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Hookers for Hire Suck Better Than Your Wife

You know what it’s like with hookers for hire. I smell like smoke and alcohol. And I look like the cheap whore that I am. It makes your cock hard. Even handing me the cash sends a rush to your cock. There’s just something about treating a woman like a cheap piece of meat. And I know that I’m nothing more than a dirty whore. I’m on my knees with your cock in your mouth in minutes.

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Hookers For Hire Swallow Your Cock 4 Cash

Just fucking my throat feels better than sex with your wife ever did. You start fucking my throat and praying you don’t shoot your load so fast. But it’s hard when sexy prostitutes get on their knees to slurp up your cock. Spit leaking down my chin. Dripping onto my tits. When you’re pushing my head off of your dick, I switch to massaging those balls. You can slap your cock on my face and I don’t even flinch. I fucking love it. When you look down, I’m playing with my pussy. Treat me like the cheap whore I am. I like it when you force your dick down my esophagus.

You love the gagging and glugging noises I make when I choke on your cock. I put your hand on the back of my head and hold in place. You thrust your dick in my mouth and the spittle splooges out onto your balls. The harder you fuck my throat, the more spit pools out of my mouth. Your balls start slapping against my chin over and over. I reach up and massage that swollen sack. You can’t hold back that cum anymore. You start fucking my throat until tears are running down my cheeks none stop. I can’t fucking breathe but you don’t give a shit. You’re going to drain your balls in this cum guzzling slut!

Blonde Fucking with Sloppy Drunk Cumslut

Blonde Fucking Drains That Drunk Cock

You make blonde fucking a lot more likely when you start getting me fucked up. Every shot of tequila makes my cunt throb. And you’re lucky enough to be drinking with me and my friends. You pour some liquor down my throat and watch me get nasty with one of my other blonde friends. Spitting the tequila down her throat and watching her get horny too. Then I do the same to you. Climbing on your lap and pouring a shot down your throat. Kissing you and letting you snowball some of it inside of my mouth. blonde fucking

Drunk Girl Fucking Like No Other

I yank you up and to the back room. The both of us are sloppy fucking drunk. All I can think about is a fat cock down my throat and in this sloppy wet pussy. So, I yank your pants off and make that happen. I’m on all fours gulping inches of cock like a slut dying of thirst. My big blue eyes are glazed over and that’s your cue. You grab the back of my head and push me down on your cock. My gag reflex is long gone. Your dick just slides balls deep over and over. My throat is like your personal fucktoy. 

My cunt needs that fucking cock. You don’t even get to speak. I’ve pushed you onto your back and hopped on top. My cunt swallows you deep. I put my hands on your thighs while I spread those knees far apart. My tiddies are bouncing and my clit is fucking throbbing. I’m hypnotized by the alcohol. I’m like a machine, riding your dick like a machine. Cum in my cunt. I lean forward and ride your cock. Kissing you while my pussy takes that load in deep. Dump your load while this drunk girl is fucking that cock.

Step Daddy Likes Fucking his Blonde Teen Anal Whore

Teen Anal Whore Takes Step Daddy Cock

My teen anal whore ass was getting split in half by Daddy’s cock. Mommy was in the next room over, but daddy forced my face into my pillow so she couldn’t hear me moaning. I used to get so scared when my step dad would come home from the bar late. But then I had to try really hard to pretend to hate it. But even when he was drunk off his ass he could tell I was arching my back into him. He knew I liked taking that thick meaty cock in my ass and feeling him pump me full of his cum. 

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Step Daddy was always smart enough to use my asshole so he didn’t accidentally creampie my cunt. But this naughty little whore was desperate for a thick dick inside my sloppy wet pussy. The last time he snuck into my bedroom, I put a plug inside my ass. When he tried to push it inside of his usual cum dump, it slipped inside my cunt instead. The drunk fuck didn’t even stop thrusting. My pussy was getting pounded for the first time and I had to let out those filthy noises.

Daddy Explodes From Dirty Pissing Sex

I pushed my face into the pillow and started to scream into it. My pussy was getting too tingly. I felt like I was going to piss all over myself. I tried to push him off of me, but the horny pervert fucked me harder. His cock slammed into my cervix so fucking hard that I couldn’t control my bladder. So I pissed all over his cock! He loved it. His cock twitched inside my pussy and my step Daddy came from pissing sex with his little step whore. I loved feeling his cum in my cunt. 

Gangbang Whore Let’s Perverts Pay to Fuck Those Holes

Gangbang Whore Lauren Sells Her Holes

I’ll be a gangbang whore as long as I have more than one slut hole to fill. I take every opportunity to get double stuffed and creampied by as many thick cocks as possible. A regular asked me to come make a house call for a little dough. When I got there in slutty cut offs and my tits out, I found out he invited another one of his friends. My mouth and cunt were watering as soon as I saw them. I saw the opportunity to feel to fat dicks rubbing against my walls at the same time. 

