I was molded to be the whore that I am today and I wouldn’t want any other life. At a very young age my daddy would help me get high and he taught me how to get what ever it was that I wanted. When he didn’t have money he would let his dope dealers fuck me while he watched. I’d pretend to cry but I loved it. I loved having my young bald cunny stretched open. I have fucked so many guys looking for that same first moment but I can’t find it. Its like doing drugs over and over looking for the same high as your first high. It takes some skill to have a needle in your arm while you are getting pounded from behind. That is one lesson I am thankful for, get the drugs first then fuck. I could get a job at a bar or something but I just love sleeping around. Getting my pussy full of cum or what ever the dude wants as long as he pays. Kinda why I like this no taboo phone sex gig. I can finger my cunt while sharing all my real life nasty stories
Golden showers are pretty amazing. They are worth it on a hot sunny day behind a dumpster getting pissed on for $30 bucs. I have so many pissing sex stories to tell you will be amazed! That’s enough to get a dime bag and a couple of beers and a slim-jim. I don’t eat much, gotta stay tight and skinny for the customers. Beside that the drugs keep me skinny! Before I even got my period I was fucking 3 to 5 dudes a day to feed my fucking habit. The things I do to get my coke would make a whore look like an angel. I am a trashy whore and I love being a cum dumpster for anyone.

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