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Horny Whore Can’t help herself!

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There I was just walking down the street in a tight little skirt and tube top looking for my next john when suddenly a cop pulled up. He flipped his lights on and stepped out. He was quite handsome unlike some of the dicks I deal with. He told me to come to the back of his car that he needed to search me. He kicked my feet apart and slid his strong hands up my exposed skin.  His fingers pressed hard into my thigh. He pulled up my skirt and exposed my ass. Kneading it with his strong fingers. I enjoyed his rough hands and when i heard his pants dropped i knew he was in it to get his rocks off for free! I took his fat cock in my ass nice and hard! he filled me up to the brim and went on his way! That’s one way to stay ticket free!

Give me more cock

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OH YES BABY!! i fucking love two cocks in me at the same fucking time. A big fat fucking cock in my tight cunt and my little asshole stretching me! Holy shit i love it! I just need all the fucking cock i can take. I am addicted to getting rode hard and seeded in! Young, Old, Middle age As long as you can fuck i will ride that cock! The harder you fuck me the more i crave. I want you to absolutely destroy my cunt and my shithole where i can barely move and wonder if I will ever be able to fuck again! My dream is to have two cocks in each of my fucking slut holes with cocks spraying cum all over my body and drenching me from head to toe in their hot seed!

bounty hunter anal fuck

I was on all four’s in a mini skirt the bounty hunters cock was pressed against my asshole. Last time I got chased they excepted my form of payment and now this fat asshole decided a blowjob wasn’t enough. His chubby thick cock head pushed into my asshole with ease. It did need a little bit more spit then he was willing to get. His body was sweating all over me as he huffed and puffed drilling my asshole so i wouldn’t be taken to the slammer for being the little prostitute whore I was. I needed to make quick work of him. He gripped my hair and started to fuck my brown eye harder and faster, his sweaty body slamming into mine as he was about to hit his peak! He poured his cum in my used asshole and let me go.

BJ for rent

Trailer Trash Whore

Sucking old cock is the best way to get along in life. I have the best trailer in the park and I don’t have to pay any rent because I let that old man that runs the joint fuck me and every once in awhile I give him the best fucking head he has ever had! Here i am every second Saturday of the month on my knees in his seedy back-office sucking his elder cock. His old balls smack my slutty trailer trash whore face as i prepare to take his load and swallow his every last drop! This time i decided to give him a little surprise! I went all the way down wiggling my tongue all around and i snuck a finger up to massage his P-spot! He about knocked me over with how hard he came!

What sound does this furry friend make?

furry friends phone sex

I will fuck, suck, and cum guzzle anything with a cock! That includes our furry friends! Big or small pawed or hoofed! I especially loved the big hooved ones. Their massive cocks up to 20 inches fill me with glee when I can get down on my hands and knees and suck and lick on them while stroking the big furry things off! Hearing them Grunt and Neigh just makes my cunt drip puddles! Feeling that hot sticky non-human cum pour over my whole body gets me off every time! Every good whore needs a cum shower from a big furry friend! I love to just wipe it on my hands and lick it all up it tastes so fucking good! I love my furry friend’s playtime!

Anal whore Takes random cock

anal sex whore

The feeling when a cock first stretches your asshole is so orgasmic. I have all my whorish holes trained to take the biggest fucking cocks I can find. And tonight I have found a huge one in my normal glory spot. I Spit on that cock to get it nice and lubed up. Stroking it nice and slow really rubbing in the spit. I needed a little lubrication to take such a horse cock of a man! It must be at least 11 inches maybe 12. That amazing fat cock was throbbing and I turned around and backed up to it. Gliding it into my asshole I gasped and pushed myself to take that big thick rod. I bounced back and forth on it getting adjusted and rubbed my clit. I felt that rod shoot his hot load deep in my guts and pull out leaving behind such a huge mess!

Gangbang phone sex

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I need more cocks! The 3 that were in front of me were not enough I crave more big dicks to suck dry! I love the feeling of thick fat cocks dripping their precum all over my face. I open my mouth and stuck out my tongue when the first three guys dripped cum all over my tongue. More men stepped forward, fat cocks slapping against my cum covered face! More cum smeared against my pale skin. I felt a big cock push deep in my asshole. I let out a large moan as that fat cock fucked my browneye harder and pump cum inside. I just love feeling all the hot white sticky cum dumping all over my body! It fuels my whoreish ways and I have to chase that sexual high of being an absolute cum dumpster!

Cum Dumpster dreams

Cum Dumpster

My cum dumpster pussy is always ready for service! I love going to local glory holes and sucking all the big fucking cock i can get! I love feeling them splash their loads all over my face and pump my pussy full of seed. My cunt is only happy when i am taking load after load of cum from strangers. Big cock little cock i don’t care! My cunt craves all the seed there is out there! My ultimate dream is to have to fat cocks stretching my well-used cunt, 2 in my asshole, and one in my mouth. I crave five cocks to fill me up and feed me every last drop of their cum. I was born to be a cum dumpster and I will be taking loads up into my golden years!  I can picture it now me still sucking and fucking in all my trick spots showing them that this is what i was made to do!


Furry Friend loves a good fucking

furry friends phone sex

That red rocket is so big! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Your Furry Friend Max has a HUGE 9-inch red rocket and I just wanna taste it. I dropped don’t to my hands and knees and reached my head under his furry belly. I gripped his large cock and stroked and rolled my tongue around it I could hear him whimper and pant as I worked the furry cock. Sliding my mouth up and down the red pole tasting his juices and feeling his meat throb against my tongue. Letting go I pulled down my shorts presenting him my dripping cunt. His furry arms wrapped around my hips as he hit home in my pussy. Thrusting and jack rabbiting me beating his cock in and out so quickly and suddenly that I squirted all over the place! I felt that red rocket throb in my cunt he was beating sense and start to knot up inside! He pulsed and pulsed and finally it grew so big it was stuck! He pushed a huge load into my sore cunt making me feel every hot steaming rope. With a hard pull, he popped out of my pussy and left me dripping his cum down my thighs!

Cum Filled Cunt at the homecoming game!

Cum Dumpster

The School’s football team had been unstoppable this season! Winning every damn game they played and me being full of school spirt decided to reward those boys the best way I could think of by using my tight teen body that was addicted to cock and getting my cunt filled up! I snuck my slutty ass into the locker room and waited till a group of them hit the showers. Striping down I walked bare ass naked nipples hard into the locker room shower. I walked up between 2 of them and dropped to my knees stroking them pulling them closer and licking and sucking on them. I loved stretching my mouth to try and fit both meaty cocks in my mouth. The two guys of my choice picked me up and pushed both of their cocks into my cunt hole. Stretching me to accommodate them. Relentlessly slapping their wet body against me over and over again until they both shot their athletic load into my cunt. Their cocks fell out and the next two guys came up and bent me over. One pushed into my little asshole with his hard cock and fuck me hard and raw while his friend gripped my wet hair and throat fucked me into submission. Soon more loads were shot in me and more and more of the team came and double-teamed me till I drained every cock including the coaches!

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