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No Taboo Fun

No taboo phone sexDaddy woke me up with a big black cock this morning! He said it was my early birthday present and whatever money I made on the streets today I could keep for myself. I was so excited I suck that black dick off as fast as I could and nearly left naked! I had on my short red skirt and black bra that only covered my sweet nipples! I hurried out after sucking daddy’s dick too of course! I met man after man and even some other trailer trash whore who wanted to help me out for that day! I sucked all the left over mixes of other guy’s cum that had been left inside their shit holes and pussies! Oh they tasted so good I knew daddy would be proud of his slut whore daughter. I saw at least fifty guys today and thirty more at night. I was stretched by more cocks then I could imagine and had myself a huge cream pie to bring home to daddy. Once I finished and returned I spread my whore legs wide for daddy to stare into my red used up pussy and see the damage done to it! He made me suck it all clean off my fingers!

Cum Filled Cunt

Cum Filled CuntI decided to drop by my friends house to say hello since I was nearby but little did I know he was in his crack house playing with that hard cock! I knocked on the door and he never answered so when I walked in and called out his name, he panicked and came out pulling his pants up. He apologized and said he thought I was his neighbor coming over to fuck him! I shook my head and dragged him back to his room feeling awful for interrupting his fun and to prove how much of a better cracked up slut I was than her! I could feel his cock start to grow again when I put my hand on that big dick. I was on my knees in seconds and got that baby nice and wet by spitting and sucking! I needed this dick to blow in my ass so I can walk away limping and dripping in his cum for his neighbor to see. I bent over and spread my ass and told him to fuck this shit hole as hard as he wanted and he didn’t hold back. I needed his dominance over my high! My ass was so full so fast I was in so much pleasure that I made a squirting mess all over his sheets! Now we get high together! 

A Drugged Up Whore

cum guzzling slutGoing out with the girls and getting really fucked up, enough to where I wouldn’t even realize all the big cocks surrounding me! I was high and drunk as hell when a man pulled my to a couch and another 6 guys showed up! All with full sacks of hot loads and big 10 inch cocks out and ready for me to be force fucked in all of my holes. I opened both sets of my lips while on my hands and knees and I felt them all move so fast! So many and too many dicks in these tight slut wholes at once I was so stretched out. I just couldn’t take it and had them drag my girlfriend in! From there we shared those sweet sacks and drained them of all that hot milk! I went down and sucked her pussy clean of those loads while one of the guys liked my asshole clean of cum. He loves lapping it up with his tongue and we think we should keep him as our personal bitch boy for nights like this when we go get fucked up and our wet holes need tongue baths. It just tastes so good!

Eat your cum out of my ass

Taboo PhonesexI came home a little later than usual because my slutty pussy needed a good fucking. I wanted to get his cock covered with all of my juices. I went back to a hotel with a man really interested in with my sweet ass. Once we hurried into the room drooling and kissing each other all over, my little tight dress was ripped off my hot body and I was thrown over the bed! He started to lick and suck all around my asshole before shoving his tongue deep inside my shit hole! He couldn’t get enough asshole to taste from me, right after licking me all over my ass I gave him the sloppy head nearly making him cum all over my face but he needed to cum in my ass! Want to know why? Because after he shoved his big dick inside of my shit hole he released it all inside of me and got back to sticking his tongue deep in it, licking that hot load out of me tasting himself and my sweet sweaty ass juices! 

Big Dick Sucker Needs More Cum

bbc phone sex

My soaking wet cunt has been craving that bbc daddy dick, it’s only been a few hours and even though I still have his seed dripping out of my ass, I need more in my mouth, throat, and pussy! Please come back over and bring those friends of yours so I can take their busting ball sacks full of hot seed into my mouth. My ass has this perfect plug in to hold all the cum you left behind, now I need more to swallow up and to be finished deep inside my slutty teen pussy. You need to breed the stretched out cunt to keep me going daddy I love when you spill your batter into me. Don’t forget to have your hot bbc friends finish all over my body! Leave my tight body soaked up in all their loads spilling onto my ass and tits, cover up my stomach so I can clean it up with my tongue and fingers to suck all up! Watch as I become yours and their dirty sex whore to fuck me anywhere and anytime!