Gangbang whoreCash, Two Cocks, and a Filthy Cum Dumpster

I got on my knees and got to gulping dick. I’m a a big dick sucker. I had both of those cocks in my mouth. I loved getting one dick to fit all the way down my throat, getting it filthy and sloppy, and then pulling it out to see the trail of spit between my lips and his dick. Then I’d switch to that other fat dick. One of them was extra greedy with fucking my throat. He grabbed me by the back of my head and started pumping that throat. The other just said fuck it and got on his knees behind me. 

He pushed his slippery dick right in that tight, puckered shot hole. I had one dick sliding down my throat and another burying itself in my stomach none stop. I slapped that fat cock on my tongue and told him I wanted him in my pussy. We got on the couch and switched positions. I got on top of that first cock and let that dick sink in. Then that other dick got crammed into my asshole. I was getting fucked and filled in both holes begging to be turned into a double cum dumpster. 

Trailer Trash Whore Takes You Home for P and P

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You’d Rather Fuck a Trailer Trash Whore 

Fucking a trailer trash whore is so much better than going home to your fat bitch wife. So why don’t you come back to mine and we have a little PnP. I load up the pipe and inhale. The more I do, the looser I get. I sit on your nap while I take a hit and kiss you. Then I blow that smoke into your face. Sliding my tongue into your mouth and grinding against your dick. You’re so fucked up you let me open your mouth and spit in it. Swallow like a good boy. 

Druggie Slut Gets Sloppy Wet Pussy Fucked

Your gripping my hips like you’re going to fuck me through my shorts. How badly do you want to fuck me? I get off of your lap. I strip off all of my clothes, while you watch and stroke your dick. Then I lay out on the couch in front of you and spread my legs. You slide between my thighs and start chowing down on that sloppy wet pussy. I’m grabbing your hair and forcing that tongue in deeper. Rolling my hips and grinding this cunt against your face. You’re ready to suffocate in that cunt and then I finally squirt all over you.

I push you back onto the couch and tell you to take your cock out. I’m back on top of you with my tits in your face. I slide down on that dick and let it fill up my pussy. Stretch out that fucking cunt for me baby. I kiss you and force my tongue in your mouth again. I can taste my pussy all over you. You’re sputtering and begging me to slow down. You try to grab my ass and stop me from riding your dick but I slam down on that cock anyway.  You’re going to cum inside this pussy and treat me like a dirty cum dumpster.

Teen Anal Whore Gets Punished For Slutty Sister Photo Shoot

I Have So Many Pictures of Being a Teen Anal Whore

I started off being a teen anal whore so fucking early. It started when I was super young and ‘innocent’. My step daddy used to leave his pornos all around the house and me and my sister would sneak them up to our bedrooms and look at them. We wanted to be a painted up porn star just like them. When our parents would leave the house me and my sister would sneak into Mommy’s makeup and some of her kinkier lingerie. 

Then we would take turns posing on their bed and showing off our pretty teen holes. We would  take pictures of us cosplaying sexy prostitutes on an old disposable camera. We would even get out Mommy’s sex toys and push them inside of our pretty little holes. I loved to fill my ass!

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Sexy Prostitutes Pictures Got Us in Trouble!

It was all fun and games until Daddy brought home the developed photos. We came home to them spread out on the table and begged him not to tell our Mama. Daddy told us that if we wanted to dress like porn stars, we were going to have to fuck like ones. Then he unzipped his pants. 

I looked over at my sister. Then I got down on my knees. She did the same. Together we pulled down his pants and pulled out his cock. He was so sweaty and musty. I really didn’t want to put it in my mouth at first. He forced it down my sisters mouth first. Then forced his spit covered cock in my mouth too. I gagged on his cock pushing down my throat, and from the awful smell. He shot his cum all over our faces. But that wasn’t the only time I had to take his cock.

Drunk Girl Fucking with Horny Married Couple

drunk girl fucking

Couple of Drinks Means Hot Drunk Girl Fucking 

Let’s take shots and do a little drunk girl fucking ! I was getting fucked up at my neighbors house. I got so fucked up I couldn’t even walk next door. Good thing my neighbor and his wife have been trying to drown in my pussy for months. Wifey came over and started squeezing these swollen tits. My head was spinning. I just let her pull my tits out and watched Hubby get down and start sucking my hard nipples. I just pushed his head down to drown him in this horny pussy. He was licking and sucking that whore clit through my panties.

Eat My Cum Filled Cunt While Wifey Porks You

Wifey was spitting tequila down my throat. I was sucking her tongue clean while Hubby pulled out his dick and lined it up with my sloppy wet pussy. I spread my legs and slid to the edge of the couch. My pussy was all I could think about and that trailer trash whore pussy needed to be demolished. He fucked me like a hog in heat. My pussy juices were dripping on the floor and Wifey was rubbing my clit. I screamed so hard cumming on that dick. And Hubby emptied his balls inside of.

Then wifey pulled out the big guns. Or big gun. She had this fat dick. I thought it was for me. Instead, he got behind Hubby and smacked that fat cock against his ass. Then he dropped to all fours and spread his asshole for her. Wifey spit on his dirty shit hole and then rammed her dick in deep. She pushed Hubby’s face into my cum filled cunt. She told him to eat my whore pussy like a dirty piggie. He was eating and snorting in this snatch. He was face deep in this sloppy cunt getting his asshole pegged. She reached around and started milking his cock. I came all over his face while he jizzed on the ground. Wifey made him clean up his mess. 

