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Fisting Whore Lauren Gets Her Holes Rearranged

I Started Being an Anal Fisting Whore Early

All the anal has turned me into a dirty fisting whore. It started small. First I was filling my ass with my brush handle. That was when I was so young that I still had to hide my moaning from my mom. Then I started sneaking vegetables from the fridge. A cucumber here or a carrot there. No one knew I was shoving them inside of my asshole every night. I’d fuck myself until my ass got sore. I didn’t even have lube. Just spit and elbow grease. 

fisting whore

Then when I got a bit older, I found Mommy’s toys underneath her bed. It turns out that she’s a little bit of a slut for anal too. She had these thick butt plugs. I would steal one while she was at work and wear it all day until she got back. But my step dad eventually caught me. There was no point in stretching my ass if I wasn’t taking a cock in it. I begged him to fuck my little asshole with his cock. And how could he resist a pretty blonde slut with a stretched-out asshole. 

Now I’m an Addicted Anal Sex Whore

He would pound my ass so hard. It was almost daily. But it still wasn’t enough. After he would rearrange my asshole I would finger my ass to feel all his cum inside of me. The warm cum and my already sore ass made me feel so good. One or two fingers turned into three or four. Then I was able to fit my entire fist in my asshole no problem.

Now I’m a complete fisting whore and no amount of anal stretching is enough. I can take two cocks in my ass no problem. And if I want a real challenge I can push another dildo inside. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from my anal addiction, but I don’t think I really want to.

Cum Dumpster Lauren Loves Snowy Christmas in December

I’m Stepdaddy’s Coked Up Cum Dumpster

It’s not winter but Stepdaddy wanted to make it snow for his little cum dumpster. We call it Christmas in July. Mommy leaves and you come into my bedroom with a tray of ice cubes, a little baggy, and a hard cock. You open the little baggy first. You poured a line of it on your hard dick and told me to clean it off. I licked the line of coke off your cock. Then I pushed your dick down my throat to clean off the white residue still on your cock.

cum dumpster

I could feel my mouth numbing. Me and Stepdaddy learned about this the first time he fed me coke. It meant he could push his cock into my cum dumpster throat as far as he could. And it makes me so fucking horny. My mouth gets so wet. He scooped a bit of coke on his nail and snorted it himself. The only downside of swallowing coke is that it takes so much longer to get high. I popped his cock out of my mouth to ask to do a bump too.

Stepdaddy Makes it Snow for Christmas in July

Stepdaddy only lets me use his coke when he wants to fuck my ass. I was basically asking to have my asshole fucked hard as fuck. He went over to my dresser and set up a line. I had to bend over to snort the line. He put his cock up to my asshole and spread my ass cheeks apart. He spit on my asshole and then slowly pushed his cock into my tight asshole.

cum dumpster

Stepdaddy’s cock is so fucking thick. Every time he pushed into my ass he complains that it’s too fucking tight. He grabs my ass as he slid his fat pole deep in my ass. But the coke made my tight slut hole relax a little. He pulled his cock out to the tip and then slammed it inside as hard and fast as he could. When Daddy is hard like this he could fuck for hours and my tight asshole is his cum dumpster. I pretend I don’t like it at first but he can feel my wet pussy leaking onto his balls.

Druggy Phone Sex Whore Trades Harcore Anal Sex For Crystal

druggy phone sex

I’ve been addicted to druggy phone sex and druggy fucking since I was a tight little teen. Now I use my used up cum holes to get another hit. That’s why I came over to your house. I’ll trade these slutty fuckholes for more ice. You toss the baggie on the table and my cunt starts getting wet already. Then you pull out that hard dick. I know the drill. I get on my knees and spit on that dirty cock. You love a nasty slut and a sloppy throat fuck. I ram that cock down my throat and let the drool leak to those full balls.

Druggy Phone Sex With Slutty Meth Whore

You lean back on the couch and let me fuck my own throat. I have my hands twisting and stroking the base of that cock while I slobber all over that tip. The slurping noises are so fucking loud. You push me off your cock for a second to fill a pipe. I keep pumping that cock when you put it up to my lips and tell me to suck. The rush hits me immediately. I slide my hands into my panties and get back to taking care of that cock. But you’re ready for that blonde fucking. 

Forced Hardcore Anal Sex for Slut Lauren

You grab a fist full of blonde hair and drag me until I’m bent over the coffee table. My bald pussy is ready to take that cock. You rub my cunt with that dick. Then surprise me with your cock balls deep in my ass instead. I scream outloud. You just stick the pipe back in my mouth and tell me to take another hit. I know the deal, I’m your filthy fuckdoll until you jizz in one of my holes. I just take a hit and bite my lip. Then, I reach back to play with my cunt while you keep giving me hardcore anal sex

Hardcore Anal Sex with Your Sleeping Step Daughter

Your Drunk Cock Loves Hardcore Anal Sex

My drunk step daddy loves hardcore anal sex . But mommy didn’t. When she would get drunk and pass out, my new Daddy would come find me instead. He’d have a beer in one hand and a hard cock in the other. I would try to hide under my covers but it didn’t matter. He’d rip the blanket off of me and climb on top of me in bed. His cock was already covered in lube, but it would hurt so fucking much when he’d force his cock inside of my tight teen slut hole. 

hardcore anal sex

I’d start to scream while he force fucked my ass. I couldn’t help it even when he told me to shut the fuck up or he’d make me his permenant anal cum dumpster. When I got to loud he’d take the beer and pour it into my mouth. I tried to spit it out while he poured it all over my face. He’d just force my beer soaked face back into the pillow and lay on top of me flat. I couldn’t breathe enough to scream. There was nothing I could do to stop his cock from violating my ass except for making him cum.