Lauren Loves being a Teen Slut

Hot teen phone sex

When was the last time you got to have some hot steamy fun with a young tight teen like me? I love being a naughty girl and having fun whether it’s in private or on the phone or in public! You can catch me out by the pool tonight for sure baby. I’ll be wearing my tight and thin bikini that can easily be ripped off with the slight of your hand. Don’t worry about the prying eyes, I don’t car who it is they can stare at my big tits while you take them in your hands and swallow them! I need to feel all those big cocks stretching me out once I see all the friends you’ve invited with you! Don’t be afraid to get me all sticky and covered up! I need it all and won’t want it to go to waste. Let me be your nasty bitch and have so much fun getting down and dirty out in the open for anyone to see! I’d love to be hardcore with you.

Lauren Fisting Phone Sex Fun

Fisting Phone SexI love being your fisting phone sex whore! I can never get enough of the feeling of your large hand shoving it’s way into my tight asshole. Being used at your pleasure and disposal gets me so hot and I want more. Let me suck on all of those fingers and knuckles to get them nice and wet and ready to stretch out my ass! I’m going to be bent over waiting for you with my ass in the air and my ass cheeks spread apart. I love being your nasty and freaky bitch. I know you need to come home from a long day after day dreaming about my tight sweet ass while working. Looking down at your big hands and closing them into tight fists, picturing yourself pumping it in and out, back and forth of my sweet hole. It’s not just my sweet asshole you get to fist but you get to use up my sweet wet pussy too! Your hand and arm will be covered in my sweet and wet juices after I squirt my mess all over you! Come and listen to me scream and moan at you fist in my tight holes!

Lauren’s Hooker Orgy

Orgy Phone SexLet me tell you about when I was walking the streets as I do most nights for work. A group of men all white and black pulled up hollering at me. I walked over wearing my fishnet tights, black panties and lacy bra and leaned into the window. They asked how much and before I could answer I was grabbed and forced into the van. Immediately they stripped my slutty body out of my sexy clothes and pulled into an alley. We all jumped out and I instantly had a cock in my mouth. I started sucking like a good whore hooker should while my other holes were stuffed with two maybe even three cocks at once! I was in pain but moaning as I gagged on all the dicks being shoved down my throat. There had to have been at least seven or eight guys to be filled this much! This was the biggest orgy I’ve ever had and I loved every moment of it even if I was being used up like a slut I was the sluttiest girl on the streets and they all knew it. They told me how dirty of a whore I was and I deserved the pain I was getting. They pissed on me after releasing their loads all over my body. When they were finished fucking me, they threw down a few hundreds covered in their cum and left. I cleaned up that money with my tongue and wait for their return every week!

Lauren’s Trailer Trash Fun

druggy phone sexI was a shy baby girl until I was old enough for daddy to show me his cock. Ever since then I’ve been known as the little trailer girl who stayed cracked and was a good money maker for her parents. It was every other day if not day that I sent myself out to take very kind of cock imaginable! I was gang banged, used as a toilet slut and ate up all the yummy baby batter I could get on my hands! I want to show you how great of a dirty phone sex whore I can be too. I may be drugged up but I still know how to give a man a great time when it comes to putting myself out. I’ll pounce of you like a good sex slut and will give you the explosive orgasm you deserve once I’m finished. You will want to keep coming back to my sexy pussy for more after I soak it all up with my tasty juices just to let me lick and suck it all off!

lauren loves big cocks

big dick suckerI want to be your big dick sucker. Let me show you how a real woman sucks on a big cock. Not only that but all of my holes are meant for you. Take anyone you want. In fact invite some others with you and have yourselves fuck me until I can’t walk or sit straight, I’m ready to be used up like the good cum dumpster I am. I wanna be your little creampie whore! I’d be the best little slut for you to release your cum and leave it dropping from any hole you want. I know this is what you’ve been looking for. The perfect little whore to be stretched out and used up without complaining. I promise to be a good doll. Come play with the pretty blonde girl and make me eat up all that yummy cum you have save in those tight balls just for me! I’ll be a real good big dick sucker. You won’t regret giving me a call once your load explodes all over me!

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