Trailer Trash Whore Pimps Out Slut Holes for Rent

Trailer Trash Whore Pimps Out Her Fuck Holes

My pussy and ass have always made me money. Why not use my trailer trash whore holes to pay my bills? Better yet. Why not use them both at the same time. DIrty truckers love young lot pussy. I head out to truck stops and find the filthiest, horniest fucks to take to the back of their trucks. God. There is nothing like lot dick. Those cocks are always dirty, smelly, and covered in fucking hair. Perfect fuck sticks to fill this filthy whore mouth of mine. I let their cocks surround me and get their cocks wet and sloppy for my slut holes. 

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Lot Lizard Sex Turns Lauren into Double Filled Cum Dumpster

Those dicks were ready to be inside of me. I climbed on top of that first fat dick. Fuck! I may be a used up fuck slut, but even a cum dumpster has it’s limits. His dick was so fucking fat. It was completely stretching out my cunt. I didn’t even get to adjust. I felt that other bastard grab me by my hair and push me foreward. His slippery cock was pressed against my asshole. HE spat on it and rubbed the tip of his cock against my favorite fuck hole. 

I almost cried when he pushed his dick inside of me. I can feel both of those cocks rubbing inside of me. They weren’t being gentle either. Lot lizard sex is never gentle. It’s hot ass plumping fucking where i could feel their balls slapping into me. Those dicks were just trying to get a nut. I felt the cock inside of my ass fill with a load of cum. My hole was dripping straight to my pussy and the cock inside of me used it as lube. He slammed his thick dick inside of me again and again. Wrapping his arms around me and drilling my pussy until he pumped me full of cum.

Creampie Slut Gets Gang Fucked by Three Big Dicks

Creampie Slut is Desperate for Hardcore Anal Sex

I’m way too much of a hungry creampie slut to be satisfied with just one cock. That’s why I invited three guys over instead. I can barely go a few seconds without being filled before I get desperate again. I want horny men taking turns with my holes one after another and at the same time. Every single hole is open as long as you have a cock to fill it with. I hear a knock on the door, it’s finally time. They are just as desperate to fuck me as I am for the cum in those cocks. 

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Gangbang Whore Used as Cum Dumpster for Big Cocks

They start ripping me out of the slutty lingerie I’m wearing and then they pull their throbbing cocks out for me. The instant their cocks are freed I’m on my knees jerking two off while the other is pounding the back of my throat. One of them picks me up and lays down on the couch with me on top of him before shoving his dick into my tight little ass with no warning. Luckily this I was prepared for hardcore anal sex. His cock was so big and it felt so good slamming it’s way inside of my ass. 

I wasn’t ready for the next guy to kneel down on the couch and got on top of me. He rammed his cock balls deep in my ass too. And the last guy takes his place in my mouth while he waits for his turn with either of my holes. I love the feeling of having all my ass filled air-tight. They were force fucking my holes so hard that I started cumming immediately. I was begging them to use me like the filthy trailer slut that I am. Each one of them came for me at least twice. All of my holes were leaking cum. Gang fucks like this make me love being a trailer trash cum dumpster.

Cum Guzzling Slut Shares Man With Anal Sex Whore Sister

My Cum Guzzling Slut Sister Let’s Me Play With Her Man

cum guzzling slut

Me and my sister have always shared cock. First it was our stepdads and then boyfriends in high school. Now I have an anal fixation and she’s a filthy cum guzzling slut. We still love to share. Every time she gets a new cock to play with, she always let’s me give it a test drive. Her baby’s daddy wasn’t off limits. I remember us setting up a camera and her getting between my legs and licking my pussy. We let him watch while she ate my cunt and made me cum all over her face.

From Sister’s Sloppy Wet Pussy to Anal Sex Whore Ass

The horny fuck didn’t even wait for us to switch. As soon as his cock was hard he was pushing into her sloppy wet pussy. I forced my pussy back in her face and made her lick my cunt more. He was fucking her so hard that she could barely keep her face straight. She was moaning and panting like a bitch in heat. I just had to try that cock out. I started kissing him and pulling him out of her. Then his cock was pushing against my asshole and my sister was rubbing my pussy and teasing my nipples with her tongue.  Watching him push his cock into my ass hole was driving me crazy. He fucked my ass like I was a filthy anal sex whore.

He was gaping that fuck hole so fucking hard and my sister just rubbed my pussy and laughed. She kissed me and I could taste my cunt all over her lips. I slid my fingers in her cunt and started to finger her sore pussy too. Watching two sexy sisters tongue fucking while being balls deep in my ass was too much for her boyfriend. He slammed his dick into balls deep and I screamed. Then I felt the cum splurting thick ropes into my used up asshole. Then my slutty sister pulled his cock out of my ass, sucked his cock clean, and then got back between my legs. That cum guzzling slut drank the cum that was leaking out of my asshole too!