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live phone sexCum whore is my nickname. I have a reputation as a cum slut. When I was in high school, I let the entire football team jack off on me. They coated me with sperm. My face was covered as were my tits. The incident got around quickly and soon I was labeled a cum dump whore. I don’t mind though. I mean, it is the truth. I am a cum slut. Last night, I lived up to my reputation. I crashed a party on my block. I was driving home and saw all the cars. I figured there was no better way to meet my new neighbors than to crash their party. All eyes were on me. I acted like I belonged. The hosts didn’t want to admit that they not only didn’t know me but that they didn’t invite me. The men there were loving my big boobs. How could they not? Down in the basement with a few of the guys, the party got kinky. I let about 7 men titty fuck me until I had cum on tits, lots of cum on my tits. The women were upstairs gossiping while I was draining the balls of their men. I love being the life of the party and the cum dump whore next door.

Cum Dumpster Skank

cum dumpsterI was such a cum dumpster last night. Not sure what got into me. Oh, that’s right, many lines of coke got into me. Then a bunch of random cocks got in me too. I was down at the truck stop with some friends. I just go to get some coke. Truckers have the best powder. The truck stop was full of old lot lizard skanks. I was the cutest girl there. That made me the belle of the lot lizards, I guess. I love attention. I was showered with it too. Showered with cum also, but I will get to that! These guys were surrounding me telling me to show them my tits, then it was my ass, then it was my pussy. Before long, I was naked in a parking lot showing off my cum guzzling slut skills with a bunch of seedy ass truckers. I know I got coke for it, but they almost drowned me in cum. I can swallow a lot of cum. Those truckers made me earn every bit of blow and then some! I came home doused in jizz, smelling like a lot lizard skank. I guess I shouldn’t throw shade towards the working girls. I am just as big of a whore.

Homemade Porn Star

When asked if I was down to do a homemade porn, my answer was simple, I am down for anything for the right amount of money and drugs. I like uppers like coke when I have had too much down, and I like downers like heroine when I have had too much up. Throw me an 8 ball or a bundle and $40, and I will make the raunchiest homemade porn you’ve ever seen. I don’t care when the set is, how long it takes him to cum, where he want to cum, or what position he wants to fuck me in I am a druggy whore, and I can be bought very easily. If I shoot enough dope under my toe nail, I will not even remember doing the porn, but he better be big if you get me the down because otherwise I may nod out on you. If I snort enough white girl, then I will have a blast, and have as much energy as the fucking energizer bunny. Either way I am down to clown on or off camera. 

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Frat House Hoe

I just love being passed around from frat boy to frat boy, and feeling all of their cocks fill up whatever hole they want with their warm yummy cum! Being the gangbang star at frat parties is not new to me, and, quite frankly, I don’t ever plan on that changing. Take a few cocks in every hole and those trust fund babies will practically be throwing money at you just for another hit of that sloppy wet pussy. There is always plenty of free booze to get me drunk enough to not care that it smells like they shower in axe body spray, and there is always so kind of drug. I am into anything from pot to heroine, and I will put out for my fix. I truly enjoy get high and obliterated, and then fucking any and every guy or girl that wants to fuck. I mean trains are the absolute best because with having sex that many times you are almost guaranteed to have at least one orgasm. One man just doesn’t do the trick for me! What I really need is multiple cocks filling up my tight little teen holes. 

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Sucking BBC for Dope

I love big black cock almost as much as I love dope, and both at the same time is like heaven to me. When I go to parties, it is usually frat parties full of white boys, but this time I decided to go to a party on my own side of town. Rap music was blasting, and there was drugs and guns everywhere just laying around. All of the girls were half naked and twerking. It was definitely my scene, and I really questioned why I didn’t come to these kind of parties sooner. There was bbc all around me, and I didn’t really even have to do anything to get the free heroin, but what would be the fun in that? I was on my knees on a filthy kitchen floor giving blow jobs for tickets. Sooooo many dark chocolate men filling up my mouth with their ginormous cocks, and shooting their huge loads of jizz all over my face, hair, and mouth. Now that was my kind of party!!!!