Turn Your Step Slut Into an Anal Cum Dumpster

I’d push my ass back into his cock and let him fuck me. His cock would throb inside of me when I’d start acting like his teen anal whore. I start moaning into the pillow while he pumps his cock into my ass. Then I’d beg for him to cum inside of me. Moaning how young that tight little ass was and begging for him to fill me. He’d pound my ass harder. His balls slapping against my pussy. I had to bite the pillow to stop myself from screaming. I’d feel his cum pumping into my pussy. He’d pour the rest of his beer over my head and leave me a sticky mess.

Cum Dumpster Lauren Loves Swallowing Dark Dick

Blonde Slut Loves Being Cum Dumpster

I love being a backwoods BBC cum dumpster. It’s not hard to find a huge black dick willing to fill a pink hole. I’ve been ran through by so much nigger dick that I might be addicted. I see the bulge in his pants and my pussy had to have it. My latest black hog was so fucking fat that I could barely fit it in my mouth. I found a 6’4 bull with a 10 and a 1/2 inch dick at a bar. I brought him home with me. Then an hour later, he had my blonde hair in his fist and was slowly pumping his dick in my drooling mouth. 

cum dumpster

I love polishing a thick black dick. I was stroking his dick and sucking and licking the first few inches. Then I looked up at him and told him to treat my throat like a pussy. He grabbed the back of my head and let me take a breath. Then his nigger cock was ramming into the back of my cum guzzling slut throat. My throat relaxed and let his cock sink in. I couldn’t breathe or keep my eyes open. I wanted to be treated like a whore. That nigger dick was going to kill me and I loved it. 

Cum Guzzling Slut Swallows Nigger Dick

The bubbles that were covering his cock made my pussy so fucking wet. I slid my fingers into my cunt. But he moved my hand and crammed his thick fingers into my pussy. So he fucked my face faster while he was stretching about my pussy. I was moaning around that thick cock and thrusting against his fingers. Then he forced his whole fist in my sloppy cunt and started fisting me. I couldn’t take it. This whore cunt was cumming all over his fingers. He flipped me on my back, spread my legs and let the blonde fucking begin.

Drunk Girl Fucking Tutorial with Cum Slut Lauren

My Drunk Girl Fucking Tutorial Never Fails

Step one for drunk girl fucking is to start pouring liquor down my throat. Step two is to pull out your dick. My pussy gets so fucking wet when I’m fucked up. You’ve seen what a horny little cum fiend I am when I’m drunk. I should have known your plan when I saw you pull out the bottle. After the first two shots, my panties are off and on the floor. My cheeks are red and my hands start rubbing your thigh. I see your dick getting hard in your jeans. The bulge is so big. I need a taste.

drunk girl fucking 

Cum Guzzling Slut Swallows Tequila and Your Cock

Your dick is getting crammed down my throat. The bubbles of spit are leaking around your cock. I keep deep throating your rock solid dick. You know how to use a cum guzzling slut properly. You hold the back of my head in place and start fucking my throat. All you here is the gagging and slurping noises. Your hands push up my skirt and start fingering my slut cunt. I need more than your fingers stretching out this pussy. I pull your cock out of my mouth and start licking your balls and ass hole. Begging for you to fuck me. 

You let me beg with my tongue in your ass. Then your hand is wrapped around my throat. You tell me to open up my mouth and let the alcohol leak into my mouth and all over my tits. The last step of drunk girl fucking is to tell me to ride your dick. I mount your cock and put those tequila covered tits in your mouth. The spit and cunt juices cover my thighs and ass. You can hear the slapping every time I slam down on your dick. You push two of your fingers inside my ass hole and start drilling my cunt. Oh fuck yes. Fill me.

Hookers for Hire Suck Better Than Your Wife

You know what it’s like with hookers for hire. I smell like smoke and alcohol. And I look like the cheap whore that I am. It makes your cock hard. Even handing me the cash sends a rush to your cock. There’s just something about treating a woman like a cheap piece of meat. And I know that I’m nothing more than a dirty whore. I’m on my knees with your cock in your mouth in minutes.

hookers for hire

Hookers For Hire Swallow Your Cock 4 Cash

Just fucking my throat feels better than sex with your wife ever did. You start fucking my throat and praying you don’t shoot your load so fast. But it’s hard when sexy prostitutes get on their knees to slurp up your cock. Spit leaking down my chin. Dripping onto my tits. When you’re pushing my head off of your dick, I switch to massaging those balls. You can slap your cock on my face and I don’t even flinch. I fucking love it. When you look down, I’m playing with my pussy. Treat me like the cheap whore I am. I like it when you force your dick down my esophagus.

