty phone sexHow much of a dirty girl do u want me to be for you? You know a dirty girl like me will do anything. As long as I can have your used up dick forced deep down my throat, sucking and licking all of that dried up cum, I am yours to do whatever you want. After I am done cleaning all of that tasty cum off of your throbbing dick how about you force that monsters into my ass stretching my tight hole out real good. When you’re about to cum deep inside my white trash ass I want you to whip your dick out of me and force that dirty dick into my mouth. Make me taste my own asshole like the white trash I am. I want your hard fat dick so deep down my throat I am choking and gagging. All you will be able to see is my dirty brown spit running out of my mouth down to your balls. Force my head under those big cummed filled balls making me clean you up. Maybe we can get a little nastier and you force my head down a little further to your asshole. Make me not only taste the inside of my asshole but yours too. It’s time to get nasty with this white trash whore

Raining Cocks, Piss And Cum

No taboo phone sexWant to know how to really make a white trash slut like me get hot and horny? Call me a Druggy dirty whore and order me to sit on the ground. You have a surprise for me, don’t you? Put a blindfold over my eyes and tie it tight making sure I do not see a thing. Then let me feel those cold handcuffs gripping around my wrists as you place my hands behind my back. Not long after you have restrained me I hear many footsteps walking closer my way. I can feel the horny energy in the air it is so thick. I can smell the sexy sweat of horny men. You take my blindfold off and I see ten men standing around me, staring at me as if I am the last piece of stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving. You look at me and order me to be the best Gangbang whore you have ever seen. My nasty cunt instantly gets wet from your naughty order. I get on my knees with my arms still handcuffed around my back. I will show you how a naughty white trash Cum guzzling slut can choke on a big fat hard dick with no hands. Hours go by and I am covered with warm cum and golden piss from these tired fat sexy dicks. I will not stop until I get every last man to bust on my body with his thick cream and warm piss. Even if that means I have to beg for it.

Dirty Dick For A Dirty Whore

Live phone sexI want a dirty dick now. When I say dirty that is what I mean. This white trash whore wants you to fuck as many dirty cunts and dirty asses as you can. That is when I want you to call me. Tell me you need your dick cleaned up real good. Maybe the fucking whore got shit on your dick. Why use a rag when this white trash whore will suck you clean and fuck you clean. I want to be your personal dick cleaning machine. I hope the whore shits and pisses all over you. Once I am done cleaning you up, I am going to need you to give me a nice golden shower right down my throat to clean off all that dirty shit I just sucked off of your dick. I love the feeling of warm hot piss going right down my throat. Then I want you to stuff your hard rock cock back in my mouth, shove all that piss right down my throat like the little white fucking whore that I am. Dirty, Nasty, perverted dick is what I want and what I need.

Three Used Hole Stuffing cocks

Phone sex lineI want all three used cocks, stuffed deep inside every single one of my holes, at the same time! Yes, make me into your personal white trash cum loving whore. The more cum that can be shot into my body, filling me up with your creamy goodness the better. I want your warm cream to flood me with pleasure. Handcuff me Tease me if you have to, I will submit for the dick, I promise I will. Nothing will make my whore twat ache more than to have you and your friends stand over me jerking off. I will catch every drop that comes my way. Make it rain with your lust cum. What I really like is when a dried up used cock has been cleaned up by my mouth, only for me to make it cum and dirty up my hair. I will use your cum as my shampoo and conditioner. I am a dirty cum loving white trash slut. I am waiting for your requests, I will do anything as long as you promise me every last drop of cum from those sexy man balls.

White Trash Slut Turned Into A GangBang Slut

Cum eating phone sexMy dream literally came true. Ten cocks surrounding me in a circle. Telling me to be a nasty cum slut whore just for them. I stuffed as many cocks as I could deep down my throat, letting them all rub together inside of my mouth. The rest of the cocks filled up my ass and pussy holes. I love having multiple cocks fill up all of my holes at the same time. I looked like a stuffed turkey but instead of being stuffed with stuffing I was stuffed with big, thick, throbbing cocks. I made it my mission to have every throbbing cock give me every last drop of cum they had packed away in those big man balls. I could feel dicks pulling out of one of my holes and warm cream being splattered across my body. Two men were inches away from my slut face telling me to open up wide. I begged each man for more and more cum. By the end of our gangbang fun, each man left with their balls drained. A cum loving, Gangband whore like me is going to make sure your balls leave empty. I can still feel all the mixed up cum running out of my throat and asshole.