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2 Young Pussies

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After all, two young pussies are better than one. Everyone knows I love going to college parties, and showing frat boys my titties for coke. Well, this college party was extra special because I met Megan. At first she seemed so sweet and innocent in her little cheer uniform, so I was pretty shocked when I seen her snorting lines. When we made eye contact I knew I had to get her alone, so I suggested a game of truth or dare. Of course the frat boys just couldn’t help themselves, and they dared us to make out just like I hoped they would. It started as a peck on the lips, but gradually got more and more heated. The boys wanted a show, and that’s exactly what they got. I bet they never thought we would be stripped to our bra and panties finger fucking each other in the middle of the circle with everyone watching us. No one made any move to stop us, so I had to pull away to invite them to join us. It turned into a gang bang very quickly. While Megan was getting all of her holes plowed, I went around the party and stole as many drugs as I could find. When all of the boys had came where ever they wanted, me and Megan dipped out to a nearby motel. We got fucked up, and did what none of the boys managed to do, made each other orgasm.

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Halloween with the Bunnies

Halloween is always such a great holiday for druggy whores like me. Every bar has a party, and every party is full of horny men with money. Every year I dress as slutty as possible, and try to make more money than the year before. This year I went as a playboi bunny model. It was a big hit! I made more money in the first bar, letting any man, willing to pay, fill up any hole with his warm wet cum, then I made all of last year. Because I was doing so well, I decided to try higher end clubs. Those horny bastard were bound to have shit tons of cash! Of course, I made a stop on the way to score some coke, the backbone of every rich people party. When I arrived I noticed the club was full of actual playboi bunnies! They were all willing to pay insane amounts of money for just one line of my coke. I was high as a kite, and my pockets were full of cash. Yet, it still felt like there was something missing, but then I realized what I was really missing was good fuck. The club was full of small cocks with big money, not really great for needing a good fuck. Then, I remembered girls please girls better than guys do anyways. Me and the bunnies had an all girls orgy. Just soft wet pussy after soft wet pussy. Well at least that’s how I remember it, but then again it could have just been a really fucking awesome trip. Either way Halloween fucking rocks!!!

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My Best High

There is nothing more sensual than sharing a needle. It is such a strong bond you form when you do heroin together. It truly is a feeling like no other, like flying. The fact that you are in a completely empty house covered in only used needles doesn’t even matter. The bruises covering our arms seem so beautiful, like proof we went through such an amazing experience together. The feeling of that tight belt around my are gives me a rush like nothing else in this world can. In my opinion the biggest turn on is when you help me find my vein. And after we shoot up, you have the most beautiful clear blue eyes. I could focus on your face all day. The feeling of your lips on m neck is like being kissed by a rose, and everything is in slow motion. I feel everything so intensely while you strip me naked. The head of your cock pressed against my little wet slit is like my own slice of heaven. The sex is better than words could ever explain, better than flying, better than heaven, it is something else entirely. Your cum filling my pussy makes me feel complete, like it is what I have been missing my whole life. That is my best high.

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Dirty Bathroom Sink

Getting high and fucking on a dirty bathroom sink is so much fun. I was at a friend’s house for a party, and everyone called it the trap house. Drugs were rarely sold out of it, but they were always being done, there was no electricity, there was used needles everywhere, and the sink was broken, so the bath tub was full of dirty dishes. Where wasn’t any furniture, other than a single air mattress in a room upstairs, so that is where everyone hung out. It was always packed with people, and there was always a bottle of something strong going around the room. Once I felt drunk, it was time to get high with the help of my friends. Paul took his belt off, and put it tight around my upper arm. He helped me find my vein, and shot me up. The high was almost instant. I felt like I was flying, and I had to find a way to let some of the energy out. I dragged Paul to the bathroom, and shoved all of the needles off of the sink. We fucked right on the sink, and I have to say it was the best sex I have ever had.

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My BFF Crystal

Fucking on meth is the absolute best feeling in the world. A good high will give you so much energy, you won’t even know what to do with yourself. It’s so much easier to concentrate, and you feel things crazy vividly. Also, men on meth, their cocks stay hard forever, and they never cum. Which means, you can fuck for hours and hours, it is fucking incredible! Anyways, a while ago I had a gangbang with a few priests in a church, and one of them reached out to me last night. He said he had a fuck ton of crystal, and was looking to score. Without hesitation, I rushed to meet him at the church. It was tough to convince him to smoke it with me, but at the end of the day there was 2 people smoking out of my little tin foil boat. We fucked on every pew in the biggest church in town. I screamed forgive me father for I have sinned so many times that I’m pretty sure, when I finally do crash, I will be saying it in my sleep. Crystal is my best friend!

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