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My girlfriend and I are out for a night on the town when we stumbled across you in the streets of Paris! We decide to take you underground, to the catacombs for an adventure! Have you heard how dangerous they are? All of the scary stories and how easy it is to get lost under the miles and miles of tunnels! There’s even a movie on it! Well, we have the perfect spot for a hot time together just follow us! When we arrive we take off the only clothes that we have on and it leaves us in our boots. We get onto our knees on the concrete floor of the scary tunnels and we open our mouths to suck on your cock!

Mommy Pussy and Squirts

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I have been training all of the little whores  in the neighborhood to take my daddy’s cock! I invite them over first for a cookout and some play time in the pool! I take off their swimsuits one by one until all you can see are different naked little girls! Bare pussy’s, chests with just perky nipples, and those cute and round asses all for daddy to stare at! I bring daddy over to the water and take his cock out and begin to suck him! The other girls do exactly what I do and take turns! Then they begin licking on my clit after telling them I can make my mommy pussy squirt if the lick on me is good enough! Do you want to see daddy?

Food Play with Lauren

Live Phone SexI have been craving a banana split for so long! My best girlfriend told me all about her and her pussy eating one right up and I knew I needed the same experience! I crafted up the best idea for me and my daddy to play. I got the ice creak, freezing cold! Some fudge, extra hot of course and we can not forget the banana. I called daddy over and his cock was already rock-hard! I gave him a kiss and gripped his dick firmly in my hand and told him I had a surprise for him! I brought him to my kitchen island and hopped onto the counter. I shed my clothes to expose my ass and pussy and my tits of course! I handed him the ice cream baller and told him what to do! I spread my legs and laid back to push my hips up in the air and put my megs behind my head. He scooped some vanilla ice cream and used his fingers to push some of it the rest of the way in. The cold made me squeal as it dripped towards my clit. He took a spoon full of the piping hot fudge making me scream as he dumped it on top of the vanilla cream. Finally, he opened the banana and pushed it into the center of the icy hot mess! He fucked me with the banana and jerked off his cock! Let me tell you how it felt to cum onto that banana!

Two Girls, One Bathroom

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My best friend and I work together for older men who need help keeping their space clean. A man named Don told us we were both sexy little things! We loved that so we decided to give him a show while we were cleaning the bathroom. I brought my toys out of my cleaning bag and we slowly stripped down as he watched from his bed. I grabbed my pink anal dildo and sucked it down my tight little throat to get it soaking wet for her asshole! He loves watching us. We sucked each other’s assholes out nice and clean for that extra lubrication and laid out on the floor. She hovered her sexy ass over my face and backed down slowly onto the dildo as Don watched us fuck he had his cock out jerking away! We did not stop until he busted from his cock and we helped clean him up!

Laurens A Cum Dumpster For You

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I was browsing the neighborhood daddy’s when you invited me in last night! You offered some stuff to party on and I joined you inside but I was immediately thrown onto a bed with my clothes torn off! I liked this a lot better and you could tell as you whipped out your dick for me to suck on. Fuck baby this cock is so big! I want you inside of me nice and deep! Don’t stop. I got your cock all the way down my throat! The sounds of my gagging and choking made you twitch in my mouth. My pussy grows wetter for you and I finger myself as you watch. I feel myself getting ready to cum! Before we know it, I am squirting all over your floor! I promise to clean up my mess daddy!

Laurens A Party Slut

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I have been a slut all night long taking cock after cock so I can get my party on! I did a line with daddy earlier and I’m off again to get more cum stuffed in my pussy. You look like you and your cock could use some of my company. Join me in your car and lean back. I take your cock out and lick it nice and slow! Mmm, fuck baby I want to feel this fucker inside of my pussy! I swallow you down my throat and taste all that pre cum! I crawl up and sit my wet pussy right onto your bare cock with no protection! I want all of your hot load to be seeping deep inside of my cunt. 

Gangbanged Coke Whore

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This coke whore slut has been on the move tonight! I have a whole group of cock left waiting at home for me. I come home with my cunt filled with pussy juices and other means cum and let seven other cocks watch as my pussy ass boyfriend licks me clean of the dump loads of cum! They laugh and point at his worthless sissy pis ass as he moans and whines like a bitch and cleans me up. Once I am satisfied, I kick him off and get ready to take all of these other huge cocks! I open my mouth wide and let them fuck my pretty face as my boyfriend watches in his corner and jerks off his little dick. I spread my legs wide and give them all access to every and any hole they want!

Hot Girl Full of Cum

Live Phone SexI was out on another pussy stroll for cum when a young man came to me wanting little, young sluts to eat out! I told him that my young sisters are full of cum right now and we were more than happy to make him our faggot bitch and let him eat the man cum out of our pussies! So My three sisters and I lines up as he was on his back and let the cum drip all over his face before we make him suck it out of us! He slurped and suckled on our pussies, swallowing it down. Me first because I am the oldest and then the middle sister hovered her cunt for a couple of minutes before suffocating his mouth with cum and pussy juices! My youngest sister had the most cum with her young, and wet cunt!

Girls Taking Advantage of You

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All of my girls and I wanted to have a fun night having our cunts filled up with dripping cum! We were all in our nightly attire with high heels, short skirts of different fabrics and leather along with see-through bras and hard nipples. We have been sharing different meant and all having our cunts stuffed with fresh baby batter when the three of us find you drinking away. One of my girls slips a little something fun into your drink and the next thing you know, we’re taking advantage of you and driving you home while my two girls suck your cock in the back seat. When we reach your house, we rip your clothes off and I see that hard cock of yours ready for my cunt! I crawl over on top of you on your bed that smells of sex and cigars. We don’t care that you have a wife out of town as I start bouncing up and down on your dick. My girlfriend sits on your face and rubs her cunt on you! Your tongue has her squirting, almost drowning you in her juices. I squirt all of my juices along with all the past cum from the night onto you! After that, we ditch and leave you fucked up on whatever we gave you! Thanks for the fun baby!

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I’ve been working hard all night with my pussy for you daddy! I’ve cum home for you to clean me up! Let’s do a line together and a few drinks before I lean back and spread my legs nice and wide for you to find the cum dripping out of me! This creampie is for you daddy! You know I love your tongue sinking into my stretched-out, pink pussy hole and licking all the other men’s cum out of me! It tastes so good to you! You lick my slit up and down, bury your nose deep in it and cover your face in a mask of a mic of many other men’s cum! Keep licking me up so I can squirt it all over you!

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