Start Off My Morning With A Dirty Cock

Dirty phone sexA nice thick and heavy dick in the morning is exactly what I need to wake me up. Fuck coffee, Big Thick Cock is my Coffee. It is even better if his dick has been used and he wants to put it straight inside my tight slutty asshole. The feeling of my asshole stretching from his hard meat will send chills throughout my whole body. I have a big phat and juicy ass and that is all thanks to these used cocks stretching me out. That nut butter from a man’s dick shooting deep up inside my asshole may have something to do with it also. Either way, I love it and there will never be enough used dick in my opinion. Used dick is the shit and a used cock is a one-stop shop. I have been such a fucking nasty cum slut whore lately I have even started eating the man’s cream as soon as I can feel it run out of my asshole. Sometimes they stick their large cock so deep into my ass the cum stays there for a couple of days. That is fine with me. I love some hot cum marinating in my ass.

Sloppy Seconds for a Sloppy Slut

Dirty phone sexIf I could have things my way, I would tell you to go fuck your wife or girlfriend real good making her plump cunt nice and wet. I would tell you to dig your throbbing cock balls deep into her slippery pussy. Then I want you to drain your snake until you get every last drop out. Make sure you marinate your cock in that sweet hole for a couple of minutes. I want to make sure the cum gets mixed up good before you pull out. You might usually get a washcloth but not this time, no, that is what I am here for. I will tell you to let those lovemaking juices dry up good on your cock. Then I want you to come over right away. I will be upstairs waiting for you in the shower. You will think I am going to get my own rag, clean you off and want to fuck you in the shower, right? Well, you’re wrong. My mouth is your washcloth, I am using the hot steam from the shower to loosen up all that tasty juice from your cock. After I am done with you, you will know I am the best Cum eating whore around. Maybe you didn’t hear, I am a sloppy second slut. Even thinking of your sexy thick cock deep into a Cum filled cunt has my pussy throbbing. Oh, and if you tell me no, that won’t stop me. My pussy will only drip more if you make me beg for it.

Drunk With A Wet Sloppy Pussy

Freaky phone sexMy best friends and I got sloppy waisted last night. We went to a party down the street from our trailer park. They had beer and liquor out the ass. It was my mission to get sloppy fucking wasted and find me some cocks to clean. When I am drunk I get real nasty. I am already a white trash cum loving freak, when I get drunk and got good drugs flowing through my body I am on another level. I knew there were going to be a lot of hot men at the party so I was ready for action. My girls and I made a game out of the night. We were going to compete with each other.  Whoever could fuck and suck the most cock that night wins. Seems easy to a drunk cum guzzling slut but when you have 3 other girls who love thick cock just as much, it does become a challenge. All of us girls spent a little over an hour scoping out the men and getting as wasted as possible before the fun began.drunk phone sex By the time our little game began my mouth was watering, I wanted to wrap my lips around a nice big hard cock. I picked out the men I wanted and went for it. My goal was to suck and fuck at least ten men there. The girls and I split up and went our separate ways. To get to the point, we were all winners. My girls and I ended up having a nasty, sloppy orgy with all the men we picked out. I was so drunk and high that I did black out a couple of times. What I do know is the orgy we had could have had its own name. Pissing, licking, fucking, sucking, scratching, moaning, groaning, cum everywhere. My girls and I sucked and fucked so much cock I can’t get the taste out of my mouth or the cock smell out of my ass and sloppy pussy. For now on, fuck playing little girl games, my girls and have upgraded our game to experience the best orgies. We were even thinking of throwing our very own orgy party. I know that will be a hell of a dirty and freaky time!