You love the gagging and glugging noises I make when I choke on your cock. I put your hand on the back of my head and hold in place. You thrust your dick in my mouth and the spittle splooges out onto your balls. The harder you fuck my throat, the more spit pools out of my mouth. Your balls start slapping against my chin over and over. I reach up and massage that swollen sack. You can’t hold back that cum anymore. You start fucking my throat until tears are running down my cheeks none stop. I can’t fucking breathe but you don’t give a shit. You’re going to drain your balls in this cum guzzling slut!

Blonde Fucking with Sloppy Drunk Cumslut

Blonde Fucking Drains That Drunk Cock

You make blonde fucking a lot more likely when you start getting me fucked up. Every shot of tequila makes my cunt throb. And you’re lucky enough to be drinking with me and my friends. You pour some liquor down my throat and watch me get nasty with one of my other blonde friends. Spitting the tequila down her throat and watching her get horny too. Then I do the same to you. Climbing on your lap and pouring a shot down your throat. Kissing you and letting you snowball some of it inside of my mouth. blonde fucking

Drunk Girl Fucking Like No Other

I yank you up and to the back room. The both of us are sloppy fucking drunk. All I can think about is a fat cock down my throat and in this sloppy wet pussy. So, I yank your pants off and make that happen. I’m on all fours gulping inches of cock like a slut dying of thirst. My big blue eyes are glazed over and that’s your cue. You grab the back of my head and push me down on your cock. My gag reflex is long gone. Your dick just slides balls deep over and over. My throat is like your personal fucktoy. 

My cunt needs that fucking cock. You don’t even get to speak. I’ve pushed you onto your back and hopped on top. My cunt swallows you deep. I put my hands on your thighs while I spread those knees far apart. My tiddies are bouncing and my clit is fucking throbbing. I’m hypnotized by the alcohol. I’m like a machine, riding your dick like a machine. Cum in my cunt. I lean forward and ride your cock. Kissing you while my pussy takes that load in deep. Dump your load while this drunk girl is fucking that cock.

Step Daddy Likes Fucking his Blonde Teen Anal Whore

Teen Anal Whore Takes Step Daddy Cock

My teen anal whore ass was getting split in half by Daddy’s cock. Mommy was in the next room over, but daddy forced my face into my pillow so she couldn’t hear me moaning. I used to get so scared when my step dad would come home from the bar late. But then I had to try really hard to pretend to hate it. But even when he was drunk off his ass he could tell I was arching my back into him. He knew I liked taking that thick meaty cock in my ass and feeling him pump me full of his cum. 

teen anal whore

Step Daddy was always smart enough to use my asshole so he didn’t accidentally creampie my cunt. But this naughty little whore was desperate for a thick dick inside my sloppy wet pussy. The last time he snuck into my bedroom, I put a plug inside my ass. When he tried to push it inside of his usual cum dump, it slipped inside my cunt instead. The drunk fuck didn’t even stop thrusting. My pussy was getting pounded for the first time and I had to let out those filthy noises.

Daddy Explodes From Dirty Pissing Sex

I pushed my face into the pillow and started to scream into it. My pussy was getting too tingly. I felt like I was going to piss all over myself. I tried to push him off of me, but the horny pervert fucked me harder. His cock slammed into my cervix so fucking hard that I couldn’t control my bladder. So I pissed all over his cock! He loved it. His cock twitched inside my pussy and my step Daddy came from pissing sex with his little step whore. I loved feeling his cum in my cunt. 

Gangbang Whore Let’s Perverts Pay to Fuck Those Holes

Gangbang Whore Lauren Sells Her Holes

I’ll be a gangbang whore as long as I have more than one slut hole to fill. I take every opportunity to get double stuffed and creampied by as many thick cocks as possible. A regular asked me to come make a house call for a little dough. When I got there in slutty cut offs and my tits out, I found out he invited another one of his friends. My mouth and cunt were watering as soon as I saw them. I saw the opportunity to feel to fat dicks rubbing against my walls at the same time. 

Gangbang whoreCash, Two Cocks, and a Filthy Cum Dumpster

I got on my knees and got to gulping dick. I’m a a big dick sucker. I had both of those cocks in my mouth. I loved getting one dick to fit all the way down my throat, getting it filthy and sloppy, and then pulling it out to see the trail of spit between my lips and his dick. Then I’d switch to that other fat dick. One of them was extra greedy with fucking my throat. He grabbed me by the back of my head and started pumping that throat. The other just said fuck it and got on his knees behind me. 

He pushed his slippery dick right in that tight, puckered shot hole. I had one dick sliding down my throat and another burying itself in my stomach none stop. I slapped that fat cock on my tongue and told him I wanted him in my pussy. We got on the couch and switched positions. I got on top of that first cock and let that dick sink in. Then that other dick got crammed into my asshole. I was getting fucked and filled in both holes begging to be turned into a double cum dumpster.