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Live Phone SexI love when my cunt is left dripping in the cum of all the men who used me that night! I always find myself walking back through the white trash trailer park I stay in as everyone’s play toy! They love seeing the sight of me come out at night and look down at me as I return to my house, with my panties full of their cum! Some even love with their wives eat the creampie I give them after their dirty husbands had finished inside of me! Everyone here has most likely tasted another man’s cum after eating it from my dripping cunt! How about a nasty creampie roleplay with your wife? I’d love to sit on her pretty face and have her lick me clean!

Sexy Drug Slut Gets Gangbanged

Cum DumpsterHere’s a cum dumpster ready to be used up like the drug slut you know that I am! I’m our back behind your store, sharing needles and cocks around with others. You happen to hear about it from one of your employees and come to see for yourself. I’m completely naked with white string-up heels on my calves and my legs spread wide with a drugged-up cunt being stuffed with cum! You’re furious and chase everybody off except for me. You drag my naked body through the back of your store and let all the employees see me naked and high, fucked up! I’m suddenly bent over a warm stove and all your workers whip our their daddy dicks and start fucking me in the middle of your store!

New Coked Up Friends and Sluts

Cum DumpsterI know this isn’t really like me but I decided to share this coked-out pussy with another girlfriend! She and I found another random, innocent, and sexy girl to corrupt her cute and bare little pussy; She was younger than the usual friends we have but we know we were going to have lots of fun with her sweet little body! Her flat chest and perky nipples looked so sexy while all fucked up and strung out! So when we spread her bare little cunt my own pussy went soaking wet! I licked her all up and down and began sucking on her clit.I couldn’t wait to give her, her first and huge orgasm! Such a sweet body, cum, and play with us!

Druggy Cunt Full Of Cum

Big Dick Sucker

I love being a big dick sucker, With how much I crave something so big and hot and heavy and thick! I love it so much! So come closer and let me taste you. I want to have you leaking and dripping all for me and all down my face! I love the feeling of hot cum running down my face, it makes me so wet and I need more! So much of it to where I am choking and it is leaking out of every single hole of my body! So cum here and close and see for yourself as I take you deep down my throat! Such a big cock that I love deep inside of my whore pussy!

All Holes For Use

Live Phone Sex

Live phone sex is what I’m best at! I have taken cock after cock down my whorish holes and I think it is your turn to use me! I am all sprawled out in front of you know! I am high as fuck with you drunk as hell! It makes you desire me more does it not? Doesn’t it make you want me and these tight holes to be full of cum! Start with my mouth and choke me down!  Then move to my pussy and start fucking it hard! Make me squirt all over that daddy dick! Then force yourself into my ass hole! Treat my holes like trash for your cum! I’m your slutty cum dumpster, treat me as such!

Druggy Cum Dumpster

Live Phone Sexanother day, another cum filled pussy as I make my way home high and fucked up on every fucking drug you can imagine. I’m horny and ready for more! But I heard guys like you love the taste of cum dripping out of a tight pussy. When you paid me for high and drugged-up sex, I didn’t imagine you ripping apart my panties so I have nothing to cover up with on my way home. Now you’re tracing your tongue down my pussy lips that are soaked in a dozen of other men’s cum and you’re slurping it and licking it all away as your dick grows harder. I jerk it off for you as you clean me out of cum from other daddy dicks that dominated me and make you cum all over your face! How does your own cum taste baby?

Toilet Slut Loves All Juices

live phone sex

Becoming a fucked up, cock sucking slut was pretty easy so when I discovered how hot it was to be pissed on, I could not make it stop! I loved the feeling of the hot flow of every daddy cocks pee, coming down on my body! Soon my man would be pissing deep into my cunt and then down my throat with a mix of his cum! I love choking and swallowing it all down. He presses my head down, causing me to gag as I swallow more and more. I love the taste of him. Cum and join me as I swallow down loads of piss and maybe you can fill me all up with your juices too! Cum play!

Lesbian Lauren Loves Toys

Live phone sex

My sexy friend and I have been making plenty of videos and pictures to send to our boyfriends! We took out all of our old toys and plenty of the new ones we just got! My favorite thing to do is tease and torture her body, making her cum over and over again! I like to bring her to the edge of cumming and then taking it away from her to watch her squirm and beg to let me make her cum. Don’t you think she is so hot? Do you want to fuck us too? We will both bend over with toys in our asses and suck all of those cocks off! Yours and our boyfriends so that you can join us in fucking!

Sexy Slut

cum guzzling slutDon’t you mind the Trailor trash whore walking around? I’m just looking for someone to give me what I and my cunt wants! I’m ready to take all of the cocks thrown my way. That’s why you and all of your friends are invited. Once you get here, I’m already naked with my pussy and tits for all to see! You push me onto my knees and I get off of your dicks wet with my slutty mouth. I’m drooling and spitting in them! I bend myself over on the couch and feel you all push and enter into me. Two cocks at once in all of my holes. Ready to take as much cum as you can all give me.

Cum Guzzler Lauren

cum guzzling slutwhere are the daddies that are searching for a cum guzzling slut? I know most hard daddies like it when a slutty whore goes on for hours sucking on their huge daddy dicks. Just to sit and contemplate your dick getting sucked is pleasure enough to get you a raging rock-hard erection, I know the messy and dirty thoughts that are going through your head, the things you need are never satisfied by just the thoughts! How far back in my throat do you need to push that cock of yours? Simply it’s far back enough to make you cum so hard. I have gone through months idealizing my dick-sucking abilities, so when I do get a huge cock to suck?  The things I really do to my dildo on a cum guzzling slut phone sex call would make a man go off the deep end in the case I was doing it face to face. I certainly despise placing little things in my mouth, I generally need my dick to be enormous and thick, so when it goes to the rear of my throat my eye should tearing and rolling to the back of my head as I stare up at you. Subsequent to going through over an hour getting that cock to the deepest parts of my throat, my throat should feel sore, I ought to not be able to drink for a couple of days. At the point when I get down to sucking on those balls is the point at which I think it is the ideal opportunity for him to cum, when I fold my tongue over those balls and gradually begins to pull them in like am sucking on a spoon of rum and frozen yogurt draining those balls until he is totally crazy with no decision except for to clutch the back my head with two hands and cum all over my face.

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